January 10th, 2011


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What's up with people eating half an apple and leaving the rest hanging around for later?

Do you turn your mobile phone (if you have one) off while you are sleeping?

goddamn, what was my third question? last semi-surreal thing to happen to you?

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If you could live in a Buddhist monastery for 3 months in either India (in Bodh Gaya) or in Japan (Kyoto), which would you choose? You get more free time in Japan.

Edit: And why!
Edit2: Okay, maybe something for competition. You can study art in France (northern region, in Brittany) or Buddhism in Kyoto. Which do you pick?

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holy crap this is going to bother me. I can't think of the name of a movie and I want to watch it so bad. I vaguely remember some things about it, but that's it. here's what I know:

I think it was on some sort of island, but it was definitely in a wooded area. A child was in a hollowed out tree or some sort of hole and there were a bunch of fantasy-like creatures with the kid. I think it's an older movie, maybe based on a book? I can't remember crap about it. THIS IS REALLY BOTHERING ME :(

It is not Nim's Island or The Last Mimzy, both of which I think are too childish for what I'm thinking of, but I think they're familiar. It definitely had fairies or sprites or some sort of little mystical creatures, and maybe talking trees? ARG. Do any of you have any clue what I'm talking about?! Maybe start listing fantasy movies that involve kids and cool animatronics/stuff like that. I have to figure this out :(

Blue Manhattan Group

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With the success of the Producers and Spamalot, more movies are turning into Broadway-type plays. What movie would you most like to see be turned into a major theatrical production?

Team America
Saving Private Ryan
Brokeback Mountain
Pet Semetery
Snakes on a Plane
There's Something About Mary
Mars Attacks

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I have a sudden serious craving for kraft dinner, but I want to liven it up a bit. And I suck at cooking and creativity.

What can I add to the kraft to make it more interesting?

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Do you like the show "Monk"? Netflix has all the seasons on Instant Watch so I can finally watch season 8. I just watched "Mr. Monk & the Dog" and cried. Probably my favorite episode so far.
I <3 TLV

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What's the creepiest scene use for a Polaroid camera you could come up with No murdered/attempted murder, assault, etc? The more ghostly influences before real world violnce. What would would be creepy to you??

Can yu show me any creepy Polaroids you've taken?

I'm going to be bed, make up stores about this image? what's it of, how it came to be, etf
Collapse )
Old Fashioned

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When is a word is constantly misused, at what point do we give up try to correct people/teach the proper meaning of the word and say that the language has changed and that new meaning is now correct?

I'm thinking specifically of the word agnostic- most people use it to mean 'atheism lite', unaware that athiesm vs thiesm is on a completely different spectrum than agnosticism vs gnosticism (For a better explanation of what the meaning is, go here). We all know what people mean when they say 'I'm agnostic', so at what point does that meaning become official (if ever)?
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I'm currently in a Master's degree program, and I've been pulling an all nighter working on an essay. Maybe it's the lack of sleep, but I think that I've come to the realization that I don't want to go on to a PhD after I finish this degree. But now I don't know what I can do with myself.

I have a B.A. in English and a B.A in History. If I manage to pass this program, I will have an M.A. in Early Modern European History next year.

My question to you is: What kind of jobs could I get with those degrees?

dk/dc: What is your favorite kind of drink to order at a bar?
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 I signed up for a sociology class because it was on the list of electives to take for the minor I want. I just realized that even though a lot of the sociology class don't require Intro to Sociology as a prereq that this one does. I'm talking to my professor after class today but what are the chances I'll be able to stay in it without that prereq?

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Should I wear dress slacks or jeans? Or magic option 3, a nice skirt?

I'm going to an orientation for the specific program within the organization I'm interning at. I wore slacks to meet the org's volunteer coordinator two weeks ago, then felt overdressed once I got there. The specific orientation today is for the after-school tutoring program I'll be working with.

