December 19th, 2010


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Is there a song that makes you cry? If so, what is it?

Would you ask for money if you planned a ski trip with your friend and they canceled 3 hours before the departure (that cost $115, which is a lot for your minimum wage job)?

How much did you spend on Christmas presents this year?

Have you had a Grapple? What did it taste like?

What's your favorite type of donut?

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i know this has been asked a thousand times but i never read the answers because i hadn't seen for myself, and i've only recently been able to see for myself.

what do people think of the new Doctor?
how long do you think he'll last?

frankly, i'm not in love. i don't like him. but i like the stories and writing a lot. but i don't like him, or Amy. fuck! i don't want him to last long but i fear he will.

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Will you show me the best photo you've seen recently?

Will you tell me a joke?

Will you recommend a drink?

I'm drunk, what should I do besides scour the internet for amusing things and porn?

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Hi, everyone!
The holidays are coming... and i want to give a present to my friend, but i don't know what to choose.
Can you help me with some ideas?
maybe you need to know that i'm a girl, and my friend is a guy, we are 20 years old, we are not very close friends, but we know each other a little bit. I can't give him smth too expensive, but i don't want to give anything cheap and simple either. And i also can't give him smth too personal, cause we are not so close, but actually when i started to think about: 'what do you consider as 'too personal'?', i got confused.
Maybe you also need to know that he's a pianist, he plays classic music.
i know it's difficult to give advice like this and it's silly to make a question like this, but i need your help.
If you can't think of smth, just tell me then what would you give as present to 20-year-old guy if you were a girl? Or what would you want to receive as gift if you were a 20-year-old guy for Christmas or New Year?
thanks in advance

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Has anyone seen the film Fish Tank? What did you think?

I thought it was absolutely riveting, but kind of...shocking.

Do you enjoy analyzing/talking about books, movies, tv etc. that you read/watch/hear?

I kinda think it's the best part, and I get annoyed when people can't explain themselves-- "I dunno, I just liked it. It was good"-- and don't like thinking about it.

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how do you exercise in winter?

will you recommend me a website or video or something for yoga or pilates or some form of exercise that I can do in my room?
I've tried to increase my incidental exercise and to start swimming again, but it just ain't cutting it.

how early does it (currently) get dark where you live?

child abuse?

I was hanging out with my sister and her one and a half year old son the other day when the kid started acting up. My sister got really frustrated and said out loud, "Mommy is going to go smoke a cigarette before she hits you".

I was kind of alarmed by her remark. My sister is an extremely aggressive person and I worry about the condition of the child when he tests her patience.

If a mother says something involving hitting her child, would you fear for the child, or do you think saying things like that are acceptable when raising a small defiant child?
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Have you ever seen your parents drunk/high?

I see my mom drunk or high just about everyday, but tonight was the first time I'd ever seen my dad impaired. When my mom noticed, she had me and my brother come get them at Walmart, but dad wouldn't let my brother drive, and it was so scary following them home. He told us he drank almost a whole fifth of PGA, took two xanax, 3 hydrocodone, and a muscle relaxer. He's a pretty big guy, but jesusfuck. I don't know how he's still walking. He got in bed and started dozing off while I was cooking him something to eat.

He didn't think he was that messed up, so how bad is he going to be pissed off when we show him the video evidence tomorrow?

I'm going to have to clean the puke out of their trashcans tomorrow, y/y?
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how can I convince my camera to work again?

I have a really old Canon Powershot. A small piece broke off the outside that does not appear to affect the battery compartment (or anything else, the camera is totally holding together fine, it just has a piece of the outer housing gone). But it will not power on. Driving me crazy. I'm about to go on vacation and I have no camera! I can't really go buy another one now, I'm tapped out from Christmas.

I have tried recharging the battery (which I know is good) and yet still, no action.

Is there an incantation for this? Potion? Special dispensation?


Could someone direct me to a website that would have instruction manuals viewable online of some of the more obscure playstation games?
Specifically Master of Monsters II: Disciples of Gaia.


TQC, I am shopping for my first car this week. We have been pre-approved for a loan through our credit union and I have a specific car in mind, but we'll see how it goes when we get to the dealership.

Can you impart any wisdom upon me about how to do this? How long should I expect to be there? We're trying to figure out if we can go on a day that I work (I leave for work at 2 pm) or if it takes a while. How the heck do you haggle down? The internet keeps saying "Work up from the wholesale price!" but how do I know what the wholesale price is? I am excited for this but nervous. Guide me TQC! Thanks.
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Cheater or Unemployed

I am watching a re-run of Board To Death.

