January 8th, 2011

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When was the last time you felt stupid?

I was looking through my grandpa's old soviet stamp collection to see if any of the stamps were worth anything and I found one that was worth $6,000! And then I realized that in the guide I was reading the "k" did not stand for a thousand...it stood for "kopek." So the stamp is only worth 6 kopeks. Kaka :(

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Do you ever write letters/emails you don't intend to send?

I think they're a good way to get emotions out without actually starting drama/doing something stupid, whether it's telling a relative what you really think of them or that sexy dude in class that you'd quite like to rock him like a hurricane.

Will you share such a note with me?
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Does anyone have experience shooting with expired film? Like... way expired, 5-10+ years. Both color and b&w. How did they turn out? I know to expect color distortions and uneven exposure with old color film, but what is the effect on b&w? If you have any photos taken with old film, please share. I'm hoping I can use these imperfections to my advantage.

I also found my old Polaroid camera and several packets of film for it too! Also at least 10 years old. Time to use it? What should I take pictures of?

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So.. My boyfriend & I are going to start making "private" videos on a separate account on my lap top (for his and my viewing only). What is a good (but not completely obvious- You know, so when I allow someone to use my lap top, they don't figure it out) account name for it?

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i signed myself up for an outpatient program that deals with a ton of stuff and all the issues im having. my probation officer wants a a release form so she can know everything. the thing is its my personal business and i really dont want the release to be signed. im not required to do this at all its by my own will to go to this so i feel like i shouldn't have too. legally tho can she make me?
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Is it worth it to pay H&R Block or someone to do your taxes if you don't have a complicated return? I don't have any loans or a mortgage or anything to complicate it, just one dependent.
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Hi all,
I started my job hunt a few months ago and was offered a position with a company. I accepted the position and was in the midst of fulfilling my last two weeks for my previous employer when I received another, better job offer. I let the first company who had offered me a job know that, regretfully, I had to decline the job as I was going with another newly offered position (I notified them with 10 days until my start date). I did a few hours of consulting work for them before I made the decision to decline the position and was paid for it in a timely manner. Cut to now, a full two months after I was supposed to begin working there- and I've received three sizable checks n the mail that would have been my salary had I kept the position! I've called and written the woman who had interviewed me to let her know of the situation but haven't actually been able to speak with her. I don't know what to do, no ones returning my calls and these checks just keep coming! What do I do now?
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If television never existed

Reporter: "Look! Up there by that red brick bowling alley! It's Doctor Banner! He's turning green...and his shirt is ripping!"
Police Officer: "It looks like he's changing...into some kind of monster! Like an Incredible Hulk!"
Sarah Sidle: "I see that you've just applied a piece of sticky plastic on the vinyl seat of this Winnebago. What is it you have there, Grissom?"
Grissom: "It's a fingerprint, and what looks like gunshot residue. Now I'm taking a swab of this blood on the dashboard. I'll take it back to the lab later to compare the DNA. Imagine, if you will, an old man sitting in the green vinyl seat of this Winnebago. A dark stranger holds a gun to the man's head..."
What would it be like if your favorite television show was turned into an olde tyme radio drama?
What would be one line of dialog from such a program?
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Spin Doctoring

So do you have any stories which are perfectly innocent but if you tell them the right way they sound really salacious?

For instance, my male, 68 yo best friend bought my daughter jewelry on her 18th birthday, and that night she slept with him.

(we were at a convention and were sharing a hotel room)

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You're snowed in! Everything in the area is shut down because travel is too dangerous.

Then you discover you can't connect to the internet.

So, how do you keep yourself occupied?
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You're on a first date with someone. Things are only going OK. You're finding you don't have much chemistry with this person and you're not interested in going on another date with him/her.

As the date is winding down, the person says, "I had a really nice time. When can I see you again?"