DK/DC: Residents of the Northern Hemisphere, how many colds have you had this cold season so far?
Southern Hemispherers, how many sunburns?

ETA: I went with the skirt. Thanks folks!
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For those of you who have room mates... do you have any that weren't your friend before-hand? How did you go about finding them?
Most of my good friends either already live by themselves, or I wouldn't want to live with. Also, you dorm-living-people do not count.
Belly rubbin'

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Inspired by this article.

Do you think it is ever appropriate for teachers to give out their contact information to their students? What about texting with their students? What about contact with students on social networking sites? Do you think teachers should be fired for doing this?

Teachers of TQC: Do you ever give your contact info out to students? Do you ever text with them? Do you ever friend your students on any social networking sites?

Non-teachers of TQC: If you were a teacher would you ever give your contact info to your students? Would you ever text with them? Would you ever friend any of them on a social networking site?
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Which is more dangerous? Driving while it's snowing during the day, or driving in below freezing temps in the dark? (Possibility of unseen ice...) Both are kind of terrifying to me but I have to choose one =( It's 3.5-4 hour drive.

[Edit: The night drive would be before the snow. My mom is insisting it would be safer.]

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witch doctor tqc,

i've had a cold for the past week or so - runny nose, bad cough, etc. i will be flying from CA to WI tomorrow. what can i do in the next 24 hours to make myself feel better?

how annoyed will you be if you have a sick-ish person next to you on a flight?

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In this scenario, you live in an apartment and you NEED to get a roommate quickly. You put out an ad and only 15 people show up. Which of these people would you accept as roommate? The gender is referred in front (F/M)

M "I love the place. I've already picked out where to put the sandboxes. I come with 6 cats, you see"
F "If I stay here, you promise you can't tell anyone you know anything about me, even if they knock on the door. You. Know. Nothing. Even if it's the police"
M "I'm the drummer in a band. I'll give you free tickets whenever we play. We're going to have to move this living room chair because I need to watch tv while I drum, and the drum kit HAS to go here"
F "Pleased to meetcha. My name is Tish, but everyone calls me 'Tweaker". Oh, don't worry, I don't do meth anymore. I stopped a couple weeks back"
M "I must warn you. I sort of don't like to wear clothes when I'm home" (he's average looking)
F "I'm a phone sex operator"
M - he's a nice guy. He is, you figure, near 500lbs
F "That is a nice shower. I probably won't be using it much. I'm trying to do what I can to conserve, so I can easily go weeks without showering"
M "My old lady will be here a lot. We're, um, swingers. Do you ever had sex with a couple before? Curious about it? We can make it happen" (he's about late 40s)
F - seems mellow enough, but you notice a lot of scars around her wrists. They look self inflicted
M "Warning. I snore really loudly. My last roommate hated me"
F - "That's a nice tv. How much would you say it's worth? How heavy would you say it is?"
M "I have 2 sons. They're twins. They're two years old"
F - civil enough, but she was wearing white gloves, and checked everywhere for dust
M "I have to ask, but are you ok with Scientology? Last thing I'd want is for me and my friends upsetting you, as they might show up at all hours of the day"

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 I'm hoping one of you has had a similar problem that you've resolved. I have a Toshiba Satellite laptop with Windows 7 Home Premium 32 bit and an HP desktop with Windows XP, service pack 2 I believe. I'm trying to network them to share a printer. Both computers have the printer drivers and software installed. Both computers have file sharing enabled in every possible place. 
I can see the laptop on the desktop, but not the other way around. I've googled a lot and tried everything suggested (updating drivers, password protecting the laptop, etc.)

How can I fix this?

I'd like to be able to print without sending everything to the other computer. Bah.

Don't know/don't care/doesn't apply to you:  how responsible are you with money? Do you have a savings?

