December 23rd, 2010

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My friend thinks that there are no obscure/interesting/neat/different foods to try that are vegetarian (the kind of stuff that you might be scared to try). I know this can't true. Can you share anything that you know of?

The only thing that's come to my mind is natto.

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What are some free online games I can play one handed on a laptop?

My kid is in a growth spurt and I'm going crazy for lack of things to do while he's nursing ALL THE TIME.

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My boyfriend has been in Japan for study abroad for the last four months. I'm picking him up from the airport at 9am (eight hours to go~!!)

how excited should I be to see him??????????

how long can I wait before I jump him for sex? :P

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I got drunk tonight and texted my ex boyfriend who I don't talk to anymore from my ex boyfriend who I do talk to a lot's phone. They are friends. He is probably going to find out it was me texting him and this is now awkward. Although, I wouldn't mind seeing him again.

What was the last drunken thing you did that you kinda regret?

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You already brushed your teeth before you got in bed. A while after you were in bed you decided you were hungry and had a midnight snack of apples and cheese. Do you brush your teeth again? Or do you fake it with some mouthwash?
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Drunk question time means...

Do you believe what you experience is real? AKA - pain, pleasure, hunger, all that, is it just in your head? Or is it real? 

And to further the first question - is your reality actually real? For instance, sometimes I like to think that hey, maybe I'm just someone's dream and when they wake up, I die. Or maybe we're just some tiny molecule in an alien world and we don't have the physics to understand it yet.

So really - what is reality and what isn't? Srs and non-srs answers! :)

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Have you ever watched a movie or tv show years later and found it disappointing?

When I was a kid I loved The X Files but I tried watching a few episodes this week and I didn't like them very much at all :(

What do you think of The X Files? Would you recommend me some episodes?

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I'm looking to buy a friend some good vodka for Christmas, but not good enough to make me go broke (no more than $50). But I know nothing about vodka. I know she likes Grey Goose (but I wanted something she maybe doesn't want to splurge on or hasn't tried before), and thinks Absolut/Ketel One/Smirnoff are shit. What vodka should I buy her?
I was thinking maybe Chopin?
Gravity's Rainbow

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How traditional are your Christmas celebrations?
0 = I do not acknowledge Christmas.
10 = They look like a 1950's Coca-Cola advertisement.

What adjective do you use to describe something that is of or related to elves?

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I have quite a few tomatoes. What should I do with them? Preferably edible ideas, but I'm open.

What is something your SO does that annoys you?

What is something unusual you find endearing in your SO (or close friend if you are ALL ALONE)?

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How can I make packing and cleaning more exciting?
right now i am listening to leonard cohen songs and i feel this is not going to make me energized.

do you have specific music you like to listen to for different tasks?
for instance, i usually listen to ben folds five when i clean, and back in high school i used to listen to third eye blind to fall asleep. i listen to the mountain goats on long car/bus rides.
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Attention TQC kitty owners! Please advise!

I adopted a kitten on Sunday. She's adjusted to my apartment very well and is bold and courageous and all that. She handled the trip home from the rescue like a champ and was shy for only about an hour after we got her home.

I'm going to my mom's place (about an hour drive away) for Christmas Eve, and will be gone for almost 48 hours. Would it be better to leave her home with lots of food and water or bring her with? I don't want to disrupt her little life too much either way, so tell me, what should  I do?

And post pictures of your kitties cause I want to see them.

money makes de world go round

Do you balance a physical checkbook or do you keep track of your spending online? My mom looks at her checking accounts several times a day but she still balances a checkbook and that's kind of strange to me.

Do you keep your car's proof of registration in your car or in your wallet/on you? (ETA: I know that the registration needs to be in the car when you're driving it in case you get pulled over... I just want to know if you LEAVE it in the car when you aren't driving it, or if you keep it in your wallet.)

If you've bought gifts for anyone this holiday season, who are you most excited to give to, and what is their gift?
This year my siblings and I have decided to not get anything for one another and to pool our money and get lots of stuff for our mom instead... she never ever buys anything for herself so I'm pretty excited to give her new clothes, jewelry, etc. :)
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2 adults and a cosleeping baby staying in a 1300 sq ft 3 bedroom 1.5 bath row house with 4 other adults and a toddler, specifically in the "converted" mudroom that has the half bath and a queen size bed with a curtain instead of a door.
will this be miserable?

ETA: *only for a week*

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This is an odd question but, do any of you ever wake up in the middle of the night to find that you are drenched in sweat?   
This happened to me last night and the collar of my pajama shirt was really damp and thanks to it being winter, it was cold too!
I wonder why this happened last night when the heat is on at the same temperature every night and I didn't change my blankets either? 
Driving pug

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Does anyone else think of Halloween costumes extremely early?

I think next year I'm going to be a Who and my fiance is going to be Horton! I'm 5'2" and he's 6'4" so I think it'll work out great.

What's your favorite holiday?

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I am moving to Albuquerque (from Kansas) in 2 weeks for my job, and can't decide if I want to try to find a roomate or not. I already have an apartment there waiting for me to move into, I can afford the rent and bills on my income, although it will be tight, but it would be nice to share the cost! It would be a short term thing, as my husband will be moving to be with me in May (he has to finish his student teaching before he can move), and the agreement would be that the roomate would need to find other living arrangements by mid-May.

