January 13th, 2011


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 would you say that curing HIV/AIDS is "nearly impossible?" 

i'm writing a paper and i just mentioned that it has a high mutation rate which does make it way harder to cure, but i don't know if it's really "nearly impossible" or if i just like the way that sounds in my writing. 

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What are your favorite on the go meals?

Well I'm an amazing planner and set up a school schedule where I have no breaks between 10 AM and 4 PM two days a week. What can I live on that's simple to prepare, quick to consume, and easy to carry around? I'm thinking something I can just throw in my purse along the lines of Slimfast meal shakes.
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I also posted this to whatwasthatone, but you all seem to have good taste in music so . . .

What is the name of the Kimya Dawson song that talks about her transitioning friend who is dying of cancer?

edit: it is referenced in this article http://www.whatsup-magazine.com/2010/07/07/maindingers-nightrain-council-of-lions-kimya-dawson-rhombus-june-18-maritime-heritage-park/

but there are really no other clues, i thought this might help with the timeline of where i should even be looking for it

DK/DC? Have you ever cried at a concert not because OMG I love this band(!!!) but because the song/music was so damned depressing?

Also, have you ever been to a concert inside a library? Does this happen in places other than Olympia?
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Will you please tell us about a word or phrase that you got completely wrong?

For example: A woman came in for an MRI to rule out ovarian cysts. After she left I was looking at her paperwork and noticed a few problems with it.

Body part being examined today? Oval.
Any relevant prior studies? 2005 -Cysts in the ovalies. 2008 - Cysts in the ovalies.
Diagnosis? Possible Oval removal.
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Any of y'all had mice before? How did you get rid of them?

We've tried mouth-type plastic ones, old-fashioned snaptraps, and edible poison blocks. I'm beginning to think they are just smarter than us.
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Do you prefer headphones, earbuds, or those inner-ear thingies?
What brand do you use? Does it hold up well to abuse?

Do you know where I can get my iPod fixed?
The headphone jack is messed up. When I plug my headphones in all the way only the left channel plays music, but if I have them in half-way I get both headphones playing, but it's kinda echo-y and I only get the loudest layers of music. :(

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TQC, what is this? (the..necklace that connects across the collar). Does it have a name? I have never seen these bit of jewellery before in my life, and it has me baffled. I searched 'collar clip necklaces thingy' and other variations with no joy.

dk/dc - what is the most pointless/peculiar piece of jewellery or clothing you've seen?


 If you were invited to a summer wedding, on a Sunday, running from 6pm to 8:30-9ish, what sort of reception would you expect? Which of the following would be acceptable?

1) Dinner with a hot main course and side dishes 
2) Light dinner (sandwiches, salads, etc)
3) Appetizer buffet
4) Cake & Punch / Dessert buffet

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So, I recognize that it's a pipe dream, since there are civil rights issues and, hello, huge budget ones involved, but in the abstract: what do you think about the idea of mandatory mental health screenings in high schools/secondary schools?

ETA: I wouldn't want anything mandatory -- just a "what if" scenario, here.

DK/DC/ugh: Isn't Greek yoghurt one of the great inventions of humanity? What do you put in yours?
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I will be graduating soon with my bachelors in computer information systems. Do you work in IT? Is it hard to find an entry level job in IT? Will I be like most people and not even work in the field that my degree is in?
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Some friends are coming over for a bad movie night tomorrow. The problem is, we aren't sure what movie to watch. Do you have any suggestions for a hilariously bad film? Bonus points if it's on Netflix instant play.

(Recently watched: Troll 2 and The Room, so it can't be either of those.)

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I dated this guy for about two months last year. It didn't go as well as I hoped/expected and we're not friends because I don't want to be. 

Why am I still thinking about this failed relationship? It was almost a year ago!

What is something that keeps bothering/nagging at you?  
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1) What was the shortest period of time you ever dated someone before one of you said "I love you"? Who said it first and where/how?

2) What was the longest period of time you ever dated someone before anyone said "I love you"? Who said it first and where/how?

3) Do you think the period of time it takes for the L word to get dropped matters in a relationship? Is it better if it happens quickly or takes longer?

4) Will you tell us your favourite personal "I love you" story?

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what is your experience with art classes?
will you tell me about the most awesome art teacher you had and how they helped you?
have you had any teachers that were either mean and brought you down or just didn't get you?

What if....?

