December 31st, 2010


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Would it be ridiculous to do a day trip to Philadelphia from DC for a birthday cake? (Around a 2.5 hour drive to get there)

Did you ever win any superlatives in school? I found a certificate today for winning "Most Mysterious" in 6th grade, lol.

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Those of you who have gone though marriage or relationship counselling, where did you go? A private therapist, a group setting or maybe you spoke with someone from your religion or something? How much did you pay and do you think it helped?
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When you're in a really good mood and being a goofball, dancing and singing along to music (whether it be in a club, around your house/apartment, or, as I just was, in the shower), are you yourself, or are you an alter ego?

I suddenly transform from a 5'2" brunette who weighs 250lbs to a 5'7" blonde (sometimes redhead) who can dance like there's no tomorrow. I don't have self esteem issues or anything like that, it's just how I see myself in my mind's eye. How about you?

DK/DC Celery with peanut butter and Bedouin chai (straight from Israel) with lots of sugar--perfect midnight snack, y/y?

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Has anyone realized that when we're all like 50, we'll have high quality videos of our 2010 selves to show our kids thanks to the technology of this decade. how cool is that mannnn

debbie harry

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I've never used craigslist before but i'm looking at a used car on there to buy. The description sounds good and everything but, i'm just a little concerned for the lack of pictures and not saying where the car is located.

Is it something i should be worried about, or just email them and ask for more pictures and ask where the car is located?
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So, I forgot that today was the last day of the year. And I wasn't invited to anything to celebrate the new year/mourn the passing of another one.

So, TQC Party-ers, what should I do to celebrate the end of the year on my own? (And perhaps help me forget that I'm missing out on a bouncing time at my best friend's house who lives two states away?)

Note: No booze for me; too young and I think it's gross anyway.

ETA: I have about 10 minutes until a new year for me. :(

ETA: I'm dumb. I mixed up the dates. :/
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Are you a "freaky eater" at all? Do you have any strange food combos that would appall people but you find delicious?

I'm currently eating a raw Vidalia onion dipped in honey mustard sauce... so I was wondering.

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I go back to uni on 3rd & my folks are buying me a box of food to save me moneyz. I already have a few things up there & can't fit a ton in the freezer. I will be re-starting Weight Watchers on 4th, so won't have loads of fatty foods. What should I buy?
My list already includes:
 - Chicken
 - Potatoes
 - Rice/Pasta
 - Frozen veg
 - Tuna
 - Fruit


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How would I do this in Word:

Introduction..................... Page 1
Chapter One .................... Page 2

I mean, how could I get those dots to appear by themselves so that they're consistent for all the different headings?

do you like drinking soda/sparkling water?

EDIT: worked it out and managed to help my housemate find it in a French version of Word. I don't speak French or use Word, so I'm pretty proud of myself right now.

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I bought a bowl to set on my entryway table so I can put my keys in it. The bowl is ceramic and I don't want it to be scratched (or the keychains on my key rings). Is there something I can line it with that's cushy and nothing will get scratched?

Don't know/don't care: What's an item that you've always wanted but never got? Do you ever thing you'll get it? I've always wanted Hungry Hungry Hippos and tonight I finally got it from my friend as a Christmas present. SO AWESOME. Bottomless Potamus!


if an item costs $42.00 and there is a sale for 40% off, how much will the item cost after the discount is applied?

how did you get this answer?

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I have a $25 gift card to Amazon, and about $400 in my checking account, and I feel like doing some impulsive shopping. What should I buy?

For those of you who want to advise me not to blow $425 on a whim, what's the weather like where you are?

Whirlpool tub blower turns itself on!

In September, we moved into a house that has a whirlpool in the master bath, which has been used exactly once since then (about two months ago). It drained out and shut off without incident. Last night, we got home from a week-long vacation. Nobody used the tub last night. I went to bed about 10:30 and was awakened an hour later by a loud vibrating/humming noise. Looked all over the house and decided it must be coming from the tub. One of the jet "eyes" seemed to have air coming out. I pressed the on/off switch; it didn't stop. Did it again about 10 times; noise didn't stop. I seriously though OK, I'm sleepy and I was wrong, I'll look around the house again! But it was the tub...eventually I located the cord for it, unplugged it and all was quiet.

Googling tells me that these tubs will turn their blowers on for a few seconds after draining, to be sure water isn't standing in the jets. At least one brand of tubs does that every few minutes for up to 24 hours. But...suddenly, months after one use, and then the blower not shutting off at all? Why did my tub start jetting and why wouldn't it stop? TQC, who's been jetting in my tub?
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My laptop's power cord just died (again). The brick is good, but the cord part that plugs into the wall - one of the prongs just broke off. What is that cord part called? Also, do you think I can buy just that at Best Buy? I can't really afford to buy an entirely new a/c adapter.
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Settle a dispute, please:

My husband and I were talking about making soup today. He suggested minestrone soup, and I agreed because it sounded good. Then he pulled up a recipe of what he was talking about, and it was nothing like I had ever had in a minestrone.

