December 26th, 2010

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The iphone 4's camera has a megapixel of 5.0. The ipod touch 4g, however, has a megapixel of 0.7.
How much of a difference is this?
Am I better off using my blackberry's 2.0 megapixel camera?
How does the megapixel correlate to the resolution?

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Our fire was smoldering down, so I doused it with about 3/4 of a gallon of water. This was ~10 minutes ago, and there's still some cracking from it. I just doused it with MORE water, and it's still cracking and popping.

I just want to close the flue and go to sleep, what should I do?

I don't want to wake up in a freezing house, but I don't want to die of fireplace fumes.
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TQC, I cannot sleep! What are your bedtime rituals that get you knocked out?

DK/DC: What do you think of masquerade masks? Do you want one? What does your dream mask look like?

I finally received one as a Christmas present; it's gold and cream and has opera house molding, and musical scores along the top half, and ties with black ribbon in the back.
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I need to stock my Tivo because it's the off season and I've already seen everything it's recording for the next month. So what are some good shows I'm maybe not already watching that are currently rerunning that I can add to my To Do List?

I have pretty legit cable so I have most US channels.
NCIS - Jimmy says what?
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When it comes to actors and actresses, do you usually know them by name or do you refer to them as "character in movie/tv show"?

Did you ever watch the lonelygirl15 videos?
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 It's supposed to be bad luck for a bird to get into the house, right? If your dog catches and kills the bird, is that worse luck or better?

I'm sad :( I tried to get my dog away from the birdy but it was too scared I guess, and it died.

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Without having access to the router, is there any way of finding out what the network password is for my internet connection?

(I live in a basement suite, and share the wireless with my landlord upstairs. The router is in their home, and I don't have the password for the network. I bought a new laptop today, so I want to connect to the internet on it rather than having to keep using my old laptop until they get home.)
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if you had the opportunity to get any message across to a large group of people, what would it be?

is this the icon i should continue to use?
because i know you all care so deeply.
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TQC, why can't I keep my damn mouth shut?

How good are you at not saying something you want to say?  For example, someone does something that pisses you off, but for the sake of not ruining everything you shouldn't say something?  WHY DO I LACK THIS SKILL?
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Since you started using the internet, how have you changed? Collapse )

DK/DC? What was the worst gift you ever got for Christmas?

Someone gave me a hand-made coupon for them to pay three months starting out at a healthclub because "you've gotten pretty heavy and you're not looking to good anymore".

Justin Timberlake Beyonce

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If you had to choose between one of these handbags which would you choose?

option A:

option B:

(If you don't like either please explain why and pick the one you hate the least :)

Dkdc: If you use a separate shampoo and conditioner, do you find that you go through one at a quicker rate than the other? I consistently go through shampoo quicker than conditioner!

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its 1.47pm on boxing day and I have already started on the alcohol...

What are you doing on the 26th?

What do you call it in your country? (boxing day or procolamation day)

EDIT: I just found out that in my state(South australia) its actually Proclamation Day
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My dad just told me he has an aggressive strain of prostate cancer and his PSA is 12-6. While I just looked up what PSA is, I'm not finding out what the 12-6 means. Can anyone explain that to me?

Foreign trip

I am traveling to Chile in about a week and have a 12 hour layover in Peru. It sounds like a decent amount of time to go and take a look around a different country.
Does anyone know if international airports have anything against passengers leaving the airport for several hours between flights? It would suck to be stuck in the airport that whole time.

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I'm going to avoid the very long story and cut to the chase. I discovered that Family Key Logger was installed on my computer after running Avast! Antivirus. I just un-installed it but "Google" is telling me that many people have trouble getting rid of it. Since it's suppose to go undetected, how can I make sure it is once and for all OFF of my computer?
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my parents got me a flip for christmas. do any of you have one? what do you use it to take videos of? all i've done so far was shoot like 2-minute videos of my dog. what fun should i take videos of? i don't have kids or anything, i'm at a loss.

ETA: what video-editing-software (i don't know if that's the technical name) do you use for digital videos? so i can put the small clips of things together and such.

dk/dc: how are you?

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I just finished watching The Orphanage and really enjoyed it. What are your favorite suspenseful mindfuck films?

