December 24th, 2010

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Does anyone know where I can find the SNL skit with Donald Trump doing a Domino's commercial for Christmas?

I've found the original one on Hulu and a million other places, but not the Christmas one :(


TQC, I am buying my car tomorrow! But it was just noticed that we never got our new insurance cards from my MIL last month. (We're on her insurance because technically our car is under her name. She broke her leg and so has been kind of behind on things since then and I totally forgot that my card is expired.) We are planning on changing insurance tomorrow anyway when we buy the car so can we just call the new insurance company from the lot? Can we tell the dealer that our insurance is still active even if the card expired last month, and they will call and double check?

I just knew there would be a last minute wrench in my plans. Thanks for settling my concerns TQC!

ETA: sorry my post sucks. Dk/dc, do you put oranges in the toes of your stockings? I had never heard of this til high school but since then it seems common.

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If your SO told you that you couldn't start reading the next book in a series because you'd stay up all night*, would you comply? Would you stay up all night doing something else to be defiant? Or would you just read the book?

*assume lack of sleep presents a greater than normal health risk for you
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My husband and I are looking at houses. During the course of this process, I have heard that sellers are encouraged to paint the walls a neutral color because buyers prefer this. I'm wondering if there are any actual statistics on this, or if it's just the conventional wisdom.

If you have gone house hunting or even just shopping for rentals, have you ever been turned off by a place based solely on the colors of the walls because they were too bright or "taste-specific"?
Mabrielle - Still waiting for a yes

I have an outer ear infection, and I have a few questions.....

I have an outer ear infection. Today i finally went to the doctor, and i have some questions about the neomycin and polymyxin B sulfates and hydrocortisone I received. Did I do something wrong?

I took the drops today three times (poured four drops every time into my ear canal as instructed), and it started to get better, but now I hear stretchy sounds and my ear sounds kinda plugged up still. Not like it was when it was infected, but it sounds really annoying and prevents me from sleeping soundly.

Did I do something wrong? Infect it more, maybe?

Sometimes when I lay down (no matter in what position) my ear still bothers me, and I haven't slept much in a few days.

Of course, I have like two more days to use the rest of it... I just wanna make sure I'm doing things right :D. Am I on the right track to a full recovery? If not, what do I have to do to get on the right track?

Sorry if this is incoherent, I am terribly tired...
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Should I be scared?

This guy I've only met 3 times said he loved me when high on X. When he was sober he started telling me about how much he wanted to sleep with me since day one and he just loved waking up with me. Is that drugs talking or should I be worried?

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I am about to make lemon meringue pie and it is stressing me out! It would be a lot less stressful if I'd been able to find a pie crust or some shortcrust pastry in the store but I couldn't, so I have to make that too.

Shortcrust pastry with or without egg?

Do you have a pastry recipe that you want to share? Bonus points if it measures the flour in cups and not grams or ounces.

What is making you stupidly stressed out or angry today?

I went to take a shower and the shower curtain was gone, then my towel fell on the floor next to the toilet brush, then I found a pair of disgusting rubber gloves sitting on top of my clean socks which are drying on the clothes hanger. I don't think I would have been as angry about it if it weren't for this pie.
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Poll #1660320 teal dear

There's a house with a life-size teal-painted deer statue down the street from me. This is their only lawn decor. What kind of person lives there?

Person from The Internet
Person with really weird statue taste

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I posted earlier about the lemon meringue pie I was baking (

Being stressed out about it made me completely forget that I was supposed to blind bake the pastry first, so now I'm left with a wonky looking pie with half-baked pastry. I'm going to a traditional German Christmas dinner tomorrow and had promised to bring something that people eat in Australia.

What should I do, tqc?

x. Make another lemon meringue pie, but without crust.
x. Make ANZAC biscuits.
x. bring Vegemite and use its distinctive flavour to distract everyone from the fact that I didn't make anything
x. watch Dexter, eat my failed pie and think about it tomorrow
x. other?
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How do you feel foreign words/names should be pronounced? I speak French and English and I never know if I should pronounce things correctly or not when I'm speaking the other language.

Example 1: I am an American speaking French to a French person and I want to refer to 'Will Smith'. Do I say it correctly with an American accent or say it the way a French person would so the other person can easily understand me?

Example 2: I am an American speaking English to another American person and I want to refer to 'Jean-Pierre Jeunet'. Pronounce it American or French?

Does it make a difference if it's something/someone already well known, like Charles de Gaulle? Does it make a difference if it's a noun vs. a name?

