January 17th, 2011

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Inspired by this thread, do you think it's weird to have a bunch of friends who have never met each other? How many separate groups of friends do you have, and how do you categorize them?

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Also, should I keep watching Ghost World, which just started, or start watching season 5 of Dexter? (I finished season 4 this evening... OMG D:)
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This girl who tormented me in middle and high school keeps attempting to friend me on facebook. She'll friend me, I'll deny it, then three months later she'll try again. This has been going on for two years or so. I finally caved six or so months ago, and friended her. Two weeks later, she defriended me. Now, she has sent me YET ANOTHER request. At this point, should I message her and ask her why she is so persistent in friending me? I'm really curious. She bullied me for about seven years.

Now a question for the ladies: can you scream like in bad horror movies? I really want to try to see if I can, but can't think of a situation or a place I could try.

For the fellas: Do you have a neckbeard? Is it the result of a style you were aiming for, or are you lazy?
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TQC, oh my god, I start school on Tuesday but I think I'm dying.  Will hookers and blow cure my illness so I'm not lying in a pool of vomit during my first week of classes?  Or do you have another miracle get-better remedy?

I asked yesterday or sometime, idk I'm sick, time doesn't exist right now about daily happy affirmations.  My boyfriend says I should include "I am not a shark" as one of my affirmations.  Would you consider this a positive daily affirmation, or would that just make you sad?
(also, I'm still totally open to more affirmations.  Ones similar to "I am not a shark" would make me feel less sick.)
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So, iTunes is confusing me. I have redeemed my giftcard and I spent most of the money about a month ago. I have about $3 left and i want to buy a couple songs. But iTunes is being stupid and keeps bring up this box that asks about what form of credit I want to use. (Card, paypal, none.)
I assume checking none means I will be using my gift card credit, correct?
But why does it want to send me billing info if I'm paying with money I already have?
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Fun with Trivial Annoyances!

 What is something completely trivial or petty that annoys the heck out of you?

I work at an aquarium. At first this matter didn't bother me, but after a year and a half, I don't want to stand anywhere near the coral reef exhibit. Why? Because the CONSTANT outbursts of "NEMO NEMO NEMO IT'S NEMO! NEMO AND DOOOOOORY!" are starting to really chafe my eardrums. I pretty much wish we didn't have those fish, but they're easy keepers. 

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A question for all you car people out there...

Which vehicle do you prefer and why?
-Chevy Cobalts
-P. T. Cruisers
-Saturn Ions
-Ford Focuses

Used, they are all within my price range and they all have decent mileage.

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I fell down the stairs and consequently have damaged ligaments in my ankle. Which means I am lucky enough to be able to do nothing more than lie down and keep my leg rested. However, I underestimated how boring this is. TQC, what are some (stationary) things I can do to keep my mind busy?
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TQC, Decide my life!

Currently I'm in the Business Administration studies program at my school, and have almost all of my basic requirements completed except for math. I cannot sit through and focus on numbers for long periods of time which makes the hard part (math) of my degree extremely difficult to get through.

Recently I've become extremely interested in Social Economics, and started looking into social economics degrees, but it doesn't seem like they're just general like the Business Administration is. Instead I'd have to choose behaviorial sciences like Anthoropology, or Political Sciences, Sociology, or straight up Economics.

In the BA degree I would have to take elementary calc or advanced stats anyway so I feel like switching to a social sciences economics degree wouldn't be that big of a change, but I'm just so intimidated by the math that it is holding me back from moving forward with this.

How can I get over my fear of math?

Should I just give up on this idea, and continue trudging along with my current course of study? Would it really be that much of a change anyway?

I'd make more money as an economoist in the long run, but am scared about how long it will take me to get there.
I currently work in an administrative position, as well as public relations so the practical application of these degree's is already in motion, but which one should I do?

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There's this weird thing I keep experiencing...

