January 24th, 2011

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Does anyone play Dawn of Discovery/Anno 1404?

Do you like strategy video games?

I saw the first season and last episode of Lost. Is it worth watching the whole series (which is on Netflix instant now) or should I just go 'meh' and dismiss it? It is either that or The Tudors.
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everyone loves a hair question

hi guys! so i am getting super bored of my current hair colour. i dyed it a dark purple most recently, which i loved, but it has since faded back to its normal blackish colour. right now i don't want totally natural-coloured hair, but i don't want it all one crazy shade either, i want to keep some of the black. what are some pretty, cool-looking ways that i can incorporate unnatural colour into my hair? in terms of colour i'm thinking dark blue or dark purple... jewel tones probably, those tend to go the best with my natural hair colour.

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i'm thinking maybe just a couple strips of colour, maybe placed near the face? but i really don't want to end up looking like a dumb scenester teenager. that is not my goal. what do you think?
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Hey guys. What's the last book you read?

Do you talk to people who are reading? My coworker would. not. stop. talking to me today while I was trying to finish the second book in the Hunger Games series. I feel like having your nose in a book is a pretty good indicator that now is not a good conversation time.

Also does anyone read Naruto? I just got up-to-date!
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Do you have a twitter account? how often do you tweet?
Do you like social media?
Do you ever yearn for internet-free and/or mobile-free days?

If a peaceful alien race came to Earth with a ship to make contact and the world had to choose one ambassador for the whole planet, who should it be?
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Fashion Advice

Hi TQC, i come to you in hope of some fashion help. I have a wedding to go to in April, and a SuperAwesome! skirt to wear, but i have NOOO idea what to wear with it. Can you suggest some ideas? Pics are Collapse )
I'm looking for suggestions on:
-top/blouse/sweater etc
-underneath (tights, leggings, some other random thing)
-shoes (must be flat, i can't wear heels at all)

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dear tqc,

have you ever really cared about someone, but it just didn't work out? have you ever been engaged, but it just didn't happen? have you ever been divorced? what happened in these situations? why did things fail?

Just a few random questions I thought up

1. Do you believe in any sort of fortune-telling? (tarot cards, runes, palm reading, etc.)

2. Marijuana legalization: yay or nay?

3. Are there any good ways to make money without robbing a bank or actually getting a job?

4. What color is your underwear?

5. Do you carry any sort of self-defense stuff with you when you go out? (a knife, brass knuckles, pepper spray, etc.)

6. What are your favorite pizza toppings?
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You look like you're from...

Today at the petrol station (in the UK) the cashier asked me if I was from Sweden. 'No... I am Italian actually'. Perhaps it might be the blonde hair. But how specific are features to ethnicities?

Has anybody ever mistaken you for another ethnicitiy/nationality? Post photos if you must.
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Is there no point in reading to deep into people's actions on facebook?

If someone keeps "liking" a particular person's photos, is it usually just mindless "liking," or is it borderline flirtation? And mind you, they're usually photos of just that person and not of them with other people...

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When I was in first grade, my computer lab teacher said to never hold down keys on the keyboard for long amounts of time because it would damage it. Do you think it would, or was she misinformed?

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TQC, when was the last time you got really really angry almost instantly? I seriously just felt my body temperature rise.

Brought to you by my dad just saying "Hey, we should put the cat down because he's puking a lot and I don't want to pay a thousand dollars to fix him." Wow. Um, no, Dad. Not okay.

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My car died on me today, I had to carry my groceries home on foot, and people around here really suck at shoveling their sidewalks.

Will you post links to funny sites to cheer me up? (No videos please, I've only got dial up.)
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my mailbox is tipped over so i cant get mail in it and im really anticipating a small package today and the post office will be closed by the time the mail gets back too them.

how weird would it be if i stood outside by my mailbox for the mailman too come?

i know exactly what time it comes so i dont have to wait. should i do it or not?

Dear TQC

I have to leave my residence hall [long story] Saturday. My roommate's a complete self-centered bitch. How can I make my last week-in a place that I've spent three years in and feels more like home than anywhere else-more, well, fun for me?

Preferably ideas involving the roommate.
And nothing with the fridge/microwave/TV because those are mine and will be coming with me.

