January 7th, 2011

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Have you ever suddenly found out that you're actually part of a sub-culture? How did you feel about it?
So hear me out on this one, I don't feel like I belong to any one group, but there are days where I act more hipster than others. Like for the fact that I eat organic, vegetarian+fish (for protein), prefer fair trade, records (they do sound a lot warmer than MP3's but I don't own any) TOMS, and read quite obscure books (Everything is Illuminated anyone?) and wear black framed plastic glasses and cute winter hats (only in winter though). According to this commercial, I'm a hipster. I feel quite... disturbed by this fact. I like what I like, why does this have to make me be a hipster?

Did you in high school/college/Do you now actively participate with a certain group of people who prescribe to a certain crowd in school?
I was a bit of a mix in; friends with the outcasts, gays and lesbians, jocks, and band geeks. Now in college I am part of a sorority.

ETA: What song do you have stuck in your head?
I've got that "Back to life, back back to live" song stuck in my head. No idea who it's by.

ETA 2: I'm not saying Everything is Illuminated is obscure, the commercial said that if you would care to peruse the link I provided to the commercial.

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Why is a paypal donation button causing someone on my facebook such anguish? It's easy to ignore, why are they getting so worked up?

their status is all about people moving forward in their transition but thinks is asking too much to ask people to donate money for ones surgery.

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SURPRISE! You are chosen to be on a reality-style TV show. (Think along the lines of The Biggest Loser, Hoarders, The Bachelor, Intervention, etc.) Your family and whatever friends you have left afterward will be watching.

What is the best/least embarrassing show you would agree to be on?

What show would you be incredibly humiliated to be on?

ETA: Here, have a massive list of the failures of television to choose from.
I <3 TLV

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How scared is your area of snow?

This is the weather forecast for Fairfax Co in VA:

The response? 5 sand/plow trucks are waiting in the parking lot of the elementary school nearby to be deployed. There's probably many more elsewhere throughout the county. If this was Pittsburgh I don't think they'd even consider plowing, heh.

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It's supposed to rain on Sunday so I'm going to make some gumbo. I plan to make chicken and sausage gumbo, but I have 2 kinds of sausage and am undecided on which I should use. Which would you pick?

alligator sausage (a combination of alligator and pork)
andouille sausage (your typical cajun pork sausage found in gumbo)
stone eyes

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TQC, will you tell me about something that you think is really awesome? It doesn't have to be anything specific.

Will you tell me about something that sucks?

If you celebrate christmas have you taken down your tree/lights yet?

Do you like the sound of cowbells?

Sailor Moon Castle
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For those of you who do a lot of writing, what font(s) do you typically use?

I was about to start a new document and then realized I had spent about 20 minutes testing out fonts for my first paragraph. :(

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How do you know when a relationship is really over??

How do you get out of a possessive relationship that is bad for you, but they will kill themselves if you leave them?

How do you start a new life?

I thought this was interesting.

Suppose that you lead a comfortable middle-class life. Let's say that you're in your 30s, married, two children, and you make $100,000 per year. You are offered a coin flip with the following possible outcomes:

Heads: You will be stripped of most of your assets and will earn $30,000 per year for the rest of your life. That's all you get, and neither friends nor family can top it up for you.

Tails: You will earn $1 million per year for the rest of your life.

Treat this as serious question. Would you take up the offer to flip the coin?

ETA: Why/why not?

rabbit, sexy

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 I have to drink more water but I don't like it.
I feel like throwing it back up if I drink more than a cupful.

So, what can I put in water to make it easier to drink?  

I'm trying to avoid drinking sugary flavored water, like Vitamin Water and Arizona teas. 
Mint and/or lemon in water make me nauseous.
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Are there any thingies for car seats that heat up and can be plugged into the car? Like a heated cover or something to put on the seat? (I found out I can't just replace the seats with heated ones, ugh! I need something to keep my butt warm)

Has anyone customized or decorated their car with a theme? What is it, and what does your car look like? (Like, all hot pink accessories, only dog-related bumper stickers, etc)

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 I am watching a documentary on Traumatic Brain Injuries/Damage and for all of the case studies, the doctors all seriously underestimated their chance of recovery.... and it seems like this happens in every single case study I have read.

