January 18th, 2011

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Delta Airlines question

i'm flying Delta soon for my vacation and while i was checking out their website, i noticed their Delta on Demand entertainment goodies list.

since it does not say if listening to the music stations costs (it's a given that the TV and movies would), i thought i would ask here of anyone who's flown Delta. (i figure a few people here have.)

thank ya in advance! :D
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I'm 30 years old with a family and have never cooked a piece of meat larger than four pounds. Is this unusual?

If I bought a ham and coated it with a kind of thick sludge of grade B maple syrup and sea salt, and then cooked it, what would be likely to happen? ETA ham is not salty enough by itself. Bacon, yes; ham is too fucking sweet.
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dear tqc,

i've recently started smoking cigarettes, and it's really awesome. not only do i look cool, but i get super dizzy and break things accidentally. also, my heart skips beats waaaaaaay more than it used to.

now that we have some background: what brand do you smoke? have you ever tried perique? did you used to smoke, but quit? if so, why are you a nerd?

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Will someone please hypnotize me or something so I can get to sleep? Another night of me versus my mind that will not shut off. What the hell is up with having a constant running dialog going through my mind when I am trying to fall asleep?

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Have you ever had to deal with animals of some type living in the walls of your apartment/home?

When I lived with my sister racoons used to invade our walls ALL THE TIME. and there was a mother and babies in the wall next to my bed it was so creepy. I used to be terrified that they would gnaw through the wall and invade my bed while I slept. Augh their creepy hungry cries haunted me. Also creepy: one night during a bad storm a piece of the kitchen ceiling caved in. The landlord, lazy dick that he was, had the solution of covering it with a tarp until he could be bothered to fix it about a month and a half later. He hired some people to redo the entire roof and they found three racoon skeletons in the roof. O_O

Currently we seem to have a possum in our ceiling (I assume just bc it sounds bigger than a rat/mouse but smaller than a coon, and the noises it makes sound possum-esque). I hate it. Maintenance seems unable to do anything apart from putting some traps in the vents but....hasn't worked so far.

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You like to eat peanut butter on your toast a couple of times a week and occasionally by the spoonful out of the jar. One morning you open the newspaper to find that a recall has been issued for a certain brand of peanut butter due to salmonella. The notice states that it is uncertain whether other peanut butters are also contaminated. Your jar is empty, so there is no danger that you have salmonella peanut butter. Do you buy peanut butter this week? Or go without until you find out what's going on?

Inspired by me being told by a friend that some eggs were recalled due to dioxin contamination. All I thought was, "mmm, eggs." and then I went to the supermarket and bought some. The peanut butter example was because when I was a kid I remember pretty much the most popular brand of peanut butter in Australia being recalled and it seemed to cause quite the hysteria.
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Do you crave a certain kind of food when you're sick?
I'm sick right now and I'm craaaaving Chinese take-out, especially fried rice and hot and sour soup.  Unfortunately, I can't have it for breakfast. :(

What are you doing today?

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Possible TMI ahoy, but I have to get some opinions on this creepfest of events!

Last night I had a pretty intense dream where I was in a high school being shot at by a guy with a machine gun. I woke up with a massive headache and left an offline on yahoo telling my sister all about my dream. About half an hour later she comes online and proceeds to freak out. Why? Because she also dreamed about being shot at in a high school, though the scenerio for hers was slightly different and the whole thing was much more vivid and longer. If that's not creepy enough, we also started our periods on the exact same day (two days ago). We don't even live in the same house.

Does this creep you out as much as it does us?
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Has anything ever made you feel especially tall or short?

I'm average heighted, but I was with some friends and one of them tilted his head back to finish off a bottle of water and then the ceiling fan knocked it out of his hand and sent it flying across the room. I thought to myself, I never have to worry about stuff like that.

What's your favorite food from when you were a little kid that you still love?
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Okay guys. I have to write an email to my professor telling him I'll either be late to class today or more likely, missing it altogether because I have an appointment with my surgeon and it's more likely than not that she'll be like, 3 hours late. My question is, how to I address the email? I've never called this guy anything. The thing is I've known him for 3 years, we went to Germany together, he and my sister used to be really close when she was in the program, etc. Except the idea of calling him by his first name seems weird to me since I am awkward like that and the idea of saying Prof. ---- also seems oddly formal. WWTQCD?

