January 23rd, 2011

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Since I've decided to attempt this project a 2nd time (1st time failed dramatically, I didn't even get through the first month)...

Anyone here on the 365project.org website? What's your profile name? Wanna be buddies?

Anyone got any tips to help stay on track and not give up halfway through?
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TQC, After two weeks of not smoking, I smoked a cigarette tonight.  After I did it, I felt like total crap and won't do it again.

Will you make me feel better about the slip up?

When was the last time you disappointed yourself?

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does it freak you out having the curtains open at night?

i hate having them when it starts getting later if i'm in a first floor apartment. when i'm home i don't care 'cause i'm on the second floor but when i'm here at my dad's i need them closed once it's like 11 or 12.

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so i have $1000 in credit card debt and i'll be receiving a $2000 financial aid refund. i was planning on paying off my credit card in full, but i found out that the department i work in on campus is closing after this semester so i may end up jobless and need that money. however i haaaaate carrying around that debt and paying interest on it and it makes me feel irresponsible to have a maxed out credit card.

should i still pay it off? leave it alone? pay half? please, o wise tqc, make my financial decisions for me because i am far too stupid to make them for myself
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i was going to go to sleep when this song finished, but that was... fucking eighteen minutes ago. thirty two minute original track snuck onto the player somehow and now i'm committed.

what is the longest song that you actually like?

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How do I stop my friend from drinking?

She's underage, drinks to get drunk (she sends my friends and I drunk texts often), and I don't want her to become an alcoholic when she's older...

I really don't want something to happen.

Don't know/Don't care: What are you up to on this fine day?

Going to buy some make up, get a hair cut, then to the mall with some friends and coming home and studying for finals... Grrr >>

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I'm bored and restless but I don't actually feel like doing anything.

Does this happen to anyone else? What do you end up doing when you feel this way?

I just feel totally apathetic, but I know I'm going to be so sad when today is over and I have to go back to work tomorrow after wasting my day off.

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my sister went babysitting with me last night. i was supposed to get the money since i did the babysitting but the parents gave us each half. would it be rude to ask my sister for the half they gave her? we said before we left i was going to get the money.

i feel like a jerk but i could really use it and i was the one who babysat these kids all these years.

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For people who play the Sims (any version), what is the longest you've ever stuck with one sim/family?

For everyone else: If you could have your own show, what would it be about? It could be any genre.

Ladieeees (and gentlemen)

When you go out dancing (in a club or similar environment), where do you put your purse? Assuming there is no coat check. Do you keep it on you, having it bounce around with your every move? Or do you try to hide it somewhere?

What about your jacket/scarf/winter outerwear? What do you do with that stuff?
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1. What is something you used to do when you were younger that makes you crack up about it now?

2. What's the most recent song you've become obsessed with?

3. Who was your last phone call with?
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How do you feel about a woman paying for a heterosexual date? Why? Have you ever been in that situation?

Back story: I met this guy a few weeks back and things have progressed from just seeing each other around, to talking a lot via facebook, to hanging out casually with friends, and now we have a date. Things have been fantastic so far, we have incredible chemistry I've never felt before and I know he really is into me, but the problem is this - he's unemployed right now and told me up front he would love to take me out but we either have to do something free or I'd have to pay because he has $0. I don't care about money at all, and I know he's about to start working again, but I'm not sure how I feel about paying for him even though I really do like him. I've never done it before. I'm just trying to gain some perspective and advice about how to handle this.

Thank you!

EDIT: I posted this apparently to hear 1000x that I'm being ridiculous, but that's fantastic - It's sometimes hard to shake ideals cultivated by your upbringing, no matter how old fashioned and silly they are.
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What should I do for dinner? (suggestions for meals would be great, I'll go buy the food if I have to!)

Continuing the trend...

What are four bad things that you own in your house but can't bear to give up?
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What states or cities do you dislike/hate?

Or places you would never visit, would never recommend (if you don't live in the US).

Georgia, Texas, and Ohio. Good God, I wouldn't wish Ohio on my worst enemy.

