December 25th, 2010


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My cousin got me a gift set for Christmas that came with a gift receipt, and I kind of want to exchange it for something else...but I feel guilty! She'll never know I returned it and I'd much rather get something I like, but for some reason I feel really bad about it.

Are there any dumb things you feel guilty about?

Twelve days, revisted

Which would you rather find under your Xmas tree?

Danny Partridge with a peace cordial
Two turtle cakes
Three French men
Four calling cards
Five gold rings
Six geese, white and dark meat
Seven Black Swans (bootleg)
Eight weeks of maid service
Nine lapdances by ladies of the night
Ten (bottles) of Lourdes holy water
Eleven pipes of savia
Twelve drums of rum
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Will you use this post to tell me about awesome shit you got for the holidays?

If you got lame shit or no shit, GTFO.

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i just walked past my dresser mirror and i dont know if its the top im wearing or the bra, but i just had a self realization that my boobs are ridiculously large. now i feel self conscious. and im by myself.
tell me about your moments of self  realization?
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When was the last time you totally embarrassed about something rather minor?

About 2 seconds ago an acquaintance of mine walked into the kitchen where I was lip-syncing to my rather loud headphones and I didn't know he was there until he stepped into my vision. D: He gave me a really weird look. I have a feeling he was standing there watching me make a fool of myself for awhile. :(

Yay for staying at extended relatives places over the holidays....Not.
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I have 2 presents to wrap but no more festive wrapping paper :(

Should I leave it and apologise when I give it to them, or wrap it in some unfestive old newspaper?
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TQC, pls foodhalp me again. :(

(This is sort of c/p my lj because I am running around like a headless chicken rn)

So, I made a spice cake in a bundt pan, and I think I forgot to grease/flour the pan before I dumped the batter in. :( I have it inverted on a platter right now. Do you think it will fall out on its own ok? Or, like, will it be RUINED and thus ruin my chances of getting laid? THIS IS IMPORTANT LOL. WILL MY SPICE CAKE BE OK DO YOU THINK? OMG. ALSO, I used salted butter even though the recipe called for UNsalted butter. I tasted it, and it is ok, but omg spicecakefail maybe? I hope not. Ease my mind, pls?

Will you tell me of your own kitchenfails to make me feel better about my spice cake? :(

Edit: MY SPICE CAKE IS OK. I sort of pulled the edges of the cake away from the pan as gently as I could and then I flipped over the pan played pattycake on it until it fell out. I WAS SO HAPPY. I SHRIEKED, NGL. And there is only ~minor~ damage.

Light dusting of powdered sugar, y/n? I don't really feel like doing a whole frosting thing, because the shape is so pretty!

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Hey TQC, I got a couple of Merry Christmas texts from numbers that I no longer have saved in my phone. How can I text them back wishing them a happy holiday, but also ask who it is without coming across as rude?

Merry Christmas<3!
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What name of a place do you really like? 

Besides loving those crazy towns that have like, zero vowels and 20 Cs or something (You know, things like Lake Cccccccmbrkr) I have a fascination today with the word Perth. I think it's cos I just woke up, but Perth is a very awesome name in my head.

ETA: A real life example of the kind of crazy town names I'm talking about is llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch

Why does coffee make me insane? What makes you act really silly? 

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TQC! My mom got Collapse ) in her stocking from my grandmother. My family spent a good 15 minutes trying out different things to test it out. It's not a lint roller, it doesn't suction to any surface, it is not a massager thingie (it's rather stiff pliable plastic). My grandmother said "I don't know. I found it in my desk; it's been there for years. I thought you could figure it out and use it!"  WHAT IS IT, TQC????

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What's your favorite Christmas song?
For me, its "Fairytale of New York" and "Oh Holy Night". Oh, and "Dominic the Donkey"!

Does anyone actually go around caroling at peoples' front doors anymore? Have you ever had carol singers come to your door? Do you sing Christmas songs with your family around the tree?
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what to do with my epic Christmas Day

Hey TQC, I'm stuck in a hotel with a sick teenager on Christmas Day. He's too sick to eat so it's not like I can even order a pizza and just enjoy being inside. I have some groceries in the fridge, so I won't starve. He keeps sighing dramatically because he feels gross, and there is nothing on TV. I was thinking I'd just do laundry, but the hotel has no quarters and anyway the washing machines have all been commandeered by a large family with zillions of small children. Maybe I will go down to the gym for a while, but I sort of hate to leave him here in case he needs something.

I have books to read and work I can do online, but he apparently doesn't feel good enough even to perpetually play games on his iPod.

OMG he will not stop complaining and he's driving me BANANAS, what do I do to retain my sanity?
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hey tqc merry christmas!

if I try to bake chocolate chip cookies in the same oven where my husband is baking a ham, is it going to mess up his ham?

christmas question: my mother-in-law leaves all the baby jesuses off her nativity sets until christmas morning. this cracks me up and I'm totally going to start doing it. anyone else do the same?