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Hey guys!
Got ice?

We do here and naturally I would walk where the steps were not salted and fall.   Kinda hurts.

For those of you who do have ice, did you manage to avoid falling or are you going to be black and blue like me too?

If you don't have ice, what do you have? 

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I posted a poll last night, and woke up to a three way tie for first this morning.

Will you help me break the tie?

Poll #1669289 Books 2.1-tie breaker
This poll is closed.

Which book should I read next?

The Time Machine/The Invisible Man-H.G. Wells
Dracula-Bram Stoker
Jane Eyre-Charlotte Bronte

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tqc, a cat peed on my warm winter coat. it's an old coat, so i'm debating whether i should even keep it anymore. i have other coats that are not as warm, and i also have money to buy a new coat.

should i...?

attempt to get rid of the smell (suggestions on how to do so plz)
dispose of it and start wearing one of my less warm coats
dispose of it and buy a new coat
do something else
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What's your favorite old horror movies? (Define what is "old" yourself, old-er works too)

Or if you hate horror movies: what's your favorite color? I can't think of a better question.
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Home repair people of TQC, can you help me?

A pipe in our neighbor's apartment leaked for nearly a week before they could fix it. This somehow caused the carpet outside our bathroom to be soaked for just as long. We soaked up what we could with a towel, but it was constantly wet.

We have solid concrete underneath the carpet, so there's no wood to damage, but is it possible that underneath the carpet could be moldy and gross? There is only a bit of discoloration on the carpet.

tl;dr: wet carpet = moldy carpet?

ah, one more thing: is it worth asking the maintenance folks to rip it up and check? The dude kept telling me "it's concrete, it's fine," but I don't knooooow. And moldy carpet...eehhh. Mold gives me headaches D:
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So I posted this last night: http://community.livejournal.com/thequestionclub/92780443.html?view=2549694619#t2549694619

I don't think I phrased the question properly, since everyone everyone's answers addressed my interest in food/culinary arts when I wanted more of the following question to be answered:

How does one know if an interest of theirs is worth pursuing more intensively (as in through school and such)?
How does one know if they are passionate about something to the point of cultivating it further and further?

My best friend says that you know a 'spark' is there if it's something you keep coming back to? For example, for her, she loves writing. Sometimes it frustrates her so she abandons it for several months, but then she suddenly finds the urge to write again.


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My roommates mom was just diagnosed with Leukemia? Do you know anything about it in terms of severity compared to other forms of cancer? I know they are all bad, but is leukemia easier/harder to treat?

Someone must have ideas

Meeting tonight with an acquaintance from 11 years ago. We have 1 mutual friend.

What are some good conversation starters?

Anything that I should/should not say?

Are you nervous about meeting people you don't know that well?

srs/non-srs welcome

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Have you ever had fried corn on the cob?


If so, and if you recall, where did you sample this delicacy? Geographically, I don't care about the name or type of the restaurant or whose party/picnic/church potluck you had it at.
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What do you wish you were doing right now, instead of what you're currently doing?

I wish I was at home already, so I can attempt to make rice balls :) Mmmmmmmm.

What's the temperature where you are? And where are you?

Apparently my city (Thompson, Manitoba, Canada) was listed as one of the coldest places on the planet sometime this morning. But it's -45C right now with the wind chill. It was probably colder than that before the sun came up.


(no subject)

Have you bought the international edition of a textbook rather than the US? I would save about ~$100, and I'm wondering if it's worth it!

What are your favorite school supplies? Include brands/pics!
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My roommate/bff just called telling me that she locked the keys inside our car at the post office WHILE the car is on. I'm sick at home with the stomach flu (and reluctantly had to miss class today because of it) and now I have to go out in the rain to wait for the bus so I could open the car door for her.

When's the last time you were frustrated with someone? My bff is really pushing my buttons for the past year.
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This is completely hypothetical, for a story.

