January 29th, 2011


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Have you ever had a problem with documents disappearing from your computer? My Macbook has been eating new files at an alarming rate. I've lost five that I can remember in the last two months. I know exactly what they were named, but I've searched the whole computer and can find no trace of them. I'll save it, and the next time I log on it's nowhere to be found, not even under "Recently Opened". Have any of you had this problem before? Particularly on a Macbook? I really need to get this sorted out before it decides to eat something important.
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Fantasy Menage

With which of these pairs would you most like to have a threesome?

Frodo and Sam
Daredevil and Elektra
Quasimodo and Esmerelda
Han Solo and Chewbacca
Jennifer (Jennifer's Body) and Ginger (Ginger Snaps), both full feral
Terminator and Sarah Conner
Jean Grey and Rogue
Mad Hatter and Tweedle Dum (Burton's version)
Queen Amadala and Darth Maul
Fred and Daphne
Spock and Spock (Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto)
Buffy and Faith
Tinky Winky and Laa-Laa (purple and yellow Teletubbies)
Capt'n Crunch and Colonial Sanders
Gollum and E.T. (Phone...home....to my precious)

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Ever buy/download an album based only on the artist's name, or the titles of songs, without having any idea what the music was like? How did it turn out?
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So, my boyfriend, his mom, and I all share a Netflix account (they have an Apple TV, so they share), but his mom does not know that I use it, too. What embarrassing things should I watch that would be weird if she thought he watched them when she saw the history?
I was thinking Sex and the City, but she watches that.

What are you up to anyway?
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I was thinking about the Village People and concluded their outfits are a little outdated. so I was thinking, if the Village People were around in 2011 (for the first time I mean), what gay stereotypes/fantasies would they represent with their clothing?

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what time do you naturally wake up in the morning? (if you have nothing to do, no alarm going off, etc.)

what time do you wake up during the week? (for school, work, etc.)

do you think that your wake-up time during the week directly affects your weekend/day off wake-up time?

when you get up early on a day off do you enjoy having more waking hours, or do you wish your damn brain would let you sleep more?

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How petty am I, TQC? My older brother (he of the indie film fame) has a girlfriend, and they seem really happy. He went through a dry spell for a few years where women only wanted to be friends with him, so honestly I AM happy for him. I just can't help giggling when I hear his girlfriend's name. (Hint: I mentally add "... E. Coyote" every. time.)

I've never even met her! How do I stop being petty/caring about this?

dk/dc/omgwtf: What is the last book you couldn't finish?

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At what temperature do you normally keep your house?

We try to keep ours around 75 because of the baby, but that means keeping the thermostats at 80* and the space heater cranked, too!

If someone snaps at you, do you call them on it or let it go?
What if they're being passive aggressive?

How late is it acceptable for a grown adult to sleep in if they were up until about 2a?

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do you get turned off of food moreso because of its texture or its taste?
what textures gross you out?  what tastes gross you out?

i have a big thing with different textures, and even if it tastes good, if the texture is gross i wont eat it.  (like, if i find a peice of cartilidge or bone in my delicious chicken, i wont eat it anymore.  ugh.  makes my stomach hurt just thinking of it.)

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Have you ever had a friend that you begin to dislike for no particular reason, or maybe you just get a weird~ feeling from them?
Did you end the friendship?
Was your feeling right?
Do you stay friends with people you don't even like?

inspired by a creepy guy in my life who I got into a mini fight with last night over something insulting he said and I feel kind of bad, but it's finally the excuse I needed to push him out of my life. he just gives me a bad feeling and he sucks the life out of me. why should i stay friends with people who make me unhappy. is that bad?

dk/dc: are you hungover?

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What do you do when you're in a horrible mood and can't get out of it?

I yelled at my boyfriend earlier for no reason and am just pissed at the world right now. I don't even know why I'm in such a bad mood but I'd like to feel better before tonight :(
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TODAY! I am going to Angels For Animals to adopt a cat/kitten. I am very excited. It will be my first cat!

How will I know the right one for me? There will be so many cats to choose from! Any tips for a first time cat owner?

Guess I should add that every weekend I go to the shelter and pet all the cats and play with them! I feel like I'm going to have the hardest time picking one over the other cause I want them all!

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 can you teach a bird to sing the melody to a specific song?