ETA:  Just in case someone else has this problem and finds this, I fixed it by switching the network on windows 7 from home to work which can be done in Network and Sharing under the Control Panel. Also by making sure my other computer didn't go into standby lol. 
me and jack


This is JackerMagoozer, age 7.5 months, and I am doing today's poll. Which of these things do we have in common?

my mom drives me places
my mom picks out my clothes
my mom tells me what to eat
my mom speaks for me a lot of the time
i slept 12 hours in a row this weekend
i have at least one item of clothing with a penguin on it
i am confused by mirrors and/or snow
when people clap, it makes me LOL
i REALLY like the song "somewhere over the rainbow"
my dad promised to teach me to fish
i love to watch basketball
tonight is my bath night
my sisters are cats
i wish i knew the language better
oh jacker, idk, but man you are a cutie
nana smoking

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What is one of the most amazing tastes ever?
-The taste of taro. It's a yam, it's purple and tastes like honey cereal to me!
What is a food/drink you like that a lot of people you know don't?
-Tapioca pudding.
What is a food/drink you don't like that a lot of people do?
-Beer and doughnuts.

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TQC, I'm planning on going into NYC next week and dropping resumes off at various publishing houses' HR departments. The worst they can say is no, or "we're not hiring right now", right? Is there a way to make this venture more successful and less creepy? And while we're at it, have you done that kind of thing before? How did that work out for you?
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So... I'm reading a thread on another site that says white people just rub soap on in the shower without a washcloth. Not the first time I've heard this and of course there's that Chappelle's Show sketch, lol.

Do you use a washcloth/loofah/sponge/etc. in the shower?

FYI: I'm not trolling or w/e, I know no group does xyz the same way. I was just ~inspired~ by that thread, this question isn't even directed toward white people in particular ok.
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TQC, my school district released early due to weather. I could use this time to catch up on paperwork or prepare for the literature circle I'm supervising, but I would much rather play a game. Wouldn't you?

Will you please post a comment to this entry using your favorite icon, or the icon you feel is most representative of you? And once you've done that, will you peruse other people's replies and comment to them with a few words you think describe them, based upon their icon choice? Don't cheat and look at anyone's profile, and if you already know something about a person try to guess something you have no clue about!
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Fly the F***ed up Skies!

 What's are the worst experiences you've ever had on an airplane? It can be bad service, sick people, gross people, bad food, scary near crash, God forbid actually crashing...anything.

I've got a couple.

I was on my way to Orlando, Florida from New York JFK many years ago. It's about 3 hours. Within the first 15 minutes of the flight there was heavy turbulence from a storm cell we clearly failed to avoid. 1 hour into the flight, the baby behind me vomited quite forcefully. I was actually impressed! Surely he had a future in firefighting. What I was not impressed with is that the vomit made it between the seats and onto my arm. :C I didn't want to say anything because clearly mom and dad had problems of their own. Also, I didn't want to embarrass them. I got up later and tried to wash it out. I smelled like formula barf for the rest of the ride. I hate the smell of formula even before it's digested soooo...

The second time I was riding a puddle jump Cessna from Boston Logan to Nantucket (ACK). I'm a frequent flier, but this trip was so nerve-wracking that I was clinging to my friend's jacket and trying not to crap my pants. We would be carried up by a chunk of air, then dropped about 50 feet or so. In a 9 seater plane you can really feel that! When we were a few hundred feet from the runway, I thought we were in the clear. Well the plane had one more upsetting trick for us. Right before we landed, we hit a crosswind so bad it knocked the small plane nearly completely horizontal. Like, sky out of one window, asphalt on the other. Luckily the pilots kick ass (mostly retired Navy), so we made it. I took the boat back for the return trip. O_O
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What is the definition of a 'cult'?

-Inspired buy the coco I am watching about the westboro church.

EDIT: I didnt mean the dictionary meaning...

Fine ok obviously this is screwed and I did not ask the right question.

What is your fav video game movie?
Jay & Silent Bob

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If you see someone in public crying by his/her self, do you talk to them? (Have you ever seen this? What did you do?)

