January 1st, 2011


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Dear TQC,

I am reading SF_drama about how white people can't experience racism.

NOT ASKING TO START ANY WANK (have fun), but if you agree with this.. can you explain why?
I can see why, and am trying to explain this to my SO but he is having a really hard time trying to grasp it. I have even quoted some good shit from there, but he just doesn't understand.
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Dear TQC Agony Aunts and Uncles

The guy I like, and even texted over Christmas, has failed to wish me a Happy Birthday, even though it's all over facebook. My birthday is New Years Eve.

I guess he's not interested?

I should probably drawn a line under it and move on, right?

Even if he is playing it cool, or whatever.
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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Its 3.21am the 1st of January 2011 HERE!!!!!!!!!

Are you excited about the new year?? I AM!!!! I have never been more excited for new year before.

I want to have long hair :( my hair has never been longer than 4 inches mostly coz its baby hair, thin and too soft. It looks limp and granny like once it reaches my shoulders. :(

will I ever get hair like this?

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TQC I got sooo drunk at a party and I made out with a cowroker girl from work and I feel sooooo guilty about it because I have a boyfriend and I can't believe I just did that...
what stupid things are you doing on new years eve????

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I've noticed for a while now that my chest gets really splotchy and red when I either get too hot, get stressed/frustrated/anxious, mad, or drink. It also gets splotchy when I wear hoodies, which maybe is related to getting too hot, idk. I have bad anxiety so I've been noticing it a lot. I was just playing Majora's Mask and had to race (lol) and got really stressed and frustrated and my chest was extremely splotchy. Now that I am just relaxing and online, it's fine.

Does anyone else get this?
Is there anything I can do about it? Why does it happen?

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I've come to visit my best friend for new year, and surprise surprise his girlfriend has got jealous. We should have expected this, y/y?

I'm sleeping in his living room trying to get a playstation to play a DVD. It was working a minute ago but now doesn't seem to be. What am I doing wrong?

How did your new year go?

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I work in a supermarket very part-time and tomorrow (well, today) is New Years Day.

Since lunchtime yesterday I have been feeling really sick (headache, nausea, stomachache), and since 8pm last night I've been stuck in the bathroom. The best part is, I think I ate bad chicken that i bought from my workplace. Hullo irony.

As a casual do I just ring up and cancel as soon as they open? I feel bad because they will automatically assume I am hungover but I barely drink anymore and certainly didn't do anything last night except puke and shit :( I am also considered a food handler so I really don't want to pass this on if I actually do have something contagious.

TQC, what would you do?

DK/DC: When's the last time you called in sick at your job? What did your boss say?

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Someone that I work with that I've became really friedly with recently asked me if she gave me a dollar if I would swipe my card in the Redbox machine so she could get a movie. She doesn't have a debit card. I agreed because I trusted her.

She promised she would bring it back before 9:00pm. Last night I checked my email and still had no confirmation that it was returned. I texted her and asked if she had returned it yet. She said "Yes, it's already back!"

Then this morning I got an email saying that it was returned about 30 minutes ago and I'm going to be charged for another night.

Should I call her out on this? It's only $1.00 that I would have to pay but it just really bothers me that she lied about returning it. On the other hand, I don't want to ruin a friendship over $1.00. What would you do?
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Cooked a ham earlier this week Sunday or Monday I think - leftovers are in the fridge. Do you think it would be safe to cut up and throw in a crockpot with some beans or should I not risk it and throw the leftovers out?
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some dumb, drunk ass bitch puked not only in my bathtub last night, but she clogged the sink too. (but if you're curious, none of it reached the toilet)
is it wrong of me to ask my brother who exactly it was (since it was one of his friends), call whoever it is and either tell them to get over here and clean, or don't show their face?

like, freal i can't even shower right now. i am very displeased and hungover.

what would you have hated to wake up to this morning?

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So at the beginning of January, I was working at a stupid job with some dumb bitches. I was let go after not even a month because nobody trained me and then they got mad at me when I wasn't doing anything right. (Yeah I was pissed about it, but that place was fucked up so it's really no loss.) I um, may or may not have been kind of catty to the office manager on my way out on my last day, and I didn't say "I just got fired" or even "goodbye" to anyone else in the office. On a scale of 1-Michael Cera, how awkward is it going to be when I have to call them to ask them to send my W-2 to my new address instead of my old one?

What are your plans for New Year's Day? I'm prob just staying home and watching movies. :) Netflix recommendations?

I just walked into my living room and found that my dog had eaten 2 milk chocolate Hershey kisses that I'd left on the coffee table. She weighs between 30-35 lbs. She's gonna be fine, right?? :T

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One of my resolutions is to cook more this year, but I'm a picky eater who hates several really common ingredients, and I'm having trouble finding recipes.

Does anyone here know of a cooking website that would let me search for recipes that don't contain specific ingredients? Preferably several at a time.