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anyone else not feeling like it's Christmas?

nothing's doing it for me. not A Christmas Story, Doctor Who, presents, candy. how can i make it feel like Christmas? get drunk? put on my new sweater and PJ pants and cloak myself in my new perfume and play with the Doctor Who voice phrase thing(it looks like a yak back!)?

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I googled this like crazy before posting it here:

I just installed Sims 3 World Adventures expansion pack on my laptop (Dell XPS M1330 w/ Windows 7), I also have Sims 3 Late Night expansion pack as well. I click the World Adventures shortcut on my desktop but it takes me to the Late Night launcher and wants me to put the Late Night disc in, which confused me. WHAT SHOULD I DO, TQC?


Okay, so now I'm trying to log in from the launcher and I type in my username (which is also srsmoonlight) and I know the password is correct but when I attempt to sign it, the box will blink once and have the information still in the little white boxes and NOT LOG ME IN.

Dammit, Sims 3, I want to buy shit.


Sword man

Grinch post

I have reached the bitter and petty part of christmas day. Will you share your petty bitterness?

Currently I am hrumphing that my sister is getting an ipad. My parents always gave her things and let her do things that I was never allowed to, so I am grumbling about my childhood. I don't think I got a present when I was 17, and I certainly wont be getting one this year :/

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Because nothing says Christmas like talking about funerals...

I know that I won't be able to say anything at my husband's funeral, so I'm writing a letter to him that someone else can read. I have been trying really hard not to use the past tense, but I don't want that to be weird. I would rather say "You are ____" instead of "You were _____". It seems like that might be weird though.

Do I write it in the past or present tense?

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I don't know anything about this sort of thing, halp!

I'd like to buy an external hard drive to store pictures and maybe some movies. I'd like to spend $100 or less, and ideally I'd be able t pick it up in real life at Walmart, Target or BestBuy (since that's what I have access to). However I could order it online if it's a better deal that way.

What would the technological gurus of TQC recommend?

Also, these work like a giant thumb drive, right?
ew no.

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I'm driving ten hours tomorrow from Texas to my parent's house in Colorado. What audiobooks/music should I get to keep me entertained?

How old were you when you stopped receiving fun gifts and started getting practical ones?

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Ignoring context, your SO tells someone of the opposite sex that they've cheated with before "LOVE YOU!" on their facebook.  What is your initial thought/reaction?

I have a guy friend who says that "love you" on facebook is hardly romantic so it shouldn't be thought of in a negative way.
My thought is that there are just some things you don't say to people when you're in a relationship!

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When you wake up after a nightmare, do you go over it and think about how you could've done things differently, or how you'd continue to act from the point you woke up?
I do this all the time; makes it difficult to get back to sleep.

Which Collapse ) do you like best?

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So, TQC, will you tell me why your Christmas Eve/Christmas day was awesome? If it wasn't awesome, can you tell me about something awesome you'll be doing in the next week?
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so for christmas this morning i got a guitar from my parents! i have been wanting to learn for so long but i cant really afford lessons for a little while.
tqc, for whoever plays guitar, do you have any tips/suggestions/websites/books that can tell me the basics of learning to play for now? i have no idea where to start :/

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Happy Holidaze, TQC!

Should I trim down the sides of my fauxmohawk tonight? I'm at my mom's house and she has a killer hair trimmer stored away in the basement somewhere.

Will you go to this website and choose a bra for me to buy tomorrow?

What's your favourite Disney movie song of all time?

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my mom is super paranoid about cellphones now and refuses to have one. but she still wants to get texts from some of her friends so she gave some of them my cellphone number and now her friend has texted me pictures of what he got for Christmas. my mom isn't even here, she's in Colorado(i'm in Wisconsin).

am i right to be annoyed? this is really irritating me. if you don't want a cellphone then that's your choice. i don't feel like i should have to be fielding this shit. what if i didn't have unlimited texts, you know? she doesn't know i've got that. she didn't even ask me.

i'm just getting more and more wound up as the day progresses. should i start drinking now?
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So, TQC, what did you get for Christmas?

Also, there is a cooking mama game for the wii at Wal-mart for 18 and change... should I get this? Y/N?

For Christmas, I got:

Gingerbread girl gift set
Cinnamon buns lip gloss
Vanilla Cupcake
Glee Season One Volume 2 (Road to Sectionals) DVD
Big Bang Theory Season 3 DVD
Couple t-shirts
30 GC from Starbucks
30 GC to chapters
Hello Kitty comforter (shut up, it's adorable)
Little (rather adorable, too) satsuma body shop set
Angel's Delight soap, maple taffy lip balm, and snow fairy shower gel (! <3) from lush
A super cute purse!
60 bucks worth of cash
Clinique super fit foundation (best. foundation. ever.) and clinique all about eyes concealer in my stocking

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iPhone my bro got one for Christmas and is interested in the music. He dled rhapsody and wants to know if it streams te music from them o your phone because he doesn't want to use a lot of data at work.

