December 27th, 2010


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What are some things you've been meaning to get into but for one reason or another it hasn't happened yet? 

Regular workouts (I've been slacking!) :(

Do you hope to start or start maintaining any of these things in the new year? 
Ginger Snaps

The Yule Tide is High

What did you get for Christmas/the holidays?

Gift cards
Stuffed animal
Skin products/hair products
Computer/computer accessories
Phone/phone accessories
Absolutely nothing. No one loves me
colours are nice

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hi guys - i had a shitty drunk experience tonight, after not drinking for about three months (a year ago i was drinking almost every weekend). can you give me reasons to either a) stop drinking entirely, or b) keep drinking?
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Hey TQC, you're having a conversation with someone! You're all like 'so what do you do?' and they're all like 'I'm a dancer'. Which of the following do you assume?:

a.) they are a dancer of the classical/modern/competitive variety
b.) they are a dancer of the pole/cage/lap variety

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How long do you need to be vomiting from food poisoning before you g to the hospital?
I'm sososo thirsty, but every time I take as much as a sip, I puke everything down to stomach acid.
Mabrielle - Still waiting for a yes

la de da

My ear infection is healing, and now I have fluid in my ear that that builds up obnoxiously. it is draining out slowly, thankfully, however, I am wondering how long this is supposed to go on for?

Btw, i've had the infection for three and a half days, and theeeeeeen fluid in my ear for another two and a half days. It is getting quite hard to hear. My forehead is a bit warmer than usual, too. i still have some drops left that i am using that i got from my doc, am I going to be okay? Shall I wait it out until my drops are gone?
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Ever since the semester ended, my boyfriend and I have been on a horrible sleep schedule. We've been going to bed around 4-5 am and getting up anywhere from 2 pm to 4 pm. :\

We don't have anything planned for the next few days, but we do need to clean and it'd be nice if we were awake to see the sunlight. It's 6 am right now and we're both still up, watching Weeds and internetting on our separate computers. I don't know about him, but I'm kind of tired.

Should we try to stay up and just go to bed semi early tonight? If we fail and fall asleep later, we'll risk messing up our schedule even more.

Or, should we just go to bed kind of soon and wake up like normal since we have nothing to do? Ugh I just don't want to waste the day :(
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So, inspired by me misunderstanding a question below,
How much do you hate a day w/o sunlight?

OMG, I get so sad, esp. if I'm at school. I just want to go to the bathroom and cry my eyes dry.
This is why I generally hate winter. Sunshine is my crack. :D

DK;DC: Potatoes = ground bread* Y/N?

*Bread from the ground. Most dense vegetables know as tubers, or vegetables such as corn that are high in carbohydrate content.
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why is my company's "inclement weather hotline" telling me that all offices are open? ARE THEY SERIOUS?

no matter! i'm calling my own snow day. seeing as to how the LIRR is completely not operational and i can't get to work anyway.

are you having a snow day?
my sister's friend has been stuck on a LIRR train for 12 hours at this point. what would you do if you were stuck on a train for that long? isn't that kind of kidnapping?

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TQC, we have a blizzard warning today and there's snow in the atmosphere already. I live on a pretty steep hill, and I'm also on my work's schedule for right in the middle of the afternoon when the snow is supposed to be heaviest. My dad hates driving in the snow, and my car can't handle ten-plus inches. I need to call out of work, y/n?

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My fully capable mother just stood by the door while I started shoveling the 12 billion feet of snow and proceeded to tell me HOW to shovel.

What would your response to this be?
Was I too snippy when I said that I didn't need an overseer and I know how to shovel snow?

Who shovels this shit by your house?

I have a couple questions...

1) Is eyelash primer worth the sometimes insane pricetag? I'd love longer lashes and long-wearing mascara, but that shit is expensive and if it isn't even a remarkable product...

2) This is a long shot, but have any of you read Georgette Heyer novels? What are your favorties?

3) Did you take any pictures of your pets on/for Christmas? Let us see!
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How pissed off are you right now?
Do you want to post hate letters here (practice the writing angry letters and not sending them exercise)?
Do you want to beat someone up?
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After you open a bottle of wine, and you haven't finished it, which is better - put it back in refridgeration or leave it out at room temp (which can vary overnight) with the cork in it? Does it matter if said refridgeration is a wine fridge or a regular fridge?
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I originally signed up for a class next semester that I am now having doubts about. The amount of credits isn’t an issue, but there are pros and cons to each.
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Basically, would you rather have a class that meets on Fridays from 5:30 to 6:30 at night or a class that meets from 7:40 to 8:40 on a Wednesday night? It would be your only class both nights.

