January 28th, 2011

carter arrested

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what are your views on being required to pass a drug test before being able to receive government aid?

if you agree, what happens to the addicts who struggle to stay clean but need food stamps to survive?
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I have to do an assignment where I type a two page proposal for a group facilitation, ie group counseling.

My professor is calling for a "face sheet". Does she just mean cover page? Because a "face sheet", as I know it, is a page of information on a particular patient - allergies, required tests, etc. Obviously this is not at all relevant to the assignment. So what does she want?

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I know this may be a really stupid question and that I am probably irritated over nothing, but some girl I have never met just commented on my boyfriend's facebook status that she's jealous of me for having him as a boyfriend, and of the sweet things he does.  Am I right to be a little weirded out by this?

ETA: She ended her comment with "but I'll be nice about it"

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Why is it that as soon as I finish painting my nails, I have to poop? Does that happen to you too?

Would it be worth it to pay 40 bucks for a month's membership to an aerobics/dance studio so I can do pole dance fitness and zumba 3 times a week? I really want to lose weight and I think I maxed out the ability to lose weight by doing nothing but sitting around and eating less.

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What happened the first time you got drunk?

What are you procrastinating doing by being on livejournal?

I hit on one of my best friends. like hardcore. Who I honestly had never felt interest in before that.
I cried and saw floating numbers.

and pretty much my whole life
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If you had a laptop and wanted to upgrade the RAM but were averse to doing it yourself, how much would you be willing to pay without feeling ripped off to have someone competent do it for you? For instance geek squad apparently charges $50, which is both a ripoff and violates the competency requirement.
*Just to clarify, I'm not asking how much someone should expect to pay. I mean how much would you personally feel comfortable paying if you couldn't find anyone to do it for free.

Without resorting to google, can you think of any 3M products that aren't flat?
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Please TQC, help me take a decision. Should I go to this gig tonight, even though I'm alone ?
I like this artist quite a lot, but none of my friend want to/is able to come with me. I love concerts but never went to one alone.

What and when was your last gig ? Did you enjoy it ?

Sorry for my possible mistakes, I'm not fluent
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Do you know any books that imitate lower-class British speech, preferably from the 19th century? I'm more interested in provincial idioms than rhyming slang, back slang, and other "cool" city speech, but any suggestions would be appreciated.
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For those of you with the notes function: How often do you use it?

Another question because I love you all: What is the weekly forecast for your area? (It's supposed to get up to 70 degrees here today and tomorrow, then snow/ice on Tuesday. *sadface*)
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On LJ, if there's someone you don't like very much who is friends with your friends and that person comments on your friend's post, does that ever prevent you from commenting?

What if it's a 'sensitive topic' post? Define sensitive topic as you want.

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dear outlook experts of tqc,
i use a mac at home, but i have windows at work, so i'm not used to using outlook at all. i added my work email with the instructions they gave me, but then when i get new messages, they don't go in the "inbox" folder. they go in the "inbox in [email address]" folder instead. how to fix??? (i'm on outlook 2007, for the record)

Collapse )
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Whichever wins by 11:10EST I'll do!

Relevant details!:
I only have one class (math). It's review for a test on Monday so we aren't learning anything new. I got a 44 on the last quiz but I got between 87 and 100 on the last 5 labs I turned in.

EDIT: Alright! Alright! I'm going!

Should I skip class today?


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What's your biggest pet peeve?

I just congratulated a friend on her divorce. She was happy about it, so I figured congrats were in order. Have you ever congratulated someone on something that usually doesn't get any congratulations?
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Boyfriend and I are planning our first vacation together for this year. Where's the coolest place in the world for us to explore?

I've already been to Mexico, he's already been to Hawaii, and we're from Vancouver, Canada. We'll probably be going for a week and ideally want to spend about $2,000 each. I don't want to go anywhere cliche and standard - someplace unusual and interesting, with lots of history, and funky stuff to do! Ideas?

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I have a can of Campbell's broccoli cheese soup, and it says to mix it with a can of milk.  Will it taste alright if I use water instead?  Also, what else can I put in it?  I was going to add baby corn since I have half a can in the fridge.

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Is Google screwing up for anyone else? I can't get on with Chrome and YouTube isn't working.

Never mind, it was on my end. If you're having issues, try clearing the cache.
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OK I know this has been asked here before, but I was dumb and I didn't pay attention to the answers. SORRY.

Anyway, if you're citing a journal article, do you also include the article's citations?