ETA: ok... how? and/or does it have to be a specific type of bird? i was honestly thinking just chirping a melody rather than parrot singing with legit words, but i'm curious about either. 
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I have a bunch of ends of packages of cheese that my parents gave me when they left for Florida for 2 months. What should I make with them? I don't want them to go bad before I eat them.
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TQC, solve my dilemma.

Your parents just called you and invited you to go on an all expenses paid free vacation. It's a 5-night cruise in March.

If you go, you have to take a week off work and lose $500 in pay. It would be no problem to get the time off.

What do you do?

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Why do good friends let you down?
When's the last time a good friend disappointed or hurt you?
Are you guys still friends?

i'm having a terrible day. anyone want to join the pity party? what type of drink will you bring?
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What is your favorite greasy, unhealthy meal for under $5?
I like a roast beef sandwich from the bodega, on a roll, with tomato, cheddar, and mayo, heated up. And a side of Diet Pepsi.

What do you do when you have a bad hangover?
My room mate is really fucked up this morning. I got her coconut juice and Rescue Water and told her to take some tylenol, but IDK what else to do.

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 in grad school, what's the typical length of a research paper? what's the typical time frame you have to complete it?

i'm a senior undergrad. i can write a 10-page research paper in one day, right?
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Since tumblr had that massive outage(or whatever it was) in December I have been having issues. Some pictures will load and others won't. I'll refresh and some of the pictures that would load won't and some that didn't will. I never can get all to load at the same time. I've emailed tumblr and haven't resolved the issue. SOOO what I want to know is if any of you also have this problem? Or have had it and resolved it??

I have checked my firewall and it's not the problem
I have the issue in both IE and Chrome(I don't have Firefox on this computer yet)
I have cleared my cache
I also have this issue on my old laptop as I received this one as a Christmas gift.

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people always talk about wanting to go to London and Paris and Italy and New York city and you know, all those typical places.

where are some not so typical places you want to visit? i really want to go to Serbia.
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paid or not paid LJ account

Do you have a paid or permanent LJ account? If not, why not?

I don't, because they no longer take money orders and I don't want to link my online life to my credit card. Ticks me off, because I liked being able to post polls and have more icons and what have you.
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What are your plans for tonight?
My plans WERE going to include takeout and Netflix with my boy, but the frontman of my FAVORITE BAND OF ALL TIME let me know that he's DJing somewhere tonight and I want to puke because I'm so excited and NERVOUS AND OMG.

What movies make you cry?
The Princess and the Frog had me in tears, ngl.

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What is a movie/book/show/story/whatever whose ending you absolutely hated?

I just saw The Mechanic and I can't get over how asinine the ending was. I mean, the whole movie was pretty stupid, but the ending was a big anti-climactic cherry on top.

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I am running my 1st ever 5k tomorrow TQC.
Have you run a 5k?
How did you do your first time?

I really have no idea how I will do. I have not trained as much as I would like but I ran 3 miles on a treadmill yesterday but that was with no incline. I have not measured my distance run outside so I don't know how well I will do with it. I also have not run with a partner and I know running with a big group will give me a nice boost to go harder, but I dunno what to expect.

How was your first 5k?

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Is it normal/expected in (South) Australia to tip the delivery person?
I'll be ordering from domino's pizza later tonight, but I don't know anything about the tipping culture in SA (if there is one?).

ETA: Thank you to everyone who replied :)

DK/DC - What sort of pizza do you like?

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have you ever met someone from the internet who...well...TOTALLY misrepresented them self?? details??

I met a woman once who sent me a pic from a photo frame...when I saw her IRL I said "WHOA!....thats not you!"
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this may not be the comm for it but ugh I must know.

How do you report LJ accounts used only for spamming?

...actually that gave me an idea for another question. Which came first, Spam the fake meat, or "spam" the irritating advertisements? Was one named after the other somehow?

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For those of you with pets, do you call them by their full names, or a nickname/shortened version of it? 

My cat's full name is Inigo Montoya, but we call him Monty. My chocolate lab's full name is Stella Luna, but we call her Stella or Stell.

Let's pretend you're part of the jury for a case in which someone intentionally exposed someone else to a substance, knowing full well they were severely allergic to said substance, and the victim had a severe allergic reaction that resulted in unconsciousness and near-death. For the sake of the question, we'll say they knew the person could have an allergic reaction to peanuts simply being in the same room, and the attacker put crushed up peanuts in the person's sandwich which the person ate. Attempted murder or assault? 

