January 16th, 2011



Have you ever repressed something(say from childhood), only to have it come back YEARS later?

What did you do about it?

I feel like that may be what happened but I mean even if you DO fully remember what has been repressed, what are you supposed to do with this new (possibly monumental) information?
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What's the name of those little colored sheaths you can put on your cat's claws? Can I find them at any regular old Petsmart? How hard are they to get on, and how long do they last?

We recently bought a new couch set, and my sister's freaking out and wanting to get rid of my cats so they don't claw at it. But no.

ETA: Thanks for the help guys!
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I live with my parents, and each of us has one dog. We all take care of them fairly equally, but are financially responsible only for the one that belongs to that person (so I only pay for food and vet bills for mine).

Today, while under my mom's supervision, my dog stepped on her dog and hurt her dog's leg and now has to go to the emergency vet ($$$).

In this situation, who do you feel should be financially responsible? I feel like it should be split, but I think she is going to try and make me pay for it.

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This coming semester is my last semester at my community college. I'll have an associates in psychology in May. However, I am changing my major when I transfer in the fall to a university. I'm changing it to cellular and molecular biology. I'll already have a lot of the core classes and a few others (~66 credit hours transfer) so I guess I'm going to jump right into classes for my major, which are A LOT of science classes.

Is this going to kick my ass?
Has anyone here taken a full load of just science classes in one semester? How did that go?
Is this a stupid decision? D:

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My SO believes she may be gluten intolerant, so she is going to be going gluten-free for a while to see if that helps. For those of you who are gluten-free or have experience with this, do you have any advice for her? Any foods to avoid that wouldn't be obvious? Any gluten-free bread brands that you recommend?

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Why was tqc_anon shut down?

Alternatively, what is the ONE beauty/grooming product you could notwould prefer not to live without? (Assume that basic hygiene stuff is taken care of (soap, shampoo, conditioner, razors, etc), but not vanity-related stuff.

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classes for the spring semester start on tuesday and all the classes i need are full. my friend suggested that i just go to the class, sit down, and speak with the professor after to see if s/he'll let me in. have you tried this? any success?

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What should I do on my birthday on Wednesday, before dinner (since my parents will probably take me out to dinner)?

I don't have much money to spend, being unemployed.
I'll be doing whatever alone.
I live in suburbs of Chicago.

Right now I was planning on sleeping, job searching, and redeeming free birthday vouchers at local restaurants (e.g. drink at Caribou Coffee, ice cream from Culver's).

Also, what restaurants/businesses offer free stuff on your birthday?

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Have you ever gotten back into playing an instrument or doing a hobby that you used to do, but took time off from? What was it like? Was it hard to pick it up again, or was it "just like that"?

I'm thinking of starting to play the violin again. What song should I learn how to play?
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so i've started teaching myself to draw. i've taken a lot of art classes and i'm in design school so i know the basics, but i haven't done a lot of figure drawing, and i want to be able to draw people (goal is to be able to do digitally manipulated illustrations i guess).

do you know of any good online resources, tutorials, etc.? especially about proportions of the human body, muscles, online models for figure drawing, etc. or any other tips/techniques? right now i'm just keeping a sketchbook and doodling tutorials an hour or so per day.

will you post links to illustrators you like?

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TQC, I got this for my nephew and it turned out to be the biggest piece of shit ever. I returned it and told him I'd get him a better set, but it's been 2 weeks I can't find one anywhere that isn't just flat tracks, which he already has.

What's the coolest train set ever and where did you find it? Bonus points if it works with thomas(?) table tracks and I can buy it in-store today instead of ordering it online.

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Paging Dr TQC;

I just finished cleaning the fuck out of my bathroom a half hour or so ago, and I can still smell the "Scrub Free w/ Bleach" cleaning spray I used in the tub (I can also smell Play-Doh, wtf?). I feel slightly dizzy, but my eyes/nose/throat/lungs don't feel like they're burning. It's more annoying than anything else. I've got all the windows open and the bathroom fan running so it will air out.

I'm still going to die a horrible death from bleach inhalation, y/n?

(inb4 Drink Bleach, Trip Balls Advice Dog macro)

I'm trying to write a new prose/poetry piece to read tonight and I'm hitting a huge mental block. Will you offer me inspiration/abuse so I can get writing already?

