January 2nd, 2011


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Have you ever had to go to a party you weren't previously attending and be a DD for a drunk friend/group of friends/younger irresponsible sibling?
Did you lecture them so they didn't begin to rely on you as an easy out, as in, not having to take responsibility for themselves and their actions?

Why isn't my brother home by midnight like he was supposed to be?
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I'm going to see True Grit tomorrow. Will I like it? (I have not seen the original).

I am in bed and comfortable but also a bit hungry. I have garlic hummus and wheat thins in the kitchen. Do I go for it? Anybody want some?

Do you have a tumblr? What is it?

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I have a Dell Inspiron laptop with Windows 7. I need to wipe it and reinstall Windows, but it won't let me because I don't have access to the administrator's account (the damned thing locked me out of it and won't take the password anymore, which is evidently a common problem with Dell laptops). I'm sure there's a simple fix, but I'm nearly computer illiterate. Help?
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Do you think reading TQC is making my insomnia worse? Laying here trying to force myself to fall asleep just makes me anxious. I thought this would help but it's not working. Can't turn off my mind, again. It's 2:13 a.m.

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How big of a deal were sports at your high school?

Do you know anyone in real life who is as obsessed with their sport as the athletes in Disney Channel Original Movies?

I'm watching Alley Cats Strike right now. I think movies like this instilled in me an early dislike for athletes, because of what big douches they're portrayed as.
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My ex and I were together for 5 years. I broke up with him in 2007 and left Los Angeles and moved to my current small town. We have remained friends, but it has been strained at times because he's crazy and has all sorts of issues, but I still love him, but I'm not in love with him. He's my friend. But he lives safely 150 miles away in LA, and I live in a small town on the Central Coast, and it's sort of my safe haven.

So he tells me tonight that he's thinking of moving to my small town to start over. I absolutely 100% do not want this. This is my small town, and I don't want him to insert himself into my life like this, which I'm sure he would.

TQC, how would you handle this? Would you tell him outright that you don't want him to come here? Would you wait for him to actually decide to do it first or tell him preemptively? Do I have the right to tell him not to move here? What do you think?

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What was the last thing you did that backfired on you?

I woke up 15 minutes before I was supposed to go to work today so tired that I could barely speak coherently. I decided to call into work just so I could sleep some more, but after I got off the phone with them, I haven't been able to fall back asleep and now feel like a douche for calling in. :(

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This is our local First Baby of 2011:

My coworker and I think this is hilarious. It should be autotuned, y/n?
It might be slightly funnier because they had the traffic girl do the reporting. Idk. Maybe we're just tired.

Now for another unrelated question - does anyone play Animal Crossing on Wii? Care to share your friend codes? TY!

**Official Verdict: Not Funny**

(I still would like some friend codes, however...)
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What is a song you didn't like at first, but after hearing it multiple times, you like it?

What song did you start out liking but after hearing it so many times you don't anymore?

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My cable is out and I can't get a tech out here til Wednesday, courtesy of my work schedule.  I do, however, have a Wii with Netflix.  I'd love some ideas of stuff to watch.  We generally like comedy and also some historical stuff, but definitely open to ideas.  We had a South Park marathon yesterday and may continue it today, but I think we may be getting a little burnt out on it.

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I want to make banana bread today. In an effort to make it a little healthier, I'm planning to use applesauce in place of some of the butter, and I also want to add some roughly chopped, toasted oats (not sure if this would be in addition to or in place of some of the flour). Do you think this will be delicious, or not so much? If it matters I also usually add chocolate chips.

What is your favorite thing to cook? Bake?

Do you currently have any gift cards? Where to? What are you planning on buying?
I have some to Kohls, at which I plan on buying some new clothes; Macys, at which I want to buy a French press; and Victoria's Secret, at which I want to buy some Very Sexy perfume

ETA: Is this dress $34.99+shipping cute? I think I love it (I'd prob be wearing it mostly to work) but buying stuff online is such a paaaaain :C
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ereaders for mac?

best ereader application for mac?

i downloaded stanza, but i don't really like it. i'd prefer something that has the page numbers (if possible) and automatically saves your place. i want a nook eventually, but for now, reading on my computer will have to do.

Stop. Hammerhead Time.

Have you ever heard the shark alarm go off while you've been swimming?
Yes. Yesterday a shark interrupted my day at the beach. Everyone had to evacuate the water.