Is it worth the potentially bad roomate situation in order to save myself  $500 or so a month?

Also, tell me your bad roomate stories!

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I'm thirsty

How often do you just get so overwhelmed with something that you stop doing it? I mean, obviously we can't avoid all overwhelming things (children, funeral plans, research papers , etc). So I'm asking more so about the things that aren't so crucial.

Unrelated: Do you like science?
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I suspect this is kind of like a Freudian study and if any of you answer "penis" or "mother" I will know I am right.

If you had to describe your feelings RIGHT NOW about the festive season this year in a single word, what word would you choose?

For me it's "depressed".
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Ramblin' Rose

Have you ever picked up a hitchhiker/hitchhiked yourself? Any stories?

I've never really had the opportunity to pick anyone up (always seem to be going short distances, but always gave them the sign and a smile). I've been hitching across the south for a month or so with my partner. I have a few stories - I can put some in the comments if anyone is interested.

What are you really excited about, excluding the holidays?
Heading west after Christmas!

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Do you have a partner who cares more or less then you about christmas?

What do you do about it, how do you deal with christmas?

For those who love it, what traditions do you have that you have tried to keep?

I love christmas, but my partner...who always had shitty ones growing up is not as into it as I am.

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Will you indulge my vanity and tell me if this is a good picture of me or not? Usually I'm good at knowing, but this one has me stumped.
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If you don't care (and really, I don't blame you), do you subscribe to any magazines? When you are in a waiting room, which magazines do you go for first?
[Cephalopods] Need love!

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Uh oh, TQC.

For his Christmas present, I'm taking my brother to see Tron in IMAX 3D.

But he's bothering me for the past couple hours about seeing it TODAY.

I keep telling him I don't want to see it, that watching movies in 3D gives me headaches and whining about the price of the tickets, and now he's getting all impatient and I think he's trying to call up him friends to see if they can go with him today.

I already bought the tickets. We're going to go see it on Sunday.

What ridiculous things can I do to prevent him from seeing Tron today?

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2 weeks ago, I was told I should get weekly allergy shots. I missed mine last week because my car broke down, and then I missed them this week just because I'm an idiot. They aren't appointments, they just told me to come in on either Tuesday or Thursday weekly. I have an appointment for January 10th (which is a month from when I should have started the shots) so they can see how I'm doing, but well, I haven't had any shots yet!

If I go the next two weeks, will it be okay? Or should I try to reschedule my appointment for two weeks later so I can get a whole month of shots in?

Also, do you get allergy shots? How do they do them (where do they inject, is it more than one, etc)?
Have they helped?

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Hey TQC,

Ever woke up from a dream (or woke up someone next to you) because you literally LOL'd in the middle of sleeping? Do you remember what you were dreaming about and was the laugh justifiable?
Will you tell me what you were laughing at?

(I woke up laughing this morning to my boyfriend asking me if I was crying. I remember replying "No. I'm laughing." and laughing some more. In a half dazed state I asked myself what I was laughing about and if it was really funny. I recall someone having an employee nametag on that said "Chapbutt" or "ButtStick" something to that effect, and for some reason this was hilarious in my dream state. Now that I am awake...not so much.) wtf 0.O
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What is the best way to store used tea leaves? Can I just put them in a plastic baggy while they're wet? I can get a couple more cups of tea out of them and I want to put a new kind of tea in my tea maker.

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We are often told that we have to be responsible for our own mental health and well being. Do you think this is possible if someone is very mentally ill? What if they don't have a decent support system? What are some good ways to take responsibility for one's own mental health or get into a good mindset in regards to taking that responsibility?

DK/DC, who is your favorite philosopher and why? What philosophic beliefs do you follow? Which ones, if any, do you dislike, are confused by, and/or are fascinated by?
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Ugh. My friend was supposed to be here at two, and it is now four. He always is late - always, and I keep thinking it won't happen. Now, I'm recovering from surgery, my mouth is achy, I'm cold, and tired, and I know he's going to call to ask what's up and if we're still hanging out. But gah, I'm tired. I always end up going out with him but I want to teach him a lesson that he can't mess with people's schedules like that!

What would you do if he called?


Well, he called. I told him how to go home, and he seemed surprised that I wanted to not see him - told him I was grumpy and tired and grouchy and we'll just see each other next time. But ugh that just pisses me off so much. Not even an apology.

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What is that website that people always mention where you can put in the ingredients you have and it'll give you what you can cook? I googled but I feel like there was a specific one that I'm not finding. :(

What's the most complicated thing you've ever cooked (or baked)?
stock // pretty perfect

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Google is failing me. Are there power adapter cables for iPhone 3G longer than a meter? This must exist.

What are you having for dinner tonight? My entire house smells like cheese.

What's the funniest cooking error you've ever made? My mom, rather than adding oil to a pot of water, just now added dish soap instead. Mmm, tasty.

If you reply here, will you use your favorite icon so I can see what it is?

