January 22nd, 2011

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TQC, I'm a tad skittish. I'm alone in my apartment tonight and have the movie Se7en on my hard drive. I want to watch it but I don't want to be scared shitless when it's over.

Is it particularly scary/gruesome? Will I be afraid that a killer is going to get me?
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TQC, I don't know who else to ask, so forgive me.

I have mono and it's making it hard to breathe, so my doctor put me on prednisone.  I just woke up at 1am because it was difficult for me to breathe while I was lying down (it's better while I'm sitting up, but it still kind of feels like I'm breathing through a straw).  I'm not supposed to take my next prednisone dose until tomorrow morning, but seeing as I'm having breathing problems right now, is it ok for me to take it now?  My last dose was around 4:00pm.

Again, I apologize, I have absolutely no idea who to talk to about these things at 1am, and suffocating on my own throat kind of frightens me. :(

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Will you tell me about your last experience at the bar?

I went to the bar tonight and the first thing that happened is my boyfriend got hit on by a cougar and I watched from the sidelines giggling.

I am alittle drunk right now.

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My old roommates neighbour lets his cats out all the time and for the most part the cats live, unfixed in the non heated shed. 

A few evenings ago my friend saw one of the kittens run underneath his porch. Earlier in the morning the next day he went to check that the kitten was gone and it wasn't. The kitten was covered in frost and had ice between its toes. He went to talk to the neighbours but they wont answer the door for him (as they're sketchy dealers).  He tried again later on and they told him to fuck off through the door.

My friend took the kitten to the vet. The kitten had frostbite, and was hungry but otherwise was okay. My friend paid to have the kitten get up to date on shots. My friend feels it's his duty to protect and house the cat permanently and is no longer trying to contact his neighbors about it.

Do you think his course of action is acceptable?
What would you do in this situation?

To be honest, I'm sure the neighbors do not care at all (or have even noticed) about the absence of the kitten. I could be wrong as I haven't spoken to them, but I doubt it.

ETA: I will probably be the one who ends up with the kitten as my friends dog is very aggressive towards her.

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Will you name some TV shows that should be on DVD but aren't?

I'm currently watching an underrated, somewhat obscure cartoon called The PJ's. It was canceled almost ten years ago, and has been almost totally forgotten, so I can kind of understand why it's not on DVD, but at the same time it sucks that the only time i'll be able to see it is if I happen to wake up super early like right now.

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did you know that if you tell yourself before you go to asleep that you will remember your dreams you probably will?

what was your last dream?

last night i woke up freaking out that a volcano was erupting near my house. then i woke up again this morning and my dream was about me working at a restaurant and having to leave early because i had to get ready for jousting and i was painting my face for it but i accidentally put blue paint on when i was supposed to put red.

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I'm moving house!
Can you show me pictures of your bedroom? I want to decorate and make it lovely but we can't make many changes.
Should I get a goldfish?
I could either keep it in my room or our living room. I go away for a month for the holidays, and am not sure how i'd transport it back home. (if it survived that long)

to yoga or not to yoga

Yesterday was my first day back to the gym in over 3 months. I did a boot camp style class for about 50 minutes. I woke up this morning and all my muscles in my legs, butt, arms and abs are on fire!

I told my roommate I'd go with her to an hour long yoga class, but I'm so sore! Should I go to yoga or let my muscles rest?

DK/DC, what's your exercise activity of choice?

EDIT: I went, and feel pretty fabulous. Might not feel that way tomorrow, though...
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I'm getting my sister a Blu-Ray player for her birthday and I want to give her a Blu-Ray movie first (then surprise her with the player when she tells me she doesn't have one).

I need some help brainstorming some movie ideas so...

1) What is your favorite movie produced within the last ten years?

2) What is your all time favorite movie ever?

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What scares you? Doesn't matter how big or small.