More info about the roommate: she goes to bed at 10 pm every night. And has not mastered the "hear noise, wake up, fall back to sleep" skill.
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Finer points of phone etiquette

So help me figure out who'd being rude in this scenario.

I'm returning a call from my sister.

Her: "Hello?"
Me: "Hi sis, so what's up?"
Her: (pointedly) "How are you?"
Me: "...I'm fine. How are you?"
Her: "Fine. So I called earlier because blahblahblah..."

My question is, is it rude of me to skip the howareyouI'mfine rigmarole? I use it with people I don't know so well, but she's my sister and we're pretty close, see each other a lot, and KNOW the other is going to say "I'm fine." I feel like she's trying to train me like a dog with this formality, but I wanted to get your input before I officially get annoyed.
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Has anyone gotten Invisalign? Is it really invisible? How does it feel? How annoying is it to remove for every meal? Did it effectively fix your teeth? I need a new night guard and someone in TQC mentioned Invisalign functions like one as well, so might as well perfect my teeth while I'm protecting them!
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If you follow a religion, do you pray for or give "God bless you" greetings to people who don't follow a faith?

If you are not a believer, and someone does either of the above for you, do you see it as offensive or a nice gesture?
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too many question marks = trying too hard

Religious Wank
-Is your god the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob?
-If so, does it bother you that the composition of that phrase stems from the fact that Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob all most likely felt confident that other people had other gods who were just for them?

Music Wank (?)
Collapse )-If I said my favorite genre of music was "electrogoth/synthpop?" (the question mark is important there) what would you assume I listen to?
-Conversely, if my favorite artists are Bjork, Switchblade Symphony, and Rasputina, what genre of music should I probably say is my favorite?

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humans with sperm-producing-testicles of TQC, have you ever donated sperm?
would you if you could?

chinese new year is coming up and i have not been able to spend it with my family in three years. my dad asked me to visit him in boston, because i haven't seen him in about four or five months, but i'd like to spend it with my mom and brother in dc. (i live roughly halfway in new york, so it's practically the same distance and price either way.)

spend new years with my dad
spend new years with my mom and brother

ugh sry idk why this poll html isn't working, but w/e just leave comments i guess

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Since Oprah's big family secret was nice but not earth shattering, how about we make up a better family secret for her? non srs answers encouraged!

dk/dc: What is your favorite daytime program?
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1. Would you want to continue a relationship with someone who is interested in you sexually/romantically, whereas you just want to be friends? (Assume that you two get along very well.)

2. Would you want to continue a relationship with someone who you are interested in sexually/romantically, whereas he/she just wants to be friends? (Assume that you two get along very well.)

Excuse the wordiness.

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Any artists/potters in here? My employer tasked me with selling this pottery wheel which was abandoned in our garage by an ex-employee, but I know nothing about these things. Any idea what a fair price would be to ask for it (we'd be selling it on Craigslist most likely).

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will you tell me something awesome you've done recently?

because I just got 100% on expert singing sorrow by bad religion on rock band 3.

alternatively, you will give me suggestions for songs to buy for said rock band 3?

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If any of you have been/are on an anti depressant that actually made you lose weight how much did you lose in what time and what did were on before you started?

If you don't feel comfortable asking you are welcome to pm me.

Inspired by prescription I just got given for my first ever anti depressant and one of the side effects are weight loss and I cannot find any info about how much and how prominent it will be.
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I want to make some sort of pasta for a side dish tonight. We're having meatloaf.

On hand I have: goat cheese, cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese, mozzarella, cream cheese, garlic, onions, half and half (no milk), sundried tomatoes, regular tomatoes, lots of spices, flour (and etc)

What should I make?!
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1) Do you believe in rock n' roll?

2) Can music save your mortal soul?

3) What would you think if I sang out of tune?

4) Would you stand up and walk out on me?

5) So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye?

6) So you think you can love me and leave me to die?

7) Can you post an inquisitive lyric so we can all answer it?

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should i be worried that my fwb also cries to me about missing his ex-girlfriend? they just broke up a month ago and he's still really devastated. i mean, i don't really mind it he's my friend first and foremost but i'm just worried that maybe sleeping with one of his friends might not be the healthiest thing for him to do right after a huge breakup. or maybe i am completely wrong? halp
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Should I make pasta with caramelized onions and mushrooms, or burgers topped with the same? Keep in mind we don't have any cheese for the burgers, and really, is a burger worth eating without cheese? 