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TQC, I just called into work to see how busy the store was, and I explained that my dad wouldn't drive me with the snow and my manager was like, "Well, it's really busy and the rest of us are here, so..." UGH GUILT TRIP. Do your managers guilt trip you? How do you respond if they do?

Also, who in their right mind thought, "Hey, it's snowing. Great time to go return those gifts I hated!"? Do you like to go driving when it's snowing?

What should I do with the steak tips my dad bought for supper?
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Do you guys get post-Holiday blues?  If yes, how do you combat it?

Do you shop after-Christmas sales?  Anything in particular you are hoping to score?  I have about $260 in Christmas monies and credit card cash back rewards to spend.  How should I spend it?

How should I spend a $25 Kindle gift card?

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If you saw an ad this weekend promoting a movie that was "the comedy of the
decade," would you assume they were talking about the first decade of the 2000s
or the second decade? And what are we calling those decades, anyway?
baby bilo and baby biggles laughing :)
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 I have a weak left wrist and constant aching back. Sometimes it takes me an hour or more to go to sleep because of it. I am always cracking and popping it to relieve the pain, but I know that just makes it worse.

How do you start to fix this?
Susan Blackwell

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Assuming you worked part time somewhere when you were high school/early college, did you often get a lot more shifts during your holiday vacation/March break? 
Did you ask for them, or were they just given to you?

What kind of place did you work in? (Retail, food service etc.)

edit: Because I normally work Thursday, Friday, Saturday nights, but my boss gave me two more 6-8 hour shifts this week without telling me and I don't really want/need them, but there's no one I can give them to. kri kri

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So TQC, it looks like my flight to New York tomorrow (from London) is going to be cancelled. And I refuse to admit defeat and come back home from the airport, so where shall I go instead?!

I'd rather it be somewhere in the US, Canada, Australasia or Asia. It should be somewhere that will be fun for NYE but also somewhere where I can have fun on my own! I was thinking Disney World but I think it might depress me being there on my own.
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have any of you ever had a root canal? if so, how bad was the pain afterwards, and how many days did it last?

i am not having one myself thank goodness, but my mom just had one today and i feel so bad for her :(

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TQC, help me guess what I'm doing soon please! I'm going out with a friend within the next hour, but he won't tell me what it is.

He gave me a few hints.

- It's something that's done all over the world since forever
- Dress attire is casual/sexy
- I'll spend hours there and want to spend as much time there as possible as most people do
- It might be a game

I realize this isn't much to work with, but I want to play with all the possible options. What do you think this might be?

ETA: Haha.. really? It isn't sex. I asked!
daffy xmas

i just realized i wanted basketball tickets and didn't get any!

which of these presents did you receive recently?

underwear (sexy)
underwear (non-sexy)
something for cooking food
small appliance
gift card to a retail store
gift card to a restaurant
gift card to someplace online
candy (chocolate)
candy (non-chocolate)
sporting equipment
an actual CD in a case
oh suzer, im not materialistic, but i sure do like getting stuff.

if you got a stocking with stuff in it...was any of that stuff...any of these?

chap stick
nail file
dental floss
tickets to something
lip gloss
eye shadow
make up (non-lip and eye category)
shaving cream/gel
didn't get a stocking
something i haven't figured out what it is yet
oh suzer, happy new year.
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Hi Doctor TQC!

In the last week I have developed little itchy, zit-like, red bumps all over my body. They're mostly concentrated on my stomach, lower back, butt, shoulders and thighs. After some research I've determined that's it's bedbugs, fleas from my new kitten, chickenpox, or an allergic reaction to laundry stuff. I've obsessively examined my bed for signs of bedbugs, my kitty doesn't seem to be itchy (but she is going to the vet tomorrow), I've had the chickenpox and shingles, and I don't think I've changed my laundry soap, but I did use a static-cling sheet last time, which I never do and I have very sensitive skin. My live-in boyfriend is not experiencing these issues.

Murphy pose

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Help me TQC,

I have been couching up mucous (some clear, some colored) and felt weak and tired for the past two days. Last night, I had a fever of 100.4. This morning, I felt 50% better with no fever and went into work after checking with my boss. I got off work early today because I was starting to feel worse. I was working up front rather than treating patients, so that made it easy to leave. I called my doctor and told the receptionist my symptoms. She said they could just call something in for me. She didn't say what. Two hours later, the pharmacy still hasn't received a call. Now, my fever is back and up to 101.5 and my nose is getting runny. Should I just go ahead and schedule an appointment for tomorrow to see my doctor, or wait for the prescription? I feel with a fever, this warrants physically seeing my doctor, but I don't want to pay the co-pay if I can help it. I have patients to see tomorrow, and I don't want to subject them to my germs.

