January 11th, 2011


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1.probably a really dumb question... but... can people still receive texts while they're flying? (it's not international or anything.)

2. what can help people get out of a depression? (no drugs, please.)

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I had a full day *hiccup* and I am exhausted. As I was getting ready *hiccup* to go to bed, I developed an awful case of the hiccups and there is no way I can *hiccup* fall asleep with them. I AM SO FREAKING *hiccup* TIRED. What should I do?!



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 kind of a weird question, but i don't care...

do you think it's easier for gay people to meet potential SO's online than it is for straight people? in my experience, homosexuals seem to have more success with dating sites and seem to be more accepting of just random messages on say facebook from people they don't know saying "hey. we have a few mutual friends and you seem cool. wanna meet up sometime?" whereas i feel like straight people are more reluctant to use dating sites and get weirded out if someone sends them a random message like that. i feel like it's easier for gays to find people than it is for straight people. what are your thoughts?
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I’m looking at job listings at Borders.com and am not sure what the difference is between a cashier and a seller in their stores. Anyone know? Does a seller roam the store and do general tasks while helping people find things? That’s my best guess.

I’m half-asleep. Forgive me if this post is worded funkily and makes little sense.
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what do you consider "crossing the line" when it comes to your SO interacting with their preferred sex?

i ask because my boyfriend told me that there's this girl who he works with that he would consider dating if things weren't working between us (which they are working). he doesn't think things would work out with her anyway though because she's too "good" - doesn't drink, smoke, swear, anything. he bought he a ($3) bottle of wine for christmas. he didn't buy gifts for any of his other friends except for his best friend. she appearantly made him a mix cd in return. i'm bugging over it a little but i don't know if that's really crossing any major line. he's a nice guy and a good friend to people but i'm still not particularly happy with the situation. am i being jealous and overreacting or should i bring up my concerns?

edited next day: i spoke to a mutual friend and he said he's probably just trying to make me jealous, that i shouldn't worry but should definitely tell him straight up how i feel.

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For those who use Skype, does it shit you when people try to call you/video call you over Skype without asking first (like, typing to ask if you're not busy or whatever)?

My dad pretty much refuses to just type whatever he needs to say to me on Skype and insists on video calling me whenever. It's fucking annoying cos I rarely feel like talking and I'd rather not go on cam since most of the time, when I'm on my computer, I'm just in my underthings. I ended up blocking him cos it shits me so much.

Am I being unreasonable? I just really hate talking and wearing clothes.

DK/DC/don't have skype: What's your favourite kind of tea? I'd like some recommendations since I'm getting sick of drinking black tea with milk.

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- "shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will"

do you agree?

- i feel like all my reasons to be a teacher are cliche. what are some good reasons to become a teacher?

ps, this aint hw, more like... food for thought
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I'm about to (finally) start university as a freshman in a couple of weeks.. I'm 23.
I'm seriously bored with some of my friends, and our usual routine, and would love to meet some fresh faces, but I'm afraid that the people in my classes will be around 18 years old, and frankly I'm way past that phase of my life (emotionally/mentally) ya know?

Any experience meeting new people as a ~non-traditional~ student? Tips, advice? I'm definitely going to look into the GSA, to meet other queer people.

dk/dc: For those of you who went to college right after high school, are you still happy with your choice of major? Are you working at a job that relates to your degree? If you could go back and do it all over, would you?

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Happy 1/11/11! Its my birthday today :) And Eleven happens to be my lucky number. :D

I don't have a car until five. What fun things should I do around my apartment until then? I already ate candy WITH my breakfast, since it is my birthday and all :) <3

DK/DC: What is the last movie/tv show you thought you would hate, but ended up liking?
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A friend of mine is on a downward spiral regarding self-esteem, and it’s externalizing in a drinking and chain-smoking spree. What I want to address in this question is the chain-smoking.

I want to be there for my friend to lean on, but I’m having a hell of a time being around him because of the smoke stench. I can normally handle being around smokers, as I used to be one and actually sort of enjoy the odor if it’s light. But my friend smokes in his apartment with the doors and windows closed, and in his car with the windows rolled up, so the smoke permeates his clothing and hair so thoroughly that the scent is literally sickening. I feel nauseated even writing about it because it’s that thick in my memory from last night. We went out, and we went in my car because I’m not a good passenger in his (or in many people’s for that matter... PTSD issues resulting from past auto accidents), and now my car smells like a giant ashtray.