The night terrors/sleep paralysis episodes I get. I just had one..... It was accompanied by 50 false awakenings.... I feel even worse waking up now. From thrashing myself everywhere or at least that's what it felt like.
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how's the fucking weather where you are? it's 9 degrees here, hoo. warmer than Hoth, though.

how are your sports team doing? mine's doin' just peachy. Nani just scored the 5th goal. bitchesss.

if you don't have a sports team or weather, what color collar should i get for my beagle today? she needs a new one. this last one is yellow.
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I'm having a zombie tea party tonight as a joint birthday celebration with a friend. It's been planned since December and of the fifteen or so people who originally said they'd 'definitely' come (to my face, not on facebook), only four, FOUR, are actually going to be there. I know the friend I'm having the party with will have so many more friends turn up. I feel like such a loser, and have spent so much money on zombie make-up for everyone, not to mention making four batches of cupcakes last night which was also quite expensive.

I really just want to cancel and cry all night. How do I make myself cheer up and have a good time regardless?

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What are things that make you feel like you're getting really old?

For me..
I used to be able to drink and really hold my liquor. I wouldn't feel sick the next morning unless I drank AT LEAST about 7 drinks in the night. There was also the occassion I drank 16 shots/mixed drinks/beers in the course of the night and didn't get sick.

Now I can drink no more than 3 drinks in the course of 3 hours without waking up with a massive headache and feeling like hell. This reminds me that I'm getting old.

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what about watching people make food am i not getting? it seems like everyone loves food channels and watching food get made and it just bores me to death. i'll go over to my friend's apartment and they're watching it and i'm just like, "You guyysss..."

brought to you by Sixteen Candles on ABC Family :)

What's your favorite Brat Pack (or other cheesy high school coming-of-age) movie?

Has your family ever forgotten your birthday?

Do you know anyone who had her period during her wedding/honeymoon?

Or if you hate all movies ever, tell me about the last little thing that made you happy?
I found a bag of Valentine's tootsie pops at Target last night that are ALL CHERRY - my favorites! :)

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So I really want to take both Kung Fu and yoga classes but I can't seem to figure out a way to do afford both classes. I wish they had them together somewhere where I could just pay a monthly rate for both.
Anyway I really need to get into stretching and increase my flexibility because it's so poor, so I want to do yoga, BUT is there like a more of a workout yoga that will keep me active as well? Im trying to combine things I want, haha.

Are you a teacher? Do you like teaching? I think I would hate it, and teachers I know hate it, but my boyfriend is thinking about becoming one and Im wondering if he will like it after the first few years.

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Dear TQC,
I used some of my roommate's conditioner. I bought her a whole new bottle, and gave it to her, explaining I had used some of hers. She freaked out, and now won't talk to me.
I am very confused. Why the hell is this girl so attached to her conditioner?
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Ahoy TQC!

Did you do anything special for your golden birthday? If you haven't had y
ours yet, are you going to do anything out of the ordinary?

ETA: a golden birthday is when your age matches your date of birth, like turning 16 on March 16th. I'm surprised this isn't as common as I thought.


i see guys check me out, smile at me, call me babe, all that shit. but i never get asked out. they never seem interested. i know no one can REALLY answer it but what is it? why don't i get asked out? i'm nice, i'm out going, i flirt.. do you think there can just be something inherent about someone that screams, "DON'T DATE THEM."?

what do you do when you're having low a self esteem attack? do you have anything that makes you feel better?
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Is using old technology by choice a "hipster" thing to do? Is it cool? Uncool? Like using a Walkman instead of an iPod. A few years ago after my Discman broke I used my old Walkman before finally buying an iPod. Was I cool? I thought I was cool.
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Poll #1670782 Sports!

Which of these do you believe to be true?

At least 90% of elite athletes use performance enhancing drugs during competition
At least 50% of elite athletes use performance enhancing drugs during competition
At least 90% of elite athletes use performance enhancing drugs during training
At least 50% of elite athletes use performance enhancing drugs during training
There are a few bad apples in sport, but mostly everyone is clean and honest
Elite sports people are pure and shining angels made of light and wonder and fairyfloss

The Olympics and similar should allow:

Athletes to use drugs openly
Mechanical prosthetics
Genetically engineered athletes
Althletes with in-built short-range weaponry
Athletes who shoot lazers out of their eyes
Animal-human hybrids
Other exciting things (in comments)!
Nothing. They are good now with their boring people doing the same damn thing just a fraction of a second quicker than some other boring person

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My surname is an unusual one that is regularly mispelt. I want to make a new formal email address for job applications and I know most people just use their name, but I'm not sure it would be a good idea for me. It's probably memorable but it's likely to be typed in wrong.

