December 18th, 2010


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What's the weirdest drink combo you've had?

My husband was drinking ouzo mixed with cherry limeade; I was surprised to discover it was not bad.

Once in high school I remember having Jack and Slice.
Bug-eyed Earl

Amazon & Barnes and Noble, now with extra redundancy!

Does anyone else think the Nook and Kindle are kind of redundant? I mean, you pay $150.00-$250.00 for the ability to READ BOOKS. Books are already convenient and portable. It's not like an iPod or a portable DVD player where you are doing something you couldn't normally do. On top of the $$$$ you pay for this new technology, you still have to pay for books. You could have bought lots and lots of books for all that money.

Is it neat? Sure, I guess. But I don't understand why people are so crazy about them. I remember watching Star Trek TNG back in they day and they had tablets and I was like wow someday we will really do that. Now that we do.. Meh. Seems like a complete waste of money.

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I'm watching my default late night channel, HGTV, and as usual all the women are clamoring for huge closets. This baffles me. What is your number one criteria in an apartment/house?


How do I learn more about fashion? Recommend me some blogs or lj communities or something. I like looking at pretty clothes, but I feel like I don't really know shit about *fashion* other than a working knowledge of fashion-related things that appear in popular media.

I can dress myself just fine and all, but I'm moving to NYC in a few months and many of the jobs in my field (marketing/business) are in the fashion industry. I'd like to tell interviewers I am "knowledgeable about fashion" without feeling like I'm bullshitting them too much. Also I just want to know more about that stuff for personal reasons... I'll be in freakin NYC, after all
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Hypothetical situation: You like cherry pie. So do two other members of your family. You're all eating one kept in the fridge (taking a slice here and there over a few days) and it gets down to the last slice. Are you the kind of person to leave it incase someone else wants it, or the kind of person to just take it, no one else claimed it?

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How easily distracted are you? Share some stories to make me feel better?

I'm at a hotel a decided to run myself a bath. The internet distracted me and next thing I know the bath's overflowing and there's water fucking everywhere. The bathmat's soaked, my clothes that were on the bathroom floor are soaked, even a bit of the carpet around the doorway is soaked. Urgh.

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Do you get tiny mysterious holes in your clothes sometimes, mostly at the bottom of shirts?

What causes this???

dk/dc: Will you post a picture of your favorite or most fabulous piece of clothing?

Emergency baking question

I'm substituting evaporated milk for sweetened condensed milk, and I need to know how much sugar to add to it.

If 1 cup of evap. milk gets 1 1/4 cups sugar, how much sugar does 1 1/2 cups of evap. milk get? My brain is fried from baking all night/morning and I can't figure this out.
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Over in an Inception post on ONTD, someone posted a link to a DA account with pretty awesome Inception fanart. Then someone replied with this: All that talent and that's all they draw.

What do you think, TQC? Is it really a waste of talent for an artist to do fan art? Or a writer to write fan fic?

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 Can you post body positive videos and other media here?

As many of you know I am recovering from anorexia nervosa, depression and anxiety.. it's tough but I am truly dedicated for the most part.

How do you love your body? What do you do to celebrate it?
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How can I convince someone to make a shitty photoshop illustration of one of my photos for the blog I'm starting?

This lovely lady does them, but I think they're commissioned.

Any takers?

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What's the best place to have pictures printed in 1 day? I need to print out some 4x6 digital photos for a Christmas present for my mom.

I've tried Walgreens and their quality sucked. Any other suggestions? Price isn't really an issue as long as I can get some quality prints done by this afternoon or tomorrow morning.

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There's this girl I want to buy a gift for. I wanted to get her a magazine subscription but I only have the slightest clue which one to get her. I know that she likes make-up and fashion, but I also know that that does not narrow the field down much. Still, any ideas?
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I put up some new curtains/rods a few months back, and the curtains were quite heavy and started to drag on the fixtures. Because of where they need to be, I can't go into a stud perfectly, so I bought some mollies to hopefully give them a little more grip. However, before I could get to the fix, one of the rods just fell down, broke all the finials and pulled some spots of drywall out. They are small enough to fix with spackle BUT my question is... I need to put the curtain fixtures back up in the exact same place - if I spackle and whatnot, but go into the same spots again, is it going to hold?

Any advice much appreciated. My curtain rods look like Tim Burton put them up and I want to fix the others that didn't esplode yet, today.

Snow and other stuff

Background: There's heavy snow outside that started a few hours ago. It is 21F/-6C. The traffic is really slowing down. I live walking distance from three supermarkets and need to pick up some basics.

