January 4th, 2011

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Two part question:

1) I made candied citrus peels today. Do you want some?

2) Now I have 4 cups of citrus-flavored simple syrup and I don't want to just throw it all away. I'm planning on making some sorbet tomorrow, but what else can I use it for/in (besides cocktails, as I don't really drink and can't afford to buy alcohol)?

Diagnose me

Okay, TQC. I know you are not suitable as doctors but since I have been to plenty and no one seems to know whats wrong with me I decided posting here was worth a shot and maybe someone has some idea what could possibly be causing this.

Okay so these two things might not even be related but starting about 3 months ago I came down with a strange rash. all small red bumps with scabs in the middle- kind of like mosquito bites except lasting for longer and very very itchy. started on my stomach- moved to upper chest, back, legs and now my arms. It takes forever for them to go away and they usually scar. I've been going crazy with this for months and doctors have suggested bed bugs and scabies- but had my room checked out for bed bugs and nothing. and they dont really look like scabies and no one else including my boyfriend has gotten them which makes me think its probs not contagious. Did blood work and nothing showed up.

Now about a week ago I came down with hives so bad that I freaked and went to the ER. all over my neck, face, body and my mouth started swelling up. ive gotten them daily since then. benadryl helps a little but its driving me crazy. Havent changed my diet, skin care, etc etc. I have no idea what it could be. Like I said don't know if it's related to the rash but it seems strange I'm having all these skin issues and they're not related. I'm itching and going crazy as we speak. All my doctor basically said was we pretty much have no idea what it is and they will probably go away within a few months to a year and never find out. and I am determined to not suffer for that long.

And I'm not on meds although I started BC about three months ago and quit about two weeks ago.

Any ideas??

DKDC: I'm dieing. Obviously.

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inspired by recent question

Do you use deodorant?
If not, what do you use under your arms if anything. I've heard recently of using lemon juice every once and a while throughout the day.
I have known one guy who didn't use deodorant and never smelled. As a pretty healthy vegan back in the day I could not get away with not smelling a bit so how do you guys do it?
Or do some of you just not mind a mild smell?
more loneliness I guess

I feel like complaining

My university isn't allowing me to register for next semester until I talk to an advisor but:
1) The advisement office doesn't open until tomorrow morning.
2) Registration must be completed and all fees must be paid by Friday.
3) I am out of town until Saturday.
4) Classes start next Monday.

Will you tell me about the last time you felt like your life was falling apart? Did everything end up working out or does your life still suck?

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I am going to Disneyworld with work the day after tomorrow.  I am there for ten days, 7 of which I will be working.  I have 2 full days off....what should I do with them?  I have a disneyworld pass, so I can go to any of the disney parks....what should I not miss out on?
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One of my cats has really bad diarrhea. Is there anything I can give him tonight to help him out? I'll be taking him to the vet in the morning but I don't want him to suffer too much tonight if I can help it.

Ugh. Pets. Such a hassle.

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I know i've mentioned this topic before, but I have a new question.

My housemates are holding a very large party when 4 of the 6 people who share the house aren't there. We have separate tenancy agreements, but what happens if damage is done in communal areas?
Will we all be held responsible? I assume so, in which case is there anything I can do to exempt the 4 from any financial implications?
The contract states that there should be no parties, but it seems like there's no stopping these 2. I'm in the UK but i'd be interested to hear any opinions or laws from any country.

ETA: To those who have helpfully suggested a contract - we won't all be together until after the party. Is there a way to do it online? Can emails/facebook inbox count as proof if it comes to that?
ETA: I've just realised this probably won't work as the lettings agency will say we should have informed them.

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Who was the last person to really irritate the shit out of you?
What did they do?

Have you ever been told what you are/were studying was useless and that you'd never have a successful career from it?
Who was it and what are/were you studying?

Cat Medication

I'm awake worrying about how to give my cat her pain medication tomorrow. It comes in pre-measured syringes and I know how to administer medication like that. But...the reason for the meds is that she just had eleven teeth extracted, and I'm not sure squeezing her jaw is going to be the kindest thing to do. Any suggestions for how to deal with this?

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You are at a restaurant. Do you order lasagna or spaghetti? (Those are your only choices)

I'll have nothing, thanks.

Chocolate cupcakes or vanilla?

I don't do cupcakes.

Potatoes or tomatoes?


Buffalo sauce or barbecue?

No sauce.

What is the last thing you ate?


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 What's something that you would like to eat/taste/sample given the opportunity that people would perma-side eye you for?