Have you heard of a story - personal or otherwise - where the doctors were accurate or actually overestimated likelihood of recovery?

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TQC, my ex-boyfriend left a late birthday gift on my front steps in a very stalkery kind of way at 9:30 PM last night. In the gift bag was a bottle of wine, a signed anthony bourdain book (my hero, basically), signed top chef magazines, etc.

My current bf is angry and says I should throw everything away, but I really want the stuff.

Is it wrong for me to keep the gift? 

Giving the gifts back to him is not an option.

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I've been working at this place for more than a year now. I really HATE HATE my job but I LOVE LOVE LOVE my co workers; the people I work with. It's a grocery store and I work at the deli. Should I move on despite loving my boss and the people I work with? If so, is it possible to get an office job with good pay by this work experience I have? It's actually my first job and I really am itching in moving into another environment.

Dating Question....

Do you think (in terms of dating) single women are more accepting of single dads who have their shit together vs. single men are more accepting of single moms? My single dad "friend" and I are having an argument about it.

He says guys are more willing to date single moms then women dating single dads. I say women are more willing to date single dads that have their shit together than the other way around.

What do you say, TQC?

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How would you feel if you had sex with a person and they died later that day (not from the sex, although that would be interesting)? Would it be weird, or extra sad, or would it be good knowing you gave them a positive experience in their last day alive?

(no subject)

is there a specific community you go to get all your icons? do you make your own?

comment with your newest icon.                             mine ------>
Ginger Snaps

What to do with scary things poll

Who would make the best ghost hunter?

Guys in grey jumpsuits with power packs on their backs
Big breasted paranormal 'whisperer'

Best way to defeat a werewolf?

Silver bullet
Dump a garbage can full of silver dollars on one from 2 floors up
Convert it to vegetarianism
Have it neutered. Then it'll just lay around the house instead of killing
Durr. Chop his feet off

What should happen when a vampire is exposed to sunlight?

They burst into flame
Sparkles. So many sparkles
They scream and run indoors and put on some Siouxsie to quell their nerves (they're all goths, right?)

You encounter a Talking Tina doll who says it wants to kill you. What do you do?

Probably die. I'd be too scared to do anything
Flip the switch in the back from EVIl to GOOD
Get her laid by the Ken doll. Maybe she'll be in a better mood
Reduce my medication
Make the doll apprehensive about approaching you by saying 'Have you accepted Jesus as your personal savior?' You can't die if the doll tries to avoid you
Give it to my dog as a chew toy
"If you want me to die just because you don't like me, you're really going to wanna crucify me when you see what I do with this Roman candle..."

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Honestly, how many times do you wear a pair of jeans before you decide they are dirty and need to be washed before wearing again? (measurement in days plz)

(Also assuming you did not step in puddles, get food stains, or anything else that may stand out on them visually and signify you are re-wearing said jeans.)

*EDIT* In your opinion, do you think there is a "group" does this? As in more girls? More guys? More college students?

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which of these attributes of mine do you share?

wearing black flats
wearing a gray sweater
wearing Pandora jewelry
wearing black jeans
drank tea today
ate soup today (bonus points if it had lentils)
love caramelized onions
own a betta fish
have a banana within arm's reach
attended at least one meeting today
proofread at least one document today
went to the mall at lunch
like the show "Southland"
wearing something handmade today
oh suzer, i like sharing things with you...happy friday!

Depictions of the Vietnam War

What, in your opinion, are some good, accurate depictions of the Vietnam War?

From an American perspective? What about from a Vietnamese perspective? It can be about the lead up to the war, the war itself, consequences.

It can be a book, tv show, movie, song even.

(and yes, I've seen Full Metal Jacket)

Thank you in advance, tqc!
I <3 TLV

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I didn't get a card in the mail for my free Starbucks birthday drink this year. Or maybe it was sent to my parents' house and they lost it/threw it out idk. How can I get my free drink?

Where else can you get free stuff on your bday? I'll also be going to Sephora and The Body Shop, woo.

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Your sibling robs your home and steals over $10,000 worth of goods. Sibling is attempting to get into the navy, so you agree to settle matters out of court via contract from a lawyer, which will be notarized.