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I am feeling rather stressed out thinking about how I'm going to live for the summer. Right now I'm living off a federal loan (I'm a student) but finding a paid internship isn't guaranteed.

Will you console me and will you also tell me something that's stressing you out?

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I'm going to get tapas with my boyfriend tonight. We got a $17 Groupon for $35 worth of food so we're trying to spend around $35. What should we order? I've never gotten tapas before. The menu is here: Europa

Have you ever gone out for tapas before? What is your favorite thing you've gotten?

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Should I go to the laundromat now or later tonight or tomorrow? Lazy will always be a constant.

Is there a store that you spend most of your money? I'm beginning to realize I have way too many things from Lush. I went there like 3 times this month and I probably have like enough bar soaps for 5 years.

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The cops are at your door. What's your first thought?

Oh shit they're after me what did I do?
Hmm, I bet something went down at the neighbors and they want to ask me about it.

How white are you?

Unmistakeably, totally white
Kinda white
Kinda not white
Definitely not white

Are you a woman?

It's complicated.
No, I am a man.

Are you a criminal?

It's complicated.
Not anymore.
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Cursive handwriting has been omitted from the Common Core State Standards, the new curriculum standard that more than 40 states adopted last summer.

Do you think cursive is something that should still be taught. How often do you write in cursive (as opposed to print, not typing)?

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I have a stupid, tedious data entry project that I should have had done like a month ago and forgot about until today, so I have a long, boring night of typing ahead of me. Can you recommend some classical (or otherwise without lyrics) music that's good background music when you're concentrating on something else?

I have an ad for drugstore.com in my LJ post window rn, and there are four products advertised: Palmer's Cocoa Butter stick and Blistex Daily COnditioning Treatment, both of which I use on a daily basis, ......and then two different brands of adult diapers. What is drugstore.com deducing about me from my internet usage that I am not consciously aware of?! Non-srs plz!


Students! What are your favorite snacks to eat during class?

I usually try not to eat during classes but I just realized that on two days a week this semester I will be in classes for 8 hours in a row with only 5-10 minutes in between them, during which I will probably be sprinting to the next class. So I'm looking for non-stinky, easy-to-eat and quiet snacks.

String cheese is all I've come up with so far.
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I've had four bowls of cereal for dinner and I still feel hungry.

Should I

a) order indian takeout

b) ignore my hunger and wait until the morning to eat.

I've already had a breakfast bar and leftover pork chow mein today

What have you guys eaten today?
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What is more important

Dream neighborhood with some of the housing amenities (you have restruants/bars/shopping/movies/city vs a house with low square footage no laundry no dishwasher etc.)


Dream House with very little of the neighborhood amenities. (Your life would be easy as pie, if you stayed  in your house vs you'd have to drive quite a ways to get to civilization)

edited because ????

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My clothes washing machine offers too many choices. I understand "cottons" and I understand "delicates". But there is a setting for "Casuals" and another setting for "Easy Care" and I don't know one from the other. What does this all mean?

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Should there be a limit to how many pets you can have in one dwelling? Does the type (dog v. cat v. turtle) change that number?

Do you know if your city/town/village has any regulations on this kind of thing?

Mine does for dogs, at least. You're only allowed 2, no matter what size. That seems too harsh to me.
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fund raising...

I don't want to sound like a horrible person, but I'd like to know how others feel...

An acquaintance of mine had a baby that they knew would be born with major problems. They chose to carry the baby to term, and now are holding fundraiser after fundraiser to help pay for the medical bills.  I am tired of getting emails/FB messages about it once a month.  I gave a gift to the baby, and I've taken meals to the family on more than one occasion.  
I'm not sure how I feel about people asking for money when they've decided to go down that path.  How do you feel about things like that?  This child will not get any better, the fund raising isn't for any specific goal, just to help pay for "medicine and everyday life". 

ETA. Seriously?  you all think it's fine for people to be asking for handouts all the time???  you wouldn't be the least little iffy about that?  I have given them money/time/gifts/food/etc.  
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Which is more "gay" (my brother's words, not mine): watching Gossip Girl "for the titties" or watching Mama Mia for the music?

I keep telling my brother "at least watching Mama Mia doesn't mean you're a sexist asshat" but he doesn't seem to understand.

