January 15th, 2011


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TQC, my mother is extremely offended by the fact I don't like the idea of being drunk around her, (and subsequently that means I would feel uncomfortable having her at my hypothetical hen night). Am I missing something here or is she being unreasonable? I think she wants me to feel guilty, but I can't change how I feel.
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TQC, what should I watch?

I can no decide.

Dexter Season 2
Weeds Season 4
A few random episodes of Futurama (which?)
The Boondock Saints
Find something on TV.
If you've seen it, how do you feel about The Boondock Saints II? If a third is made (given the cliffhanger at the end of the second movie), will you see it?

The Photos

I've had little luck finding anything by The Photos online to download. I'm thinking its ok to ask because I believe their stuff is out of print for a long time now. British sort of post-punk band from the early 80s.
If i'm wrong then direction to where I can buy it would be swell too.
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The following movies have been nominated for the Golden Globes this year:

Best Drama
* Black Swan
* The Fighter
* Inception
* The King's Speech
* The Social Network

Best Musical or Comedy
* Alice in Wonderland
* Burlesque
* The Kids Are All Right
* Red
* The Tourist

Which ones have you seen? What did you think of them? Were there other movies made this year that weren't nominated that you think should have been?
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Would you have know what film this was from had you not been able to see the title?

I was going to use some of it in something but my friend told me people may not recognize it.

What's your favorite comic strip?

Get Fuzzy.

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how upset would you be if your vegan housemate had a snickers bar, a peanut butter cup and a tootsie roll sitting around that they, because they are vegan, never planned to eat but also never offered to you?

would you ask them what's up with the delicious non-vegan treats in hopes that you were allowed to eat them?

the tempting treats need to be eaten by a non-vegan housemate, y/y?
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I seem to have this problem with paying attention when reading books. It's like i'll be reading, then my mind wonders off and i can't remember what i read ten minutes ago. Yet, i have no problem reading comic books at all.

Is it just the book i'm reading, or have i yet to find a really good book that holds my attention?

Does anyone else have this problem?

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I get to go see David Gray in Feb and The Parlotones in March!  I'm super excited.  Any of you going to concerts that you're excited about?  If not, who would you really like to see? 

I didn't like concerts in the past, but now that I'm older, I think they are awesome!  Maybe because I can drink? 
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Some time ago, I bought a domain name/webhosting but I'm not using it for anything.

If you have your own website, beside LJ/tumblr, what do you have on it? Share the address if you want.

If you don't, what would you put on one?

What should I put on mine?

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TQC, I might have a job! Has anyone worked for a printing company before? What was it like?

Has a perspective job ever said, "We'll try you out for a few days and see how you do"? Is this as weird as it seems? Or is it just good business?

I woke up a few days ago with my side hurting and no idea why. Come to find out, I had massive bruising where it hurt. I went to bed and it was fine, but the pain started when I woke up. What could have caused it?
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I went on a date last weekend with a guy I met on OKCupid. It went terribly.

I signed on to OKC today for the first time since our date and saw he messaged me six days ago, saying he had a nice time and was wondering if I'd like to go see the Green Hornet with him.

Should I message him and tell him I'm not interested? Or should I just not respond at all, considering he sent the message almost a week ago?

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I had a job interview this past Monday. I was under the impression that it went very well, because he was asking me if I could come in the week before they were set to open (new company) and help get things organized and stuff, asked me if it sounded like something I was interested in, etc. At the end of the interview, he said something like "great, I'll have ____ (the woman at the workforce center place I'm going through) get in touch with you to coordinate something."

So, here it is, Saturday and I never heard anything. The office isn't set to open until February 1st, and he said he wanted to start getting things together/organized on Jan. 25th, so still another week. But, I thought maybe they'd go ahead and contact me if they were interested so at least I would know so I can quit looking for other jobs.

Is it too early? Should I have heard something by now, in your opinion? 

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The San Francisco Street

I'm going to San Francisco next month. I'm not going to have a car so I need to stay somewhere that has easy access to public transportation.

I'm kind of having a hard time finding hotels. What would be the best area to stay in? I looked at hotels right in Union Square but couldn't find anything I really liked. Now I'm looking at the Fisherman's Wharf area. Would this be a good area to stay for someone who is taking a quick trip and has never been to San Francisco before?

i hate waiting for people, TQC, i really hate it.

i'm waiting for my friend to text/call about hanging out today. we're playing it by ear because he helps with his dad's plow business and it snowed a little bit yesterday(things seem clear, though).

i texted him about a half hour ago. when should i just call? and how many times?

i've always been of the belief you shouldn't call or text more than once, save your pride, but i've noticed that's not how most people operate and if you just keep on your friends a little something in their brains click and they work it out.

