January 14th, 2011


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Is there a webiste like youtube where I can upload sounds files for people to listen to but not save onto their computer?

I cought some freaky fucking sound and I really need some insight to what the hell it was

And no...I have no movie maker program and I dont want one

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TQC, I know nothing of fashion and burns. Please help.

What color shoes are acceptable to wear to work with navy blue slacks? I'll likely be wearing a white sweater or button-down as a top.

Also, I just burned both my pinkies b/c, well, I just shouldn't be allowed in the kitchen unsupervised. One of them is blistered already. It hurts like a mother, how can I ease the pain??

Thanks guys :)
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1. Where do you keep your Social Security card? If you're not American, where do you keep your respective government-issued card with a national identification number?

2. Do you call baking soda by a different name, and if so, where are you from?

3. What was the last book you read, or what book are you currently reading?
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Poll #1667779 Grilled Cheese!

What do you like to put on your grilled cheese?

Nothing but cheese
Olives (any kind)
Peppers (any kind)
Sliced meat (ham, turkey, etc)
Something else not listed

How do you like your sandwich cooked?

Lightly toasted
Medium toasted
Burnt like a burnt thing

What do you like to dip your sandwich in?

Tomato soup
Another kind of soup
Something else not listed
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Does anyone know where I can get a print of the official poster for the Rally to Restore Sanity online? Comedy Central’s online store carried them, but I had to wait until this paycheck before I could order it - and now, of course, they’re out of stock (and don’t say if they’ll get more in, and don’t have a contact e-mail anywhere where I can ask). I’ve really wanted one ever since I went, but I could never find a place to get one while there, and apparently the only ones you can otherwise track down online are cheap cafepress knockoffs that look like shit. (Amazon and eBay sometimes have the towels, but I'd rather not have to settle on those.)

I was hoping to buy one for myself, and then one for my roommate for her birthday (she was also there), but now I can't actually find one. Any help would be appreciated. I've looked everywhere, but you never know.
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TQC I'm freaked out :(

Story time~

So my mum and I drink coffee every morning; she makes Turkish coffee, I have instant crap. You make Turkish coffee on a stove top, whereas I use a kettle.

Anyway, the last few days she's told me the smoke detector has been going off when she makes her coffee, and Wednesday I saw it myself. It's never done that it the 10 years we've lived here, and it's never done it for my coffee.

This morning she waited until I woke up to make her coffee so the alarm wouldn't wake me up. So I made mine, the kettle turned off, and as she went to turn the stove on, THE SMOKE DETECTOR WENT OFF. BEFORE SHE EVEN TURNED IT ON.

She thinks my kettle triggered it, but that's never happened before so I'm doubtful.

TQC, do I have a ghost in my smoke detector who's anti-Turkish coffee?

tl;dr: What do get when your order coffee? Large latte, two sugars.

Any silly weird stories you want to share? See above :(

What sort of internet using device are you using right now? Old-ass Compaq PC.
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thank you notes

Did you send any thank you notes (or emails) for gifts you received  this holiday season?  Did people send you any for gifts you gave? 
Do people do this anymore?  I haven't even received acknowledgment that they got packages, let alone the gifts I sent.  (well, my best friend called me to thank me, so that counts).  I just mailed out a bunch of thank yous last week. 
I am sad about peoples manners. 
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Would you eat at a restaurant that looks sanitarily questionable if you heard the food was really good? Srs and not srs answers are welcome.

PS: ffs I just accidentally posted this on my personal journal. Some people shouldn't use the internetz before coffee.

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i don't own a single pair of socks that aren't covered in bright patterns and colors. plain white/black/dress socks? lol no thank you. my mother says this is immature and i need to get some grown up socks. do you agree?

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If you were going to the grocery store right now and could only buy TWO things and one of them HAD to be from the frozen section and one of them could be anything else, what would you buy?

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If you were to recommend English-language literature (meaning novels written in English originally and not translated) to someone who wanted to get more acquainted with it, which would they be?

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What should I have for lunch?

crab cake with arugula and beets ($10.25)
turkey and sharp cheddar sandwich with fruit ($6.25)
thai curry rice bowl with tofu (red curry sauce, red peppers, basil) ($5.50)
something else which I will tell you about in comments

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My little sister was driving my car last week. She hit a rock and wrecked my wheel. New wheel + new tire + physical labor = $257.

