January 26th, 2011

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What is the best kind of soy milk?

I just tried Silk Vanilla tonight and I really like it but it is sort of bland. Is this common in soy milk?

If you don't drink soy milk, keep scrollin'

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HGTV made me realize I NEED a soaking tub with jets and a multiple shower head shower. I am MISERABLE without them, when yesterday I didn't know the difference.

Is HGTV just a commercial for opulence?

What has tv convinced you that you need?

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so i recently met a boy and just after i met him he was deployed to afghanistan. 
i talk to him everyday pretty much, and he is really nice blah blah. 
anyway, does anyone here have experience with being in a relationship with a soldier?  tell me about it?

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i have some hamburger i bought. it said use or freeze by the 16th. i froze it on the 18th.

do you think it's still good?

my dad told me it might be but to thaw it in the microwave and then make sure it doesn't have any weird scent.


who's drunk?

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Rain is falling! The weather lady warned of this, and lo, it happened! Has she mastered her art through scientific means, or has she become clairvoyant? Or is something darker, more sinister afoot, perhaps manipulation through black magic and trickery?

I am certain I have left something out in this cold rain! But I can remember not what it is. Have you fair-minded folk any inkling what it might be?

All the while I sit pondering as any water damage grows ever more severe. Would I have spared my mind this decay into lunacy had I eaten hot dogs that were not so green in color? Or would this be happening anyway and, conversely, has spoiled meat therefore staved off complete madness?

Why do I get a light burning sensation in my right foot when I scratch my left foot? Scratching my right foot causes a burning in my butt cheek! Should I call an electrician about this? Can he help? Please tell me he can help.
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Have you ever had Yoplait yogurt?

How about the "thick and creamy" kind?

What your favorite yogurt?

I'm trying to eat a cinnamon roll one right now and it taste like a cinnabun but it's super thick and trying to mix it made no difference.
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Someone is willing to give you an all expenses paid trip, once you meet an important goal, to any beachy place that you want. You want to stay within a 4-6 hour plane ride from NYC. Where do you want to go?

Care to share any reviews of island places you've been?
Where mermaids dwell

School and Sucky Weather

My school is being a butt and hasn't canceled/delayed classes on account of the weather. I'm a commuter student, I live 5 minutes away, and I have snow tires, but I'm still worried about getting home safely after classes. It's only the third day of classes, but the weather sucks, and I can't be penalized for not attending class due to the weather. I'll be going to at least one of my three classes today, because the teacher is a bit stricter about attendance than the other two.

The second class is an art class I've already taken (I'm not taking the same class over, they just changed the teacher, who is someone I've already had, so he's basically teaching the same stuff I learned in the class I took with him last spring), and the third is a pretty chill guy who I had last semester, and he knows I'm smart, pay attention, and do the work, so I think he'd be okay with me not being there too (it's a music class--Beethoven and the Romantics. We haven't started learning anything in this class yet, we were supposed to start today).

Should I skip my two classes and go home? The weather is snowing right now, but is going to change to a freezing mix later in the day (after 2), and then to rain even later than that. My classes go from 1:10-6pm. What should I do, TQC?

EDIT: I'm already on campus, so I'm just gonna stick around. If it gets icy or anything, I'll leave early, but it's supposed to warm up a bit, so I plan to stay.

SON OF EDIT: It's a non-issue now, the weather got worse and they canceled classes.

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i have a problem saying no to people.
i just got invited out to something i REALLY DO NOT want to go to, but being put on the spot and not being able to think of a valid excuse led me to say yeah i'll go. 
i just feel bad if i say no, esp if the person is right in front of me, looking at me. 
now im thinking of an excuse to get out of it.
do you have this problem?

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i am so hungry
should i go and get a breakfast bagel sandwich at the coffee shop up the street. (however its not very healthy and involves me driving)?
should i wait for lunch time, and eat then, and currently, have coffee and the such to fill me up/make me forget?
have the campbells soup to go i have stored in my desk now, and then have lunch later?


what did/what are you have/ing for breakfast?
what are you going to have for lunch?!

