January 9th, 2011

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Do you go to bed at a certain time every night or do you just go when you feel like it/are tired?
How tired are you on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the most)?
Why am I still awake??

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Poll #1666045 Secrets don't make friends.

Someone says "don't tell anyone, but...". I know it depends on what it is and yadda yadda but generally speaking, do you tell anyone?

No way
Only my SO/BFF, and only if they don't know the person or don't have anyone to spread the secret to
As long as it doesn't get back to the person, I'll tell people
Even if there's a good chance it'll get back to the person, I can't keep it to myself

Do you even make an effort to not spread the secret?

Yes, and often I'm quite successful
Yes, but in the end I just can't help myself
No, but I am selective about who I tell
No. The person knows I can't keep a secret. If they tell me, they can just assume I'll tell someone.

Barring people that have something against you and would intentionally spread a secret about you, who would be the LAST person you would give sensitive information to, if you didn't want a lot of people to know?

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If you work out in the mornings, is it best to work out on an empty stomach right when you get up, or eat breakfast first?

What do you like to eat for breakfast, whether you're working out or not?

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Will you tell me about your most annoying friends?

What was the last thing you got into a debate about?
I debated about which was the trashier show between Jersey Shore and Teen Mom with my ex who I hadn't spoken with in almost two years tonight. IDONTEVENKNOW. I was completely sober. I don't want to talk about it. ETA: It was lighthearted and a good time. No friendships were harmed in the making of this debate.
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Do you guys have any talents or hobbies that you keep secret from your friends or family for whatever reason?

Dancing, singing, drawing, writing, etc.

For example, I have an anonymous youtube account that I upload covers to and I ain't planning on telling anyone I know about it!

ignore this

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So, I've reached a new  low in my life and am going to apply to Hot Topic for employment. This has me thinking...

What would one wear to an interview for Hot Topic? I feel like going conservative with pale nailpolish, smooth hair, and covering my tattoos would actually be detrimental.

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Please settle this for my sister and I.

"She adopted he and his brother Buzz about a year ago."

Is the 'he' grammatically wrong?

Okay, okay, I admit defeat. I was wrong. Thanks guys!
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What could convincingly sound like a top management position that doesn't exist in reality? Like Chief Executive Officer (CEO), but one that's not real, just sounds like it might be.

dk/dk I've watched the first 2 episodes of Community. I didn't really like it. Should I give the show another chance and watch a few more episodes?

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dental woes (sorry this is long):

i have horrible horrible pain coming from one of my teeth, which i believe has an abscess. i went to the dentist a few days ago and they said they didn't need to do a root canal so they just cleaned out the decayed part of the tooth and gave me a metal filling. i think they were wrong because it still hurts, even worse than before in fact, and my jaw hurts, my ear hurts, i have a headache almost all the time, and the lymph node on that side of my neck is a little swollen. i probably won't be able to get in for another week so what can i do in the meantime to reduce the pain/swelling, if anything? besides taking lots of ibuprofen (which i don't want to do, but it's all that's helping).

do you think that sounds like an infection?

also, how does one go about switching dentists? should i call my insurance co for recommendations or look for doctors online or what? and how can i know that i'm going to a highly reputable one? i'm not happy with my current dentist at all.

dk/dc: how are your teeth? any problems? how often do you go to the dentist?

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A friend of my dad's that I've only met maybe twice bought me a few things from my baby registry. They live in a different state so she let me know via Facebook. I plan on sending thank you cards to everyone after the baby is born and whatnot, so what exactly should I say in reply to their fb message? I barely know them.

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Hey guys! There are a ton of answers for this on google, but it's more of a research thing and I'm mostly looking for people who have experience and can pin-point my answer :)

I'm going snowboarding for the first time with friends in Mammoth next weekend. I've never snowboarded before, but have always wanted to and am taking this opportunity to try it out. I'm obviously renting equipment, but what I want to know is, what kind of equipment CAN I rent? What do I need to buy? Should I be asking my family to send me gloves and stuff now, so it gets here in time? Or can that be rented too? Pants? What kind of jacket and under-jacket clothing? I'm 100% knowledgeless on this, so any advice helps! Thanks!

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Anyone here wear contacts?

What brand? How do you like it?

Do you ever wear mascara while wearing your contacts? What kind and how do you like it?