Your sibling wants to sign the agreement, and then will give you the agreement to sign AFTER you drop the charges.

Do you do it?
MLP - pinkie chicken

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 So I'm applying for this job. The application says the following:

"Please attach a cover letter and a resume which includes all work experience, student teaching experience, educational merits, and at least three references.

Also, please provide a written explanation for the following question: {question here}"

Do I answer the question in the cover letter? I touched on it in my cover letter, but the cover letter would go over a page if I added it on. Also, do I make my references a part of my resume, or a separate page?
Selective Reality

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I'm way behind on everything (eta: I moved last month)! Help me decide what pile should be started on first.

Poll #1665527 Procrastination is my middle name

Which should I start with tonight?

Fixing Broken Furniture
Evil Me

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My international student arrived at like 5:30am. He wasn't tired when he first arrived so he spent a couple of hours unpacking and then went to sleep at some point. It's now nearly 5pm. He's probably jet lagged, so I'm not totally surprised, but how long until I should worry he's dead in there?

Would making nachos with mozarella cheese be totally gross? I don't have any cheddar.

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What video game should I replay? What games do you like to replay a lot?

Final Fantasy IX or X
Dragon Age
Fallout 3
Tomb Raider: Anniversary
Okage: Shadow King

I recently picked up Super Paper Mario but I can't get into it. I haven't really enjoyed any of my hobbies since the break up ;_;
My Fierce Bitch

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 I've been with two guys and neither of them have given me an orgasm. I can give myself one when I masturbate, but I just have a harder time with lovers, I guess. Maybe it's because my clitoris is too sensitive to be touched directly? Like, I seriously have a hard time taking it, even though it feels good, and I've never finished from direct stimulation. So tips please? Or your first sex orgasm stories? And oral is a no-go.

travelers of TQC

TQC, this week I am going to visit my bff in southern GA. She lives about halfway between Savannah and Jacksonville FL. She keeps asking what I want to do but I have no idea what there is to do over there - I spent 2 days in Virginia once but other than that have never been anywhere near that east or south. Are there any must-do things in that area? Other than seeing the atlantic ocean and maybe going down to orlando we have no real plans.

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I'm going out to dinner and the clubs with a couple of some close girl friends and we decided it would be fun to do some sort of photo scavenger hunt! but the problem is that i suck at coming up with ideas! What are some good ones we can do?

everyone is pretty conservative :/ so nothing too extreme! just fun!

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TQC, I can't stop thinking about soup today. I love soup. Do you love soup?

If you do love soup, what is your favourite kind of soup?
Do you like thick soup or thin soup?
Do you dip bread in your soup? If so, what kind of bread do you dip in it? What about croutons, do you like croutons in your soup?
Rocky Horror Batman Show

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 I just ran out of laundry detergant, have no money, and my parents won't be home for hours. Can I use dawn to do laundry or should I just wait?

Also, before I'd even typed anything in about laundry, the Google Ad on the post page was for free laundry coupons. Google reads minds, y/y?

I read that using vinegar in the wash helps remove cat smells. Has anyone tried this before with good results?

How long does it usually take you to clean your room? I keep procrastinating and I've been 'working' on my bedroom for about three weeks now. I've probably worked a total of three hours.

I need your help, TQC

I just got asked out by someone on my Facebook. I need a way to back out of this delicately, unless you feel I should go out with her and her friends tonight.

The backstory

I've only met Christy once, and I could tell she was a little interested in me. She added me on Facebook that same night and promptly started to send me some messages via FB about the possibility that she may know my brother. I replied via message and it led to a flurry of 10+ exchanges, which was getting a little annoying, so I just said that we should just chat in FB if we're going to be exchanging this much information. Her response: I can't right now, but let's schedule it for tomorrow! In essence, she was arranging a 'chat date'. I couldn't make our little 'date' so she tried the next night and the night after before realizing I don't spend a lot of time on the computer between 7-10pm. I made no attempt to treat this like a 'date' but just two people who may or may not be on the computer at the same time using the same social program.

