December 22nd, 2010


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Can we talk about sex and sex drives please?

Is anyone else just not turned on AT ALL the few days before your period is due? I'm usually pretty horny the day OF my period, but I'm due to start on Friday and I'm just like....ugh to sex. I want nothing to do with it.

Also, I have recurring bartholin gland abscesses and they usually pop up after sex, so dealing with them has made me almost afraid of sex. D: What do I do?!

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so i realize it's late and only the drunkies are gonna answer, but anyway
do you do crossword puzzles?
if so, do you use pen or pencil? what newspaper do you get them from? and do you ask for help?

[edit] BALLLLLLLZ didn't mean to offend. i'm just assuming cause i have beers in me. i know some of you are sober.
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You're away from home for a night, on your own, and just before bed you realise you have no pairs of underwear other than the pair you're wearing and have been all day. We're supposing that you're not immediately nearby some convenient retailer. What do you do?

And what about two nights, or three?

inspired by irl right now:(
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I thought I was going to have to postpone Christmas.

It turns out I was wrong. Instead of being just me and the (six month old) baby alone on Christmas Day, I found out yesterday that my husband would be here after all. This is glorious news.

Of course, the sudden change in plans (thank you, British Army) means I hadn't thought about cooking any kind of interesting and delicious foodz...I'm a chef, so I can do pretty much anything that turns out to be needed, but I can't think of anything right now! My head is a tiny bit too stuck on YAY HE'S ACTUALLY HERE! to get all foodie.

What should we have for dinner this Christmas?

It's our very first Important Occasion - birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, the army has complicated them all - where we've actually been within five hundred kilometres of each other. It is therefore a little bit special, but I cannot be bothered getting turkey or any of the usual epic food when there are only two people with the teeth to eat it.

(In snowy, cold, wintery Herefordshire, by the way)
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Am I really the only one, guys?

Did you grow up listening to the radio drama Adventures in Odyssey? [Yes, as an adult, I am deeply disturbed by some of Focus on the Family's stands on things, and am vehemently against them as a group -- however, as a whole, AIO was pretty damn good, and was the highlight of my Saturday mornings]

If yes, are there any episodes you still remember? For me: "The Mortal Coil"; that one where Mr. Whittaker finds the letter from his dead son in a book; the one where Tom Riley's son dies; and "Karen"

8/ Apparently all the ones I remember revolve heavily around death. I remember lots of others, but those really stuck with me.

Anyway though, any other AIO fans want to reminisce? Favorite characters? (I enjoyed Tom Riley and Eugene.)
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I want to make chex mix and it says when it's done to spread them out onto paper towels to cool

Is that necessary, or will they all stick together if I don't?

I don't have paper towels or any baking sheets to spread it onto and I'm broke so I can't go out and buy them. I would just spread it on my counter after disinfecting it, but that's not a good idea when one has four kitties.

I found a way =D

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I just found out that I am getting out of work at lunch time tomorrow and I quite happy about that.   

Does anybody else  have good news that they feel like sharing today?  

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tqc, tell me about your first kiss - where/when was it? Do you regret it or are you glad it happened that way? Do you care to tell the story?

I just got mine last night. :DDD In my apartment kitchen. I don't regret it, because it's someone I've been seeing for a few weeks and it feels right. We're both SO shy though. It took me about ten minutes for me to work up the nerve to ask for a goodnight kiss and it took her about 45 minutes of stalling and going off topic and saying "I really should go now" and then she kissed me really fast before she left. :D
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Help me out, Dr. LJ:

So I've felt awful for almost two weeks now. I have a cough, my throat hurts, and I'm full of snot. I went to see my doctor on Friday, and she told me it was just a virus and it had to run it's course. She told me to take some over-the-counter cough syrup, which I have been, but I still feel horrible.

I've been sleeping sitting up, because that has cut down on a lot of my coughing, but I can't do that forever. My head is still full of snot, and I'm blowing my nose all the time.

At what point am I either going to start to feel better, or when should I call my doc and ask for stronger drugs?

As extra credit: I'm going to be around a 2 month old baby on the 24th. Is is safe for me to go? I'm terrified that the baby's parents are going to ask me to stay home rather than be around the baby (which they would totally be within their rights to say).

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if a person has a CAT scan/MRI and the technicians see something unusual, would they let the doctors know right away?  and would the doctors tell you right away? or would it be like any other scan where it takes a couple of days/weeks for the results and you have to get in touch with the doctor yourself?

*i know the techs cant tell you anything. 