Who in your life pisses you off the most? Do you forgive them?
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What's a good place to buy CHEAP basics (tanks, tees, cardigans) for layering?

I bought some stuff from Forever 21 yesterday but I've gotta return the shirts, they're too tight. Ugh @ how small F21's sizes run and how inconsistent they are.
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My mind is boggling.

I work with a horrible girl who has been kicked out of yet another home. FOR THE SAME REASON as all four previous times. (I know this because she apparently causes them so much rage that they come up to where we work just to keep screaming at her)

She's too promiscuous to live with them anymore.

I just can't imagine thinking to myself, "This person sleeps with too many people to live in my house!" It's none of my business!

Can someone have too much sex for you to let them live with you?
How much sex is this girl having? :D I know I said it was none of my business, but it's enough sex to get her kicked out of 5 homes in just a few months. That has to be a tremendous amount of sex!
Do you think this is just another way of saying 'you slept with my husband/boyfriend/SO and I found out about it!'

And an unrelated question. Should I buy the 64 GB ipod touch, or the 160 GB ipod classic? I had the 80 GB classic, but it bit the dust and now I am sad. And I could fit my whole library on the touch.

ETA: I wasn't trying to cause any trouble! I'm just saying I don't understand why someone would kick someone out because of their sex life...I just don't understand it.

And from what I've heard from her, she's not bringing anybody home. She's just always gone, and basically uses the house to sleep. That's another reason I don't get it. I probably should have said that originally. If someone was staying in my home and paying rent and barely there...that would be my dream tenant.

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Whats is a really awesome weight loss/fitness book that offers accurate and reasonable advice?

I need some motivation to kick start my fitness plan and I'd love to read some successful welness plans. 

I don't necessarily want a "diet" book. Because I don't believe in trendy diets that don't work. I real advice on whats healthy and what works.
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Have you ever had a really, really bad teacher? How did you deal with him/her?

Long story short: I'm taking a political theory class on Marxism that has the potential to be amazing, but the teacher is terrible. For instance, today she mockingly laughed at one inquisitive student in my class while he was mid-sentence (this happened a few times while he was asking a question or trying to make a point). Then she responded with a sarcastic response that didn't even answer his question - which reflected that she didn't KNOW the answer and was annoyed at his questions (he does speak up a bit too much though, in her defense). Her understanding of Marxism isn't as all-encompassing as it should be for someone who is teaching a class on it and there is no organization to her lectures. One last example: I asked her to quickly go over one of the readings because I found it confusing. She straight-up said that she forgot we had that reading and told me that we would go over it next class.

What should I do? I feel really bothered by her teaching style and can't stop thinking about how unacceptable her behavior was today.

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What do you act like when you're really sleepy?

I start babbling. Sleepovers were always embarrassing for me, because when it gets late I just can't keep my mouth shut. I start talking about really stupid stuff, and laughing too hard.
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Ok so a lot of people here have said that they spend "crazy" amounts of money on makeup. I just started wearing makeup last summer and am still building my collection, and so I'm wondering... just how much DO you spend?? I went shopping at Sephora today and was... surprised to say the least at my total. And they were out of a lot so I didn't even get everything I wanted. I didn't realize this was such an expensive hobby! Please share your makeup purchasing habits so I can feel more justified about mine? lol

For those of you that wear a lot of makeup, what ONE item do you think everyone else who does should have? What is your favorite makeup thingy? Will you share you share a photo of your favorite look that you've done and tell me what products you used in it? =3

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Have you ever pushed two twin beds together to make a bigger bed? Does it work? When I move back home I'll have two twin beds and this seems like it works in theory.

If someone asks you if you want their leftovers, do you take them?

I do. I never turn down food!!

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What battles are you going through with your roommates / house mates right now?

It is absolutely freezing in my room. There's a draft in my window I cannot fix. I turn the heat up three degrees, enough to make me not freeze my ass off or shiver. My roommates turn it down the three degrees. Today, they left me a note saying if I'm that cold to buy a space heater, that they cannot cool down their rooms. I would understand if it was 10 degrees I turned it up, or if we even paid for the heat in our apartment (we don't, the landlord does), but shit. It's three goddamn degrees. Also, I like how it's impossible for them to cool down their rooms.