Human flesh, kittens, tumors, fecal matter from a kimodo dragon, unicorn piss, etc.?

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 a few days ago i came up with an idea that i can probably never do. i noticed that my license plate is "DSM" and then some numbers... so i thought it would be kind of funny to get a "B" sticker and put it on the car in front of my license plate so it reads "BDSM." problem is, i'm going to college to be a teacher and that would be "inappropriate" to have on my car when i am one.

will you tell me about "inappropriate" things your teachers had/said/did?

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i had to speak to my boss, and currently i am not wearing a stitch of make up. its generally, not a pretty sight, but i have worked without make up before,  anyway, so i'm talking to my boss and she goes "blah blah blah.....and you're not wearing any make up are you?" and i kind of laughed and said "yeah, i'm going to put some on" and she said "ohhh okay, good"
now, i work in reception, so i know that looking "nice" is "important" but i am kind of feeling offended. 
would you be offended in this situation?

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Have you ever had a wisdom tooth removed? If so, how much did it cost?

My mom's about to go to the dentist to get a wisdom tooth removed that has been causing her a bit of pain for a while, and she's been told the whole procedure will total to $1500. Google says it ranges between $140-$400, plus additional costs for x-rays, sedation, etc., but I don't know if all that could add up to an extra $1,000.

DK/DC: if you're in school, what day do classes start up again? If you're not, what's for lunch?

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All of a sudden, the past two weeks or so my dog has begun whining whenever she's crated. She's been crated at night and when we're not home since she was a puppy, and nothing has changed. Her whining at all hours is pretty close to turning me homicidal.

Will you please fix my dog, tqc?

Relationship Issues

Have you ever had to choose between your career and your significant other? How about moving to a new city/state/whatever and your partner? What did you decide and what helped you make your decision?

I am currently trying to decide if I should move to further my career and find the best opportunities, or if I should try to find something close to home so I can continue to be with my boyfriend. I've never been one to choose my partner over my own well-being, but this is the first time I've been tempted.


Unfortunately, he owns a bakery and is the only person who can make the bread at this point, so moving is out of the question for him, at least for the next few years. We would also both be working 14-18 hour days, so finding time to communicate would also be hard. I think it can be worked, but I'm pretty sure he disagrees. Either way, it would take a lot of planning and flexibility.

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am i the only person ever to think that Katy Perry is really not that attractive?
She has a nice body, and great boobies, but her face is not very attractive imo.

Who are some people that seemingly everyone thinks is attractive but you just dont see it? 

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Are you more actively or passively involved in your life?
How do you maintain either?
Which would you rather be?

Do you think procrastination is involved more in leading an active or passive life?
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Everyone on my dad's side of the family makes a somewhat big deal about how my cousin, Carol, and I hated each other when we were little. So every Thanksgiving it is super awkward between us because we don't know if we're supposed to talk to each other or not. We just exchange awkward smiles and go about talking to every other cousin in the room.

Should I add her on facebook? Do you think that would help break the ice now that we're adults or would it just be weird?

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Okay TQC, I just discovered the iTunes music store won't let me download songs any more. :(

What's the oldest version of iTunes for Apple that it currently works with?

Edit: My computer is old, and can't run the latest version.

Son of Edit: If you don't actually know the answer, please stop getting my hopes up by answering. :(
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Hey, what is the deal with that picture of the fetus's hand reaching out of the womb to squeeze the doctor's finger or whatever? Why would the fetus be "lucid" while it was undergoing surgery? Isn't that, like, kind of inhumane if they didn't anesthetize it?

ETA Also, I thought babies didn't even have the strength to do that until a couple of weeks or something? So how could a fetus have the strength? Haha, I have so many questions about this.
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Poll #1664250 Which would you rather do?

Which would you rather do?

Tattoo the lyrics if Ke$ha's Tik Tok on your back for at least one year
Wear 6" stripper heels everywhere you go (including the gym and the beach) for 2 years

Which would you rather do?

Drink an entire large bottle of flavored coffee creamer (1 quart, some 2,800 calories) within a 1 hour span
Drink a 1 liter bottle of Captain Morgan rum within a 3 hour span

Which would you rather do?

Wear nothing but orange clothes everywhere you go
Wear nothing but midriff-baring shirts everywhere you go

Which would you rather do?

Have a Marge Simpson-esque beehive hairdo in your own hair color
Have a lime-green mullet

Which would you rather do?

Punch an on-duty police officer in the face as hard as you can
Punch a month-old pony in the face as hard as you can

Which would you rather do?

