December 21st, 2010


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To those with an interest in/players of roller derby:
After MUCH deliberation, I have half settled on a roller derby name - 'Kill Co.' (It's based on my surname. Is this any good?
What should my number be? I'd kind of like something related.
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I'm at my parents' until New Years Eve, and while I'm here I'm still eating healthily. However, the options for working out are not as immense and I can really only burn about a third to a half as many calories as I'm used to. (Wii Fit and running all that but I don't have a gym to go to here). Assuming I still eat just like I do when I'm working out regularly (a very measured diet), will I put on a butt ton of weight in the next 10 days?

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What's a good eclipse soundtrack for tonight? I'm trying to decide between OK Computer by Radiohead or The Creek Drank the Cradle by Iron and Wine. If you don't know/don't like those albums, what are albums you would choose to watch the eclipse with?
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I discovered over the summer that my idiot sibling started smoking.
I warned him that he would get into trouble with my parents, and I guess he stopped temporarily, until he went back to college.
He's old enough to smoke so my parents technically have no say, but he lives at home and has no job and has no car so if they found out he'd be in quite a pickle.

He's back now and went outside saying he was going to "watch the eclipse," came back in a minute later, and I get this big whiff of smoke. I really don't know what else to say to him other than he's a dumbshit and my parents would probably find out anyways, but he would probably brush that off like he did when I first warmed him. Part of me also wishes that my parents would find out, but we have a pretty good relationship and I'm not going to rat him out, especially when it's his decision.

Do I sit back and watch? Say something?
I'm just worried that he's addicted. Maybe I'm just being paranoid.

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TQC, my bedroom smells like wet towels! Like when I was thirteen at music camp and thought the wardrobe would be a good place to let my pool towel dry. It's awful, but I can't figure out where it's coming from. There have been no wet towels in my room today. And earlier, my mom smelled wet towels in the room right below mine, so I'm not imagining it.

Any ideas at all of what could be causing this smell? Nothing is masking it, and I can't sleep. I'm totally stumped. Have you ever experienced this smell coming from something other than wet towels?
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 I came home last night and my mom had gone nuts and ripped up the top layer of linoleum in the kitchen. All the adhesive is still visible on the layer that had been covered up. We're trying to scrape it up without damaging the linoleum, but it's going to take forever. Is there anything we can use that won't damage the floor but will take off the adhesive? 

I was thinking heat, and she was thinking alcohol, but I don't know if either will damage the floor.

What do moths generally go for in a food pantry? We took everything but cans out when we noticed a shitton of moths in the pantry, but we didn't find them in anything.

What was your favourite movie growing up? I'm looking for movies besides the Disney Princess movies so I can show them to the girls I babysit. 

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Can you recommend a movie for me to rent?

Helpful details:
1. It has to have been on video for more than a year.*
2. The last two movies I watched were City of Lost Children and Dark City.
3. It would have to be likely to show up in a Blockbuster.

*I have a coupon. It's only for a non "new release" film at Blockbuster.

Edit: To fix html.

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I am paying for a maid to visit my boyfriends apartment twice as a christmas gift. Will you give me some creative ways to package this gift for Christmas, something other than the standard "Gift Certificate"?
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Have you ever hidden a present so well that you've completely lost it?

I have, I think.  I finished most of my shopping at the beginning of the month and hid all the presents in two places.  I dug the ones out to wrap last night and realized I couldn't find a particular present I bought for my Aunt and Uncle.  If I find the receipt, how ridiculous will I look if I take it to the store and ask them to check that it was put in my bag?  (For the record, the gift was purchased at Target.  I was told once, when I worked there, that your bar code on the receipt corresponds to a time on their video log and security can pull it to verify that something was received or not received as the case might be.) 

I'm embarrassed about it, lol.  :(  I just ransacked my house to find this stupid thing and nada. 
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Have you ever had a bruise so deep that it left a permanant mark?

I ordered a record on Saturday from and it should be shipped today. I ordered express shipping which said 2-6 days. When do you think it will arrive?

Should I skate tonight or go to the gym?

Do you like puzzles?
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So right now I'm watching Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon for the first time (yeah I know). The story is really interesting but the voices are irritating for me. Is there a version where they speak in Mandarin instead of English and I can just read the subtitles?

ETA: It's a DVDrip

I guess I can just rent it off netflix. Thanks!
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What's the worst Christmas present you ever got? Was it the present itself that was bad, or the lack of thought put into it?

How much of your Christmas shopping have you done? Are you a last minute shopper, or do you like to get started way in advance?

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Inspired by the book to movie question,
Have any of you read the "Uglies" series? Can we discuss them? I loveeddd them, but dont have anyone to talk to about them lol

*edit* If you havent, can this be a general book series discussion thread?

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Have you ever been in a car accident? Was it your fault?

