January 12th, 2011

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Car Troubles

This winter my car has chosen to be pretty finicky about starting on cold mornings. The engine does absolutely nothing when I turn the key. Lights flash and CDs play awesome music, but no engine. Check engine light isn't on, it starts perfectly after 12pm, so I believe it's just a well-used car not starting on cold mornings for the heck of it.

Does anyone have any advice on how to convince the car to start? It's an '01 Pontiac if that makes any difference.

It's not a pressing issue, I work evenings usually and it doesn't happen every single morning. Basically a convenience thing.

DK/DC: What movie are you currently in the mood for?
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Have you ever microwaved a towel to put on a car seat on a cold morning? Did it stay warm long enough to provide comfort?

If you've ordered vanity plates, how long did it take for them to arrive??
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trader joes expiration date question

don't know where else to ask, so..
I'm trying to clean up my kitchen pantry (throw out expired canned/jar food), and I have a lot of jars of sauces from Trader Joes.
I can't find the expiration date on them. There is a code on the lid, but I can't decipher it (if it is the expiration date). Here's an example -
rc9m01 13:42

Anyone have Trader Joes jars in their pantry? Can you try to find an expiration date on it?
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(no subject)

When you are sitting in the midst of people having a conversation in a language you don't understand, what do you do? Do you listen to it even though you can't make it out? Do you try to figure out what they are talking about using other cues? Does is it just become a sort of white noise while you blithely stare off into space? Do you get super pissed and be like OMG HAY I CAN'T UNNASTAND YOU GUYS SHHH?

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Its 3.00 am
we have house inspection today from 930 - 11.30am,
we are also meeting the marriage celebrant today,

we are still cleaning...

Aside from getting off Lj, what do you do to motivate you to clean in a big way?

My legs and feet already hurt, and I am starting feel tiredness coming in. I have about three cups of tea and about to have cup of coffee...Argh...
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(no subject)

 My mom got a bread machine the other day and I'm loving it. So far I've made pizza dough, a couple plain loaves (loafs?) of white, cinnamon rolls, and honey oat bread. What's your favourite bread machine recipe?

What was the last thing you ate? Mushroom, spinach, and onion pizza with some of my dough.

What type of pizza crust do you like best? For me it depends on the pizza toppings. Hawaiian I like thin crisp crust. For most pizzas I want regular hand tossed, and I occasionally like deep dish.

What the hell am I doing awake at 3am? And what the hell are you doing awake at 3am?
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(no subject)

TQC, I have a craving for a bunny, but I can't afford one and I already have a hedgehog that I don't play with enough.  Will you post pictures/videos/gifs/macros of bunnies to appease my craving?
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(no subject)

Im not usually an emo-like person, I usually take the bad and flip it into productive, so my music reflects that.
I finally told my boyfriend I love him, and he literally told me he couldnt say the same. He cares about me and were still together but 
my hearts in a million pieces for a million reasons, and this one is just the cherry on top. We havent talked about it at all since the incident... 

What songs should I listen too? 
What would you do?
What gives you hope?
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(no subject)

Is a watery mouth a common symptom for common colds? I got sick overnight and my mouth has been watering like crazy. I tried google but didn't really find anything...
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(no subject)

I am thinking of getting a gate for my kitchen because my dog is terrible about grabbing bread or tortillas or pretty much anything off the counter when I'm not looking. Have any of you used any of the pressure-mounted gates with the gate that swings open (whether for your kids or for your pets) so you don't have to either take it down or step over it when moving between rooms? If so, how did you like it?

If you never used one, who is the most awesome/badass character (from comics, tv, movies, etc.) to wear an eye-patch?

Teach For America

Hi guys,

I find out today at 6 PM if I have an interview for Teach For America. Are you, or do you know anyone who has ever been involved with TFA? Any opinions???

I'm graduating college in May and don't have any other plans so if I get accepted I am tempted to join. But how does one know if she will be a good teacher?? Are you a teacher, if so what grade and do you enjoy it??
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(no subject)

Do you buy generic/store brand items?

What items do you refuse to buy generic/store brand?

(I buy a lot of staples - pasta, bread, etc - that's store brand, but I refuse to buy generic tampons, razors, or shampoo.)


Can anyone tell me where this would be? I already tried "whatwasthatone"...

