January 5th, 2011

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Is anyone very knowledgeable about music in general? I found two mix tapes that I made from the radio and I want to know when they're from. I know I did all my tape making 1998-2002 so they'd be from somewhere in that time.

Collapse )

I got curious as to the individual songs so I looked them up. Mix 2 is most likely from 1998. Mix 4 is 1999.

1998 was a great year for music, do you agree?

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TQC, I am way far behind the times. I love BIG EPICS and Sci-Fi/Fantasy/SuperAwesomeOtherWorldlyAdventure Movies, but the last BIG EPIC MOVIE I saw was Lord of the Rings.

Yes, I'm serious. That's how far behind I am.

Also, I haven't seen any of the new mostly-computer-animated movies yet. The most recent one I saw all the way through was Wall-E, and then just the other week, I saw the first half-hour of Avatar.

TQC. WILL YOU BRING ME UP TO SPEED? WHICH MOVIES IN THESE GENRES (epic sci-fi/fantasy/adventure and/or computer animation) DO I NEED TO SEE NOW?!?!?!? I have all tonight, tomorrow and the next day that I want to fill with movies, so please. Help me out, you guys. <3

If you're not into any of those types of movies, will you suggest other recent movies that you think I might like (come on, all y'all know me pretty well)?

EDIT Or will you tell me about recent movies that you liked? COME ON TQC WHERE ARE YOU GUYS? IS MY QUESTION TOO BORING? >:/

Car questions

Has anyone in the US taken a driver's ed course that did not make you practice parallel parking?
If you learned how to do it, how long would it take for you to forget to be able to do it?

Bonus: Anyone have good driver's ed stories? I failed twice. They made me sit on a phonebook :/.
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Is anyone in TQC doing JanNoWriMo (like NaNoWriMo but in January, since I missed NaNo this year)?

I am trying but I have nobody to talk to about it or do word wars or anything like that, so it's becoming really hard to do. I'm hoping someone here is doing it so I have someone to talk to about it as it happens. I really sort of care about the story I'm doing this year, and I want it to be the first one I finish.
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If somebody posts "4th" as their Facebook status and they're clearly being emotional, what do they really mean?

srs answers welcome, non-srs answers encouraged.

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Can I get a tattoo on my foot if I have a protruding vein that runs along the part of my foot that I want tattooed?
(The only person I know with veins like this on their feet is my mom and she doesn't have any tattoos)

Can I get a tattoo over an area with a stretch mark?
(I've heard yes and no)

Where was your most painful tattoo?
(On the left side of my lower back. Part of it went over my spine and all I could feel was my spine vibrating and it hurt like a mother fucker)
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Starting My Own Blog Questions

How do I start a blog with sketchy ads like this? http://www.randomblog.org/

How do I get those ads on my blog and get paid for it? Do I have to have my own web address like they do? I want to use Blogger and AdSense but I want to post a lot of public domain pictures at once in different posts of of celebrities and cartoons and stuff (the kind of shit I find online or happen to take myself that I make sure I can use). I have my own comics, writing, and other ideas for original content but I wanted to start start real minimally with collected pictures, and light content to lower suck factor -- therefore, not sure if AdSense will work because of too many pictures at once (even comics I drew could be counted as pictures by them now that I think about it).

Please and thank you!

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Will you share with us any tips you got from your mothers/friends/family etc that may not be well known?

For ex: My family say keeping conkers around the house keeps spiders out, my friends family say keeping something gold in your wallet makes you lucky...

My favourite films are Wall-E & the IceAge trilogy atm (as a break from my usual horrors), what other films might I like? (I do not like the Toy Story triology.)

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I'm eating Stovetop Stuffing for breakfast this morning because I feel kind of shitty and absolutely nothing else in the house seems even remotely palatable right now.

Am I weird?

How often do you eat non-breakfast food for breakfast?

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I have four days left of my Christmas vacation before going back to the heavy grind of school. Besides the obvious like doing my laundry and packing, what should I do in that spare time?
Or if this helps, what would you do?

the blues are good, but a good mood's better.

