January 6th, 2011


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I have 24 mozzie bites on my legs ALONE, and I may have more! OMG I even used stuff to stop...so much I was FLAMMABLE...OMG!

OMG...I was even so occupied by then...when I got myself icecream, instead of grabbing a spooon...I GRABBED A SPORK (Spork are amazing though).


So...what would you like have a tirade about?


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I plan on having a series of wacky adventures on the road this summer. Where should I go and who should I bring?

Edit: Also, what should I bring?

And if you are planning on traveling, do you have a specific reason?
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How would you feel if you found out the person you were dating owned a RealDoll? Would you have a threesome with it? Would you feel all self-conscious because it would be soooo much better looking than you, as well as being quieter and costing a lot less (after the initial investment of $6000+, that is)?

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I realized I have to leave a class early on the first day. How bad will this look? It's a full-semester, twice a week course.

ETA: If necessary, my husband can take the day off to cover it (it's a kid thing). Is it necessary?

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Have you ever watched a film and wished you lived a life less ordinary?

Have you ever dreamed of living an extraordinary life?

Do you think your life is extraordinary?

What kind of experiences should a person be looking for to make their life more interesting?
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ink stains on lcd monitor

ok, so I was stupid (and desperate) enough to draw little arrows on my monitor with an blue ballpoint ink pen

they're not big (I just had to put corners around something in photoshop, and I needed to later compate that to some other image.. long story)

what do I use to wash these off my monitor?
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What is a stupid painful thing you've done recently?

Tonight? I tried to pop a blackhead that turned out to be a very small, dark freckle and managed to really hurt myself, ripped off about half my nail because I had a hangnail and thought it would be smart to just yank, and just now, after preparing a "dinner" (getting myself back into a night shift schedule :P) of herb and garlic chicken, half-assedly washed my hands then rubbed my eyes and got the marinade in my eyes.

Do you hate how many of last.fm's songs are live or acoustical or NOT the version you are expecting when it starts playing?

Are there automatic commands you just do automatically for something? For instance, I closed a tab by accident and didn't even realise I had keyed in ctrl + shift + t and reopened it until a minute later when I was like, "Didn't I close that?"

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what am i supposed to do about having stray cats in my neighborhood? i'm like the least animal-savvy person in the world, but this poor kitty keeps yowling outside my window all night, and i've seen him hopping around on nearby rooftops. should i take him to a shelter? let him live his wild n crazy vagabond life? bringing him into the house is definitely not an option, though i have friends who have taken in strays who seem to be fine (as far as my idiot mind can tell).

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there's someone pounding on a neighbor's door (we living in an apartment building) at 3:30am.
they left their engine running in the meantime.

my sleep-deprived inquiring mind must know, tqc, what's so urgent?
how would you react to someone beating on your door at 3-thirty in the morning?

also: would you sing me a lullaby?
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Besides underneath cushions and the bottom of bags, where does all the change hide in a house?

How long do you think it would take me to collect $100 in change from my house when I've already emptied my bags and I have about $5 at best?

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So what's up with people who don't respond to facebook friend requests promptly? I met this girl a few months ago at a mutual friend's dinner party. I now want to ask her about this graduate program that she seemed very knowledgeable about, so I found her on facebook and sent her a friend request. It has been 3 weeks, and she STILL hasn't accepted! It still just says, "friend request sent." I can't even message her on facebook because her privacy setting is such that non-friends can't even send messages.

Do you sometimes take awhile too confirm or deny friend requests?

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What's the most unprofessional email you've received, from someone who should know better?

I just received a beginning of the semester email/syllabus from a professor that included more than 3 font colors, an animated gif (Welcome! in rainbow colors), multiple fonts (including comic sans) and changing font sizes from paragraph to paragraph. ALSO AT SOME POINTS CRUISE CONTROL APPEARS TO HAVE BEEN LEFT ON.

I think my management class is going to be, um, interesting, if this email is anything to go by.
Blank Stare.
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Anyone? Anyone?

Right now I only have vented Keen and Merrell sneakers, which are all I've been able to find that I can walk extensively in without pain. I'm on the quest for a pair of pull on boots I can spend 12 hours in without my feet killlllllllling me. I have little feet and I do NOT wear skinny jeans- these will be under my pantalones, if that somehow matters.
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Annoying holes in my CD collection quiz

Poll #1664978 Rush Cds
This poll is closed.

Do you like Rush?


Should I buy Rush and Snakes & Arrows?

Just Rush
Just Snakes & Arrows
I just like voting in polls
I've never heard anything from either album, but I'm having a hard time deciding based on thirty second song clips.

ETA:Hmmm... Strange how all the "no" votes on the second question came from people who voted "no" on the first one as well.
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I'm going here tonight for dinner-- what should I get? I am not familiar with Thai food for the most part but am open to trying most things. I do not like teriyaki or shrimp all that much but everything else is game.