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I have not been to many weddings...the only weddings I have been apart of were sit down ones and honestly...I don't remember the actual activites.

What normally happens during a reception? What things are part of..

Aside from toasts, cake cutting and bouquet tossing...what else happens?

Points for party/cocktail party atmosphere activities

I cannot expect my guests to mingle so i cannot fall back on that.

EDIT: I cannot choose the music and the music is not very 'dancy'

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What is your favorite Harry Potter movie? Why? Can you rank them in order?

Order of the Pheonix is the best one. All other movies were campy or boring.

Order: 5, 4, 3, 6, 7.1, 2, 1.

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What do you guys think about V8 (or other vegetable drinks like it)? BECAUSE I LOVE IT.

How about mayo? I feel neutral towards mayo.

Would someone do me a favor? I feel I need a Drunken Bantha icon. Will someone drunkify my bantha for me please? Comeonitwillbefun

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My mother has fairly bad arthritis, it comes and goes. However, she needs to use a siphon for her kerosene heater. Does anyone had any tips on how to make it easier for her? Maybe making an attachment that is easy for her to use, or something like that. I don't want her to go without heat just because she can't fill the heater. :/

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You have a friend who, on more than one occasion, comments on how fat they are. One day you're hanging out and you make a passing comment about them being fat.
Is this okay to do? Why?

Different scenario where you have a friend and every time you see each other they always seem to make a comment about something they find negative about your physical appearance (eg, "your tits are small"). How would you deal with this person?
Would they make you feel insecure?

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If you move, change your phone number or email, how do you go about telling people that your information changed? 

Do you have a right to bitch about not getting emails if you haven't informed people of the changes? 
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i got propellerhead reason 5 on my computer about a month ago. its very hard to figure out and i was wondering if there was some resources on learning how to use it like a book or something?? i looked on google and i cant find like a tutorial or anything for beginners.

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my friend is heading over in a bit now that he's done with his plowing but the showing of The Green Hornet we were going to go to is in 3D, which costs like $13 instead of $8, and there aren't any other shows before they stop the matinee pricing anywhere.

what should we do? movies are out unless there's something good at the cheap theater.
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moving iTunes folder

A friend of mine gave me an external hard drive with nearly 700 GB as an indefinite loan, and I finally got it working today. Is there a way to move my entire iTunes library from my pathetic 10 GB secondary drive to the new drive without having to recreate all of my playlists?

cross-posted to ipod

should I get a macbook air?!

Was going to wait for my loud, whirring old Macbook to die of natural causes before buying a new laptop... but this thing just WON'T die. Thinking of keeping it as a backup, and getting a MacBook Air so I can have something super lightweight to take traveling.

Good? Bad? Overpriced?

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what video games are you playing?

i just finished red dead redemption and it soo amazing i want more. is there anymore games like that?
i pretty much have all the new RPG releases but i beat them all i need more games.
what should i play next?

what system do you use?
i have xbox360
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What to do tonight?

 Okay, TQC. Since I have trouble making decisions by myself, what should i do on this frigid Saturday night?

A: Go to a friend's house for drinking games. Free booze and games (obv), but it's gonna be mostly all couples, and I'd probably be the only single person there. Also, I'll be walking home alone and in the freezing cold. 

B: Go to FWB's house after he gets in town (at 10 at night). He's gonna be really tired from driving for ten hours straight, so most likely, he'll want to have sex and then sleep. I slept till 2 PM today, so I'm probably not gonna be tired until late tonight.

C: Stay in my apartment and hang out with my roomie's cat and hang out on the interwebz all night long. And possibly get high if I feel like it.

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I've been cleaning like a crazy person today and came across a bunch of "treasures" like the Little Shop of Horror Soundtrack CD (had to rip this & add it to my ipod!), some Sassy magazines, Anne of Green Gables books, to mention a few.

Have you ever found anything that you considered to be a treasure when you were cleaning up? What was it?
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Do you like Brussels sprouts? What about asparagus? Just what is your favorite vegetable, anyway?

I have some asparagus I want to cook, but very little else to supplement the flavor with. If you do like asparagus, what's your favorite way to cook it?

Are you more of a tea drinker or a coffee drinker? What's your favorite kind of whichever you prefer?

People in the United States: are you doing anything for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day? Do you treat it as a day of service or do you just enjoy the time off?
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Holey Mofo

Okay, so I just whippersnipped right over the top of a sodding great tiger snake. I like reptiles, generally, but JESUSFUCKINGCHRISTBIGFATPOISONOUSFUCKER, etc. Having conducted my withdrawal from the scene with admirable aplomb * dear TQC, what drink will you mix me so I can stop shaking?