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Hello TQC. I want to either take my husband out to lunch or have us cook lunch together. If we go out, where would you recommend? (Preferably somehow inexpensive and not crowded.)

Or, what should we cook together?


i was at my friend's a couple weeks ago and her roommate got on her about keeping dirty dishes in her room. granted, she could have kept things a little more picked up, but it wasn't like every dish was in there and her roommate literally couldn't find a single thing, which is kind of what this girl was making it sound like. i'm also no stranger to kind of letting things pile up for a few days, so i understand.

but now her roommate took ALL the dishes and put them in her room. none of them are my friends because she forgot her box of dishes when she moved out of her old place(i guess she didn't have many to begin with, she used to live alone).

she says she gets it and she doesn't mind buying new ones at Goodwill or St.Vinnie's, and that she's been meaning to anyway, but i think it's absolutely nuts.

does this seem totally crazy to anyone else?

i asked her if they only have a few but she said they have like 8 bowls and plates, small plates, tons of glasses, silverwear... this is just so bizarre to me. i know people do weird things when they live with other people but this is just boggling my mind
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 I just got asked out to coffee by a guy I sort of know through a mutual friend. We saw each other last night at a New Years Eve party and he was really cool.  I hardly know anything about the guy though. Is this a date? What do I do? I've never gone out to a coffee date. 

What would your advice be TQC? Tell me about your coffee date experiences. 
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Happy New Year, TQC!

I have half a bottle of strawberry champagne sparkling wine left over from last night. Other than mimosas (I'm having one now), what can I make with it?

DK/DC/Eww: What's your favorite thing to have for brunch? (Or late breakfast. Or early lunch. Whatever.)
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One for the Aussies on board

Where the devil are all the Christmas beetles this year, TQC? I've seen exactly two so far.

Normally by Jan 1 we're in plague conditions; all the eucalypts are in bits and you can't walk for crunchy shiny dead bugs. This year? nuffink.

Is it just us/just the floods, d'y'think (rural NSW)? or have they all gone to live in Biro Heaven?
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If you make pie from scratch: which is the most frustrating part, making the crust or making the filling?

I always hear people complaining about making pie crust. I've never had a problem making a soft, flaky crust, but my filling ALWAYS ends up off, either too firm or too liquidy. It endlessly frustrates me.

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In a turkey soup with corn and onion and salt and pepper, would a chunked up sweet potato be out of place?

What else should I throw in there? Besides carrots and celery because celery is gross and I am out of carrots.

I feel like I am making Thanksgiving soup.
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For those of you who live with your SO and share a bed with them:

Do you sleep poorly if they're not there?

Are you ever excited when they're NOT there and you get the bed all to yourself?

How long have y'all been together?


Do you like sauerkraut?
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I mailed a co-pay check last week for $15.00, asked the payee to hold it til Monday and dated it "1/3/2011" with a "Please Hold Until Date" memo. My bank cashed the check on 12/31/2010 and fined me. What do you think my chances are to get my money back? Scale of one to "donkey fucked".

By how much does your income exceed your bills? (or vice/versa)

If you have a mp3 player/iSomething: What kind of case do you have/want?

If you don't have a mp3 player/iSomething: What's the last movie you saw? Good? Bad? Scarred for life?
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What should I buy at American Apparel?

Do you ever go out of your way to purchase things made in the United States (or the country in which you live)? Why/why not?
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Can you suggest some literary classics that are a must-read? Or any more challenging works of literature?

What kind of pet do you have? Where do they sleep?
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New year

The husband and I made a New year's resolution to be less of a homebody and to go out more often with the intention to meet new people and possibly make a friend or two. We already go out to dinner, go to  movies and go shopping and frankly that just bores us because its always just the two of us.


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My husband just went to Whole Foods to get me tampons and pads. I thanked him profusely and told him how kind he was for doing so. He said, "I know you would get me manly items if I needed them."
But we really couldn't figure out a "manly" counterpart.

Can you think of anything?

Has your (male) SO ever went out to get you feminine products? Was he embarrassed or was it no big deal?

Men of TQC, have you ever procured feminine products for your SO? How did you feel about it?

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People on LinkedIn: Did you have a job when you got an account? Has the site been helpful? Should I get an account, even though I've got a semester and change left til my BA? Should I not bother with it at all?

DK/DC/WTFisLinkedIn: I like Pink, especially for cardio workouts. Who are similar artists that I may not already have?

Tough situation

Okay so I was planning a big snowball fight with my friends today. I texted everyone including a friend I work with. Another girl I work with is sick and wants me to come in to close for her. So she knows I was planning on doing stuff tonight because of the other girl, but is that enough to tell her I cant? Shes really sick :/ But I REALLY dont want to go in lol

I guess what im asking is what other excuse could I make up to say I cant?

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TQC, what new hobby or skill should I try and get into in 2011? I already know how to cook, bake, write, read, ride horses and play violin. I'm thinking of buying a Flip and videoing everything around me, or learning how to home-brew. What do you do for fun and excitement and self-betterment?