How do I make my throat stop hurting? I have been drinking lots of tea with honey and gargling with warm salt water and no dice. :(

If someone asks you to recommend a book to them, what is the first book that comes to mind?

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1. Whether it's because of their personal style, philosophy and values, accomplishments or whatever else, who are some people that inspire you?

2. What are some hobbies that you partake in frequently enough for you to be able to say that you're pretty damn good at it?

first world problems

Which would you rather go to, and why?

Maui, Hawaii (Royal Lahaina resort)


Orvieto, Italy (Hotel Duomo)

Assume both have relatively the same cost, you're going for a week in September, you live in DC and have been to neither one, and it's an anniversary.

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I started journaling this week to help with some of my anxiety and stress, and to have a creative outlet.

Do you or have you ever journaled?

What kind of journal do you have?

What kind of things did you write about, was it typical day to day stuff, or goals, random musings, etc?

edit...of course online journals count, but I was referring more to paper journals/diaries.

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GUYS I FINALLY GOT A JOB INTERVIEW!! I've never had a job OR an interview before D:

Will you guys share interview tips and wisdom?
How do I not be so nervous? The interview is Monday and I'm already freaking out.
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Board/Card games

My boyfriend and I like playing Risk and Trivial Pursuit, and when we play video games they're usually something like Big Brain Academy. When we're in groups, we like playing Cranium and Phase Ten, that sort of thing. I feel like getting something a little different. What are your favorite board and card games, TQC?

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So bed-wetting, cruelty to animals and arson are three common signs in the childhood of a serial killer. Cruelty to animals is self-evident, I imagine bed-wetting is a fear/stress/control response or the like, but why arson specifically? Serial arson is a crime overwhelmingly linked with white males, the same as serial killing (although I don't think the other two). Vandalism and anti-social behaviour in general makes sense of course, but why that one specifically?
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TQC, I am a failure at social situations and interacting with people. Will you make my decisions for me?

Bear with me, as I am about to exhibit my extreme stupidity in certain areas...

A bunch of people, including my boyfriend, regularly get together to go bowling. Tonight will be one of those times. My boyfriend would really like me to go, and he tells me other people would like me to go and have been asking about me. I would really like to go and see everyone and hang out. BUT I have basically never been bowling. The last time I went bowling was a friend's birthday around 5th grade (so like 12 years ago) and the only thing I remember about it is that all my best friends decided to be a team without me and I spent most of the night crying.

SO, I don't think I want to bowl tonight, because I have pretty much never done it and I am sure I will be terrible. And you score it in teams, right? As in, if I was terrible and never knocked down a pin, my team would lose and hate me forever? I do not want that to happen, so I think I will save adventures in learning to bowl for sometime when it's just my boyfriend and me.

Will it be really weird if I go just to hang out? Will we have to pay for me to bowl even though I am not actually going to? WILL I HAVE TO RENT THE SHOES?! I have no idea what the general procedure is like at a bowling alley and this sort of thing makes me irrationally nervous.


dkdc/tldr/etc: Please feel free to laugh at me for being afraid of bowling.
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1. have you ever used a dating site? which one? what do you think of OkCupid?

edit: how honest are you in your dating profile? do you use recent pictures?

2. for women - what is your reaction when a man calls you a gendered insult (bitch, cunt, whore) in an argument? do you think this is different and worse than if you call a man an asshole, dick, etc, in an argument? assuming the guy is someone you know - like a friend, family member or significant other.

I might be dreaming

I am thinking of getting a remote control for my computer. Sounds weird? bear with me.

I have a pc and I was looking for something tht I could play music and tv shows on my computers and be abe to pause and play without having to get up and sort it out on my computer.
I know Itunes have something similar but only if you have itunes running and the setup is starting to annoy me...

If I am in fact dreaming and this sounds weird ignore this but if I am not for those that have a system setup like this what products do you use and would reccomend it?

I know you can do it for laptops...what about desktops?
BBT: ♥


  1. Who is your favorite comedian or comedy pair?
  2. What is your favorite movie to watch over and over?
  3. What is your favorite homemade meal,dessert and drink?
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I need a recommendation for a chain restaurant that has a decent amount of vegetarian and pescatarian dinner options, and is middle of the road as far as price. Also needs to be family friendly, not Cuck E Cheese, but not a bar either.

What do you think would be the best place?
I <3 TLV

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Do you know...

Your blood type?
Your blood pressure?

I'm O+ and 98/70

Do you like knowing as many medical facts about your body as possible? Only things that might pose a health risk? Nothing at all?

I like to know as much as possible even if it's completely unimportant. I think it's interesting.