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Alanis Morissette has given birth to a baby boy (on Christmas day, lolz..)
(isn't it ironic that that happened to someone who played the role of God in a movie..)
What do you think of the baby's name, "Ever"?

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Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Didn't get either one for Christmas
Both have legs
I've had sex with both of them
Both start with the same letter (I write things phonetically)
Both are gifts that didn't make the 12 days of Christmas list (13 ravens cawing/14 writing desks just sitting there)
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I got a $60 Macy's gift card for Christmas but I don't know how to spend it. Most everything on their website seems overpriced. I've been thinking of getting into makeup... should I buy the Urban Decay palette for $38? Is that a fair price?

Any suggestions on what I could buy that wouldn't be a ripoff? Looking at these Cashmere sweaters for $29.99... hmm.

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TQC, US Airways is effing my friend over. He was meant to come home tomorrow (he's a Marine and he hasn't been home in four years) but they cancelled his flight because of the weather. They rescheduled him for a flight on Wednesday but are making him pay a $200 fare difference and he can't afford it, so he can't come home. Is there anything he can do to fight this?
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The girl at work today showed a wee bit more cleavage than necessary,...what should I do???

say:"yo, nice jugs!"
ask her to cover up
relax and enjoy the view
grab those bad girls and start motorboating

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I have both 'The God Delusion' and 'God, Actually: Why God Probably Exists' - which one should I read first?

I don't think my Mum is keen on my little brother's girlfriend. I'm not either, if I'm honest. Have your sibling ever dated someone you didn't really like? Can you tell me about it?
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I have naturally mousy brown hair and I'm getting really bored of the color. Thinking of trying henna, but I'm wondering how it will look when my hair starts to grow out? Any experiences? I don't want the pressure of having to constantly redye my hair to avoid ugly roots. Any suggestions? Other ways to enhance dull mousy hair?

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i don't feel a thing when i see a commercial to help starving or dying children. but the SECOND an ASPCA commercial comes on, i burst into tears. i can't even leap for the remote in time.

is anyone else like this?
Aw Shit

Diagnose me, TQC

Diagnose me!

Since about noon my time (right now it's 8:13) I have been feeling nauseous. The last thing I ate were vegan cookies at 5pm. We don't have ipecac in my house (and I'm afraid to throw up anyway because it will all just be stomach acid) and I am going to Miami on the 2nd.  

So my question is: what is wrong with me? Any home remedies to make the nauseous feeling go away?

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Is anyone here from Colorado? Or even better, is anyone from Denver?

My friend and I are looking to move there this summer and we'd like to know what neighborhoods are best! We're not super rich or anything (we'll be 23 and 24), so we probably can't afford the NICEST neighborhood ever, but I'm willing to look at anything!

Any advice for someone moving to a completely different state?

Do you live in Arlington, TX???

Dating a guy that enjoys going out to eat at places that are not big chain-type restaurants.  I'm very cool with this, but he lives in Dallas and I live in Arlington, and I'm still REALLY new here.  I love the places he takes me to, but I sometimes feel bad about how much driving we do (except when we're on the bike, because the ride is the entertainment).  He is generally the one that makes suggestions simply because I don't know where to go, which means we usually go into Dallas because he knows nothing about Arlington.

So, I'm asking for suggestions on cool places to eat in Arlington but, here's, the kicker...

I am ridiculously picky.

I don't like Mexican food.  I don't like much of anything.  If it grows out of the ground, I probably won't eat it.  I can generally find something to eat just about anywhere, though.  But certain very specific restaurants (i.e like say Lebanese food, or Mediterranean) kind of scare me that I won't be able to find something to eat.  Totally love good Italian food, we like a good burger joint, and pizza is a favorite.

So, where in Arlington do you like to go?

ETA: What is a better word than ethnic to describe such a restaurant then? 

Freezing Cold Camping

Myself and a group of friends have been planning for months to go camping this week - tomorrow through Thursday. Florida has gotten hit with a cold front and temperatures tomorrow night are possibly going to drop to freezing or slightly below. On the upside, there's no chance of precipitation (as much as I'd like to see snow, snow or freezing rain would really make camping difficult).

Have you ever camped in temperatures near freezing or below freezing? If so, did you enjoy the experience and do you have any tips for someone camping in such conditions?

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Since I've been working at my holiday seasonal job, I've saved enough money that I can use it to pay off my student loans for the next six months. What's the last thing you did that made you say, "Man, that was a responsible adult-like move!"? Real and sarcastic answers appreciated.