I saw a young woman crying once, and my friend noticed it, too, and I feel bad for not having at least asked if she was okay. I was with several friends and we were sort of on a mission, and the opportunity passed me by.

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You're driving when you realise that the driver of the car in front of you has clearly lost control of their vehicle and are heading towards a rather large and solid pole. You are a safe enough distance away from them that you can avoid collision and you can also overtake them. Do you overtake and continue on your journey?
Edit: If you overtake them you are also avoiding accident.

When you have a life issue do you ask tqc what you should do?
Do you make the question ambiguous?


This is my first post! Hi everyone! :)

Has anyone done the Couch to 5k program?
How did that work out for you?
Did you lose any weight?

I just started today and it was already harder than I thought, but I felt great when I was done!
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if were in college and your college was playing in the bcs final championship whatever for football (first time ever for your school), would you go out of your way to watch the game? what if you really really didn't care about sports?

i have shit i need to do tonight but i also feel like i should watch it idk. i could just stream it and have it on in the background but i'm pretty sure i would end up just spacing out and missing the whole thing as happens every time i attempt to watch football (i can pay attention when it's with a group of enthusiastic people, though).
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do any of you have experience stripping? can you tell me about the experience? specifically, how much you made, whether you ever felt unsafe at your job, the shittiest things you had to deal with
evil toys

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Can you explain to me the mentality behind the high schoolers I know throwing themselves 300% into "relationships" that only last a couple days to a week?

I keep seeing Facebook statuses and wall posts that are cloyingly intense ("on the phone with the love of my life!!! love you hannah! 01.04.11 <3"), only for the relationship to end a few days later, only for the same people to have the same/similar statuses about a new boy/girlfriend a week later. My brain is just incapable of wrapping around these very public, very intense displays for may-fly-length romances.

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My dad is really getting down on me to go with him to his great aunt's wake tonight. I really want to see my family but I know I would have to be GIRLNAME to them and I just can't. How can I tell him to STFU and leave me alone about it?
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if you could rewind time by ten years, would you do it? you will still have your present mind and you cannot fast forward through any of it.

if yes, what would you change? what wouldn't you change? what events would you try to prevent from occuring or to make sure they happen?

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Tomorrow is our state exam and I have two classes taking it. I'm told I will be at school grading until around 10pm or so. (I'll be getting to school at 6:30am)

Is it a travesty to wear leggings with a dress and some black non-Ugg but non-leather boots to school?
I see other teachers wearing similar, but I'm semi-chub and don't really have a secure job. haha

Any suggestions for something comfortable to wear instead?
*We're also supposed to get a snowstorm*


If you're realllllly hungry, but dinner probably won't be for another hour or two, do you eat something or just wait it out? If you do eat, what do you have?
selina kyle

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I finally finished and turned in a horrific essay that has been plaguing me for weeks. How should I celebrate?

Should I go out and buy myself some Ben and Jerry's and eat my emotions or should I take a nap?

Also, is it more important to write essays with an eye towards what the person grading you is looking for or is it more important to write an essay that you are proud of?
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 TQC, my back hurts from laughing.

Especially from THIS (tqc_update) about claystarling  and our pimping endeavour (tl;dr, someone just called him and he's going on a date).

I'm also laughing at claystarling 's use of "QWOPing" as a verb to describe the method used to avoid falling down stairs when you start to stumble.

Will you tell me a funny story? From recently or a while ago?
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TQC, I am (maybe) finally getting on the World of Warcraft bandwagon! THIS IS EXCITING NEWS. Sort of.

My SO and his roommate really wanted me to play, so last night I tried it for the first time and enjoyed myself quite a lot. So now I am all excited about my potential new-found hobby and would sort of like to talk about it.

SO, WoW players, do you have any awesome tips for someone starting out with no clue what she's doing?

Or would you like to share fun stories or your latest accomplishments or tell me about your characters or anything?!

