January 19th, 2011

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My father gave me an opportunity to make some money by doing the following:

- Cleaning out two upstairs attics (one is located in my old room, and the other is located in my younger brother's room) 
- Clean out my mother's old office (Gathering old clothes and books to be donated)

I was asked to come up with a contract, and that I was supposed to determine how much I should charge. 

Here are my two problem:

1. My dad's house is about 40+ years old, so the attics are not climate controlled. Also, the main attic is cramped and there will be some difficulty moving things out. It's accessed through the closet in my old bedroom, and the only way in and out is by using a tiny ladder.

2. My father expects that most of the stuff in the attics will be going to my mom's house. Same goes with the old office. However, I know that most of the stuff in the attics are either trash or empty boxes. The only things that will not be thrown out will most likely be donated. 

So, I pretty much have no clue on what to charge. 

If you were given this job to do, how much would you charge? Would you charge a flat rate, or by the hour?
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Dear TQC-

Have you ever found something in the fridge and decided to eat or drink it thinking it was one thing and then it turned out to be something different?

Was it a good surprise or a bad surprise?

DK/DC: if you had posters up in your room as a kid, what were they?

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My sister is looking for a movie and I have no clue so she asked me to ask here.

It's a movie about a dog and if she remembers right the dog looks like Benji and he's stuck in like a forrest. It's not animated and it's not Homeward Bound. She thinks it may be from the 80's or 90's.

Answered. Thanks so much!
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baking dumb

this recipe basically assumes you're going to roll out and cut out the sugar cookies before baking. but i don't have a rolling pin, and would prefer an easier way. will these cookies bake correctly if i just roll up little balls of dough?
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I've been eating a lot of pickles lately, am I turning into Snooki or am I pregnant?
Which is scarier, considering I'm male?

When was the last time you experienced a metamorphosis?
What were you before the change and what did you turn into?

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is it madness to try and meet someone for a coffee date during a 2.5 hour stopover at SFO airport?

it's an internation->international connection, and I'd have a boarding pass and my bags would be checked through. I'd just have to clear immigration and then security again, but since I had to get a visa to transit in the US I'm feeling like I might as well use it...
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I got a copy of the I Ching with instructions and historical context and just huge blocks of text. I tried throwing coins but I think I did it wrong. This is complex and I was not prepared! Can anyone help me out, or point out a good resource, or do I just have to read the whole book and do my research before I earn the right to use this oracle?
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So Awful it's Funny

 What are some movies you've seen that are just so bad they're hilarious/good?

My top pick is The Final Sacrifice. It's so terrible it's still funny even without MST3K commentary. (Mystery Science Theater 3000 for those under a rock.)


Do you wish MST3K would come back to TV? I do!
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Poll #1669668 Nerd-off

Which is superior?

Star Wars
Star Trek

Which is superior?


Which is superior?

Jonathan Coulton
MC Frontalot
Weird Al Yankovic
mc chris

Which is superior?

Penny Arcade
PVP Online
The Oatmeal

Aldo shoes

Who has Aldo shoes? Do the sizes generally run small? I usually fit a 7 or 7.5, but the only shoe size left for the shoe I want is a size 8! Should I buy them? Will they fit?

Also are their shoes generally good quality? My main mode of transportation is walking and the bus so I need shoes that will not fall apart within one year. I am buying flats and "mid heel" heels (1.5-2inches)

What do you guys think of their handbags?

Gimme the dirt!
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Let's say you were invited to a potluck. What type of dish would you make/bring?
I usually bring Tandoori Chicken, but it needs to be done the night before and I may not do it this time!

How old is your computer? Do you have a desk top or a laptop? If you were to upgrade, what would you get next?
5 and a bit year old Dell desktop. I'm debating getting a laptop for the next upgrade.

What are you having for lunch?
I don't know!
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If a guy says my boots are hookerest because the boots go over my knees, is he being misogynistic?  

I'm trying to get my thoughts together so I know what to say to the guy, but my brain doesn't work right now and all I have in my head is "You're a asshole".  So yeah.

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Say you had the choice between two postgraduate courses;

Course 1 leading to the job you most want to do, but where jobs are very hard to get and where the course is quite expensive.

Course 2 leading to a career you're not really interested in but where jobs are very available and where the course is fully funded.