Should I use a name that's not my own instead, knowing that it might raise questions at interviews?

DK/DC: What are you passionate about, TQC?

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I rescued a pregnant cat.  She delivered her kittens today and two of them had poop (meconium) in their sacs, around the cords etc ... is this normal? I assume Mama is safe from it since the sacs dont break internally like human babies do.
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What is it that you dislike about your home? I'm not talking about location or neighbors or roommates, the actual structure.

I dislike that there is one heater and it is in the livingroom/dining room and my room is always freezing.

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What formats have you own recorded music in?

Digital files
Compact Discs
Audio Cassettes
8 Tracks
Other (You forgot...)
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I'm going to get a tattoo on my foot. It's going to hurt and suck a lot of ass, isn't it? I have 3 already and I always get myself all freaked out an panicky before I get it done and by the time it's done, it wasn't that bad.

Make me less nervous? Tell me stories about your foot tattoos?

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How sad are you when a celebrity you like dies?

I was just reading a post on ONTD about how it's been 3 years since Heath Ledger died and there are people going 'I just CANNOT HANDLE watching his movies anymore!' and it seems a little exaggerated.
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i received a $50 amazon.com gift card as a christmas gift and i'm looking to buy an fm transmitter to use my ipod in the car. i have an itrip and it SUCKS ASS. none of the stations come in clear. is there a better alternative? i don't have a tape deck.

what's for dinner? are you doing anything fun tonight?

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 So TQC ive been sick since October, I had strep throat that so bad I had 18 days of antibiotics.. I get better for a week and then im sick again with a stuffy nose, a sore throat and a headache. I work in customer service so Im pretty sure there are just a shit ton of germy people in my town. What can i do to safe guard myself, besides going to the doctor?

What do you do to boost your immune system?

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Hey guys, I might be braving the ridiculous cold to go on a booze run. Whatever I get better be worth it, but I have no idea what I want. Decide for me?


What should I get?

Vodka (which will probably become cranvodkas)
Spiced rum (possibly shots, possibly rum & coke?)
White zinfandel
What's your favorite mixed drink? Or beer, shot, whatever.

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Should I go to see my friend tonight (she's feeling sick so might be a bit grumpy) or pack for moving house on Tuesday?
I'm going to be really busy up until Tuesday but its Saturday and I don't feel like staying in.

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Is it normal to insult your friend's interests for laughs?

Is it normal to do it for reactions?

I don't ever and I am perplexed at the thought that its normal.

What about if its feminism?

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Party time, TQC!!!
Dumb question:
I have a 187 mL bottle of champagne at 7.5% alcohol. Anyone know how many shots this would equal?

What are you doing tonight?

Do you like when things go according to plan, or do you like things changing at the last minute?
I <3 TLV

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Tomorrow is my first day of belly dancing! What should I wear to the class? Standard tight workout clothes? Loser yoga clothes? How intense of a workout will it be? Do you belly dance? Will you tell me what you like best about it? When I get really good (I'm saying when and not if because I am optimistic) should I join the performing group??
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I just watched Black Swan. It was okay, but I have serious motion sickness from all the spinning and stuff.

For those of you who watched the movie, what did you think of it?

For those of you who haven't, do you ever get motion sickness from movies? I got really sick at the anti-gravity hotel scene in Inception :(

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For those who have tried it, what is your opinion/experience with 5 hour energy?

I'm not much of a coffee drinker because it just leaves me feeling anxious and jittery, but I just need somethin that will make me feel alert and not like a zombie.
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Some Useless Questions

What was the best Christmas present that you got this year?

What's a good recipe for acorn squash?

What was your favorite movie of 2010?

Did you know that there is a kind of Girl Scout cookie called "Thanks A Lots" that are really good?

What's your favorite kind of Girl Scout Cookie?

Would you please post a photo you took of something outside?

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Did you get pregnant at a young age (not a teenager though) but you weren't married to the father?

How did you tell your parents?

How did you tell your friends?

