December 20th, 2010

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I was beginning to make cookies for the people I work with, and I realized there was no brown sugar left in the house. I called my roommate, who was out shopping, and she picked some brown sugar up for me. I had enough stuff to make two batches of cookies, so I asked her if she wanted me to make a batch for her. She said no. After they were finished baking she comes into the kitchen and asks if she can have a cookie. I tell her 'no' because I made exactly enough for my coworkers. She got mad and stormed out of the kitchen.

Tqc, should I feel bad for not giving her a cookie?
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I'm flying today and I have a mild cold. My ears and head always hurt from the pressure change even when I'm just barely stuffed up, and I'd like to avoid bursting my eardrums (or feeling like I'm going to). Any tips? I've heard of taking decongestants and using ear plugs. Do either of these work? Any other tips?

embarrassing silly question!

If a salon/spa is advertising eyebrow waxes, do they typically shape/contour your eyebrows for you? Or do they simply lay the wax on the shape you've already got? Also, how long does this sort of thing last before you have to get it redone?

What's the last question you felt kinda stupid for not knowing the answer to?
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So I just saw this gif (lol Disney) and remembered I saw a similar tattoo a while ago. It was a hollow black upside down triangle, with another smaller solid upside down triangle inside it. I understand colored solid triangles were used by the Nazis to classify prisoners, but this seems to be something different. I've googled around and all I've found is an similar unanswered question on another site. Any hints?

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Do you wear anything that makes most other people give you wierd looks/comments?

I'm getting a pair of Steve Madden combat-style boots for Christmas and it seems the general consensus is that this is a questionable fashion choice. IDC, I <3 THEM.

Do you like snow?

I used to like it when I lived in the Southwestern US where there never was any. Now that I live on the East coast and I actually have to live with it I hate it omg

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I know a lot of you are non religious, so what do you do when you are put into a situation where religion comes up?

Ex. Attending a religious wedding, eating with a family that says grace, etc.
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Bus riders of TQC! I need help!

So I just got tickets for a Greyhound bus to go home last night before I went to bed. This morning in the shower I realized that I got the tickets for a day EARLIER than I had planned to travel.

I know that the tickets are good for a year after, so, should I just show up the day after it says on my ticket, and hope there's a bus? Or do I have to go through some sort of bureaucratic deal in order to get the date changed?

And yes, lesson learned, don't buy tickets while half-asleep snug in bed.

DK/DC - Where do you draw the line?
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What's the name for the type of puzzle that's set up like a crossword but instead of clues, you're given the words and have to figure out where they go?
My Google-Fu fails me D:
ETA: Found'm, I guess they're just called Fill-in puzzles or something similar. "Fill-in Puzzles: These puzzles contain no clues. All of the puzzle’s words are listed off to the left. You must figure out where they fit in the puzzle."

What words surprise you when they have the red dots of spellcheck under them?


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I'm googling but it's not helping!
At halloween I spilt liquid latex onto my trousers, which are a silky satinish fabric.
I've washed them which seems to have helped a little, but there's still a lot of gunk stuck on them.
Is there a failsafe way of getting it out?

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I just created a Sim with the traits of "Unlucky" "Loser" "Clumsy" "Neurotic" and "Absent-Minded". Based on this - how long will it be before they break or burn something down? I just started playing the game. Closest guess wins an internet cookie.

What is the oldest thing in your house?

glasses, stitch

Sleeping Issues: Insomnia Cure?

Do any of you have any recommendations on exercises to do when you're in bed and can't sleep? Please keep this clean and sorry, but sleeping pills kind of freak me out. One of my family members got addicted and it was kind of scary and I take forever to get up in the morning anyway. So I'd rather avoid medication.

My reason for asking- I could not get to sleep last night. At all. It took me nearly an hour and a half and I already didn't have that much time to sleep.

Even when I have a regular sleeping schedule and go to bed around the same time, it's been taking me longer and longer to get to sleep. It used to take me hardly ten minutes.

I tried counting sheep, but ended up giving them tiaras by the 21st sheep and by the 36th one, they were all miniature Ezio (Assassin's Creed) versions of the sheep. Complete with cloaked outfit and they came fully armed. Even did a little ninja-twirl as they hopped over the fence.

Needless to say, counting sheep does not work for me. Counting is too basic and the default version of regular sheep in a regular pasture jumping over a regular fence just doesn't work for me. I need something else to think/not think about.