Which would you take?

Yes TQC, I am asking you to decide my life for me!

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If you gave your kid (21 years old) a check for Christmas and he lost it, would you cancel the first one and send him another one?

I know it's my brother's fault that he lost it, but I feel bad for him. :/

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Do you have any just plain weird physical traits/quirks/ailments that you inherited from your parents?

Sometimes my right ear, and just my right ear, turns bright, bright red. I can never figure out why, but last time it happened when I was embarrassed and riled up. I got it from my dad, and it happens to my sister too (she claims it happens when she eats fruit).

How much caffeine, if any, does it take for you to be functional in the morning/throughout the day?

I try not to depend on coffee, but I drink one cup on weekdays, when it is just too early.

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my dog is a 10 year old beagle who's never known the sweat of a hard day's work. i got her this big treat at the pet store, it cost like $1.25 and is decorated like a cinnamon roll.

anyway, it's one of those ones they would chew on for a while, you know? but she won't eat it. she's trying to bury it in the sofa and the bed and in her toy box. and she's trying to get me to let her out so she can actually bury it(that's not happening. she digs them up in the spring and it's revolting). she always tries to bury her bones and things like these.

SHE'S SO CONCERNED, hahahahaha. she's been going up and down the apartment for like 20 minutes and cannot find a suitable place.

i'm not complaining, it's hilarious. but why this incessant need to bury it? i know it's her instinct and she's a hound dog but this is getting ridiculous.

IT LOOKS TO TASTY, WHY WON'T SHE JUST CHEW IT? she sure as shit doesn't wait to eat her food...
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 TQC, my day was a total clusterfuck, and it's only 1pm. Will you link me to your favorite website or blog? It can be funny, interesting, informative, whatever. I need a pick me up.

Alternatively, do you want to vent about something? Post away!

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First, I'd have to wonder what is a wonder pilule before I'd bang the wonder pilule because, if not, I'd always wonder if what I got was, in fact, a wonder pilule, else otherwise a regular pilule, while wondering if the wonder is truly a wonder at all and if the pilule is truly a pilule, let alone a pilule worth banging were it not for the wonder. Also, how does one bang a pilule, I wonder, and I, too, wonder does one bang a wonder pilule differently; for, if the effect is wondrous, much like a bang, would one have to bang the wonder pilule and wonder if the bang is the bang produced when banging any pilule or when especially banging the wonder pilule?

Facetecious post

Scalia: Constitution does not protect women against discrimination

Ladies, would you support your employer's all-American right to slash your pay rate on account of the fact that you have boobs? Scalia says that there's nothing in the Constitution protecting you from sexual discrimination, so to help jump-start the economy, would you let your employer pay you much less than all the male employees?

That National Debt isn't going to pay itself back, you know
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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I recently was hired to be an aquarium biologist in another state. Yay for getting my career started!

It's only a four month long position.

I have two jobs where I need to give notice. I have never given notice before. Is it best to do it in person, over the phone, or over e-mail?

Would it be unprofessional for me to say something like, "Since I'll only be gone for four months, would it be all right if I contacted you once I return about working for you again?"


Do you have a nickname that you're called among your friends or maybe your family? If so, what is it?
Do you have any friends or family who have any interesting nicknames? What are they and why are they called that?
wtf is this shit?

Words mean things?

Inspired by this gassed thread at the Something Awful forums:

Which writing mistakes annoy you?

What do you think when people write exclusively in chatspeak?

Do you think things like using apostrophes to make plurals or writing like you have never seen the inside of a classroom are just cases of the English language evolving?
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i ain't into that!

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I'm planning a week-long vacation to London in March. I'm American, what's the best way to take/use money abroad? I've been Googling, but I was hoping to get some first-hand advice. My bank is PNC.

dk - what does your favorite pair of shoes look like?
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Are you a competitive person?

What do you do regarding feeling competitive at work?!

I've never thought I'm an overly competitive person, particularly at work but our co-op student is a SUPERSTAR and I'm feeling useless! Which is also making me feel competitive as a result...

NonSrs answers plz, bonus to those that figure out how to involve hookers and blow into the equation!
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writing prompts?

You know how there are certain memes/surveys/whatever which prompt you to write specific things? Could you list some of the ones which focus more on writing than one word/sentence responses?