A woman hires Jonathon to track her husband whom she believes is having an affair. It turns out that he is unemployed.

When this is revealed to the wife, she is enraged and says that being unemployed is worse than him cheating on her.

What do you think?

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I now own a remote which has an unlabeled button. The manual doesn't have anything to say about it, either.

So, TQC, what does the mystery button do?

And what is the point of an open/close button on a remote?

Srs or non-srs answers.
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How can you get a friend to come out of their house when they are stuck in a rut?
If this happened to a friend of yours, would you be likely to leave them alone instead of actually trying to get them out and doing things?

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I'm sure i'm not the only one to notice, but has anyone else noticed the gaping plot hole in Harry Potter? (Though I think i've noticed more than one)
Given that Phineas Nigellus' portrait can hold full conversations and move about, why don't they just find a portrait of Dumbledore once he's died and talk to that?

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Christmas is coming soon. I have two dinners to attend (one for my boyfriend's family, and one for mine). Fortunately those are on different days. I've been on a diet since December 6th, and I've lost 13 pounds (yay!).

I know I'll be eating some unhealthy things at both dinners, but if I portion right, it shouldn't be too bad. However, I just checked with my sister about what everyone is bringing, and there's not a healthy vegetable or fruit on the menu. She told me to skip the fruit this time (I normally mix fruit and yogurt).

Can you help me with any recipe ideas for a healthy side dish that I can bring to Christmas? 

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What's the #1 most annoying thing about your job?

I hate waiting for other people to do their job so I can do mine. Seriously, how long does it fucking take??

Oooh...creepy. As I was typing this, I got the call that they're ready. Going to do some work now! =D
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What should I get my 31 year old brother & sister in law? Something cheap and preferably on Amazon (Because I am getting their kids gifts there, too)

I have a hard time thinking of joint gifts :/
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Do you have any really interesting stories from your travels?  They can be frustrating, funny, horrible anything!

Also, I am supposed to have someone over at 4pm and another guest joining us at 7pm.  I do not feel well and am not going to be up to entertaining.  Problem, 4pm guest does not have a phone and has not replied to my email.  7pm guest has my number but I do not have his.  How do I proceed?  Can I just turn them away if they show up anyway?  (It's 2:13 pm where I am)
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Have you ever been talking to someone online and then felt the need to copy+paste what they're saying into a word document to save for later?
If so, what were they saying?
Do you think this is a weird thing to do?

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Tqc, I am applying for a few job openings tomorrow, just general retail, cashiering, and one pet nanny. Will you please give me your best tips and advice possible to make applying and interacting with managers and everything go really really well?

If not, how was your night last night?

I went to a dubstep circus, and our car got broken into. 2 homeless men smashed my friends window, but a civilian chased them down and tackled them so nothing was stolen and the police caught them! When we were finally driving home and we had to drive to a CVS and get garbage bags and duct tape. We pulled into a spot right up front, and the car next to us had their overhead light on. We then watched a man use a lighter under a spoon to cook something (I can only assume) and then inject it into his arm. The whole night was absolutely surreal.

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Will you show me cute/funny/happy things to cheer me up?

What has happened to you recently that really sucks?

The reason why I need happy things is because my iPhone's address book got wiped out and I was planning on seeing a movie with this guy I really like! I'm hoping he'll text me back before winter break is over so we can still see it and I'll get his number back. Considering I'm the one who texts first... Ehhhh.

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TQC, I know you hate these kinds of posts, but I'm frustrated and stressed and I'll bake y'all e-cookies if you help, pleeeaaaaaase.

My SIL wants a "red bracelet" for Christmas. I'm having trouble finding one that doesn't look really cheap or is waaaaay out of my budget ($25, cheap, I know). I've tried asking my husband what she likes, and his answer is "sex, drugs, driving, sushi."

She's 20. Will you please show me some red bracelets you (would) like, assuming you were 20? I'd rather shop online than try to fight crowds at the mall when there's no guarantee I'll find anything, other than a headache.

Thank you in advance!

OMFG ETSY! How did I forget about Etsy! Thank you guys, seriously!

And before you give me crap for waiting so long, I was the lummox whose purse got stolen. I only got my replacement cards yesterday
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help me buy something for my brother

My brother is in need of new shoes. He is a size 12 wide (US), and he needs something that is like a sneaker but doesn't have laces that he has to tie, because he sucks at shoelaces. I have found some Skechers that would work, but they are $65. Does anyone have any suggestions?
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I just let my 8 year old use Google for the first time without me (with Safe Search on!).