Like this:
By adopting a feminist perspective, facilitators allow women to define themselves and their experiences, focusing on individual growth, which contributes to social change (Cummerton, 1986)

Do I leave it like that and put (Larance, 677) behind their citation of Cummerton? Or do I delete that part?

just one, I'm poor

Should I renew my paid Flickr account or my paid LJ account?

I don't use Flickr much, but I should and maybe this would help motivate me. Also, not having a paid account there is preventing me from being able to find some old pictures. Grr

I use LJ every day and not being able to edit comments is making me rage, but I don't need encouragement to spend more time here. Or do I?
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I want to do something today to feel productive. What should I do? I have no need or desire to leave my apartment today but I don't want to lay in bed in my pjs with my laptop all day. (Well actually I need to go to the post office but it's too cold.) I keep feeling like there's something I need to do that I'm forgetting about...

What are the best places to find inspiration for eyeshadow looks? Especially in bright colors. I want ideas for more creative ways of applying it. Like, I now have sparkly gold and lime green among others and I have no idea what to do with them.

Also is it weird that I always call maintenance to change my light bulbs? I feel silly about it but we have high ceilings and no ladder.

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I am planning about a four day trip to Victoria, Canada in July with my boyfriend. This will be my first time visiting Canada ever.

We are planning to fly from California to Seattle and take a ferry from Seattle to Victoria. The only thing I know I want to do when I'm there is go whale watching - even though I know I could do that here, but I've never done it before and it just seems like a good time to do it.

What other things would you suggest that we do, if you've ever been there before?

dkdc - What's your dream vacation?


I'm having severe lower back pain. I don't have a regular doctor.

1) Can I just call one up?
2) Can I skip the GP and go straight to a back specialist?
3) Alternative routes - do I see a chiropractor or an acupuncturist?

ETA: I technically have insurance, but the deductible is enormous and the few times I have tried to find a doctor from them I've ended up paying enormous medical bills anyway because apparently the conditions (like broken arms) aren't covered. So, despite having the card and having the premiums deducted from my paycheck, I'm effectively without coverage.

Relationship Woes

I have been dating the same guy for over two years now, which is uncharted territory for both of us.
Lately, it seems that we have been fighting a lot more, but never anything serious. Always stupid little arguments and always at night, most of the time abetted by booze. We don't live together but a few minutes walk away, so we have our space. Neither of us want to break up, but we want to have fun again and stop petting arguments.

Have you ever experienced this in a relationship? How much arguing in a relationship is okay, and when does it turn into a problem?

Any advice on more effective communication? I tend to shut down/not talk when I feel hurt so that probably doesn't help.
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Do you believe the theory that the world is going to end in 2012? If so, how do you think it'll happen?
Some believe that 2012 just means a new beginning and NOT an end. If you believe that, what do you think will bring about this new beginning?

dk/dc: What do you think are the best components for an ice cream sundae?


Any TQCers in Boston who CouchSurf? Want to let me crash on your couch/floor/air mattress for one night in March?

Anyone who doesn't Couchsurf but is familiar with downtown Boston: What's a good, cheap place to get a late night bite to eat? Bonus points if it's near Symphony Hall and has good beer.

Feel free to recommend me cheap Boston hostels/hotels, too.

Everyone else: What was the most memorable weekend of your life so far? What did you do?

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Awkward post is awkward.

I've mention this a few times on here, but my husband died in December. Our wedding was Dec 15, and he died the next week. I still want to send out thank you cards for our wedding gifts, but I don't know if that would be weird. I don't want to upset people. **To clarify, I WANT to send them, I just don't want it to be weird. Like, "Hey, shouldn't she be not so organized right now" or something. Apparently I'm paranoid about grieving "wrong"**

So, TQC, should I still send out thank you cards?

Also (because apparently I plan on editing this 8,000 times), just in case anyone wasn't sure, TQC is awesome at the whole helping you deal with shitting times thing. Thanks guys.
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Dear TQC, I have an problem.

So before my anxiety and depression hit an all time low November I never threw up because I hated it. I had a stomach of steel and nothing ever bothered me. I could count on one hand the number of times I'd thrown up in 15 years. Then suddenly everything made me gag. I couldn't eat, think about food or brush my teeth without gagging/throwing up. Eventually those problems faded away mostly. I still have some issues when I brush my teeth for too long and when I see or have to do something gross (like my cat just puked on the kitchen floor and I spent 20 minutes cleaning it up because I had to keep sprinting to the bathroom to vomit/dry heave myself).

