January 3rd, 2011

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My dear TQC,

Tonight, my google-fu has failed me. So I turn to you, my beloved community, to help me find the answer to which I seek.

Who said/wrote/sang this quote "It was one of those unexplainable moments of eye contact that is immediately over-analyzed and inevitably misread"? Or was it one of those facebook 'likes' that caught on and was actually awesome enough to be quoted? If none can be found, can it be quoted as anonymous?

DK/DC: What is your favorite quote?
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Do you write your letter "a"s more like the first or second one in this picture?

When you're writing 'normally,' do you write in a more cursive/script or more print fashion?

Were you ever taught cursive in school? Do you ever use it now?

Do you think teaching kids that they have to learn math without calculators is fair when calculators are a necessity in the high school classroom and beyond? 

ETA: I mean math beyond "basic" math, things you might learn in middle school - stuff beyond the basics that you are later taught how to do on a calculator and probably forgot how to do by hand long ago.

What's a good thank-you gift if you're staying at a friend's place for 2 days?

What's a good thank-you gift to give to a friend if you're flying down (from Northern California to LA) to visit her and will stay at her place for about 2 days? Like a "thank you for letting me stay at your place" kind of thing? If it's her mom's place, what's good to give to her her and another to give to her mom?

If it matters, she recently graduated from the university I attend, is 30 years old (but has the spirit of a 20-year-old), and is worried about getting a job afterwards. I'm 21 and am still at that college.

Thanks so much!!!

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As a youngster, were you 'gifted'?

Were you diagnosed with a learning disability?

Did you attend any super special classes because you fell into one or both of these categories?
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I got cat pee on my favorite Victoria's Secret slippers >=( I don't know how well they'll hold up in the wash, so I want to get a new pair. I don't like any of VS's current styles, where else can I get cute slippers??

If you exercise, do you have a workout buddy? Do you do the same routines, or do your own thing and just go to the gym together?

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how well do you know your body type?
meaning, if you see an article of clothing, can you pretty much guess how it will fit you and whether or not it will be flattering?
what necklines do you like the best?

ETA: who makes the most awesome jeans?


What was high school like for you, TQC? Did you stay in touch with everyone afterwards or cut ties? Do you plan on going to reunions?

Are all of your friends generally also friends with each other, or do you have separate groups? Do you mix groups often? Why/why not?

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Americans of TQC, I have a question about pizza.

How come that you guys consider a couple of slices of pizza an entire meal, and that eating an entire pizza would be considered a really huge one? When we have pizza we order one for every person, and eating the whole thing is not weird or considered as overeating at all while I get the impression that it is in the USA. Which then does not conform to the stereotype of the fat overeating American! What's the deal?

I'm sorry if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Also, can you tell me about some other food-related cultural stereotypes?
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Song mentions the CA area codes 213 as a bad thing, and 310 as a good thing.
Cali peeps- what's generally associated with these area codes? Why is 213 bad and 310 good?
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What is the most ridiculous way you've seen someone be asked to a dance? Or what's your favorite idea for asking someone to a dance?

DK/DC: Pulp or no pulp?
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I'm gonna book my first manicure next week. I've chewed my nails all my life but finally have some sorta growth, so I'm gonna get them all bright & colourful & sparkly in the hopes of knocking the habit permanently. Therefore, I have never done anything to my nails, ever. What should I expect?
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What kind of jewelery box or holder do you have? Or one that you want? Pictures are A+

I just have a box I put stuff in, but I have a lot of long earrings and they turn into a mess in there when I'm not looking. I also have small earrings and they seem to disappear.

annoying facebook question

I never know when they change things about on facebook but recently I have noticed that I cannot seem to find the "find friends" area.
I used to be able to simply type in a name and a list of people on facebook with that name came up and I'd sort through it.
Where the hell is that function now?
I only know names, not email addresses, usernames, etc.

How can I search on facebook using only a name?

HOLYFUCKINGSHIT, I DID not even see that stupid search bar. Thank you for the replies.
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can anyone recommend me a nice 'beginngers' DSLR camera? I don't want anything too fancy but I don't wanna spend a ton of money on something lame. easy to learn how to use it is good although I'm having a photography savvy friend help me out with learning.

what is the next big purchase you will be making?

when do you think you will be moving next?