I just checked the history and he searched the following (written as he wrote them):

brain oparations
face oparations
twins stuck together
how do i turn into a artist

LOL. So this made me wonder... If the internet existed when you were 8, what do you think you would have done on it?
love me
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In your opinion what's the best resume format? Do you try to keep it to only one page or do you think that doesn't matter?

What do you say when they ask why you want to leave your current job? I usually want to leave a job because I feel I don't make enough money - kinda awkward to tell them you just want to come to get paid more and give the impression you will leave if you don't give big fat raises. Or do they appreciate the honesty that it's for the money?

I have never been fired from a job but always wonder what do you say when the person interviewing you asks about a job you were fired from? Do you tell them you were fired and why or do you tell them you were laid off or something like that?
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TQC, will you please share your favorite recipes that use ground beef?

we have 1/2 pound of ground beef to use up. We're pretty broke, so nothing too extravagant! (though we do have your basic spices)

Thanks, guys!
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Bouncing off a lower post:

Are you friends with any family members on facebook? Who?
Are you friends with your SO's family members on facebook?
Do you filter family members out of certain things?
Have you toned down how you speak/what you say since adding family?
How many facebook friends do you have?

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What natural disasters have you experienced? Two tornadoes.

What natural disaster would you least want to experience? I think a plague would be the scariest.

What do you think you'd be the most calm during? Probably a volcanic eruption. The idea doesn't frighten me as much, since it's potentially easier to escape.
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This card store in our mall is going out of business and they're selling everything ever. My boyfriend and I picked up a few of these thinking we could use them for SOMETHING, but now we don't know what. And we can't even think of how they were using them in the store. Can you think of any uses for four of these items?

Collapse )
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Lots of dinnertime posts, so I guess I'll join in. I'm going to my parents' house for winter break on Tuesday, so I'm trying to use up everything in my kitchen that's open or perishable and save everything else for next semester. With that in mind, what should I have for dinner?

1) Leftover pork chop and carrots. It's the most well-rounded option, but I had this exact meal last night.

2) Pasta and tomato sauce. I do have open sauce, but I could just chuck it and save the pasta for next semester.

3) Chicken nuggets. I don't have anything to go with it as a side, though. Unless I make rice, but it's boil-in-a-bag and way too much for one serving, so I'd end up with leftovers, which defeats the point of trying to use everything up.

dk/dc/make your own important life decisions: What are you having for dinner tonight? What do you wish you were having for dinner tonight?
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Have you ever taken the Amtrak? How was your experience?

I might be going from Chicago to St. Louis this spring. It's only an hour flight, but I hate flying. My other options would be to drive, take the MegaBus, or Amtrak. I like the idea of not driving because then I could sleep, knit, or read.

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I've been pursuing photography professionally and have so far been able to get by with mediocre photoshop (CS5) knowledge, but it's getting to the point where I need to really study it to go further with my career, especially with the people I'm going to be working with who are very educated on editing.

Besides googling random tutorials when the need arises (which I've been doing) do you have any experience or know of of any online classes/online or physical books/websites that you recommend that could help with that?
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My office Christmas party is at my boss's house which is very close to the office itself. It is on Wednesday after work. We end work at 5pm. Out of 11 employees, 9 of us live 30 mins away (so an hour total driving home then driving back). When asked when the party starts, his reply was "well go home and collect your spouses, then come back when you're ready." When would you show up? We are eating a casual buffet style meal too, if that matters.

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My friend and I are going away in a few weeks, and we have everything, such as airfare and hotel already paid for. The only thing that we have left to take care of is food. Since we're on a bit of a budget, we've decided to bring a lot of snacks.
Can you think of anything that would be both equally delicious or filling and would travel fine in a suitcase for a few hours?

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If you're not Christian/don't celebrate Christmas, how do you feel about the holiday season, particularly lots of Christmas music in public places?

What do you do if you're lonely but you hate people?
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Recommend a good book (or as many as you want) for me? And summarize it in a few words?

ETA: I do not think the Hunger Games counts as a good book. Battle Royale, however..
I <3 TLV

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Have you ever had a hard time saying goodbye to a car? Any way to make the transition easier? My mom wants to buy me a new car when I go home next week and although a new car would be great I'm going to miss my car so much =( I still have my first car that I got when I was 17, and we have so many memories together! TQC, do you get very attached to your cars too? Will you share with me stories about letting go of old cars and getting to love your new one?