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so i have a bunch of new games thanks to christmas and steam sales... too many in fact and now i have no idea which one to play first... help me choose?

assassins creed brotherhood
fable III
little big planet
mirror's edge
kotor (which is actually not totally new since i've played it before but lost my copy years ago)
super meat boy
the witcher

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What eyeshadows besides brown/bronze/grey look good with blue eyes? I have just about every color but I never know what to use besides those colors.

Does anyone buy MUFE (Makeup Forever) shadows? I only have the dark matte brown but I want another one or two. No idea what to get. D:
surreal nights
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What Jeans size are you, TQC members?

I don't know if the sizing is different in American Jeans than others (and I'm too tired to type in some letters on my computer to find out), so please indicate where you're from if there is a difference, if it's not too much trouble!

Should I go hang out with my friends tomorrow or finish doing work that's due next Monday so I can have the rest of the week work-free?

Drinking's making me creative tonight

Your SO comes home with a bunch of bootleg DVDs of current movies, but upon closer inspection, he/she actually brought home some sound-alike knockoffs. Which of these sound-alikes would you watch first?

The Black Swank - movie about divas in Harlem
Voyage of the Down Trader - the adventures of a duck feather salesman
Little Flockers - tale of midget sheepherders
Yogi Beard - unlikely true story of the yoga instructor who protested the war by not shaving for a week
127 Hoors - what's more outrageous than 126 hoors?
Coffee cups

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My boyfriend said he has something serious to talk about but it has to be in person. Will he...

Break up with me
Break the news that he has an incurable disease
Propose a threesome
Ask me to move in with him and his parents
Ask me to wear a strap-on
Tell me he's gay
Tell me he's a furry
Other - you're insane
All of the above - it'll be a hell of a weekend
Relevant facts: we've been dating for a little over 4 years, and we're long-distance right now because I moved away for my job. I'm visiting him next week.
What will he do??

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I'm a bit beside myself with how to be a better emotional support to my best friend. While she has suffered the worst kind of betrayal I can think of and is in a far worse position being in her own shoes right now than I could ever be, my relationship with those who betrayed her was quite close over the years. And, so I too feel a level of rage toward these people that I can't shake. My best friend is furious beyond words and I'm feeding her anger constantly when a part of me thinks I should be helping her to start the process of letting go.

In September, my best friend's gay brother got married to a man he'd been seeing for a long time. Hardly a month later, in October, this man broke the scandalous news to my best friend that when he went to meet her brother and her husband at the storage unit he discovered her brother inside performing oral sex on her husband. When confronted, her brother and husband tried their damnedest to make all kinds of excused, but when it came down to it the truth revealed that the two of them had messed around quite a few times over the years. Two marriages are ruined. Hearts are broken. And there are a lot of questions.

My question is, simply, WHY? I mean, are gay men always this impulsive and disgusting? Are men, in general, this impulsive and disgusting?

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TQC, how can I stop feeling guilty all the time?

(I feel guilty all the time, for everything. Even little things. I got slightly frustrated that the living room was cluttered, and so my Husband helped me pick it up a bit. He wasn't mad or put out or anything, and it took all of five seconds. Afterward though, I felt so guilty for "throwing a fit" (my own words) and felt as bad as if I had said something mean or done something out of line.

Every single day. Everyone is allowed to be human and mess up except for me. How do I stop this? I'm sure its annoying to my Husband and other as well.
Atlanits Musketeers

Wine, Wine, Wine ;)

To the wine snobs out here -

What wine, if any, would you pair with BBQ ribs? 

I'm looking to plan a menu with a person who's very particular about his wines and I don't really drink at all.  (For being pure German from both sides of the family, I didn't get the alcohol taste gene.  :-p)

I'm looking for something that's more of a high end label, not widely available, more of a collector's bottle.

Suggestions will be most appreciated!  :)
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SPN: Dean: Dear diary

Cartilage peircings and nausea?

Background: My friend and I pierced our cartilage last night and we both love the piercings. Friend is now complaining of nausea and says she heard that there are certain places you aren't supposed to pierce because they can cause nausea.
Has TQC heard of piercings causing any kind of reaction other pain and infection?

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ETA: The supplies were all sterile the piercer was a friend of ours who agreed to do it for us for the cost of the studs as a Christmas present. It has also been 12 hours so it's not infected.

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I work the overnight shift at a self-storage facility. A few months ago, I heard some strange noises coming from one of the units. I went over to check with my trusty flashlight and as I got closer I could hear sighing and moaning sounds and the unit was rocking back and forth on its foundation. I got scared and so I ran away. I never mentioned anything about this to anyone until just now to you, TQC.

What do you think it was? D: META?