P.S.- Flying home today, so I may not reply to comments till later. Sorry!
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I need to ask Dr. TQC another question.
Collapse )

Any answer will do, even if you just feel like making me laugh.   

ETA: I've had two "votes" for gallbladder so that's what I'm going to assume for now.  
oh   joy   
excited brad!

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Why did the GPS just yell at me?

It's in a case on the dresser, so inside where it doesn't get a signal (and I remember turning it off). And I just had the crap scared out of me when a pretty woman's voice loudly told me to drive several hundred yards then turn left.
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We get bagels every Friday at work. Each person has their own standing order and there are only enough bagels for everyone to have the one they picked. I sometimes don't eat my bagel on Friday, and it is almost always gone on Monday morning. We have a small office so it's not like there are lots of people/bagels and it accidentally got taken (multiple times). Other than me eating my bagel on Friday, what should I do? Booby trap my bagel? Lick it if I am not going to eat it? Post a passive aggressive note? Nothing? Creative answers welcome.

ETA: It is normal to leave a bagel in the fridge for future eating. Apparently people just really like my flavor since my boss' every seed bagel never gets taken.
Muh Life.

srs/non-srs only.

I want a new tattoo. On the inside of my forearm under my elbow. It needs to be big and I want everyone to notice it and ask "but what does it meeeeeeeeeeean????"

What should I get?
Spart and Hen cuddled

Do you have a PDA?

My Personal Doggie Assistant (PDA) informs me that I am off schedule. 

Or do you have a PKA (Personal Kitty Assistant) or PBA (Personal Bunny Assistant) or PFA (Personal Fish Assistant) or any other permutation that you can think of?

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Do some people legitimately NOT know the difference between you're and your??

I'm home for the holidays, so I posted a fb status saying that I was back. Two different people commented, asking, "your back?" I was sooo tempted to respond with saying, "My back? My back is fine. Why do you ask?"

And then I was chatting with my roommate on fb chat, and she says, "your lucky."

This just baffles me, yet I don't know whether to correct these people because I don't want to sound condescending.

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 What was the last thing to piss you off? 

I paid our phone bill instead of our Internet bill, but when I called AT&T to correct it ten minutes later, they said they'd cancel the first payment and my money would be available again immediately, and that I could go ahead and make the payment to the Internet as soon as I wanted to, so I did it immediately. WELL. Apparently that didn't happen and they held $220 instead of just the $110, and as a result, I overdrafted my account, so my bank took out $112 in overdraft fees. :| Ugggh.

What cell phone/cable/Internet provider do you use? Do you like their customer service? 
AT&T. No. >:[
Celebrities: Adriana Lima (for Jeff)

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Inspired by this question: When do you feel really uneducated? Maybe when you're around certain people or in particular situations?

My boss and his wife invite my SO and me over for dinner often. They're all lawyers, so they start talking about law stuff and I just listen (or play on my phone) because idk what the hell they're going on about. :(

'de nada'

calling all advanced/native spanish speakers

so in english, when someone says thank you, there are many ways to respond such as you're welcome, of course, no problem, etc etc.

in spanish, when someone says 'gracias' which is the most formal and 'polite' way to respond?

in intro spanish classes we are taught 'de nada' which seems kind of informal to me. what is the closest thank you-answer to 'you're welcome'?


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Yesterday my boyfriend's parents made some tamales and gave them to his brother to bring over to us. He forgot them in his girlfriend's car. 5 hours later she came back to pick him up and gave us the tamales.

How sick will we get if we eat them? They are beef tamales. And it was ~70 degrees out yesterday.
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Dear TQC,

My husband is having a bad day. First of all, he’s sick. Second, he got a flat tire on a busy highway, in the rain. Third, during his afternoon shit his phone slipped out of his hoodie pocket and fell into the toilet. The phone still works, but it stinks.

What else can go wrong for him today?

Vampire Movies/Books

I'm trying to find a last minute present for a friend...she likes vampires. I want to get her a good vampire book or movie. When I say vampire, I mean the romanticized kind like in Buffy, Angel, or the Vampire Diaries, not a horror flick. If it's pretty well known, she probably already knows about it. Any suggestions? Something a little bit less fluffy than Twilight, but still trashy.

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Have you ever had a maid/house cleaner come to your home?

Will you tell me about your experiences,. positive and negative?