Thus my question, has this ever happened to you? Does it go away eventually? I want my stomach of steel back. :(

DK/DC: What are you opinions on sock monkeys?
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nom nom nom

Food enthusiasts of TQC!

I'm making green chile flank steak tonight for dinner. What kind of sides should go with it? I was thinking potatoes, but we're having potatoes tomorrow when some dinner guests come over. I have various canned veggies (beets, peas, corn, and mexi-corn) and frozen mixed veggies, and also some fresh baby carrots I could maybe cook up somehow.... Something starchy would be good too, though. Maybe just butter bread?

I love cooking, but I have such a hard time coming up with menus.

As an *added bonus*, I will include the recipe for green chile flank steak Collapse )
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My husband said a friend of his might come over later tonight. Since I'm still in my PJs and I asked him to let me know at least an hour before hand so I can get dressed and put some makeup on (It doesn't actually take an hour but the time is not the issue). He said I must have self esteem issues if I won't see his friend as I am, which I think is ridiculous! Will you validate my need to look presentable? He said not willing to see his friend without real clothes or makeup "says a lot about me" - what exactly does that say?? I was taught to always make yourself and your home look nice for company.
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The Village

So far I've found two programs that are like the Prisoner, with some quaint little ghost town that a shadowy government sets up to experiment on unwilling subjects. Persons Unknown and The Experts with John Travolta. Are there any others I should know about?
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I filed my taxes last night using TaxSlayer.com. I used them last year and didn't have any problems. I owe the IRS money, but I don't have checks currently so I couldn't pay online since they don't accept cards.

Will the IRS send me a bill for the money with instructions, or am I supposed to send it immediately after filing? What do I need to send with it and where do I send it? TaxSlayer only said "You're done!" and didn't give me information, and their support had no answers.

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If you wanted/needed to move out as soon as possible, how much would you save up first before doing so?

Assume the apartment or house you would be renting is $500-$600 a month.

I've always heard that you should have at least three months rent saved up in case something happens--is that still true, or has it changed?

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I just saw this graph (I've seen it before and just didn't pay any attention) about what people do in the shower and one of the things was "catching water in my mouth and spitting it back out".

First, PEOPLE DO THIS?! Second, why?

and lastly, are you one of the people that does this? Or are you one of the people who thinks it's gross as all hell?

What other weird things do you do in the shower?

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So when you go to your own or someone else's facebook page, you see a list of 10 friends on the left side.

The 10 friends that show up surely can't be just a completely random sampling from your friends list because I've noticed that it's usually the same 10 people to show up (not always the same 10, but there are about 20-25 people that keep showing up on rotation.

So say that I go to my sister's profile, and look at the 10 friends of hers that appear. And then several hours later I check it again, and it's more or less the same people. Are the "recurring" people ones that she interacts with the most on facebook?

(I know I'm reading too deep into something as silly as facebook, but I was talking about this with someone and we can't decide...)
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My scalp hurts on top and I'm afraid my stylist might have burned me a little when she ironed my hair. How can I make my head feel better? Will you reassure me that my hair isn't going to fall out??

If you like baked potatoes, do you prefer them plain/just with a little butter etc or do you like them full of things? I like mine stuffed with as much stuff as I can fit in them.
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omg trees

So, TQC, we are completely renovating the WHOLE DANG PROPERTY, and that includes ripping out all our scraggly weedy backyard plants, filling the pool (maybe?) and replanting pretty things. I have decreed that the backyard be our own private grocery store. First thing on the list is an avocado tree.


I'd like another fruit tree (what kind? orange? lemon? pomegranate? WHAT?!) and then also a few kinds of vegetables. What do you think would be best to include? I live in southern California, so weather concerns are not really a giant issue.
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What are your household pet peeves?

It really bugs me when someone will wash the dishes and not wash them all (like, they will wash all the plates and cutlery but not the tupperware, for no actual reason, they just don't) and/or they wash the dishes and just pile them on top of the already dry dishes in the dish rack without putting away any of them. :| I wish I had a dishwasher

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Its my cousin's 18th birthday and I am fairly close to my aunt (my cousin's mother) As in I was my aunt's flower girl for her wedding, they are coming to our wedding etc etc etc: have always been been close family.

My Fiance doesnt want to come because he wants time to himself, even though he has had the last few days of work and we really haven't done much aside from relaxing and doing nothing.

I am annoyed he doesnt want to come to a family gathering becuase he wants time to himself AKA smoke weed and play video games.