This happened a few months ago at my work. One of the baggers had an issue with another bagger, so he crushed up peanuts and put them in the kid's sandwich. The kid ate the sandwich, not knowing it had been tampered with, and promptly had a severe allergic reaction which resulted in him passing out, followed by a several-day hospital stay. The kid who did it is being charged with assault but the victim's parents are pressing for attempted murder. Tbh, I think it is attempted murder. There had been dozens of meetings about the allergy and signs were posted everywhere saying nuts were not allowed in the bagger break room because the kid could die if he was exposed.

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Can you recommend a really delectable cake/cookie/muffin type mix?

I'm getting my Mom new baking supplies for her birthday and thought I'd send a "fancy" baking mix with them. Must be available from Amazon, price is open. Thanks!

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Would you sell a Christmas gift on ebay so you can afford to buy something more practical?

ETA: I ask because I'm contemplating selling my brand new Brother sewing machine for a set of Rosetta Stone Spanish edition since there is a very high Hispanic population in my city. It looks good on a resume and I feel it would be really useful.

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TQC, do you know where I could find cute eyeglasses frames, preferably online? I like the omnipresent big black hipster frames, but I'd prefer something less pricey than Rayban.

And/or, will you show me a picture of YOUR glasses?
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Do you ever feel like you should just stop talking/blogging etc because you've run out of interesting and/or positive things to say?

I just feel so negative and depressing lately and I feel like my friends will tire of me.

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Whenever I play  a video on YouTube or any other site the dark objects kind of glitters or shine, I'm not sure how to explain it. Does anybody know what I'm talking about, how do I stop it?

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What's your favorite colloquial (don't know if i'm using that right) term or one that you say frequently?

Where are you from?

Least favorite term?

My new one is "good looks" (meaning "sounds good". Picked it up from an ex -_-')

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TQC could you do me a huge favour and post things that are funny/cute to cheer me up?

This is probably my Poppy's last night on Earth and although I'm not sad, I'm very upset (this is my first time dealing with a family member's passing and it's quite odd;) so I'd love to go on a mental vacation for a few moments.


Thanks in advance TQC-ers. You always pull through for me.

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TQC, will you post happy, upbeat, "things are going to be okay" songs? Even just happy, upbeat songs.

Do you ever misread signs or ads and then wish they actually said what you thought they did? My funniest one was when I thought "double bacon six cheese" said "double bacon sex cheese."

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I tend to like shows that are no longer on the air (Firefly, Dead Like Me, Buffy, Moral Orel) and dark true crime shows (Law & Order, South Land). Usually older shows have a cult following, but I've heard nothing about fans of NYPD Blue. Why not? I've never seen a single episode, is it worth getting into?

What is Collapse ) Family Guy joke referencing?

ETA: I fixed the code, the video is working.

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Let's pretend you really love hot sauce with your egg drop soup. You love this hot sauce with just about anything. Unfortunately, there is only one place that has these little packets and you cannot find bottles of the stuff ANYWHERE.

How many packets do you take with your order of soup?
Is it bad that I took like 15 home with me? :(

Would you like to confess something you're feeling guilty about?

Goals in Life

Recently I decided to write a list of goals and accomplishments that I would like to achieve and pursue for once I have graduated from university. I have 46 so far, here are just 3:
  • Run the London Marathon
  • Be an organised and independent woman, wife and mother
  • Have a picnic under the cherry blossom sakura trees in Japan
Please tell me 3 of your goals that you would like to achieve in your lifetime?

(edited to add a question mark!)
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Today I went to mass for the first time ever, with my boyfriend and his extended Irish Catholic family.

What was the last thing you did that was totally out of your comfort zone?


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in a college setting, when someone (who you're not dating) invites you over to "hang out" and you pretty much know they really just want to hook up, and you know they have a housemate/housemates, do you assume that the housemate(s) aren't home? if you assumed this and then arrived there and the housemate(s) were home, would you be confused or uncomfortable? do you ask them where their housemate(s) are before you go? do you really not care whether or not the housemate(s) are home because you'd be comfortable hooking up regardless of where their housemate(s) are? any other input? 

i ask because i would be comfortable in any situation, so when i'm invited somewhere, i don't think twice about this stuff, but i don't usually invite people over to my place so i'm curious about what their expectations regarding my housemate might be if i invited them over. 

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Have you ever had to live away from your spouse/live-in significant other?

My husband just proposed this arrangement so I can find a teaching job while he does grad school and I hate the idea. We already did long distance and it blew :(