January 27th, 2011

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My BFF wants to propose to his lady, and he wants to get the most bang for his buck. She's forbidden him to spend more than $400ish dollars, but he wants the ring to still be "impressive".

I've scoured Ebay for like 2 hours now, and rings are either expensive or super untrustworthy.

Where's another good option?

And I'm pretty aware that this whole business is silly.
Peggy Blink

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Related to the post below, will you share a picture of your dream engagement ring or the one you have already?
If you're not the kind to wear engagement rings or you want extra credit, what would be the best gift to receive from a romantic interest?

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is there any way to remove paint splatters from hardwoods floors that are probably 40+ years old and look like they've never been refinished? i have no idea how old the paint splatters are.
Sammy doesn't fucking know

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What was the last thing that confused you?

I just finished watching The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and I am somewhat confused. I mean I understand what the basic plot was supposed to be, but most of what actually happened in the movie made very little sense and didn't seem to serve much, if any, purpose to the plot. Have you seen this movie? Were you as confused by it as I was or am I just a total moron?
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so you are a scientist. you have invented a process which will do one of two things: unlock the secrets to faster than light travel, or obliterate the universe all in one go. you don't know which will happen until you actually utilize your invention.

do you use it?
Battus philenor

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I asked my doctor this but she is probably the slowest replyer in the world...

I have to give myself a shot every morning. I just grab a bunch of stomach fat and inject 15cc. I always check for air bubbles and ensure there aren't any but I can't shake the fear of "WHAT IF?"

What if I accidently inject a bubble? How bad is that?
veet baby @ the beach


What wonderful things are there to do in Miami/surrounding areas?
I think I'm going to be visiting in March, have never been, and don't want to miss anything awesome

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When you buy an electronic item or appliance do you keep the user's manual or toss it? Do you keep all your user's manuals in one place (if so where?) or scattered about the home?

Also, how many people whose journals are entirely in Russian have added you as a friend? Do you speak any Russian?
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position

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Due to the snow, i had to call off work. I already had Tuesday and yesterday as scheduled days off. What should i do with this third one?

Do you ever feel bad calling off of work?
oh mr. tea

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Poll #1673147 Parenting!

What type(s) of parenting style(s) did your parent(s) predominantly use?

Authoritative parenting (parent is demanding & responsive)
Authoritarian parenting (parent is demanding but not responsive.)
Indulgent parenting (parent is responsive but not demanding.)
Neglectful parenting (parent is neither demanding nor responsive.)
Attachment parenting (Seeks to create strong emotional bonds, avoiding physical punishment)
Christian parenting (biblical principles on parenting -- some Christian parents follow a stricter authoritarian interpretation of the Bible, others are "grace-based", using attachment)
Emotion coaching (This style of parenting lays out a loving, nurturing path for raising happy, well-adjusted, well-behaved children. It’s called emotion coaching and it feels good to parents and kids alike)
Concerted cultivation (A style of parenting that is marked by the parents' attempts to foster their child's talents through organized leisure activities. This parenting style is commonly exhibited in middle and upper class American families.)
Overparenting (Parents who try to involve themselves in every aspect of their child's life, often attempting to solve all their problems.)
Nurturant parenting (A family model where children are expected to explore their surroundings with protection from their parents.)
Slow parenting (Encourages parents to plan and organise less for their children, instead allowing them to enjoy their childhood and explore the world at their own pace.)
Strict parenting (An authoritarian approach, places a strong value on discipline and following inflexible rules as a means to survive and thrive in a harsh world.)
Taking Children Seriously (The central idea of this movement is that is possible and desirable to raise and educate children without doing anything to them against their will, or making them do anything against their will)

What type(s) of parenting style(s) do you think you would gravitate towards as a parent, or do you use if you already are a parent?