Let's say you're having a fight with someone, which puts you in a bad mood. You hash it out, make up, the issue is no longer an issue, whatever. How long does it take you to get back into a good mood? Do you bounce back immediately after resolution? My SO thinks it's VERY STRANGE that my mood is ruined for the rest of the day and it usually isn't better again until I go to sleep and wake up the next morning, but I can't be the only one who is like this...

Alternatively, what's on your to-do list? Today or long-term or whatever. I have a shit-ton of paperwork to do and I need to move like 12 filing cabinets of files around, hah.

Alternative to the alternative, what is your favorite guilty pleasure TV show? Brought to you by me being randomly sad that ABC Family doesn't play 7th Heaven re-runs anymore. :C
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Have you ever looked back on a conversation you had with someone and realized you totally made yourself look like a twat? I had twin hispanic friends and when I was over there last  I said things like "I've noticed that hispanic people buy a lot of tomatos" and "Dude you're too smart to be one of those little old beaner ladies with a million and one kids." ...Yeah, I know. In a weak defense about the B word though, they use it alot more than I do so it wouldn't have bothered them any.

My biggest problem with this is that I realize I'm no better than my dad and my sister. They both make horribly racist jokes and generalizations and turn around and say "I'm not racist". For instance, my sister just started watching Heroes and when I asked her which episode she was on, she said "The one where that dude went back to Chinkyland." I corrected her with the correct name: Japan. "That's still Chinkyland, dude." Or when I told her that I ate at a Vietnamese restaurant the other day her first reaction was "Ew." It was a nice place but the food made me kind of sick and she was like "That's what you get for eating Thai food." I corrected her and she was like "Thai, Vietnam, same fucking thing."

I feel like I can't confront her about it because the first thing she will say is that I used to laugh at those jokes and I call them chinks and beaners too. Now that I've thought about what I've said in the past, I realize that this needs to stop. Both from her, me, and my dad. How can I confront her about this?

tl;dr: I'm ready to stop sounding like a racist bitch and I want my family to stop too but don't know how to confront them.

ETA: Please stop telling me I need to stop using those words before I can chastize them. I've already stopped. Is there like a waiting period I need to get in before I can tell other people to stop or something? Jesus.

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cell phone plan question/opinion
currently i pay around $116 per month for my blackberry curve.  it has 400 daytime/evening minutes, evening after 7 and weekends free
internet access and bbm and all that.  unlimited text. caller id, answering machine, so on etc
i'm on a 3 year contract, with about 18 months left on it.

i used it a lot for my other job i had, but i'm not currently at that job anymore, so my usage had gone done significantly.
also i recently broke up with my ex, and all his numbers, friends, family are on my phone.  (i know i could delete them, but its hard for me) not to mention the netowork is not that great, i always have dropped calls etc.

i'm thinking either to get another phone with a significantly cheaper plan, with less minutes possibly.  whatever the plan will be, it'll be less than $116. and keep my phone for the rest of the 18 months but change my plan from 116, to the bare minimum plan my provider has. instead of paying the ridiculous fee of bailing on my contract. (which is like 400-500 dollars)

is this dumb?  should i just suck it up and stick out my current phone contract?

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TQC, how do you deal with random reminders/memories of your ex? I'll be having a fine day and all of a sudden I'll smell something that reminds me of him and I'll want to cry or throw up or something.

Has anyone done the Couch to 5k program? Did it help you lose weight? I'm thinking of trying it just to get fit and toned.

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How often do you go clothes shopping?

Should I go shopping today?
Cons: I went the other day, spending money I dont really need to spend, time spent out of bed doing other things
Pros: A day with my mum (im going back to uni soon). I didnt see many shops the other day, I have christmas money.
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Does anyone bank with USAA?

If so, how is it banking with a bank that doesn't have many physical locations? Are making deposits easy and fast? If you send in a check to be deposited, how long does it take to be deposited and do they send you the envelopes to do so? Any negatives at all with them?