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Is it your experience that the "all the good men are taken or gay" phrase is true?
Brought to you by me meeting up with a married guy today (just as friends) and he's pretty much the cat's pajamas. And he's married. Ugh.
Merlin Not Choose the Wine

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I have a crapton of dreams in which I'm still wearing a retainer or bite plate (neither of which I have worn in about six or seven years) and it's obnoxious and disgusting. Anyone else have dreams about former dental accessories? Think it ~means~ anything?

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I've been battling a pretty harsh cold since Thursday. Should I call in sick tomorrow? I was going to call in today, but we were blessed with a snow day. I feel a lot better today than I did yesterday, but I'm at that stage in my cold where I'm exhausted all the time.

How bad do you have to feel before you call in? 
I &lt;3 TLV

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If you had braces, did you keep wearing your retainer? Have your teeth moved since you got them off? Would you ever consider getting braces a second time?

I never wore my retainer and now my teeth have a few gaps and the top and bottom are no longer perfectly lined up. I want to get braces again to refix these things but ugh I don't know if the pain and annoyance of braces would be worth it.

Do you have any physical flaws that you're subconscious about but no one else ever notices?

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TQC, I ran out of grape juice today. I want more, but I want a healthier one with less sugar than the Welch's I originally bought. Can you recommend me one? I have no Whole Foods (or anything similar) available, just a Walmart and another local area store.

If not, what is your favorite juice?
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Hey guys.

I'm sick from something, and I'm not sure whether it's from bad food or an illness since I've had neither before, or if it's from stress.

Here's what's going on. Went back to school today after a very bad break (car wreck, sick brother, dad visit, brother overdosing), and ate lunch at school. I had a salad, some lemon portobello rice, an apple, and some yellow cake. The rice was very oily and makes me sick to think about it thought it tasted alright at the time.

I ate lunch around 2, and got done with class around 5:30 and came home. I've been vomiting the last hour and a half, and I never vomit. What's wrong with me?

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So tonight I am stuck with no pots and pans.
My boy is headed up to the grocery store, and I have to figure out what I can eat for dinner that will go straight in the stove.
Also, no microwave.

I am thinking bagel bites, because that sounds delicious, BUT I also want some sort of veggie/something healthyish to go with it.

Question-AT your typical Publix is there something in like the frozen section that is healthyish that I can stick straight in the oven? I only have a flat pan to cook on.

Also, I have no fridge either so I don't want to get fresh veggies that will just go bad plus condiments that would go bad.

Everything that is coming to mind is those bags you put in the microwave. But I have no microwave and I will not be at the store to look.
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So I tried going on Youtube and it made me link my Gmail account with it. (there's no longer an option to "skip for now")

I linked them and Firefox came back with an error.....

The page isn't redirecting properly

Firefox has detected that the server is redirecting the request for this address in a way that will never complete.

* This problem can sometimes be caused by disabling or refusing to accept

Try again.

Youtube won't load at all now. Is anyone else having this problem? Is Youtube down? WHAT IS GOING ON?

picture for reference. help? :(

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TQC, serious question time!

I have to go to a funeral on Friday. Friends of the family, I know the parents of the individual better then the individual themselves. I'm there as moral support for both his and my parents, as everyone is extremely upset...he committed suicide.

I've never been to a funeral. Does anyone have suggestions for what I can say to his parents, his siblings? "I'm so sorry for your loss" is pretty obvious, but I know they are going to be hearing it alot and, well I'm honestly just not sure what to do/say.

Don't know/can't answer, what was the last dramatic experience you had?
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I realized today that all of my friends live more than twenty miles away from me.

How far away do your friends live from you?

If you had to wake up at 5 or 5:30- What time would you go to sleep?
Keith the dog

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I live in an apartment and I'm having a birthday party on a Saturday night. I live in a college town with a self proclaimed DJ below and about five people sharing a two bedroom apartment across the hall. They all continuously bombard me with obnoxious bass lines while I try to get enough sleep to muddle through my student teaching days.

