December 28th, 2010


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this discussion keeps coming up amongst my friends.

can guys get drunk enough to forget having sex with someone?

i've always said so, but i have friends who argue no guy who is blackout drunk can get it up. i'd say i'm living proof, as is my friend, but then two of our friends tonight were all, "They're just lying/avoiding it! They remember, they just don't want to address it!" AND THIS ARGUMENT JUST KEEPS COMING UP.

I <3 TLV

Birthday party???

What should I do for my birthday this year? It's in less than two weeks. I started a tradition a couple years ago of going to NYC and celebrating in fancy restaurants, but I'm also getting sick of how cold it is there (I'm in Northern Virginia ATM). Are there any fancy vegan-friendly restaurants south of here that would be worth a trip? Any other ideas where I should go or what I should do? I would require a gluten-free vegan cake at my chosen location (not a problem in NYC or DC, but I don't know about elsewhere). Suggestions? My birthday is the 8th and I can go anywhere within a day's driving distance, and I'd need to be back by the 11th. And you probably all know my Great Loves (cats and Star Trek) so anything related to those things is good too, as long as there is also cake.

I also need warm but thin fingerless gloves that cover all but finger tips. Where can I find them??
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so I'm rewatching buffy because, well, what are breaks for? and I just realized that she and I either share a birthday or damn close which leads me to the important question:

who do you share a birthday with, fictional or otherwise?

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I like bands whose music features classical instruments. So far I listen to The Smashing Pumpkins, Rasputina, Azure Ray, Vermillion Lies and Rachel's--so anything ranging from a bit of piano and cello to modern classical music. Any recommendations?

Tell me your stories about traveling with lots of strangers--flying, taking Greyhound, whatever. Most annoying fellow passenger? Coolest passenger? Best trip, worst trip?

The Old Man and the Seabiscuit

They're making the Hobbit, which is a prequel to Lord of the Rings. In the event they can't get Ian McKellen to play Gandalf, which elderly actor would you like to see play that character?

Patrick Stewart
Andy Griffith
Morgan Freeman
Sean Connery
Woody Allen
Betty White
Martin Landau
Sam Eliot
Kirk Douglas
Robert Redford
Peter O'Toole
Clint Eastwood
Willie Nelson
Danny Devito
Daniel Tosh in old man makeup

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Either this house is haunted or one of my nephews is trying to sneak up the back stairs in order to scare me. 

TQC:  How do you react when people jump out and scare you (or do similar things)?  This child has no idea what is in store for him if he tries to scare me.  I will go ballistic.  

Also: do you like children? 

I can't stand them.  
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Should I watch Requiem for a Dream or Eterenal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind?

I've seen both, but the person I'm with has not seen either. They would love both and it's about 4 in the morning if that makes a difference.

ETA: Or American Psycho?

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i am totally resenting the fact that i had/have to work yesterday and today while everyone i know is either sleeping in after partying at night or just being lazy and doing nothing.  grrrr.
what are you resenting right now?
what are your big plans for today?
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I'm siting here on a video conference call, bored out of my mind and trying to look like I'm paying attention. Can we have an anything type post so I can keep pretending I am being productive?

How is your week going so far? If you work, what days do you get off for the New Year?
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So, I  know it's past Christmas, but I'm going to a Christmas shin-dig later on today and I want to get a gift for the host's son but i don't know what. Preferably something I can make, but Idk.
I know he's about14-15, has a pet snake, and some tropical fishies, and he likes video games like pretty much everyone else his age, but I don't really know that much else about him.

Will you give me some last-minute ideas?
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i am going to a hockey game tonight, and my friends want to drink beforehand bc the beer at the place is ridic. expensive.
i really wont have time to pre drink before we have to leave and they suggested for me to have one at my friends house and one on the subway.
i refused saying i think its kind of gross and tacky to drink on the subway. esp during rush hours.  plus im not 17 anymore, and if i wanted beer i could buy a beer at the game, really.
they got all attutude-y saying i'm acting like a snob.
do you think i'm acting like a snob?
do you predrink?  what about in public, obviously hiding the booze?