Or - do you follow any set of writing prompts?

How is your journal managed and how did your journal first start? Did you first just write how you were feeling, how your day was, or was it more a project where you kept a collection of your stories, poems, etc? A mixture?
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Should I accept that nothing of interest will happen tonight and settle in, do alone-time things, and sleep early? Or should I hold out hope that something will happen tonight?

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What are some song titles that seem to be used over and over again by different artists?

I swear there are like a million "This Love"s and "All I Ever Wanted"s.

What good things have happened to you recently?

I found out yesterday I was cast in my university's production of HMS Pinafore that I auditioned/was called back for last week :)

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TQC, I'm asking for a friend here. He blew up at his parents on Sunday because they were fighting about silly things and being childish, and there's been a seriously awkward silence in his house ever since. He doesn't want to apologize because he's not sorry for what he said, since it's true and needed to be said. What would you do? Bite the bullet and apologize just to break the awkward, not apologize, or talk to them in another way?
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Dear TQC - what is that meme that involves the little boy talking to his dad and the final image ends with a close-up of the father's face? It is a comic, I know that, I just can't remember the name.

ETA: TY, it was staredad!
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I just found out Vanilla Carmex exists and now I can't find it at Walgreens. It looks like it was a holiday thing. Can't find it on ebay either.

What was the last thing you were disappointed by?

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First time poster! I've been lurking forever, so I guess I know the drill.
Did you go to your high school prom? (junior or senior)
I didn't go to Junior prom. Jury's still out on Senior, it depends.

Was it a good experience, or did you feel let down? Did you attend out of any compulsory feeling that if you didn't go, you'd regret it?
n/a, obvi

Did you do a "prom weekend" kind of thing (like where you and your friends rent a beach/vacation house and omgzz party so hard!!!)? Any good stories?

Dk/dc How long will you wear a pair of pants before you absolutely have to wash them?
I've gone as long as a week, but usually after two or three days they start to physically feel grimy.


What's the best way to annoy neighbours directly above you? Mine play drums for hours on end and this is an apartment building.

I've written many complaints to the strata council over the last year but nothing is going to change. I'm ready to fight fire with fire.

ETA: You're all hilarious, thanks!
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My mother broke her ankle Thanksgiving Day (fell down the stairs during a diabetic insulin reaction) and is on crutches/wheelchair until possibly the end of March.  Her birthday is coming up.  I have no idea what to get her, when I ask what she needs she says 'oh, I'm fine, I don't need anything!'.  
So, my question.  Have you ever been confined to a wheelchair/bed/crutches?  What did you wish you had?  She already has a little bag thing that attaches to her wheelchair that holds her cell phone and bottle of water.. I am out of ideas.  If I can't think of something helpful for her now, I still have ideas of things, she just can't use them until March/April. 
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And the raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sitting
On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door;
And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming,
And the lamp-light o’er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor;
And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor
Shall be lifted - nevermore!

So...do you think there will be a toast?
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When it comes to physically attractive features, do you have a "look" you prefer or anything?

For me - I tend to like redheads or light brown hair on girls and I have noticed a tendency to go for the curvy types with big butts and hips. With guys, I like dark hair and eyes, who have longish hair and are around my height (ironically, my boyfriend is the exact opposite of this).

Do you prefer people who asks questions here without answering, ask questions and answer them out of a cut or ask questions and answer them under a cut?

If you have stumbleupon, will you stumble three links and post them here? Otherwise will you post three random links you have looked at today?

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Dr. Drew

Does anyone else find the Dr. Drew show incredibly depressing? All I have to do is listen for five minutes and I'm morose for the rest of the night. Is the world really that bad, or do people make up horrible stuff just to get on the air?
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and with this I swear I'm done asking questions for the night

I'm debating buying a DVD set off the internet. However, I live in a college apartment. My mailbox is itty bitty and right outside my apartment and a package of pretty much any size besides standard letter envelope would not fit in it. Will they deliver it to my apartment and knock on the door? Or would it go elsewhere? How does it work? I would not like to not end up not receiving my DVDs because I wasn't home to answer the door.

Where will your midnight train take you? 

What song/character in the media do you identify with most? 