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If something said it was "Oz-themed", would you think of Alice or Australia?

Would you rather read about a scary dream, a quirky "what is this ridiculousness" dream, or a quirky dream that turned into a scary dream?
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I'm writing a short story that includes a character that is a ballet dancer. I don't know many specifics when it comes to ballet, so if you've ever had any experience in ballet, could you tell me a little about it? Like what were your greatest struggles, or what did you spend most of your time working on while practicing...I'll probably come up with more specific questions, too, if you don't mind me coming back to ask you as I continue writing. =)

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I just discovered Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
Can you tell me how awful they are for your health so I don't go out and buy any more? (Luckily I am usually 3 hours away from a vendor. And am not going to check if they do delivery)

What food do you love that you know is horrific for your health/weight?

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Do you have anyone in your life who consistently seems to belittle what you do?

How do you deal?

Are you seen as the person who gets stuff done when no one else can?

Do you ever resent this?

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 I have a really hard time eating. (please don't judge, im in the beginning stages of getting help) 
Right now I mostly eat eggs and juice and whole grain noodles with garlic.
I have no food at all in my house right now. I also have very little muscle and a low immune system.  
I want to eat but Im not sure what im comfortable with.
I have 40 dollars to go grocery shopping until next friday.

What would you buy with it?  What should I buy with it?


Perez Hilton just creamed himself

Which of these celebrity couplings would surprise you the most if it ever happened? Remember, celebrity marriages end all the time

George Clooney/Bristol Palin
Justin Bieber/Ann Coulter
Andy Richter/Dakota Fanning
Larry King/Scarlett Johansson
Michael Vick/Alicia Silverstone
Andy Dick/Kathy Bates
Kanye West/Taylor Swift
Portia de Rossi/Jillian Michaels
Hulk Hogan/Natalie Portman
Stephen Colbert/Snooki
John Edwards (politician)/Jessica Simpson
Chris Martin (Coldplay)/Ke$ha
Larry the Cable Guy/Cate Blanchett
Joe Jonas/Sasha Grey
Hugh Hefner/Joan Collins (someone actually close to his age!)
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 Anyone have experience with Sherwin-Williams EasyChange Wallpaper? Is it as easy to put up and remove as they say? I'm tired of the oatmeal colored walls in my apartment and looking for a way to change it. I can't paint, or put up anything that will leave marks like traditional wallpaper. Thought about using Wall Pops but that'd be too expensive.

DK/DC: I've just got Netflix on the free trial and am finishing up all the seasons of Family Guy. What should I watch next?

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Have you ever taken a zumba class?
How did you like it?

My mother convinced me to take a class with her today. It was a good enough aerobic exercise, but not really my kind of dance. The instructor just kept shouting "Sexy! Sexy!" I look over on my right and there's my mom, I look behind me and there's my old kindergarten teacher, so I kept thinking to myself the whole time "Nonononono, please no sexy."

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Have you ever tried to casually date someone you've been in a previous serious relationship with? How'd that go?

DK/DC: Do you watch Skins? I've just started watching it and it's kind of taking over my life.
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For what reason would you quit a pretty decent job? If something comes along that pays more? Or only to advance your career? Or something else?

For those who go to the gym - how often do you work out, and what sorts of things do you do?

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Will you tell me what it feels like to have an ovarian cyst? 

I think I might have one but I'm not sure. I've had one 5 years ago but it was asymptomatic and was only found while looking for something else.

My left side hurts pretty bad, sometimes worse than others. It radiates down my left thigh and up my back a little, too. :(

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 So, I got a bicycle yesterday, an 18 speed mountain bike. I've not ridden a bike in about - oh 22 years. (pre-teenage years)
I rode it for about 1/4 mile today and managed to keep mostly keep my balance, (I did almost hit the neighbors mailbox) but I'm looking for tips for someone starting out.
So, TQC - what is your best advice for someone new to recreational cycling? (I only plan to do this causally, as a form of exercise since my Dr told me I can't keep running)
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Why did the Desperate Housewives creators choose obese actors to play Gabby and Carlos' two little daughters?

They are the only overweight people on that show. And they're Mexican. And the issue is never addressed, which is especially weird since Gabby is so vain.

If you watch Greys Anatomy, how did you react to Callie slamming the door in Arizona's face? WUT IS GONNA HAPPEN?

dk/dc: what is the last thing that made you laugh out loud? (i've been reading the submissions on whenparentstext.com LOL)
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Death certificates / hospital question

I, unfortunately, witnessed my grandfathers death last week, in the hospital. This happened shortly after 12 noon. I know that he passed away after 12 because I (and others) saw him take his last breath - a very distinct inhale/exhale before his heart rate plummeted according to the machine he was hooked up to. A doctor signed his death certificate that he passed away at 1130, nearly 40 minutes before he actually (well, or so we believed... not sure what to believe now) passed away. What would reason for this be?