She offered to pay for it. Then she spoke to my mother and my mother is telling me since it's my car, I should pay for it. I told her that if I were driving her car and hit something, I'd pay for it, and she told me that was completely different because my sister's only 19.


Anyway, who should pay for the damages? I don't want to go through the expense of hiring a lawyer or anything because that would greatly exceed the $257, but is my sister legally responsible for the damages because she was driving? Or am I legally responsible because it's my car?
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I'm working from home today, rather than in the office. What should I do to make today fun?

Do any of you have a diabetic animal? How long did it take you to get used to giving your pet injections?

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Those of you that have moved to different area codes/states: When you moved, did you get a new cellphone number in your new area code, or have you stuck with your original one? I'm debating getting a Montana number, but I've had my current one since I first got a cellphone and don't want to have to have everyone update their info.

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Has anybody here ever worked from home for a legitimate company?

I am currently sick with Crohn's and I am looking for a job that I can do from home that isn't a scam, although they seem few and far between!
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You're in the middle of a peaceful sleep when suddenly, at the crack of 5am, you're awakened by loud music. You rush to the window and it's that unusual but sweet person in the trenchcoat who's been trying to court you the last few weeks, standing outside your window with a boombox above his/her head, playing a song (a la Say Anything).

1. What emotions would you be feeling?
2. What song would have the best result in winning your heart, if played outside your window at an ungodly hour?
3. What would be your reaction to this display of romance? Invite him/her up for sex, call 911, turn the garden hose on them? What?

IPOD question

I have a 2010 Hyundai Elantra, and an Ipod classic. There's a USB jack and AUX jack in the car, and I've been using the Apple cable to connect my Ipod to the car. When I do this, the IPOD starts charging which means I can't navigate by using the Ipod itself, and when I try to use the radio controls only file names show up. So instead of listening to Will Smith's Getting Jiggy With It, I'm seeing stuff like XMBCP.mp3 oh and it doesn't play anything in order, obviously, so it's like listening to my Ipod on shuffle/random which I hate.

this is annoying me to no end. Does anyone have any idea of how I might be able to actually navigate my ipod by using the radio controls (short of renaming all my music files)? Or do I need to just suck it up?
Hades ORly.

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How do you deal with people tailgating you when you're going the speed limit? Speed up further? Slow down to piss them off? Scare the shit out of them by tapping the brakes? Other?

Do you deal with the differently if you aren't going the speed limit?

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Bit of a backstory: I've been a bit down lately, relationship-wise. My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years and he just recently moved in to my parent's house with me, which means we share a room--so we don't get a lot of privacy and we're always together. I've felt like we don't really do much anymore, relationship wise. We're together, but not doing things together, if that makes sense. We'll both be on our separate laptops next to each other, or something. Which is fine a lot of the time, since we both like our own space, but I don't feel like he has put in any effort lately to do something WITH me. Whenever I try, he wants to go to sleep or he's just not interested.

I told him all this and he said that we'd work on doing more things as a couple and getting out more, so he planned a surprise date today. He went to stay at his best friend's house last night and told me that we'd start our date at 2 pm--which is the time he wanted me to pick him up from his friend's house at. Of course, I got my hopes up, but now, it's 1:40 pm and to get there at 2, I'd need to leave now. But, he's still asleep or something, because he hasn't answered any phone calls or texts.

Am I being completely unreasonable to get upset that he's still asleep/can't get up on time for a date that HE planned that he knew was important to me? Or should I just cut him some slack since he's hanging out with his friend?

Do any of you have to deal with things like this? >:|
I hate when people are late/tell me a time and then blow it off.

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After a night of HEAVY drinking, you wake up, naked, in a cardboard box in an alley. Next to you is a naked homeless man, sleeping. A dirty blanket covers you both. Grimy handprints are all over your body where he touched you. Your clothes, you can tell, are in his shopping cart. What's the first thing that pops into your head?

"Now THAT is what I call getting hammered. No one can top this drunk story"
"OMGOMGOMG what kind of diseases and parasites did this bum have?"
"Yay, I got laid!!"
"I wonder who saw me with this guy. Will I be able to face people tomorrow?"
"That's it, I'm never drinking again!"
"Wow, maybe I am a slut"
"Alley, check. Hobo, check. Naked, check. This means today's Wednesday"
"Some people wanna help the homeless, but no one gives back to the community like I do. I'm like Mother Teresa"
"When I said 'let's go back to your place', I should have been slightly more judgmental about what his place looked like"
"Hey...buddy. Hey. Wanna go for round 2?"
Grammar love!

