December 30th, 2010

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What's a traditional baked good for New Years? I know there are many food traditions in Japan and China for NYE/D, but are there any specifically Western traditions? Some sort of pastry or cake perhaps? Or a traditional flavor perhaps?

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i feel like im going to get made fun of for this for some reason, but ive been working on making a lot of music and creating my own band. i think its time for me to come up with a name for my band. any suggestions for band names?
its like a goth synth electronic EDM type thing alternative. i have one idea Napalm City or something like that but idk.
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Will you give me encouraging words for going back to college tomorrow after dropping out two years ago? I'm genuinely too anxious to sleep, which sucks.

Do you shave your legs regularly if you are a girl/shave your face if you a guy? I'm a girl and my boyfriend doesn't care, and neither do I, so I don't really shave. Though I do shave my armpits and netherbits.

My boyfriend has an asshole friend, who admits he's an asshole and who all his friends admit he's an asshole. I asked my boyfriend to come do something with me, and after we hung out for a while, he got online and his friend wanted to know where he'd been, and when my boyfriend said that we'd been watching a movie cos I wanted to do something together, asshole friend told him to tell me to watch him play video games with his friends if I wanted to do something together (not play with them, to watch HIM play and stay out of his and his friend's time), and he's said this three times now on different occasions and nobody encourages him, they just half-heartedly laugh.

How do I get it through to my boyfriend that it really hurts my feelings that he isn't standing up for me and telling his guy to shut up?
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is it just me, or did anyone else find it severely difficult to figure out how to work the iPod Touch? I got one for Christmas and I'm having a hell of a time figuring out how to put music on it. I've downloaded itunes and "sync'd" it but nothing is happening. Also, the damn thing thought it was 1970 for a while. I don't even.

Talk about the iTouch. Favorite app/feature? Did you ... did you manage to get music on it?

Edit// music seems to be on itouch by way of clicking "autofill." Next task: getting pictures onto the thing. How the HELL....?


 Well apparently someone thought they could buy their child's future... 

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I'm curious as to what grounds the father thinks he has to win this case.

What is the stupidest thing on the news this week where you live?

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how much do you hate the new facebook?

i've been trying for like 2 hours to get my education information to say "Studies at University of Toronto" (as everyone's fb says this if they are only in second year like me), however mine refuses to change from "Studied at University of Toronto". lol it's like facebook has decided i am no longer a student and is informing me that i am academically shunned.

DK/DC: Do you feel sorry for celebs who have given up privacy/freedom for fame, or do you see it more as a fair price to pay for an "easy" life (money, fame, success, etc)?

i use to be all "OH POOR THEM, RICH AND FAMOUS, LOLOL IGNORE DEM PAPZ" but now i'm more like... man, privacy is a luxury i don't think i'd ever want to give up - even for fame, so i feel for celebs.

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Is it sexual harassment to tell my coworkers that my boobs hurt? I suspect it is, but THEY HURT SO MUCH and all I want to say all day is "OW MY BOOBS HURT!", and it is totally not the least bit sexy.

If you have a veggie garden/planter box, will you show me?* I just planted some rainbow chard and special round carrots on my windowsill and I am very excited ^_^

Does veggie lasagne freeze well? I want to make a giant batch to use up all the veggies in my fridge, but then it would need to be frozen. I have a memory of horrible horrible frozen lasagne, but I think that one was bad because we left it out overnight accidentally before putting it in the freezer.

*I forgot most of you are in crazy cold winter time.

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My housemate has just created a facebook event for a party she's planning to have in our house the day before I get back, and more than 200 people are on the invite list.
How much carnage is there going to be when I get back?
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What genre is "Jennifer's Body" supposed to be?  Its on TV and I can't think of any genre except God-awful.

How do you give your dog a bath in the wintertime so that you don't make a mess in your house or freeze the dog?  I'm new to this whole dog owner thing.
EDIT: He's about 9months old and weighs 40 lbs.


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Is a wine-colored, 4-button suit jacket appropriate for a professional conference?

Background: I'm attending a state-wide networking conference in two weeks; it's my 10th time attending, so people know who I am. I'm thinking the color and the # of buttons may come across as too bold/formal, but I've recently lost a lot of weight (most of these people haven't seen me in a year), and I look really good in the jacket and wanting to show off a little.

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Should I watch Breaking Bad or Weeds? If it makes a difference, I'll probably only have time to watch two episodes tonight, and I want the most out of the two episodes.

What are the fireworks laws like where you live?

I went to the local convenience store to buy some fruit and the fruit display had been moved and replaced with a whole bunch of fireworks. Where I grew up fireworks are pretty much illegal, so this was unusual for me.

Any stories involving icicles?