I usually settle for as correctly as possible while retaining the accent and intonation of whatever language I'm speaking but idk! Sometimes even that is confusing!

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Our father is giving me and my little brother money to buy booze to get "merrily drunk" (his words).

What should i buy ?  I am a sweet tooth so i mostly buy Cachaca or vermouth ...

What's you favorite kind of alcohol ?

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i dont know if this is going to work, but ill attempt to ask it anyway bc im interested.
to all non-canadians on tqc
without looking at the responses or googling beforehand. Its CHRISTMAS so dont cheat!  Please answer the following

How much do you know about Canada?

How much do you know about Canada?

1. What is Canada’s capital city?
2. What do Canadians call the leader of our country?
3. What is our leader’s name?
4. What country are we a colony of?
5. Name 3 "big" cities in Canada
6. Name 3 landmarks in Canada (natural or man made)
7. When is Canada’s birthday? (Just the date, not the year)
8. Write out the first two lines of Canada’s national anthem
9. How many "regions" or "states" does Canada have in total?  What do Canadians call them?  BONUS: Can you name them all?
10. Name 3 Canadian sports teams

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When a family member has a mental or emotional disorder that has made life abusive and otherwise miserable for themselves and those around them for many years, but they refuse to seek the help or treatment they require, is it ever morally acceptable for the other family members to 'give up' or essentially seperate themselves from the person?

On a happier note,

What gifts have you gotten for your loved ones this year?


I've been with my SO for more than 3 years. I am currently in my hometown for the holidays. How do I fend off obnoxious "So when are you guys getting maaaaaarried?" comments from well-meaningnosy-as-fuck relatives while I'm here? How do YOU deal with shit like that? For me it's along the same lines of "So when are you having kids?" and it makes me want to stab people. Srs and non-srs plz.

Alternatively, what is your favorite holiday tradition? The weirder the better!

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A friend of a friend made some pot cookies. When he was making them, he just mixed the pot in with the cookie mix. He didn't boil it with butter first or anything. This doesn't sound right to me, but he really looked like he knew what he was doing. Was this correct?

hate pimentos

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I'm a runner. While I was walking around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights last night, my foot began to hurt.  It continued to hurt much worse as I walked.  I came home and kept off of it for most of that evening, and it felt better.  I went grocery shopping today and it began to hurt and get much worse to the point where I had to ask my husband to carry in the groceries for me.  

I have a stress fracture, y/n?  I should drink copious amounts of alcohol over the weekend so it doesn't bother me so much, y/n?

What's the last thing that really screwed up your weekend plans?

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dear tqc family counselors:

it's my husband's responsibility to make sure we have christmas presents for his parents, right?

I figure after one "you got that gift card for your mom, right?" my job is done here. if they show up tomorrow and there's nothing under the tree I should just stare at him? the alternative would be to keep bugging him about it... that seems silly, he's a grown-ass man.
scruffy alien


So, I have some add-on family to give presents to this year and as I have no idear what they like/need, I went w/ the generic stuff: gift-cards and jewelry. (They're girls.)
Well, I want to do something extra special to make my gift of a five dollar pair of earring cool, but idk what. I was thinking of wrapping it w/ duct tape and the like, but Idk if that would anger the recipient.
So, TQC, what should I do to make my gift of earring special/unforgettable?
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TQC, I GOT INTO COLLEGE! I got both of my college admission letters in the last twenty four hours. Best christmas ever y/y

What exciting non-christmas related things have happened to you today?

Also, I've dreamt two nights in a row that I adopted stray cats (a different one in each dream) only to have them bullied by my other cats. What does this mean, tqc? srs/nonsrs

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does it irritate you if you're having an argument with your siblings or they're being really annoying and you kinda snap at them, and then your parents get on your ass for fighting and/or complaining at each other, even though you're both grown ass adults?

also, would you find it irritating if YOUR sibling was telling you it's possible their old roommate stole an $85 DVD set you lent them in an irritating baby voice, like you need it broken to you real slow and simple like?
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If you have an iPad, how easy is it to type on it? (Especially typing very quickly for taking notes)

What was the last thing that made you very confused? (I recently bought a bottle of lotion that I thought I'd never seen/smelled before. I just found another bottle at home. Where did it come from??)

Also, does accidentally breaking a glass mean you're going to get money? I broke a glass today and my mom insisted there's a superstition about it but I've never heard of it.