Uncomfortable questions

Poll #1671526 REALLY uncomfortable questions

Which would you rather have? In either choice, you have to have it for 3 months. After that, it's removed with no cost to you. Everything will be returned to normal. You may not keep the gold or diamonds

Diamond encrusted, gold-plated teeth. All your visible teeth are bling
A tattoo on your neck. The tattoo is your social security number, with the letters SSN preceding the number

You somehow switch bodies with someone else for 1 entire day. Someone random. Which of these would upset you the most?

The person you switched with was a crack whore. Your body ended up having sex with 3 people without protection, and it did some heroin
The person you switched with committed 9 counts of home robbery, 4 counts of assault, and resisting arrest, which you'll be on the hook for the next day

Which is more disgusting?

While naked, you take a running leap on a Slip-n-Slide which is covered in hobo urine instead of water
You brew a tea made from a used tampon (not yours). You have to take 3 sips

Which would be more embarrassing for you?

Having to describe every bowel movement you make in great detail in your LJ and FB for 1 month
Stuffing your bra for one week, except, just one boob. So, one big boob, one small boob

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which would you rather, wear a pair of underwear two days in a row or go commando the second day?

i quite like going commando so i tend to just do that when i run out of underwear instead of laundry.

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I'm going out to dinner with friends for dinner and margaritas for my birthday. They're going to come back for more drinks and dessert.

Should I just make a cake or should I make a few small serving sized things?

I saw a recipe for chocolate cookies but was also thinking of doing cake pops or a possible fruit crumble.

Any suggestions for amazing and easy desserts?

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how to start a suzuki sx4 stick shift?

my friend is calling me panicking and she doesnt know how to drive stick shift but she needs to move it out the way of her car.

*edit the car is beeping when she turns the key but it wont turn on*
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Apologies in advance to those with loads more stress than what I've described

Hello TQC!

My spring semester starts tomorrow, and I am already incredibly stressed. My schedule is absolutely PACKED. M-F from 8-5, if I am not in class, I'm at my research internship, and I have a 1.5-2 hour commute to and from school. On the weekends, I am working from 10-5. I can barely see enough time to get all of my classwork done, though I know that it is possible to do all of these things at once. (Lots of people in my major do it, since research experience is pretty much necessary, and I have friends in my classes who also commute. Not to mention lots of people work practically full time and manage class.) Still, I am freaking out.

So, any tips on finding enough time for intense studying in the midst of lots of extracurricular work? Or tips on running on much much less than the recommended amount of sleep? Serious and non-serious answers are cool. Trying to make me laugh through all of my stress is just as helpful as an actual answer.
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TQC, I have a bad case of the baby rabies today. will you share some gross stories about babies children and preteens? they can be funny, but should probably highlight what a pain children can be.


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What are your thoughts on "Tiger Mothers"? Is Western/U.S. parenting too permissive? Why should people take a parenting book written by a law professor seriously? TQC parents, would you use any of the "Tiger Mother" philosophy?

dk/dc Is the ice cream flavor called "Chocolate Moose Tracks" just to be descriptive, or is there really a need to distinguish between it and "Vanilla Moose Tracks"?

Self Awareness

After watching Love and Other Drugs, the female lead asked her beau a question that really intrigued me: Tell me four good things about yourself?

I'd like to mix this up a bit, and propose this question to you:

Tell me four negative things about yourself?
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I'm drunk on Four Loko and people on Tumblr are being depressing with their eating disorder talk and stuff.

Alternatively, what was the last thing you laughed at?

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I agreed to go for a quiet pub night tomorrow night.
I got back and was told by my housemates they're planning to go for a big club night.
The housemates annoy me (and im moving out tuesday) and the pub friend is a genuinely good friend, but the club is a good place to meet guys (which im in serious need of) and i'll be kept up all night with housemate noise if I don't go out with them. Cons are i'd probably be hungover and having to move house.
Pub or club?

ETA: We're doing both, and together.

How happy/content with your life are you right now?
Do you need excitement/activity to be happy, or are you happy to be content?

fast, hot, cheap food.