I just switched to Acuvue Oasys on my last check up. I feel like they stay moist longer, which is great. My eyes also feel a little itchy though. I know it is not pink eye, I had that when I was younger. I think it's more of an allergic reaction. I also just started wearing mascara a few months ago too. At first I was using Neutrogena's Clean Lash that says it's safe for contact wearers, but can no longer find it. This was fine. Then I switched to Cover Girl (something in an orange tube, the non-waterproof one). This was fine for a bit up until recently. Any of you had this problem with Acuvue Oasys or the orange tubed Cover Girl?
Trent Trent TRENT


Folks with a Master's degree: How old were you when you got it? How long did the program take you? What kind of Master's degree is it? Any regrets timewise?

Folks without a Master's degree who intend to get one: How old are you?

(Basically I love my job but WOULD LIKE TO GET MY MASTER'S ALREADY fffffffff. Please halp.)
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[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Hey TQC. My best friend's grandfather passed away yesterday.

I would like to make a big thing of lasagna and bring it over to her family's house, but...I somehow feel that's a rude and imposing thing to do.

I don't know, it's just, when my uncle died, the last thing I wanted to do was cook, but the other last thing I wanted to do was entertain house guests.

I called her and asked if she wanted me to bring over anything, and she kind of said, sadly, "No, no, it's fine."

I don't know guys, I'm feeling so useless and I guess I'm trying to think of something proactive to do.

Should I bring over some lasagna? Should I just give it to her and be like, "Hey, I just wanted to drop this off, I'm not going to stay, I don't want to be a bother, call me if you need anything"? Or should I just leave her and her family alone? Should I call her and tell her I'm bringing some over, or should I just...bring some over?

Famous names

Suppose that you met someone with a famous first name. It could be a Disney character, television character, movie character, book character, person from a song, or musician as an example.

1. How would you react to meeting someone like this? Would you mention the movie/song/tv show you thought they were named after and gush about how much you loved/hated it? Or just act relaxed?

2. Do you have a famous name? (Even if you weren't named after a famous character but said character appeared after you were born.) How do people react when they find out this is your name? Do you find their reactions irritating? What do you say when someone makes a comment about said famous character and your name?

DK/DC: Do you like the taste of gluten free products?
STILL DK/DC: What is your fav. kind of cheese?
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I'm going to make dinner for 4 adults. I need it to be pescatarian or vegetarian but with no tofu involved because the pescatarian thinks it's icky. I have a Croc Pot, stove/oven, microwave, moderate cooking skills and a well stocked Price Chopper.

No broccoli, cabbage, mint, apples or more that moderate spice level allowed.

What say you, TQC, What should I make?

silly question(s)

I made a ball out of rubber bands at work when I was super bored. Everyone always asks about it because it's pretty cool and yesterday a co-worker asked "hey does it bounce" So I showed him that it does, and another co-worker shouted "whoa you're good with balls!". I just replied with "Of course...did you think I wasn't?"

I barely talk to him and he makes inappropriate comments all the time, which I could care less about. I'm just wondering what would you have said?

How do you usually respond to inappropriate sexual comments?
Mae by igrab

Dealing with conflict, rumours and passive aggression

Hello fellow TQCers,

How do you deal with someone who is passive aggressive? Say, if someone is angry with you and denies that they are? How would you handle the situation if you see them at school/college/TAFE frequently, or work with them?

What do you do when someone spreads rumours about you (e.g. at church, school, work)? What is the best way of dispelling rumours?

Edited to Add: if the rumour is *really* bad, what would you do to eliminate rumours about yourself? What if the person being passive aggressive was turning people against you (but refused to tell you why they're mad at you)?

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i went out to best buy last night to get a car charger  for my phone but ended up getting this SWEET car mount for my phone  www.bestbuy.com/site/Motorola+-+Navigation/Music+Mount+for+DROID+X+-+Black/1092616.p  it came with a charger, the mount, and even an AUX cable to connect my phone to my stereo (which i cant actually use yet because my old stereo doesnt have an aux input but my new one thats waiting to be put in does! :) ) this is so perfect because every weekend i drive an hour and a half to see my friends. so instead of having headphones on (which yes, i know is illegal) and having to hold my phone in my hand to use the gps, i have this amazing thing! and to top it off, it was only $30! ok im done doing free advertising for motorola now...

what super awesome gadget have you discovered lately? or is there something you planned on purchasing, and when you went to get it, you found something EVEN BETTER?