I'm thinking about getting my bf a cleaning service for Christmas, I think he'd like it.

EDIT: What about hotel maid stories, do you have any?

I once called up for them to bring extra pillows, and the maid brought me a crib. That was interesting. Also, a maid at a hotel made a long distance call from our room and they tried to charge us. We were able to prove we weren't in the hotel at the time, not sure what happened to the maid.
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Our holiday meal theme this year is Bite Size. Minimas! Tinymas. I don't want to do usual appetizers, I want some clever and perhaps traditional holiday meal type foods incorporated into them. Turkey spring rolls with cranberry sauce, mini salads in a muffin wrapper (thinking a wedge of pita as the base/sides, go from there)...

Do you have any fabulous recipes or ideas that would go with this occasion? 

What is your favourite appetizer? 

edit: you TQC foodies are amazing people.

Walken in a Winter Wonderland

Which would you rather eat?

A steak made from Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer
The head of Frosty the Snowman, covered in the juice of your choice (in essence, a snowcone in the shape of a wincing head)

Who would you rather have a threesome with?

Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus
The Grinch and Scrooge (before his conversion)

Which would you rather do?

Drink eggnog until you throw up
Punch Dick Clark in the face as hard as you can

Which would you rather do?

Steal Sarah Palin's Christmas (sneak into her house and steal all the presents, the tree, everything)
Be the person to tell Pat Robertson that that wasn't eggnog he was drinking, but human sperm, and that he's joined the ranks of the homosexuals he persecutes as a semen swallower

Which would you rather receive in your stocking?

A lump of coal
Sugar-free candy cane
daffy xmas

the dude abides.

i am considering a radical diet for the month of January. I would eat ONLY girl scout cookies, THIN MINTS. What is the worst that could happen?

sudden urge to do good deeds
constant attention from horny boy scouts
danger of eating entire stash for the month on the first day
daily flashbacks to the time i made a macrame owl necklace in girl scouts and someone stole it before i ever got to wear it
i might start living the girl scout law
i might start forcing others to live by the girl scout law
i might start misinterpreting the girl scout law and shooting those who don't abide
i make new friends, but keep the old...because one is silver and the other's gold
sudden urge to sing songs by the fire and tell the ghost story about the guy with the hook hand
try to recruit others for a game of "light as a feather, stiff as a board" on my lunch hour
get a lot of that minty chocolate imbedded in my teeth...creating a horrifying smile
demanding merit badges from my boss at work
there is no danger whatsoever in eating only thin mints
oh suzer, idk but sounds like being a girl scout ruined you for life

which of the following statements is true for you?

i was a girl scout
i was not a girl scout
i wanted to be a girl scout
i fucked someone who used to be a girl scout
i bought cookies this year
nobody has tried to sell me cookies yet this year
i am going to buy my weight in cookies at the first opportunity
i've OD'd on girl scout cookies so many times, my doctor cut me off
wtf man, never had a cookie made by a girl scout
girl scouts are socialists, and i can't abide
i think girl scouts are a bunch of mean girls and don't deserve my money
i always end up buying girl scout cookies from adults who are selling them for their kids
i refuse to buy cookies from adults who are selling them for their kids
mmmmmmmmm, cookie!
oh suzer, i lol'd when i realized you used the word "abide" twice in one poll

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My husband and I just adopted a dog.

We have one cat already who has always been an "only" pet.  She doesn't like other cats, let alone other animals.

How do I introduce them?  Will my cat always hate the dog?
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"I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus": a song about an adulterous woman having an affair with an old man or a loving father dressing up to preserve his child's fantasy of Santa Claus?

loving father dresses up as Santa
the mom's a ho cheating on her husband
idk but it's one of the worst Christmas songs in Christmas-dom

eh I suppose they could have had an open marriage too.
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position

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Should i get lunch/dinner from Panera, or from one of the Chinese places in the mall (some kind of chicken over fried rice and vegetables)?

Will you complete the sentence with as many things as you'd like? I love ________.

Walker on wheels

Will you tell me something that recently made you think about your childhood?

For me it was remembering when emo meant hard core bands who had a singer who'd scream their emotions on stage, sometimes crying in rage.

Proposal Songs?

If you were a girl proposing to a guy, and you had to do it through song (or with the help of a song), what song would you use?