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Inspired by the below question, do you think 21 is too young to seriously decide you want a sterilization procedure done?

I've never wanted biological children, and I've been looking into having the Essure procedure for a couple of years now, but when I just went to talk to my mother about it (she used to be a nurse so knows about these things), she flipped a shit, saying I'm too young to know what I want and "when I meet the right man I'll want babies". I was like...no.

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 I'm probably going to have to help my grandfather in the bathroom soon.  He can't walk anymore and so i have to wheel him in there and help him pull his pants down.  When my grandmother was dying of cancer I helped her get dressed and pull her underwear on but at that time it was easier for me to help her do that than it is going to be to help my grandfather.  How do I ready myself for this?  It's something I have to do and I will but but this is particularly harder than my grandmother.  
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My bf and I have a $50 gift certificate to this Indian/Greek place, so we decided to go spend it today. They have these two "meals for 2" that are crazy-expensive, but we have to use this certificate, so why not? There's only a $5 difference between the 2, and we don't have enough experience in either culture's cuisine to know which one would offer the most varied/best tasting food. What do you guys think?

Which meal should we get?

Pappadam, Pakora, Samosa, Chicken Tikka, Seekh kabob, Vegetable Korma Rice, Naan
Pappadam, Sampler Platter (calamari, 2 cheese sticks and 2 chicken fingers), Greek Salad, Steak Kabob, Hummus, Chicken Tikka Marsala, Rice, Naan.
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My friend got a new Wii for his birthday. His old one has been loved very long and hard, and it's starting to die. My friend really wants to keep all the games he bought online (he spent like $200).

Do you know of a way to put online-bought Wii games on a new Wii? Is it as simple as putting them on an SD card? Is it impossible?

Alternatively, do Mondays suck for you?

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does anybody play world of keflings? i'm trying to build the academy, i seem to have all the pieces + the book but it is just not .. forming or w/e

edit; nvm i had to do some movin and it worked


which of these young RYANs do you prefer to watch in movies?

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Gosling
Ryan Phillipe
wait! i thought these were all the same person!
i don't care for any of these Ryans
i only care for 2/3 of these Ryans
i thought of another Ryan I like better and i will be all smarty pants and list him in the comments
i am allergic to movies
each has their own merits and i like them all 33.3% out of 100
oh suzer, ticky!
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Someone, recommend me a printer to buy
My old one is starting to die on me, but it's really old - about 10 years old..(Epson Stylus)
Up to now, it's been perfect, I used to print out many, many full-color pages, books for my kids, etc..
My requirement is the ability to manually refill ink cartridges - there's no way that I'm paying full price for a color cartridge every time that ink runs out - I won't be able to afford so much color printing as my 4-year old requests...
So, I need a printer (not scanner - I already have a separate one, no fax - we have no landline, nothing extra fancy). It just needs to print. In color. And let me stick a syringe with color into the cartridge.
It'd be nice to have the 2-side printing feature (I'm tired of printing out all the even pages first, and then turning them over and printing the odd pages on the reverse)
Also, are all modern printers USB-only? Anything new out there that still uses a parallel port?
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At what age should children be switched from baths to showers?

If you had a toddler (say, 2 or 3), and no working bathtub, would you give that toddler showers? (With parental supervision, of course.)
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value judgement time

It is ungrateful to refuse something you never asked for or previously stated you didn't want? Does it depend what the thing is?

Who is the most grateful person you know? How about the most ungrateful?

ETA: Many people are saying it matters what the thing is, so I will provide some examples:

1. A trip to rehab
2. Clothes
3. A cat
4. An apartment

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I have a HORRIBLE chest cold. My sternum/breast bone (the bone which your ribs are connected to) hurts, VERY bad from coughing.

I've taken cough medicine and aleve (I don't take any thing else like that), but nothing is stopping my cough/pain.

Does anyone have any remiedies for sternum pain?
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My boyfriend and I eat out a lot, and we have noticed a recent trend that servers will sit themselves down at a table to take an order. Drink order? Sit. Food order? Sit. Checking if we want dessert? Sit.

What do you think of this?

I think it's kind of odd, myself.