I tried talking to him about it a little bit last night, and while he was open to listening, he was understandably a little defensive, as no one likes to hear that they smell bad. I know, having been a smoker, that smokers are unable to smell themselves the way other people do. You really don’t know what you smell like until you quit, and then it’s a shock. If he knew what he smelled like last night he’d be disgusted. My 11-year-old son literally smelled him coming up our front walk, 20 feet away, with our front door closed. My husband smelled him before I opened the front door. As soon as I opened the front door the odor permeated the house. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Not only do I not want to allow him into my car again smelling like that, but I also don’t think I can allow him to be near my children.

Anyway, I want to be there for him because he needs a friend right now in a bad way, but the cigarette/smoke/permeation thing literally makes me feel ill. I woke up this morning with breathing issues, as if my own lungs were once again filled with tar and crap (like when I was a heavy smoker), and it scared me a little.

The question: What would you do in this situation?

Oh, and I know this isn’t my problem specifically since this part doesn’t affect me directly, but I’m also afraid the aroma is going to affect him negatively at work (restaurant host). Should I mention that to him or not? Is that “being a friend” or “butting in”?

yeah, you will think of another way you like them...and you will post your thoughts to me.

what are the ways you enjoy eating TOMATOES?

sliced -- just eat
sliced/diced on sandwiches
sliced/diced on salads
sliced/diced on pizza
in spaghetti or chili or some such saucy and savory thing
in ketchup
in soup
quartered -- just eat with or without something else
fried up (like a green tomato)
in caprese salad (w/ mozzerella, basil and olive oil)
stuffed with something (like tuna salad or some such thing)
i say to-mah-to
in the garbage...YUCK, tomatoes
oh suzer, i like to throw tomatoes at people who have done me wrong.

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1. All you photography buffs: If I want to take a photo of, say, my boyfriend who is standing about 5 ft away from me, but I him to be focused and the background very blurry, what kind of lens would I need for this? Wide angle? Specific examples appreciated :)

2. What are some concrete plans you already have for 2011? Any big milestones? Trips planned?

And on a completely irrelevant note...
3. If a mid to late-twenties guy who is in a long-distance relationship (and thus only has sex every 3 months when he gets to see his gf) has an issue of coming prematurely the first time he has sex with her after those 3 months, does this likely indicate that he never even really jerks off??
(EDIT: he comes even before the girl even touches him down there)
Opus ack

Ew ew ew.

My kid was sick last night*.

I've been spending all morning trying to get rid of the smell of vomit, but it keeps coming back.

What Would The Question Club Do? Serious/Nonserious, of course.

*-She woke up this morning feeling "better, much better" and went to school. Still, poor kid.
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A car bomb exploded outside my apartment complex on the street this morning. There are some conflicting news reports over if it was intentional act or completely an accident. I was fortunate enough to be on the 7th floor of my building, but with my window facing the car, so I got some pretty sweet pictures.

Collapse )

No one was hurt by the way.

So, what do you think happened? Serious/Non-serious explanations are all welcome.
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boring job advice question

i currently have a part-time job where i'm regularly scheduled for weekends, and never for weekdays. my boss recently started training me for the stuff they do on weekdays (different and more involved than the weekend stuff, and i also happen to really hate it) so that i can be an alternate in case a regular weekday person happens to be sick for a shift. i won't be regularly scheduled for weekdays, though. at the time she started training me for weekdays, she told me that it was optional and that i should do it if i wanted more hours, which i did at the time.

i just graduated from university and am working and saving up so that i can move in a few months. now that i don't have school during the week and thus have total weekday availability, i'm applying everywhere to find another part-time job that i can do on the weekdays. at my current job, i end up getting a weekday shift like... once a month, so i really need another job.

HERE IS THE QUESTION, patient people who have read thus far: my boss emailed me today asking if i could come in tomorrow for even MORE weekday training wtf, so much shit to be trained on. anyway i am wondering whether i should do it or whether i should tell her that i don't want to do the weekday stuff anymore and that she should get someone else to be an alternate for the weekdays, since i'm looking for another weekday job and i won't be a very reliable alternate. i'm worried she might be pissed off though since she's invested a few days' worth of training in me so far. WHAT SHOULD I DO?
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Peacoat-wearing people of TQC:

Where'd you get that peacoat? Have you had any issues with it (cheap lining, material that pills really easily, etc)? Does it keep you warm in really cold winter weather or is it more like autumn-wear?