Context: I'm working on another story. The characters are in their sophomore year in college. They got engaged at the end of their freshman year but the girl's dad won't let her get married until she finishes her education. The boy is afraid of losing the spark so he decides to propose to her again every year until they can get married for real (one of his friends puts this idea in his head). The girl independently comes up with the same idea and ropes her a cappella group into composing a musical love letter to this guy. The only song I could think of (that his a cappella group isn't already doing) is "How Sweet It Is To Be Loved By You." They've been together since they were 16.

Serious answers preferred, non-serious welcomed.

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I'm going to the store later. I want to buy some stuff to bake for my friends for Christmas, but I don't want to spend a lot. D: What cheap things can I bake that are still tasty?

Also, where can I find cheap baskets if I were to want to assemble a gift basket for each friend? I didn't see any at the dollar store last time I was there.

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Can someone link me to the screen protector that's fairly bumpy when you apply it to the ipod touch, but feels durable? I saw someone on the train having this screen cover and i noticed that it's slightly tinted...

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What are some of the strangest sexual myths or innacuracies you've ever heard coming from someone who should know better (rather than a young kid)? Or any you just wanted to smack your head and say "Why in their right mind would someone think that?"

My old roommate thought you could get pregnant from a back massage
Edit: also, "Condoms are much more effective than the pill." - then what's the point of the pill?


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what wine would go best with cookies and Doctor Who? because that's all i plan on doing on Christmas, drinking, eating cookies and watching Doctor Who.

p.s. i like sweeter wines but not to the point that they seem sugary, and don't like them very dry. i also like 'em cheap.

14 y.o. girls & a cupcake gift


1. My wife is a waitress at a restaurant/bar.

2. Every Saturday night the restaurant has karaoke.

3. Every Saturday night my son and I drive in for karaoke night. We each sing a song. He orders the fried mozzarella sticks. I order a rail bourbon, straight up.

4. My son is 13, tall and muscular, looks older than he is. He's also a special ed student dealing with Asperger's, so he's a bit socially awkward, but always hopeful. No girlfriend or dating experience yet.

5. A party of 20 had made reservations. It was a surprise party for a girl turning 15, and was composed mostly of 14-15 year old girls and some parents. They brought in a tray of cupcakes in lieu of birthday cake.

6. My son sang a song. It was "Hey Soul Sister". The girls gossiped and commented about him (nicely) and sang along to the chorus from their seats.

7. One of the girls came up to him after he sang and gave him a cupcake.

8. It's the first time in his life that a girl has paid attention to him.


What does the cupcake mean?


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Sorry for the decide my life type question, but I'm having a hard time with this. What book should I read next?
Poll #1659014 I fail at making choices.

What should I read?

On Writing by Stephen King
Cujo by Stephen King
Hideaway by Dean Koontz
American Psycho by Bret Easton Ellis
Other (in comments if you want)

dk/dc/not picking 4 u: What is the last CD/album you bought/downloaded?

(no subject)

What type of cheap booze should I get tonight?

5L box of wine
12-pack Steel Reserve 12oz cans

Pertinent info:
- They both cost the same amount, and they are sold at the same store, so it's not like driving distance factors into it.
- I have a boy coming over tonight and I want to sex him up.
- I have nearly-empty box of wine in the fridge...there is maybe one or two glasses-worth left

edit TQC, you will be happy to know that I went with the wine.

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How old were you when your parents stopped making appointments for you? (Doctor, etc.)

How old were you when they stopped going to appointments with you?

If you're married or dating, do you make appointments for you SO? What about for your parents?

I'm 22 and some of my friends STILL do this stuff with their parents or can't make appointments on their own.
I've gone to every appointment alone, unless I needed someone with me, since I got my driver's license.

I've made a few appointments for my dad because he's stubborn and do them for my mom sometimes because she's deaf.

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hi guys, i am going to start my internship in a photography related company and i'm really worried and scared because of the following reasons:

all my co workers, including the boss are males. it makes me nervous like hell because i have never worked for a male boss/co-workers, ack!

i do not know anything about photography and am afraid i might find it hard to catch up and frustrate my co-workers (but i was given this internship because the boss is willing to teach and mentor me)

the other girl who is supposed to intern with me is away in new york and will be back in january (we are in asia)

i have never been on internship before and don't know what to expect, even though the boss seems pretty flexible and allows me to dress casually because formality is not an issue here

have you ever been on internship? how was it? any tips/calm down tips for me? :D

if you work in an office environment, how do you maintain good skin? my internship is for 6 months and i don't want the A/C to dry my skin out and make me get more pimples then i already have :(

Think Geek trouble

Sorry for the probably stupid question:

I need to return/exchange a faulty product. Do I have to go back to the exact store (location) that I bought it from or can I just go to any of the branches of the same company... ? 
(I bought a dvd but the case wont open! Its locked :(  )

Edit: Thankies. Ill just take it to any store location =]

Another question: Has anyone ever had any trouble ordering from Think Geek? 