While she is cute enough and very smart, I felt there were a few things that wouldn't work out. She's a recovering boozer, though I'm not sure if it's through AA or just her own self restraint. Her lack of boozing has turned her into a heavy smoker, which she was going to quit cold turkey on New Year's, so I'm guessing the ban is in effect. One of her main beefs with the booze was that it sort of made her into a loose woman and that didn't sit well with her, I guess. And she's a single mom who seems to be singlemindedly committed to land some guy, as she had been on one date a couple days before and has been e-flirting with some guy on her fB who she met through another guy on her FB, who she had e-flirted with a few weeks before him, and she wasted no time getting a hold of me. I personally would prefer the booze, smoke and sex, but respect anyone trying to better themselves. However, cutting back on so much so fast may be a little offbalancing and she seems to be a little erratic and too direct and I'm getting this desperation vibe from her, and to be honest, I'm not entirely sure about the single mom thing.

At the very least, I'd want to get to know her a bit more first without being put into a semi-romantic situation, as I know more about her drawbacks than her assets. Tonight, out of the blue, she chatted me up on FB and suddenly asked if I wanted to see Black Swan tonight with her and her friends. Not really feeling up for that, I told her my plans for tonight were up in the air and I might be able to attend but wasn't sure yet. I gave her my cell phone # and told her to text me when the gang was about to assemble, fully planning to veto to turn her down, but I can't think of a good lie about why I can't make it. I'm not entirely sure why I gave her my number, but morbid curiosity about what she'll do with it may be part of it and I got no better offers lately.

So, that's all I got so far

Should I go out with her tonight, or get to know her a little first?

If I shouldn't go out with her, give me a good lie to tell when she texts me
old 97s

Hello, TQC!

I need your help!
Tonight I'm going out for the first time in 18 months. What should I wear?
The images are pretty big, so I'll just link to them.

Skirt 1
Skirt 1

Skirt 2

Skirt 3
This one is wrinkly, it's going in the dryer if chosen.

When I get out of the shower, I will put on whichever skirt has the most votes.

oh sorry, real quick edit: I'm just going to a restaurant/brewery. Nothing big, I'm just excited to be getting out of the house.


Is Selina Gomez really getting death threats from Beiber fans zombies because she dating that Beiber kid?


I mean really?

DNDK: Favourite flavour of tim tam?
it used to me caramel but now its the black forest sort, ITS sO GOOD!
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See, there's three kinds of people: dicks, pussies, and assholes. Pussies think everyone can get along, and dicks just want to fuck all the time without thinking it through. But then you got your assholes, Chuck. And all the assholes want is to shit all over everything! So, pussies may get mad at dicks once in a while, because pussies get fucked by dicks. But dicks also fuck assholes, Chuck. And if they didn't fuck the assholes, you know what you'd get?
Emma Kemppainen

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So, TQC. Transport related things are one of my academic specialisms, so you must excuse occasional nerdy questions.


Car owners of TQC: What brought you to own a car? Could you see yourself ever living without one? And if so, what (personal or external) would have to change?

Non-car owners of TQC: How easy is being without a car? Do you see yourself owning a car in the future? And if so, what makes you want to?
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annoying things

One, I had to sit through a long ass commercial about a cough medicine, and then avoid a rollover ad for freaking Wonder bread on the LJ site. Has this happened to you? Usually I can just X out of it!

Second - I am looking for a mug or teacup with a cute little animal in the bottom... I've looked on etsy, and found one, but the person made a big deal about saying "I sign everything with (name) and John 3:16". This annoys me, and I can't buy it because of it. It would piss me off every time I used it. Is this wrong of me? Do things like that annoy you? There's no way I'd ask her not to, it's what she believes in, but I sort of want to say 'hey, you lost a customer because of it'. Oh well.

(bonus- do you know of any places that sell or make mugs with animals in them? Like this in the link)

www.etsy.com/listing/65220179/squirrelcup-teacup-critter-mini-printCollapse )
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Kill Bill - Elle
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So, lol. I was hired at a place recently (second job yay!) and they require white slacks. Where in the fark can I find white pants? This is gonna suck.

What sort of crazy crap does your work desire or request of you?
Plans for the weekend?

Who is TQC?

Poll #1665528 Who are you?