In my mind, minestrone is like a vegetable soup with noodles.

In his, it's a very brothy soup with not many vegetables in it but also has noodles.

Which way do you think of minestrone soup?

Feel-good post feels good.

What awesome things are you going to start 2011 off with?

A new apartment with an awesome location and an awesome roommate, a new REAL mattress, a new possible FWB/SO. I'm still working on the last one.

Will you use this post to talk/brag about the nice things that have been happening you you lately, so other TQCers can congratulate you?

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What do you have in common with me? Pt 1

We love dogs
We love cats
We love all animals!
Except monkeys because they're rude.
We have visible tattoos
We drink a lot of pop
We are interested in ancient mythology...
And gladiators/the gladiatorial games of ancient Rome
We hate big, blousy tops
We're fascinated by the supernatural

What do you have in common with me? Pt 2

We are interested in the history of the punk subculture
We remember Gelly Roll pens fondly
We love nailpolish
We are creatures of habit
We tend to be messy/cluttered

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Did you know according to the National Firearms Act, it's federally legal for private U.S. citizens to own fully automatic weapons and even destructive devices?

What do you think about the next economic bubble being caused by the U.S. government making much more use of the power to grant letters of marque?

Who wants to start a private military corporation?
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Will you comment here with a bit about yourself if you're open to adding TQC friends this new year?

Then people can add you and hopefully we can avoid this 'I'd ask this person...but' stuff.

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How was 2010 for you:
What was the best thing that happened to you?
What was the worst?
Favorite movie?
Favorite music album and/or song?
Most memorable post in TQC?
Where did you travel?
What are some new things you tried and ended up falling in love with?

What do you expect out of 2011?
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Court question.

Has anyone ever extracted text messages from their phone to use in court? How did you do this?

As of yet, no attorney is involved, so leaving them to deal with it is not an option. When I try forwarding the message to my email, the senders' phone number doesn't show up... just the message and their signature. Any help would be appreciated.
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 Inspired by the minestrone post earlier: What's your favourite soup?
What's the best way to cook dried split peas? Everytime I try to cook them, even if I boil them for hours, they've still got a bite to them. I like my pasta al dente, not my peas :/

I was going to use onion, ham, and the peas. Would spinach be a good addition you think?
eat me

All white?

My new year's resolution/birthday present to myself is to improve my teeth!

Do you look after your teeth? How?

Do you think bad teeth say something about a person?

Would you kiss someone with bad teeth?

What whitening methods would you recommend?

I live in a country where people have notoriously bad teeth, and I am lucky that mine are ok, besides some staining.
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TQC, I'm here with ANOTHER new year's related question.

I don't get to go to any cool parties so I figured I'd just get drunk by myself at home, but my cousin and her boyfriend took pity on me and insisted I come to their house. I agreed because I thought it would just be dinner with some family and a couple of their friends I know, but turns out they invited a bunch of other people I don't know which will make me the only outsider and I'm awkward as hell in social situations like that.

Any tips on not being shy and awkard tonight, besides getting drunk?

dk/dc about my specific situation: are you good at socializing?

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Help TQC!

Poll #1662629 Party or not to party?

Tonight do I

Stay in with Take away and my kitty and do home stuff
Drag my ass and the kitty through to Edinburgh and go to my friends house party

ETA: I have no one to trust & ask to look after her where i live, so she would have to go to my mums.
Pamela Dare

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What are you guys doing?
What did you eat for lunch?

EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS QUESTION -- If you're going out tonight what are you wearing?

I am at work doing the end of the year filing.
I ate a Subway sandwich because the cafe I like was closed for NYE.
I am wearing jeans and this really cute blue tank top I have and a grey sweater. And brown boots. And brown purse. And gold dangly earrings.
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I just found out my boyfriend is going to Hawaii next weekend with a girl he met from study abroad. She's going to give a presentation for college there, and they provided her room and food for five days and she had room for another person to come so she invited him.

It just irritates me that he spent four months with her in Japan and he's only been back two weeks and is already planning on flying away again so soon. I know they're just friends and I trust him, I'm just...jealous.

How do you get over feeling jealous? Is it wrong for me to be in this situation? Should I be honest and tell him how I feel? I don't want to cause any unnecessary drama. :/

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What are the names of playlists you've made on [whatever music program you use]?

I need ideas for some new playlists. I have one that's just called excellence which is just all the songs I like ever.
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Do you think there'll be a long wait for pizza delivery tonight?

How long in advance should I place my pizza (well, garlic finger) order?

What are you eating tonight?

My parents are having Chinese food and were told at 1pm they already had orders for 6 and 7pm.
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I need you to help me decide what to eat! I had been planning on ordering garlic fingers (for those of you not in the know, it's basically just a cheese pizza but instead of tomato sauce there is garlic butter. You dip them in donair sauce, which is a thick garlicky sweet white sauce). But then Daha made a comment about ordering online and now I'm thinking I might want Pizza Hut Breadsticks instead! Yes, they are similar, but they're NOT the same thing. If I order from pizza hut I will need to order something else because the minimum delivery price is $12 and the breadsticks are only $8 or so.