What do you say in response?

inspired by the post bellow

am i right to be annoyed with my friend for being a hypocrite and a GD idiot?

my friend is seeing this guy, who is admittedly really sweet and nice from what i saw for 3 hours Wednesday night and does seem to genuinely really like her, but he's still living with his girlfriend. my friend keeps assuring me things aren't going well, she cheated on him first(although later she divulged it was just a drunk make out session, hardly the torrid affair she made it sound like at the beginning) and he's going to break up with her, it's just really tricky because they live together.

i told her i'm not going to judge(but i do a little, i think she's a hypocrite. she's always been 100% against cheating, but i guess this time it's OK...) but to be really careful. no matter how nice he did it and how fed up and vulnerable he sounded, he was still trash talking his girlfriend to her at work(i told her this when she just had a crush) and he's still cheating, like carrying on another relationship cheating, not this drunk make out cheating.

how is this going to end? do guys usually break up with their girlfriends in these situations? even if he is a super nice, sweet, mild mannered dude, what's to stop him from cheating on her later if they do get together?
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i'm on my dad's insurance now, so i can stop paying $170/month for mine! YAY! fuck yeah, health care reform.

i don't think i can cancel it until Monday(i work tomorrow but i don't think HR guy is in, ha), seeing as it's the weekend, but come Monday, BANGO!

but my question is, do you think my payments will cease immediately based on the limited information i have for you below?

my dad said he started paying 2 months in advance or something(but we don't have the same job, obvs). when i got on mine beginning of December of '09, HR guy said they would deduct it from my next paycheck and as soon as i gave him back the paper i had just signed, i had insurance(i said, "So, I can leave work today and get hit by a bus and be covered?" "Yeah, basically. But you probably shouldn't.").

basically, i want you guys to tell me i can afford to go out today and buy a new pair of shoes that aren't starting to rip apart and don't smell real bad or if i should wait.
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Is it really lame and sad to give somebody a Christmas present this late or later, when the only reason you haven't given it to them yet is that they haven't been bothered to see you since then..and you know they don't have one for you?

ETA: I feel like I could really make this post a lot more basic. Rephrase: "I've been trying to be someone's friend for a while, but they don't really care. They gave the impression that they wanted to be my friend as well, but then stopped. Doesn't that suck?"

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What's something you feel will never end?

I've been £1400 in debt for ages, and have managed to get it to only £500, but my mum lent me £300 so i'm back to £800 which is close enough to £1000 again I probably won't try to not use it. I'm a student so money is hard to come by, and when I do it won't make much of a dent.
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What the hell?

No, seriously, what the hell?

Anyone in Arizona/Tucson right now?

ETA: 4 people confirmed dead, my local news is still reporting that Giffords is still in surgery as I type this.  The police have confirmed that they have someone in custody.  Several eyewitness reports say that the suspect was a male in his late teens or early twenties, but the police haven't confirmed that.  I'll keep you updated.

ETA #2: Another one of her aides has died.  5 people are now confirmed dead.

ETA #3: KOLD is the local news station I'm watching in Tucson, they're supposed to be carrying a press conference within minutes.  You can stream it on their website, I believe.

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For an interview:

What is the rule for nail polish?
Are open toed shoes acceptable or not?
What about hair? Mine goes about to the top of my bra, what should I do with it?
If I wear makeup, it should be natural and neutral, right?

I've never had an interview before and I want everything to be right D:

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I want to watch all the Buffy episdoes, beginning to end. Should I start with season 1, episode 1, or indulge in the nostalgia that it the Buffy movie?

If you don't know or care, who do you know that freakishly resembles someone famous? A neighbor I had growing up looked like Kristy Swanson (from the Buffy movie and Early Edition).
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Can you validate me, TQC?

I live in a condo in a small building, we only have 4 units. We share the responsibility for a lot of the work (cleaning, gardening, etc), but we hire a company do to our snow removal and pay for it out of our association dues.

The treasurer has the name phone number to the snow removal company. We mentioned to him over email on December 4th that the company needs to get a hold of them to renew our contract for the winter. We spoke about it again on the 21st when he was leaving town for two weeks, and he said that he forgot but would do it when he got home. During that time, it snowed twice. My husband was the one to shovel both times (nobody else was around to share the responsibility and help out).

We deducted the fee we normally pay the company from our association dues. Is that a shitty thing to do, or were we justified in 'paying ourselves' for doing the snow clean up?

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 quick question:
i have spent the last year or so severely depressed and am now recovering from anorexia n., depression and anxiety.

My mom wants to go see a movie with me. I have done some work today - college apps, epistemology essay etc - but I don't feel like I deserve to go out because I still feel guilty for having so much more work to do. My mom says I deserve to go because I have been miserable for so long and I need to have fun as well. 

