January 20th, 2011

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Is there any service or something that will text me the weather report every morning? I have an app on my phone but I forget to check it and dress for warm weather when it's actually cold (vice/versa). I'd like to have something there to wake up to, if at all possible!

for those of you in school, what classes are you taking this semester/quarter/whatever?
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Is a large apple, a large banana, 6 large strawberries, and a bottle of water an adequate lunch for a 6 year old?

Yes, that seems fine
No, that's not enough
I am not sure

Noah's teacher aide told him to tell me he needs a sandwich tomorrow for lunch. To me, a sandwich doesn't necessarily make it a lunch and I think that was plenty of food. They only get 30-40 mins to eat. I usually do include half a sandwich and some other snacky things, but today he spent most of the morning dicking around and making us late so I just threw a bunch of fruit in his lunch box and called it a day.

EDIT: His lunch is usually a half a pbj, a granola bar, a pack of fruit snacks, a cheese stick, and an apple or banana
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What are your political beliefs?

What are your religious beliefs?

How would you define your sexuality?

Will you start a story with me where I write the first sentence and you add on from there?

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It was a bright and clear day, April 10th 2030.

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 what kind of shirt does one wear on her first day of student teaching? 

ETA: does it have to be a button-down with a collar? i feel like i heard this somewhere.  

... and i'm teaching high school. 

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HEY TQC. Will you play a game?
Describe a member of tqc, either by describing their icon or their username, so we can guess who it is?

E.g., known for embracing sea creatures = narwhalhugs 

ETA: Either I don't know TQC members well enough or you guys are frigging AMAZING at cryptic crosswords because I am failing miserably in my own post :(

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I have no clue where to inquire about this, so I'm hoping someone here knows what's up, buuuttt

Is it possible to get in trouble for selling something that has a well known logo on it if it's for a non-profit reason?

I made a shirt that has both a band and a designer's well known logo on it for myself and a lot of people like them. I came up with an idea to make said shirts and sell them and donate all of the money to a charity.

I just don't want to do it if I'd still get in trouble for it.

I haz problem. You canz help?

It takes me over an hour to get to sleep, EVERY night. It doesn't matter what I do to unwind before bed, reading, films, cuddling my hamster. Brain will not shut up. (And I fidget lots to get comfortable cos of my fibromyalgia), But, WTF can I do about it?

I don't eat late, drink caffeine only maybe once a month, I have comforting things in bed & I'm tired. I don't like tea or milk so no hot drinks before bed, I don't have a bath for bubbly baths, I have no SO to snuggle into & I hate the smell of lavendar so no drops of that on my pillow.

Any help, TQC?

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I'm on the fence about cutting my dreadhawk off. I'm getting anxiety thinking about it.  I've had dreads for five years now (the same set) and a while ago I shaved the sides of my head out of boredom. My hair has been many colors and in many dread permitting styles. I like the hawk but I waiver between keeping my dreads and cutting them off?

I've been growing out the sides of my head for a few weeks now and I have enough hair to pinch between my fingers. If I cut the remaining dreads I will be a fat bald lady.
Should I cut it off and be fat with short hair, dye my hawk and maintain it, or grow out the sides of my hair and sew in my old dreads for a full head of them again? Help me?! I keep going back and forth. Will I be hideous with short hair?! 

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what's a bad habit that you just can't seem to stop?

I'm sitting here picking the dead skin off of my bottom lip and although my lips feel all raw now, I can't stop. I hate that rough dead skin feeling, but I'm not helping it at all.

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I just got some Amazon gift cards and I need a new book.

What's your favorite history book? It can be about any kind of history during any time period. Don't really care. Just want history book recommendations.

Preferably available on the Kindle, but it's okay if it's not. :)

ETA: Who is shippo and why is my icon confusing people?

I love Timon. :(

the law

When a police car starts following you, do you get nervous? Do you start driving differently?
When was the last time you were pulled over? What was it for? Did you get a ticket?
When was the last time you received a ticket for a moving violation?