1. When I go to the store what do you think I'll find? Will it look like the super duper mart in Fallout 3 with hardly anything there except maybe mirelurks and wastelanders? Or will it be fully stocked?

2. What Christmas song is do you find so annoying that you want to stab someone whenever you hear it?

3. If you didn't get anything for holiday gifts (due to money problems) and someone asked you what you got, would you make something up, tell the truth, or just say something vague?

4. How would you find out for sure that someone was romantically interested in you besides asking them straight out or doing something physical?

Serious and non-serious answers welcomed.
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Why does my friend hate presents? He's structured his life so that not even his closest friends know when his birthday is (though we have narrowed down the month but he still denies it), and he's told us all several times not to get him anything for xmas (i still did because i'm a dick).

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would you by any chance know what bug this is? i keep seeing it around my house and it's driving me nuts. i have never seen it before in my life and no one at home knows what it is either. we get the usual ants and lizards but this one...uh...:| i live in asia btw!

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TQC, will you show me your tattoos? Or a tattoo you want. Or a tattoo you like on someone else, whatever.

I finally decided on a design for myself, I just have to find a good parlor/artist. :)
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I've been using Rhapsody for years to get my music. $15 a month and I have unlimited access to thousands of albums. Only problem is, the program pretty much sucks. It crashes all the time and is a complete hog. Does anyone know of something similar I'd be able to switch to? I don't want to pay per song, but a flat monthly fee is perfect. Oh, and one of the perks to Rhapsody is it lets me transfer the music to my MP3 player (which is not an Ipod), so I'd love it if there's something else that does that too. Thanks!
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Do you smoke?
How old were you when you first started smoking?

If you don't smoke, have you smoked in the past?
If yes, how old were you when you had your first cigarette?

What do you think about smoking?
i say, old bean

i know, i know

so i was downloading christmas specials (movies, tv shows, etc) to watch with my bf next week. he doesn't have work.
beyond the obvious, what's something i should add to this collection?

what'd you do last night?

how do you feel about RDJ?
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How into physical fitness are you?
What do you do to stay fit?

Do you have a person on your facebook who updates whenever they do anything remotely physical? ("Taking the dogs for a walk! wooo~" "Just went on a 5k run! wooo~")
If so, are these people actually fit?

When a friend tells you they want to start losing weight are you supportive or do you tend to think they will exercise for a week and give up?

No, not after a Spotlighting either

People who are members of "specialized" comms (narrow focus, specific demographic, esoteric subject, whichever):

Have you ever had a non-member come in and post? And it was clear that they just Did Not Understand something about the members, the comm's subject, the comm itself? Did said non-member simply go away eventually?

Or was there drama?

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Tqc will you help me decide what to do?

Last night, I randomly started hurting on my lower left side. Its really uncomfortable and still hurts today, about 16 hours later. It might actually be a little worse. Its a constant pain, and is I guess in between sharp and dull? My first thought was maybe an ovarian cyst or maybe one that had ruptured, but I have no clue. I don't have a fever, at least.

Anyone had that kind of pain?
Since its Saturday, I can't go to the gyno or even my regular doctor. If I go anywhere, its urgent care or the hospital er. The ER costs a $75 copay, which is pretty much all the money I have. there will also be a long wait-last time I waited for 8 hours total. The urgent care place would be probably a 2 or 3 hour wait, but they don't have any equipment like an ultrasound, ct, etc. Its also only $20.

I can also go home and take a vicodin and hope I don't have anything life threatening, and contact my gyno on Monday.

What doi do? :(

A few related questions.

I'm getting a really nice sewing machine for Christmas. I have a few questions.

1. What tools will I need to go with this (scissors, seam ripper, etc...)?
2. What are some good books/online tutorials for beginners? (it can be for anything regarding sewing)
3. Do you have a sewing machine? What do you like to make with it?

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Can you answer this for me?
I have to write up an abstract...
others in comments

When i'm done with the computer (Laptop) to go out, I...

Close the lid (Followed by default settings)
Press the power button (Followed by defaut settings)
Actually click on the Shut Down function/ Lock the Screen
Leave it there (Followed by default settings)

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Poll #1658344 Preventing Holiday Weight Gain book (logic and science based, written by a PhD who works in neuroscience. NOT a "diet book")

This book is coming out Halloween '11. Would you prefer the book be in:

A short printed book (50 – 75 pages) with simple advice
A digital-only book of the same size, readable on an iPad or Kindle
A longer book (100 – 150 pages), fully referenced, with graphs, charts and pictures, available either in print or digital format

edit: took out links
burning goodness
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Calling Dr. TQC...