And I'm assuming you also get checks and a debit card (I'll be opening a checking account) that can be used at anytime, and also get a routing and account number so that I can do direct deposits in the if I want to as well.

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Is anyone here celebrating Orthodox Christmas Eve/Christmas this week? If so, how do you celebrate?

If you celebrate by the ortho calendar, do you also celebrate on the 25th December?


Hey, any suggestions of where to buy textbooks online? I usually just use half.com or amazon, but this semester my books are all outrageously expensive ($100/$200 USED D:) and I'm searching for other possible avenues.

DK/DC: What is a skill that you would like to improve?
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Can anyone recommend any good exercise communities on LJ? I'm looking for ones that actually feel like a community of people, meant to motivate each other, share progress, etc and not just a community for workout advice. NOT gymrats, and not a community focused on exercise for the purpose of weight loss.

Do you have any fitness goals for this year?

[Edit: Argh there doesn't seem to be ANY exercise communities that haven't been taken over by spam bots.]

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What do you call your S.O.?

Have you heard anyone call their SO something that was awesome? Share?

My SO really wants me to call him søde (translate it means sweet), and he calls me pretty.

I have a friend who call his SO Bubbles, which I think is awesome. I cant help but think that if my SO and I break up he will call the next girl pretty also, because it's very generic.

i'm bored and i want to diiiie

every now and then one of the guys at work will tease me when i wear my older Manchester United shirt with the AIG logo on the front(they were their sponsor from 2006-2009, though it was supposed to go through until the end of this or next season, lol).

it's like they all have to take turns getting a crack in. but the girls never do it. why? why is it always the guys giving me a hard time with their bad financial jokes? do girls just have better taste in jokes? should i order a pizza just to get some soda? or should i just suck it up and walk 5 minutes to the corner store?

Website hosting.

I bought a domain, with no space.
I currently have Surpass Hosting, but I'm not really happy with the whole payment thing.
I ~believe I saw you could buy hosting for 13.99 a year.
I love the idea of paying that little, and not working about it for the rest of the year! :P
Any ideas? What hosting would you recommend?

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Where do you watch TV shows/movies online? I've been trying out Hulu, but they barely seem to have much of what I want.

Also, are there different sites to watch shows like Skins (not the MTV one, the original show) and Misfits?

ETA: Can you recommend any shows or movies? There's no cable at my parents house, and basic TV in the middle of the day consists of Judge Judy. My laptop is currently my saving grace. I don't care much about genres, just something interesting!
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False labeling?

Have you ever noticed a grocery item labeled "Dairy Free!" or something, but when you read the ingredients it clearly lists milk product?

What are some things like this you've noticed?

Also, how do the manufacturers get away with this? Wouldn't it be considered false advertisement?
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 Has anyone ever stored a lemon after zesting it (not a totally naked lemon, but the yellow part of the rind is gone)? Google says to wrap in foil, and it will be okay for a bit. Just looking for personal experience.

Have you ever made your own seasonings? I'm trying out lemon pepper.

What was your most recent culinary endeavor? 
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Whenever you get into a fight with someone you love, do you ever feel like absolute shit because what if they die the next day and the last thing you said to them was really mean?

DK/DC: I really want to go to Disneyland sometime this year. Is it awesome? I haven't been since I was six and it sucked because I was with my grandparents. If you went to Disneyland, what would you want to do and see?

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tqc, should i cook dinner tonight (pro: free and don't have to go out, con: i somehow manage to set off the smoke detector every time i cook) or get takeout (pro: less effort, con: i'd have to stop by an atm to get some cash)?
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What languages do you speak?

I speak Spanish and English.

What ethnicity do you identify with?

I consider myself Hispanic (my mother is Ecuadorian) and Native American (my dad is Cherokee-Indian).

Is anyone here extremely against or dislike Apple products? Why?

is this legit or am i doing my oversensitive thing again?

would you be annoyed if your friend took 3 hours to run an errand(picking up a board game), shower and straighten their hair, then tell you they're on their way and will pick up their new boyfriend after they get you, so you guys get to spend absolutely no time together just the two of you?

because i fucking am. i'm annoyed, and now i'm two beers ahead of them.