I was rear ended on the 10th. I was stopped to make a left hand turn on a fairly busy road (only 2 lanes) and a guy rear ended me going 55 mph-ish. He totaled my PT Loser with his Ford F150.

His stupid insurance company is making me turn my rental car in tomorrow, even though I've only had it a week, and I'm still stuck without a car..and I have no idea when I can get mine replaced. :/

On a scale of 1-10, how bad does that suck? Especially since public transportation is non existent around here and I have 2 kids.

On the bright side, my doctor gave me some awesome pain pills, so totally loving that.

When I can replace my car....what should I replace it with? I'm open to suggestions.

dk/dc: What are you doing right now?

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so in new england there is this huge group of kids who go by the name Nekk. it stands for(new england ketamine kids) and they put it in their facebook names cuz they think its cool, woo horse tranquilizers....................
what do you think of this?

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Is there any way to download an entire website into Dreamweaver? I have been bequeathed the task of updating my company's website, and right now I create images in photoshop and then have to manually go into the directory on our hosting site (godaddy) and upload the image and then go into the webpage and update the page with the new image.

This is a fairly tedious process because we are constantly updating multiple things. I am not the one who originally created the website (so I do not have the original files, so to speak) and I do not have a ton of web experience, so maybe someone here can tell me. Can I download our entire website into Dreamweaver somehow and just re-publish it whenever I need to update it? Does that even make sense?


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when you go to fast food places do you always get the same order?
or do you pick and choose something different everytime.
if you get the same order, what do you get at these restaurants:
- Subway/Mr Sub
- Taco Bell
- Burger King
- McDonalds

(I live in Canada, so we dont have many fancy pants fast food places)

How many eggs should I use for deviled eggs, for a party of 30-40?

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How would you celebrate Christmas if you didnt have a family to celebrate it with you? Or friends who celebrate Christmas?

EDIT: I dont have any pets. :( that would be awesome.. me and my imaginary puggle sitting together watching tamil movies... Well, I am supposed to go home for christmas but the way things are going on in home(basic hell) Im a little afraid to go home because Im not on my meds at the moment(I need to go to another town to get them).. Im afraid things might go a little out of control.
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What were some of your favorite songs when you were little, that weren't really appropriate for kids?

- I used to listen to/sing "Lucille" by Kenny Rogers all the time - it's about a woman who leaves her husband and 4 kids, then tries to pick up a guy in a bar.

What's the last song that made you cry?

- This One's for the Girls by Martina McBride
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Dr. TQC, would you please use your expertise and vast medical knowledge to tell me why my I keep having random sharp pains in my back? And no, I will not clarify. After all, Dr. House has taught us that patients lie, so any further information will be of no use to you.

For those of you that have been flying recently, how early did you arrive at the airport? Have the enhanced security measures (scans and patdowns) actually slowed things down in security, or has it just seemed like business as usual?

Are you travelling for Christmas? Where to and how are you getting there?

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LJ isn't sending me comment emails right now. I think it's just from TQC, too, because I'm getting comments in my email from other communities/my own journal. What is going on?

DK/DC: What color eyes do you have?
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Questions of boredom.

1. What was your "lovey"/favorite stuffed animal as a baby or really small child? What was its name? Do you still have it?
2. Do you remember what your favorite sheets looked like as a kid?
3. What are you reading? In a hardcover, paperback, or on an e-reader?
4. Jodi Picoult: amazing writer, overrated, or decently mediocre?
5. Which is your favorite flavor and brand of hummus? What do you like to eat it on?
6. PB&J sandwich. What flavor jelly? Crunchy or creamy PB?
7. Will you drink milk? What percentages/types?

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Do you have a credit card (not debit/ATM)? If so, with which company?

What are the pro's of having a credit card? Should I get one? I'm 19 and I never had one before.

What's a good place to buy track/athletic pants? I need to start going to the gym.

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TQC, my uncle is coming for Christmas breakfast. He's on a really restrictive diet that he won't break, not even for Christmas. As far as I know, he'll only eat egg whites with spinach/some veggie for breakfast. What should I make for him? Think ultra healthy, high in protein things.

DK/DC: Have you ever heard of/read "The Culture" book series by Ian Banks?

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I'm afraid to go out because it has been snowing tons and I can't walk two feet without falling on my ass. I seem to be the only one who's having that much trouble with it though, I've had old people briskly passing me by while I stood flailing my arms helplessly. How do they do it??

How do you avoid slipping on snow or ice? Special footwear? Adapted walking style?

dk/dc do you love or hate snow?
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What is your favourite way to eat fish (cooked or uncooked), if you eat it?

Is there a food you eat on a specific day of the week, every week?