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I start my first proper job after a year and a half tomorrow...I have done thestyle of job before but I am feeling fairly intimidated..its also for one of the BIGGEST companies in Australia


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 You're filling out an online application form, and it says 'deadline for applications is Monday 17th January'.

Do you take this to mean it has to be in by midnight on the Sunday night, or before midnight on the Monday night? 
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Help my ham'n'noodle casserole

Will you help me figure out how to round out my casserole?

I've got a lot of ham left from a spiral-cut ham. I had cut the ham off the bone and put it in the freezer to have later for leftovers, and today is "later" and I figured I'll casserole it. The ham is in the microwave thawing now. I've got a pot of water heating to cook noodles (probably rotini, but I have other shapes) in. I'll put the noodles and the ham in a dutch oven and put that in the oven, but what else should I add, and what sort of sauce?

I've got cans of premixed chicken & turkey gravy, and cream of mushroom soup. I've got milk and grated cheese and parmesan cheese. I've got carrots and potatoes and onions. I've got canned tomatoes. I've got stuffing mix. I've got eggs.

Where do I go with this?


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So I'm really indecisive as to what to do right now.

I need a shower, so I thought I might as well go to the gym soon and THEN shower. But then I remembered that I promised someone that I'd cook lasagna for them, and the time it takes to cook it is 3 hours. I either have tonight or tomorrow to do it because I go back to work on Tuesday (and I'm busy on evenings during the weekdays).

I plan on going to the gym tomorrow for a class at 6:45 anyways, so should I skip the gym tonight and just cook the lasagna?
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Non-Profit Organizations

For a university film course, I am required to find three non-profit organizations in Dallas who would be willing to work with the class to create a 5 to 7 minute piece on their charity/program/event.

I've been looking up several on the "Volunteer Match" website my professor gave me, but I haven't had much luck. The muscular dystrophy and lupus walks I support aren't until March or April and we need to shoot by the end of February.

I would rather not do SPCA or something regarding cancer because while I support those fully, they are commonly done in this class and I need something unique for my reel.

TQC, are there any non-profit organizations/charities you recommend I look at for this project?
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My friend just moved back home and is having a hard time adjusting to living with her parents again. I'm pretty far away from her right now, so I want to send her a care package. What should I put in it?

dk/dc: Have you ever been to Costa Rica? What was it like? Are there any foods customs etc that you noticed were uniquely Costa Rican?

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this is the stupidest question ever but how do i use print screen? i pressed it and it didnt work then i tried like a combo of shift print screen, ctrl print screen, alt print screen. not working D:

*im pressing ctrl + V on paint* not working

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What is your dream career? Are you living it? If not, then what are you doing?
*I want to be either a video game designer or the weather girl lol. so im majoring in telecommunication and double minoring in both video game design and meteorology*

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I am going away from Sunday-Thursday. My house sitter will be staying here, taking care of my dogs. I have a fenced in yard, she just has to let 'em out and in and feed and water them, and the plants haha.

She told me it 'doesn't matter to her' but I really have no idea how much to pay!

So, how much do I pay her?

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Are groceries returnable if they haven't been opened?

I bought a shitload of groceries to make a lasagna, only to realize that I'm a fucking failure in the kitchen and don't even want to try making it anymore.

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Would you ever adopt a child vs. giving birth? Why or why not? If you had a child, would you ever adopt (If you want another one, of course)?

I feel like I would rather help a child already existing than bring another one in this world.

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If there was no such thing as the internet, what would you be doing?

Also out of curiosity, would you be able to give up the internet for an entire month?

Just thought of these questions because I might be without the internet for a few days to a week, so I'm just thinking about what I'd do with all the free time since I'm usually online when i'm at home.

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when i brought the new cat home last week, my pre-existing cat was hissy and growling and generally mean to her, and she would cower in the corner.. now, he gets in her face even a little bit and she smacks him! what's going on here?

do your pets like each other?