Should I go out or stay?

[Edit: :) So I went and we saw True Grit. Thanks guys <3]

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sexual intercourse should be reserved for?

Long-term relationship
The second date
Whoever I think is hot

How does your philosophy change when it comes to sexual activity that's not intercourse?

It's still (basically) sex! Same guidelines.
It's not sex. Different guidelines. (you might be Bill Clinton if...)
It depends. (mega cop-out wussy answer)

*edit* - I'm really more interested in the answers to the second question, I know the first one doesn't have every possible division/option/color/choice.

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Even though this is months away, I want to know if I'm being unreasonable.

I'm finally going to graduate college, after six years and the emergence of bipolar disorder. I don't want to walk at the commencement -- I want to make sure I get the diploma mailed to me, then get on plane, go back to DC, and finally start the next phase of my life.

I do not want any kind of graduation party. I don't think I deserve it, I think it looks weird, and since my older brothers all had them, I'm just sick of the things in general. My family, who have been nothing but very supportive through everything, wants to throw me the party.

Am I being unreasonable or bratty about saying "Thanks, but no thanks"?
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I can't decide if this is a stupid thing to be mad about or if it's understandable that I'm a little miffed:

I'm guessing that my bf loaned out my $300 carpet cleaner because it's gone and I can't find it anywhere in the house. He's skiing up in Santa Fe, so I can't exactly figure this out for sure. I've never had any problem with loaning the carpet cleaner out as long as people don't keep it for months.

I feel like it was inconsiderate of him to do this without asking me. Or at least telling me where it went. Like if I were to go and get his xbox and loan it to my friend without saying anything, I would think that was a pretty crappy thing to do. Then again, it's just a carpet cleaner and I'm sure I'll get it back.

Should I say something or just let it go?
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Earlier today I bought a calendar for my dad at Barnes & Noble. There was only one left (of this particular calendar) and the plastic had been removed. I looked it over and nothing was wrong with it so I bought it. My dad hates it and wants to exchange it. Their return policy says "Items must be returned in their original condition; shrink-wrapped products must be unopened"

Am I going to have trouble exchanging it? It is in the exact same condition I bought it in, but I'm afraid they won't believe me. The B&N I'd be exchanging it at isn't the one where bought it, but I don't know if that makes any difference.

Do you ever get nervous about returning and exchanging things? I hate it so much.

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Along the lines of this post but different in that I just want to make friends, not look for a romantic relationship. All my friends from high school have moved on with their lives (or moved to different countries) and I'm sort of left here fiddling my thumbs. How can I meet new people?

ETA: Can't afford college right now (and financial aid doesn't help).

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I ordered some vintage glassware off etsy and it arrived today. This cute little pink bowl I was excited about showed up smashed into a million pieces. It was wrapped in bubble wrap, but wedged into the corner of the box and I guess shipping got to it.

I'm very sad :(

I should ask the seller for a refund, right? I mean the box did say "fragile" in marker on the side but was not packed fantastically.

will you cheer me up by telling me about your last happy etsy order?
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If you arrived at a friend/relative's house, the front door was slightly open when you got there and no one answered when you said hello, would you go in??

If not, what would you do?
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When was the last time you called a friend just to chat or make plans?

I realized I probably haven't in years, everything is texted now. I only ever make actual phone calls for appointments.

If you moved and packed away an iPod FM transmitter, where would you put it? I'm looking for my sister's and I'm only finding boxes labeled clothes, books, and pictures but it has to be somewhere! I asked her and she had no idea. TQC, use your psychic powers for me and find it?

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I accidently put someone on my 'hide' list of facebook...

how do reverse it?

Sweet thank you

New question, Do you clean you teeth with warm water or cold, or even hot?

Do you find it weird when people clean their teeth with warm or hot water?

I clean my teeth with warm to hot water...its feels so nice, esp as my teeth are sensitive.

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How do you deal with some who thinks that helping them and suggesting them things is you trying to tell them what to do?

What if helping is in your nature and you see no harm in what you are doing?

How can helping be seen as bad?
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If you find the temperature outside uncomfortable and you're in your car waiting for something, (not driving) do you keep it running in order to keep the heat or A/C on?