Do you like sushi?
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What is the last thing that made you really happy? --> this is mine
It's across from my office and people have been adding things all day. He now has a shirt, gloves, a shopping bag and buttons. And a Chicago Bears sticker, courtesy of a police officer (and this is Colts country).
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I'm building a (private) website for 2 kids -- a 3-1/2-year-old girl and an almost-5-year-old girl. I was given "free reign" to come up with something just for them.

So far, I've added about a bazillion games, a family page with photos & some videos of their family members and a photo stream for their photos (at least one has a digital camera she apparently uses "quite often"). I don't know these kids, so I don't know anything specific about them.

Can you think of other ideas for what to add that they might like?


It's just me and my dad for dinner tonight and we don't have any food so it looks like takeout for us. What should I tell him we should get?
At the local pizza place I can get an awesome BLT, Taco Bell would mean crunchwrap supreme(s), and with Chinese I am all over the sesame chicken. If it matters, pizza and chinese cost a bit more but are closer than Taco Bell, which is farther but cheap.

Poll #1659437 DINNER


Pizza place
Taco Bell
Something better that I will tell you about in the comments
You guys should probably just starve

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What are these called? I used to have them when I was little, but forgot about them until I stumbled on an image on tumblr..but I can't for the life of me remember the names, or successfully google it. 
Collapse )
Edit: They're called Krystal Princesses.. thanks!

dk/dc what was your favorite toy growing up? pics are encouraged

Someone who has netflix

If you have netflix, are you able to stream right now? Either over your computer or on a Wii or something. I'm having troubles and am trying to figure out if it's me or Netflix.


ETA: Nevermind, figured it out! Thanks anyways.
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Every time I log into Facebook I get the screen telling me my security is "Low" and I should choose a security question. No big deal. BUT when I choose a security question and put in an answer it tells me that my answer is "not allowed"

Why is it saying this?
non-srs encouraged, as I really dgaf about whether or not my Facebook is on ~lockdown~

Also, I'm in a gif-making mood. What should I make gifs out of?
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What should I watch on Netflix Instant? (I'm not feeling Christmas-ish)

What do you aspire to be?

Does your weight fluctuate throughout the year? By how much?

Will you be traveling for the weekend? How far?

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I tried googling, but nothing to relevant or recent came up.

I'm purchasing some NPR Car Talk episodes off of iTunes to burn onto a CD to give my dad for Christmas. He drives a lot, so he'd be listening in his car for the most part. His CD player is a little older (I want to say 8-10 years old).

The files that downloaded are m4a's. If they're burned to a disc, do you think my dad's CD player will be able to play them?

If not, is there anything I can do so those files can play?

EDIT: I think I got it, haha. I'm having a slow day.

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What are you doing right now besides being on the Internet? I'm baking cookies and attempting to read my o-chem book.

Has anyone ever insulted your intelligence? How did you react?
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Riding a fixed gear bike from Prince Edward Island to Toronto, Ontario (that's 2,000 kms).


What's the stupidest thing you've ever heard of someone doing?

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at work right before i left, i found a grocery store gift card for $50 dollars on the floor.
it is most likely part of a gift basket our clients brought in for different people.  but i have no idea which basket it would belong too (we raffle off the baskets to everyone theres around 30 of them)
i dont know what to do.
should i keep and use?  or put it with some random basket?
what would you do?



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How much do you think location affects happiness?
Or to what amount?

i.e. I've been thinking i'd have a better social life (my own at the moment is quite good enough) or have more fun if I lived in a city, when actually I think things would be much the same.

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probably a dumb question but it's worth a try...

legally speaking, if i can prove that there is an extra person living in my apartment with my roommate, can i get that person to be legally obligated to pay 1/3 of the rent? or can i get any other legal consequences enforced? (and if so, what is the definition of "living here" and how can it be proven?)
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Is Pandora playing ads a gross amount to annoy me into paying for a premium account? (anyone else having this problem?) I wish I were exaggerating, but it's been: song/ad/song/ad/song/ad. Not even radio stations are that obnoxious.

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Do you have an internet (well, LJ) nemesis? Would you like to be mine? This offer guarantees snarky comments to your posts (limit 10 per day) and bad-mouthing when opportunity arises. First bidder wins!

/tongue so far in cheek there are dents
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ALL OTHER THINGS BEING EQUAL - would you rather shop at a car dealership with a sign that says "We speak English" or one with a sign that says "Se habla Ingles" (or some variants thereof)? (assume this is a predominantly English speaking country)

ALL OTHER THINGS BEING EQUAL - would you rather shop at a car dealership with a sign that says "Keep Christ in Christmas" or one with a sign that says "Be good for goodness' sake" (or some variants thereof)?

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My mom told me she spent $200 on a present for me and my boyfriend. It's a small rectangular package about the size of 1 season of a tv show on dvd. What could it be?? my boyfriend and I don't live together so it won't be any household items.