Also pros and cons between iTunes and rhapsody? Is there a better music program that's not radio?

Edit: yeah sorry I'm really tired lol. I was dodging nerf darts and balls while typing lol
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Can you tell me awkward Christmas/family gathering stories?

Having just had Christmas with my family it all turned into some weird intervention for my brother. Awkward.
Jesus: ASL
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I have a bag of bready-things to make stuffing. Would following the recipe and then adding almonds and apples taste good, or do I have to somehow alter the regular recipe? It just involves butter, celery, and onion. Do I need to do anything to the almonds or apples beforehand?

IDK I am really bad at cooking and making game hens and stuffing for the first time. Will you please wish me luck?

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Before last summer I had been telling my cousin that soon I would clean my room and we would paint it. Well that never happened, I have a lot of hoarding tendencies. Today I was talking about wanting to clean in front of my cousin and she said she would come over and we would do it Clean Sweep style and have someone paint while we organized outside.  Should I let her help me?  I really want to but she is strong willed and demands I be able to throw out stuff, which I have no problem with, I can throw stuff out easily but she might be very demanding and want to throw out stuff I don't want to.  

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Thanks to someone in the cufflink thread, I now have the perfect late birthday/christmas gift for one of my friends. BUT now I don't know which ones to get.

These ones:

or these ones:[0]=tags&includes[1]=title&filter[0]=handmade

Basically, do you think the more expensive ones look heaps better? I don't actually know anything about cufflinks.
excited brad!
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I got a MacBook for Christmas! But how do I get the music from my PC-synced iPod onto this computer? I don't have my music files on my old computer because my old computer couldn't handle that sort of responsibility. It's not life or death, I have my music backed up on a flash (but that's currently an hour's drive away and I might be stranded here for a couple days because of snow), but my sister said that she did it, she just can't remember how. Does anyone else know?

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What's the last documentary you watched, TQC? What did you think of it?

I just finished watching my brother's documentary. It was good, frustrating and kinda disturbing. It also needs some finishing edits.

Edit: Maybe I just don't see her enough, but it seems like only now she's 4 years old does my niece make this (supposedly joyful) high pitched laugh-shriek. Mostly she does it when everyone else laughs. My question: how soon will she "outgrow" it?

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I got a crock pot for Christmas!

What are your favorite crock pot recipes?

I don't care how trashy! I want to crock everything!

Except for chili, I like my current recipe.

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I was looking through one of the journaling communities and came upon something called a boyfriend book. It's a blank journal decorated with mementos/ things that remind you of said boyfriend, which you then give to them.

Maybe I'm just a cynical and uncreative bitch, but I found these things to be really, really creepy. It's one thing to make a scrap book full of pictures, but a book full of random quotes and lists that kind of relate to shit your boyfriend likes? Creepy.

So, would you make one of these? If you got one would you think it's sweet or would you think it's weird?

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Assuming you are familiar with the people in question,

How do people typically go about entering your house?

front door
my back door ;) ;)
no seriously, the back door
side door
an unlocked window
a locked window
floo powder and/or apparition
I live in an enclosure with one entry/exit door, so that one
another way upon which I shall elaborate in the comments

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I got a down comforter for Xmas! What are some websites that have cute covers for them? Bright colors a plus!

I've seen the ones on Urban Outfitters, I really like those, but am wondering if there are any sites like them?
Nabbed from pinkpaisley_art--Thank you!
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Hebrew in Roman Transliteration

Does anyone know of any websites where Hebrew can be translated from English into the roman transliteration, not the Hebrew symbols? i.e., "I love you" in the roman transliteration of Hebrew is: Ani ohev otkhah.

If anyone can do the translation directly on this comm, the words I need translated into Hebrew are: understand and goodbye.

Thank you in advance! 
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Is marriage outdated? What is the point of it?

For those of you who lived with your partner before marriage, how did you decide that it was the right time? Did anything change after you got married?

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Dear TCQ fashion police,
I need a purse. I've been using the baby bag to haul all my stuff in for two years but now it's broken. I don't mind if my kids diapers fall out but I don't want my money and ID escaping on me.

I'm horrible when it comes to looking fashionable or put together. I need a non leather purse that's large enough to fit a sketchbook and zips up. Any recommendations? What are some 'must haves' for every womans closet? 

I've become the poster child for 'lady in mom jeans'. I'm not even 25!
Favorite Etsy accessory item? HELP ME!

ETA: I'm vegan so no leather, wool, ect.