Authoritative parenting (parent is demanding and responsive.)
Authoritarian parenting (parent is demanding but not responsive.)
Indulgent parenting (parent is responsive but not demanding.)
Neglectful parenting (parent is neither demanding nor responsive.)
Attachment parenting (Seeks to create strong emotional bonds, avoiding physical punishment and accomplishing discipline through interactions)
Christian parenting (biblical principles on parenting -- some Christian parents follow a stricter authoritarian interpretation of the Bible, others are "grace-based", using attachment)
Emotion coaching (This style of parenting lays out a loving, nurturing path for raising happy, well-adjusted, well-behaved children. It’s called emotion coaching and it feels good to parents and kids alike)
Concerted cultivation (A style of parenting that is marked by the parents' attempts to foster their child's talents through organized leisure activities. This parenting style is commonly exhibited in middle and upper class American families.)
Overparenting (Parents who try to involve themselves in every aspect of their child's life, often attempting to solve all their problems.)
Nurturant parenting (A family model where children are expected to explore their surroundings with protection from their parents.)
Slow parenting (Encourages parents to plan and organise less for their children, instead allowing them to enjoy their childhood and explore the world at their own pace.)
Strict parenting (An authoritarian approach, places a strong value on discipline and following inflexible rules as a means to survive and thrive in a harsh world.)
Taking Children Seriously (The central idea of this movement is that is possible and desirable to raise and educate children without doing anything to them against their will, or making them do anything against their will)

What do you think of the Tiger Mom cultural conversation taking place?

Tiger Mom parenting = good
Tiger Mom parenting = good and bad
Tiger Mom parenting = bad
I want to discuss this more in the comments

Care to discuss?
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Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day looming closer and closer in sight, it is time I figure out what to get my boyfriend. 
I am stuck for ideas because we already do so much together. Last Valentine's Day he took me to Paris for the weekend...

What can do to top this and surprise him?
If you are getting someone a Valentine's present, what is it?

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Do you still sleep with a stuffed animal, if you did when you were younger? If yes, how old are you? I'm 23 and I still sleep with two of my stuffed animals unless I'm sleeping next to my boyfriend. I probably always will if I have to be in a bed all by myself. I've done it for so long I have this fear that I'm unsafe if I don't.

If you were a crayon, which color would you be? I would be cerulean blue.
smug judgmental lookofdisapproval

Is this legit?

 I was told by a personal trainer/nutritionist that I shouldn't eat carbs after 6pm. Apparently this makes you lean. Even better, just don't eat after 6pm at all. Has anyone else heard this? Does it make you lose body fat faster?
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a friend of mine has been kind of depressed lately so i want to make him some cookies. however he has weird attachment issues and hates when friends are too clingy so i'm worried he might not take it as well as i think he should. but i mean, it's cookies who wouldn't like free homemade cookies? it's not too much is it? should i do anything else?

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if someone constantly talks about how many people lust after and want them, does that lead you to believe they're exaggerating and only want attention?

dk/dc: what's the longest you've went without showering? do you wash your hair every day?
mr schadenfreude

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With music (or ballet or other fine performance art) would you rather technically "perfect" or slightly off key here and there but passionate (and still technically excellent)?
I've been listening to Mario Lanza, Caruso, Gigli, Björling and Corelli etc (who all shit over "The Three Tenors" I might add) and I have to say that while Corelli has the most amazing strength and depth to his voice, Lanza, who is occasionally slightly off pitch, has an element to his singing that is more emotive and therefore more moving imo while Björling is just *wow*. I wish I could hear Caruso as he was supposed to be heard rather than a recording made in the 1920's but even then you can hear the extraordinary quality of his voice.
I suppose I prefer the little flaws with warmth than perfect with none. Russian ballet is another good example- technically flawless but oftentimes cold.

Do you have a favourite performer? Who is it?

What genre do you prefer/listen to the most?
I listen to indie/grunge most of the time

Do you have a favourite piece of classical music?
I like melancholy stuff (Debussy, Satie and so on) but I love Prokofiev's "Dance of the Knights" and adore Motzart (cliched I know) .

What unusual/obscure-ish music do you like?
I really dig the Trio Bulgarka and enjoy that style of music (IDK what the style is called though- Bulgarian folk music I guess)

DK/DC; How's life treating you?
Take a Look

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TQC, do you know of any good "investigation" type video games for 360 or mac (other than the CSI ones)?

What is your favorite kind of game?

OKAY NEW QUESTION that will go away as soon as I have the answer:
what's that site where you can instantly buy pc/mac games? starts with an "s" I think?

Steam. thanks, guys!
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do you think Rahm Emanuel should be allowed to run for Mayor of Chicago?

what do you think of Rahm Emanuel?

i love that man.