One day, Fox News decides to buy Comedy Central. Their first act as station owners is to fire Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, and replace them with Dennis Miller and Ann Coulter, who reprise the Daily Show and ColbertCoulter Report respectively. The new shows attack liberal agenda, show the evils of homosexuality, illegal aliens and denying tax cuts to the rich, while at the same time making Sarah Palin look like the smartest, most perfect human being you could be lucky to have as President. Shortly afterwards, Stewart and Colbert suffer from terrible rumors; that Stewart molested a llama at a petting zoo and Colbert really is the goatse.cx man. Neither one works in Hollywood again. The new Daily Show and Coulter Report wind up being more popular than the original shows they replaced. Right wing humor is the new black, so to speak, and a conservative era is upon us. You then wake up in a cold sweat. On a scale of 1 to 10, how scary is this dream?

Tell the truth, I probably wouldn't even notice

Edit: it should read 'the ColbertCoulter Report

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Help TQC:

I woke up in so much pain today. Everything aches from my ankles to my ass to my arms, shoulders, and back. I've been working out really hard and I guess it caught up to me. Is there anything I can do to loosen up and ease the pain?

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Has anyone either deferred their student loan payment or negotiated for a lower payment? My payment is $220 a month and that's just way too much for me right now. And negotiating for a lower payment seems like a good idea, but I'm anxious about asking for help and admitting that I can't pay for it. :\ What was your experience like?
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I pity the foo'

My husband refuses to drink chamomile tea. He's had it twice before -- different brands at different times -- and has had a disturbing (to him) reaction both times. He describes feeling hyper-aware of everything in and around him. They way he described the feeling made me think of a bad night I had once after a special brownie and a pint of vodka.

Does chamomile make you trip out or is he maybe having an allergic reaction to it?

If you sweeten your hot tea, what do you use to sweeten it?
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After surviving off eggs, sandwiches and bacon for the past couple days, I'm finally going to go grocery shopping today. What should I get?

Currently, what do you need from the grocery store?
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So, I've had pierced ears for 3 years (just one normal lobe piercing in each ear), and somehow the left piercing got infected. Nothing really extreme. A few drops of white pus, and some lymph. I sterilized the piercing, put a little Neosporin on the front and back of the lobe, then sterilized and put in my piercing studs. Is there something else I should do? Anything I should not be doing?

If I leave out the earring, will the hole close up? Whenever I leave my earrings out for more than a day or two it's always been a bit difficult to get new ones in. I don't want them to close up.

My earlobe hurts to the touch. This is normal, right? How long should it take for this to get better?

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I have 3 midterms the week after next (next Saturday and Monday after), but I'm still sick so I don't have the strength to pull a gazillion all-nighters. :( What should I do?!

When's the last stressful thing that happened to you?
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You're at a friend's place and you go to use their bathroom.

You open the lid to the toilet and discover a little present is still in there.

What do you do? Does it depend on how well you know them?

It's the second time it's happened at my FWB's place. I really don't care, so I just shrug it off and do my business. Lol Is it weird that I don't flush it first? I feel like he would be confused why I flushed twice.

I think if it happens again, I'm going to razz him about it. Hahahahaha.

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You know how literature is all full of stories of guys' desperate, hopeless, unrequited passion for idealized women (e.g. Dante and Beatrice, Phantom of the Opera, Lolita, etc. etc.)? Are there any books that have this but with the gender roles reversed, that is, a woman's unrequited love for a man? And why do you think the guy-centric one is so much more common?
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Do you tip free valet parking at a hospital? If so, how much?

If you can't afford a tip, will they hate you for using the parking?

DK/DC: What are your favorite kind of earrings. (Mine are silver octopus/octopi earrings)
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I accidentally blocked posts by a friend of mine when I meant to block an app. How do I edit who I have blocked from my newsfeed on Facebook so I can put her back? I can't find the answer anywhere, and I know it's got to be easy.

ETA: Fixed!

New Question: If you could have access to drive a hybrid or electric car right now with no money involved (like "poof" you have a new car), would you choose to drive one?
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TQC, I am sick as shit, missed an important class because of it, cannot keep food down, and both my MP3 player [that I received 2 days ago, brand new] and my iPod [secondhand but chugging along] have suddenly and inexplicably died, leaving me to rely on my CD player, which is being a bit touchy. [The only good thing today was throwing up on the pants of an asshole in my German class. Dude had it coming.]

TQC, when you are sick, what things make you feel better? Any revenge stories that are rather humorous? Recommendations for things to read online? How well do you handle illness?

DK/DC/EW GERMS OMG: favourite brand o' sweets? This can be cookies, cakes, pies, whatever.

Telemarketing blues

If someone calls me and tells me that they need to speak to the person in charge of the Verizon account, is it appropriate for me to take some time to explain to them that this is not actually a need -- but is instead a desire or request?