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Dr. TQC - On a scale of 1-10 how concerned should I be about my husband (age 63)? He got up from sitting on the bed for a while and collapsed to the floor. He says his "legs gave out" on him. I happened to walk in just as he was getting up and it is a good thing I did. He grabbed onto his dresser on the way down and almost pulled it and the TV down on top of him but I caught it. He has had back trouble for years. He thinks it was a muscle spasm. After a few moments he got up and said he was fine. Not sure I believe him. I have had two spinal surgeries and lots of muscle spasms, but never collapsed on the floor. He keeps saying he is fine, no need to call the doc. Opinions?

ETA: He has talked me out of going to the docs right now but I told him if it happens again he is going in, and I'm keeping my eye on him.

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friend:haha to bad baby bears can't play like this. go bears fuck the cubs. ahahahaha
his friend:TOO Bad by the way, if you're going to insult the third largest fanbase in baseball, at least use proper grammer.
me:if you're going to insult somebody on their grammar, you should at least spell G-R-A-M-M-A-R correctly.

when was the last time you felt like you completely "schooled" somebody?

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Is there something/someone who has been getting on your nerves for doing something that's not that big of a deal at all but makes you irrationally pissed off and you want to shake them till they explode? Who/what?
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I am going to an animal shelter tomorrow to check out dogs with my mom! What are the chances I will fall madly in love with a dog there and cry when we have to leave without it? Because I feel like that could happen.

We're planning on looking at a schnauzer mix and a poodle in particular while we're there. I've never been to an animal shelter to adopt; we bought our last dog from a breeder when I was only in second grade. What should I expect?

What are some great toys/beds/leads/collars that you have if you have a dog? We still have Snowball's collar and food/water dishes, but they're kind of a memorial to him, and when we do get a dog I'd like to get some new stuff.

I'm planning a budget of $100 a month for dog food, supplies, and grooming (although I have a friend who grooms her own dogs and she told me she'd be happy to teach me/help out). Too little? My mother was originally going to pay for the food, but I know she'd go with a lower quality dog food and I'm pretty set on getting a higher grade one, so I told her if she just is able to pay vet bills I can do the monthly upkeep.

dk/dc/ew dogs: How organized is your closet? I just cleaned mine and it is packed full but so so clean, which is nice.
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I'm sorry, but it's gonna be a boring college/school related post!

Has anyone here ever left their first university to take a break or to go to a different school?
If you have would you elaborate on the situation for me?

I just started the second semester of my freshman year at college and basically I am really unhappy here to the point where I don't want to give this school a full year, I want to get back home and into my local community college like NOW.
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Do you prefer white meat chicken or dark meat chicken?

White Meat
Dark Meat
I am a soulless heathen and I do not eat chicken
It doesn't really matter to me

Is it unreasonable to expect all white meat chicken when I'm paying 15$ at an expensive restaurant?

I don't care

What is your opinion of Olive Garden?

It's great!
It's good!
It's alright...
I don't care for it
I hate it
I have never been
I have no opinion

My husband and I went on a date tonight. We were going to go to Olive Garden because I had a coupon but they were packed so we went to a Japanese restaurant. My tempura was all dark meat chicken. :C

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Did you know that we dream everynight, around every hour while we're asleep?
Those who claim they "haven't dreamed" last night simply forgot their dreams.

So have you ever encountered something that seemed dejavu, realizing that it had never actually happened?

I am baffled by the human brain.
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Has anyone here ever owned a 2000ish Hyundai Santa Fe?

ETA (cause I wanted to ask this question and then I forgot):  Is there anywhere online that you can enter in what you do with a computer and they suggest a machine that would be good for you?

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If you were in a bathroom and accidentally knocked someone else's toothbrush off the shelf/out of the holder and it fell onto the floor, what would you do?

Would you put the toothbrush back and pretend that it never happened?

or tell the person what happened to their toothbrush (maybe leaving a note if they're not around), so that they can decide if they still want to use it?

What if it fell into the toilet?

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Lisa and Brian want to go on a trip together and are splitting the hotel cost, which is $200. Lisa has $100 worth of reward points from her credit card she can redeem for a hotel gift card.

Which is more fair?

A. Lisa redeems her points for a $100 hotel gift card, and that is her contribution to the cost. Brian pays the remaining $100.

B. Lisa redeems her points for the gift card, and Lisa and Brian split the remaining cost, $50 each. So Brian ends up paying $50, Lisa pays $50 along with the $100 gift card.