January 25th, 2011

Bug-eyed Earl


How do the people on the TV show Intervention not know they are on it? Are they just too stupid and high? Are they in denial and think it couldn't happen to them? Do the producers make up a show name to tell them?
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How well do you accept compliments?
What was the last random compliment you got?
How did you respond?

Not well at all.
Some random person in a bathroom complimented my hair color.
Uhhhhh........ thanks... it grows that way?

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Ok, I have to write this essay and I just cannot freaking start it. I usually start writing the body of the essay and leave the intro for the end if I'm stuck but I can't even seem to start writing the body even though I know exactly what I'm going to write. Does this ever happen to you? How do I get over this writer's block?

dk/dc: Why the hell do people pick their noses in their car and act like people can't see them? I caught some dude going to TOWN today and I just couldn't stop staring (we were at a stoplight).
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Dropped my iPhone in the bathtub. It's definitely fried. Is it weird that I feel kind of free all of a sudden? DID APPLE HAVE ME UNDER A SPELL?

Alternatively, what are you doing right now? Why are you up and what time is it?

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Does anybody else have problems with Facebook?
(i.e. your status,or other changes you made on your profile just "disappearing" when you go back on...)
Every time I go on facebook, my picture is there but my old name that I changed back yesterday (from an inside joke thing,I know that's lame) is there again - then I log out, log back on & the picture is gone but the new name is on etc...it's driving me crazy!

(sorry if the terms "crazy" or "lame" are offensive to anyone)
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 So, I'm watching Anastasia and I have to know:  is the thing about Rasputin foreshadowing his own and their deaths true? I've looked it up and it seems every other site contradicts each other.

Also, I have a rolly chair in my bathroom (because it hurts my back to stoop to scoop litter) and at night I hear it rolling around. Do I have adventurous ghosts, or are my cats involved in some sort of rolly chair olympics?

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Yesterday I was cutting my toenails and I cut the 4th toe on my right foot's nail WAY TOO SHORT. As in, I cut deep into the skin, it was bleeding everywhere and now it hurts like a bitch and I"m limping because I can't walk on it properly. HOW LONG WILL IT BE UNTIL IT STOPS HURTING? D:

I should file instead of clip from now on, y/y?

Alternatively, happy Tuesday! What are you looking forward to and not looking forward to today?
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Everyone loves these posts!

It's raining outside. I'm expecting 5 UPS packages in the next few hours with over a thousand dollars worth of computer parts in them and if I'm not here to receive them they'll just sit outside my apartment. My friend gave me her cold and I feel kind of nauseous and sick. All I really want to do is take a bubble bath and go back to sleep until my 5:30 Spanish class (which I desperately need to study for anyway).

I have 2 classes this morning. One has an attendance policy, the other does not. Both are just lecture-type deals, nothing graded today. I know the professors really well and they know me. 

Am I validated to skip class this morning or should I grow a pair and deal with it?
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How important is it to you that your work schedule remains similar to what it is now?

ex: If you worked days and suddenly had to work nights, how screwed would you be?
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Have you ever skipped your period? How long was it until it came back? Being pregnant doesn't count.

Men/people who don't want to say:

What's the worst name you could give a child?
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Inspired by a recent post here & I hate to have to do this but I really must know..

Does anyone else think it's weird or ridiculous to live by these silly little laws people make up about dressing a certain way, or having certain manners or just doing things in general?

Like in the other post, who's idea was it to say you can't wear black socks to the gym? Who came up with "you shouldn't wear white after labor day" and why does anyone listen to that kind of advice?

Don't you think you should do what ever you think is best and not worry about what other people think when it comes to tiny things like dressing yourself or your taste in hobbies and what not??
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Had a debate about this this morning.

Do you think it's unethical to have someone edit essays for school/college? Take out the issue of whether or not the teacher forbade it or allowed it in their rules. Just on an ethical level. Cheating or not?

ETA: Maybe I should elaborate. The opposing side in my earlier debate kept arguing that half the point of writing essays was to learn how to write and how to correct all those little mistakes and arrange an essay and pick the right words and etc, etc yourself, so in light of that, having an editor was like cheating.


Poll #1672312 Multi-tasking

Besides cleaning your body,what else do you do in the shower?

Blowing your nose
Brushing your teeth
Having sex

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Good morning, TQC. My 22 y.o. son called me at 2:30 this morning to tell me he just got out of jail for a DUI. He says now he will never be able to get a second job that he has been looking for, that nobody will hire someone with a DUI. So, my question is: Is his life ruined, which is what he thinks?
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Are you picky about your album privacy on Facebook? In other words, do you only make your albums visible to a certain few or are you so careful about who you keep on your friends list that this isn't a concern?

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Would you buy a car from someone on Craigslist?
Have you?