(Edit: I think I just want validation for thinking it's a tad unprofessional. :/)
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Im a TA this semester! I am an undergrad and teaching second years. Because of the class, i get a ton of free reign on how and what i teach. I was going to often bring in cookies/baking (because i love to have an excuse to bake) but i am in a computer lab :(

What can I do to make myself a good TA?
Its a programming class btw

To Gmail users...

I'm trying to send a new year's card to several people via email, but when these people open this email, I don't want them to see who else I sent the card to. Is there a way to disable having the list of CCs show up?

(no subject)

Does anyone here know anything about embroidery or needlepoint or anything?

I'd like to make some little things (mostly cutesy obscene phrases, haha, but I'd like to try to do some tattoo flash designs, too).

I'm blurry Look at me

It's time for another Good Idea, Bad Idea.

My best friend is looking for some change in her life. I told her is she wanted to she could move into my spare room. She is now seriously considering this. Neither of us has ever had a roommate before and have each been living on our own for at least 4 years.

So TQC I ask, Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Any advice you wish to share?

ETA: also she currently lives in a dead end town and works two dead end jobs. She want's to go back to school but currently has neither the time nor money to do so. Her moving in with me would mean should wouldn't have to pay so much in rent and bills so she wouldn't have to work as much so she could go back to school.

vegas? no vegas?

I used to gamble a fair amount, and as a result I've wound up on the marketing list for basically every other casino on Earth. I haven't gone to a casino in over a year (I'm not a crackhead gambling addict or anything, it's just a serious passion of mine -- right up there with drinking, day trading, and House) and they keep sending me offers to entice me back.

Normally I throw them in the trash right away but this one seems almost too good to pass up. Free 3-night stay in a suite "at one of our Total Rewards destinations including Caesars Palace, Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino Las Vegas, Paris Las Vegas, Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino, Bally’s Las Vegas, Flamingo Las Vegas, Harrah’s Las Vegas or Imperial Palace."

Some of those are total crap, but Harrah's and Caesars are actually pretty nice. Wondering if I should go and then just put a strict cap on how much I gamble while there -- so that even if I lose 100% of my fun money, I've still gotten more from them than they have from me. Should I go? Or should I not cave in to direct marketing??? I'm also thinking of taking my ex-girlfriend/current friend, as she wants to do a vacation somewhere, but I'm not sure if three days at a blackjack table is really what she had in mind.
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So, I start school on Wednesday. It's my first time back to school in nearly 10 years. I have my books, my ID, my parking decal.

What else do I need?
Pencils or pens?
Are notebooks necessary if I have a laptop? Am I allowed to use my laptop in class?
Do I need a binder?
Should I get a book bag/back pack or is my messenger bag good enough?
Was it a bad idea to pick one class that ends at 12:50 and another that starts at 1pm in a different building?
Am I going to fail horribly?
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What advice have you been given that you really didn't need?

For whatever reason some guys I work with think I have naked photos on my phone (I don't), so one of them decided he needed to tell me, in all sincerity, that whatever nude photos I send will end up on the internet.

(no subject)

There's this sort of educational video they show to elementary school aged children about different kinds of families and how families work/what they are. Mixed race families, families with homosexual partners, families with a single parent, families of different races and cultures, etc etc. It was probably made in the 90s.

Any idea on what this video was called?
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1)My boyfriend and I are getting a hamster tomorrow. What have we forgotten to buy for it?

2)Name suggestions? (it'll be male, our cats name is Sparta and our fish is Squishy)
(We wanted Thor but our friend has a hamster named Thor already. I'm thinking Kratos 'cause he'll have to be a tough bugger around Sparta.)

dk/dc: I'm looking for rave/techno/dance music for when I work out - any suggestions?
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I just joined here yesterday and this is my first entry post!  So here's my question(s):

When you go to answer someone's question do you read everyone else's comments too?

Do you just skip to the answering part and ignore other answers?

Do you just click on their entry and mash your keyboard with your fists balled up until intelligible words appear?

PS: This place is teh c00l
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So tell me what to do: I went on this coffee date yesterday and it was fun, and then today the guy called and asked me to hang out and watch Dexter at his place with some pizza on Thursday. I was like, cool, sure.