Alternatively, what are you wearing?

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To anyone that has taken a break and moved out of the house from partner for a little while...

Did it hurt? were you scared?

I think my partner and i need a break from eachother badly but I am too stubborn and scared to leave...

NB: I dont care if you dont believe in breaks.

DNDK: Best book you have read recently and why?

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My boyfriend of about 8 months just told me that when calling his grandmother to wish her a happy new year, he also told her about me and emailed her pictures.

Does this mean he sees me as serious and wants to marry me?? Ahhh!
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if you are married, or have been married - why did you get married? (as opposed to remaining in a non-marriage relationship)

*this question is not meant to sound critical of people who get married; marriage is something i never intend to partake in but it does interest me as an institution so i'm genuinely curious as to people's different ideas about marriage, its purposes, etc :)

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I changed my LJ name from mooradley. It was NOT worth $15, but yay for small changes!

What's the last small (or big) change you made in your life?

I'm craving candy right now.
What type of candy do I get? Pictures encouraged.
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Do you think television should show a diversity of people more consistent with reality, or are you good with most characters on TV being twenty-something, thin, and beautiful?

Would you also rather read books about people who are young, thin, and beautiful, or does it matter less with books?

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Would you be annoyed if you were at a fabric store, waiting for the cutting table, and the people in front of you kept having someone add fabric to their cart?

I thought that there was an unspoken rule that when you buy fabric, you don't go to the cutting table until you have your fabric picked out, but the lady in front of me kept switching out her shades of blue and adding fleece at random, sending out her daughter to get it so she could keep her place in line. She doubled the bolts of fabric she wanted and then had to make the fabric cutter go get her MORE fabric. ARG.

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Does anyone know what happened to the TQC-er (I forget her usename) whose boyfriend called her and said 'we need to talk' but didn't say why? This keeps popping into my head and I hope it was a good thing...

How do you take your tea/coffee?

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Okay. Sorry to making a boring post, but I keep reading contradicting answers to this question and I don't know what's what. Is delicious closing or just changing owners/companies/whatever?

dk/dc: What did you have for dinner? I had pizza.

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How do you read "BLDLY GO"? No one would see that as "baldly", right? Or idk what other words it could be.

What do you need to do that you haven't done yet? For right now/immediate future, not life in general.
SC - need input
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Would you prefer a job as a rodeo clown or the person who cleans out septic tanks?

Those are your only two options.

dk/dc - if all the LJ names were magically available, what would you rename yourself?
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new gadget

So I need to start building my credit. I have about $200-300 that I set aside for something for me/my Christmas gift. What exciting new electronic gadget should I spend it on? I already have a nook and DS and Ipod, what else is there?

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Kids shoes with squeakers in them: good way to keep track of your kid, or rude to those around you?

I ate dinner at a little deli tonight, and the whole time there was this toddler running around with those shoes on. I'd always thought they were a good idea, but tonight, in such a small, cramped place, it was driving me crazy. No one else but me seemed to mind, though, so maybe I'm just easily irritated by piercing, repetitive noises.
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I'm too lazy to cook a real meal and I have a choice between fries and some kind of bean stew my mother made. I haven't had beans in ages but I feel like I should pick the healthy meal since I had fast food earlier today. I still I have some concerns though: Questionclub, is there any truth to the idea that beans make you gassy?

DK/DC : What was the last movie you saw at the theatre?

Edit : Sorry to disappoint but I'm going with the fries.
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I just peeled a clementine orange and I was so excited about eating it, but I pulled the slices apart and they tasted gross. I think it got too mushy in the fridge. :(

When is the last time something - food, movie, tv, book, person - disappointed you?
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Ye gods, help!

 OK so the gods only work until 4:30 on Saturday so I'm coming to you, TQC!

I was offered a job two days ago. A really cool one. My interview was over the phone, and I'm going to fill out all the paperwork next Thursday. So, if you didn't already gather, the supervisor/HR has never laid eyes on me. I want to make a good impression but, as life usually goes, MY FACE HAS GROWN A FRESH CROP OF BLEMISHES JUST IN TIME FOR THIS ESSENTIAL FIRST MEETING. The job is 90% public appearance, so this is...important.