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I have some tax-related questions.

1. If I have 2 W-2 forms, do I just add up all the corresponding amounts and do my taxes as usual? The first one is from my campus job ($1900) and the second is from a temp gig I had ($350).

2. Wtf is a 1098-T form? I got it from my university. Googling gave me no concrete answer as to what to do with it.

3. Does the 1098-T form mean I have to file a different tax form? I usually do the 1040EZ.

I am considered a dependent, not married, live in Illinois USA.

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I'm looking for some new music to listen to, but I don't even know where to start.     Do any of you have any suggestions?  
For reference I like Jack Johnson, Guster, Coldplay, Collective Soul....

So, suggestions? 

ETA: Ok, I never used Pandora before.   Just checked it out for like 5 minutes and I'm smacking myself for not doing that sooner.   That's awesome.
  And yes, now I have fixed Coldplay.  
Isaac - MySpace Angled

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I have 9 shopping bags full of various citrus fruits. And more are on their way. I eat a ton every day, I've juiced them, candied them, etc. But I've still got TONS. Plus even more on two trees outside.

What else can I do with them?

Also, does anyone have a good recipe for candied citrus slices? I'm confident in my recipe for candying the peels but I haven't yet found a recipe for an entire slice where the bitterness of the pith is hidden. :/
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Dear TQC,
Do you give blood? Why or why not?

If you do, have they ever REALLY messed up somehow and left you with collapsed veins and lots of bruising?

Also, there are lots of crazy restrictions as to who can't give blood. If you don't is it a political thing?

Have you ever lied on the forms?

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Ladies, if you could have a different number of boobies, how many would you want? Are you good with 2?

Gentlemen who like boobies and/or ladies who like boobies, if you could pick the number of boobies your special lady friends had, how many would you pick? Are you good with 2?

Going off of rodents210

Those of us who don't dry swallow pills, do you do it water then pills or pills then water? Or some other way?

I do pills then water. I had never even heard of the other way until a couple years ago when my roommate did it like that.
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Guys, Im in a huge rush. A more formal event I am attending that I thought was tomorrow is tonight. I was going to bake bread tomorrow morning and bring it with a dip, but I have no time to do that now.

I need some sort of appetizer/finger food/thing that is a bit more formal then chips and dip. My go-to is hummus but I wanted something a bit better then that.

Can you give me an idea for a quick, easy appetizer? Preferably not made in an oven. I have access to a Grocery Store and a cheese shop. If I cant think of anything and baguettes are available at the store i may just buy a ton of cheese but i dont want people in nice dresses having to cut cheese and put it on top of something, seems kind of...not right to me :S
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I'm trying to think of some classic children's books to get for my son (3rd-5th grade stuff). He already has a Roald Dahl box set and a bunch of Magic Treehouse books but I want to get home some of the books I enjoyed as a child.

What were some of your favorite books when you were little?

Some of the ones I've already thought of:

Indian in the Cupboard
The Mouse and the Motorcycle
The Secret of NIMH
A Wrinkle in Time
Boxcar Children series
Narnia Series (He read LWW but it scared him a bit, so I think that put him off the rest of them)
Phantom Tollbooth

Keep in mind that even though he reads at about a 5th grade level he's only 6 so nothing too scary or complex.

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this is gonna be my worst question ever but it's bugging me... anyone know of some movie where there's a guy and his sister or girlfriend or someone makes him a belt buckle that says "CHAMP" but his friends make fun of him or something like that?
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As a reward for cleaning my room, I'm thinking of making cookies. I'm leaning towards making these really delicious chocolate cookies, but I'd need to go to the store to get M&Ms to make them. I do, however, have all the necessary ingredients to make snickerdoodles.

What kind of cookies should I make? The chocolate ones, snickerdoodles or something else?

dk/dc: Do you wear nail polish? What is your favorite color of nail polish to wear?
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Do you do this thing where you think you're real sick
but you won't go to the doctor to find out about it
cause they make you stay real still in a real small space
as they chart up your insides and put them on display?

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Do you remember that crappy movie, Cry_Wolf?