I'm looking for a LJ entry about a woman who was hiding out from the police and her neighbors.

She had posted a series of entries saying that she was being followed/watched by people in the government because she had seen something strange happen with one of her neighbors. At one point they broke into her house, possibly to implant some sort of listening device. I could have seen it on ONTDcreepy, but I'm not sure.

Other people have posted suggestions to her and offered help with the police in their area or suggested the FBI.

I'm trying to remember where I've seen it. Any links would be appreciated.
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(no subject)

Do you or your significant other have a dangerous job?  Or another close friend or relative?
Does it give you anxiety or stress you out?

My husband is a coal miner and my little brother will be one too soon.
I have a friend who's husband is also a coal miner and its nice to have someone like that to talk to.
I get a little anxiety every time he's late, or I get a call from an unknown number :(
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(no subject)

Is LJ being weird and laggy for anyone else? When I go to post a comment, it tends to freeze up at the talkpost bit, but going back to the original post & refreshing, the comment appears.

I'm trying to figure out if it's my internet connection or LJ being LJ.

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TQC fashionista people I need some help. What kind of shoes should I buy?

I really only have 2 pairs of shoes and they're both sneakers. I can't wear flats because I have fat, wide feet and have issues of 'foot-spillage', I cant really wear boots because I have fat calves and heels are a definite no because of foot-spillage and uncoordinatedness. I was looking on Zappos at their wide shoes but they're all kinda gross and I am hoping for more options.
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(no subject)

My dad and I were just talking about whether or not we should get Netflix and I just wanted to find out if it is worth the money before we make a decision. If we do get it we'll be getting the $8 a month unlimited instant movies deal (we'd usually either be watching on our laptops or using my Wii console if that matters).

So, Netflix users of TQC, is it a good service and worth the money? Those of you who use it through a Wii console (or any other gaming console, I guess) have you had any issues with using the service that way or has it worked out well for you?

Edit: Thanks for all the feedback everyone. It was really helpful. I think we're going to give the free one month trial a shot and then decide from there.

I guess I'll add a new question since this one has been answered: What was the last thing you saw that made you go "lol, wtf"?

We're in the middle of a huge blizzard here and I just saw a woman cross country skiing down the street.
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(no subject)

Did anyone else skip school today because of snow?

I'm not sure how my new tiny Hyundai handles in snowy conditions yet and I didn't really want to risk it. Ok, and I'll admit I'm also really fucking lazy.
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(no subject)

 Does anyone here have set dinner menus every night? Like, you see in the old tv shows where Monday is always meatloaf and Tuesday is porkchops, etc. ?

Fantasia is creepy, right? I'm not the only one who thinks that? Fantasia 2000 is awesome though. I was watching it with The Demon Child (3 year old that I babysit).

What are some old movies or tv shows that you've never seen but make people look at you like you've lived under a rock?
I've never seen Mary Poppins or Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. And I'd never seen MASH up until a few years ago when my gf practically beat me over the head with it.
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(no subject)

 What sort of anniversaries (or mensiversary, or whatever you want to say) have you celebrated with significant others? Today is my "3 month /3rd mensiversary" with my boyfriend, but it seems lame to even mention it since it hasn't been very long/anniversaries are lame anyway.

What should I have for lunch? What did you have to eat today?
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If you have lost your voice, how do you get it back?

If my voice stays this way, I wont even be able to call into work because no one can hear me.

ALSO: How unprofessional is it to facebook my boss to let her know I wont be in? (She doesn't have e-mail, but a very active farmville).
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Zomboobie Apocalypse

1. How long does it take fake boobs to decay/break down?
2. They don't remove silicon tits when a woman dies. If a zombie unrising occurs, how will it effect women's survival morale if some of the dead have a better rack than they do? Will they be more determined to beat the zombies, or less?
3. With all the big titted zombies marching about, what would be the fluctuation in reported cases of necrophilia? Up or down?

(no subject)

My birthday is a little less than a month away and it ALWAYS sucks.
I feel like I have to come up with a plan for it, but I really have no idea what to do.

My friends and I live about an hour outside of NYC but it's $20 just to get there.

Do you have any fun suggestions? (I'm talking annnnything...laser tag? Roller skating?)