Do you cry and whine to get out of tickets? Does it always work?
oh mr. tea

I'm curious.

Why is home ownership a common "prerequisite" for parenthood, in the general opinion of society? I mean, everywhere I see people being like, 'I want to have kids, but I want to own a home first.'

How about you -- if you have kids, did you feel like you wanted/needed to own a home first? If so, why?

If you don't have kids but plan on having kids, is home ownership part of the equation for you?

(If you're childfree/don't want kids/can't have children, I'm sorry I can't think of a way to include you directly... Do you like puppies, if so, what is better: puppy tummies or puppy tongues?)
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So, I buy a 12 pack of Ramen Noodles like once a year. I went and picked one up last week at Walmart and made a package today.

Is it just me... or did they make the flavoring packet smaller and less flavorful?
I'm eating Chicken ones right now.
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dear tqc,
today there is an awesome rocket launch in my area. i'm heading out to the beach to chillax and enjoy, but i wish to take photos. generally, i go with my standard smaller lens, because i like to get the whole picture. however, it's fun to zoom in.
essentially, what i have come to ask is: tqc, should i use my big lens or the small one?

will you show me a photo you find to be cool?

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OK, I realize that at first glance this might seem like a homework question, but I promise it is not.
Through a tutoring service that has highly overestimated my math skills, I have started tutoring a 10th grade student in geometry. For the most part, it's all coming back to me pretty well, and I'm trying hard to make her understand how and why the formulas work, not just memorizing them. But there is one type of problem that she missed on most of her quizzes and I'm feeling really dumb because even though I looked at the formula for how to solve it, I don't understand why the formula works! Math people of TQC, can you help me?
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TQC how have you dealt with insecurity in your relationship? Especially if you know it's nonsensical?

Long version: When my boyfriend and I began our relationship, he was still 'in' one - he and his long term girlfriend's relationship was over, but neither of them had said it. Over the first two months of our relationship therefore, until they officially broke up, we felt it was better to keep things quiet so not to cause problems. I understood the situation, but I can't help when I think back on it, feeling like I was fighting for him those two months, and I was worried I'd lose him. The ex sent me some pretty nasty messages on facebook, I never told the boyfriend about these, which I recently deleted (and brought back the old bad memories). I know he loves me, and I'm happy with him, but sometimes I just feel angry at how I felt at the beginning. I know I shouldn't, and I don't really want to bring this up with him. So TQC, how do I get over this? I'm not usually overemotional at all, so this feels really out of sorts for me.

EDIT: I confronted him and he said that the biggest regret he has is not leaving her sooner, but he was scared. He says he hates how much it upset me and that he doesn't want me to be worried.

/end of sounding fourteen.

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Tqc, I don't ever work out..ever. I would like to change that.

I am in two physical education classes this semester at college (have to take them to graduate). The first one is jogging & aerobics, the other is fitness walking. I have one on monday/Wednesday and the other on tuesday/Thursday.

Therefore, I will be jogging at least one mile (starting out then slowly more) every Monday and Wednesday, and walking (at a brisk pace) 2 miles (more later) every Tuesday and Thursday.

Is that enough exercise, alone? Or do I need to be doing something else on the weekends? I thought about doing yoga on the weekends but I don't want to do too much.but for all I know, I'm doing too little.

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If you make coffee at home, what kind do you use and what brand? How do you make it? What do you think is essential to a good cup of coffee?

If you had 20 dollars worth of free goods from Whole Foods, what would you buy?

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wouldn't you expect it to be common courtesy to call and inform residents that you're shutting the water off for maintenance? or leave a fucking note on the door or something?

I just got home from work and there's no fucking water :( I just wanted a nice shower.

tell me your maintenance woes?
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What are some irrational things that scare you?