BONUS QUESTION: are there really people out there who take The Colbert Report seriously? i've heard of people honestly believing it's right wing and that it's us liberals who are getting duped. loll.
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Nowadays when applying for jobs, there is often a specific section on the application form that asks for referee details. Is it necessary to ask your current manager if it's OK to put his name down on the referee list (with his business e-mail etc), or can you just go ahead and put his details down?

Asking this as I'm off work for several days and the closing date for some job applications is before I go back to work.
Kill Bill - Elle

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Do you have to pre-medicate before dental work?
I had no idea this even existed and was disappointed to learn that I have to take FOUR antibiotic pills before my appointment because I have a plate in my leg.

What's on your agenda for today?

Oh!! Plz help. I have this design idea for a hat for one of my coworkers, but I'd need someone to draw up the design so I could have it printed (on Cafepress or similar.) How do I go about finding someone to do simple, cute artwork (a slogan and one specific, small drawing) that won't cost an arm and a leg?
anontang DA

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TQC, I only have the use of one of my hands. I also have a job, as a cashier. I get questions all the time from stupid customers asking me what's wrong with my hand. Most of these people are quite rude about it, but even when people ask nicely it hits a nerve. The anticipation of being asked about it is really depressing and making me dread going to work later today.

So what can I say to these people to get them to STFU? Srs answers much appreciated, but non-srs answers highly encouraged.
fab Julie

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What's the last thing you learned about on wikipedia? Any interesting wiki articles you want to share?

I just learned about La Familia Michoacana, a drug cartel in Mexico who are the "largest supplier of methamphetamines to the United States."
i ain't into that!

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Will you show me pictures of your wedding/engagement/romantic commitment rings? 

edit: if you don't have one feel free to post pics of ones you would want if you were engaged/married. valentine's day advertising makes me jewelry crazy, okay. I am weak.

Does this movie exist or did I dream it?

A few years ago I swear I saw a trailer for this really funny-sounding movie. Here is what I remember:
- It was a horror parody
- It had some stereotypical high school/college kids that rent a cabin somewhere
- It also had these two redneck farmer type people who lived around the cabin
- So these rednecks are trying to introduce themselves when one of the cabin people gets into a horrific accident (can't remember the particulars, but it was gruesome). The rednecks are like "zomg!" and they try to help but when the other renters see it they think that THEY murdered the friend.
- I think it goes on and on like this...just a series of really funny, unfortunately events and these poor farmer/rednecks who are just trying to help keep being in the wrong place at the wrong time (in regards to other gruesome deaths of the cabin renters).
- And the renters are freaking out trying to think of how they can escape these psychotic rednecks (who aren't psychotic at all).

I hope this makes sense because I remember laughing hysterically at the movie trailer and wanting to see it. I've googled and IMDB'd but I can't find ANYTHING, which makes me wonder if I dreamt it. :/

Please help!
Star Trek car

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You must fight other TQCers to death in an arena for the amusement of others. It's ok, you might come back to life later, we have Starfleet Medical on hand. You must create your armour and weapons only from objects in the room you are currently in.

What do you choose?

What is your attack strategy?
Georgie - Smiles

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How many people live in your house?
How many TVs do you have in your house? DVD/Blu-Ray/VCRs?
How many computers?
Is there anything you have more than one of that people typically only have one of?

6 TVs. 4 DVD players and 2 Xbox 360s which play DVDs. One VCR in the garage which isn't hooked up to anything.
4 Computers.
We have two microwaves in the kitchen. Mostly this is because I live with my dad, stepmother and her kids so when we moved in together there was two of everything. When our washing machine broke down for a while, Dad just went out into the shed and brought in the spare washing machine. We have a spare dining table as well.

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Dear TQC - I have to go to a scheduling meeting tonight for work before I start my job tomorrow. I have dress clothes but no dress shoes. I was planning on buying them tomorrow after class, however, I'm curious if you think I should dress up for my scheduling meeting that I have tonight (student job, you don't have to dress up at the monthly meetings regularly unless you're working) more than a nice pair of clean, pressed jeans and a nice top? I always have dressed up for any meeting with any boss I've had, so I don't know if this would be considered okay.