Alsooooo, beret-wearing people of TQC:

I'm trying to find a cute knit beret, but none of my local stores seem to be carrying them (except Target, but those are really thin and reminiscent of hairnets). Where'd you find yours? I'd rather not order one online, but maybe it's come down to that.

Pictures of either would be a plus.

ETA: You guys are full of some very good-looking ideas. Thanks for all the info!

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I let my kid type on my computer because he's in love with mashing the buttons on the keyboard. Somehow, he's changed the settings so that the up and down arrow buttons go directly to the bottom of the page.

WTF did he do and how do I fix it?

Hey. What's up?

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So, this weekend i'm driving down to Florida (from Michigan) with my Mother. What are some fun things to do on a roadtrip that will entertain me/keep me sane? Also, snack suggestions to have in the car? We aren't really into junk food so no chips or anything like that.
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Anybody have 'problem areas' that just won't clear up?

I have a small patch of skin on my lower back that's just super dry no matter what I put there. And a blemish that's been on my chin for years and REFUSES to go away. The fact that I pick at it from time to time doesn't help but, still. >:(

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What kind of stories do you wish books/comics today told more of?
What type of characters do you enjoy reading about?
What type of characters should there be more of?

dk/dc: is it gonna snow today where you are?

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TQC, what do you do about jeans that you've just bought and really want to wear but they require hemming? Do you cuff them? How do you make them stay cuffed if they're bootcut jeans? Should I just learn to hem pants myself, even though I don't have a sewing machine?

Do you ever buy jeans that fit in certain places but are too big or too tight in others? I bought size six jeans yesterday because they fit in the waist and thighs but they're too big in the butt. I'd rather them fit in the waist than being unable to sit down, though.

DK/DC: I just saw a job posting on Craigslist for an administrative assistant at a local doctors' office. It looked interesting until I got to the bottom and saw this: "Studies have illustrated there is a correlation between higher credit scores and those who take their responsibilities more seriously. Please send your resume along with a separate one page document stating you allow this office to run a copy of your credit report and a background check. Please include your full given name, full birthdate, current address and social security number." Most hilarious job requirement ever, y/n?
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Hello tqc
I love buckwheat very much. And my kids too.
It is very popular in Russia.
But I don't know why it is unpopular in English-speaking world.
It is healthy, gluten-free, easy to cook and (last but not least) tasty.
We moved to Australia 4+ months ago, and I propagate buckwheat here, among my aussie friends and neighbours.

The qtn is, have you ever eaten buckwheat?
If yes, what do you think about the reason of its unpopularity in your country?
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Thinking about moving to Oakland.

Does anyone out there live in Oakland? My friend wants me to come be his roommate possibly in August so I wanted to get people's opinion on the place. How's the job market? Are people friendly? Whats the babe to dude ratio? I live in Florida now so I'm looking to get out possibly.



 1. What do your pets do when they want attention?

2. Are your birthdays usually a spectacular event or kinda meh? What do you usually do for them?

3. What did you want to be (career wise) when you were little?\

My answers in comments. :)

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Has anyone taken any physical education classes at college? If so, what did you take? Were they easy, blow-off type classes, or did you actually bust your ass? haha.

I know all colleges/classes are going to be different, but just trying to get an idea. I'm in two this coming semester (have to take them to graduate): fitness walking and exercise and jogging. I'm not opposed to doing some exercise, of course, but I'm curious.
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What's the popular 90s anime that has an opening theme song with a guitar and a harpsichord?

Do you have a Keurig? If you do, what are your favorite K-cups? I just got one and I have boxes of mandarin orange spice tea, green tea, English breakfast tea, sleepy time tea, Sumatran extra bold coffee, donut shop coffee, and hazelnut coffee. What else should I try??

For One Week

Would you rather be abandoned in a Jurassic Park like dinosaur infested jungle with a full kit of camping supplies, food and water included.


in a large zombie infested city with nothing but full shops and stores you could loot for supplies?

Research Paper Topic

For my advanced history class, we have to do these research papers. Our topics need to be: two sided and debatable questions. And of course related to history. We can do ANYTHING.