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Hey TQC, my mom's dog ate some yarn or something and it's now hanging halfway out her ass. My mom is freaking out and wants to know what to do. I'm pretty sure that she shouldn't just pull it out, but uh, can she cut it with some scissors or something? 

ETA: It came out or fell out on its own; no worries! Thanks :)

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is there a band you used to hate, but now like?
coldplay. yellow turned me off of them for years before i decided to give their other stuff a try.
i still hate yellow though.

if not, how would you describe your music taste?

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To those of you who knit and/or crochet:
Have you ever bought a sweater from Goodwill, etc. and unraveled it to reuse the yarn? How did it come out?

On a different note, the lady or the tiger?

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So, I asked earlier what I should make for dinner, and I decided to go the easy route with salmon burgers and sweet potato fries. What kind of sauce/dressing should I make for these burgers?

tqc, I think I'm a little dependent on you.
love me
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Ewwwwwww - was cleaning the microwave and I always wipe down the sides and the bottom but I just noticed I had totally neglected and forgotten about the roof of the microwave. It was so gross, but is cleaned now.

Is there anything that you forget to clean often when doing your normal cleaning routine?

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How do you go about cheering up a depressed friend?

My best friend has diagnosed herself with depression and many other things. I'm not sure how to make her feel better when everything I suggest, she turns down. Her FB status is always about how depressed she is. She also tried getting disability money so she doesn't have to work, she just doesn't WANT to work. I can't help but feel some what annoyed.
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so my college is in the final football whatever tomorrow and my friend and i want to watch part of the game. we have class until halfway through it (yoga; i bet it will be deserted) but we want to watch the second half somewhere. we don't have access to a tv. will the bars be way packed? should we just try to stream it online? find some friends who are watching it (not that anybody we know cares)? should we even try to watch it? can you tell that idgaf about football?

we're in eugene, or (college town) if it makes any difference.

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Has a friend ever randomly messaged you on Facebook trying to hook you up with their friend you dont know or barely know?

If so did you say yes or were you weirded out?

If not what do you think about that sort of thing?
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Poll #1666254 Employment

Are you currently employed?


Would you consider your employment to be more of a job or a career?


What level of satisfaction do you feel towards your current employment?

Mean: 5.92 Median: 6 Std. Dev 2.21

If you could do anything in the world for a living, what would you do?

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How would I go about starting a charity? I'd like to start a charity that raises money for pediatric Leukemia in honor of my cousin who has Leukemia and will not make it. I'd like to do an online thing, but I have no idea how to start. And then if I do get money, where do I send it? Maybe I should start a page for her that donates directly to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society or something?

Advice? Opinions?

Do you donate to any charities?

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TQC, would you feel weird about going to a house party where you only know one other person and the host? What if there was a no-drinking rule at the party? I'm going to go but it just seems like awkwardness embodied.

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Which of these revelations could you overlook enough on a first date? Clicking the boxes below says that you can deal with what the person said and could date them. Boxes you don't click say that what was revealed is a dealbreaker

"Two and a Half Men is just hilarious. I own every season. They sit on my shelf, next to my box set of the second best comedy series EVER: Full House"
"I hunt. A lot. Interestingly enough, I don't eat meat. I just collect the animals' tails. I have my 100 tails in my room"
"I...hate to talk about this, but you may find out on your own and it's better you hear it from me. I used to be a porn star up til last year. I made like 300 movies. Like, really slutty stuff"
"I have like a kid. A little girl. She's 9. And I, um...have another kid with another ex. He's 10. And, um, another kid with another ex. This one's 3 months"
"I'm not working. I'm writing my novel, which is going to make me the next Stephen King. My story's about dinosaurs vs. space aliens, and peace is brought about when Bigfoot gives birth to the promised one"
"I have IBS and I gotta shit now like you wouldn't believe. If I don't, I'm going to be farting in the car the whole way home"
"You know, Fox News isn't that bad. I thought I'd hate it, but it turns out I kind of agree with a lot of things that Bill O'Reilly says. The Democrats really are trying to destroy America"
"I hate reading. Books are for dorks. I'm plenty smart. I'm not Alfred Einstein, but I'm probably not far off"
"Ok, the bill is $30.02. Now, you had a bit more appetizers than I did and it was your idea, so you should pay for the whole thing. I just had the salad and water so my damage is just $5.14. I don't believe in tipping"
"You're pretty fun. I can't wait to see what you're like in bed. Let's drop by the liquor store and head back to my place, ok?"
"Yeah, haha, Jesus freaks are kind of crazy. But have you discovered Jesus, our Lord and Savior? No? Listen, we have to go to my church tomorrow. It'll be so much fun"
"My celebrity crush is Snooki. Oh, man, I love how hot and outspoken she is. Most people don't know how smart she is. I can talk for hours about her"
"I'm not proud of it, but yeah, I was in prison. 9 years. I did my time, and I think I learned a valuable lesson about forgiveness....and how much trouble burying a body is"
Nothing out of the ordinary, except his/her cell phone goes off during dinnr and the cell phone ring is Miley Cyrus
"No, I'm not an alcoholic. I can stop at any time. How much do I drink? I dunno, like a bottle of vodka every night. It sounds like a lot but it isn't"
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Will you share advice here for people that you know IRL that you want to give them but haven't?