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TQC, should I go out and see my boyfriend today? Pros to this include: cuddles, sex and going shopping for my dad's stocking stuffers. Cons to this include a 2-mile walk when it's 29 degrees outside.
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TQC, do you have any home-made ways of curing an upset stomach? I usually take a bit of coke syrup or drink ginger ale, but I have neither and I don't feel well enough to drive and get anything.
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my boyfriend got me diamond earrings (like basic stud diamonds, pretty small, very nice) for the holidays. i love them, but.... when does one wear diamond earrings? as everyday earrings, special occasions only, somewhere in between?

dk/dc: what do you have to do in the next few days that you're not looking forward to?
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Do you like brussel sprouts? What's your favorite way to cook them?

I love them. I went to Costco and bought a BUNCH. I usually just like them roasted but I'll never make it to the end of the bag if they're all cooked the same way.

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I'm always in charge of Christmas desserts. But this year I'm really stuck on what I should make. For dinner we're having Garlic Butter Roasted Mushrooms, Stuffed Goose with Caraway and Apples, and French Onion Soup. Here are the recipes I'm between for dessert:

Creme Brulee Cheesecake Bars
Eggnog Cream Puffs
Crepe Cake
Tiramisu au Grand Marnier
Chocolate Tart

dk/dc - What are you having for Christmas dinner? What's your favorite Christmas dessert?

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 So I had my nose pierced about two and a half months ago. About two weeks ago I began getting some hypertrophic scarring. I'm assuming this is because I've had some accidents with my nose piercing (it ripped out a couple of times, slept on it, changing piercing too early, w/e). So far I've tried to "pop" it. Twice. Then I soaked it with sea salt afterwards. It would go away and would stay away for about 3-4 days until it came back again, and with a vengeance. Well, now it's back and every morning when I check it in the mirror, it's bigger, despite doing sea salt/chamomile tea soaks every day (I haven't let myself pop it this time).

I'm seriously fed up with this thing and I don't know what to do. I feel embarrassed to even go out in public with it on my nose. I've read success stories about people popping them and having them go away properly and some people say not to pop it at all. How have you dealt with your hypertrophic scarring in the past? Any advice you could offer?

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My boyfriend was talking about a type of wallet that can fold different ways so that if you fold it one way you get to your money and the other way allows you to access something else..... Does anyone know what these are called or where I could find them?

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My mother is going through menopause and her decision is to go through it without hormones.  How can I improve her mood short of mashing up hormone pills in her food? :/  How can I cope with her sudden mood swings?

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I'm making cherry pie for Christmas. Originally I was thinking I'd make the filling myself, but my parents got involved and my mom went out and bought this really fancy filling from Williams Sonoma. I've never made pie from pre-made filling and the only thing the jar is telling me is that it's good for one 9 inch pie. Do I just make my crusts and then bake the sucker for a half hour at 375? That's what I do for apple pie... I just don't want to mess this up and somehow offend my mom and I'm having trouble finding info.
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TQC, what kind of Xbox 360 should I get? I'm mainly going to use it for multiplayer stuff (aka ~COD~) and Fable and things like that. I asked my dude gamer friends for help but they turned it into a MY CONSOLE IS BETTER THAN URS posturing fest.

dk/dc: What should I get my aunt's family for Christmas? Two parents, three kids (15, 17, and 21. 21-year-old's off at college), and a dog, and they're super wealthy so they have pretty much everything they want or need. I already have gifts for my cousins but I want to get a sort of general present for the family (mostly my aunt and uncle) too.
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Would you rather get a $5 gift card to Target or Barnes and Noble?

EDIT: The reason it's only 5 dollars is because I'm buying for about 10 people and I'm not made of money.

EDIT 2: This is for coworkers, a few of whom are 2,000 miles away. Some people aren't buying gifts for anyone, and the most expensive I've received is $5. Extravagance would be very out-of-place.
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moar halp pls

Hey TQC. So recently, I asked you for dress help so that I could impress a man, but now I need to ask you for food help to impress his family. He invited me to Xmas dinner, and I'd like to make some food to bring so that I don't come empty-handed.

I was thinking about making a spice cake, but I'd also like to make a pie AND some sort of appetizer. There will be lots of beefy men there, so I don't want to make anything ~dainty~ like mini quiches or phyllo bundles or stuffed mushroom caps or anything, you know.

SO YEAH TQC. What type of pie should I make, and what type of MANLY appetizer should I make? I am kick-ass in the kitchen, and I have a farmer's market really close by, so anything is game.


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So I emailed the guy who hired me about my work schedule for winter quarter over a week ago, but he has not responded. I need to know when I can be available to meet my mentor, who is a retired OB/GYN, because I don't want to keep him waiting. Should I email the guy about my schedule again? What should I say? Nevermind, I'll just email him again. :P

What do you like in your quesadillas?
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I need blood work done. I will not get it done if it needs to be in the vein right below the elbow. I can't deal with those. :( Does anyone know if it could be taken elsewhere?