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TQC, can you type correctly? Can you type quickly? If so, how did you learn?

(I type incorrectly with 2-3 fingers but I type super fast. I am trying to force myself to type correctly. I know basically where the keys are, but I always give up because I'm SO SLOW, haha :P)

Recipe Confusion

I'm making Chicken Parm today and the ingredients are as follows


  • 4 whole (up To 6) Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts, Trimmed And Pounded Flat
  • ½ cups All-purpose Flour
  • Salt And Pepper, to taste
  • ½ cups Olive Oil
  • 2 Tablespoons Butter
  • 1 whole Medium Onion, Chopped
  • 4 cloves Garlic, Minced
  • ¾ cups Wine (white Or Red Is Fine)
  • 3 cans (14.5 Oz.) Crushed Tomatoes
  • 2 Tablespoons Sugar
  • ¼ cubes Chopped Fresh Parsley
  • 1 cup Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese
  • 1 pound Thin Linguine
Is it 3 14.5 ounce cans of crushed tomatoes, or a total of 14.5oz of crushed tomatoes?
DK/DC, what is your favorite Italian dish?




I'm taking the train from Wilmington, DE to Charleston, SC next month. I'd rather not check any bags because Amtrak's site states that "Checked baggage is not available on all trains or in all stations," and that just makes me nervous. I only have a medium-sized duffel bag, so it'll be easy enough.

Do they have overhead compartments like on airplanes?
Am I going to have to sit with my bag the whole time?

I'd really like to get up and move about the train for a bit to stretch my legs. Eleven hours is a long time to sit in my seat.

car stereo

I currently drive an 1984 Toyota Camry. The radio will work for about 5-10 minutes, then shut off and will not work again until you have turned the car off for more then 20 minutes. I believe this is a problem with the radio itself. I am going to pull the stereo out of my 1997 Chevy Malibu and put that in, if it will fit.

Do you see any problems that I might have by doing this?

Am I right to think it's a problem with the unit itself (it is the radio that came with it, standard two speaker attachment)?

Will I really need a wiring harness? What exactly does that do?

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TQC, I'm an asshole.

Just now, a little boy rang my doorbell and asked if he could take my dog for a walk.  I was like "Uh, who are you?"
He introduced himself, and shook my hand.  My mom said that he has been walking my dog for a while, so I gave him the leash, said "I guess you can take him to the end of the street" and closed the door.

Apparently, he is a foster child who lives up the road and has been having a hard time making friends, so he spends the afternoons playing with my dog.  I've just never been home when he has come over.

NNNNNGH.  What is your last cringeworthy moment that you super regret?

School, sorrryyy!

I graduated highschool with a 2.5, with an act score of 26. I went to community college to get my GPA up and I screwed that up royally. I now want to apply as a freshman to a university, can I just NOT add my community college experience on there? Or is that not allowed?
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So I was scrubbing carpets and listening to Disney music when a gross injustice of the utmost importance occurred to me:

Why isn't Megara, from the movie Hercules, one of the Disney Princesses?

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DK/DC:  Then don't answer the question.
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Are you an early, late or on-time person?

I'm an early person. It's to the point that I have to actually FORCE myself to leave for things later than I'd prefer to, because I'm always so fucking early for shit.
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Alright TQC, this is my question- if you were told you had to pick five beauty products that you could keep, and five only, what would they be?

1. Clinique superfit foundation
2. Clinique all about eyes
3. Dior show mascara
4. Primer, I use lancome right now, though considering switching. I got a sample of smashbox prmer!
5. Any clinique lipstick

Also, what are some really yummy smelling lotions/shower gels, etc, that you use? Mom got me a vanilla cupcake travel set from sephora for Christmas, and the body butter smells good enough to eat!