So, basically, some music makes me literally sick.  Two songs that come to mind are Man in the Box by Alice in Chains and This Love by Pantera. In the case of the first song, I got sick to my stomach the first time I heard it and still do on occasion. In the second case, I actually listened the crap out of the song (<3)...and then I began to feel nauseous every time I turned it on. The sickness subsides when the songs end/I turn them off.

So, has anyone had a similar experience? And wtf?

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TQC, I had a dream last night where I made lettuce wraps for my gluten-intolerant friend. I'm meant to be making him dinner tonight and the lettuce wraps seem like a really good idea. What should I put in them?

Do you know what gluten intolerance entails? It seems like a lot of people don't.

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The Loughner trial will probably be moved to San Diego. How much will this suck for my city, TQC?

dk/dc/omg stop talking about that!: Should I do my internship term paper on Sudanese refugees, or Burmese refugees? This week I'm going to start assisting in the ESL classes, where there would be more Burmese. But Sudan has been in the news lately, and that will make gathering sources easier.

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Have you ever tried fasting? If so what do you think about it?

What has been your most effective method of weight loss?

EDIT: Is there a name for the diet where you eat a lot of small things like 5 or 6 times a day instead of 3 meals? I've heard that method is really effective too.
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Do you plan your meals in advance? I'm trying to because I want to be a better grocery shopper (I tend to just buy fruits, veggies, soymilk, and cereal every time I go and wonder why I don't have anything to eat) but I'm lacking inspiration.

Wireless Headphones

Any recommendations for/experience with wireless (infrared) headphones/transmitters?  Looking for something to use with TV, so hifi is not that big an issue, but operating angle should be around 90 degrees to accommodate multiple viewers/listeners.
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How's the weather today? It's irritatingly hot here; it feels like summer even though it's winter.

What's a good face cream? My face has been feeling dry lately.

Chemistry, biology, or physics?

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What do you think about Michael Jackson?

On an unrelated note if you had to classify yourself (punk, hipster, prep, nerd) what would you say you were in high school?

I think Michael Jackson was an amazing person and I was a 'goth'/video game nerd/drama geek.

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1)What is bothering you today?

I always feel weird about the annual MLK day Grizzles(a basketball team) game.

2)Why are you bummed?

Don't wanna go to work tomorrow.

3)I don't get people who only stream on netflix. Most of their movies aren't avaliable on streaming. If you're a streamer only, please explain?

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Will you validate me please TQC?

I posted yesterday about my house sitter, today she texted me and told me she wanted $225 for three full days and two half days.

My two dogs are fully potty trained and I have a huge fenced in back yard, so she doesn't even have to walk them.

Is this ridiculous or is it just me?

Edit: There is ZERO house cleaning, chores, anything else she has to do besides let the dogs out and love them up a little bit.
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I was having a discussion about this with my dad, so now I'm asking you folks.

If Seinfeld and Friends were THE shows of the 90's what show was THE show of the 00's?

Why do you think so?
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If you could live your life as a character from a television show, what show, what character, and why?

You would have everything they had in the TV show, personality, property, looks, drama, etc.

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I told my co-workers that when I dropped below 200 pounds I would bring treats. Someone gave me a recipe for black bean brownies. I got the mix for low-fat brownies, and I'm using reduced sodium beans. I just found out that because of all the starchiness of brownies, these treats will be 200 calories each... Should I still make them? 
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I'm in a long distance relationship that I have been in for over a year. He says that he wants to marry me, have a family with me etc. But the soonest he says this will happen is 5-12 years. I don't know if I can/should wait that long for this to happen - it seems insane. Have you/are you in a long distance relationship? Did you ever get in the same place? Did it work out after all the waiting?

picture frame dilema

I have this picture frame and I can't seem to get it open. I've rotated the silver clasp both ways, and tried to slide it up and down but nothing opens it. It is by Francesca Moretti and I believe it was purchased at Target. I would really like to put a photo in this frame.
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TQC, how do I open this frame?