If I ask this person what company they are calling from -- and they tell me they are calling on behalf of Verizon -- is it appropriate for me to inquire further as to the name of the company by which they are actually employed?  Is it OK for me to refuse to abandon this topic of conversation until it is fully explored?

How appropriate is it for me to discuss with such a person the whole nature of telemarketing -- rather than the topic about which they most likely are calling?  Is this excessively dickish behavior?

Have you ever worked in telemarketing?  Do you think it might be wise for me to imagine that it is one of my beloved TQCers on the phone bothering me while I am trying to earn money for my family and save the world?  Might this thought-tactic induce me to modify my behavior in constructive ways?

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stupid cat peeing everywhere

My cat has had issues with peeing where he shouldn't. I took him to the vet to ensure it's not a medical issue. The vet assured me that he is healthy, but could be stressed out due to the death of my other cat. As evidence to his stress, she pointed out that his stomach was bald due to obsessive grooming.

In sept I moved to my mom's to save money. My cat has seemed to settle in well and his stomach hair has completely grown back, which I assume can only mean he's not nearly as stressed out as he used to be. However, he continues to pee outside the litter box.

His litter is cleaned at least twice a day. However, he has peed at least 5 times outside the litter box, mainly in my bedroom and my computer room, as well as in a pile of my dirty clothes in the basement.

I should mention that my mom has a cat as well, a male. Is it possible that my cat is marking his territory? He has yet to pee on the ground floor, the main area where my mom's cat hangs out.

I have also been locking my cat out of the bedroom since my mom doesn't allow cats in bedrooms. Is it possible he's angry since he can't sleep with me anymore?

I hope what I wrote is understandable. I'm moving into a new apartment in a couple weeks and am terrified of my cat peeing all over the nice, new bamboo floors.


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TQC, I'm writing a story that's sort of a cross between "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" and Top Chef. I should have the ghost of Julia Child show up to judge the baking contest, y/n? Who would you want to show up from beyond the grave to judge your baking if your soul was on the line?

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When you're clothes shopping, have you ever tried something on in the shop, liked it, bought it and then tried it on at home and realised you don't actually like it that much? I just bought a dress and in the shop I thought it looked classic, but at home it just looks plain :( It's easy enough to spruce up with accessories but why does this happen?!

Do you believe in psychics? Have you ever had a reading done by one?

When you were little, what did you call farts? Did you just call them farts or did you have another word for them? We called them 'pumps' in my family. What about genitals? Did you use the proper words for them?
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You overhear a man say "I really overworked my privates yesterday". You automatically assume the man is ______

A drill sergeant
Sexually active

You overhear a man say "The only parties I like are the teabagging kind". You assume this man is ______?

A member of that reformist group
Fond of putting his genitals over people's faces

You overhear a woman say "My poor pussy is so stuffed with meat, that greedy thing". You assume the woman ______?

Has a fat cat over constantly overeats
Likes sex with men who have large wieners

A woman on tv says "I DON'T CARE FOR THE WAY YOU MANHANDLED MY BEAVER!". This woman is ______?

June Cleaver
On Real Sex on HBO
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Since you guys were so helpful with my last question, I have another one.

I'm moving at the end of the month and have no furniture. I also have very little money.

I found a cool foam sectional sofa for free on craigslist. However, I'm pretty worried about bedbugs.

Is there a way for me to visually check for them before bringing the couch into my apartment? Should I not take the risk?

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I can't see when people post embedded Youtube videos. Either there is a giant blank space where the video is supposed to be, or just nothing at all. This randomly started happening, and it's on LJ and other sites. Am I missing an update on something, or...what's going on?

What's your favorite type of weather?

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I will be doing this www.facebook.com/#!/event.php
And as part of it I want to add a citronella candle as a help to ward off mosquitoes, I want out it into all the boxes I am making(girl & boy child, adult) as part of it I want to add a poem about it jsut in case they dont know what citronella is for.

But I cannot think what would be a nice poem about warding off disease and insects.

I <3 TLV

More astrology!

What is your sign? (Not the new ones!)


Does it accurately describe your personality?

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Do people you know take photos of their food when they eat at a restaurant and then post the photos on FB? WHY do they do this? do you do this?

DK/DC which do you use most often, cash, credit or debit?

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TQC, I'm going to be talking to my future roommates (we move in together next week) for the first time tonight. What kind of get to know you/roomie questions should I ask? I've never had roommates so I'm sure i'll forget to ask something important.