Have you ever seen a shark while you've been out in the water?
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So Lauryn Hill showed up 3 hours late to a concert the other night. Would you have waited 3 hours past show time for her? Is she really worth the wait?

Is there anyone you'd wait an extra 3 hours for?

Would it make a difference if they acted like a diva vs acting apologetic?

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I have a two hour class tomorrow that I've already finished all the work in, but I still have to show up. What should I do to occupy my time?

ETA: It's a class where everyone pretty much works at their own pace; there's no formal instruction unless a bunch of people are confused on something.

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Have you ever used a workout video at home? If so, how often? Did you see any results?

I'm a beginner, and would like to try one, but I have no idea where to start - what's effective, etc.
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What actors do you think are extremely underrated?

I guess I'm curious because lately I've been thinking of a few actors that I think deserve more parts in movies, or I wish I saw them more. Them being Sean Patrick Flanery, Trevor Morgan and Michael Pitt.

First Trip to Europe

Hey TQC,
I'm going to Europe this summer with my boyfriend for about a month. Neither of us have been to Europe so we want to hit quite a few places: Rome, Amsterdam, Greece, Switzerland, and London (more if we can do that..) So my question is, where the hell do I start in planning this trip? Do you have any suggestions for books or websites that would help me with this?

Another thing I'm concerned about is that we are mostly going to stay in hostels, but I'd like to have some privacy since this is supposed to be our crazy romantic backpacking through Europe trip of a lifetime. How unrealistic is it for us to get some privacy? I know we can sometimes get a private room in a hostel, but then should we just go for a hotel?

What was your first trip to another country like? Where did you go? Any extra tips for me for traveling?

Thanks for all the lovely advice :)

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Dear TQC,

Could you help me pick which book to get back to?

This poll is closed.

Pick a book

How Much for Just the Planet?- John M. Ford
Rapture in Death- J.D. Robb
Grave Peril- Jim Butcher
Kushiel's Avatar- Jaqueline Carey
Full Dark, No Stars- Stephen King
Transition- Iain Banks

Edit: Looks like Full Dark, No Stars, followed by Kashiel's Transition in Death  :D
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What value do you get out of being a member of the communities you are a member of?

Do you get something productive out of it, or do you find you just waste a lot of time reading LJ?

What are your favourite communities on LJ and why are they your faves?
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What's up with all the American Apparel questions, do you think they are being posted by someone who works for the company or is it just a coincidence?

Do you tend to buy your clothes from certain chain stores? If so, which stores do you like to shop at and what do you like to buy there?

Did you get any clothes for Christmas? Photos please?

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A girl in my class was talking to my teacher at votech.

Girl: Do you remember that puppy I feed in my school parking lot?
Teacher: Yeah, you fed it all those PB+Js?
Girl. Yeah. Well, someone ran it over the other day.
Teacher: Did it squirt out peanut butter?

I was stunned into silence while everyone else giggled and kept talking.
I was just wondering, what would YOUR reaction have been?

 anyone have any weird toilet habits? ( "weird" = anything you think/know others don't usually do)

Apologies if anyone just asked, no time to check now I'm sorry!

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Should I watch the movie Precious by myself?
My boyfriend is not interested in watching it, but it seems like it would be good but I am such a wuss about...all movies. I don't like watching horror movies by myself or war movies or sad movies.

Should I suck it up and watch it right now?
Was is good?

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TQC, what should I do with the chicken salad my dad bought? It's all prepared but it's just in its container and I want to do something with it that's something other than making a sandwich. I'm thinking of putting some on toast and then layering some cheese and lettuce on top. Is this a good idea? What are you having for dinner?

DK/DC: What do you like to do for fun?
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Does anyone know what this song is? I can't understand any of the lyrics so I have nothing to search for.


(I don't know a better way to share it, sorry!)

I got all ready to go out earlier today and was going to go see a movie tonight, but now my head hurts and I'm kind of tired. Should I go anyway so my makeup wont have been wasted? Or postpone until later this wekk?

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Which normal New Year's resolutions do you have? I resolve to.....?

Get a job
Lose weight
Get into a relationship
Move out of the living situation I currently am
Get a car
Pay off my debts/get outta debt
Get laid/get laid more
Read more
Cut down on my shopping
Travel more
Get a tattoo
Stop smoking
Stop drinking

Which really unusual New Year's resolutions do you have? I resolve to.....?