How much do you like pizza?

1 - hate it.
5 - it's all right.
10 - love it!

what popular types of fast food/takeout do you like?

Shaun of the Dead
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Laptop Bags

I'm looking to buy a laptop messenger bag that is slim and funky and bright. I didn't think it'd be that hard to find one in stores - I was wrong! I'm also having difficulty finding something good online.

Does anyone have any recommendations for online stores that sell awesome laptop messenger bags? Not sleeves, not backpacks, messenger bags for a 15" laptop.

If you know of Australian stores that'd be even better, as it'd cut back on shipping costs.

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just a bill
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After paying the bills, I have $110 to last me until payday on the 31st, after which I will have ZERO dollars to my name after paying my rent, cell phone (which is pre-paid), and student loan payments. I get paid the 31st and 15th of each month. Will somebody please console me, or at least offer some helpful advice (other than "find a better job")?

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Did you ever have a crush on a teacher or a professor?
I had a crush on my english teacher last year, but I didn't even realise until I was almost done with the class.

DK: Have you ever eaten a fried egg on a sandwich? Your feelings about the ~experience~?
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I got a new laptop for Christmas and it came with that 30 days of Norton Anti-virus. It expires in two days. Is AVG still reliable enough to use or should I use something else? I download a lot of things so I really would like to know I won't get fucked over.
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my mother prepared for me a surprise thanksgiving feast as a prize for starting school tomorrow. thanksgiving is my favorite.

what was the last awesome thing someone did for you?

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Is there a grammatical error you just CANNOT stop making?

I swear to God I will never stop putting an apostrophe in 'its'. I try not to, but I always do.

ETA: I don't mean 'it is', I mean when it's possessive.


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Would any of these make good underwear?

Cotton Lycra
Lycra/cotton blend for active gear. The comfort of cotton with the fit of Lycra.
Supplex Lycra
100% nylon lycra that feels like cotton due to the fine filaments of nylon that are used to knit the Supplex Lycra. Lightweight and durable.

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If you are one of those poor souls who have to dress professionally for work: do you plan your clothes the night before? How often do you wash your clothes/have them cleaned?

I just reactivated my okcupid account but I don't even think I want to go on any dates because I'm a total hermit.
What's wrong with me? Does anyone else do this?!

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I bought a pack of string cheese. My boyfriend grabbed one earlier and brought me one. His tasted completely normal, but mine smelled a bit off and tasted sour. :\ I didn't finish eating it. I had one from the same pack yesterday and it was fine, as well. The expiration date isn't until June of this year.

Why was my lone string cheese soured and gross?! :(
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TQC, I'm almost crying right now because I was supposed to SCUBA diving today, but I got scared and it didn't end up happening. We had to enter the water from the shore, and the waves were really big and I kept getting knocked down and the gear was so heavy and my suit was so tight and I dunno...I suddenly felt claustrophobic and I panicked and scrambled back to shore and was like, "I CAN'T DO THIS."

Now I feel weak and stupid.

Can you tell me about a time you were super stoked about something happening and it just ended up in a disaster?

...can you say to me, "You're awesome, Ms. Octopus Lady!" so I don't feel like such a loser?


Edit: OK, I have to go to bed now, so I can't continue telling everyone how awesome they are, so I just want to make this abundantly clear: YOU ARE ALL SO AWESOME. Thank you for making me feel better. :)
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TQC, I'm at a loss. Will you please advise?

I have three job prospects right now. Jobs 1+2 and Job 3. I like Jobs 1+2 better than Job 3 by quite a lot, however, Job 3 has already asked me to come in for an interview, where as Jobs 1+2 still need to call me back to set up interviews.

I last spoke with Jobs 1+2 on Friday, and Job 3's interview is first thing Monday morning.

WHAT I DON'T KNOW is how to handle Job 3, still not knowing if the superior Jobs 1+2 are going to respond back. If Job 3 presents me with a formal offer, I would feel very silly saying no, especially after bothering to interview. And I'd feel only slightly less silly telling them I need to think about it, since I really need a job like, right now. But I would also feel dumb if either of the two jobs I would much rather have end up wanting to hire me, and already signed on with Job 3.