EDIT: I was going to have the soup but it tipped over in the microwave and so now i dont have soup and had to clean up split soup everywhere. :(

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I just had (Monday) the best appt with Doctor ever. I came in there lost and really not expected her to understand but she only listened and empathised with me, she gave me prescription for the anti depressant I needed, and she even gave me the appt for free(When she so did not have to).
She is the family Doctor and I have seen her my whole life. I really want to say thank you, mostly for doing what I know many doctors don't.

What can I do? I am thinking of getting a thank you card and putting a little letter saying thank you and explain how much I appreciated her help. But I am not sure if that will come off as lazy(being as its a thank you card)
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At my wedding, we're going to have a photobooth. The photobooth gives off 2 copies of each picture, one for the guest to keep and one for us. Do you think this is a good enough favor?

I was going to also make these but I decided that's too much work/they're too big/I don't like them anymore. What should I buy/make instead, if anything?

My wedding is in June so it can't be something that might melt.

What was the best favor you've received at a wedding/party?

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what's the last dream you had?

I had a dream last night that I was best friends with the actors who play the Harry Potter trio, and we were arranging to stay in NYC and hang out one night after an awards show but also making plans to visit the Wizarding World of HP and ride all the rides.

I also dreamed that I was on a really long road trip, and stopped to use a bathroom that was like a maze in the back of some nasty burger joint. and the toilet was just in the middle of the kitchen, completely open, with people all around it.
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I'm making tortilla soup for dinner. The soup mix packet I have says:

"1. Combine water, soup mix and chicken breast. Bring to boil, reduce heat, cover, and simmer for 20 minutes.
2. Remove the chicken breast from the soup and let cool for about 5 minutes. Shred chicken with a fork and then add meat back to soup. Return to boil, reduce heat, cover and simmer for an additional 10 minutes."

I was going to pre-cook the chicken, but now I'm not so sure. Do I pre-boil the chicken so that it's cooked and then simmer it for those ~30 minutes, or put it in there raw?
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How long are your bangs right now?
Do you notice the minute details that people often overlook?

On a scale from 1-10, how bubbly and excited are you right now?

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Is it ok to email companies asking if they have any internship opportunities?

I have had no luck finding internships through my advisor, and none of the opportunities posted online are relevant to my major. I'm thinking about just emailing law firms to see if they're looking for help in the summer (paid or unpaid), but I don't know if that's unprofessional or out of the norm...Would it be better to call them? Or should I just stick to companies and firms that have actually posted job openings? I am so bad at the whole professional world thing...

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what are some of your favorite books for children and young adults that feature non-white protagonists?
when you were younger, did you ever feel like you couldn't relate to a character in a book because they were a different ethnicity than you?

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Is there anything really big you regret? (Not like, Oh damn, I should have gotten that chesecake or I wish I'd asked that guy for his number at the bar tonight regrets, like major emotional regret)

I regret not saying goodbye to my grandmother before she died. She had cancer and had lapsed int a coma the week before, and she'd lost about 30 pounds (off an already tiny frame and didn't have her false teeth in and basically her face was so ghoulish and sunken in that I couldn't bear to see her like that. And she died, and I never said goodbye and I have never forgiven myself.

Do you believe people can hear things in comas?

Yes, my mother had an accident and was in a coma this past summer for two weeks. When she woke up, she told us things that had been said while she was in the coma and logically could not have known any other way. (Things about patients that had come and died while she was in her coma was a really big one)

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My dermatologist recommended I use CeraVe facial rinse and their nighttime moisturizer along with my usual Epiduo prescription that I use during the day. I SWEAR, on the days I use the CeraVe my acne gets WORSE.
Does this make any sense?
Has this ever happened to you with facial products?
Did you ever find out what the problem was?
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TQC, please help me with my first world problem. I just found out that in order to not lose any vacation time come the end of the year, I have to take 8 weeks of vacation this years. So...

Where should I go on vacation(s)?
When should I take my vacation(s)?
How should I pay for my vacation(s)?

If I decided to take a couple weeks off and volunteer for some charity, who/what should i volunteer for?