Does the passive tense annoy you? "The ball was bitten by the dog" or "And a good time was had by all"? (I hate it so much asldkgjalgjag)

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Should I pace impatiently in the laundry room until whoever is using the machine comes to collect their shit, or just give up and wash my underwear in the tub?

What are some hilariously awkward ways of letting the person I'm seeing currently know that I have ~srs romantic feelingz~ for them?

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What is your response to someone who says to you, "I hope we can one day have sex in order to strengthen our friendship?" and this is the first thing they have ever said to you?

Oh, and they are not very attractive, unfortunately.
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Do you ever see slight features in someone's face that resemble someone you really hate and instantly get a bad impression of that person even though they have nothing to do with that other person?

(no subject)

Do you ever watch porn out of boredom? What's your ratio of boredom porn to getting-off porn? Do you watch porn for any other reason(s)?

What was the last album you listened to?

(no subject)

If you're in school, what's for homework tonight?

If you're not (or if you don't have homework or don't care about doing your homework) what are you doing the rest of the night, besides sleeping?
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Hello TQC!

Great news today. Not only am I staying on at my job another year (I'm in the newspaper biz, we're in an unfortunate spot these days, I've been kept there on a series of term contracts until something opens up), but they're going to work out giving me the same three-week vacation as the permanent staff get! Hooray!

I'm not entirely sure when I'm going to take it -- maybe April. My plan is to get an Amtrak pass, leave my car in Grand Forks, N.D. and try to get to as many places as I can in the U.S. in that three-week span.

1A) Where should I go, TQC? I am not picky. I love discovering new spots.
B) What should I do / see when I get there?

2. Will you let me crash on your couch if I do come? I am very fun.

* Note: Portland, OR is on my list, maybe, because my husband is there and although we're separated and not talking I may or may not make a desperate last-ditch attempt to try and reconcile with him. So no need to mention that one.
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Hello, hi, how are you?

Dear TQC-

I feel like you and I don't know each other very well.  I would like to get to know you, and for you to get to know me.

Please ask me any questions you like.  I don't think I'm very funny, but non-srs questions will be answered either very srsly, or as lulzy as I can answer them.

My question to you is:
What is something that always irrationally pisses you off?  What do you do about it?

I hate mouth noises.  It makes me want to slap the person, but I can't, so I usually try to leave the room, say something, or focus on something else so strongly that I zone it out.
I love you

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This will drive me crazy!

Does anyone remember a book called The Silverfish King? I can't be sure it was meant to be a children's book. It was about a man who takes a nap on his couch and a silverfish crawls in his ear. Eventually, to get relief, he jumps out the window and kills himself. Yeah, probably NOT a kids' book. But it did have pictures. My grandma gave it to me when I was little. Amazon and Google tell me it doesn't exist but IT DOES and it has fostered my lifelong hatred of silverfish! Please tell me you've read it?

Another question. I live on a military post, and I have free access to 3 different gyms on post. I have a consultation for a gym in the neighboring town. Should I join the gym where I'll have to pay dues and drive 20 miles to get to, or try to figure out how to use the equipment that is here on post? I went the other day and I couldn't even figure out how to start the treadmill. The off post gym has personal trainers and staff to help you and they set up a meal plan for you. The on post gym is strictly you, on your own. They do have trainers, but they are (understandably) soldier oriented first, so civilian appointments can take a while to get. What would you do?

Last question. Should I tell my coworker that I won't give her my shifts because she doesn't do any work and is a useless lump? What's a nicer way to say that?

Thanks for any and all advice!
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I have a recipe that calls for ground allspice, but I only have whole allspice. Can I just smash up some whole allspice to get ground allspice? I really don't feel like going out to get the ground stuff.

And just out of curiosity, is there any way to turn cinnamon sticks into powdered cinnamon?

EDIT: That was quick! Thank you very much!
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Google has failed me, so I come to you in my time of need, TQC:

Please tell me, does Certain Dri anti-perspirant have an expiration date?

For some reason I've been sweating more than normal recently, and I'm about to start into dance rehearsals so it'll get worse. I have a pretty old bottle of Certain-Dri (about a year) and it smells a tinge funky. But I don't have time to get anymore before rehearsal. Will it actually harm me (like, give me a rash or something), or will it just not work properly?