Or I guess it could be TQCers as long as no names are named.

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do you wish your facebook friends a happy birthday by writing on their facebook wall?

do you feel loved/admired/blessed when all your facebook friends write "happy birthday" on your wall?

do you ever just miss the days when people actually had to remember birthdays?

do you even care about birthdays? your own, other people's, whatever?

what beer should I get?

Have been up since 7 am working, LOVE being that productive on a weekend, but now it's time to take a breather. There's a pub right around the corner from my apartment - not my favorite spot, mind you, as it's filled with crabby old-timers who like to hassle 'kids' like me - but it will have to do since there is a solid 5-6 inches of snow on the ground, and still coming down.

What kind of beer should I get?
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 Hey TQC! My roommate claystarling   has been complaining about not having a girlfriend. I've decided the best (funniest) way to remedy this situation is to pimp him out. What should I add to his advertisement flier?

Collapse )

Edit: tqc update coming with finished product and feedback after we hang them up around campus.
AS - Johnny reading

Aussies/other: re the film Ken Park

I'm curious - watching it now, and enjoying it (possibly more than any other Clark I've seen - it seems much more coherent).

Anyone onboard who's seen this, do you agree with the Australian Classification Board's conclusion that "this film deals with matters of sex in such a way that they offend against the standards of morality, decency and propriety generally accepted by reasonable adults to the extent that it should be refused classification".

...tbh I'm having a hard time seeing the problem; it seems a lot more artistically worthwhile than (e.g.) 9 Songs, for example.

If you've seen it, what did you think?

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I'm seeing a dermatologist on Thursday and was told I would need to provide my mothers social security number when I get there (I'm a dependent on her insurance). I have been to many different doctors over the years and have NEVER needed to do this. Is this normal? Why would they need it? I found the doctor off the insurance website itself so I'd assume they're legit.

Why isn’t there a candy bar with pistachios?

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I just started taking zoloft and ativan this week. Aside from the super drowsiness that I'm starting to overcome, I've noticed that I'm just not hungry at all. So went back and reread the side effects and apparently for zoloft, loss of appetite is a side effect. I tried eating last night and got through like 2 bites of food before I felt like I ate a whole thanksgiving dinner. I'm just now starting to get the teeniest feeling of hunger right now and I know its going to be a 2 bites and I'm done thing again.

So my question is since I know I'm really not 'full', should I keep eating beyond that full feeling? I tried last night and it just felt like I was forcing tons of food when I was just trying to finish a cheese stick.

How do you deal with meds that make you lose your appetite?

For all you wine drinkers..

I'm going out to eat tonight with my family and would like to order a glass of wine. I've only been exposed to white wine and have been drinking chardonnay for as long as I can remember. I'd like to start getting into red wine, but have no clue where to begin. What would you suggest for a good "starter" red wine? Something on the sweeter side and not too dry. Thanks!

warrrning might be tmi

soo I got all four of my wisdom teeth out five days ago. my throat still hurts when I swallow (I wasn't put under) and there is some tiny red..slightly, bloody looking bump on the back of my mouth just behind where a tooth was pulled out. my gums are still in some pain, but not unbearable,....but to the point where my ear is aching along with them. I thought I was supposed to feel close to normal and able to eat anything after three days...is this normal? should I stop in the dentist's office, before my checkup appt on Thursday? How do you know if you have Dry Socket? I don't smoke.
How was your experience with your extractions?
thanks for the advice!
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TQC, my mom just got me a $25 iTunes gift card. I want to get something to watch while I'm on the treadmill/elliptical at the gym.