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I just ran the Facebook friend finder search using an old email address (from 4 years ago), and I found a summer hookup from 2006.

Sending him a friend request. Awkward as hell and unnecessary?
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For those of you who have planners, where did you get them? Other than Kate's Paperie, where can I get planners that have a lot of space and have them in pretty colors?

What are you not looking forward to that needs to be done before the new year?

ETA: I found the perfect one from Kikki K, but it's going to be about $91 if it was mailed to me from Australia. :( I'm going to cryyyyy!
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My mom just sent me a text saying "You should text your brother, he is worried that you won't visit him if he is put into the hospital." This is the first I have heard about a hospital and my brother potentially going to one.

Will you make up a story for why my brother may be put in a hospital?

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This is probably a dumb question but it's happened twice lately.

I have a super hidden facebook.
A person I would like to add as a friend has a super hidden facebook.


There used to be a place to type in email addresses but my brain isn't working and I don't see it anymore.

What was the last thing to surprise you?

Two students gave me Christmas cards today and wrote me amazing, wonderful notes inside. One of them I would never have expected it from AT ALL and her note was the sweetest.

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My partner right now is finding out if his depression cost him his job.
We are a single income household(I start my job on the 17th of jan)
I am ansty and anxious and watching dexter freak out,

I need some fail macros and fail gifs to make me feel better...

Will you share with me your favourites?

EDIT: He finds out tomorrow...ARGH!
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I want to make little lemon desserts that are meant to be served in shot glasses. I only have one or two shot glasses. Should I buy some which I will probably never use again or try to locate some plastic ones that are also decent looking? Could I find decent looking plastic shot glasses at the grocery store? I need to buy them within the next few hours.

I thought about making them in bigger glasses but I really want them to be mini desserts.


1. could you be friends with someone you once dated and are still in love with? have you ever tried to? how did that work out?

2. do you feel obligated to give people christmas presents? i *never* buy presents but my family and friends always get them for me, even if though i tell them i don't want or expect any. should i just give in and get something for them? i always feel guilty. :/

3. dogs or cats? feel free to post pix i like cute things

yea sorry this makes no sense w/e
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would you like to star in your own reality TV show?

what if you already had some level of celebrity status? do you think celebrities who start reality shows are making a good career move?

what's your least favorite christmas song?
I <3 TLV

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Any tips for transporting cookies that can't be stacked on top of each other? [Edit: I layered them with parchment paper, I hope this works =S]

If you're visiting your parents do you bring laundry with you? (If you don't live with them/have your own machines. I still take mine, there are machines right across the hall but I don't trust them >_>)
scruffy alien

SO related questions. :)

So, this is old news to everyone in the real world, but a month ago I went on my first date evar! Saw Unstoppable in theaters, twas good. Then I invited him out to my youth group's xmas dinner. :D

How long do you have to be dating someone before you consider yourself an item? Or said person's bf/gf?
Do you let the guy pay the first date or go halvsies?
Is just having gone on two dates too soon to be getting Christmas gifts for your SO?
Do you like making the decisions or do you prefer compromises/SO make them?

On a scale of 1-10 how excited should I be that I actually am friends w/ a boy outside of school? (Like I actually do stuff w/ him outside of school.)

DK;DC: What are your thoughts on the "American Community Survey" that has been "randomly" passed out to 3% of the population? RAGE

Edit: the community survey asks about stuff it shouldn't. Like, how much $$ do you make a year, how many times have you been married, ssn, birthdate, if there are mentaly disabled people in your household, and if so can they run errands on their own. Etc. :(
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I want to read something romantic (two men, two women, a heterosexual thing, w/e) that I can download on my nook (if it's erotica, make sure it's -good-). Any suggestions?
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What did you learn today that is fun and interesting? My laptop is old and the keyboard is barely functional, and only a few keys work on it. The shift is one of them. I have a keyboard plugged in that I use instead. I found out today if you hold shift on the laptop keyboard and type on the USB keyboard, IT WILL STILL CAPSLOCK.

Is it bad that when I see posts in a comm that usually get a few comments (like, 5 to 15 at most), and see like 40 or 50 comments, I automatically click to see if there's wank, because wank is delicious? 

ETA: Does <a href="">this make you laugh</a>?

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TQC, I have a college friend coming to visit me tomorrow. He's never been tipsy/drunk and wants to try (alcohol is a very touchy topic for him so this is kind of a huge step). What should I make for him to try? What are some drinks that don't really taste like they have alcohol in them? What did you like the taste of when you were first learning to drink?
Bug-eyed Earl

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I'm getting in my car, and my neighbor [whom I've never met] is in his car and honks for me to roll down my window. He's like "[TURKISH]" "What?" "[TURKISH]" "Umm.." "Where are you from?" "uh.. [my town]?" "No, what nationality?" "Umm.. mixed European." "I saw your scarf and thought it was for my favorite team in Turkey". I have a silly yellow scarf that says CRIME SCENE DO NOT CROSS. This somehow leads him to think I'm Turkish? After I look at you, very confused and go WHAT?? would you not assume I do not know what you are saying?

Do Turkish soccer fans wear yellow scarves or something?

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