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Should I get a credit card through Capitol One, who keeps sending me mail, or Visa? Idk anything about these kinds of things.

edit: ALSO, I just got hired for a part-time lab assistant job. I don't know what to put as my annual income, because I don't know how many hours I'll be working. I also don't know my work phone number. What should I put for those form areas?

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How much does it hurt to get your nose pierced? And does the empty hole look really gross/stupid when there's nothing in there, or is it not that noticeable? Do you think nose piercings look cute?
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I know this isn't a fashion community but I'd like some opinions for my NYE clothing options. I know they're not glitzy but I'm a guy so I have deal.

OPTION #1 (in turquoise) with a white button up under it and possible a tie.
OPTION #2 (in colbalt) with a black or white button up and a tie.

I can't decide and I'm going to the mall in like 2 hours. Which one should I wear for NYE?

dk/dc: what's for dinner?

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Do any of you watch "Downsized"? What do you think of it?

If you had seven kids to feed and basically just enough money coming in to make it month to month and your SO was offered a job for six months in another state that would amount to a year's salary, would you want them to go?

*just your SO is're staying in your house with your kiddos


TL;DR back ground, but is relevant to my questions.

I'm so annoyed and fed up with having to detail clean my house almost daily. I'm about to start back to full time school on Jan 10th AND possibly a job next week. At this point, while having no school/work, I'm already burnt out on cleaning the house and making sure everything is done. Help??

1) We have a large open living room/dining room/kitchen/foyer with a L wall as support. The living room/dining room area has dark brown laminate wood flooring and the kitchen/foyer has light tile. We have a sliding glass door at the back of the house, in the dining room; the front door, as well as the door from the garage in the foyer. It's a one story house and we have 2 dogs and 3 adult humans living here. All of these factors are making it to where I'm having to dust, vacuum, sweep, and steam mop daily and it STILL manages to look dusty with in a few hours. Do you have any secrets to keeping your house clean from dust/dirt/hair/etc?

2) How do you split up chores in your household?

3) Do you have any cleaning tips/sites/blogs that you frequent? Can you link me?

ETA @ 5:26pm EST: I guess it would have been helpful to mention that I have allergies and so keeping the house as dust free as possible is fairly important as it helps me not scratch my eyes out. My house is FAR from perfectly clean all the time, but I guess it's sticking out so much more to me right now because we're throwing a NYE party and so I'm trying to get it all nice for that. AND stressing about starting the new semester + job. UGH.

From colbertican

youtube behind cut
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On a scale of 1 to 10, how uncomfortable/creepy is this video? Grown man who calls himself a fox talks about getting excited when a little boy comes to see him and touching occurs. The Little Prince is a great book, but I'm not sure if I'm on board with this film version, even if it is Gene Wilder


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I've got this turkey in my freezer. That Jimmy Dean sausage in that weird plastic sleeve thing. The use by date was the 25th of November, and it's been frozen the whole time since I bought it. You think we will die if we eat it?

I've got a fever, and the only cure is more bubbles

 1) I'm looking for some more bath stuff, TQC. What brands do you like? What products in particular? I love to take baths, so anything in that genre would be appreciated. 

2) Have you ever had a spa treatment? How was it? Would you do it again? If you haven't, what would you like to try?

3) Bubble baths with your lover: Romantic or stupid? Does the appearance of champagne change this?
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Both craft stores "near" me are a pain-in-the-ass trek out to the suburbs (at least 45 minutes each way). Where else can I buy a big thing of purple glitter?

EDIT: There's no Walmart near me, Target doesn't have any, and all I've seen at CVS are packs of many small tubes of glitter.

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What's your favorite drinking game?

Would you rather play this or this at a (low-key) NYE party? Something else? (Amazon links, searching desperately for something that I can order tonight so it will arrive in time)

Sick of hearing about New Year's? What was the most awkward gift you received this season?
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I'm an introverted, charmless, anxious, unfunny guy who spends his days making small amounts of progress on a BA dissertation and his nights at home on thequestionclub. With a lack of any employment, my own 6' by 9' room in a shared house, no degree, and a tendency to nerdily pursue only a small number of interests.