What should I get? I'd like to get something that'll help keep me motivated to continue working out. I don't even know where to start looking, I normally don't buy stuff from the iTunes store, and I basically only watch medical mystery type shows, Alton Brown shows, Two Fat Ladies and Scooby Doo cartoons :D

I was thinking maybe two seasons of The Biggest Loser. What are the most  motivating/"best" seasons to download?
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The picture of apple pie in my cookbook has a piece of cheddar cheese on the top. I showed it to my dad and was all, "Wtf, Daddy, who DOES this?" and he was all, "Uhm, yeah, that's how most people eat apple pie," and I was all, "NO."

I <3 TLV

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I feel like a huge idiot but I haven't used my AE-1 in over 5 years (when I switched to digital) and I think I've forgotten how it works =( The shutter wont press and it wont advance, is there something I'm forgetting to do?

There was film inside and I have no idea how old it is or what's on it. I know I used it in 2004 so it can't be any older than that. Will you take a guess as to what's on the film? You'd know as well as I would, I have no clue! I'm going to have it developed to find out (though I accidentally exposed the end when I incorrectly assumed it would be empty).

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I don't really have anything to do tonight, but I want to get out of my house. What should I do?

Subway down into the city and wander by the lake smoking joints and cigarettes and do some people watching
Drive up north and wander around in the dark smoking joints and cigarettes completely alone
Wander around my own neighbourhood smoking joints and cigarettes, running the risk of bumping into young families and hooligans
Sit at home and fall asleep by 9 watching bad TV

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Hey TQCers.
What'd you guys eat today?

I had a ham and egg sandwich with cheddar and swiss for lunch. I made pizza on a Boboli crust for dinner. And for snacks I had a banana, a handful of baby carrots, and a cheesecake cupcake.

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If you had to choose the way/how you died in detail.
What would you choose?

Rosie O'Donnel, Gary Busey and girl from the movie 'Precious'.
You have to marry one, have sex with one and kill one.
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Blergh, TQC, I need some advice.

I got hired at this fucking tutoring job back in March and it's been a miserable experience since the beginning.

Collapse )

So...TQC...how do I get this girl to sit down and do her homework? How do I discipline her?

I am trying to look for another job, but the only real work experience I have is taking care of aquarium animals and tutoring biology. I have applied to dozens of retail jobs and yet to be called into an interview for any of them.
pretty sax icon

Icon chosen because that's my mom's name...

My mom called earlier this evening - her heater's broke, and it's going to be quite cold tonight.

Do you ever worry about your parents at all?

What's the longest you've been without heat in the winter? How did you cope? (Mom's got a space heater and a dog for tonight.)

OBLIGATORY OFF-TOPIC QUESTION: Favorite winter-weather dessert?
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This weekend my daughter and spent spent hours watching creepy videos and scary movies. After we were sufficiently terrified, we had to go pick up my son from his friends' house.

When we came back home, there was a pink baby pacifier in my chair. THERE IS NO BABY HERE AND NEVER HAS BEEN.

Where did the binky come from?
Does this have something to do with the constant thumping from upstairs? (I tell myself it's the cat, even when I'm looking right at her.)
What are your favorite scary movies/stories/videos?

DKDC: What is your favorite painting? Mine is The Scream by Edvard Munch.
Alternately, do you like the IT Crowd? What's your favorite episode? Mine is when they go to the theater with Jen and her date. Or the dinner party episode.

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I have an interview tomorrow afternoon. I got the interview through Manpower (sort of like a temp agency but its not a temporary position). When the woman working called and told me someone was interested in hiring me, she gave me and a time and told me to make sure to bring my resume.

Online, I only had my resume, no cover letter/intro/etc.

Tomorrow when I go to the interview, do I need a cover letter attached to my resume, or am I okay without one?
The position is for a secretary/receptionist of a new company.


Back from the pub. They didn't have any of the unusual stuff you guys recommended (strongbow was "out" - I tried!) so I opted for a half-pint o' Guinness.

My ex-gf, who looks a bit like Anne Hathaway and has that hot nerd/smart girl/slightly psycho thing going for her, has been texting me lately. She wants to go on a vacation.

I'm wary to rekindle at all. In my experience it never works to go back to an ex, and I'm a bit suspicious she is trying to use me because she knows my change in circumstances recently.

Still, it's tempting. She was the only girl I li-- loved.

Give it another go? Ignore her texts?