I REALLY want my topic to be something about a learning disability... maybe a great war leader that had ADHD? So I could ask if it was his ADHD that helped him succeed? That's just an example.

Can anyone help me think of a question?

(If not, I maybe was thinking about writing it on either fashion or music.)

I was thinking of doing something with the hunt and gathering theory with ADHD?

multi-tasking while pooing

Poll #1666987 Activities on the pot

What have you done while sitting on the commode pooping?

surfed web
talked on phone
clipped and/or painted nails
brushed/flossed teeth
put on makeup
ate food
watched TV/DVD
listened to music
played video game


TQC I just found out that I accidentally shipped some of my textbooks to my old address! (I lived there until April of last year, so it's not from that long ago) *facepalm*

It looks like FEDEX needs a signature for me to pick it up is there any way I can correct the address so they don't keep delivering it to the wrong address?

ETA: it looks like it was actually signed for by someone else. So I'll have to call my old residence to see if the office got it or if the new resident did. bleh

How annoying do you think mailing stuff is?
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i know there was a post about it last night, but i'm watching the most recent episode of hoarders with the rats and i literally feel sick to my stomach.

do you hoard anything? or have any items that you don't use but won't let go of?

how are you organization skills?

do you think you could ever end up as a full on hoarder?
Muh Life.
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My parents are the primary caregivers for my almost-9-year-old nephew. We're currently awaiting the 12-15" arrival of snowmageddon 1/11/11 (what a coinkydink) so schools are closed and both my parents are working opposite shifts two days in a row. As a result, I have inherited my nephew for tonight, tomorrow and possibly the next night/day. My SO's work has also closed in preparation so he will be around too, but he gets nervous with kids.

wtf do I do with a hyperactive 9-ish y.o. boy for almost 72 hours??
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Do you have any tips or tricks for getting over jetlag?

I feel like the obvious answer is stop giving into temptation and letting myself nap, but um... any other hints? I'm weak and can't say no to my nice warm bed.

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I feel sick but I have 3 midterms coming up in a week that I need to study for. What should I do tonight? Sleep early or start studying?

How do you plan out your weekly schedule?

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What are some healthy snacks I could keep around that have a relatively long shelf life? I'm thinking of things that you just take out of the package and eat, like granola bars or something. I like fruits and veggies but I'm not a big snacker, so they tend to go bad before I can eat all of them, and it makes me feel wasteful.
Vote in my poll.

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You go out tomorrow and get hit and killed by a truck. You find out that those billboards proclaiming the existence of an eternal afterlife were actually correct, (though probably still more due to luck than any divine insight) and some how you have ticked all the boxes to qualify for the eternal afterlife (in my case it was a clerical error I suspect).

You have the ability to visit anyone, anytime, but you can't interact with them.

Are you going to drop by and check out your own funeral?

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I have to hire a copywriter/graphic artist for my business, any suggestions where to place an ad? Is Monster any good? CareerBuilder?

My obvious first choice would be craigslist, but don't want to waste time wading through spam or unqualified people. Also, someone suggested fiverr, but I want to pay a living wage if possible -- I think it's insulting to expect someone to work for you for $5 per gig.
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My tv does a weird thing lately where suddenly the subtitles turn off and the functions just freeze.  Like, I can't change the channel, I can't turn it off from the remote, I can't turn the volume up or down, it's just weird.  I have to go up to the tv and hold the on/off button for about five seconds until the screen flashes really brightly and it turns off.  Then I have to wait another five or ten seconds to turn it back on, 'cause if I turn it on immediately, it just goes frozen again.  Any idea wtf this is?

If your life had a theme song, what would it be?

ETA: Eww, fail for basically asking the same thing as the post below me.
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I am adopting a kitty from the SPCA tomorrow! She is roughly 10 months old, and is grey and white. WHAT DO I NAME HER?!

I have another cat.. he's a man named Rainbow..

ETA: any tips on introducing these two? My male cat is 6 years old. He's been around other cats, and HATES other males, but seems to do well enough with the females.

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 Does anyone know the name of that actress/rapper who was in an English show about an Asian family who had a son in a wheelchair and had a Stephen Hawking voice computer thing on it. It was on TV maybe 5 years ago. I know its not much to go by but even if your only 20% sure its what you have in mind then please tell me :) Thanks xx
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Will you comment with a band or artist you like, and everyone can respond with their favorite song by them?