I was sort of thinking of making them dinner and watching a Cher movie, but I can do that on my own and they'd probably not enjoy it as much as I would :/

What did your best birthday in recent memory entail?

(no subject)

i'm going to be doing my field experience here in a couple weeks and i need to know:

should i wear business type wear or something not that fancy? i will be working with children and i don't want my boobs flopping out


What percentage tequila does Desperados tequila-flavoured beer have in it?

I love Desperados, but I don't have any, however I DO have both tequila and budweiser. What ratio tequila to bud should I use to make a similar drink? (not similar taste, but similar alcohol %)

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Internet stalking

Hi guys!

When you have a crush on someone, do you google them? or seek for them on Facebook or other sites?
Because I totally do.

Have you ever found out things you wish you hadn't?

When you don't find them anywhere, how frustrated are you?

Any stories about you internet stalking someone?


The situation:

You signed up to take a "Basic Photo" workshop at a local art center for the fun of it with this description:

"We will examine the nature of light and how to use it creatively, as well as learn strategies to compose better pictures. Bring your camera. Some manual control preferred, but not required."

The class is done at night (no natural light), and is in an old classroom with a chalkboard, too many tables and chairs, and orange cinder block walls.

The other people taking the class are comprised of 1 mother wanting to take better pictures of her child, 1 senior citizen who doesn't know how to work her point and shoot camera, and married couple who want to make photography their career because they did their daughter's senior portraits and motophoto did an awesome job printing them.

What activities do you think would be appropriate for the class?

(no subject)

I'm in a sea swimming club and we have to come up with a nautical themed version of our name.
Can you help?
My first name's Anna and my second name has the words Cool and Kill in it.
ETA: It doesn't *have* to have my name in it, its just best if it does. Bonus points if its Irish.
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(no subject)

My international student (from China) just asked me if we have any "gourmet powder" so he can cook something Chinese for me.

Any idea what this could be?

It's not curry powder or garlic powder.

ETA: It's not 5 Spice, he says it's white? Turns out it's MSG!
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(no subject)

this mix of heavy IM steroids, sudafed and delicious pneumonia is making me realize i. am. the. owl. in other words, i am baked out of my fucking mind without even smoking. how can i best encourage this? yelling nonsensical things is out of the question since i have no voice.

will you tell me about the times you've felt this way from prescription meds?
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(no subject)

Have you ever had a successful "friends with benefits" situation?

Have you ever had a "friends with benefits" situation turn into a relationship?

Have you ever had a "friends with benefits" situation that broke your heart?


(no subject)

I just started a new birth control pill like a week and a half ago, and now I'm having breakthrough bleeding and cramps >:|
What snack should I get to make myself feel better?

What are your favorite things to eat when you feel bad?

I need a job!


I've been applying at those big stores like Walmart and Shopko since October trying to get a job but it's not working out. They use an online application process and since I haven't had a job before, I think they see me as a crappy candidate

Would it be a good idea to start sending letters to the management team at the places I've applied, just basically saying I've applied online and would be honored to work for their company? Just something to make them notice me more? Or would that just be stupid, and possibly annoy them?

DK/DC - What bread do you use for your sandwiches? Do you cut your sandwiches? Straight or diagonal?

(no subject)

I just got a Vanity Fair in the mail with my name on it...but I didn't order a subscription.
Is there someway to see who it's from or what's going on?

It has Bieber on it :(

Is it lame to have my students write down a goal for next quarter? Are they just going to roll their eyes at me and throw desks at my face?
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(no subject)

Single people, or just anyone else that wants to answer:

What is the last thing you saw/read/heard that you wanted to try/buy?

People w/SO's:

What's the last new thing you guys tried in bed?
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(no subject)

 If you're typing a letter or comment to someone and you need to look something up or leave for a minute, do you type 'hold on' or 'brb'? Not in an instant message, but something that they aren't going to read at the moment you're actually leaving for.

Do you use your livejournal as a blog or mainly for communities? 
Do you have a blog outside of livejournal?

If you write, either stories or blog posts, do you let your family and friends read them?

My livejournal is private for mainly communities and fandom, but I let my family and irl friends read my writing blog.