* That's a lie. I screamed like Girly McGirl the all-England Schoolgirling champion and ran. STUPIDEST (AND LEAST SNAKESAFE) POSSIBLE REACTION Y/Y?

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Since I finally have my driver's license but still don't have a car, I was considering learning how to ride a moped or another motorized scooter of some sort.
Have you ever rode a motorized scooter or moped before? If so, how long did it take you to learn?
also, is a license required in order to ride motorized bikes/scooters that aren't motorcycles? I just looked it up, in my state you can have a moped as long as you already have a Driver's license.

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did your family play games when you were a kid, like board games and stuff?

what were some of your favorites?

did your parents join in and play with you? did they let you win?

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What is your idea of a perfect day on a day where you have absolutely no obligations or work (so I guess you could say weekends)? What activities are you partaking in that makes this day so perfect?


Is anyone using Cocoon with Firefox? I just downloaded it and I'm not sure exactly why I need it or what vast improvements it will make in my life.
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I need your fashion advice, TQC.

I got this sweater for Christmas, and it's a size smaller than I normally wear, but I've looked online and in two different Kohl's stores and couldn't find it in my normal size. Does it look too tight? I really like it but I can't decide whether I need to just give up on it or not.

Collapse )

ETA: Thanks for all the feedback, guys! I think I'm gonna keep it as-is.

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My SO (with whom I live in a 1br apartment) is sick - he's congested and he has a cough and a moderate fever (it's been hovering between 100 and 101.5 all day). I should probably sleep on the couch tonight, right? Aside from loading myself up with vitamins and OJ, how can I avoid catching this cold? I CANNOT GET A COLD RN.

Should I watch moar Golden Girls marathon, or should I watch the Craigslist Killer movie?

In what ways were you productive today? I cleaned my disaster of a kitchen from top to bottom... I've been putting it off all week so I feel so good now that it's done!

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I'm in need of a new flat iron.
I'm debating between the CHI and the SEDU.
What kind of flat iron do you use?
Any comments on the CHI or SEDU?

I have really curly hair, right now I'm using an HAI. I had one for 4 years and it was amazing, but I bought a new one 2 years ago and it just isn't cutting it.

I'm sure this has been asked, so if you know where to find it, just link me!

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Has anyone seen the movie "Catfish"?  Is it scary?  It's on demand right now, but I don't know if I should waste the 5 bucks if it's going to be a 'real movie' like Blair Witch or something. 
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would you be comfortable sleeping with someone, knowing they're sleeping with someone else?
you're not dating said person, for the record.

can you think of any situations where you would?

what was the last thing you make you feel unattractive?

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Do vegetarians have shiny eyes?

I just randomly remembered this guy I spoke to 2 years ago and he asked me if I was a vegetarian then told me that "[my] eyes are shiny like a vegetarian's."

Edit: Felt like asking another question.
Would you care to share any strange compliments people have given you?
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So I have a few belted sweater coat things with belt loops and it seems like everytime I wash them I remove the belt/tie and then forget where I put it or completely misplace it!! I never tie them (I don't have much of a waist so it just looks funky if I do). Do you think I could buy the same colored ribbon from a crafts store and put it in the belt loops and just tie it in the back? Any other ideas?

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Do you still sleep with your baby 'blankie'? Or do you still have it somewhere? What about something else for 'security'?

I was so bummed when I was little when my blankie got ruined. My mom got me a new one and I still sleep with it.

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Does your SO get along with your extended family?

Do you get along with your SO's extended family?

In what ways yes and no?

I'm struggling with my so's prejudice to my family's religion and now apparently his disapproval to their medical decisions too and it's bumming me hardcore.
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I'm kind of down in the dumps tonight, feeling lonely and unwanted. How do you try to keep your head on straight and focus on everything that is well in your life?
I'm just starting to feel kind of..super shitty about the fact that in the six months since I moved here I have not made one friend and literally have not spent one night away from home hanging out with someone, nor can I call someone and be like "Hey wanna do you wanna do something this afternoon?"

What's new in your life?
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Dear TQC,
Should I go to the LGBT club's opening social on my campus this Tuesday, all by my lonesome self since I don't have any friends irl? Do you have any advice for me on making new friends?

Alternatively, do you eat your crusts?
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Has anyone seen 'Beyond Scared Straight'?

It's like 16 and Pregnant for out of control teens. They go to prison and get treated like shit by inmates.

ETA: At the conclusion of the episode (which they updated us a few months later after production wrapped) all the girls but one had stayed out of trouble, and the one was sent to rehab after another parole violation.