January 30th, 2011


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Is it bad of me for making "OM NOM NOM" noises all the way through Dusk Till Dawn?

What films can you not take seriously?

ETA: I know Dusk Till Dawn isn't meant to be taken seriously, but my brother is moaning about me making om nom noises.
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Do you like Kathy Griffin?

What are some really good foods to eat that are able to be cooked on the stove or are ready to eat without needing cooking (my oven and microwave are broken and the people who own my apartment complex are not getting back to me)?

What's the coldest it gets by you during winter?

Will you come rub my feet? They hurt from work.
Glee - Brittany and Santana are <3
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Is there anyone in TQC you'd like to friend? Or you can describe your own journal and see if anyone else wants to add you?

If the answer is no, will you compliment another member of TQC?

Distant Estates

A distant relative, whom you have only ever met once over a decade ago, dies and you are an legal heir. The will has an executor whom you have never met. The estate is located in another state requiring a flight or day-long drive to reach.

Would you want to want to personally visit the estate and meet the executor before everything is sold off or would you trust them to do their job from afar (while maintaining phone/mail contact with you)?
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If you normally wear makeup every day, do you or would you also wear it to the gym or exercise classes? Assume it's waterproof and wont sweat off.
What if you're going other places afterward?

If you have cats, do they snore?

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Is hugging someone at the end of the date seen as a sign that you're putting them into the "friend-zone"? Is it irrelevant how long the hug is? Is "this is a nice hug" code for "get the fuck off me"?

Will you tell me about ridiculous dating rules and etiquette that you know of?

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So my best friend just found out that baby #2 (due May 31) is another boy. When she was pregnant with boy #1 her sister threw a huge baby shower. Now as I understand it, baby showers are meant for first baby's only, unless one of the subsequent babies is the opposite gender, in which a mini shower (or "sprinkle", as I've heard them called) is appropriate. But I'd kind of like to throw her a "congratulations" party anyhow.

Is is appropriate to throw her a small, friends-only party? (We were sorority sisters in college, and I would probably invite other sorority sisters, so it would sort of double as a little reunion party of sorts)

If I plan a party, is it in poor taste to make it clear on the invite that this is NOT a baby shower, and gift giving will NOT be taking place? (What they choose to do in regard to giving her gifts on their own time is up to them.)

Just curious as to what people think. Thanks, TQC! :D

Tiger Mom

Anyone read "The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother," by Amy Chua, or form an opinion about it from excerpts or articles?  Comments?

I think behavior described in some of the excerpts I've read would have to be labeled abusive, but I also question if she would treat sons with the same kind of rigor and control?  I can't help thinking that there is some sexist crap going on here, training daughters to accept control and abuse.
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I'm going to Trader Joe's whenever my bf can tear himself away from ~Titan Quest sometime this afternoon! What should I buy? What are your favorite delicious Trader Joe's goodies? I was there a few days ago and got two giant cans of coffee - one Sumatra breakfast blend, and one ground with peppermint leaves. SO GOOD.

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who is the most annoying person on your facebook feed, and why?

mine is a tie between a lady who literally talks about nothing but food, and another one who posts nothing but obscure lyrics constantly.

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dear TQC,

Could you go out with a person that looked enough like you that many people mistook them for your brother or sister?

have you ever been in such a situation or know of such a couple?

tqc veg*ns

Would you consider lanolin to be vegetarian?
On average, how much raw/uncooked food do you eat per day?
do you have any recommendations for alternative vegetarian (eg: low fat raw vegan, macrobiotic, etc) forums or essential reading online?

my local library is pretty limited, and googles not giving me much.. 
thanks in advance
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anyone here know anything about Section 8?
I live in San Jose, CALIFORNIA. i work part-time at a hardware store & currently live with my uncle.
(mom died two years ago & dad is not in my life) so i pay everything on my own. However, my uncle is alcholic who likes to fight with me on a daily basis. i do nothing to make him mad, but alcohol does crazy things to people. But no place to stay other then a shelter. I wanted to know if anyone knew any info or give some advice about signing up for Section 8. Any little tip will help. Im just not to sure on where to start?
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I must need more fiber and/or water in my diet. I just took a shit that looked and felt like a hand grenade constructed out of road gravel and broken glass. My anus feels like the newest fish in maximum security right now. Has anyone else ever taken a dump like this?
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Is/was algebra 2 a requirement for you graduate high school?
Did you have any trouble with the class?
Do you have any tips for taking tests in said subject or understanding the material better?