The Draft

Inspired by my American Foreign Policy college class today:

If any nation is going to fight any war, it should fully mobilize including instituting a military draft, thus maximizing force while minimizing the duration of the conflict. This also makes the people of the nation more fully committed to winning the conflict. If the people of the nation are unwilling to full mobilize then the nation should not fight the war at all.

Example: We should either withdrawal from Afghanistan entirely or institute a draft to increase military manpower to the extent that the conflict can be won expediently and efficiently. Our current situation is a half-measure and thus ineffective.

Agree or disagree? Why?
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(no subject)

i just got a call from some lady who was really pissed and basically yelling at me telling me she had a report saying that there was errors on my computer and junk files or some bs. i was in the lounge and my dad grabbed the phone and pressed hash half a dozen times (apparently it scrambles our home number or something, idk) saying that its a scam trying to get our credit card numbers etc.

has this happened to anyone before? or is my computer actually messed up? what is this, i dont even..
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(no subject)

What's the longest amount of time you've gone without a regular Internet connection?
I almost hit the four week mark. My dad's house (where I stayed for a majority of my vacation to Florida) didn't have his services set up because he was moving to a new house, so I survived on my Blackberry, but god damn, it's good to have it back.

What do you do when you don't have the Internet?
I found myself reading and writing a lot more. Oh, and cleaning.

When was the last time you saw snow?
It snowed last night. Boo.
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(no subject)

What's that game where you buy 3 things to freak out your cashier? My friend and I are thinking either grape jelly, trashbags, and female condoms or regular condoms, lube, and dog food.

Have you ever accidentally or intentionally bought things like this to embarrass your cashier or ended up embarrassing yourself? (PLEASE SHARE)

a grave question

What do you want done with your body after you die? Describe your perfect final resting place.

I want to be cremated and scattered somewhere, just a park or a garden. Maybe mixed into concrete and used as a foundation stone for some sort of cool building.

Sometimes though I think I want to be in a sarcophagus in a big fancy mausoleum with stained glass windows and benches to sit on and ivy and roses all over the outside, and surrounded by my family.
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(no subject)

So, I adopted a cat tonight.. she's ADORABLE and fluffy and overweight and I saved her life. I've named her Jane F.

Anyway.. my pre-existing male is PISSED OFF. I have Jane set up in the spare room with her own litter box and food/water, toys, bed, etc, but I feel kinda bad leaving her shut up in there all day when I have to go to work tomorrow.. But I also don't want them to kill one another.

Also.. her eye is goopy and she's sneezing a lot; the SPCA said it just started this morning, and they gave me a free vet visit.. but is there anything I can do for her in the meantime?


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(no subject)

What is your favorite song from a movie (a movie where the character is singing)?  Doesn't have to be a Disney song and can be things like something from The Blues Brothers or The Muppet Movie or anything really where a character sings a song. Post a video if you can find one!
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what happened to my carpet?

So, in my new house a lot of the rooms have carpet, pretty much your standard cut-pile light beige carpet. My family has lived here just over three months. While I was vacuuming this past weekend, I noticed two gray spots on the carpet next to my side of the bed in the master bedroom. I tried to scrub at them with a damp cloth and discovered that fibers are melted and in some case black on the tips. Two little spots, like the size of a large man's thumbprint. They feel kind of crunchy to the touch.

I guess something slightly melted or scorched these two tiny spots. I haven't lit a candle in that room ever. I don't have any hot things in the room, other than a heating pad which has been unplugged and stowed for months. Nobody has ever smoked in the house since we moved here, and possibly never before then either. I haven't spilled anything other than water in that room. My 14-year-old insists he has no idea what messed up the carpet. My husband ignored my question when I asked him (this is normal for him, it doesn't mean anything more than he didn't bother to answer).

I give up, TQC - what happened to the carpet?
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(no subject)

i'm thinking about mounting my flat screen tv to my wall so i can have more space in my room by eliminating a shelf.

one question though... for those of you that have your flat screens mounted, what do you do about those ugly exposed wires?

(no subject)

If you ever go on online dating sites are you pleasantly surprised by the options in your area or is it dire?

Just out of curiosity I had a look on plentyoffish.com for my area, and there is a very surprising amount of 18-25 year olds (and pretty good looking ones at that) on it.

ETA: I've also found loads of people from my uni who I know, my ex's best friends boyfriend and a guy I met in a club once. Amusing.