But I have this Friend with Benefits that I'm sleeping with because I'm single and dating and why not. Should I tell this friend that I'm going on a casual date on Thursday? Or should I just not mention it?  Should I sleep with both guys? Perhaps at the exact some time? 
I feel like I'm about to play the field here.

Is what I'm doing unethical? Should I really care? Am I setting myself up for trouble? 

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My parents have come to visit me today and it is totally miserable. We were trying to decide what to do about an hour ago and my mum was being a bitch to my dad who was being stubborn and a dickhead so I just walked away and went home. We were supposed to meet at a restaurant at 6pm (45 minutes from now), should I turn up or should I just keep drinking this lovely bottle of red wine?
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For an essay I need to write for medical program application, it listed this as an optional topic to cover:

"related personal or family medical experiences"

Does this mean dealing with health problems within my family related to the field? Or family members with medical careers?

It also asks for hobbies and interests, what the heck do I put for that?? "I love Star Trek and the internet" doesn't sound appropriate.

(no subject)

My boyfriend broke up with me today. We're going to try and be friends. I still love him and he says he cares about me, but that our relationship had become "boring."

I wish I could hate him or be mad at him, but all I feel is sadness. I know I'll be okay, I just don't know how long it will take.

Can you share anything that makes you laugh with me?

Should I watch Fantastic Mr. Fox or Inglorious Basterds while I stuff myself full of chocolate ice cream tonight?
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(no subject)

I have a rapidly growing obsession with antagonists. Neat/interesting ones, at least. Can you recommend any awesome books or movies that you think I might like?

To help you out, my favorite villains include: Joker (TDK or comics). Hans Gruber (Die Hard), Mr. Brooks (Mr. Brooks), Jackson Rippner (Red Eye), Peter & Paul (Funny Games), and Rudy Cooper (Dexter). I also loved both movie and book versions of Alex (A Clockwork Orange) and Jack (The Shining).

It's been a while since I've discovered a really interesting antagonist. They're difficult to find!

(no subject)

Inspired by the dinner I just made, is there a community for meal screw ups?
I tried a quick search but didn't turn anything up.

If there was, would you join it?

ETAL: What should we name this place?
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so last night my dog was whimpering and when i went outside, he could barely walk. he had to crawl to get to me and even just that was an extremely difficult task for him.

has anyone had similar experiences? do you have any idea what the problem is?

(no subject)

Do you use a euphemism when talking about diarrhea? (when it's your own). Does it matter to whom you're talking to? How often will you avoid mentioning that you are ill because a euphemism just won't cut it?
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Sex length

To you, what is an acceptable/desirable amount of time for sex to last (including foreplay)?

Would you rather have one long sex session, or several short ones throughout the day?

My SO and I seem to go very quickly, but have multiple sex sessions (although I'm sure having sex only once a week doesn't help with the love-you-long-time issue).
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Do you think you have a good resume?/Do you think you are good at writing a resume?

Do you include your GPA for any education you list?

Do you have an objective at the top?

What field are you in or looking for work in?

How long is your resume?

How much of your previous experience do you include on your resume?

Is it acceptable for a resume to be over a page long, in your opinion?

Have you ever been the one hiring and looking through resumes? If so, based on that experience what are your top dos and don'ts?

And bonus, is it acceptable for your resume to be pink (like pink headers)?

(no subject)

 When you have been chatting for a few months with someone over the internet and decide to meet and have sex, how do you go about it?  get down to business or chill and do something for a while to get used to being around each other?  say you are going to have a few days together.  

What things would you find necessary to take?  Say you are staying in a hotel for that time.  

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TQC, Tonight was my first experience at making a gingerbread house.
I've always wanted to but hadn't before--namely because I'm Jewish. A friend and I bought a packaged kit and did it tonight.. or at least, we TRIED TO! (and I mean *try*!.. extra icing from outside the box, re-attaching it a few times, etc.. before we just gave up because it kept falling down.)

Q1: Gingerbread house construction: Is it always so. much. harder than it looks? :p
(&We are both in the graduate level of school so we technically aren't "StuPiD" people :p)

Q2...Was it because we made the roof wayyy TOO HEAVY? (got a little carried away with all the different kinds of candy we wanted to put on..)