Am I in the right for being annoyed with him for not coming to a family gathering?

(EDIT: I really hate my aunt's husband and one reason I was my partner there was to be a buffer from him.)

EDIT: Ok whatever, I might wrong in why I am annoyed but I am still annoyed.

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TQC, what is your favorite kind of cookie? My dad just bought this massive sampler pack that has all different sorts. They even have those awesome chocolate-and-wafer cookies I remember from my childhood (I think they were called Piroulines?). They've also got chocolate and coconut cookies, and the little chessmen but with chocolate on top. Do creme brulee cookies sound good to you? We've got those too!

Do you like to dunk your cookies? If yes, in what?

Also, have you tried the instant Starbucks coffee? It is so strong, oh my goodness. No wonder I never get plain coffee at Starbucks.

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My best friend is in Egypt, stuck 8 hours outside of Cairo till they can get in (because of the curfew). My only information is coming from his mom and she said she'd keep me updated once they know what's going on with his flights.

Will you post a funny gif to help me take my mind off of all this?

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Have you ever received (or heard about) a recall notice for something you owned?

I just found out I have to take my car to a dealer because there is a potential failure in the wiring of the headlights.

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lol medical question. I know you guys are ~pros at this stuff.

So I'm getting a chunk of skin sliced off my face on monday (BARF) by a dermatologist, but I have a slight issue. My family doctor, who I've known my entire life, knows that I cannot have surgical procedures without a significant amount of anxiety medicine. Long story short: I freak out to the extreeeme. I explained this to the specialist today and he lol'd and prescribed me a low dosage of valium to take Monday before the procedure. A low dosage. My family doc gave me the highest legal dose of Xanax and IT DID NOTHING, LJ. Therefore, I know that this valium will do shit and I will be having a heart attack and hitting the doctors like a crazy lady.

so my question is, to those of you who have a med-knowledge (and know more than google, maybe) can I take this low dose of valium and then, a short time later, take a low dose of lorazapam? Both anti-anxiety meds. Googles says both yes and no, and therefore doesn't answer me.

WHAT MEDS DO YOU MIX? tell me your cocktails.

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I just cleaned up my kitchen, even took the stove apart to wash the things under the burners, but now I'm hungry.  I don't have any quick microwaveable food and I'm really not in the mood for a bowl of cereal.  Should I cook and have to clean the kitchen again???

If I cook, it will be spaghetti.

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Would it hurt your feelings if your fiancee had his kids over for the weekend, and you were going to bring your own kid over the next day for them to play together, but your SO posts his status like "playing video games and watching movies with [kids names], and tomorrow an encore!" and then has long comment conversations about it but left completely left you out? What if this SO often tags his ex wife or other friends for casual personal statuses but has only tagged you once or twice when already tagging a dozen other?
I love you

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We're doing end of the year inventory at work, so we are critically low on almost everything. We had 6 heads of lettuce and I was cutting it up for salads. These 6 heads have to last 2 days, even though that's normally only enough for a day. I'm cutting lettuce, and daydreaming about Google, of all things...and I catch myself cutting lettuce and then THROWING IT IN THE TRASH! Luckily, I'd only thrown in a few handfuls. Aaand, we didn't sell as many salads as we usually do, so it all worked out in the end. But geez, I felt silly. I told my boss and she laughed and called me a wingnut.

What's the last spaced out thing you did at work/school/life?

And I have to go back to work tonight to count everything in the store. I'll be working from 10 pm to 10 am. I didn't nap.

How accurate will I be?
How do you stay awake for overnight shifts?

I think I'll be okay, I just know I get cranky when I'm tired.

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I've really wanted a tablet PC for years now, but now that the iPad is out, is there any point? I mean, it just seems to me that it's the same thing, but I'm technologically stunted so idk.

Tell us about you

How tall are you?
Can you hear well?
Can you see well?
What is your hair color?
What is your eye color?
What is your shoe size?
Do you have any birthmarks?
Do you look like mom or dad?
Is your speaking voice deep,mid-tone or high?
Do you have an mild/sever food allergies or sensitivities? 
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I backed out of going to a party with a good friend because I wouldn't have known anyone else there but him.
Am I a bad friend?

What are you doing tonight?
What do you wish you were doing tonight?

(no subject)

What did you do today?

Ate ground beef
Changed a diaper
Held hands with someone
Did something you would be ashamed to tell your parents about
Got paid
Watched a movie straight through
Laughed uncontrollably
Had an orgasm
Posted a question on TQC
Took a shower
Made a purchase
Checked the mail
Posted a comment on TQC

Favorite kind of Jell-O?