I can't take girls crying. Like seriously, do not cry in front of me. My ex-girlfriend in high school, her dog died and one day she just broke down crying in the kitchen. I slowly backed out of the room and left. It was awkward for like a week. She always wore mascara and when she cried it looked like Satan was pouring out of her eyes. So I told her not to put mascara on and then she started crying again! WTF!

That was many moons ago.

Fitness and shit

Has anyone here ever worked with a personal trainer?
How many times did you go a week?
Did you achieve what you wanted to?
How did you FIND someone?

Has anyone here ever worked with a dietitian or nutritionist?
What was the result of that?

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A while ago i posted about what I should do to be a good TA.

Well, I messed up my first Lab Session (YAY!) by making the assignment incredibly hard compared to what my prof wanted. In my defence, what i was told (they give us the slides to present) was ambiguous, all it was was one slide that said: "Make a calculator, it should add two numbers, subtract two numbers, multiply two numbers, and divide two numbers". We do not use command line input in the class i teach, so I assumed yknow, it was GUI input...

Anyway, i want to do something nice for my lab goers today. I am thinking of bringing them donuts to snack on, but it is a computer lab....maybe give them away when theyre ready to leave? Or I could do something like cookies or...soda...I can really pick up anything from a grocery store.

Is this a good idea or disastrous? If it makes any difference, my lab is at 7:00pm at night so no ones really around.

Just a note, because of the challenge of the assignment, they all got full credit for it, despite having it completed or not, so no one suffered.
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Why do people start packing and ruffling papers five minutes prior to class ending? Are they not aware how loud (and annoying) it is? Are they in that big of a rush to escape the classroom?

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What are some restaurant dishes or items that you love but are no longer on the menu?

My two favoritest sundaes in the world(kid's sundae at the Dixie Cafe and Blueberry Hill at Shake's/Shakey's) are no longer offered on their menus.

Do you know of any secret/off-the-menu items that you can order at a restaurant?

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so you got your freshmen, jv jocks, asian nerds, cool asians, varsity jocks, unfriendly black hotties, girls who eat their feelings, girls who don't eat anything, desperate wannabes, burnouts, sexually active band geeks, the greatest people you will ever meet, and the worst.

tqc, where are you sitting for lunch?

i would say cool asians for obvious reasons, but i hated the cool asians in my high school, so i'll say the greatest people you will ever meet. (no srsly, sometimes i actually ate lunch in the art studio.)

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Today is my birthday, so I took the day off from work.    I have about 2 and a half hours give or take left of "free time" alone.  
What should I do with that time?    I want it to be worth while since I very rarely get much time to myself.  

Thanks for the birthday wishes!    

Sorry, no masturbation today you guys.  But now I know what some of you do when alone though.   : )    
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Are there any movies/TV shows that seem interesting but because of the topic/details, you'd be unable to watch?

I'm curious about that move 'Buried' with Ryan Reynolds, but the idea of being buried alive creeps me out way too much to watch it. That's weird though, because I saw the CSI where it happened. I figured they wouldn't let him die.

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I feel stupid for not knowing the answer to this but..

I'm submitting my application for a 4 year university today. I filled out the transfer student application, because I have been going to a community college for the past 2 years to get my associates (and my basic classes) and will be considered a junior when I attend this university.

Am I doing the right thing by filling out the transfer application? Or since I'm graduating from community college, does that somehow make me ..not a transfer anymore? Yeah, this sounds dumb.
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tattoo question

good evening tqc! i'm considering getting a tattoo on my upper arm - like the outer bicep area, i believe it would be called. however i have really thin arms. would a tattoo there look ridiculous? it's going to be pretty small and black and white, nothing massive.

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You are on your way to the grocery store and you have to get one thing from the frozen section and one thing from anywhere else in the store. What do you buy?

Thanks, you're helping me with my grocery list.

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This is the first year that I'm including work-related expenses on my taxes.
Should I make some kind of spread sheet for when I get my taxes done? or just bring the receipts? How do you do it?