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can you name all the diabetes companies you know that have commercials on tv?

i'm trying to find a commercial i saw last night but i don't remember anything about it except that it had an older lady saying something like "I HATE MY DIABETES MEDICATION" and her facial expression was priceless. it was a lower budget commercial with a bunch of testimonials. it's entirely possible that it wasn't a diabetes commercial at all.
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how comfortable/uncomfortable are you with sharing a bed? with ANYONE, even a significant other.

a candle was made in a drinking glass. you scrubbed out the inside thoroughly, and now it's just like any other drinking glass. would you still drink out of it?

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Who is the youngest person you know who's gotten married? How did things work out?

I just found out that one of my friends, who is in the 11th grade, got married a couple of weeks ago. I didn't even know she was engaged, but she's seven months pregnant, so they sped things up. I'm trying to be happy for her, since she seems happy, but I can't make myself feel anything but worried.

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For once, I have too much alcohol at my disposal. I have Hypnotiq, smirnoff triple filtered, smirnoff pear, Disorriano, several kinds of dark spiced rum, Bailey's, Ty-ku, Kahlua, champagne, X-rated, Bacardi 151 and Soco. In terms of mixers, I have orange juice, coffee, Coke, heavy cream and eggnog mix. What are good cocktails to make? What should I drink first?

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what's something you want really bad that you just cannot have right now?

i really, really, really, really x infinity want a dog but my landlord doesn't allow dogs, i'm not home enough, i don't have the time or energy for any of the breeds i would want and i couldn't afford it if they got seriously ill or injured.

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If you were me, would you pick an apartment in a 'hip' neighborhood, which is farther from work but closer to everything else or an apartment in a boring neighborhood that is closer to work but farther from everything else? Pretend they cost the same.

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For someone who is dieting, do you think its true that a day or two every so often of eating more helps the metabolism?

Do you think that switching up how many calories one eats per day has an effect on metabolism?

(My sister is on her New Years diet and I don't want to answer her incorrectly.)

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This is totally lame but:

My boyfriend has been living with me for about a month now. Tonight is the first night he's been out/we've been away from each other. I guess I've gotten so used to having the company (I'm an only child so I was excited to have the constant company) that I am dying of boredom. I'm enjoying my alone time, but I'm still so fucking bored, omg. Right now I'm catching up on youtube videos. WHAT ELSE DO I DO?

I cannot walk/dance/crawl/prance/etc around naked because we live with my parents. So masturbating loudly is also out of the question.

What do you like to do when your SO/roommate/whoever is gone?
I feel so lame :(
"telling someone they 'can do anything'.

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How do I download a movie in less than 9 hours?

I am using uTorrent, and trying to download a movie from btjunkie. I thought this was supposed to be a fast way to download movies. I don't have the fastest internet connection. It is supposedly 1G/s but I don't think it really is.

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What are some things about you that would be in your best interest to change but you know you never will? Why wont you?

Do you enjoy/practice retail therapy? What did you find on your last shopventure?

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What's something really common to eat that you've never tried?
I've never ever had cereal with milk because it disgusts me. I'll drink milk while eating cereal, but together it grosses me out.

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Do you ever wonder if what you're doing is what you want to do? How much?

I'm spending $40,000 per year for 5 to 6 years for a degree in IT, a field that I enjoy. The problem is, I don't know if it's something I will always enjoy, or if it will ultimately make me happy.
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Native American fiction

Has anyone ever heard of historical fiction set in the Americas in an alternate, uncolonized universe? It just occurred to me that it would be really interesting to read about modern-day native nations, and google isn't coming up with very much. Does this exist? I can't be the first person to have thought this up.
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soooo my new years resolution was to create a song, so i did. (i made it on a borrowed computer with logic pro and a midi keyboard.)

problem is, i am really not a writer at all, so the lyrics are terrible. do you know of any resources for writing lyrics (or maybe poetry)? i have no idea what to even write about :/ what should i write about?

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So my BF has been gone for a little over a week, staying with his family during winter break. I miss him terribly, but whenever we Skype I wind up feeling very irritated with him just for choosing to leave me here all lonely. It just makes me miss him more; Skyping is like a big ol' tease.

Does anyone else experience this when an SO is gone for an extended period of time? Or am I nuts?


i went at a club last night with my best friend. she was dancing and it took me an hour to find her thew all the people,. she apparently drank off some random guys water who was following her all night, atole her cell phone we got home and she started too say that she felt really fucked up and she think the guy gave her date rape drug or something anbd passed out and.

what should i do and has this ever happened to you or anyone you know?
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Should I eat another Egg in a Basket, or should I have a bratwurst?

ETA: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Egg_in_the_basket

Edit the Second: Ok, eggie basket it is.  While I'm cooking, would y'all like to discuss whether or not you think New Years Resolutions are a good goal-setting opportunity or an exercise in futility, and why you think that way?