Something else
I hate Jell-O
Never had it

One word to describe yourself right now?

How well did you sleep last night? 10 being you slept like a baby

Mean: 5.99 Median: 6 Std. Dev 2.16

You're going on vacation. Where do you choose to go?


Favorite Golden Girl?


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i just bought three corsets (steel boned) and I want to know any other ways to wear them (as in outfits, not like shin pads). I've worn them with a short tight skirt and with jeans before...any other suggestion?

(no subject)

Has anyone worked at Starbucks before, or knew someone that did? How did you/they like it?

I haven't been able to find anything (I have no job experience so its pretty hard) and Starbucks is hiring and doesn't require experience.

(no subject)

i want a better butt. what workouts can i do to obtain one?
how often do you exercise (if at all)? do you go to a gym or just do it at home?
if you go to a gym, how much does it cost per month?

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 My friends and I are in a little fight (it'll probably be over pretty soon). Basically, I'm sick of them after always being around each other 24/7 (college atmosphere).  I've gotten my space, but how do I approach them, for wanting to talk, with my reasons for why I haven't been around in a respectful, sensible manner? they've kind of been assholes. 
Bug-eyed Earl


Does it ever make you uncomfortable if you become a regular at a local store/restaurant/whatever?

I am a creature of habit and often go to the same places frequently and get the same things and I feel like the people that work at those places are judging me. I don't like when they know what I am going to get like "Back for more [thing I buy], huh?". I would just rather be totally anonymous.

Racoons In The Attic

I live in an apartment complex. I live on the top floor and based on the sounds I hear above me there are raccoons in the attic space above me. I have complained repeatedly in person to the apartment office, but it has been 4 weeks since my first complaint and the critters are still up there making noise.

What can I do?
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Braeakups are the new relationships


 What concerts do you want to see?

Metric and Florence and the Machine.

What concerts have you been to?

Feist, Lily Allen, and Britney Spears.

DK/DC: are you left or right handed? Maybe even ambidexterous?

Georgie - Smiles

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On Sunday I'm invited to my old high school philosophy teacher's house for lunch. There are a few of us going. We graduated in 2008. I'm thinking I should bring something along as a gift for him as the host, but I don't know what to bring.

What should I bring as a gift for the host?

Keep in mind:
- it's going to be 40C/104F that day and I may be in an unairconditioned vehicle for about an hour.
- I have no idea what he drinks, and I don't drink either so I don't even really take note of what a sort of 'safe bet' drink would be.
- We're all turning 21 this year but the drinking age here is 18 so we can all drink. I just generally don't so I'm clueless.
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TQC, help an idiot out, please? I'm applying online to various (retail) jobs, and most of the applications require past supervisors' first & last names. I am a moron and don't remember the last names of my previous supervisors. I've tried calling HR @ the stores I've worked at, but they won't give out the last name.

What the hell should I do?
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here's a totally awesome super thing that happened today: i took my car to the shop to get the engine light turned off, and i got a phone call about an hour later "sorry, we have some bad news, your car was involved in an accident while we were test driving it." i guess the shop employee was rounding a corner when an old man was backing out of his driveway and slammed the rear of his car into the front-right of mine. so far it appears to be his fault, but his insurance and the auto shop's insurance will have to duke that out, as i am not responsible.

there is a lot of damage, it's not drivable, and i don't know if they can fix it. obviously their insurance will pay for the damages if it's fixable, but i'm wondering what happens if the car is in fact totaled and unsalvageable? i finance the car, and have only been paying on it for a year and a few months.

the accident happened after 5, so i plan on asking my insurance agent on monday when he's available, but i'm kind of freaking out. i can't afford to buy a new car.

(although, in the meantime, i get to drive around in a brand new hyundai!)

ETA: if it makes a difference, i bought the car used in 2009; it's a 2006 mitsu lancer.
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(no subject)

I am looking for a site. It has people, and you scroll over them and their clothes fade out and you can see their bodies. Average looking people, non-pornographic. Do you know the one?

Where can I get some '40s style really high underpants that aren't control top? High-cut preferred.

Who would you ask about their injuries, and who would you consider it rude to ask?

I found my first aid kit (it was in my bathroom vanity), and went to work today with a bandaged wrist. My coworkers and people I see often asked me what happened, which was cool, but so did total strangers. Isn't that rude? It felt uncomfortable.