Alternatively, is it snowing where you are? If it is, how much are you projected to get by the time your respective Snowpocalypse is finished? I'm visiting my mom in NJ and we're projected to get up to 18 inches by tomorrow night. BAH. My sister's flight, which was supposed to be tomorrow at 9am out of Laguardia, has been cancelled since this morning...

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why is it so hard to shop for rugs?

what kind of rug do you have? was it torturous deciding on it? what's a good rug site? besides anthropologie which is way too overpriced. why are rugs so freakin expensive?

is there anything else you hate shopping for?
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If you have StumbleUpon, how many stumbles do you have? I have 13K, but I actually made a new account about half a year ago.

What song tends to earworm itself into your brain the most? Lately, mine is "We Need A Little Christmas".
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How old were you before other people (say, the parents of children) started referring to you as "the woman/the lady" or "the man" rather than "the girl/boy"?

As in, when you're walking along and their kid is in the way, the parent might say "Watch out for the lady!" etc.
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What are your odd comfort foods? I don't mean pb&j sandwiches with the crusts cut off, I mean unusual things, like olives & whipped cream (note: have not tried this, it was simply an example)
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 What was the last thing that pissed you off so much you felt like throwing something heavy at someone's head?

Today was going great until I went to make lunch with my parents. My dad, just joking around, stabbed me in the shoulder way too hard with a fork and I got upset because it fucking hurt, and he started making fun of me and being a complete prick.

And then just a few minutes ago my mom comes to my bed room door to talk to me and asks if she can open the door. I tell her no, and she just opens it anyway and then gets pissed off at me when I yell at her.

ETA: Ugh, and now my cat just knocked my drink over on me and now there's lemonade in my crotch. Fuck this shit. I'm going to bed.

Now I'm pissed off and I don't feel like finishing cleaning my room. What are your calm down methods so you can get back to what you were doing?

Does anyone know if there are any kinds of extensions for earring posts? My brother got me these really great turtle earrings for Christmas, but the posts are so short that my lobes are pinched between the back and the front. 
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Have you seen Black Swan?
Was it good?
If not, do you want to?

Should I go with my boyfriend so I can enjoy the movie and he can oogle his celebrity crush (Mila Kunis) and then I can get laid afterwards?

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I got a new camera for Christmas and I'm a technology idiot.

It's a Canon a3000is, it's little and basic and perfect for what I need to use it for. HOWEVER, is there a way to set it so that it takes smaller pictures? I don't like needing to resize them all to use the pictures for Etsy.

Either the manual says there's a way and I'm an idiot, or it doesn't say... though I might still be an idiot.

(sweet_light, this question is to annoy you, take it personally :P)

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What do you do when someone gives you a gift when you weren't expecting them to?

(like Christmas when you have nothing to give them, or even on your birthday when you didn't give them something for that particular year, etc)

Two people gave me Christmas gifts that I wasn't expecting...should I mail them "Happy New Year!" gifts? :/
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Pets on Laps!!


Do you have a difficult time moving a sleeping or sleepy animal off of your lap when you need to do something? Does it make a difference what animal it is? My buddy's cat Smoky is loving me right now and snoozing in my lap; it's apparently really rare for her to show affection [abused by previous owners] and I need to pee, but won't move her until she's ready to move.

DK/DC: Plans for Christmas/New Year's? Did they work out or fail?
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So I have a HUGE and LONG video file.

What is the best software if I want to:

1) Shrink the quality of the video so that the file will be smaller. (Like resizing a huge picture to a smaller one)


2) Break the video into specific pieces. (Aka I want to take a clip from the 5 minute area to the 10 minute time)

They're MPEG files

B&W Face

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TQC, I need help.  I'm trying to ween myself from caffeine somehow by limiting my coffee, soda, and tea intake.  The headache is killing me.  Short of breaking down and sucking down all the soda I can get in me, what can I do to get the edge off this headache?  I've taken acetaminophen, naproxen sodium and am just about to start beating my face into a wall.  

Have you or anyone you know successfully gotten rid of a caffeine withdrawal headache (without giving in and resuming old habits, that is)?  How did you/they do it?  How long will I be in hell? 