But please, will you tell me the truth - IS it harder than one would think? (or are we just really bad at it!? considering it came from a package..)

(no subject)

What's a quirk you have that you hate?

I can't swallow pills.  If by some miracle you get one down my throat, I'll throw it back up.  It just doesn't happen.
All my meds have to be in liquid/chewable/needle form.

(no subject)


If I put tofu in the food processor with an egg, could I use it like ricotta cheese for stuffed shells?

What can I do with the 6 blocks of tofu I have?
ETA: I need hearty meals, Asian inspired is nice, but I don't cook that way often.

(no subject)

Would you say "more chill" or "chiller"? (As in, "He was (more chill/chiller) than anyone I've ever met.")

Among your friends, are you particularly concerned about formality/grammar/spelling when typing? Most of my friends use pretty formal language and punctuation online (with a couple of acronyms and things like that mixed in) so it always kind of astonishes me when people use text speak/excessive emoticons and things like that.

I once had a teacher who would use text speak in emails, it was very odd to me.
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(no subject)

I'm sick of eating the same store-bought dips so I've decided I want to make my own.

What are your favorite dip recipes? For crackers, veggies, chips,,,anything.

If you have no recipes, what is your favorite kind of dip?

(no subject)

 will you post a picture of the 'hottest club outfit you own' or the hottest club outfit you've seen? (specific which, please.) i have to come up with the hottest club outfit i own for tomorrow and i don't know what it should look like.

(no subject)

For those who get tension headaches frequently, do you find paracetamol or ibuprofen to work best to relieve them? Or is there another medication you could recommend?

I get them on pretty much a daily basis, worse when I've exercised, and I'm so over being uncomfortable all the time. My doctor wasn't much help. :(
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(no subject)

I've been on Cymbalta for a few months now, but I started seeing a psychiatrist in addition to my primary care, and so my primary care physician has decided that she's not going to continue to allow refills on my cymbalta, even though my psychiatrist told me to stay on it (which I told her).  My prescription has been out for two days now and I'm withdrawing stupidly hard.  I've come off antidepressants cold-turkey before, but I don't remember it being this miserable.  I can handle it, but I'd just like to know: how long should I expect these symptoms?

I've tried googling, but all I've gotten are people saying ZOMG DON'T QUIT COLD TURKEY! which really isn't an option for me, so I just need a straight-forward answer.
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(no subject)

Does anyone know if Harry Potter is *actually* going to ever be released as an ebook? Googling just gives me articles from last May saying the publishing agency was considering it, and links to illegal (American-version) torrents. And I'd really rather have the British versions for my e-reader...

(no subject)

Hi again TQC, food question here.
My SO's family had me over for christmas eve dinner and they had these dumplings my SO wants me to figure out how to make. They are a German / Eastern European family and the dumplings are kind of like balled up mashed potatos but they are formed and more solid. I am jewish and i thought they were initially similar to matzo balls but not. at. all.

I know you can make them from a package mix (powder and water? Maybe they are instant potato flakes?) but I dont know what they are called, my SO says they are likely Ukranian.

Any ideas?
ETA: they are savory, only had potato flavor-no herbs or protein. They are small fist to baseball sized rounds
ETA 2: Its kartoffel knodel! Thanks TQC You are great!
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

Speaking of abnormal responses to stimuli, does anyone else here experience a negative reaction to viewing repetitive motion? It makes me very anxious/panicky and physically sick (severe nausea and dizziness).

In what other ways do you react weirdly to things?
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(no subject)

Broken your resolutions yet?

Don't make them: You have to decide. Would you rather shower/bathe every day but not use deodorant for a week or use deodorant every day for a week but only shower/bathe every 2 days?

For the second question, assume your schedule remains unchanged in regards to sports/going to the gym/anything where you'd get sweaty and gross.

(no subject)

Ladies of TQC, or men who know a thing or two about hair.

How the hell do I get my flat thin hair to have more volume? Perhaps some recommendations on what products to purchase. I want voluminous hair and I'm lost as to what to do. No matter if I let it air dry or blow dry it, it still is flat as Kansas.
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(no subject)

Is there a standard time at which most things in your town seem to close up shop? Not things like offices or department stores, but restaurants, grocery stores, fast food places, and Wal-Mart?