Say a girl is dating a guy who has psychological issues, but hides them very well. However, one day, in an obsessive and possessive argument, he purposefully hurts her, breaking one of her bones. She plans on going to court, to get him arrested and/or get a restraining order. However, there's no real proof that he was the one that hurt her, and he gets off without jail time and without a restraining order. Is this very plausible? Or are there loopholes that I'm not considering? At once, I find it hard to believe that someone could get away with that, but it happens, right?

(no subject)

what was the reason for the last time you were pulled over? did you get a ticket or did he/she let you go?

dk/dc/never been pulled over: how's your relationship with your mom?

(no subject)

Have you ever been to Japan? How was it? Was it a lot more expensive? How important is it to know Japanese? How much do you think it would cost for a week long vacation?

Sorry for all the questions, I am very curious and would really like to go one day.
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Poll #1669437 Who would win?

Gandalf the White vs Albus Dumbledore?

Gandalf the White
Albus Dumbledore

Legolas vs Robin Hood?

Robin Hood

Aragorn vs King Arthur?

King Arthur

Smeagol vs Dobby the House Elf?

Dobby the House Elf

Will you post more who-would-win-in-a-fight questions in the comments?

(no subject)

Inspired by my cousin asking this on facebook:   Does baby oil smell like babies, or do babies smell like baby oil?

dk/dc What was the last status update in your  facebook feed that made you wonder if the poster was trying to tell people something?
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So, dear TQCers, I was stumbling along when stumbleupon gave me this site here:


And I have no idea what it is. To be honest it's kinda freaked me out. :/
have you ever come across something like this before?
If you have any thoughts to share or any light to shed on the subject, I'd appreciate it a lot.

PS, if you take off the forum.htm bit you go to a completely different site.
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Are you paranoid about expiration dates?

I'm drinking a Redbull that expired in June 2010 and I feel like I should be scared or something. Why do expiration dates do that to me?

I usually throw things away, even when just a few days passed the date.

can_i_eat_this is great for that though and it's funny to read sometimes.

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Did you watch The Tudors?

I've been watching it on BBC America and am at the end of season two. Is the rest of the series just as good as what I've seen so far?

If you have the dvds, how often do you watch them? I'm thinking about asking for them for my birthday, but I'm not sure.
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(no subject)

My doctor took one look at my throat today and said "Yeah, that's strep" and prescribed me antibiotics, which I proceeded to take around 2:30.  However, the doctor's office just called to say that my strep test came back negative, but they want me to keep taking the antibiotics.  TQC, should I keep taking them?  I don't want to take them if they're not necessary...I have a horrible immune system as it is, and I don't want my body to be unable to fight off even more crap.  Do you think they'll help, even if it isn't strep?

What's your favorite soda/pop/fizzywater/whatever you call it?
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weird phone charge

We just got a phone bill today with a weird charge on it. Apparently my father has been getting this for several months but didn't do anything about it because of my mother's death. Anyway, he called up to find out what the deal was, and apparently it's a celebrity info thing. They had MY name and e-mail address, but this was sent to my father's phone bill. The name on the phone bill said "NewsandInfo". Does anyone know what this is all about? Is this some kind of scam, and does anyone know what site that refers to? My father wound up paying $16 a month for this for several months. Also, it couldn't really have been me because I was in the hospital for several months this year.

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I'm trying to get on forever 21's website on my new laptop. It says that I have to enable cookies and gave me a bunch of steps to follow. I did the steps and it still won't let me on the site. What am I doing wrong?
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Today, I found out I've been hired as a biologist for an aquarium in Birmingham, Alabama. So yay for me!

The thing is, I've been looking at the Birmingham craigslist and the pickings are slim for places to live. It also doesn't help that it's only a temp job (four months), and I don't have a car so I'd have to live within walking/biking/bus taking distance from downtown.

So where are some places I can look online for rooms to rent?

EDIT: Also, what's it like in Birmingham? I'm from San Francisco, the furthest south I've ever gone is Austin, Texas, so I don't know a lot about that area.

Thanks, TQC!
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For those with pets, what is their weirdest habit/quirk?