Parachute naked into a prison
Take the stage at an ICP concert and tell the crowd that you think people who like clowns have really bad taste in music and probably are attracted to little boys, then attempt to crowdsurf

Which would you rather do?

Attend your next high school reunion with a furry as your date (full costume). When asked about it, just say 'does it turn you on too?'
Attend your next high school reunion dressed in a prison jumpsuit and have someone dressed as a police officer as your date. When asked about it, just say you can't talk about it here
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This weekend I would like to make a few soups and fill up my freezer so I can take them to work for lunch for the next several weeks. I already plan on making a vegetable soup.

What other soups should I make?
Any recipes?

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TQC, my boyfriend and I are going here (link to a menu, in PDF) tonight. They just opened in our town and I've only been one other time. What should I get? I like anything and everything on the menu.

What sort of exciting things do you have planned in the next week? Or not exciting, whichever.
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This is going to be unlikely but -- can anyone help me in identifying this song? It's a rap song, I think in Russian. In one part of the song the rapper sang "we will we will rock you" then changed rock to fuck (yea, I know I'm making this sound stupid). I've searched everywhere but no luck.
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Have you ever heard Orthodox Jews talk about how the Messiah will be a human male and will conquer the planet?

Theoretically speaking, they approach their Bible like Christians do, so do you think if they read 1 Samuel 8:7, they'd consider the possibility of their belief still constituting the rejection mentioned in that passage?

Why shouldn't religion be subject to logical scrutiny?
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Vote in my poll.

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I recently heard a claim that some 18 million Americans admitted to falling asleep at the wheel of their car in the last year. I was wondering how accurate this is, so you lot get to be my sample group.

THOSE IN AMERICA WHO DRIVE: Have you fallen asleep at the wheel in the last 12 months?


THOSE NOT IN AMERICA WHO DRIVE: Have you fallen asleep at the wheel in the last 12 months?


THOSE WHO DON'T DRIVE: I would like a box to click to keep my fingers limber for future polls.

Here is your finger aerobics box. Click away.

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Have you ever set any of your friends up? How did it go?

Have you ever met one of your friends SO's and known immediately that they were not compatible? Did you say anything (even after they broke up)?

Would you or have you ever set up someone that you, yourself were romantically interested in? Why? If you actually have done it, did it work?
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When you want to refuse a package being delivered by the postal service, do you have to catch the mail carrier as they are coming with it, or if they leave it on the step can you hand it back to them, say, the next day?

What's the last thing you made?
Double Galaxy


Your adult child is mentally ill. As a symptom they have an eating disorder. Your child is diagnosed but is resisting treatment.

Do you act as their parent (and act in their best interest) or friend (and try to stay on their good side)? Or do something else you will share in the comments?

Does your answer change if you are able to make all medical decisions for them?

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I have just read that there will be a movie released in theaters within the next few weeks. Its name? "Gnomeo and Juliet"! GNOMEO AND JULIET! It is the familiar story ... with lawn gnomes. Lawn gnomes.

Was all the creative ability sucked out of Hollywood?!

What horribly amusing up-coming thing are you looking forward to?


Have you ever been geocaching? What do you think about it? Do you go alone or with others?

I've been thinking about getting into it lately, but part of me doesn't want to have to buy a GPS...
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What was the last thing that BLEW YOUR MIND?

I JUST FOUND OUT that in the Butthole Surfer's song Pepper the lyric is "They were all in love with dyin'" and NOT "They were all in love with Di". I thought it was a song about several guys all in love with a girl named Di! That song came out in 1996. I had it completely wrong for 14 years.

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Forgive me, I need a little bit of help as to what I need to include in a letter.

My class is having a sort of contest.  We're supposed to be writing to companies who make products that we either love or hate in the hopes that they will send us a free sample either for ourselves or for the whole class (more points are given the more stuff we get).  However, I am so clueless as to what I should even include in the letter.  If it helps, I'm writing to Skullcandy, because I love their headphones.

What would you include in a letter?
Who would you write to?
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In regards to Doctor Who, should I watch The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances or parts 1 and 2 of The End of Time? Already seen them all once, just want something to watch while sewing.

What was the last book you finished?

Do you think people will abandon ink and paper books for e-readers over the next 10 to 20 years?

What do you think of Meerkat 360 as the name for an ad agency?

Ever read anything by Matt Beaumont?
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TQC members possessing breasts, who wear bras:

Do you wear padded or push-up bras? What's the most XTREEEME amount of padding you've ever work in public? Do you ever feel "guilty" about "tricking" people RE: your real breast size?