Have you ever had blood taken?

I've never even been able to donate. :/ I don't weigh enough.

ETA: I'd like it taken out of my ass, tbqh.
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So, Monday night after I was coming home from a Christmas party, I had (what I thought was) a small accident. I found out today that it totaled my car. Merry Christmas, I get a new car. Not so fun really (if it were a surprise that would be great, because it was my fault... it's not). So, I'm in the market for a new car.

I'm looking for something midsize (so I can grow with it. I'm 22, and I'm not ready to start a family, but in a few years I might be), front or four-wheel drive (my poor dead little car couldn't handle the snow/ice), and not EXPENSIVE but around 10,000-15,000 (a little over that is okay). TQC, what do you recommend?

DK/DC/HAH You Broke Your Car On Christmas: What is your dream car?

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TQC, what is the rule for soaking beans?

I've always heard you're supposed to soak them overnight, but I've been reading at a few places that they're okay to just presoak for a few hours or not at all. :\

If it matters, it's for red beans and rice.

Also, anyone have any good recipes for red beans and rice? I know that its pretty simple lol, but what about spices and anything else?
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What is the cutest/funnies thing you've seen today? Mine is a tossup between my cat and my boyfriend's cat, because my cat keeps sneezing and she has this really high pitched voice, so every time sneezes, it's sort of like a squeaky little noise that you hear from those jingly holiday bells, and my boyfriend's cat keeps trying to sniff her each time she sneezes, like, "You okay there, bud?"

What book series have you read recently, even part of it? I'm rereading Walter Farley's "Black Stallion" series. Half of me hates it and half of me loves it.

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Is it rude to respond to someone who greeted you with your name without saying her/his name back? Example:

A: Hi B! *wave*
B: Hi! *wave*

I do this all the time and I didn't think about whether it was rude or not until a friend hinted that it was.

How you like your avocados?
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Let's do the time wrap again

I saw a headline that said "How to gain power over time" and was disappointed that the following instruction had nothing to do with temporal manipulation. When you see 'Gain power over time', what comes to your mind?

Slowly gathering influence and authority
TIME TRAVEL!!! I'll try not to create a paradox
Being more efficient; managing tasks in a much shorter span
Mastering the usage of thyme in meal preparation (I'm a lousy speller)
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I emailed an old boss the other day about returning to work for him, and he said he would like to have me come back, and that I just needed to reapply and do the background check again. It sounds like a pretty sure things, but I just emailed him to follow up asking whether he needed more information and if he knew when I might here as to whether or not I got the job and when the background check email might be coming my way.

I accidentally wrote "when I got the job" instead of "whether or not". Would it be silly to email him back just to clarify that? I basically was going to say that I meant "whether or not", not "when", and I don't want to get ahead of myself.

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Tonight I have the house to myself, and I'm in the mood for making myself COMPLETELY TERRIFIED. What sort of things shall I do to achieve this, other than watching horror movies? I like having a scary night occassionally

EDIT: OK I totally got the AD thing wrong, forget that :D It is now clear

Finally, I have loads, a few drawerfuls of, blank sketchbooks and journals. If you would be so kind, I'd like some ideas for them. Like, a theme for each one maybe, or anything you can think of. I have some spare time ahead of me, and want some projects to focus on. Trying to get into drawing again and I'm having an inspiration shortage after going so long. The last themes I did were multiple identities, and mechanical animals. I also did one on this nightmare world where bugs were everywhere, in peoples dreams and hallucinations, under their skin etc
Do any of you have blogs or pages for your sketchbooks/journals? I'd love to see them if you do!

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Can you name me some disaster films? I already have The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, The Core & Flood. I like my some apolocalpyse-style horror.

How do you pronounce Cthulu?

What have I forgotten to put on my "to do" list?

Anyone else got a long drive on Christmas Eve? Won't it be fun?!

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I posted a while ago about my dad having some money issues. I was planning on giving him $100 as part of his Christmas gifts. He goes away a few times a year to a really amazing retreat house. They just sent a letter about doing renovations and possibly needing donations.

Should I send them some money in his name as part of his Christmas gift, or since he needs the money, just give it all to him?

If I'm donating in his name, how should I word the letter?

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When I got my cat in July, we got her from a lady who had two dogs and another cat. She had been around dogs and cats all he life and her previous owner said she is very social around other pets. I took her to meet my parents and instantly had a hissing, spitting, growling mean kitty on my hands. She hated my dogs, she hated my other cat and she also has been doing this with my SIL's new cat and my husband's grandma's cats. None of these other cats are aggressive and pretty much wanted to sniff her then walk away.

Did her previous owner lie to me? Does she just want to be the HBIC with the other pets in the family? Will she grow out of this (she will be 1 in February)?