I do fine with the homework as long as I spend, like, 3 hours on it, but when I finally get my grade up to a C+ or a B- a test comes along and I drop to a F. :(
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What are some of your favorite recipes? Will you link them?
I'm working on making onigiri (rice balls) to take to classes with me so I don't spend more money. What should I fill them with?
Also, if you created a sandwich, what would it be composed of and what would it be called?

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If you had to, would you rather gain 50lbs or lose 50lbs? A factor would obviously be if you have 50lbs to lose


Would you rather grow 12" in height, or lose 12" in height?


Would you rather become 20% more attractive yet 20% less intelligent, or grow 20% more intelligent and 20% less attractive?

More pretty, less smart
More smart, less pretty

Would you rather gain $1,000,000 but age 7 years physically, or lose 7 years physically (looks, energy, athleticism) but lose all the money you have (whatever you have in the bank), plus your computer and car?

Rich but older
Poor but younger

Edit: it's gain vs. lose (not grow)
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Dear clothing experts of TQC, how do you keep your wool clothing clean?
Or, how do you get lint off of it once it sticks?

I have a beautiful letter-man's jacket that has all these little lint pills on it that even when I use duct-tape they won't come off. But when I nit-pick them they come off easy as pie. I'd nit-pick them all but there are a gazillion of them. The only solution I can think of is to take the jacket to the dry-cleaner's, but my family is short on money and a nice sleek looking black and red jacket isn't exactly on the budget.

If you have any suggestions or advice I'd love to hear them. :)
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Okay say you're eating your favourite food and it's fucking delicious.

So you're alone, no ones watching you, and you're chewing this amazing food. Suddenly you laugh out loud at something on the tv, and a bit of food jumps from your mouth back onto your plate.

Do you put this peice of half-chewed food back into your mouth, keeping in mind no one's around you?
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 For those of you who have lived with roommates and lived alone, what do you think were the biggest pros and cons of each? I'm looking to find an apartment next year, and I want to live alone, but it would be cheaper to have a roommate (although not by TOO much).


DK/DC: What is your current living situation? Are you pleased?


Did you see the canadian show whistler? About the people who knew a gold medal snowboarder who dies when he comes back from the olympics. It looks like its very soap opera-ish. What's it like?

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Have you ever been in a relationship where the other person was reluctant and/or unwilling to talk about more "serious" issues (e.g., what's bothering him/her, general thoughts and feelings, relationship issues--sorry if these are terribly vague)? How did that work out?
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If you watch a movie in the theatre, do you think you're more inclined to like it more because you paid (a usually exorbitant amount) to see it? I think I might, I've noticed movies that got good ratings that I'd probably rate as better if I saw in theatres I don't rate as high if I watch them for free.
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Loud and obnoxious roommate one is gone. Socially awkward roommate two is now re-decorating the house. She's an interior design major, or so she would believe. She put this weird storage thing in our living room.
Collapse )

This is ugly, correct?
How do I get it OUT of my living room?
I am annoyed with her, so rude/less polite methods are encouraged.

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My friends are coming over next weekend for appetizers, drinks and dessert.

What are your favorite recipes for appetizers, desserts and drinks?

How much money are you comfortable spending on:
a sweater?
a pair of jeans?
a t-shirt?

I spent $70 on like 8 things at Old Navy today but it's giving me anxiety


Another book question;

Have you read the Millenium Trilogy?  As in, all three books?  I thought The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was absolutely brilliant, but thought the ending of the second book was utterly farcial.  Should I read the third book?
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dying black hair to coloured

i have naturally dark brown hair that i dye black and am thinking of possibly bleaching it so i can dye it different colours. my hair is chin length so it wouldn't be a ton of hair to bleach/dye.

do you have dark hair and went the bleaching route? do you recommend it? why or why not?

any other thoughts or advice appreciated!

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I know I'm thinking ahead, but I have fish sticks in the freezer which I'm going to have for lunch tomorrow.

What should I do to them? I mean.. What should I eat with them? Season them with (if anything)? Etc etc etc.

Do you know what you're eating for lunch tomorrow already or am I crazy?
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Are you ever surprised when people recognize you? I saw two girls I probably only met once over a year ago today and they both remembered me. I had no idea who they were and I thought it was weird that they recognized me, especially since I saw them while in lolita with short curly hair and I was in normal clothes with long straight hair today. (If I had also been wearing lolita today it wouldn't have been surprising though.)