I just coughed up some phlegm, and it had a reddish brown blob in it. Besides being utterly gross, this could be caused by dehydration, right? Maybe if I drink lots of water/gatorade, it won't happen again? I'm gonna die, aren't I?

dk/dc/you're gross: What do you want for Christmas?

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If you celebrate Christmas, do you tell strangers "Merry Christmas" or "Happy Holidays"?

My boss teaches a little Sunday school class and today she was ranting about people saying "Happy Holidays" and how they're "taking the Christ out of Christmas"... She's teaching the children that if anyone tells them "Happy Holidays" they're supposed to say "NO, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!" It took everything I had not to say "it's not about taking the Christ out of Christmas, it's about not being a douche and assuming everyone on the planet celebrates the same holidays you do."
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Found out yesterday that I have mono and I may already be losing my mind. Currently on steroids for the swelling in my throat and I can't keep food down.

Any advice you'd like to pass on? (AKA how do I get better, and fast?)

Is there anything good on TV/Netflix I can watch?

Thanks for keeping me company.

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do you open Christmas cards before Christmas or Christmas day?

'cause i just yelled at my sister for opening cards from our aunt and grandma, but then it occurred to me maybe it's just presents you don't open early.

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I am going to dye my BFF's hair purple. She wants an amethyst-y type color, and has a lot of fine, curly, dark brown (nearly black) hair. We bought Raw Color-Purple Punch from Hot Topic since this idea dawned on her while she was in the mall (being in Hot Topic with two infants got us some looks for some reason).

Anyway, I am assuming i need to lighten her hair somehow first. What should I use?

aaawkward palm tree

If you've moved away from your hometown, how do you deal with seeing people you grew up with but never spoke to when you go to visit? Do you say awkward "hey!"s and pretend to care about what they're up to now, even though you've never spoken previously, or ignore them?

Inspired by the awkward 20 mins at the bagel shop this morning, wherein there was a group of people I went to high school with but never had any association with... I recognized them and I could tell they recognized me but we didn't say anything to each other. lol.
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Can all SD memory cards hold both photos (when used in a digital camera) and music (when used in a card reader plugged into a USB slot)? If so, do you have any suggestions on where to get one for a good price? I'd need a 32GB one, because my music is currently 15.3GB and while my 1GB camera memory card isn't full (or probably anywhere close), that's cutting it too close for me.

What was the last thing you were excited to buy? For me, it'd probably have to be this piñata.


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Will you help me put together a list of things I should have/own when I get my own apartment?
Besides a plunger and a can opener. Those are #1 and #2 on my list.
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My 26-year-old roommate is throwing a full-out temper tantrum over text message right now because I asked him not to let his girlfriend do laundry here without talking to me and our other roommate first. How do I respond to this manchild?

eta: The laundry thing I'm okay with now that I know it's just a one-time thing. But he keeps texting me with ridiculous shit like "Should we not cook because it'll drive up the gas bill? Should we not shower because it uses water?" It's like 3-page rants every time.

srs/nonsrs/funny gifs to calm me down would all be appreciated.
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Mr. Pyramid Head

Why do people in Silent Hill and Resident Evil have giant metal pyramids on their heads?
Where does this idea come from? Do executioners actually wear giant metal pyramids on their head in some country?

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Bing and Google have disappointed me, so I need your help, TQC!

For how long can a person free fall before losing consciousness?
(sorry for the creepy question but it's for a short story I'm trying to write!)

dk/dc: Is there a hobby you enjoy but are not good at?
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estate tax meta

Why do people say we shouldn't laud the founders of the United States because they weren't perfect when the same principles they wrote into the founding documents were why so much blood was shed?
Argus on desk

How much should it cost to paint a garage?

The garage in my home is drywalled but not painted. Apparently this is common for new construction, but I would like to have the garage painted. I have gotten quotes from a few local painters, and they are a lot higher than I expected. I don't know if I have unrealistic expectations or if they are trying to rip me off. They are saying they will need 2 or 3 coats of paint on the bare drywall.

My question is: how much do you think it should cost to paint the interior walls and ceiling of a smallish 2-car garage? The dimensions are 19'5" x 18'11" with walls about 10' high. I live in a suburb of the Cleveland area if it matters. I am just interested in your best guess off the top of your head even if you have no knowledge of painting costs.

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In your house (or your childhood homes) did you eat some variation of chicken+rice+broth/cream of whatever soup baked in the oven?

What was your variation? Did you like it?
Pez&Ziv colour

Hoody-Footy Snuggle Suit

What do you think of the hoody-footy snuggle suit?