DK/DC: What is your first world problem?
legs motherfucker

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Do you tell your pet(s) that you love them?

If you do, how often?

(Inspired by that fact that I tell my dog I love her more than I tell pretty much anyone else I know, lol)

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Given you were in the position, would you prefer to buy a brand new car or a used car?

I think even if I had the money for a new vehicle I'd still buy used, I mean, you get so so much more for so much less!
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TQC, how feasible/easy is it to live where you are without a car? Do more people take public transit than drive? Where do you live?

Also, you may use this post to bitch about public transit, if you so desire.
Jareth +As the world falls down

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I've always had a terrible sweet tooth, but lately it's turned insatiable. I keep getting restless and anxious if I don't have something sweet to munch on and unfortunatley there are always snacks and such in the house for everyone else and I can't convince myself to stay away. How can I control myself?

DK/DC: I would like to start jogging soon. What's a good brand of running shoes?


Should I take a 30 minute nap and then start working on the writing I need to do, or should I start working on those things and hope I can stay awake for them?

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What would you do if you lacked any apprehension? There is no fear of failure or judgment or anything. What other people think of you is no longer your concern. Your chances of success are little more than mathematical statistics as you lunge for whatever it is that your heart desires, has desired for oh so very long.

You're free. Now what?

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I'm going to be moving to a new city starting Feb 5 until late August of this year (at least). I have some income but I'd like to supplement it with part-time work of some sort. I've been told I'm "over-qualified" for things like retail and restaurant work, so they won't hire me. What other kinds of temporary, flexible, part-time jobs are there?
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I am looking to buy a new camera, like a nice digital SLR. I'm leaning towards a Canon or a Nikon, but I really don't know anything about either. I used to do photography with an old Nikon 35 mm, but I don't know a lot about digital cameras/photography. Are any of you TQCers knowledgeable in this area? Do you have a personal preference or any opinions about which model is best for a certain type of photography?

DK/DK: Any recommendations for folk music or any kind of music that you really enjoy?
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according to my college's website, we have closed at 4pm, meaning all classes after this time today have been canceled due to snow. should i expect classes tomorrow to be canceled as well? i'll still be checking my email to see if my professors decide to cancel, but what do you think?

what was the last thing you bought on sale?

What's cookin'?

I am trying to get a handle on this crock pot cooking thing, particularly how much liquid to add.

I am cooking 3 large potatoes, 3 largish carrots, a large onion, all cut up and topped with a 4lb chunk of pork shoulder (butt) roast.  I am using a 6 quart pot.  What is the minimum amount of liquid I need to add (I expect it to take around 7 hours on high or 10 hours on low)?  I added 3 cups bouillon and I think I am gonna end up with soup.

dk/dc Do you have a favorite method of cooking that is a little unusual (e.g., deep fat frying a turkey, using a blow torch to cook sausage)?
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Musically gifted TQCers, will you recommend some "easy" songs to teach myself how to play on acoustic guitar? Links to lyrics/chords appreciated. I'm already practicing "Pigs on the Wing" and "Mother" because they have nearly the same chords, hurr durr.

How long until the fingertips on my fretting hand stop feeling numb? >:C

Have you ever tried to teach yourself how to do something? What was it? How long it take you to get good at it? Do you keep up with it?

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Is "tits" an inappropriate word to be said on the radio in a song?

I part time as a DJ for my campus and there is a song I want to play but it says "tits", you think they would fire me or something?

Edit: They at one point played this song after our set... so who the hell knows.
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Is the term "walkabout" considered racist or ignorant in any way?  I feel like I've heard not to use that term, but as I'm not Australian and know pretty much nothing about Australian Aboriginal terms, and as Wikipedia and google aren't giving me any other terms to use, I figured I'd ask here.  I ask because I mentioned it briefly in a class yesterday and no one had heard of it, so my teacher asked me to bring in some more information, and I'd really like to not contribute to the further degradation of any native peoples.

My boyfriend was supposed to come have dinner with my parents, and my dad is downstairs making spaghetti for all of us, but my bf decided that since dinner's ETA is too close to his WoW raid time, he's just not going to come over.  Should I go over to his place and give him mono for being a inconsiderate butt?