I have to be at the airport to pick up my BF in an hour and I'm *thisclose* to just getting a red bull for the caffeine content so I won't be a raging bitch at the arrival gate.  
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Windows 7 questions

You know how regardless of the view or sort by setting, files in a Windows Explorer window are shown on the left and that "preview" area is on the right?I would prefer that the preview area not be so large and the line between the preview area and where the files are shown stay where I want it to be instead of resetting to it's default position of being as far to the left as it can go. How do I get that line to stay where I want it to be? I know I can turn the preview off, but I don't want to do that.

My preference for the view in Windows Explorer is "list" and "sort by name." How do I get that and the above mentioned preview line setting to apply to the folder I'm viewing and *all* of its subfolders unless I want a specific folder to have a different setting?

Everything is otherwise going OK with this new system. The only major program left to install is the the download that HP provides for my printer (also made by HP) to work with Win7 then it's just installing my non-.scr screensavers

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There's a fucking blizzard with 30+ mph winds outside.

I want to make some sort of comfort food for dinner. Should I make pancakes, tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches or macaroni and cheese (from scratch, none of that boxed shit)?

What are your favorite comfort foods?
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I'm going abroad for a few months, and people have been asking how they can send me packages and stuff. I figured it would be on the expensive side, but I've been trying to figure out the cheapest way to ship from the US to the UK. The only thing that makes any sense is the USPS flat rate international boxes, which look like they're charging about $13 for up to 4 pounds and $40 for up to 20 pounds. The UPS website is useless and everything is confusing. If anyone has experience with this, what is the best way? What about shipping back from the UK to the US? And how about letters? Do I have to do anything special to send regular letters back and forth or is it just more stamps? Basically I just welcome personal anecdotes about your experiences and advice you might have about international correspondence. Thanks, TQC!


On Wednesday early evening my six year old started a lovely round of vomiting and diarrhea which lasted through the night. He was down and out all the next day recovering from the ugly virus. He was basically fine by Friday.
Which was when it hit me. I spent Christmas in my bed or in the bathroom.
I'm feeling about 75% now.
What's the likelihood that my three year old and husband will escape this virus unharmed?

I have:

washed all bedding
washed all towels and bathmats
cleaned/bleached/disinfected all faucets/sinks/toilets, etc.
sprayed lysol about the house

I have been reminding my husband to WASH HIS HANDS since he was the one bringing me water when I was sick AND taking care of the boys. I didn't kiss or touch anyone while I was in the thick of it.

Is this enough?
Is there anything else I can do?

My husband and three year old have minor colds right now, will this guarantee that their bodies will not be able to fight off this nasty stomach virus?

When a virus like this hits your household, where in the line of infection would you rather be? First to get it or last to get it? Why?

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 eta: Whatt???
When i did this, i got to play snake!

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Along the vein of boyfriend posts, is it trashy to send your SO salacious photos of yourself when you're several states apart over the holidays? I mean underwear and boots, but no more nekked than that.

ETA: These boots, in black. And btw Aldo is having a terrific sale...go for it.
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I just found my elementary school memory book that I got at the end of 6th grade, which had this near the front:

"Funny, Funky Fads
In 7 years at Spring Hill, we've seen a lot of things come and go. Which of these do you remember? Baggy jeans, flares, pogs, marvel cards, magic cards, marbles, rings, sambas, Spice Girls, striped shirts, stickers, war heads, yo-yos, slap bracelets, trolls, Korean jacks, Koosh pencils, desk decorations, wearing your backpack on one arm, smiley faces, key chains, Limited clothes, sport flipflops, and last, but not least, Beanie Babies."

Were these all fads at your elementary school? What other fads did you have?
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my friends and i go to trivia at "our" bar every other Tuesday. it landed on my birthday a couple months ago so a bunch of people came, including my sister.

but now my sister wants to come every time. while i love my sister and like hanging out with her, i really like having this as a thing for just me and my friends.

is it awful of me to not want her to come?
would it be selfish to ask her to stop?
is there ANYWAY to do it?

i feel so guilty even thinking about it. she doesn't have many friends in town anymore and most of the few she does have are kind of awful. she'll be really hurt and disappointed not to be included. but we hang out a lot otherwise and i always go with her to this other trivia night which is every Wednesday. i've only missed one night since August and that was two weeks ago when i was really sick.

what do i do?