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 sorry if this was posted already. i'm too busy to look through all of tqc. 

everyone's saying that the NEW zodiac signs aren't legit because your real zodiac sign is based on where things were when you were born rather than where they are now. did things change within our lifetime? or before our lifetime?

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I want to change my hair - both the color and the cut. Will you give me suggestions?

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For those who are sick of hair posts, What did you used to eat for lunch at school when you were a kid? What was your favorite? I loved Lunchables Nachos.
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 Paging Dr TQC.

For the past three days around the same time, I've been feeling awful. My back right below my ribs hurts so bad and I have nausea, and then after an hour or two, it goes away. 

I think maybe the back pain is actually my kidneys; they're right under the  ribs towards the back, right?

I've also been getting heartburn and hot flashes a lot lately.

Besides a babby, what could be wrong with me? 

DK/DC Does  your family share certain unusual physical characteristics? My dad's side of the family has these strange patches of hair on the backs of our neck that never get any thicker or longer than baby fluff. We also have pinky toes that are turned on their sides so the nail rubs against the side of our shoes.
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Say you occasionally chat with someone on Facebook. You say "Hello", and they always reply with "Hi, I miss you."

Is this creepy? Am I reading too much into it? Does your answer change if I tell you it's my cousin?

I got an ice water from McDonalds and it was yellowish. Did someone actually pee in my water? I did not drink it.

Have you tried the Sriracha peas? I'm sending some in my husbands' care package, I just want to know if they're good. He likes wasabi peas, so maybe.

It's about time I take down my Christmas tree, yes?

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why is it if you so muh as breathe in a dude's direction they assume you're into them?

i'm sure this isn't true of all males, but i've noticed this to be the case on a few occasions. and i have asked around my male contingent to find out if it's true or if i'm paranoid. most said it was and i am not. so seriously, what the fuck? it makes me not even want to talk to the ones i LIKE.

basically, why do dudes suck?

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please help?
ok so I want to put a gate up to block my kitchen so my dog doesn't go in and get food or something off the counter while I'm in the shower or peeing or something. the problem is that I live in an apartment with a galley kitchen so the entryway is basically between two sets of cabinets with a kickspace underneath. Sorta like this. Is there any kind of gate that will fit there or am I totally screwed?
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 So tomorrow, in my speech class, I have to present some informative speech topics to my class, and see their response to help decide what I'll actually give my speech on(I'm a senior in college, if the age group matters).  

What would you want to hear about? You have to sit through 20 other speeches, so they may as well be interesting. 

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Guys I just came up with an awesome drinking game. For every time the word "facebook" or "fb" is mentioned in a tqc entry, take a drink. Not exciting, but it would work REALLY fast.

Would you play this game?

Okay fine so maybe it does suck. What TQC drinking game would YOU invent?
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I just heard of this drinking game called "Poo Bum Dickey," where apparently you go in a circle counting the roman numerals up from one. Poo is I, Bum is V, Dickey is X. 

So it would go "Poo, poo poo, poo poo poo, poo bum, bum, bum poo," etc. If you fuck up or laugh, you have to take a shot.

Is this dumb, or would you actually end up drunk?

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I ordered a French press coffeemaker last week and it was shipped via UPS. It was expected to be delivered this past Monday, but due to a freak snowstorm which froze everything, I'm still waiting for it. Since Monday, UPS' website has said that it's in a city about 15 miles away from me, and its status is "Adverse weather conditions. / The movement of the package will resume as soon as the weather conditions allow." However, as of 7:06 this evening, it's still in the city 15 miles away from me, but its status is now "Emergency conditions beyond UPS' control." WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Will I ever get my French press??? :C

DK/DC, what are you waiting for? Interpret this however you want.

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If you had two of something, both autographed (by the same person) would you keep both? Or try to sell one? 

Where would you try to sell it at? Lets assume this person isn't THAT famous.

Do you have anything autographed?

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What's the last thing to make you emotional?

I just found my travel diary from when I was in India. Reading the things I wrote makes me want to go back so badly. I swear the pages still smell like India. I want to go back right now and stay there forever. :(((

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Anybody have an experience in selling an instrument that wasn't in top condition?

I have an electric guitar that I need to get rid of (mostly because of dwindling space in my house). It's a hunk of crap that doesn't play great and probably isn't worth much; however, there's nothing officially wrong with it. It still plays, all the wiring still works, it's not completely useless.

Pawning it is probably the easiest thing to do, but is there some kind of selling option that might be a little more lucrative? I've never done anything through craigslist or ebay and while I'm not opposed to it, I have no idea what's realistic to charge for it and I don't know a lot of specifics about the guitar.

Any suggestions?