What is your gender?


What is your age?

Under 18

What is your relationship status?


What is your job status?

Work at home
Flex hours

Do you believe in a higher power?


Do you enjoy reading?


Are you an adventurous eater?

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hate pimentos

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How lame is a simple font tattoo that says:

what matters most is
how well you
walk through the

On a 30-something-woman's side ribcage?  Would it be better or worse on the hip (the part that would be covered by a bikini)?

(no subject)

Would you be friends with someone whose philosophy of life was along the lines of being pro-anger, -violence, -hatred, etc? Like they believe that if nature made them to feel anger and violence then that must be how they are meant to behave, and that it is against nature to act outside of those feelings.

What if this person was super cool to you, but displayed hatefulness towards others?

Do you think that ending a friendship with someone who is cool to you but hateful of others is considered "intolerant" of their beliefs?

Do you think that is on the same level as a non-religious person being intolerant of a religious belief?


I have two grapefruits in my fridge, I suspect they were purchased about a week before Thanksgiving. I should chuck them already, yes?

Are you waiting for anything?

Did you watch the Jersey Shore premiere?

Have you ever been to the Jersey Shore? What part?

Would you eat this?
mickey puking

(no subject)

What other social networkish websites are you a member of (if any)? Which of them are you most active on?

Do you keep any of them a secret from your friends/family?  If yes, why?
Red Sag
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So.. I need a break. i totally and utterly need to GTFO from Dublin soon or my brain will 'splode. I don't have much money, but I do live in the promised land of Ryanair so...

TQC, tell me, which european cheap-o desitantion should I take a midweek break in? What's cheap and awesome and relaxing?

DKDC: Do you like beads/sequins/etc on your clothing?
some weirdo

(no subject)

Do you have a favorite teen drama TV show? What is it?

Also, why did it take me this long to watch My So-Called Life? It's really kind of brilliant. And it turns me into a giggling twelve-year-old, so that's excellent.
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Logic question

Let's say that you lent a person $500; that person gave you their account number and you deposited the money. You both signed a contract stating that this person would pay you back. However, they have not and will not reply to your attempts to resolve it. Without their permission, you access their bank account and withdraw $500. Is this considered stealing?
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Will you post the last dream you had here so that TQC can ~interpret~ it for you?
Alternately, will you post your username so that TQC can predict your future?

[edit] Non-serious, obviously.

(no subject)

Have you seen the movie Catfish? I just watched it and I really enjoyed it.

DO any of you use dating websites? Which ones?
I just started using pof but I don't know... The guys who message me just aren't my type... but I am too scared/shy to message the ones I am interested in... Should I just suck it up and message them? What do I say? HELP ME OUT HERE. I need more confidence =[.


Do you like mussels?
mr schadenfreude

What's up?

How is/was your day?

Has anything nice happened to you recently?
I bought myself a really cute bikini the other day and wore it to the beach today- I think it's quite flattering, so I felt confident which was really nice.

Anyone here watched Wolf Creek?
I've seen it before and it's on telly now. It's a good flick but IDK if I care to watch it again because it's pretty bleak, violent, creepy and generally full on and I'm all alone with big windows looking out into the dark night... I don't want to freak myself out haha.
Speaking of Wolf Creek, did you know a teenage relative of Ivan Milat just recently lured a friend out to the Belanglo state forest- where Milat murdered all those backpackers- and killed them with an axe? Apparently Milat "chuckled" when informed about the murder :\
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

How much does car detailing usually cost? I was under the impression that it would be around $500, but I was quoted only $160 and I'm afraid that means they wont do a good job =/

Have you ever been away from your pets for an extended period of time? How did they cope? Did they remember you when you got home? My sister will be staying in Africa for an extra two years now and I'm worried about her cats =( They're staying with her friends until she gets back.
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(no subject)

You can only change one of the following for guaranteed improvement - what do you choose?: your significant other, your job, or one of your family members

Now if the change would not necessarily improve what you have but won't make it any worse, does that affect your answer?

What if there's a 25% chance it gets worse, 50% stays the same, 25% improves?


dk/dc Wearing socks around the house instead of going barefoot: good or bad?

Updated the last question, thanks!