A friend of mine had one outside her window and she decided it would be a good idea to break it off and take a photo with it. Half of it broke off in her hand, the other half fell off where it was hanging and cut her little finger on the way down. She doesn't mess around with icicles anymore.

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My boyfriend's mom hates me and talks very badly about me behind my back. She acts fake nice to me when she has to and I can't stand it. We have to go over there for lunch in ~20 minutes. My boyfriend moved out a few weeks ago and has been staying with me.

How bad is this going to be?

How do you handle situations where you have to be somewhere with someone that you hate/hates you?

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What is your favorite show that is currently on TV?

The leading character is going to being replaced by some other actor. Do you feel upset? Worried? Excited? Aggravated? Is there anyone you would feel is acceptable to replace the protagonist? Make suggestions as to who could step in and not destroy the show. 

Inspired by Steve Carell leaving The Office. Bah!

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it's late december and where I live the temperature is usually below freezing this time of year.

but today it's like 60°F!

should I go outside and be happy and celebrate, or worry that global climate change is going to kill us all?

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For those of you who have ever gotten a red light ticket from a street camera, where do you live, how long did it take for the ticket to arrive, and how much did you have to pay?

I'm pretty sure I'll get one within the next few weeks or so and there's no argument that I ran it. Do I have to go to court or can I just pay and be done with it? I live in Ohio btw.
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This is not a question about eyebrows, or eyebrow waxing, but it is part of the story/question.

I went to get my eyebrows waxed today, and they had a picture of a Redken model up for the men's section that looked a heck of a lot like a guy I went to High School with (who was actually really attractive, but very socially awkward). How do I find out if it is the same person, or if there is some really uncanny lookalike modeling for Redken?
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How does the weather affect your mood?

Does sunlight ever have a tendency to make you depressed? I really don't know why, and I wish I could figure this out, but sunlight sometimes makes me feel depressed. It's a certain kind of sunlight, like during winter and the sun stays low (at least, where I live?) and it makes it seem brighter, because it's more easily in your eyes. Today it was really bright out, and gave the day a very bleak feeling to me. I imagine if it was cloudy and raining, I would feel better. But I do live in Seattle, where clear days are more rare.
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Why the hell is Barnes & Noble denying my debit card? I've bought stuff from them no problem before and I have $70+ in debit - it's just a $10 charge. I have been on hold with them for 27 minutes. How do I keep from ripping my own face off?
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TQC, will you motivate me to get out of my apartment and do something? What should I do? I'm in Boston (not technically, but close enough) if that helps.

What is your secret weapon?

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What are you doing tomorrow? What would you rather be doing?

I'm driving me and my friend 3 hours to his uni house tomorrow. The only thing I want to be doing is sleeping and spending time with my mum, even though she isn't here.
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Does anyone know Hebrew? If yes and you can type in Hebrew characters, can you type this for me?

When they build subway tunnels, where do they put the dirt? I always wonder that in the Metro.
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So I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Baxter's Blog (
which is a tattoo-eque blog. On the blog he had a poll "Bad Tattoos" with a sub line of "What could be more fun than putting down other people’s lousy ink? Here’s your big chance." A bunch of tattoos were listed, some really bad, some nicely done. One of the comments was, "While your at it lets post pics of people you think need to lose weight or dress better and make fun of them until they do!"
My you think making fun of "bad" tattoo's is on par with making fun of over weight or poorly dressed people?

Edited to add...
Drama all up on the blog!

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TQC, are there any decisions that you need help making? Trivial or srs!

I can't decide what to make for dinner (much later) tonight... options are bbq pork chop with steamed broccoli and a baked sweet potato, or pork chop and veggie stir fry with rice noodles with some kind of soy sauce concoction (I was thinking soy sauce, maple syrup, garlic, ginger and a little tangerine juice). Which should I make?

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My googlefu is failing me. What's the German word that means something like the realisation that life is not living up to your expectations? It was used in the Big Bang Theory (by Sheldon I think) in series 3 I think, but I don't have the DVDs.

Alternatively, what is the worst thing you've ever eaten for dinner? Two nights ago I had a can of Tennent's Lager and a Pop Tart.

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Would it be academic suicide to take Intro to Sociology and Intro to Psychology in the same term? I have never taken either of them before. I'm already signed up for Psych, but Sociology is the only class available in the time slot I need, except for a history class that I can exempt because of my AP scores.

ETA: Nevermind, I found my answer. I looked up the Sociology professor, and he got like a 2.1 on ratemyprofessor for being "rude and forgetful". By chance I then found a public speaking class with two seats left, whose professor is supposed to be amazing, so I went with that instead of Intro to Soc.
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So cold. :(

So, every part of my body is roasty-toasty warm except my feet. I'm wearing two pairs of socks and some fuzzy slippers. The cause of my cold feet is that in the winter they sweat. I guess they're cold-sweats?