Also can the monitors which are displayed in patients rooms that state heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, etc., - can they be controlled/manipulated (changed) from the nurse's station?

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Now I do realise there is bit of a love affair with the movie "Black Swan" in this community.

I just saw it and aside from natalie portman(She did not quite sell the young, sheltered naive girl act for me) I quite enjoyed it. But the Symbolism in the film, I thought was interesting.

Will you talk to me about it?

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There was this site I was a member on a long time ago where you made lists. The word 'list' was in the name of the site, but I can't for the life of me remember what the site was called exactly. Any ideas or similar sites you know of?
love me
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Do you have a guilty pleasure and if you do will you share with me what that guilty pleasure is?

Do you buy "As Seen On TV" products?
If you do are you usually happy with them?
What is the best "As Seen on TV" product that you have ever bought?

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I love to write, but can never get myself to execute any of my ideas. it's really upsetting to me. Why do I procrastinate on something I enjoy?

How do you stop yourself from procrastinating?
Do you ever procrastinate on things you enjoy?
cow milkin'
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I went outside and 3 BIG cats ran out from under my car and into my front yard where they stared at me until I went back inside.

What were they plotting under my car?

I have two dogs who are pretty much the same size as these giant cats.

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Hey TQC! 

I started exercising (a LOT) in December. It's my 1-month-iversary of starting my weight loss journey, and I've lost 16.5 pounds so far! I'm excited, but that's not why I came here.

I took my measurements yesterday and most of my measurements went down by 1/2" to a full inch. Is that good, or should it be more? I've been doing 3x a week of interval running (couch to 5k) and three days a week of Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred on level 1. I've also been eating between 1,200 - 1,500 calories a day, making sure all the categories are as balanced as I can (never going over).

Another question. When I took my arm and neck measurements, they've grown a couple inches? I can see why my arms might have grown (I've been doing push-ups and lots of weight training with my arms), but my neck? WHY? I don't want my neck to get thicker! 

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i know guys talk about girls and shit, but how do they bring it up with each other?

i know how girls do it and how i do it with my friends, but i just can't imagine a way guys would do it. i can't picture them like getting home to their roommate or going out with his buddies and being like, "Oh man, so this chick, she's so cool. I like her a lot ^_________^"

that said, when you meet someone, how long do you wait to tell your friends? how do you tell them?

things never work out for me so i'm i'm always really nervous to tell my friends, even though i want to. i'm always afraid my friends are thinking stuff like, "Oh man, not another guy. She's never going to find someone." i'll start to say something and then either change the subject or keep saying 'no, no, no, nevermind' until they get it out of me.
NCIS - Jimmy says what?
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If you exercise with DVDs, which ones do you use?
If you take an exercise class, what is it?

Also have any of you used Kettlenetics?

First time I tried it, I was sore for 3 or four days. So I've only used it once or twice since.
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I've been traveling for the holidays and am finally getting together with my dad's side this weekend. I want to buy my 9 year old sister one of those firefly cell phones for kids as a Christmas gift so that she and I can keep in touch more easily (she lives over an hour away.)

Is this something I should talk to her mom and my dad about before I buy a plan for her? I don't know what their stance is on her having a cell phone, and I don't want to overstep any boundaries.

What do you think about this idea?

DK/DC: What are your favorite apps for Droid Incredible?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Hey ya'll. Can you guys help me with something?

I found this job posting for a part time game testing position in my city. In the job posting, it says at the end, "There are 5 errors in this post. Please describe them in the body of your e-mail." I can only find four. Can anyone find the fifth one?

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I just switched to Firefox 4 and had to redownload Greasemonkey. I need the LJ thread expander but the website I get it from (userscripts.org) is down. Anyone know where else I can find it? 
WTF!, Edward

I'm off to the loony bin! Ta!

What's the weirdest thing you've done in the name of extreme boredom?

Based on a conversation I'm having with my friend comparing the random things we've done this week due to holiday boredom [I'm winning atm :( ] I spent an hour sitting on the grass scrubbing locust guts off the front of the car with a toothbrush because of the BOREDOM (and the lack of a provisional licence...and probably an OCD impulse to cleeeaaaannn)
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i'm going to be driving 8-9 hours alone tomorrow afternoon/evening. other than audiobooks (can't get/DL any on such sort notice), what should i do to keep myself entertained? also, i'm driving from new hampshire to washington DC, leaving around 2pm. HOW MUCH TRAFFIC WILL I HIT ONCE IN CONNECTICUT/NEW YORK-y AREA?!

what's the longest distance or time you've driven alone? how'd it go? where we you going & why?