I ordered a product several days ago over $150 - apparently if its over that amount you have to send a copy of a bank statement to confirm billing address. I did this today after I recieved a second email about needing to send confirmation (delay because of lack of camera/scanner). I did this several hours ago, however just then I received an email from them saying I didnt get back to them and they have canceled my order and to please reorder... :S   If i reorder.. will I have the same problem?  I dont understand why they didnt get my email.. I got an email saying they got my email... Whats going onnnn ? :(
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I have a splinter under my nail, and its too far down to clip my nail and pull it out with the tweezers. My dad has tried making a hole where it is to get it out but that's not working either. Can a regular doctor pull it out?

Have you ever had to go to the doctor for a splinter?

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"If Facebook ever shut down, you'd see people aimlessly walking round streets, scribbling on walls, poking each other, searching for their friends, thumbs-upping and commenting at everything they see and tagging one another.

How true is this statement?

What would you do if LJ shut down?

DNDK? Where are some good communities about the show "Misfits"

English-speakers revoke!

Hi, folks!
So... My name is Alexander and i live in main city of our Russian goverment - Moscow. And i have some answers on your unspoken questions: we drink vodka only on holidays, or when the soul is request; bears inhabit only in zoo; and we have freedom of speech (yes, we are democracy country).
So, more to the point. I need native-speakers, who can talk with me on the Enlish. My ICQ number is: 649-823-715
And my question: how are u?
Kill Bill - Elle

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Can you recommend some good, lengthy online reading, whether it be blog posts or news articles?

What's your favorite form of exercise?

What reason do you have to be happy this season? C'mon! I'm sick of all of the grinches.

parents, they're so old and lulzy.

will you tell me funny things your parents have said recently, like when my friend's mom called her ipod a "listener"(it went, "Lizzie, is this your listener?")?

yesterday my mom asked me what was the one thing i wanted to do with my life, no matter what, and i said i didn't know. now, i do know, i just don't like being open with my family. never have and i still can't figure out why. so 20 minutes later we had this conversation:

me: i figured out what i want to be.
mom: what?
me: i want to be a companion on Doctor Who.
mom: hmm. well, just tell the universe you want to meet a man like the Doctor.
me: i don't think you get this.

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If you have a warrant for your arrest because of an unpaid ticket and you decide to sit it out in jail for however long, does that affect your record? Would you have to say you've been "arrested" for job applications, etc?

Anyone done this before?
Not about me, btw.

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i rarely/never buy anything online.  besides tickets from ticketmaster or stuff like that.

tonight i bought something from the UK and paid via pay pal (credit card)

it gave me a receipt number, but in the confirmation email it didnt have any shipping info.   is this usual?

how long do you think it will take something to be shipped to canada (from the UK?)  basically do you think it'll be here by friday?  (i know, probably not)

do you do online shopping a lot?  what was your last online purchase?


I &lt;3 TLV

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Anyone know where I can get ginger and/or lavender lip balm without beeswax in an irl store? (I can find them on etsy but I'm too impatient to wait for them to be shipped)

Do you prefer gloves or mittens? Can you post a photo of your favorite pair?

(no subject)

On the 13th I ordered a necklace on Etsy for my workplace Secret Santa and it's not here yet. If it doesn't cme in time for Christmas eve, what should I do? I don't have the money to buy another gift!

I contacted the seller yesterday and they haven't written me back yet!

Will you reassure me that it will come by Christmas so I stop freaking out about it?

I wouldn't feel so bad if it was a different coworker, but this girl is new and this is her first job, she's painfully shy and just coming out of her shell. We had a $50 amount to spend and I don't want her to feel left out if it doesn't come in time!

(no subject)

Maybe this will be fun, who knows!

Will you post a picture and link to something on ebay/amazon/etc you think every girl should have?  The funner and cheaper the better.

Maybe we can share some good ideas!
Guys you can play too.  All two of you.
I'll start with mine in the comments.