What did you have for lunch today?


Can anyone tell me what soundtrack the song "True Affection" by The Blow is on? I know I heard it in a movie or something, but I can't remember what it's from. I have Googled it and asked my friends, and I still can't figure it out and it's killing me!

What are some of your favorite movie soundtracks or TV series soundtracks?

Any cool commercials you've seen lately featuring good music?
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What are the advantages of attending a private university as opposed to a state/public university?

Do you think it's worth the astronomical amounts of money?

Do you think ivy league schools are legit or a bunch of "status symbol" bs?

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how long have you had your job, if you have one?

do you feel like you have job security?

if you knew you could have your same job for a long time, like the next 20 or 30 years, would you see yourself keeping it that long?

is there any type of job you'd want to have for that long?

even with all the job enjoyment/security in the world, how often do you feel like you NEED to change jobs?
Muh Life.
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'nother question:

I have $200 to deposit into my bank account so an online order fuck-up doesn't overdraw my account tomorrow. It's 7:30pm: Should I drive 17-miles each way to put the money in an ATM tonight OR go in the morning at 9am before a doctor's appointment in the same town?

It's going to snow 5" tonight.

[edit:] Mission accomplished. It posted to my account already. How damn cool is that???
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The printer here in the campus library is being slow as hell. No one else is printing right now and it's full of paper. It just really seems to hate printing from a .PDF format. Wth. Should I give up on printing my homework pages for German and let my professor know that the printer ate them? Or should I grit my teeth and bear it? I have about 25 out of 40 pages printed, but this is killing me.

DK/DC: What fandom thing has caught your interest again? I'm getting reabsorbed in Red vs Blue. (I'm on Team Dirtbag, personally. Though the kissass can join.)

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why did my old roommate spend all spring and summer resisting dating this girl, just to end up with her in the fall? he straight up said he didn't like her that way.

and YES, I DO LIKE HIM. i've liked him since i met him. but i didn't say anything 'cause we were roommates. then we moved out and i thought we were getting to a place where i could and he decided to get together with this chick.
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Co-existing with a vegan


So, my darling german gay goth vegan friend is losing his flat on Monday, and I have agree that he can take over my sofa tiull he can get his stuff sorted out.

So, oh TQC, any hints on how to peacefully co-exist with a vegan when you're an omnivore?

DKDC: What's the last video you watched on youtube?

Fire Toys

 Do any of you guys know anything about fire toys. Ive been going to parties and festivals where there are people with fire poi, nun chucks, hula hoops and sticks. I really want to learn the poi and hula but I don't know where to start.... Should I start with LEDs and move up?

How do I know if the fire instruments are of good quality? 

Would you play with fire?

What other hobbies should I learn? I have 9 months until I am back in college and I need something entertaining and a little challenging...
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THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. What's the name of the artist (a male) who is considered the 'father of communication design' by drawing women (I believe 2-D?) in various poses with flowers, and birds, and sometimes there is seasons surrounding them? He's pretty famous, I just can't remember his name. He kind of does his paintings in a panel like way (usually 2-3 paintings of women). Stupid question, I know, thanks for any help I get!

Secondly, Horde or Alliance? Anyone on Wyrmrest Accord?

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i met a clone of myself today, i added them on facebook, not look wise but we have been through the exact same everything, right down too what cigarettes we smoke, and my life is in no way ordinary.
they posted this on facebook.

"I'm confident, but I wont deny I was terrified to meet you. I knew you could see right through me. I saw my life flash right before my very eyes."

has anything like this ever happened to you?

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Dear TQC, I know many of you are makeup aficionados. I need to buy some real "grownup" makeup and I'm going to need someone's help since I don't know what to buy/how to match it to my skin/what's going to look right/how to apply it correctly. So I'm going to the mall, probably this weekend, to find someone who can help me.