I'm (finally) pregnant after my doctor told me (not in these words) that there was basically a snowballs chance in hell of me ever concieving. Also! The father of my child has a super low sperm count so, I mean..come on. What the hell.
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 I just moved into an apartment with 3 other girls provided by my internship.  My roomie is awesome, but one of the other girls is totally untrustworthy and we really want to be able to lock our door.  We can lock it from the inside but there is no way to unlock it from the outside.  Is there any kind of lock that we could lock from the outside that doesn't damage walls or doors?
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Why is my amaryllis dying? It made three big long leaves, but they flopped over and two of them broke, and the one surviving one is floating at about a 45 degree angle. In order to have it in the sun I have to have it right by the sliding glass door and that's cold.

If it was a housewarming gift, and it dies, does that mean my apartment will be cursed?

Liquor, beer, wine, beer?

What was the other question I was going to ask?
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I started a new job at the end of August and immediately bonded with a guy I worked with. We're the same age and started around the same time. There was a lot of blatant flirting that never went anywhere because of self-esteem issues on my part. We were pretty tight and spent a lot of time talking and goofing off instead of working. Despite all of that, we never did anything together outside of work. He got fired a few weeks ago and I didn't get to see him before they canned him. I got his number from a mutual friend at work and called him the weekend after he got fired and left a message. I didn't hear back from him and called him again a week or so later and talked to him briefly. He said he was at his new job and would call me back. That was last Thursday, I think. I called him tonight but didn't get an answer. My question to you, dear TQCers, is: how much longer do I keep trying to make an effort to stay in touch? I feel like I've given him enough time and space to get over being fired. Is he just being an anti-social baby or should I be doing something different? Or should I just give up altogether?

Edit: Forgot to mention he has a couple of my movies. Regardless of the friendship lasting, I WANT MY STUFF BACK.
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I just noticed that there is an ambulance and a couple police cars outside in front of the house next door (I don't know how I didn't hear them arriving, but somehow I missed it). What do you think is going on tqc? (an elderly couple lives there, btw)

srs and non-srs answers welcome
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Ok guys you're good at this. Can you figure out this song I heard? It was on the University of Pittsburgh's radio statio. Rock song with a guy singing and at one point it sounds like he's singing ABERDEEEEEEEEEN but he totally isn't (or maybe he is). I couldn't understand any word in the song so I have nothing to google.

What song did I hear??

Edit: You've done it again TQC! The song actually is CALLED "Aberdeen". I didn't hear it wrong after all! It's by Cage The Elephant.

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TQC - tonight I attempted to dye my dark hair red, and it didn't really work very well.  It took to the roots of my hair, but not the bits that had been previously dyed dark, leaving me with that horrid dark hair with gingery roots look popular with so many very common looking people with bad taste.  Not cool. 

My question; can I just buy some box hairdye from a supermarket tomorrow and dye all my hair dark brown again?  Will it come out more evenly?  What hairdye would you suggest?

(I usually go to the hair dressers to dye my hair, but I am travelling at the moment, so have no time/am extremely skint).

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Have you tried those meal replacement drinks?

Which kind? Was it tasty? Filling?

I'm exceedingly busy and have been considering a meal replacement drink for breakfast on my early days so I can drink it on the way to school.
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Show me a picture of your dream wedding dress. You have an unlimited budget and a model's figure. What would you choose?

If you don't wear dresses show me an awesome wedding pantsuit.

If you hate weddings and thinking about weddings show me your favorite pictures of lemons?
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How long is too long to stay in the tub if you're taking a bath? ETA: I've been adding hot water when it gets too cold.

DK/DC/not cool enough for a bathtub: do showers make you sleepy or wake you up?

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Can you help me? Calendars are confusing for me. I am trying to organize my photos so I can make comparison timelines of the effects of testosterone on my body. The albums will be before the day I took T and then each month. The problem is that I started on November 2nd and no matter how many little calendars I draw out I cannot figure out what the ending and beginning days the month separations should be. I think it is because I'm trying to use 4 weeks to signify a month. I just don't know. How should I count months? Help please?
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What is frustrating you right now?

My hair grew 8" over the past year but because it's curly it only looks around 4" longer. My goal is waist-length which I'll be at by next year but it will be at least two before it's at my waist with the curls!

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I'm doing some life modeling in a month (not totally naked) and want to get my stomach looking really good.
Other than crunches, what can I do to tone it right up?

ETA: It's completely flat, theres no fat there, I just want mega definition