Inspired by our cheese-obsessed cat. If you pinch your fingers together and walk toward the door where she's fed, she will go insane and run after you meowing. You can show her that your hand is empty, let her smell your fingers, and she will still do it two seconds later. She also went nuts over my brother's yellow USB drive once, thinking it was cheese.
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What Would You Do?

There's a dance class you've been meaning to try for awhile now. You've found two options:

A. A class less than 10 minutes away that costs $15

B. A class almost an hour away that is free

This is a class that you've never taken before, and money IS a concern.

Poll #1669464 Which Class?

Which dance class would you attend?

The closer, $15 class
The further away but free class
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On QVC and similar home shopping channels, when they have callers talking ot the presenters: When the caller places their order does the operator ask if they'd like to talk on tv after you place your order? Or...how does that work?

(no subject)

do you watch Skins?

if so, how pissed are you about the american re-make? (the acting was terrible and they replaced Maxxie, the gay boy, with a lesbian cheerleader.. annoyingly, to attract more viewers i'm sure.)

don't get me wrong, i love lesbians, but they're everywhere on tv right now. it bothers me that it's so much more acceptable for two women to be romantic on tv than two men. the only gay guys on prime time that stick out to me are cam and mitchell on modern family and they never even kiss.. ever.. while callie and arizona practically fuck each other in every other episode of greys.


what's up?
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(no subject)

You're at a charity function at a nice house. A pianist is playing music in the cocktail area.

What songs, if any, do you request to hear?

What are some songs a pianist should be prepared to play at events like these?
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Tonights Movie Is....

What should I watch first Knockaround Guys with Vin Diesel, Seth Green, Barry Pepper and Andrew Davoli or Takers with Paul Walker, Idris Elba, Michael Ealy, Chris Brown and Hayden Christensen?

And the winner is?

Knockaround Guys
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(no subject)

Does anyone know of any good Kirby fanfiction? Specifically, for an autistic 14-year-old who is learning to read but hates it, and loves Kirby.

What was the last thing that annoyed you? I asked for salsa on my taco salad and he put on BBQ sauce instead. Wtf? It was still good though.

(no subject)

I had my first day at a new job today and was doing really well until about four thirty, when I realized that I wasn't going to get the day's order done in time and by myself (the manager and the other admin assistant had left by that point, and the only other person on with me was answering phones and helping customers up front). So I got really upset and stressed because the customer was sitting up front waiting, and I just couldn't work fast enough because I wasn't familiar enough with the equipment. And the other guy came up at quarter of six (I was meant to leave at 5:30 but stayed to get a little bit more done) and said I could go, but I just feel so bad and useless. Am I going to get flayed tomorrow because I didn't get everything done by myself? Am I being too hard on myself? I just want to be good at my job and it frustrates me when I'm new and can't get everything done that I'd like to.

(no subject)

What should I make for Superbowl Sunday?

bbq sandwiches
sloppy joes

I will be the only one enjoying it.

ETA: oh damn I forgot to put gumbo. maybe I should redo the poll.
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(no subject)

How often do you change your default user picture?

Every two or so months.

What's something that you hate that everyone else seems to like?

The Big Bang Theory. Ugh, it annoys me so much.

(no subject)

TQC, do you have local musicians or bands that you're not sure of their nationwide popularity? For instance, I'm not sure how popular Wiz Khalifa is in the rest of the country, but he's pretty popular here because he's from here. Same with the Clarks. Have you people ever even heard of the Clarks?

Will you post some music from a local band that you like?

(no subject)

Do you keep the swing tags from clothes you buy?

Do you think keeping swing tags from all the clothes you've bought is a little weird?

ETA: A swing tag is the tag that's attached to a garment with info like the brand, style name or number, size, price, barcode and stuff on it.

What do you guys usually call swing tags?
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(no subject)

TQC, will you post your profile from a dating site (active or not) so we can assess your date-ability?

Pretty please with powdered sugar on?

FIIIINE be like that! Will you post a photo so we can assess your date-ability, purely on a superficial level?

aaannd closing my cross out tag now
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(no subject)

People with siblings: do you date people of your preferred gender who have the same name as any of your siblings? Do you avoid doing so? Why?