Okay I will take the ass job if it's offered AND THEN QUIT ASAP.

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There's a helicopter relatively close to my apartment, circling and beaming down a spotlight. There is also some voices being projected from somewhere in regards to "a suspect".

What is going on TQC?

serious and non-serious

edit: I hear sirens of some sort now.
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What have you lost recently? I can't find my Nintendo DS :/ I thought it was in its carry case, but it isn't.

Do you have any jewellery that you wear regularly? I wear my birthday ring that my parents got me and the turtle necklace my girlfriend got me.
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i had non-seriously entertained the idea to my mom to get botox in my forehead because i have frown lines there. when she drove me up to school she asked if i wanted to have botox over spring break. i wasn't sure what to think. i said i wasn't being serious when i had previously said i wanted it, and she told me to "think about it". for what it's worth i'm 21.

should i get botox?

have you ever gotten botox injections? how old were you when you got your first one?
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Once I was walking down the street with a friend of mine in...maybe Pasadena, or some place near there, and we were talking about some actor whose acting we hated, and I was like yeah, I really hate [person] in that role because XYZ" (it was so long ago, I can't remember who it was), and then some neo-hippie stranger dude on rollerblades wheeled around the corner and said to me, "You know, you really shouldn't hate." I laughed, because he acted like I was having some serious, world-changing hatred or something and I was talking about movies.

Is that true, should I really not hate? Not anything? What about everyone else, should they not hate either?
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 So tomorrow, I start volunteering at Children's Home Society (contracted by DCF, they do case management, foster care, adoptions, etc). I interned with them over the summer, and they told me they weren't filling any volunteer positions, but they made an exception because I had interned with them before. 
Anyway, I am hoping to get a job with them now, and after I graduate/while I'm in grad school for my master's degree.

Does anyone have any experience going from a volunteer to an employee? Any tips?

DK/DC: What is your current job? Do you like it? What's your dream job?
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 Poll #xxxx

You're eating a baked potato. Is it loaded or what?

It's loaded all the way baby
Just butter please
Just sour cream and butter please
Nothing on it oh gross ew
What the fuck is a baked potato?
Something else

Do you eat the skin of your baked potatoes?

What the fuck is a baked potato!?
Something else
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So, Dr. TQC:

I have no health insurance right now.  All signs point to me having Pityriasis Rosea, which is (from what I've read about it) irritating and can last awhile, but is not actually dangerous to your health...like, most of the time it goes away on its own without any treatment at all.

Is it worth making a (minimum) $90 doctor appointment?
Have any of you ever had this?  If you have, what did you do for it?
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There is leftover chili in the fridge. Should I eat it over pasta? - YES. The answer is yes.

Anyway, let's turn this into a pic post.

Will you post the last pic you were tagged in on Facebook? And/or a horribly unflattering picture that makes you laugh?

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So, the other day I went to use the storage closet in my apartment. It connects to the livingroom, but, I rarely go in there because it's where I keep all my big plastic moving bins and books that I couldn't really find room for.

Well, what do you know, I open the door and the ceiling is covered in black mold. My books are soaked in smelly water and covered in the mold as well. I spent the next few hours throwing out most of my books and soaking/cleaning the plastic bins I had in there. It was...well, the bins had this putrid water in most of them. Very foul smelling.

Anyway, I e-mailed my landlord. Twice. No response. This was a few days ago. I closed the closet back up and got everything I need to get out of there (anything that was salvageable). Just being in there for as long as I was, I felt ill. I live in Atlanta, GA in an apartment building run by a landlord. Pictures under the cut. They're pretty gross, but, I just wanted to give you an idea of what I was dealing with.

If my landlord does not get back to me, any idea what the next step should be? Are there people I can bring this up to? I'm not looking for any compensation for losing 75% of my books (though that really sucked), I just don't know how to take this to a higher level.