I'm in need of a car like whoa. It's been a month since the PT Loser was totaled and I so like not having a car payment. I've found 2 prospects at a dealer for $2000....but I'm not sure on the mileage yet..so I'm keeping my options open.

My budget for a car is $2,000...although I'd like to try to get one for $1,500.00..which is not impossible in my area at all.

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What is the grossest (or funniest) thing to ever happen to you during sex? Or alternatively, a bad/funny sex story.

I was going at it with this guy, total cutie, complete package. He pulls my head in for a kiss and surprise SPITS in my mouth. I was too dumbfounded to be like, WTF man. Too grossed out to swallow. So as he's fondling and grabbing my everything, I'm laying there trying to figure out how I was going to get this spit out of my mouth without him noticing. As soon as he looked away, I immediately spit into my hand and wiped that shit on his couch. Gross.


For the past week and a half I keep thinking I'm getting sick, but it doesn't fully come on. What will happen is that my throat will get sore, I'll get chills and just generally feel bad for a few hours, then it'll just go away and reappear a few days later for only a few hours.

Yesterday I was meeting with students in my office. There's some sickness going around and my office is tiny, so I was in close proximity to various students all day. I woke up this morning feeling awful. It feels like these phantom sicknesses I was getting last week except worse and with a cough. I took today off to try and get over it because my week is jam-packed for the rest of the week. So, do you think this is whatever I've been dealing with finally presenting itself, or did I get something new from my students?

Are you sick? Feel free to bitch about it.
What are your favorite things to do when you have a sick day?
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We have a straight talk walmart cell and were a day late in buying our phone card. We bought it and put in the pin number. It says its pending but STILL no mins :( I cant call as I have no phone. Anyone familiar with straight talk?

EDIT: Thanks guys we fixed it!

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Why does my nose burn and feel super dry and like it's about to start bleeding for no reason? ((the more non-srs, the better))

on another nose-related question - every time I shower, I sneeze about 10 times (I wish that was exaggerating) after I get out of the shower. Why is this happening? (It's not the shampoo or anything, I've switched it up over the years, and it only happens when I'm at college so I'm wondering if something in the water from the town is doing this)

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Should I dye my hair or get Japanese food/sushi tonight? Both places are on opposite ends of town, so I don't want to do both.
If hair, what color?
If Japanese/sushi, what should I get?

If you don't know or care what will your next meal be?
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Define 'cool'

Have you ever noticed how your definition of comfortable temperatures changes based on what you are currently used to?

40F after 17F is warm.  40F after 70F is effin cold.

Brought to you by only needing a sweater when I went out today.
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Infant car seats

 I have a 10 month old, who is 31" tall and 30 pounds.  The police talked to me with him, and asked if he was still rear facing in his car seat.  I said no, because he is too heavy and too tall.  They gave me a long lecture about how since he is under 1 year, he should still be rear facing.

I have looked all over google, but I think my google fu is lacking.  I cannot find anywhere that says that he MUST be rear facing, even though he meets the height and weight requirements.  Does anyone know anywhere that says it is a legal requirement in Ontario that children his age MUST be rear facing?
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will you help me name something? what would you call a velociraptor that wore a bowtie, top-hat, and monocle? he's like... a gentleman velociraptor.

i'm looking for a play on the name velociraptor... for example; if he were a whore, he would be a velociraptwhore.

if you want nothing to do with my madness, well then what's your favorite prehistoric creature?

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I am thinking of doing a resume drop to help get a job. Should I write up a basic 'apply to all' cover letter or not at all? I am not going for any particular jobs, just dropping off resumes.

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Is a handful of baby carrots cooked in a tiny bowl of hot water with a teaspoon of low-fat butter, half a diced up banana, 8 ounces of ice water, 5 ounces of skim milk, and a piece of wheat bread with a tablespoon of crunchy peanut butter (like a mini sandwich) a healthy, small lunch for a five year old boy? Is it too little? Too much?
Edit: I know he should stop when he's done eating, but he has a problem of over eating. He's been known to keep eating well over him not feeling hungry anymore, so I'm always worried I'll give him too much food or too little. Same with drinks. And the measurements were just rough guesses, I'm sorry. xD

Has anyone here had to help raise/mostly raise a child when it's not there's/when you weren't the parent (bio or not)?
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The post about sushi vs. hair reminded me I want to make sushi tonight. I hate fish, so I only make veggie sushi and I'm getting a little burned out on cucumber and avocado rolls.

What kind of veggies/non fish stuff would you put in your sushi?
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Why does this generation/country (the US, but I think it's fair to say most of the first world countries) have such a sense of entitlement?

I'm thinking of all the online piracy. . .movies, music, books, programs. . .it's like we think, "I want it, and I deserve to have it for free." Why are we like this?