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I have a job interview on Friday and I've only interviewed for a job once before.
I remember the guy asking if I had any questions for him and I couldn't think of anything.

Are there any questions I should come up with that would be appropriate if I'm asked that again this time around?

I'm seriously so new to this it's horrible -_-
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1. Would you say your grasp of spelling and grammar is more instinctual or more through learning by rote? Like, are/were you able to tell when something is wrong but not explain exactly why it is so?

2. I have 10 months remaining on my 24-month contract mobile phone plan. Currently I pay a $19 a month cap but I've been thinking I'd like to go up to the $29 a month. Will I have to pay exit fees/sign up for a new 24 month contract, or d'you reckon I'll be able to just 'upgrade' to the $29 cap for the rest of my contract? I don't want a new handset or anything.

3. What's something you feel like you have to do every so often to get it out of your system? I'm not talking about biological needs like sex, but maybe you start to feel antsy if you haven't drawn anything for a while, or eaten a certain thing, etc.

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 "Schools and offices are operating on a 2-hour delay for Thursday, January 27. No morning kindergarten. The situation will be reassessed by 7:00 AM."

does this mean that they might reassess and decide not to have the delay... or just that they might decide to close?

ETA: what's your reasoning for your answer?

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Where is a good place to volunteer for someone who is not very good with people/is shy?

I've applied at the local humane society but idk where else to look.
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Have you ever bought a food item only to discover it'd already gone bad? Has it kept you from buying the product again?

Inspired by my coworker finding an unpleasant moldy surprise in her Risifrutti today.

every age?

Okay, so I'm going to this MCR concert in April and the Note thing said it was for All ages but does that mean All ages? cos im 13 and my older sister is 20 (owner of this account xD) but we want to take our 9 year old sister , is that possible? (and we already bought the tickets, i dunno if that'll help)
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Should a gym employee go over and show someone correct form if they are using a machine improperly (like when you see someone leaning over the handles on a stairclimber, for example)? Or should they just leave people alone unless someone asks for help on how to use a machine?

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So I posted the other day about the kitten. Turns out he was premature. #4 being on the other side of the womb, was born yesterday and is a bit bigger and much stronger.

Mama has had trouble nursing but I think she's finally gotten the hang of it.

However- she PANTS while nursing.

Anyone ever seen a cat do this before?

Here's a pic of the baby, Jeremiah:

The Dude Abides

Netflix ?s

Have you ever seen an episode of Veronica Mars?

Are there any TV shows you've started watching that you'd never seen before due to Netflix?

What TV shows are in your Netflix queue?

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I am having a weird kick of watching late 1990s early 2000 romantic comedies. I just watched "Drive Me Crazy", "10 Things I Hate About You", and "She's All That". Any other good ones to recommend?
Hyde & Jacky

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whats that blog with the girl? and the crazy drawings? she last blogged about her crazy dogs and her move?

it's driving me crazy!

oh, and do you quote any sitcoms daily? my friend and i sometimes have good dialogues going using random lines from seinfeld.

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Who was the last character (real or animated) that you had a crush on/fell in love with?

Are there any TV shows that echo your life or you think you and your friends would fit perfectly as a character in?
I started watching How I Met Your Mother finally, and ugh. So much like my friends and me.
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Do you listen to the Killers?
If you were making a greatest hits CD, what songs would you put on it?

Alternatively, what band needs a greatest hits CD?
What was the most useless greatest hits CD ever?

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TQC. I've got a breakout of spots on my forehead, and I'm going to see if drinking more water and cutting down on sweet treats helps to settle them. When you have to make a diet change how do you make yourself stick to it?

If you don't care, what is the most ridiculous suggestion for clearing up spots you've heard?

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I'm cleaning out my closet and trying to determine which items I'll keep and which I'll donate to charity.

I'm undecided about one particular shirt. I'm wearing it now. I can't decide whether or not I like it. In some ways, I kind of like it, and in others, it's just okay. That means I should put it in the charity pile, right?

Edit: Pictures!

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