Inspired by the fact that I bought this double push-up bra from La Senza the other day by mistake, and it's just...I don't even know. It makes my boobs look noticably larger than they usually do (B -> C/CC). But it's ridiculously comfortable and I really need new bras.

TQC members who like breasts:

Would you feel or have you ever felt "cheated" by a push-up bra? Say, after getting someone naked for sexytimes and finding out those grapefruit were really grapes?

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I got an internship a few weeks ago working for basically a magazine/blog for college students in my city. I recieved an email saying the dress code is business casual clothing but nothing about hair or piercings.

Now I have wanted to die my hair pink since i was like 13. Being sheltered my mom never let me and now that Im finally in college I've had jobs that didn't allow hair or piercings at work. This place doesn't seem super strict and I know I definitely have the internship.

Would I sound like an idiot and unprofessional if I asked a slighty vague question on if they have a specific dress code policy about hair or piercings? Or should I word it differently? or not ask at all?


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Does anyone buy essential oils or herbs online? I'm trying to buy some things but I have no idea where to get the best deal. Everything I've looked at so far seems pretty pricey, especially when combined with the shipping. I live in a small town so buying locally isn't an option.

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To the few of you who have eye exams where your eyes are dilated- Do you ever drive yourself home? Does your doctor even let you? Who goes along with you?

I feel bad asking someone to go with me but I know I can't drive home.

Would you mind wasting a day in a doctor's office with your friend if they offered to buy you breakfast and most likely dinner?
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1. have you met anyone from TQC irl (as in, just met up with once)?

2. are you irl friends with anyone you met on TQC (as in, you meet them regularly as you would a regular friend - and it doesn't count if you knew them pre-TQC, it has to be someone you met on here)?

3. do you have anyone from TQC's phone number and call/text them regularly?

4. do you have anyone from TQC added on facebook?

EDITED TO ADD 5. have you ever had sex with someone from TQC?!

IF YOU ANSWERED "NO" TO ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING: is it because you just want to keep your private irl life separate? you're just not interested? you don't know anyone from TQC who lives near you and maybe don't have facebook or something? OR IS IT BECAUSE YOU HATE ALL OF US?

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Moccasins. Is wearing them super weird? I have a pair that I wear as slippers that are comfy and awesome, but would wearing non-slipper moccasins outside the house be weird?

I live under a fashion rock, so laugh at me or refer me to pictures of good moccasins.

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Does your face turn red when you laugh?

I'm super white so I turn really red when I laugh, so much so that people always say, "Your face matches your hair!" (because I have red hair) and then I get embarrassed and turn even more red!

ETA BONUS question: What type of laugh do you have? A rich, hearty one or a soft one? Mine is pretty loud and hearty, but also distinct. A lot of my friends have heard my laugh in a big crowd, found me and said, "I heard your laugh!"

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You guys know how in the Social Network, Zuckerberg used a script that allowed him to save several images at once instead of manually clicking "Save As" every time?
Well, I am deleting my facebook account in the near future but I still want to keep the photos.

Does anyone know how to do that? I don't want to spend hours clicking "Save As" 700 times to collect the photos I am tagged in.
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Poll #1664340 Sex Sex Sex

At what age did you lose your virginity?

Younger than 14
Virginity is still my friend :|
I'm saving myself for someone special!
Well that's really none of your business
Are you coming on to me?

First kiss?

Younger than 14
My mouth has not yet known the subtle caress of another
Feel free to discuss the nasty details inside!

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For my boyfriend's sister's birthday, I'm gonna crochet her a bunch of stuff. It's in March when the weather will be warming up, so I don't wanna give her hats or scarves. So far I'm gonna try these slippers and possibly these scrubbies. Does anyone have any other suggestions? If you're a crocheter, can you link me to any patterns online of something? It doesn't have to be anything useful, maybe something fun and silly or decorative. Any help is appreciated.
And yes, I am a Ravelry member.


One of my New Year's Resolutions is to eat healthier. This is a problem in my house...we have lots of canned things, frozen things, and meat. I want to have a diet that is four/five days vegetarian and three/two days with meat. However, lots of veggie stuff is expensive.

So, what are some of your favorite vegetarian meals? Recipes encouraged! Meat optional is fine too! I am not looking into organic right now due to being poor :(

If you also have some healthy meat dishes, feel free to include them, just keep them sparse. I don't like most fish (only sushi, I'm weird) and I don't like lamb.

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inspired by the crazy coupon show on tlc tonight (did anyone watch it?) 
do you use coupons?
how do you find your coupons, flyers, or online?
if you look for deals/coupons online what sites do you use?