One more! Are there any speech-to-text applications for the iPad? If yes can anyone recommend one/give reviews?
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What is that one thing that screams, OK NOW IT'S CHRISTMASTIME to you? Is it the first snow of the season? Decorations around your neighborhood? Decorations at the mall? Starbucks rolling out the seasonal drinks? Is it when your family buys a Christmas tree?

Post a picture of something that means Christmas to you.

(this is an example)
eknock, Ash

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TQC, it's Christmas, and I'm in a good mood, so...

Will you post pictures of baby animals? Or just cute things in general? This also goes for human babies. :) Human baby pics not required, I just think they are cute. :)
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So, I was talking to a friend of mine a while ago and we were on the subject of weird things we did in school to freak our teachers out, whether they were true or not.
Ex: In her math class she was assigned the only orange desk in the room and to freak the teacher out she insisted that she was allergic to the color orange and if she sat down in the desk she'd break out in hives. The teacher would give her a different chair so she had to stand all hour, all year.
I didn't do anything /that/ drastic, but I did some weird crap. Like pretended to be a french foreign exchange student in my german class and I didn't know a word of English.

What weird things did you do in school to freak people out?

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How do you wash silk?

I'm too broke to constantly take my silk clothes to the drycleaners so I want to just wash them myself.
I googled it and I'm getting a lot of conflicting information on how to wash silk so I was wondering what has worked for you guys.
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it's 8pm christmas eve here in afghanistan.
am i wasting my time waiting for st nick to visit me in a muslim country?
(and I've been mostly good all year long)

for those of you counting at home... this is my 6th straight christmas away from home

what number comes after 344,999?

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So TQC, I'm bored and I smell like my boyfriend's cologne. [:D yay xmas present!]
In the meantime.
I have a Macbook. And even though my parents' computer's router is only just a room away, my Internet barely works. It worked fine before.
Diagnostics says everything's working. But I'd like your opinion.

tl;dr: why doesn't my Internet work when it's only a room away?
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so I am making a very late christmas eve dinner for my SO's family. first, I dropped a cake (unfrosted) on the ground and now it's in pieces. then the scalloped corn casserole dish fell into the water bath beneath it and is now ruined. what else will go wrong during this cursed holiday meal?

my SO is out searching for a can of cream corn. will he find any?

what are you up to?
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What was the Christmas morning rule in your house when you were little?

Did Santa wrap presents or leave them unwrapped? Could you play with them without your parents, or did you have to wait for them? What time was acceptable to wake mom and/or dad up to open gifts?

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Adhering to the festive Christmas mood: Is your family good at holidays? Who does your family consist of? Why are you on TQC instead of being festive?

My family consists of my mom, my dad, and me! We suck at the holidays. We don't visit other family, we don't really swap presents (I get my parents gifts, but they don't get them for me or each other), we don't go anywhere, and we don't decorate. This is the same for all holidays. We kinda just sit around watching TV. Oh, except on Christmas, when we go to church!
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My kitty keeps sneezing, and it sounds like she might have a cold. Should I take her to the vet or should I let her get over it on her own? (I cannot stand to see my kitty upset, I am so weak whenever she gives me a sad face or meows at me because she;s upset)

Do you like Pierogis?
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Will you tell me about your worst pregnancy scare? Or a funny pregnancy scare story? Or a funny conception story?

I may or may not be constantly worried I'm pregnant now that I'm a birth control, bare backin' muckalucka. 
Oh noes!
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Are you friends with anyone that your current SO used to date or have sex with?
Is that/would that be a hard thing for you to do?
Would it be hard for you to hang out with that friend and your SO at the same time?
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I put on a new (super cute) outfit and saw some family tonight. And then I remembered I have no friends. So now I'm all dressed up with nowhere to go.

What should I do for the rest of the evening?
Besides hookers, blow, and/or wallow in self pity.
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I'm going to a neighbor's house for dinner tomorrow night with my parents. There will be around 10 people there including us. I baked cookies that I'm going to take, but I don't want to take them all (there are other people I want to share them with). We've already eaten some and there are 19 left. How many should I take with me tomorrow? Just enough for one for each person, or more? Cookies are serious business and this is very important.

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for some reason i feel like fries and/or nachos with salsa.  but i have neither in the house.
i need a christmas miracle.
what did you have for dinner tonight?
do you follow the fish only religious rule on christmas eve?
rover santa

After shave?

My boyfriend just recently started wearing after shave but the kind that he uses smells like something a grandpa would wear. He likes it but I don't, at all, so he told me to pick something new out for him.

Any suggestions?