Are you good at recognizing people? Especially after brief encounters that happened a long time ago.
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Alright, this might sound crazy, but what else smells like Hawaiian Tropic? I love the smell of the sunscreen, but would love a lotion or something that smells like it?

DK/DC: Did you see Black Swan? I did! It was FANTASTIC!
Flaming Sikozu

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Can you recommend some new music to me?
I like 80s indie/electro stuff, punk, heavy metal, folk, goth, pretty much anything but gangster rap and country.

What do you think are some of the most under-rated bands out there right now?

What's you favourite ghost story?

ETA: Can you just post names of bands/albums please? My connections crap so can't watch any videos right now.
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knuckle/neck/back/whatever crackers of TQC:

Do you ever crack a joint in public and then someone tells you how ~omg bad~ it is for you?

I was doing a new employee's orientation and cracked my back and she got all judge-y on me, "Don't you know that's bad for you?! My chiropractor says you have to lay down to crack your back!!" Bitch please, you just got hire, don't get yourself fired.
legs motherfucker
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At the end of last week I had all the symptoms of having a UTI, so I was going to go Monday to the doctor to get antibiotics. Well today (and yesterdya) it feels like I don't have one at all.

My question to you: Can they just go away on their own? I didn't take that over the counter stuff or anything... and I've read on websites that UTIs can't go away on their own, they just get worse. I'm so confused, halp? Should I still go?
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What was the last book that made you cry?
What was the last movie that made you cry?
Dare I ask .... the last television show that made you cry?

I just finished reading The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton and started crying during the last couple of chapters--it really threw me off guard because I haven't gotten weepy over anything fictional in a long time!

DK/DC/Don't cry: Should I make key lime or coconut flavored shortbread cookies? Or should I combine their powers for one cookie?

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help im freaking outtt alot. im seeing one of my cousins and we are going to her moms house which is my aunt. she has 2 little kids. i dont know how to interact with children at all.

what can i do to improve this overnight?

also i havnt seen them in over 4 years so besides that being really awkward lets say ive had a lot of changes over those years and im not recognizable as the person they knew before, they are completely accepting but i cant help freaking out D:

how can i can i keep myself from having a panic attack? im already having one.
what should kinds of things are good convo starters? what should i ask them and talk about?
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do you think larry the cable guy is funny? i'm watching his roast on comedy central and i really don't think his redneck shit is funny at all. rednecks usually just infuriate me.

who is a funny comedian, in your opinion?

will you post a funny clip of theirs?
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Guys I'm really creeped out! My friend just called to let me know that someone has made a profile of me (my picture, name, age, vague interests) on a dating website and I most definitely did not set that up......It reminds me of when I was in high school and my stalker created an identical myspace profile of mine and started adding all my friends and people from my school. Then he sent them all really disgusting comments and messages. Why does this happen?!?! 

Have you ever had anything like this happen to you?
What was the last creepy thing to happen to you?
Emma Kemppainen

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Hey, TQC.

Apart from ebay and occasionally amazon, are there other good places to pick up items of clothing for significantly less than they cost in the stores?

What are some recent purchases that have made you happy?

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What's the best way to rid yourself of a creeper?

Please help, TQC, he's really freaking me out :(

ETA (tl;dr):

maybe i'm overreacting, but i'm easily frightened by imposing guys because of past issues.
i know him irl. we became friends at work (at our university) and it went from casual to him texting me constantly. like, a freakish amount. even when i told him i had to study and whatnot. he chatted me on FB all the time which was fine, and i put him on a limited list so i could stop it. but it started to get obsessive with the texting. he just doesn't stop. and i tried hinting that he was being too overbearing by making half-joking comments but they went over his head. my best guy friend thinks this guy is into me now (and apparently he was into me at a recent party too). it finally blew up this weekend when he told me "i don't care if i annoy you" which really made me feel insulted, like he didn't care about my personal space. he then was totally oblivious as to why he upset me and WOULD NOT STOP TEXTING ME until "he figured it out". he then told me i was misinterpreting things and basically made it my fault. i started to get scared when he just wouldn't stop no matter how many times i told him to leave me alone. the next day it got worse when he made a facebook status about me, but when he contacted me yet AGAIN (after i told him to leave me alone) and i called him out on it, he denied it and said it was about his ex (a lie). he contacted me today and just wouldn't stop talking no matter how much i ignored him. he's being very forceful and i'm scared. maybe i'm overreacting but i am very easily scared.

sorry for the giant wall of text!!!!

eta2: i'm appreciating all of your help, TQcers<3