1) should I order garlic fingers or bread sticks?
2) If bread sticks, what should I order to go with them? (not pop, I have that)

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In a follow-up to this question of mine, I'm definitely going to talk to him about this trip on Sunday (the first day we'll see each other face to face) but I think I should send him a text too to let him know in advance so I don't just spring things on him unexpectedly.

I realize now that when he first told me the news, I was too surprised/shocked to really ask him anything about his trip, and was worried of sounding jealous/accusatory so I think it's good that I've got time to think about what exactly I want to say to him.

But I was wondering if this is okay wording for a text about it? (I'd call but I'm about to be late for work and I don't want to get stuck on the phone)

"Hey, I don't want to sound jealous but I'd like to talk to you more on Sunday about your trip. I trust you and want you to have a good time, but I'm just not comfortable without knowing more about your friend."

or any other suggestions of what to say?
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I guess this is a question that I probably know the answer to, but I figured I'd ask what TQC thinks:

Last night on my facebook, I posted a quote from the first episode of Dexter about how he doesn't feel emotions like other people, and a facebook "friend" of mine posted this as a comment:

"??? this sounds like either a sociopath, or an autistic,.... or a real honest person that isnt afaraid of what other people think"

Should I delete this comment?  I don't know of any of my facebook friends who are or have family members who are autistic, but it still seems like an insensitive thing to say, and I feel weird about having it on my page.  I think the juxtaposition of sociopath and autistic people with "real honest people" is what makes me uncomfortable.  Would you delete the comment, or do you think I'm just over-thinking it?
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 My boss is a dipshit. 
He was drinking at work today, and now that I've seen him drunk (or at least a little tipsy) I've seen him behave that way before. 

What should I do? 

I didn't say anything to him, but I said to one of my coworkers that it made me incredibly uncomfortable, and I almost wanted to just clock out and leave right then

. Should I e-mail my other boss, who is 1) The other owner of the restaurant; 2) Drunk!Boss's wife; or talk to one of our other supervisors with whom I would feel more comfortable talking? I feel I should tell someone. 

Oh, and he got in his car and drove home when we closed up shop. -_-

Edit: My drunk boss and his wife own this restaurant, so I can't go higher than him or her. They are both my bosses. 
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 What can I do with 3/4th of a gallon of Heaven Hill (so cheap it's more paint thinner than) rum? It's just me tonight, so I probably won't use all of it.

What's your favourite type of alcohol? Do you prefer gin, vodka, whiskey, etc.

I've never had gin before, but we've got two opened bottles in the liquor cabinet. What does it taste like?

What do you like to do when you're drunk?

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My ex went back home this morning (6 hours away) and still has my journal. I texted him asking when I would see it again and he never replied. it's gone forever, isn't it?

My younger sister got dumped yesterday and is now stuck at home on NYE (I'm here by choice, I swear!), should I bug her to play Wii with me so she'll have something to do or should I just leave her in mopey-peace?

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Which of these Hitchcock movies should we watch tonight?:

Frenzy, Family Plot, Marnie, Torn Curtain, Topaz, The Trouble With Harry, The Man Who Knew Too Much, Vertigo, Saboteur, Shadow of a Doubt, Rope.

Psycho, Rear Window, and The Birds are all out because I've seen them ten billion times.

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Since I'm not doing anything tonight, I went out and bought new video games. I don't know which one to play.

Which game should I play first?

Fallout 3
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
Dragon Age: Origins

dk/dc/go outside you loser: What's the last thing that made you really happy?

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The year has three hours left (where I live anyway), in a couple of hours i will be setting out ti watch the fireworks,

Are there any fireworks happening where you live, will you be watching them?
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The deadline to register for Winter kickball is tonight. Should I do it? It's $60 and it's a bit of a stretch to afford it but I have no social life and this will give me SOMETHING to do on the weekends...

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tqc, my mom just gave me more money than i asked for to help me out until i get my first paycheck, and then she guilt tripped me about it. do your parents do similar things? WHY DO THEY DO IT?

dk/dc what am i forgetting to pack???
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I live in a 2nd floor apartment and have the mistaken fortune of having the communal fire pit on the ground outside my window. It's about a stone's throw away.

There are, obviously, very drunk college students out there right now, frat douching it up. 

What should I do to fuck with them?

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Dumplings or Honey Comb Cereal? I'm hungry and i'm craving one of these

Honey Comb Cereal
Those not in Eastern time zone: Are you going  to watch the ball drop in nyc?
Those not in NY: Are you going to watch the ball drop in nyc?

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What are your religious beliefs about the afterlife? Specifically, do you believe in Heaven or Hell?

Edit: Forgot to answer this myself. I believe in a sort of Heaven, I don't think I believe in Hell.

Edit2: I got the last post of 2010? I FEEL SPECIAL.