Edit: There's no corporate to call. It's literally one guy and one secretary.

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Have you ever had almond butter? I was going to buy some this weekend fresh from the store (they had a "butter" making machine with almond butter next to fresh peanut butter) but it was $7 for a container, and I was afraid I wouldn't like it for that price! The peanut butter was selling for $3.

Do you like almond butter? 

What do you put on your toast that might be healthier than peanut butter? 
eknock, Ash

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Tell me a gross/WTF is wrong with humanity story? Also, share with me a customers suck story?

Like four people in the span of a year or so SHIT ON THE FLOOR at my work. D:
Also, I once had a man SPIT CHANGE OUT OF HIS MOUTH. He was like some sort of human change machine, yuck.

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I'm stuck at the Buffalo bus depot. My bus coming from Long Island was late, and I missed my bus back to school.

My options are:
1) Stay here until 8:20am when the next bus is
2) Beg my roommate, who I am not on good terms with, to come pick me up and offer to pay her. However I do not know her class schedule, she might have an early class tomorrow.
3) Stay in a shitty motel until tomorrow (Motel 6, $39 for the night, plus cab fair there and back)
4) Pay $110 taxi cab plus tolls (which I don't know how much they cost and don't have much cash on me, so that's a risk...) and just go back to school now.

TQC, which of these options seems like the best course of action? It is currently 10:11pm.
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I'm drunk and hungry. I haven't eaten since 1 PM and it's now 10:15 PM. I've had about 1000 calories of food and 300 of rum and zero calorie soda. I'm trying to get past an eating disorder and eat what I like whether or not it's low-calorie or not but part of me is having issues dealing with how much I've eaten in terms of high calorie low sustenance chocolate (about 500 calories) and doesn't know what to do.

Should I

1.) eat pizza which I love but takes time to cook and I have class tomorrow and need to be in bed by 11:30
2.) eat chicken that is already cooked, leftover, and will take 2 minutes but will be emotionally unfulfilling and probably leave me still hungry
3.) skip eating and go to bed

or something else?

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am i justified in being irritated and hurt that my really good friend, who never tries to hang out with me anymore, never gets in touch with me, really only talks to me when we run into each other at work(like, she never comes to find me to say hi or anything), only texts me to ask me to bring her bass to work because her brother needs it for a school project? and not give me much notice to like, i dunno, ask my sister or my friend to help me bring it to the west side of town?

i really don't feel like lugging that thing out in the cold, onto the bus, then up the hill to work when she has a car and her brother has a car and one of them could come get it. but it's a 20 minute drive which she has made very clear is too much of an inconvenience for her.
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what is a less affected/pretentious word for 'microcosm'? i.e. the building acts as a microcosm of the culture and functions of the city.

i'm just trying to sound less ~fancy~ and dumb when i'm talking about my project.
harry styles → eiffel tower


when i turned on my other mac a folder with a question mark started blinking on the screen... that's it. occasionally an apple will blink, but it's mostly the folder with a question mark.

what caused this and what can i do to fix it? please help!

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(tobacco) smokers:
do you prefer smoking inside or outside? or does it depend?
i actually generally prefer smoking outside even if the weather is cold because when i smoke inside, it gets in my eyes too much, but if i'm drunk at a party and ppl are smoking inside i usually join them inside instead of going out.

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hi girls (or guys)

i bought this eyeliner pencil today and i have no clue how to sharpen it. it's really buttery and crumbles quite easily. there's no "twist and turn" mechanism, and it has this plastic barrel thing surrounding the lead. how do i sharpen it? :O

would be great if any of you used it before and know!!
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What characteristics do you secretly (or not so secretly) judge people for having?

Say you're standing in a line for fast food somewhere in a town that is equally populated by college students, young families with children, teenagers and the elderly. What sorts of things do these people appear like/say/do that you would judge them for?

(no subject)

Have you ever had a UTI or kidney stone? What were your habits that might have caused it and how did you deal with it?

If you don't want to/can't answer that, what was the last concert you went to and did you enjoy it?