ETA: Obviously the piracy is just one example of this entitlement. We're just pretty full of ourselves these days. And this post was kind of inspired by this blog post: http://saundramitchell.com/blog/?p=4258
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You're invited to a baby shower and asked to bring a book for the baby as a gift. Ignoring the fact that it's rude to ask guests to bring gifts/dictate which gifts to bring.

What book do you bring?

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Has anyone looked into or actually gotten veneers? Details?

A while back, I had a root canal (that I don't think I really needed) by a dentist who was more than likely high at the time (a few months afterward, he was arrested for stealing drugs from his office and some other things) and fucked up my tooth. It still hurts it certain circumstances, but part of it has also turned a dark color. It's not a stain--whitening doesn't help it. Of course, it is one of my front teeth. It makes me feel extremely self-conscious and I don't smile enough, and I would really like to do something about it. I've been considering veneers but I know they're expensive and blah idk.

What else could I do?

Do you like your teeth?

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I'm watching Glee. If you like Glee, what is your favorite scenes/quotes? (anything from Brit is amazing <3)

If you don't like Glee - why not? I'm interested as to what you find unlikeable, since all my friends basically say "they ruin every song they cover and they're all shitty stereotypes of high school kids".

If you dgaf, what was the best class you ever took (high school or university - I don't know how many schools earlier than that that really offer electives or beyond standard required classes per grade.)

Snack ideas

OK, TQC, I've dropped the ball. I have to bring snacks for my law journal tomorrow morning, and have no idea what to get. They're a pretty health-conscious crowd, and generally people do breakfasty foods or the like. TBH I've never gone to one of these events (they happen every week on Wednesdays) but it's required by membership, so yeah. I pass a grocery store on the way into class, so getting it won't be a problem, I just don't know what TO get. It's for about 20-30 people, and they'll reimburse me for whatever I get, within reason (I'd say stay under $20?).

So what should I buy, TQC?

ETA: Someone else is providing a giant bag of bagels, I'm just on the snacks/sides side.

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I was planning to get my mom a gift certificate to her hair salon for her birthday but she has decided to book her appointment the week before her actual birthday.

Should I go to the place and put a certain amount towards the cut on Thursday so it will be a surprise for her?
Or just give her a gift certificate on her birthday next week?

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What do you expect a full-time student, aged 20 years, working retail or customer service to make a month?

On average, how much extra money do you have per month for superfluous purchases?

Alternatively, what are you listening to right now?

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How can I get my mom to stop putting the laundry (clean) on the kitchen table and leaving it there? Especially my dads underwear. I mean it's a common courtesy and not unreasonable in the least to want to eat at a table that doesn't have someone's tighty whities on it, am I right? Yet I just tried to take them into their room where they belong and she exploded.

Please help me deal with my psycho mom, TQC.
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I had accidentally ran my car into a pole today. The right fender and lights are pretty much smashed and it costs $1600 to fix it completely. It only costs $200 or so for the repair shop to hammer the fender back in place and put back the lights so that they can be functional. The car will still have a horrendous dent on it, but at least the lights work and whatnot.

What was a stupid accident that happened to you?
What was the maximum amount of money you spent fixing your car?

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I bought a box of candy at Walgreens today and when I went to open it, both the plastic wrap and the cardboard box itself were slightly open... not like it had been opened up and tampered with, but just like it didn't attach all the way when they were putting it together. One side of the box had no glue on the flap at all, so it was clearly some kind of factory error. I was like two seconds out of the store when I realized this, but I was too tired and hungry to bother going back in to exchange it for another box. I then proceeded to eat like half of the candy. How stupid was this? Am I going to die?
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TQC, help me plan my vacation (again)!

I'm booking a flight to London and one of the tickets I'm looking at has me flying out of the US on US Air (subtitle says operated by Canada Air) and then connects in Toronto. Then, Canada Air flies from Toronto to Heathrow. 

However, the layover is only 1 hour. Is that long enough? I've never been to YYZ so I don't know how confusing the airport is to navigate. Also, I'm not sure if I'll have to get my baggage checked again, since I'm technically switching airlines...

(no subject)

Sorry for spamming, but I just have to ask. I just started watching the State of the Union conference and... is that Kutner from House? o.O Since when did the actor get into politics?

*crawls back under rock*
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(no subject)

My husband ROCKED an interview today and got an awesome IT internship.

What should I do to reward him?

srs/non-srs :)

dk/dc - When was the last time you were really proud of someone you love, and what made you so proud?


inspired by a previous post... can we just have a "men wearing good suits" pic post? or women. they just have to be good suits. Or just post pics of what clothes you like your prospective mate to wear?

(no subject)

My dog just ate my retainer. I have had that retainer for like 6 years. I have not been to the orthodontist in 6 years and have since moved to another town anyway.

Aroundabouts how much is an upper retainer these days? I will have to get a new mold and everything.

I live in Florida, and I know it varies by area blah blah blah but I really just have no idea of how much it will cost.