Why, at 21, have I ended up having dated quite a few girls?
R&I - Maura
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Do you use paper toilet seat covers for public bathrooms?


Do you believe in the 5-second rule? (AKA if food touches the ground you have 5 seconds where you can still eat it)


If you said yes to both, can you explain your logic to me?

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I'm chaperoning my sister and a bunch of her friends (mainly her boyfriend, whatever), and I'm going to be around for at least two hours more, and I'm going crazy.

Can you share some sites you find amusing? How about some web comics? games?

Please, share any page you think will help me to have a good time!
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How can you use an iPod in a car without a cassette player?? My sister had a radio thingy but it never worked right so I don't want one of those (this was at least 5 years ago though so maybe new ones work better?)

TQC LUSH addicts: are any of the discounted holiday gifts worth getting? I don't use bath bombs and I'm only interested in the vegan gifts.

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When was the last time you tripped/slipped/fell over?

While I was walking home from work, I thought the foot path was just a bit wet from it raining recently, but it seems it was covered in extremely slippery muddy water so not only did I fall on my arse and graze my knee and get mud all over me (it's even in my hair), but I SLIPPED AND FELL TWICE MORE while attempting to get up. Ruined my tights, too :(
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So this guy has about 6 books of mine that he borrowed last March. I want them back and still haven't received them back. Three of the books mean a lot to me otherwise I'd just say whatever and count it as a loss and a lesson in life. How should I word it to be forceful but not come across as a vengeful little twit?

I'm trying to collect stuff from other people who have borrowed stuff long ago and never returned it so if I say something like "I'm to recollect stuff that people borrowed over the past year, can you please drop the books off with ______ the next time you see them?" But it just seems so nice....not forceful enough.

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The school I'm going to next fall only has ~600 students total. Which is about the size of my HS graduating class. I like the *idea* of a small school, but I'm kind of apprehensive...

What is the likelihood that I'll totally alienate everyone and have no friends? :c

ETA: DK/DC/Quit this socially-anxious-"Validate me!"-crap, 2nutsforwords: Are you still eating holiday left overs? What delicious wintery foods are you planning to make in the next couple of days?
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So, I was shopping in Forever21 tonight, I heard this song they were playing on the radio that was like:
"ohhhh gurl"
"oh corn dogs"

or something

AND I WAS LAUGHING THE ENTIRE TIME IT WAS ON, and I even asked another shopper, "Am I hearing things or is this fool crooning about corndogs?" and the girl was like, *listens* "OH MY GOD IT DOES SOUND LIKE HE'S SAYING CORN DOGS! HAHA!" but we never came to a conclusion as to whether or not he was ACTUALLY singing about corn dogs :/:/


It was like a R&B/pop song.

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If you sent your friend a text that said "Let me know if you want to do dinner later" and they wrote back "Definitely!"

Would you expect them to contact you regarding dinner?

It's 9pm, should I give up? Is it desperate to send another text to see what's up?


Do you have any New Years Eve traditions?
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Are you on Quora? Can someone explain it to me?

DKDC: Will my parents make their standby flight back home? The extra seats keep getting filled but the flight leaves in less than an hour so there's a possibility they'll make it...

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TQC, I am trying to sell a really fancy furniture set to a friend's friend's mom who is opening up a consignment/antique shop. What information should I include in the first email? I'm sending a picture of each piece, and the company brand that's inside one of the drawers. Should I do price?

I'm nervous, because I'm supposed to get about 1,000 for the whole set (my aunt gave it to me to get rid of it, but the bed is too creaky for my sexytimes lifestyle and she said I could sell it) and I feel like for shitty college town, WV, that's a lot to assume I can get.

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TQC, how did your family handle dinner? Was it a family event or did you just have to shift for yourself? My SO's mom barely cooks and it's weird to me because my mom cooked four or five times a week and we always had dinner all together. I was on the phone with my SO tonight and he sounded kind of out of it, so I asked him what was up and he said that he was really hungry but his mom hadn't made any dinner and there wasn't much food. I'm just wondering if that's a relatively frequent setup.
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TQC, how does looking through your photo albums/old photos make you feel? Particularly photos of yourself?