BONUS QUESTION: how much do you love being the third wheel?

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I'm going to a friends house tonight for a horror movie marathon. What terrifying movies should I download and bring over? I want something super scary--I have a hard time finding those lately!
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For those of you who have read Shutter Island, was the copy you read full of typos? I got a Kindle for Christmas, and the Ebook version is full of them! They actually tried spelling "what" xvhat. :-/

Also, in your opinion, what is the best book to movie adaptation? The worst?

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What if..
there was a BIIIIIIIIG fire in a chemical Industrial plant (sorry if this isn't the correct word, hope you understand me) about 50 km / 30 miles away..
would you panic?

There hasn't been any alarms in our city but everyone seems to panic. I just figure "if it's really THAT bad, the journalists wouldn't just stand there without any protection, telling about how chemical everything in this Plant was/is..?
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Tonight, my university is hosting a Postsecret-type event in our university center. A pair of girls from my dorm have invited me to go, and I really don't have anything better to do than read sf_d. However, I've had a long day full of pretty intensive materials in all my classes, and I am pretty worn out. Should I stay in tonight or go out? The event is at 6:30pm and it is 6:05pm right now.

DK/DC: Best book you've read lately? Movie you've seen? Song or artist you've listened to?

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my mother was on cymbalta 30mg for 2 weeks

she is going to stop taking them.  and her doctor said that "she should be fine" stopping cold turkey.
so this is what she is doing.  today is her first day off of them.

is this the right thing to do?  i have heard horror stories about getting off meds like this, and i want to be sure this is okay to do, and it won't make her other illnesses worse.  (which i have a feeling it will.

does anyone else have experience with cymbalta? 


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I just read The Hunger Games triolgy and loved it. What other books are like that?

ETA: Like post apocalyptic America and stuff like that genre. Fascist governments and horrible atrocities to struggle through - that kind of stuff.
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what do you do when you sleep in late one day but want to go to bed early that night? how do you make yourself tired? my options for intense physical activity, which is what i usually do to get myself tired, are kind of limited since i usually exercise outside and it's cold as fuck
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Any tips for getting into a new routine? (Specifically, stretching at home every day). Once I get into it, it will be hard to break, but at the beginning to start it means disruption of the current routine of not doing anything and that's hard!

What do you do every day? Besides things like eat, shower, etc.

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 My tonsils will be removed at some point in the next 48 hours.  I have never been under anesthesia/had surgery/anything before.

Can you tell me what to expect? Or what I should eat once I'm too hungry for the pain to keep me from swallowing?

Have you ever had surgery?  What did you have done? What was your recovery like?
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I've been running a fever the last 2-3 weeks, lowest at about 99.8. Tonight is the highest I've seen so far, 101.9.
I haven't had much as far as symptoms of anything, a couple days where I was achy and lethargic, a couple days with wicked migraines, a couple days of kidney and abdomen pain, and a couple days where my eyes felt like someone was stabbing them. The only constant thing is I've been is cold most of the time.
What is wrong with me, Dr. TQC? Serious and non appreciated.
Serious though, should I call my doctor? I know my immune system is crap, but I'm really starting to think this is not normal.

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What are you reading? What's it about?
Can you recommend a great book - perhaps something you just read, or maybe an old favourite?

I tend to hate any fiction that is "lolol girl meets guy, girl gets job, GIRL MUST CHOOSE OVER GUY AND JOB" so don't even try it. I've hear 'Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" is good, but I'm also open to any biographies or memoirs. Also, it is not imperative that I find a book, so really just discuss anything book related, tyvm :)
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My boyfriend thinks I'm cheating on him because he read a text message in which I asked a new male friend from to hang out. I cheated on my boyfriend once before(an isolated incident), almost 2 years ago. I told him the whole truth, that I've just been exchanging friendly texts with this guy, but he doesn't believe me. Is there anything I can do or is he just going to believe what he wants?
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Hey TQC,

My birthday was the other day and my aunt and uncle want to know what to get me. At first I didn't know what to tell them but then I thought a drawing tablet would be really cool. I don't know much about them though so I was wondering if any artists or just anybody who knows about tablets could recommend a certain brand to me or tell me what to look for. I heard Wacom tablets are pretty good but that all I have to go on right now. Help?