Also, it would be really nice if I didn't have to go shopping today because I'm trying to get ahold of someone to come fix my microwave and oven, neither of which work.

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I ordered WEN shampoo and it just came yesterday. I  have bra-strap length, thick, some-what dry, color treated and heat styled hair. It's a little damaged, but not too bad. Is this shit gonna screw up my hair? I've read both good reviews and bad. Has anybody ever had an experience with it? 

I'm about to take a shower and I'm nervous to start using it. 

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who are your top six artists overall all on last.fm?
cake bake betty, nine inch nails, a perfect circle, queen adreena, ayria, placebo.

in the last seven days?
placebo, nine inch nails, elliott smith, vast, tori amos, a perfect circle.
ew no.

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I just reformatted my macbook with a new operating system. (Snow Leopard) Before I reformatted I had Microsoft Office 2008, but the installation disks are in another state at my parents house so until my parents find them for me and send it to me I'm without powerpoint on my laptop. I know about Open Office, but I'm not sure that particular program opens powerpoint files. I need these to study for exams. Is there a free program I can use in the meantime to open ppt files?

dk/dc: Have you downloaded apps from the mac app store? Any favorites?

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My iphone was on and had 50% charge, now it wont respond to me at all and its got a blank screen.

How can I fix this? I have on the charging cable on the computer but the computer hasn't noticed it yet and its not responding,
This has happened before but I was able to fix it can anybody help me?

God I hate this phone.

EDIT: it decided to turn on...I hate this thing I really do. Thanks guys!

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I'm graduating college in May. Do you think it's worth attending the ceremony/commencement or no?
I would like to be there with my friends. But on the other hand I walked high school graduation and idk if I wanna sit through another one.

Do you like scarves? I've been on a scarf kick lately.
Georgie - Smiles

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What's your favourite colour?
More importantly, how pronounced is your colour preference? Like, how important is it to you that you own things in that colour rather than others if there's a choice?

Fairly pronounced. Everything I'm wearing right now (shirt, pyjamas, underwear, watch, bracelet) is blue (except my glasses), my bedroom walls are blue, my sheets are blue, I just ate my lunch out of a blue bowl, etc.
space, fire

O say TQC

I know it is totally uncool to like YA fiction about ~*vampires*~ and ~*faeries*~ and even less cool to say things like, "but I liked it before it was a thing."  Oh well :-/ I just finished Jacqueline Carey's Terre D'Ange books (all 8 of the published books so far).  I liked those a lot.  I've been through the normal YA fantasy circuit (Francesca Lia Block, JK Rowling, CS Lewis, Tamora Pierce, Philip Pullman, Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, etc). What should I read now? Movie recommendations are also welcome.

  edit: omg thank you so much for the great recommendations, everyone. this is so exciting!!
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Photoshop is being a buttmunch and it ruined my "I AM TOTALLY GOING TO DRAW MY BUTT OFF AND BE MOTIVATED" mood. Why does the universe hate me, TQC? (Furthermore, why am I so lazy? :c) non srs.

Will you ask me to draw silly things? I will get to all of them, pinky promise.

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So many tasks before me, TQC.  So many people and situations requiring attention.  So many conflicting priorities: work, church, family, home.  A to-do list that wont' fit on a single page in two columns of 10 pt. Arial type.

What should I do next?


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I have some ground beef that was in the fridge - I opened it and cooked half of it, then left the rest in there - it was a couple days. Then I figured it'd go bad and I wasn't ready to cook it so I put it into the freezer for about a week - unsealed, and now it's back in the fridge. Is it okay to eat?

Have you ever tried to make money off of a website/blog - if you don't mind the question, how much money did/do you make and what method?

Is there a household chore that for some reason makes you happy to do?
I really like emptying out the dishwasher when it's just finished and it's all steamy and warm.
kitty + books

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I haven't eaten since last night because I got attacked by the stomach bug from hell. I'm not all pukey anymore, but still feeling queasy. I'm afraid to eat but I need to! TQC, what should I eat? (I have campus dining options available & I don't eat meat.)