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YOU GUYS, I have a ~snow day tomorrow! My office and my SO's office will both be closed. How productive should we be tomorrow? Idk about him, but MY to-do list includes making 2 loaves of banana bread, doing a shit-ton of laundry, finish cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, doing a work project that I've been putting off for a while, and finally beating the goddamn witch at the end of Banjo-Kazooie.

How much does it need to snow where you live in order for it to be considered a significant amount? I love GA because everything shuts down for a dusting, lol.

Alternatively, what was the reason for your last doctor visit?

Alternative to the alternative, if my health insurance covers Mirena, it probably covers Paraguard too, right? It wasn't on the list of covered "contraceptive drugs," but it's not a drug of any kind so I don't even know where to look for it. (I know I need to call them to ask, and I intend to do that, but it's probably covered, right?)

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I can't do it, anymore, TQC. I have had it with this college. It is depressing and I'm always sad and I don't even care how I do in any of my classes anymore (which is big, because normally I'm obsessively straight-A). I don't know if I want to do what I'm majoring in, but I'm trapped to that major here. Even if I was sure I wanted to stick with the major I'm in, I can't do it here. I really can't explain exactly why it's this way, but I just know that this is it, I can't do it anymore, I have to get out of here. I have seven weeks left to this quarter and an advising appointment in the morning.

If I leave before completing a whole year, I don't know what will happen with my financial aid. They might start charging and I know there's no way I could afford it, but if I stay here there is a very good chance I will just have a mental breakdown much bigger than the ones I have been having recently. And I don't want to imagine.

What would you do, TQC?
Do you have any similar stories with good outcomes?

Srs only, please. I have no sense of humor in this state.

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Anybody watching this new bob's burgers? Its the new sunday cartoon on fox. I gave it two minutes, horrible. They better not be getting rid of American dad for this.

DK/DC - my cars stuck in the driveway (snow drifts) any tips? Or should I just call in sick to work in the morning?
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1. What are some names you'd like to/would have liked to call your children/hypothetical future children, if not for an association you think people would make with the name.

If that makes sense.

For example, I love the name Casper but I'd be hesitant to name a kid that because people might be like "THE FRIENDLY GHOST!" all the time.

2. What is your favourite Jane Austen novel? Why?

3. What Hogwarts House would you be in?

4. Do you tend to get fixated on things? Like, songs, or movies or books, etc. Do you get obsessed with them?

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 Do you have any personal experience with bedbugs?
What happened?  How did you get rid of them?  Etc, etc.

I'm only wondering because I've just now heard of them being a problem, and apparently the city I live in has one of the highest bedbug rates anywhere.
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Have we heard anything from the poster who had the hissing tuning fork thing appear by her/his gate in the middle of the night last night??! (nevermind, I totally forgot about updates and...I don't know how to do that cool line out thing all the cool kids are doing) (YAY! Thanks FieryPhoenix!!)

Dk/Dc: Have you ever had Del Taco?

What about In n Out?

What's a really good, regional fast food eatery in your area?

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 When's the best time to tell someone that you want to hook up, but basically you'd bet money that they have AIDS?

If they got tested and it came back negative but you know they've fucked a lot of people in the past 3 months so they might still have it but it just didn't show up on the test yet, what would you do?
Do you fart during sex?
Is globalwarmer still around?

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Just like an hour ago, my nipples started burning D:

Have you any of you had this? Maybe with PMS?

I just started a new birth control a week ago and my last period started Dec. 29th.

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Are any of you painters?

I want to start painting. I used to draw a lot and was pretty good, but then other things in life took precedence and since then I haven't done much in the way of 'fine art'. I'd like to pick up painting, but I don't even know where to start in terms of supplies, etc. 

So...how do I start?

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I have a new mini fridge for my dorm room. Anyway, I got it five days ago and I noticed a slight smell, like oil or gas.
It arrived to my dorm two days ago, and I arrived today. I got it plugged as the instruction manual said and the smell got worse and worse, so I decided to unplug it.

I'm going to call customer service tomorrow, but I'd like to know:

What can be causing this?
Can I fix it?
Is it normal?
Should I get it out of my room?
Jess sassy

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Did you like Final Fantasy 13? Should I try it out? (It would be my first FF game)

or are you playing any other fun video games right now?

ETA: I guess I should have mentioned that I only have a xbox 360 lol, so no access to previous FF games. The general consensus seems to be that XIII isn't the best :/ Thanks!