But how do I stop my feet from sweating in the winter?
Do you have this problem or something like it?

DK;DC: What is one of the most disturbing, yet rather funny videos you have seen recently?Collapse )
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I'm working at my part-time job right now and this lady has been walking around talking on her cell phone. I greeted her when she came in and she just gave me a dirty look and kept on walking. Okay, whatever. So she walked up near where I am and... her cell phone rings. While she's talking on it.

Have you ever faked talking on your cell phone to avoid interaction with someone? How did that work out for you?

If you don't care about this, what are you listening to right now?
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I just cut a pepper in half and was greeted with TWO STILL-WIGGLING HALVES OF A CATERPILLAR. Plus a whole lot of gross looking stuff that was either rotting pepper or caterpillar poop or idek what. I seriously thought I was going to throw up for a second, and I haven't puked in like ten years.

What was the last or worst horrifying food-related experience you've had?

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1. What are your favorite ways to use Nutella?

2. My neighbor has been outside trying to fix his motorcycle since the early afternoon. He keeps starting it up, running it a minute, then turning it off over and over again and it's driving me crazy.

It's 27* and dark out. I should sneak up and spray him with the hose, yes?
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i don't understand.
i came back at around 5:30 (an hour and a half ago) from all you can eat sushi
i obviously ate sushi x 3492048238
but i am hungry again. 
why does my stomach do this to me?

what did you eat today, so far?

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What a good free and easy to use audio editing software?
I want to make a long song into individual tracks so I don't need anything complicated.

What's your favorite musical genre?

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Anybody familiar with how the GI Bill works? I got paid for 12 days of December, will they pay me for just the 20 days I'll be in class for January or will I get pay to cover the gap? (It's the post 9-11 GI Bill)
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My future MIL is going to throw me a bridal shower. It's not until May but she's been bugging me for ideas/guest list/etc. I'm really indecisive. Help?

Should should I have it on a Saturday afternoon or Sunday afternoon?
What kind of theme should it have, if any?
What kind of food should be catered?
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what is your favourite word in the english language?

what is your least favourite word in the english language?

and BONUS QUESTION! do you have a favourite and least favourite word in another language other than english (even if you don't speak the language fluently, but just know a enough words to know your favourite and/or least favourite)? OR maybe there's a word you love in another language, even if you don't speak the language at all at all? if you answer this one, will you tell us what language the words are in and what they mean?

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Guys, I can't seem to remember childhood at all. Is it unusual for ten year old girls to call their mothers 'mommy'? Have they way graduated to 'mom' at that point?

*for something I'm writing

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 1) Hey, TQC, what are some great workout songs? Anything with a good beat to it.

2) Do you work out? What do you do? I do bellydance and kickboxing at the mo, but I'm thinking of trying yoga.

3) Are you a fan of jersey knit sheets? If not, are you a fan of any non-standard sheets?
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TQC, my husband just sent me this text: AZ!£"z!!!ZZZZz"""AzZZZzsaZZaZZ

Can you translate that into English for me? All I get "I can't work my Driod's keyboard" so I thought you could be more creative.

[Edit: I don't mean real meaning like "butt text"! Jeez you guys]
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What formulaic show gives you comfort? I just watched SVU and everything worked out how I expected it to in the first ten minutes, *phew*.
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Ever looked yourself up on I just found out about it and I looked myself up and they had pictures of me, my actual full address, a street view image of my house, my online acounts, and all of that craziness. I feel legitimately violated. I think it only works if you live in the United States but this makes me uneasy. You can be searched by even your email address and usernames. 

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What is your favorite variety of holiday candy?

Brought to you by the Cadbury creme eggs I brought home from the grocery store this afternoon... om nom nom

Alternatively, which should I watch: The Fountain, Ghost World, The Kids are All Right, or The Social Network?

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do you read self help books?
if so, which ones are your "favourites" and/or helped you in some way?
if not, what are your favourite novels?

d/c: do you think a 17 year  age difference is too much when it comes to having a romantic relationship with someone? (the guy is 17 years old than the girl, shes 26, he is turning 43)
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I'm going to a potluck dinner party early tomorrow night, {and then to a bar}.
50% of the people are vegetarian, so what delicious dish can I bring?
It needs to be transportable in a car & not vomit-inducing after aformentioned drinking. Main or dessert.

DK/C: Sure it's been asked but.. what are you doing for NYE?

Random questions

At what age did you start dancing at parties without being self-conscious?

Do you get along better with you mother or father?

First celebrity crush?(if you had one)

First favorite artist/band?

What are your hobbies?

Do you think you enjoy your life most days?

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1. What's the longest you've ever stayed awake?

2. Have you ever had your luggage "delayed," as in it somehow got left behind at your destination or connection city? If so, did you ever get it back? This just happened to me, and I'm worried sick that I won't see my suitcase again :(