DK/DC: What was the last illness/injury you suffered? Would you like to share with the class how awful it was?
Blue Manhattan Group

Another 4C-ish poll

You're in the penthouse of a 100 story skyscraper. There's 100 windows in the humungous suite, each one covered with a sheet of rice paper. 99 of the windows have a mattress on the other side. 1 window does not. For $1,000,000, you have to jump through one of these windows. For 99% of them, you'll get paid. For 1% of them, you'll fall to your death. Would you accept this challenge?

Yes. Jumping
No. Not jumping

You're in the woods. There's 51 trails leading from the clearing you're in. 50 of those trails go into the woods, 1 goes back to the lodge. Of those 50, 49 are uneventful trails that lead to a bag of $100,000. 1 trail has a hidden land mine that will activate when stepped on. It's a small explosive that won't kill you, but will take a foot. You have 49 chances to win big, and 1 chance of getting maimed, or you can walk back to the lodge. Would you take the challenge?

Yes. Taking a trail
No. Going back to lodge

You're in a special room. There's 25 small locked doors, about the size of a medicine cabinet. Before each is 2 sensors in the shape of hands. Behind 24 of the doors, there's $50,000. Behind one door is a mechanical arm that'll extend and hit you in the face, possibly breaking your nose. In order to open a door, you have to put both hands on the sensors, thus lowering your guard. You have 24 chances of getting paid, and 1 chance of taking a hard hit to the face. Will you accept the challenge?

Yes. Opening a door
No. Not opening a door

You're at a table with 13 envelopes. In 12 of the envelopes, there's a check for $10,000. In 1 of the envelopes, there's a binding court order that sentences you to 3 weeks of house arrest with no allowance to leave your home (not even for work or school). 12 chances to get paid, and 1 chance to seriously compromise your standing at work/school. Will you accept the challenge?

Yes. Gimme envelope
No. No envelope

You're at a table with 7 envelopes. In 6 of them there's a check for $5,000. In 1 of the them, there's a demand that you sing your national anthem at the next major sporting event in your city wearing a ballerina costume. You have a 6 in 7 chance of winning the money. Will you accept the challenge?

Yes. Gimme envelope
No. No envelope

You have 4 emails in your mailbox. In 3 of them, when opened, $4,000 will be wired into your bank account. The last one, though, contains no money, but a demand that you post nudes of yourself (fully nude) in your livejournal for 30 minutes. You can take them down after that. You can't edit your flist or lock the post. Will you accept the challenge?

Yes. Gimme email
No. No email

You're given a full head mask. Before you are 2 shower stalls, In 1 stall, $50,000 in large bills will come raining down on you when you pull the rope. In the other, a torrent of hard-to-remove blue dye will wash over you and your whole body, which will color your entire body Avatar blue except your head and your fingers up to the knuckles (you can put them outside the stall). The dye will remain on you for at least a month, maximum 2 months (who's to say how long?), and no amount of scrubbing will remove it before that time, but it'll all come off by itself weeks later. A fifty-fifty chance of getting paid, or getting hosed. Will you accept this challenge?

Yes. Gimme stall
No. No stall

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What is entertaining you at the moment?

My roommate just got an eviction notice and my landlord is screaming at her! So juicy, I've got a cup against the wall and I'm listening. My other roommate is trapped in the living and room and trying to get me to come out so it isn't awkward. NOPE!

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Pic post!
Will you post a recent photo of yorself doing something (even remotely) interesting???

(mine in comments ...because YES... I post questions just so i can comment on them...)
gasp zooey

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You win the lottery, and it includes the stipulation that you must use some of the money to keep a local business open for the rest of your life if the business starts to go down.  What business near you would you choose to help and why?

I'd keep open this family restaurant called Chicken Annie's. It's been a tradition in my family and in the community for a long time, and I'd hate for it to ever close.

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TQC, I work in a tiny office (it's just me, one other guy and the owner). The other guy is around my age and seems nice, and I want to get to know him better, just in a friendly way. Would it be totally weird for me to ask him if he wants to get lunch or go grab a bite to eat after work? I'm the new girl and I've never worked in an office before and I just don't know how these things work.
syringe + redeyes = comedy gold

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I bought a large tube of glow-in-the-dark fabric paint to decorate a tshirt with, which i did. Now I've got quite a bit leftover, like 3/4 of the bottle.
What should i do with the rest of the glow paint? Comedy answers preferred.