I don't know anything about makeup. I need to look really polished for this job interview I keep talking about; I'm assuming concealer/foundation/eye stuff/lip stuff. That sort of thing.

My choices are: a standalone Sephora, a standalone Bare Escentuals, the Body Shop, and I'm assuming JC Penney and Macy's have (mostly) the same counters everywhere so whatever they've got.

I've got really, really, really sensitive skin (allergies and breakouts - I can't even use regular soap because it gives me hives) so I'm thinking about going with mineral makeup, but I'm open to trying anything that's sensitive skin friendly. I'm going into teaching so nothing too outrageous; the simpler the look and the simpler to put on, the better.

So... questions:

What store/counter should I go to? I don't have the time or energy to shop around if I can avoid it. I'm leaning toward Sephora because if I understand the concept of the store, they deal with lots of different brands, but it's not like a department store where each brand has its own sales reps. Is that right?

Have you ever done one of those "have someone professional tell you what makeup to buy" things (or even better, have you worked at that sort of place)? How much do I have to spend for them to do something like that? Do I need to make an appointment? What should I expect? Do they really know what they're doing? Will they let me wear the makeup for a little while so I can make sure I won't have an allergic reaction to it before making me purchase it?

I've got about $100 to spend. Is this doable if I only want the basics plus 1-2 colors of eyeshadow/lipstick? I've always been the "buy makeup at the drugstore when it's on sale" type so I don't know what it's going to cost me to get all set up with the makeup itself and the applicators I assume I'm going to need.

help me!!!

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TQC TECH SUPPORT why don't my youtube video embeds work?? I see the code in the comments, and I can see if someone else embedded one, but i can't see mine. :(
solved, i think.
anyway real question

Have you gotten any new music lately? I just bought the new Decemberists record and it's amazing.
Kill Bill - Elle
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Would it be wise to retrieve my copy of House of Leaves from my car, or is it more pertinent to just go the fuck to bed?
Would you also care to explain to me why the left side of abdominal cavity underneath of my ribcage has had dull cramps and pain for a week or more now?

Failing that, what classes are you taking this semester?
What projects do you have at work?
Where do your creative endeavors go?
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so here's the deal, i'm at home tonight after a reeeeeallllly long day and i live above my parents.. who are currently having a dance party by themselves.. and quite frankly i'm stoned and trying to enjoy my dark chocolate smile face sucker and zelda: link to the past. i would like for them to quiet down... but i don't want to talk to either of them on the phone... cause well, you know. that sounds really uncomfortable.

what other ways can i tell them to shut the hell up?

I <3 TLV

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1. Should I have strawberry or apple oatmeal tomorrow morning for breakfast? I like to decide my breakfasts the night before and I can't choose.

2. Do you plan your breakfasts the night before? If you do, what are you having tomorrow?

3. Does your userpic represent you, or is it just a picture you like? When people have userpics of characters or famous people I tend to assume they're similar in some way and think of the person as the person in their pic.

4. Do you feel like your age? Or do you think your mental age is younger/older than your physical age?

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We now have a pit bull/beagle that is just over a year old and came from a good home, but from someone that could no longer take care of her. She is an amazing dog in every way but one; she does not get along with other dogs. Most of our friends have dogs and we all love to take our pets for long walks/hikes and would love her to be able to take her along. Any advice on how to get her to get along with other dogs? We tried to introduce her to a couple of other dogs today and all she wanted to do was attack them.
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Am I going to regret using bike chain lubricant in an attempt to loosen a tight screw (metal on metal, as seen below)? I don't have any WD-40 or something similar and this thing won't twist in or out anymore.

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Part of my new study plan is the use of a daily planner, so I can schedule when shit will get done rather than writing a to-do list and magically hoping everything gets done.

I like the moleskine color a month planners, mostly because they won't have the bulk of a year, but I'd have books I wouldn't need - January and the ones in the summer! What should I do with them, or do you know of any place where I can buy a daily planner for only select months?