EDIT:: The silver clasp doesn't move at all. It doesn't budge.

EDIT 2:: Solved by yesterday_laugh!
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What are some essential business casual clothing combos you like to wear to work? 

Would you show me some outfits that could fit be business casual and maybe dressed up for business professional settings? 
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I just bought a package of nose screws at Claire's. I know their jewelry is known for not being high-quality but I've had my nose piercing for 3+ years without any complications at all. The jewelry is some sort of colored metal, but it doesn't say what type on the package. It looks like titanium but I'm pretty sure it isn't.

What are the odds my nose will fall off?
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What is troubling you right now?
What are you avoiding right now?
What is the most emotional music video you've ever seen?

My algebra 2 homework is troubling me at the moment and I am also avoiding it to the best of my abilities. :/

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How does one know if an interest of theirs is worth pursuing more intensively (as in through school and such)?

For example, I love food, the culinary world, watch Top Chef religiously (and sometimes even watch old seasons over and over), I read about the food world etc. I love looking at cookbooks, but don't necessarily get to cook much because my kitchen is TINY (I live in NYC) and I don't have a lot of cooking utensils/supplies.

Do I just trust my instinct? Am I supposed to feel a "calling" for it deep within myself?
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Today I had chicken risotto with white wine and tiramisu for lunch. It was totally DELICIOUS and I fell asleep for two hours when I got home.

What did you eat today?

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I have a huge exam that I'm guaranteed to fail on Thursday.

I have a term paper due next week that I haven't begun research for.

I have a 5-minute presentation due at 10 AM that I have conceptualized.

I am like 20,000 words behind on my JanNoWriMo deadline.

I've only been awake for 8 hours but I totally feel like going to bed.

What do you suggest I do?

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 What are some odd food combinations you like?

I like to put potato chips in soup, or dip them in pop. 

I had a friend once who likes to crumble cool ranch doritios on mint chocolate chip ice cream. 


What sites do people like? Or are they all bad?

I broke up with the person I was seeing and moved to a new city for work. It's like Pleasantville out here, all happy families and married couples, like no single bars or 'scene.'

Any dating sites that aren't terribly awful? I went on Match for a day and it was kind of sad - the people on there seemed slightly desperate... almost as if they live their entire lives to craft the perfect Match profile, if that makes sense.

So I left that BS and haven't tried anything since.
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The guy I've been boning the past few months just suddenly started having wang issues the other night. At first I thought it was something I did, but he felt really bad and was super embarrassed. I want to help the guy out but don't know what to do.

Have you ever been with a guy that had erectile dysfunction? If so, what did you do to fix it? srs/non-srs answers are appreciated! 
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Do you get overwhelmed with how quickly TQC gets new posts in? Sometimes I am, but I usually love how it's always filled with some new question to answer.

Also, how often do you reply to a post? And what makes you reply to a post? A lot of times I don't answer a question because of laziness.

Lastly, what do you recommend to watch on Netflix Watch Instantly? I'm not into rom/coms. I'm more into psychological thrillers, some action, classics, mystery, non-stupid comedies, etc. Maybe even horror (I'm alone though so I don't know if I'd want to watch it now).

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A shout* out to all you sociology, psychology, gender studies type minded people!

I am taking a 'Performing Masculinities' (The Mens' studies of WGST) class. We have to do a paper analyzing a movie, but a lot of them are military minded, overdone, fringe, or are just incredibly pretentious (Some examples are: Casino Royale, Milk, Fight Club, Apocalypse Now, No Country For Old Men...). I stay away from military, and I would like to do something more obscure or fun for my review.

My SO wants me to do The Big Lebowski or Commando. Any ideas? srs/nonsrs is fine!

Ex-Friend Ettiquette

If a friendship ends and you still have some of the ex-friend's stuff, what do you do with it?