Only children or others: Will you tell me your favorite song lyric of ALL TIME?
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(no subject)

What is your favorite Pepperidge Farm Entertaining cookie?

I do not like these cookies
I have never had these cookies
I like a different kind of cookie from the same brand

eknock, Ash

(no subject)

Did you watch the show extreme couponing? Do you use coupons? Also, what did we all think of the people on the show?

DK/DC: Tell me what good books to buy at chapters. I'm looking for some for Cuba! I'll read anything except sci-fi, history, etc. Yes, I'm boring. Also, do you like Hawaiian Tropic?
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Undercover Boss

So the second US series of Undercover Boss just started airing in NZ. They changed the alibi for this series, but I couldn't keep from thinking that it's not the same. Now I've seen the first series, I would immediately suspect any middle-aged joker who rocked up to my workplace with a TV crew in tow and started trying out entry-level jobs. Especially when I got summoned to head office to "cast my vote" when I'd only seen one candidate (the alibi this time is that two people are competing for a job in the company.)

So the question is, those of you who've watched the series, would you suspect? And what do you think of the show, anyway?

(no subject)

My Christmas presents from my Mum and Dad arrived today!  The package took over a month to cross the Atlantic ocean and get to me.  Lord knows why it took that long, but hurrah!

My question:

What did YOU get in the mail today? 

(no subject)

I miss all the dating site posts!

So I have a question about pictures. What kind of pictures on dating sites do you HATE? What kind of pictures are you surprised to see?

I hate Myspace bathroom pictures. like...dude. Take the time to do it in a hallway or something, okay?

Also it surprises me how many people put pictures of themselves smoking a joint/bong/with weed. Like...I would keep that on the downlow, mmkay?
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(no subject)

So I've been listen to Where's My Money (Caspa Remix) on repeat for the last.....2 hours. This is getting ridiculous but I can't stop, suggestions on better/newer/other song to stick on repeat.

DK/DC: What was the last song you played on repeat to the point you killed it?
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(no subject)

So if you read my post from earlier today, you might have gathered that I'm sick right now.

I had to work today, and when my coworker found out I was sick, she stopped by her local market and Collapse )

So, TQC, when was the last time somebody did something really awesome for you? Did it catch you off guard?
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

What is your bedtime routine? How much would it bother you if you couldn't do every part of it? Would you still be able to get to sleep?

First about an hour before bed I drink a mug of sleepytime tea or a mug of hot chocolate. Then when it's close to bedtime I remove my makeup, wash my face, moisturize my face, change into pjs, put cocoa butter on my feet, lavender lotion on my hands, and put on cocoa butter lip balm. Then I refill the cats' water bowls, set my alarms, take my nighttime meds, and then put on an episode Star Trek. I would be bothered very very much, but I could still fall asleep.

(no subject)

I surf random lj images using http://www.fuzzysquid.com/LJ.php . I've been seeing a lot of pictures lately of people in bathing suits descending icy steps into open water hacked from frozen rivers. All the sources are in Cyrillic, leaving me puzzled and confused. There seem to be priests of some sort involved.

Is there some sort of Russian Orthodox polar-bear swim festival going on?

Jay & Silent Bob

(no subject)

I'm making a set of mix cd's with the theme of: grief, rest and recovery.

Can you share some songs that you would apply? Links to songs/videos would be AMAZING and helpful if you can spare the time.

Grief- I'm looking for the saddest, darkest sounding songs, whether or not they relate specifically to grief. (Examples that work for me: River Waltz by Alexandre Desplat, some CocoRosie, New World by Devotchka, Westfall by Okkervil River, This Place is A Prison by The Postal Service, All the Wild Horses by Ray LaMontagne, The End of the World by Skeeter Davis, Skeletons by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, certain songs from Eternal Sunshine...)

Rest- Still sad, but more calm and/or neutral. (Songs that work for me: Edge of the World by Josh Ritter, Freely by Devendra Banhart, certain songs from Where the Wild Things Are.)

Recovery- I haven't gotten around to this one yet. But if anything comes to your mind as to what you might listen to, please share. =)