Edit: only one band/artist per comment, please
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My abdomen hurts. Like mid-lower-left, and not my back. My front. About where my waist is, I'd say. And its pretty much my side. Its a sharp-ish pain. Dr. TQC, I may go to the doctor tomorrow if it still hurts, but until then, will you diagnose me, plz?

Do you have anything you would like Dr. TQC to diagnose tonight?
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My mom gave me an old set of hand weights. I think they're around 5 lbs each. What are the best exercises to do with them? How often should I use them for optimal strength improvement?

I also got a yoga mat. Are there any yoga videos on netflix? Or some other way to watch yoga instruction on an Xbox 360?

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If your best/very close friend is of the opposite sex (or the sex you are usually attracted to) how do you deal with jealous partners (if you have to at all)?

Do you consciously wash your feet in the shower or just let them be washed by the passing water?

Do you have any tips for ignoring piles of washing up/general mess?
I have to go back to very dirty housemates and i'm not clearing up after them any more.
Knives for a pro.

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Tomorrow morning I'm going to use up some barbecue sauce that's about to expire and make some barbecue chicken[edit] in the crock pot, and I'll put it on some storebought rolls with cheese baked into the top[/edit]. I'll also make some garlic smashed red potatoes, and use up some corn that's just been sitting in the freezer. What else would you make to go along with these three?

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 How long does it take a newer nose piercing (i.e. around a year old) to close up once the jewelry is removed? Does it leave any sort of scarring? Do you have any facial piercing horror stories, yours or someone else's, that you'd like to share?

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are you tolerant of others' religious and political affiliations? i'm strictly speaking, they engage you and you don't rip their head off because you feel so much ragey-hatred

i'm trying to be really passive and understanding, as boring as that is

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What are some things you like to splurge on and indulge in that others would think you're crazy for spending so much $$ on?

Me: I spent half of my paycheck on a bra/pantie set that amounted to $250. What is wrong with me?! Now I'll be broke until my next paycheck...
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Have you ever sneezed (or coughed) a phlegm globber onto anything in a public place with people watching? If so, where were you, and where did your globber land? Did anyone glare at you? Did you clean it up?

I just sneezed one onto my keyboard with no one watching and immediately thought of TQC. Why is that? Yes, I did clean it up.

Roommate help

Please validate me!

Collapse )

tl;dr; A girl I live with can be very bossy and demeaning. She seems to think that she's the one running the ship and tells everyone what to do. Should I talk to her or move? How would you talk to someone like that? 

I love living in the middle of town, everything is walking distance, but idk if it's worth walking on needles.

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I heard that pain is different or our pain tolerance is higher/lower for a women depending on where they are in their cycle, But I don't remember when it will hurt less.

Can any of you remember?
I googled but I must be lacking in google skils at the moment.
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1282 WORDS

Let's say, Collapse )

Do you think, if you were the parent, that you would file a lawsuit against the hospital and/or CPS? Is it worth suing the hospital and/or CPS, or is it only a collection of menial events and, though considering that the mother in this story was not and is not a heroin user, not really worth fighting over?
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My husband left a basket of his dirty laundry with a new bottle of detergent on top in the laundry room yesterday. Today it's gone. Wtf happened to it? Anyone who'd want to steal the detergent I assume wouldn't also be interested in taking the clothes (especially since they were all covered in cat pee). This is kind of funny (to me... not to him) though because I told him that if the clothes were still in the hall when I got back I was going to throw them out.

Has your laundry ever been stolen? Did you ever get it back?

[Edit: My first day of class is tomorrow but it's snowing a lot and is going to keep snowing. I don't know how to drive in snow. Wtf do I dooooooo? There are no buses that go there. Last time I was in this situation I just never went to class but that ended poorly. ]
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I had a dream this morning that I got to play with Katy Perry's boobs. They were a bit smaller than what she really has and didn't look they were actually hers. Thing is, I don't like Katy Perry, I don't even listen to her music anymore. I've grown really tired of her and ever since I saw what she looks like, I lost any affection I had for her.

Do you ever have dreams about people you don't really care for?
Why would I have a dream about her if I don't even like her? And it's not like I hate her either, my feelings on her are so in between and I don't ever think about her - why was she suddenly in my head?