Well, they made an online game with the same name based on the movie, the game was actually pretty good and my friend and I used to play it all the time.

If you know what I'm talking about here, is there anything out there similar at all?

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 what do you think of people who have ridiculously a good memory? like... people who remember small exact details about things that you said or did or wore or ate or whatever, and they bring them up in conversation and you're like "i never did that." and they're like "yes you did. i remember." but it's just because they have a really good memory... not because they're obsessed with you or anything. does it still come across as creepy to you?
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What's a good song to listen to when you're sitting on an airplane waiting to fly away to a distant place?

What's a good song to listen to when you're sitting on an airplane waiting to fly home?

DK: What's the next place you're travelling to?
I <3 TLV

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There's a specific style of jewelry worn in a region of India that I'm trying to find photos of, but I can't remember the name. It's jewelry worn by women in their nose, I think it was only for weddings but it might be for everyday, that is a large ring that has a bar across it that lies against their cheek iirc. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

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 I twisted my knee in the snow the other day, meaning I couldn't go to CITT with the rest of my program this weekend. I am basically confined to the couch and nothing is on TV, what should I do?
Anyone have an move recommendations?
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 I just got my earlobes re-pierced today. I hadn't worn earrings in about 6-7 years. The guy who pierced them said that I could switch them out for other earrings in about 3 weeks. Any piercing aficionados in here who can confirm this? He seemed legit, but I'd always heard you should leave them in for 6-8 weeks. I'm thinking maybe it's different because it was tapered back open. What do you think?

dk -  Are you planning any  vacations for 2011? where you goin?
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If there was a pill to cure procrastination would you take it?

How significantly would your life change if you took this pill?

If you had one wish but could only use it on another person, what would you wish for and for whom?

I'm totally not procrastinating, I swear! *shifty eyes*

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According to Netflix's recommendations, I probably dislike pretty much all movies but documentaries, which isn't true. How good is Netflix at predicting what you will like and dislike?

Mold issues + a lazy renter

Ever since I moved into my apartment, I've had a mold problem in the bedroom. It used to only grow on the window frames, and I'd just bleach it down and walk away. About a year ago my ceiling began leaking, and I complained to the owners. They patched the leak, but ever since then the mold has taken oven my ceiling. I've complained several times, with the main response being "just keep the window open."

I'm tired of it, though. A month ago I caught a really bad cold, and was unable to sleep in my bedroom for over a week because I felt like I couldn't breathe. My boyfriend and I went on a vacation for 6 days, and before I left I wiped down the ceiling. I came back last night to find it completely COVERED in mold.

I took a bunch of pictures to show them (and saved them on my computer). Basically, how do I make them care? Can they even fully get rid of the mold?

I want to move soon, anyways. The shower drain doesn't drain, the stove leaks gas... and they don't give a crap/hire shitty repairmen that don't do their jobs. I just want to make sure my security deposit for this dump ($2000) isn't going to get jacked :-(

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 What are your current goals?
This doesn't have to do with New Year's resolutions but something that you're absolutely determined to do/already working on.

Ex: mine- all A's this semester 

I <3 TLV

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1. How many cups of tea do you drink a day? Or if you don't drink tea, glasses of your favorite beverage?
I just finished #7 and will be brewing another. But except for one they were small cups and caffeine-free.

2. What food do you wish you had an unlimited supply of?
BBQ kettle chips.

3. What are your plans for this weekend?


my bf and i are going to baltimore, maryland this weekend over night. if you live there or have been there, what would you recommend we do? we have plans to  go to the aquarium and just walk around. where would you recommend we eat?

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I need to go out to my car to get my ipod. It's parked a little ways away. I'm not wearing pants, and I don't feel like putting any on. I'd estimate it's about 30 degrees out.

I should just walk out there in nothing but my thigh-length bathrobe, yes?

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Help me explain this mystery plz.

Earlier today, I went to the bathroom. Me being female and all, I of course left the toilet seat down to use it. Twenty minutes later, my boyfriend woke up, used the bathroom, and came out asking me why I had left the toilet seat up. I definitely did not leave the seat up and no one else lives with us.

Do we have some kind of (obviously male) ghost?

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So you know the rule for dividing fractions, the invert and multiply rule?

Did your teacher ever show you why it works? I had to teach my math class why it works, and thus learned myself and it blew my mind.