We would like to get a second kitty but I don't want her to be mean all the time if there's another cat around.

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Have you used Crest Whitestrips Supreme? Did it hurt as bad as the internet tells me it might? Should I leave them on the shelf to save my sanity? D: D: I want to brighten my teeth a little, not necessarily use them for the whole seven days.

What do you like the most about Christmas?

What do you like the least?
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If you had to make a choice between starving and working for the TSA, which would you choose?

If you had to make a choice between working at a much lower paying job and working for the TSA, which would you choose?

Inspired by my looking at a government job site and reading a description if an office job.  Thinking, "Oh I could do that", and then noticing it was with the TSA.

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So, did anyone miss me in my several day absence? :)

I'm planning on going out to eat and sight-see on Christmas Day. Do you see and/or understand the appeal of going out for the holidays? A lot of people seem to think it's weird that I would want to do that, but as a 19 year old Christmas really isn't all that fun these days after I unwrap whatever present I have so I figured why not go out and do something. I'm still going to be with family while doing this anyway.

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Probably a dumb question, but Google is failing me. Where do people find screencaps of movies/shows with captions on them? Example:

Are there different websites that have a ton of them? I want to find a few from my favorite movies.

DK/DC: What was the most interesting thing to happen to you today?

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Victoria's Secret

I'm confused - is the VS pagent not happening this year.. ? Or just not being televised in Australia... I thougth usually it was shown on the 24th of December but I havent seen any ads for it on the tv and its not the tv guide..  .. or have I got the date wrong.. ? Is it actually on the 30th of Dec or the 31st?  ... I know last year it was the day before a big event (ie day before christmas, day before new years)

Am I going to be deprived of the show this year? :( 

Have you watched the VS pagent in previous years? 

I love it =D Whats not to love about sexy women in sexy lingerie !? 

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More housewares questions.

How many people live in your house?

How many beds are in your house?

How many sets of sheets do you own?

How many sets of towels?

(I'm trying to figure out if I'm normal or if I overbuy on housewares.)
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Just to balance out the faith in humanity we might lose from timeb0x's Bystander Effect post, let's have a "people are awesome" post too!

Will you tell us stories about times you have witnessed, performed, or been the recipient of random acts of kindness? Or people going out of their way to be awesome human beings?

Or even just copypasta your favorite stories from if you like.

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My aunt sent me a $25 Amazon gift card as a thank you for helping with her wedding.
What should I buy with it? Books, music, random stuff.

dk/dc: what's the best thing that happened to you this week?
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Holy dead TQC. I wrote a long drawn out question (which I will paste in a comment if you care enough for more details) but here's the short version:

Your friend is dating your other friend who everyone knows is gay but he hasn't and probably will never come out. She comes to you for advice. What do you do? You're good friends with both of them.

ETA: omg he just texted me. He knows I'm talking about him! Haha.

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For those of you who have taken/take diet pills, which ones have worked/work for you?

I'm hoping to get something effective from Whole Foods this weekend.

Edit: I've been on a healthy vegan diet for years and I exercise regularly. I'm looking for something that will help me conquer this plateau that I've reached. Nothing too drastic.
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What is the silliest thing you've done recently?

Do I ask too many "what is the funniest/silliest __________" questions? That's been my topic for like 8 questions now


Have you ever had or heard of chocolate wine? It IS AMAZING.

Will you have a regular conversation about your day with me so I can get to know you, TQCers? I would really like to know you guys better.
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if you have had babies or plan on it, will you get your children vaccinated?
do you think vaccines are a conspiracy put forth by the U.S. government?
(inspired by the debate on the wall while watching the finale of 16 and pregnant)

can you provide me any links to good research about autism?

did you watch the finale of 16 and pregnant? please discuss.

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What's something people do that makes you uncomfortable?

It makes me really uncomfortable when larger people make reference to their weight to me, especially while I'm at work. I work at a shoe store, and I can't even tell you how many times I've heard, "I wish I could fit my fat feet into these!" or "If my legs weren't so fat, I would love to own these but they won't zip up all the way". How am I even supposed to respond to that? D: Or the other day, this guy I work with was all, "Man, I need to shower when I get home! I already showered but I smell again already. It's all this extra fat I've got on me." I know he was joking but I was just kinda like, "D: Uhh..."
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Do you speak French? If so, will you critique my French or talk to me in French?

Do you know any good communities or websites for critiques for writing? I write pretty much every genre (aka: I want to be a published author one day, validate me!)

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I dropped and shattered my favorite mug and I am looking online to see if I can buy the same one. It was the last present that my mom gave me before she left. I have looked on ebay and searched "tigger mug" "white tigger mug" and "tigger mug disney store" but haven't found it.
Collapse )

Can any of you help me find this mug for sale?