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What should I cook for christmas breakfast at a friend's house? Doesn't have to be particularly breakfasty, but does have to be vegan (I can probably veganise your ideas that aren't like "a leg of ham!" though).

I have no plans other than my christmas breakfast. It will probably bleed into lunch, but what should I do with the rest of my day (it is summer here)?
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Ultimate question: How important is it for a fish tank to be filtered?

Detailz: My mom has a goldfish that she keeps in an unfiltered bowl. The bowl is cleaned often enough and the fish has lived that way it's whole life (which is, seriously, about 7 years). The fish has continued to grow, however, and the bowl is getting small for it. I'm wanting to move it to a tank that we've had from older fish. (I pulled it out of the attic and cleaned it out already, and have it filled with water.) Seeing that the fish has been fine w/ unfiltered water, I assumed it would be fine in the larger tank with unfiltered water. But I really do care for the livelihood of this fish and would hate to somehow accidentally kill it. So I'm here for you know if the water would affect it differently when there's more water...? When we change the water, we let the water sit for a day so the chlorine evaporates, and let the water become room temperature, etc.

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Can I freeze ginger cookies and sugar cookies?
What about haystacks? The no-cook kind?
If I put them in ziploc freezer bags will they be fine until Christmas? Or should I just leave them in the fridge until then?
Help! :(
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  if you don't mind talking about it, may i have some bad doctor stories?
I've been reading recently on how pap smears may be unnecessary testing for woman under 30, and how paternalism is prevailing in this aspect of medicine, contrasted with how males are given the pros and cons of screening for prostate cancer, and women are coerced into screening without actually giving consent. Any personal experience would be interesting, as well as opinions in general. Thanks!

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Is anyone here into tarot?

What are the best sites you've found for defining the cards, that weren't too narrow? Do you use definitions at all, or have you in the past, or would you rather go with your gut?

What kind of deck are you using? What is the ugliest deck you've ever seen?

(Sorry if this is too many questions in one post, but I hoped it'd be okay since they're all basically about the same thing)

I am into tarot, I like this site best so far, and I'm not quite at a stage where I can trust my gut. I feel the cards out, then check my answers, haha.

I have a Rider-Waite, it's my first deck and I got it VERY recently. And this is the ugliest deck I've ever seen so far, for a few reasons.


my friend needs a good cry. what movies should we watch?

EDIT- i think we've settled on "i am sam". but keep the responces comming! i will need a good crying movie soonish!
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How do you feel about people with Netflix giving their log in info to their friends so that their friends can watch instant titles?

I'm not really comfortable with the idea, so I've never given my log in info to anyone. BUT. The other day I was at a friends house and we watched a few episodes of The IT Crowd on her Mac. I know I logged out when I left but today I was watching some stuff on my Roku device and under the "Recently Watched" list was some stuff I didn't watch. So I logged in on the computer and it says that the Mac is active still and was used to watch stuff today. I feel like I'd be a bitch if I just deactivated it on her but like I said, I'm not comfortable with her using my account.

What would you do? Deactivate it or just let her continue watching?
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sorry for making two posts in one day, but I'm having a bit of a hard time picking a movie to watch tomorrow afternoon while home alone.

Poll #1658673 decide my monday afternoon for me plz

What movie should I watch?

Sweeney Todd
The Libertine
Ed Wood
Harry and The Hendersons
The Shining
Brokeback Mountain
Wow, your taste in movies is terrible.

dk/dc/pick yourself, bitch: how's the weather where you are?

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TQC, all these cheating and poly posts have me wondering: When's the last time you had to eat your words re an "I would never accept" statement.  For instance, I once said "I would never accept a significant other who cheated on me."  Well, time makes fools of us all in one way or another, so how'd it make a fool of you?

I'm starting to feel like there's something fundamentally wrong with me for forgiving him, even though things are great between us now, just  because so many people say that they would never forgive a cheater.

DK/DC: What's your favorite stocking stuffer?
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I took down some posters that were on my wall for-fucking-ever because they're far too childish (smh @ having Bratz doll posters at 20). Well, the wall's kinda bare now and I'd like to have something hanging there. I could go to FYE and get a framed poster or whatever but that's boring.

tl;dr: Know of any places for interesting, inexpensive framed posters/art/etc? Online is fine.