I have a bit less than a week. TQC, how do I clear up my skin, take away the redness, and even the tone by Thursday? I do not want them to think my grandfather was a pepperoni pizza. Any advice is great, aside from the obvious "don't touch/pick/pop" lecture, because...duh. 

Don't give a crap/never had acne (lucky bastard!)

What is the absolute worst ice cream flavor?
A local shop had "buttery mashed potato" flavor this past Thanksgiving. These things should never be combined.
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When characters in a movie/tv show are underwater or hold their breath, do you hold your breath too just to see if the length of time is realistic?

Does it bug you when characters are pushed waaaay past their physical limits, yet still survive as if nothing happened?

Brought to you by the fact that the water scene in Tangled just passed The Subitoburrito Breath Test.
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TQC, have you ever gone back to your favorite childhood book or movie as an adult and thought "wow, this is really fucked up"?

I'm re-reading Lizard Music and all the stuff about the main character never seeing a black person/being kind of afraid of black people is seriously throwing me for a loop.

Women are attracted to money: true or false?

Here's the scenario.

Guy 1: slightly above average looks, decent sense of humor, shares your tastes in music/film. Average office job.

Guy 2: slightly below average looks, decent sense of humor, has not bought a single record since "Imagine" came out, has no idea what Twitter is. Has a private jet.

Which one would you find more attractive?
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What book are you reading now?

I'm trying to read more actual books this year...I was an English major and a)I skipped half the classics because I would have been in school for 12 years to read them all in school and b) I hardly ever read books - I don't know why. So I'm making a list of classic works I haven't read, and I'll take on some of those this year. Starting with The Magic Mountain.
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Which you do think is more disheartening: being unemployed/unable to find a job OR being stuck in a job you hate?

I honestly can't pick one; they're both pretty bad.
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My girlfriend came out to her mother about our relationship and her mom freaked out, and made her break up with me, saying that she can't be in a relationship with me, at least while she's still in high school.

How can I reconcile wanting to get over this and be happy again with the fact that I will probably want to pursue a relationship with her again in a year and a half when she graduates?
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I'm cooking 2 frozen mini-pizzas for dinner, and to my horror these two pizzas combined = over 800 calories. But I've been really sick and have barely left my bed or eaten very much over the past three days so this is totally cool, right???
Srsly i've eaten like twice since wednesday :/
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Are there any commercials that you really hate? Which ones? What bothers you about them?

This was inspired by the commercial I just saw for Your Baby Can Read. I think it bothers me so much because it seems like such a blatant lie. The concept of a baby or toddler learning to read is ridiculous. Children that young haven't developed the cognitive ability reading requires. It's all just lines on paper at that age.
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Herro TQC! There is (or was) an LJ community that was specifically for authors who needed to ask questions or fact-check obscure details in their stories. The comm was called "little details" or something like that. I've been searching forever and I cannot fucking find it. Does anyone know what community this is, or can you point me to a similar one?

Collapse )
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ok.  so i just went outside to smoke and the back gate was wide open.  I am the only person who uses this gate.  Not only was the gate open, but there was some sort of device planted into the ground to disallow the gate from being closed.  this device was not there 45 minutes ago and it is 11pm.  Should I try to close the gate or will this trigger some sort of explosion?  who has been digging around in my yard?  would you be concerned? 

have you ever had some sort of mystery object in your yard?


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worth a shot...

has anyone taken the health education praxis II test? or the health and phys ed praxis II test (i'm really only wondering about the health content)? if yes, what did you think about it? i just took a sample test and it seems too easy to be true.

everyone else: help me study? what's the most fascinating thing you learned in health class?

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so i this is inspired from a post in the past few minutes.  in hs i read a lot or biographies & autobiographies. there was one i really enjoyed but i cant remember anything other than 1. it was good  2. it had stars  (like space not lilo)   on the cover (97% sure)  3. there was a chapter were he talked about getting high and it slowing time down A LOT. also there may have be talk of him living in his parents basement and possibly being gay...

anyone know what the deuce im talking about?

edit: more about the chapter when he smoked: he was out with another dude, camping i believe, and he was high looking up at the stars and when he thought hours had gone by it was only a few minutes..

man this is drinving me crazy.