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would you be comfortable having a roommate who owns a lot of guns?*

what is your favorite kind of hummus?

what is your favorite kind of salad dressing?

* Suppose that you do not know this person -- he/she is filling a vacancy for one of your roommates who moved out.

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Does anyobdy know any good LJ coms or forums about depression and/or anxiety.

I really need more people to talk to as it seems my depression is really taking over my life. I do see a psycologist but I would really like more info and help to cope.

Resume stuff

What resources did you use when creating your resume?

What do you think of this description for my previous job? Any tips or critiques?

Marketing Administrator

Assist in development and implementation of consumer promotions, advertising, marketing and media relations. Manage the development of advertising, trade show materials, brand merchandising, online marketing, campaigns, and event planning activities. Manage external vendor transactional relationships to ensure budget and schedules are met. Monitor production of marketing materials. Work with member database to create and drive product, pricing, and promotional decisions and generate lists for direct marketing activities. . Coordinate direct mail and email campaigns. Lead resource for social media marketing within the company.

Do you/have you ever have/had a job you never would have imagined having? What is/was it?

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Is it rude to turn off the movie my roommate started and put something else on if she fell asleep on the couch while watching it?

What is your opinion of Michael Cera?

Loved him in Arrested Development but I can't stand him anymore.
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If you wear glasses, how often do you clean them?

I have to clean mine several times a day and I never notice anyone else taking off their glasses to wipe them. How do mine get so dirty??
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Are you afraid of going to the dentist?

I had to go in today, so scared I was almost bawling before I left home.  And then found out my tooth is cracked so I either need a huge filling or a crown, so I have to go in tomorrow morning.  I'm terrified, guys, wanna cheer me up?

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DO you have a skincare routine you do daily?
Do you use the Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)?
What's your skin like? Pimply? Smooth and wrinkle free? Dry?

I'm rocking the OCM now and my face loves me for it. My face asked me to marry it.
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Those of you long-term TQC members, does it seem like TQC's slowed down a bit lately? Or is it just me because I haven't been coming back that long?

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Ok tqc, I've never been to the eye doctor. Ever. I think I may have vision insurance (if that's what its called) and I'm thinking of going to walmart for a visit because I can't freaking see. What is generally covered? Are frames and lenses covered? What if I want cute frames? I figure those would be extra. Are glasses expensive? Lol that's a srs question, I'm a glasses noob.

Should I get *colored* contacts?

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why is it going to take me over 2 hours to get to school by bus when its only a 10-15 min drive?
The stupid schedule for the buses has me so frustrated I'm nearly in tears. What was the last thing that frustrated you to tears?
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for those of you who wear foundation, do you have trouble finding a foundation that matches your skin tone? feel free to elaborate.

if you have found one that works, what foundation is it and what is your skin tone?
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I'm meeting a guy who I've been friends with for a while & just became romantically involved with for our first date, in London (England).
We have all day; what should we do?
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I need to be at work in five hours but I'm feeling like a midnight drive and a cigarette or two. Should I go and feed this nostalgic longing? I feel like I'm too emotional to sleep.

What song makes you wish you had somebody in your life to sing it to?

What accomplishments have you achieved lately? Big or small. Pat yourself on the back.

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Which side of your refrigerator is the door handle on?

dn/dc or have a side by side fridge what is the last thing you watched on TV?

right side

The Office and watching them open their fridge with the handle on the left inspired the first question.

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So... Somehow (don't ask how) my mother managed to take out student loans for me (in my name) without my permission.  Then when she was angry with me, decided to never tell me about them. It's been five years without me knowing and I just found out...

How would I go about getting proof of this?

Others: Would you be willing to sue your own parents? Why yes or no?