Should I notify my neighbors about the party in advance?

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Do you think there's a difference between saying "I would never date a person who's (insert race/ethnicity here)" and saying "I have yet to find any (insert race/ethnicity here) men and/or women to be attractive?

(no subject)

Dexter Morgan ( the character), is good or bad or just an outright fuck up?

Inpsired by the fact that I cannot form an opinion of him, aside from the fact he is downright annoying.
Blank Stare.

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How does one go about choosing a good name for a ([potentially future serious] small business) website?
Bad Example #1: myawesomehobbyonline.com, Bad Example #2. JaneDoePhototaphy.com

If you have a hobby you might take to the next level; what would you call your new venture?
Why would you call it ____?

I apologize if this post lacks coherency, I am under the influence

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Nip/Tuck was my favorite show while it was on, and now I'm working my way up to present Dexter (just started season 3). So I tend to like dark dramas that have a sense of humor. Can you recommend me other TV shows like this??

What are your favorite tv shows, whether they're still on the air or have been cancelled?

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What's the most offensive thing you've ever seen?

How weird are you, in your opinion? Examples appreciated.

Should I study (even though today was only the first day of classes and we didn't have any real homework) or read Stephen King's "Under The Dome"?

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Why would you get a tattoo somewhere that's going to get hairy? Instances I am thinking of are when men get pin up girls on mega hairy legs.

To those who have a tattoo: If you procrastinated about getting a tattoo what made you decide to finally go ahead and do it?

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Hay TQC:

What brands of foundation and powder do you use for your regular make up needs? I'm thinking specifically brands that would be found at a drug store--designer brands are great for special occasions and all but I'm looking for something that's more realistic for a student like myself to buy on the regs.

Right now I'm using liquid clean by Covergirl, which has been working out fine for me, but in general I think it's not very good with covering up dark circles, which is my major complexion issue. In order to cover them I have to generally use a lot, which makes me look overly made up, which I definitely want to avoid. The powder I use is from Rimmel and it's generally okay, I suppose, but I'm interested to see if anyone has any better powder's they'd recommend.

My goal as far as regular make up is concerned is to look as natural as possible while covering my nasty eye circles.

Also if anyone can recommend a cream or something that has worked really well in reducing the darkness of eye circles that would be fab as well.

Gracias in advance!
I &lt;3 TLV

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What do you think of the view that for every child there must be two parents? So only poly groups of 4 or more can have 2 children, 6 are required for 3, etc.

I just spoke to someone who thinks this and I'd never heard of it before. Do you know anyone who else who has this view?

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Did you know that in 2004 three people in the US and three people in Germany died from rabies after being infected by donated organs?

Do you have any strange or interesting facts about diseases to share?

Or just strange and interesting facts in general? (bonus points if they're a little creepy, morbid or dark, though)
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anyone here think the Seahawks will make it to the superbowl?

I mean, we of the entire Puget Sound region expected massive failure this last game, so... idk what to think anymore MY WORLD HAS GONE TOPSY-TURVY

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My little 16 year old sister is experiencing cultural shock. She spent the summer volunteering in Panama, and now she is very depressed that she is back in the U.S. She feels that Panama is her home and hates everything about the U.S. Her grades went from a perfect 4.0 to barely passing...She's been in therapy, but I am still very worried about her. Is there anything I can do to help her? :(

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Is it a beautiful night and you're looking for something dumb to do?

Once a _______, always a ________?

Are you affectionate with friends? What about other people? (I'm superaffectionate and hug people even if I've only known them for a few days if they want a hug)

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What would you guys think if you saw a fat person running around outside, all out of breath and cute? 

I've recently taken up outdoor running in short intervals. I was running on the tredmil forever but it is so very different (and much easier) than running outside. Since I want to run with my fiance (who does marathons) I need to learn how to run outside. I've been running alone under the cover of night! lololol!

Last summer some guy yelled something at me and I gave it up until now. omg how embarrassing (and rude)!