I think my insurance pays 50% of ortho work

Edit- I found the wire and my dog didn't eat any or it. It is still attached to 2 little pieces of rainbow plastic

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If I handed each of you a large container of liquid nitrogen right now, what things would you freeze?

I would freeze my so's slippers
my lollipops
this blanket
anything else I could find

(no subject)

 Have you ever been a waitress? What kind of restaurant did you work at? (upscale, chain restaurant, diner, etc)
How much did you average a day in tips? What was the biggest tip you've ever gotten?
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(no subject)

I bought a bottle of cheap merlot a little over a month ago. I drank a couple glasses, stuck the cork back in, and put it on a side table. Now I finally have time to drink some again. It's still good, right? I know basically nothing about wine and don't want to kill myself by letting it sit (albeit corked) for so long.

Related question: favorite kind of wine?
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charmecia is having a baby

anybody else get a message from charmecia?

i'm now officially on her shitlist, i feel so loved.

she's having a baby and she's mad i made fun of her city.

do you think i'll get a spell cast on me? OH I HOPE SO.


her message to me:

never make fun of my city. and don't make fun of a pregnant woman when she is having her baby.

that's right i'm pregnant and i'm having a baby shortly!

this baby will be perfect and it's going to be all mine!

(no subject)

Do you have any favorite places for booking last minute vacations?

Have you ever gone on a vacation alone? I do a lot of stuff alone but I'm not sure if I would be bored if I spent an entire vacation by myself.


did you gain the freshman 15? or more?

or did your weight stay the same? or maybe you even LOST weight?

tell meee about it.

ETA: please note whether you lived on or off campus
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On a "When Harry Met Sally" kick today, for some reason...

1. Do you have platonic friends?

2. Are you affectionate with your platonic friends? How much? (Take the term 'affectionate' however you will.)

3. If you do have platonic friends, do you and/or they also have an SO?
3a. If so, how do the SOs feel about the friendship?

4. Do you believe men and women can be 'just friends', or will feelings/lust get in the way? EDIT: We've been there. Redacted.

Gratuitous bonus question: what's your favorite movie quote?
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(no subject)

So today I caved and bought three nail polishes, despite deciding not to before I move.

Are you currently staying away/trying not to do something? (I'm not sure that sentence came out right, but I think you get my drift.) What is it, and why?
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TQC, my boyfriend told me (via text) that he was going to call his mother and then call me. It has been long enough that I am highly doubtful he is actually still on the phone with his mother.

How long would you wait before texting to see what's up? Assuming you don't urgently need to talk to him or anything.
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Could a good tailor take in the waist of draw-string pants? I imagine a good tailor could do anything but I don't know anyone who's had that done.

Does anyone else have a combination of measurements that just do not exist together in any size? If yes, is there one or more measurements you tend to "sacrifice" in favor of fitting the others correctly? Or do you just get clothes altered?

Do you have anything super exciting planned for the rest of the week? If you do give details!

all keyed up and not sleeping

ACK, I'm all SUPERWIDEAWAKE, the way I am every Tuesday night after a music rehearsal. I hate this, I can't sleep after rehearsal, argh.

I already tried taking something (no effect), eating something (made me feel like eating more, probably a bad idea) and reading something boring. What else can I do? I have to be up early tomorrow.
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Intervention Episode

For those of you who watch Intervention:
does anyone recall the episode with the guy who got his girlfriend and her best friend pregnant? Or something like that. I can't remember what his addiction was. I want to watch the episode and I'm having trouble finding it. Anyone remember his name?

(no subject)

Based on a comment thread in a earlier post, which I have been mulling over all night:

Do you think it should be considered abuse or gross negligence to allow a small child to eat so much junk food on a consistent basis that they weigh as much at 4 as most kids do at 12?

How would you determine where naturally high weight ended and abusively high weight began?
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(no subject)

What will you be remembered for when you're gone? Not necessarily on a large scale, just among people you know.

Hopefully for being a decent human being.
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(no subject)

What are some cough remedies you swear by?
My husband is really sick and all the dextro in the world isn't helping. Earl Grey with honey seems to help. I'm trying Brandy now, too.

How sick have you been this winter (or last winter, if you're in upside down land)?
The three of us have been sick more often than not. It's been miserable.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
I don't know why, but Sweden seem the most appealing. I guess seems... cleaner than other places. My husband says Japan.

(no subject)

i'm sexually frustrated. aside from banging random stranger, wat do?


ETA2: apparently there are a lot of frustrated individuals in tqc... where shall we hold the orgy?
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(no subject)

Will you give me an arbitrary percentage amount? I'm going to use this to gauge my chances of nabbing one of the six seats left in a class that I can't add until the business office stops being a dick.

What's your favorite snack food?
Where does Jesus belong in your life?