Inspired by the grammar post

Does it make me a bad person that I corrected the spellings in my campus magazine with a biro pen? It's a university magazine, surely they could stand to use a spell check? (I'd ask if I'm being petty but I think I know the answer to that one already.)

What tiny little things really get on your nerves?


I was just wondering if this was indicative to any part of the country.

Tomato slices with dinner in place of/or accompanying bread and butter.

My dad was born in the South but grew up military, which meant he moved around a lot. I've seen it as a side option on menus across the U.S. Is it a custom in any one region?
Oogie Boogie 2

(no subject)

 So monday night I went to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMyr2CgOgMw . Im 5'1 and 125 pounds. 

I was in the pit and u front and got hit in the face right below the nose twice ( I had my septum up inside my nose and it cut both sides) and I have massive bruising everywhere.

then wed  I went snowboarding and was on a cat track with no helmet and ended up going super fast backwards and landed the back of my head first, it was so bad people stopped to ask me if I was okay. my head bounced off the snow then my board went over my head.

I feel really quiet and sleepy and my body HURTS. any non narcotic ways to help ease the pain? I have to work and Im up to about 8 ibprofen to get any kinda relief and that just makes my tummy hurt.

anyways to prevent the pain next time besides the obvious wear a helmet?

Have you been in any metal pits lately?

Edit: I have no health insurance and I slept last night. If it was a concussion wouldnt I have died in my sleep? 

(no subject)

I'm applying at a local animal shelter to be an animal socializer - basically exercise and play with the animals.

It says they are going to give me a written and practical test. What exactly are they testing me on?

Srs and non srs answers welcome.

(no subject)

Growing up, were your parents very demanding of you? Looking back, do you wish they had been more lenient, or would you have liked them to have had higher expectations?
gif RF

(no subject)

I failed my job interview...

They said if they wanted to hire me they would call me today (THEY DIDN'T)... I am so disappointed, I knew i was great for this job, and i had such high hopes.
Why do people dash hopes?

Well, I guess I have to get over it. anyway i hate my life rn

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I just realized my jewlery box is also a music box. I twisted the knob so it would play and now I wish I hadn't because it's kind of creepy (especially because I'm in the same room with a horde of porcelain dolls).

Do you find music boxes creepy?

(no subject)

What countries have you visited?
Lived in?
Which was your favorite?
Where was the cheapest to live?
If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
(Bonus points for pictures for any of the above :) )

If you have one, what is your most prized possession?

If you could describe your ideal significant other, how would you describe them?
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(no subject)

if a close friend of yours gets a new friend and starts diverting their time spent with you to the new friend, do you get jealous?

does it make it better or worse if the new friend has redeeming qualities?

(no subject)

TQC, tomorrow is my 4th and final group interview for resident assistant for the dorms.

I've been going to these interviews in a dress and heels because that's the only formal interview wear I have, but we were hit with a snow storm. I have a 2 hour lecture tomorrow and then 15 minutes later have my interview, but it's in a separate building and a reasonable walk through a lot of snow and it'll be cold, obviously.

I don't own dress pants. I do own black skinnies (these). I could pair that with a sweater and switch to heels when I get to the interview, but I'm scared it's not formal enough.

Should I just wear that, or tough it up and wear a dress like I have been doing?

(no subject)

How often do you edit or change your lj profile?
I seem to do it once every 2 years or so, or after I've been away from lj for a significant period of time.

Also, what are your favorite apps for iphone/ipod/ipad?
My iphone recently broke and got everything wiped off it, so I need to re-add everything, including apps

Also... do you have a favorite non-lj blog? (Is your lj a blog? hmm.)
My favorites are http://www.passittobulis.com which is a Vancouver Canucks hockey blog. They are freaking hilarious. As well as http://www.jasminestarblog.com which is a wedding photographer's blog. GORGEOUS pictures. Plus she's adorable and really funny.
default falling

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My mom is all angry I won't stop talking and making noise whilst she watches The Office. I posit that I am drunk and I was drunk when she got here and she can't sit in a room with a drunk person and expect silence. Who is right here?

dk/dc Sock w/ shoes or without? Do you wear pantyhose? Do you think pantyhose is the worse word ever? How about moist?