My wife hates them and thinks that they are the lease sexy thing ever (there was a commercial on tv for the Sweet & sexy combo of the snuggle suit and lingerie), that they are effectively baby sleepers and that they are as sexy as adult diapers.

*Edit* the commercial we saw

P.S. what the guy says makes it all the more creepy (at the 39 second mark)
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What was the last parenting fail you've seen?

Last week I went to see Devil, a movie about people trapped in an elevator being killed off one by one by the devil, and a couple in the cinema had brought along their 5 year old child.
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What's your favorite kind of "ethnic" food?

^ that

"Southern" American food


Russian/eastern European
Something else

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What shitty fucking thing has happened to you lately, TQC?

The dude who was supposed to come over to my place and hang out tonight just bailed on me because he has work in the morning (so do I; it's only 8pm here), and he's already hanging out with someone else. Even though I asked him at the beginning of the week.

Fuck him. I'm going to cook up a casserole anyway and watch John Carpenter movies like a boss.

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I've just discovered Lush, and have decided to acquire a habit. What are your favorite products from there?

dk/dc: What's the last movie that made you cry? I teared up a few times tonight watching A League of Their Own for at least the 10th time.

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so my best friend's 24th birthday is next week and i want to get her a vibrator. she's ok with this. she's a virgin and basically she might need a little self loving. but i don't want to get her a huge rabbit.

i remember seeing at work (a magazine) a product that came in made by a condom manufacturer that's a small vibrator and it has like 4 different tips, but I'm relatively sure it's not out yet because I can't find it with google.

SO! what do you recommend? what do you use? i want to get her something small, because while the rabbit is magical, it is huge. links to or are appreciated.

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What do you think of people who result to physical violence? Not talking about self-defense reasons.

Have you ever been in a fight?

How do people have the anger and adrenaline to want to fight someone?
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what should I eat right now? I spent all day at work being hungover feeling kinda icky but now I'm sort of hungry. just for something small and not too heavy.

when is the last time you did something really stupid?

how are you feeling right now?
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TQC, I'm at a party full of people I've never met in a place I've never been and I want to leave but, I just got here. How do I skip out without seeming insanely rude?

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For those of you with the Mirena IUD, how long did you spot after having it inserted?

I got mine three weeks ago and I'm still spotting and it's getting annoying.

I made truffles for Christmas, I am driving my friend and her husband to the airport tomorrow, I should bring truffles, yes?

What is your favorite chocolate filling?
dorothy's shoes

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What's the worst/weirdest/most tasteless/downright strange Christmas gift you've ever been given?

Brought to you by stories from Something Awful of people who got 3 1/2 lbs of pistachio nuts, or wall scrapers, or the same $1 VHS two years in a row. Or someone's dad who was super excited to tell his 18yo son he had just bought him a burial plot.

Rocky Horror Batman Show

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 Ugh! Apple, why do you make something awesome like an iPod touch and then include those dumb ass hurty earbuds?

Do you prefer earbuds or headphones? I absolutely hate earbuds. I'm going to take my Christmas money and buy a pair of bluetooth headphones.

I just checked my phone messages and apparently my boss called to ask me to come in because the girl working tonight is sick with the flu. The timestamp was 15 minutes before the start of that shift. If she was so goddamn sick, why the hell didn't she call out earlier in the day?  

I'm going to clean my room some more. Should I listen to podfic or my Jurassic Park audio book? I found earlier that listening to a story made me feel a little better about cleaning than music did, since I wasn't wasting time that could be spent reading.
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What are some of your favorite conversation topics with first dates/early conversations with people? I always struggle to think of things to talk about when conversation hits a lull...

Women In The Military

Do you believe women who go through military basic training should be required to meet the same physical requirements and do the same training/drills/verbal abuse/etc as men who go through basic training?

Do you believe it is acceptable to exclude women from certain stations/duties in the military because of the difficulties providing them appropriate privacy separate from men? (ex: submarines)

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If you have a significant other, did you set a price limit on presents for christmas? What is it and how long have you been together?
I am sorry if this has been asked recently, but I just got into a new relationship and I'm at a loss. I also make a lot less money than her, so that's awkward, and I don't want her to get me something extravagant compared to my gift.

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What piercings do you have?
(Two on each ear lobe, one nostril, one daith)

What piercings do you want?
(Dermals, and a few more types of piercings on my ears, but I'm not sure where specifically for both)

What piercings could you personally never get?
(Tongue, smiley, lip, basically anything on or in my mouth)

No piercings: Favorite internet meme?