I had a friendship end recently. I was still working on something to give the ex-friend. She bought the materials, which were fairly pricey, so I feel a bit bad about keeping the stuff. However sending them back with no explanation seems too drama-laden.
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Do you make hot cocoa from scratch? What do you put in yours? Any fancy/special flavors?

I make mine with cocoa powder, soymilk, agave nectar, a splash of vanilla, a couple shakes of cinnamon, and one shake of cayenne pepper.
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Who broke AIM?

Why is my IM suddenly broken? I was chatting with my fiance on AIM, and all of a sudden, the connection timed out, and I can't log back in. Is anyone else having this problem?

It seems to have fixed itself as of 9:30 est. Nope, it's borked again.

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Is there any sort of headboard I could buy for this type of bed? Wall-mounted headboards are not possible. I need to be able to sit up when I am in bed so I don't fall asleep while reading etc.

ETA: It needs to be attachable/removable somehow because I don't own the furniture.

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I heard a rat in my trash (D: D: D: D:) so I put a cardboard box top on top with a bunch of empty wine bottles so it can't get out.

How long do you think it will be until it's safe to take the top off and throw out the trash (ie when will this fucker die)? Can I do it in the morning? Tomorrow night?

I do not want a scared/angry rat running at me plz.

edit: fine I took the box off. sigh.

I can't believe I just put on boots and carried an open trash can all the way around the block in my pajamas for you animal-loving freaks.

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Hey TQC, will you help me pick another  book to read?

Poll #1669180 Books 2
This poll is closed.

Which book should I read next?

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde-Robert Louis Stevenson
Frankenstein-Mary Shelly
The Time Machine/The Invisible Man-H.G. Wells
The Call of the Wild/White Fang-Jack London
Dracula-Bram Stoker
Jane Eyre-Charlotte Bronte
The Brothers Karamazov-Fydor Dostoevsky

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Any tips on how to end a long-term (two years) relationship nicely? We still love each other but our relationship has reached a dead end, we have too many problems that we bury and ignore instead of working out like adults, and I've met someone else who I know could treat me 9999x better. I don't want this to end in screaming and fighting, but I'm scared that's the way a breakup has to be. Help?
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1. How often do you see your stylist? If you don't have a stylist, who does your hair?
I go to my stylist once a month.

2. How often do you get your eyebrows done?
I used to go every other week but I walk there, and now it's *just* far enough of a walk that it's too cold to go at all =( I need to find a new eyebrow lady with a parking lot...

3. How often do you get your nails done?
Never, I do my own. I don't like getting manicures.
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How good are you at do-it-yourself repairs? Are you careful and calculating, or do you tend to do more hack jobs?

I miraculously brought my damn hearing aid back from the dead by brushing, blowing, and sticking pointy objects places that I shouldn't have. Holy cow, whatever I did has made it amazingly louder than ever before. It's also screaming feedback if anyone gets within a ten-foot radius, though. Hmm.

Do you cook? If so, are you a recipe-follower or do you prefer to throw in a pinch of this and a dash of that and see where it leads you?

My "kitchen sink" recipes are infamous. I take a "kitchen sink" approach to nearly everything. It very rarely takes me astray.

Figuratively speaking, do you dot your "i"s and cross your "t"s, or do you consider a job done to be a job done well enough?

Generally if I'm doing it, it needs to be perfect.

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Can liquid pass through your throat when you're unconscious, or do you have to be awake for you to allow liquid to pass through?

Sorry I meant when you pass out  or faint not sleeping or in a coma.

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i was supposed to go see my fwb tonight uhhh around this time. he didn't sleep yesterday and i think he passed out around noon today and has been asleep or something but he definitely hasn't been answering his phone since then.

tqc am i still gonna get laid tonight? :(

eta: jk he just woke up :)

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My roommate accidentally deleted all of my online bookmarks, including the massive list of recipes I've accumulated over the past year.

TQC, will you link me to your favorite recipe and/or food blog?