I'm just looking over my photo albums and it's sort of creeping me out, which I suspect is not an appropriate response.

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Hey Tqc, I met my brother's new girlfriend for the first time this week. She's alright we've barely interacted, but I'm surprised my brother picked her because she comes from an almost exclusively white town and her parents have already expressed their reservations with the relationship in the form of the "think of the poor mixed children" meme. The thing that really bothers me is that this is the second time she has visited my parents' house for an extended period of time and according to my mother she did not eat or drink anything in the house. This time, I've been here and I've observed that my mother is right, the girl will not even accept so much as bottled water from us. She says she's picky. My brother takes her to the food court at the mall for breakfast and dinner. My mother says she's probably never had food that doesn't come out of a box which is why she went through the effort of buying boxed foods my brother says she likes, but she still did not eat.

Tl;dr : Am I right to be offended that a guest refuses to eat or drink anything offered to them in my house when they've been staying here for several days?
Mae by igrab


Hi there everyone,

When do you normally add people on facebook? Would you add work colleagues to your facebook page?

When would it be OK to add someone as a friend (how long would you have to know them)?
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Have you bought a pair of the Dr Martens For Life boots in the past few years?
I need new boots and are considering another pair of Docs. I had a pair like ten years ago and they didn't impress me. I think they may have updated them by now. There was zero insulation or padding and they took a long time to break in and were just generally not comfortable to me, but people are always saying Dr Martens are great. I was looking at the shoe store and they had a pair of them, but I don't know if it's the same kind that has the guarantee(you have to get those online). The ones in the store did have some padding and insulation. They didn't have my size so I couldn't try them on and I want to get the lifetime kind anyway which may not be the same boots.

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What was the last ridiculously stupid thing you heard someone say?

My SO's mom threatened to send him to jail for drinking at a family dinner on Christmas. He is going to be 22 in May. JAIL. FAMILY DINNER. WTF.

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Four hours later, my friend finally said that he's ready to hang out.
I JUST took the last bite of my food that I have been waiting to eat. (Dinner and dessert...ughhh)
EDIT: Actually he just said he was picking someone up, when I asked him what that meant, he explained that he has a lot to do plans...


Does this sort of crap happen to you, too?

Do you just accept this from certain friends and know not to plan stuff or what?

Hosting parties!

I know this gets asked a lot but I would love to know what everyone is making for new years parties this year!

What is your menu for a new years party if you are having one?

What are your favorite appetizers?

(bonus if any of them are vegan, I will have a good amount of vegans at my house on new years and do not want to disappoint!)

what are some good teas?
god bless the world

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Right, so it has come to our attention that someone in my circle of friends, who's sort of the new girl in town, has been faking her supposedly British accent and is actually from Canada.  It's been pretty bloody obvious from the beginning, but it's now been confirmed officially that she's never actually been to Europe.

Why do people fake accents?  Why is it always a British accent?  Why not Australian or South African or Irish?  What in God's name would possess someone to do this?  Wouldn't you be worried you'd actually run in to someone who really was from the country that was supposedly your native homeland and get called out?  Have you ever known anyone to do something like this?
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Has anyone successfully trained their cat to use the toilet? My cat Marny prefers the top open style box, and when she uses it she doesn't go in but sits on top like she's on a toilet seat. I want to train her to use an actual toilet. There are a few different methods out there to toilet train a cat, any tips?
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What is it with all the questions about sex as of late?

DK/DC: What are you craving like mad right now?

I would like some pistachios and cashews, ngl. And a properly made french dip sandwich.

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What are you really happy/thankful about right now? 

My fiance and I are moving into a giant house owned by my sister, and she is letting us live there rent free for 8 or 9 months (and then she's kicking us out and moving in)! That saves us about $1,000 a month! 
We'll be able to save money finally! Wooooo!