Finish my sex change (even if I have to do it myself)
Punch someone from a reality show in the face
Eat the flesh of a rare animal
Dye your hair the same color as your car
Have sex with someone from another country and who may or may not speak English
Improve your breakdancing moves
Play the penis game at your high school reunion
Attend more all-you-can-eat restaurants/buffets
Use more bronzer
Play more video games/watch more tv
Get a tattoo removed
Smoke more
Drink more
See someone about those unusual bumps around your private parts
Stop wearing underwear

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I am planning a sushi/sashimi Party...but I have no idea what to write for the description...

ideas please?

If it helps my User icon is the event picture.

EDIT:This is ehat I got so far

You see those things in the picture, you cannot eat those...But if you come to my sushi party we can make Sushi and sashimi that you can eat.

So the idea is...Come to my house and bring your favourite toppings, fillings, and we shall make it and then eat it.

Feel free to bring other Japanese foods.

Sake will be available but if you have a favourite please bring with idea of sharing it with everyone

Same goes with green tea

Midori with also be available

Feel free to dress up any way you wish but the dress code is smart casual to formal.
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how weird would it be to return a dvd to an ex that you no longer speak to?

or would you just sell/get rid of it?

would you want charlie & the chocolate factory (2005) back?

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What is your opinion of colored eyeliner?

If you wear eyeliner, do you ever wear colors besides black and brown?

Do you have any photos of you or anyone else wearing colored eyeliner? (That look good)

[Edit: Why wont TQC refresh?? It's still showing jubber's post as the most recent.]

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How did you meet your significant other?

Have you ever fallen in love with someone online and then met them in real life?

If you don't care, then uh.. what is your favourite junk food to binge on?
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has anyone here used dating sites before? if so which ones and how did it turn out for you?

a lot of my friends have lately been suggesting dating sites to me because i went through a shitty break up a while ago and i just want to know if it is worth it.

if you're single

Are you happy with your current status?

If you're in a relationship, are you happy?

How much has your happiness been dependent on whether you're in a good relationship or single -- or do you derive most of your satisfaction from something else? (Work, sports, travel, etc.)

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My friend's ex (they are still good friends) owns a hair salon. She made me an appointment with him to have my hair dyed and trimmed. He's only charging me $30 for a cut and full head corrective color dye, and it's a high end salon.

Do I tip him?
I seriously haven't had my hair cut in three years, and it wasn't anywhere special so IDK.
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If you have a family history that's like 50% cancer, and you found a hard, immobile, rough-textured lump in your breast, would you skip visiting your local doc and go straight to your local cancer center for a mammogram and an ultrasound?


Is it just my feet or do Creepers not have a tight fit on the heel so the heel keeps slipping almost out while walking about? This is regardless of the size of the shoe being smaller or larger than the normal shoe size.

If you do not know what Creepers are, they're a style of shoe from the Underground brand.


what the f*** is happening in arkansas? Anyone live there and can explain these two events?

1. shortly before midnight on New Year's Eve, 5,000 blackbirds dropped dead out of the sky.

2. now 100,000+ fish are washing up in Arkansas rivers and streams dead as can be.

In the first cnn story, some expert was like, "Yeah, birds drop out of the sky like this all the time. No big deal." I've been alive for twentysomething years, have traveled around this country and others quite a bit, and have never seen anything like that.


I am interested in doing Ballet again (I did it when I was really young)
I am currently typing up an email to send to a local class/school/studio and I was wondering what other questions I should ask?


My name is kabuki_callgirl and I am interested into learning Ballet, I learnt it when was very young and I have always loved it. I was wondering if you had any spots for a 23 year old with very little experience? Also what are your prices?

Thank you

And no...I was not inspired by the "Black Swan" movie. I have been wanting to get a sort of Dance for a while, I have not even seen "Black Swan" yet.

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Earlier, I got a call from a private number. I didn't answer. I just got a text from a (local) number I don't recognize, and it didn't turn up anyone on Facebook when I searched the number. The text says "Hay wzup"

Should I reply?
What should I say?

Do you ever get random people trying to contact you?
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Does anyone take prenatal vitamins for your hair and nails? Have you noticed a difference since you started taking them?

What's something you do every day that you don't think other people do?

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TQC, will you diagnose me?

for a few years now i'll get a spot on my hand or side or arm or just anywhere that will start itching, then when i itch it, these white bumps show up. sometimes it's a small area, like right now kind between my thumb and index finger, but sometimes it's all along my lower back, like an inch wide. i'm assuming they're hives but idk.