Is it nine o'-freaking-clock? Why did I come to live in Petticoat Junction?

Have you ever seen the show Petticoat Junction, anyway? If so, what are your thoughts?
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(no subject)

After my whole life of never working out and being able to eat whatever I want, I finally started putting on weight - 25lbs in a year to be exact. I was underweight to begin with so I only really want to tone my stomach and butt, and maybe lose 10lbs. I started working out 4 times a week (cardio and strentgh training) and changed my diet to eat healthier, started eating breakfast everyday. It's been 2-3 weeks and there has been no change in measurements or weight. Is this normal...?

(no subject)

What's the last thing you ordered online? (Pics/links please!!) If you already received it, are you happy with it? If you haven't already received it, when is it scheduled to arrive?

I just ordered this French press coffee maker and should receive it within 3-6 business days... so prob the beginning of next week. I CAN'T FUCKING WAIT. I've wanted one for sooooo long. :D

(no subject)

Hey TQC! I'm looking to get some cute new clothes (I just broke up with my boyfriend and I feel like acting like an adorable single girl). I generally like clean, simple silhouettes, bootcut jeans, wedges, slightly androgynous looking stuff (like a pantsuit with lace, that kind of thing). I've enjoyed clothes from Charlotte Russe, Express, Old Navy and Bebe. Do you have any awesome stores to recommend me?

Also, what should I do with my hair? I want to make it sleeker, but it's so thick and wavy that accomplishing that without a straightener is pretty difficult! Here is a picture:


Edit for HTML fail.
[Merlin] - Gwen

(no subject)

My girlfriend quite unexpectedly broke up with me yesterday. I'm trying to get rid of/put the things she gave me away, but unfortunately most of the music I listen to now I got from her or reminds me of her. So will you please suggest to me music that you think would make me feel better? My top few artists according to last.fm are Eisley, Imogen Heap, Regina Spektor, Belle and Sebastian, Death Cab for Cutie, Rufus Wainwright, Rachael Yamagata, and Florence and the Machine.

What else can I do to make myself feel better and get my mind off of this?

(no subject)

Does your pet do any weird stuff?
Anytime I take off a shirt or a robe, or get out of my bed, my chihuahua has to go and lie down on the clothing item or go lay on the pillow i was using. o_O

dk/dc: how do you fight insomnia?

(no subject)

Perhaps a dumb question, but: lets say I'm going to have a procedure done that requires local anesthetic (just a numbing shot, pretty much). Is it a bad idea/dangerous/whatever to take a Vicodin beforehand? Will the Vicodin help with the pain of the procedure at all, since local anesthetic isn't enough?

I am in pain now and will be until after the procedure (and probably for a bit afterward) so I'm not just taking it for the pain that will occur during the procedure. More like, I have to take it so it's bearable for me to function.


One of my resolutions this year is to go to another country. Based on timing, it's looking like either Mexico or Canada is going to work best as I don't have a large chunk of time to go anywhere further from the US.

I am leaning towards Canada because I haven't been there before, specifically either Victoria or Vancouver because like I said, I don't have too much time and considering the travel itself takes time, I want to stay closer to the west coast (as I live in California).

Would you go to Vancouver or Victoria? Or maybe another city in the western part of the country?

What is there to do there that you would recommend (if you've ever been there) or would want to do if you want there?

I'm going to have about 4 days.

(no subject)

What's the best decision you've ever made that felt like a leap of faith at the time?

ETA: On a date where one person pays, should the other leave the tip?
What if the payer wasn't intending to leave a tip at all? (The service was fine)
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(no subject)

I am fostering a cat some guy dumped in a parking lot. She. Will. Not. Stop. Meowing.
What in the world can I do before I lose my friggin' mind?

Nonsrs: how do you relax after a hard week or three?


Remember the 5,000 blackbirds that fell from the sky dead minutes before midnight on new year's eve in arkansas?

Well, according to CNN, the autopsy report came back today: "but the birds suffered from acute physical trauma leading to internal hemorrhage and death. There was no sign of any chronic or infectious disease"

In other words, these birds hit something very fast, or they were hit by something fast.

WTF could fool 5,000 birds to crash into it, all at the same time? Got the chills when I read that article.