December 17th, 2010

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What is your favorite band/artist? How long have they been around? Why?
What is your favorite album by the above band/artist? What number album is it? Why?
What is your favorite song on the above album? What is the placement of it on the album? Why?
Will you write a lyrics from any song that is in the form of a question and then we have to figure out what song it's from?

PS: I'm sorry guys. :(

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Okay, so long story short, I wound up at the airport six hours before my flight. I was told that check-in for my flight won't begin until 3:30, which is three hours from now.
I have a laptop and free wifi - WHAT DO I DO WITH MY TIME, TQC?

Do you live near your family? If not, are you visiting them for the holidays? If you are visiting them, how far do you have to travel?

LOL She's back, more from charmecia5

i'm switching that curse instead to a love curse.

where you will never fall in love again or else.

and if you prick your finger on a rose, you will surely die.

for i used my magic to make all the roses in the world poisonous.

and i caused the snowstorm too. a very powerful snowstorm.

be ware. and don't test me.

Anybody else heard from her recently? Or is she becoming old news?

abstract questions are boring, sorry

writers of TQC (though i guess it can apply to artists as well):
when you are working on a long project, how do you manage to stay in the same mindset whenever you approach the project? i started a novel a while back but i get so daunted by the project every time i return to it because i can't get back to the state i was in when i wrote the last part.

do you rely more on talent or persistence when you work on creative projects?
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What do you do when your fat pants turn into your too-tight pants?

What's the nicest thing you've done lately? C'mon, give yourself a pat on the back.

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I just noticed on the letter that my lawyer sent me, reminding me of my court date, the lawyer spelled my last name wrong. What is the likelihood that he spelled my last name wrong on the name change petition? I'm calling him tomorrow but if he spelled it wrong what would have to be done?

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Will you recommend a good PC laptop brand for me?

I had a Dell Inspiron and it worked fine, but it died and I'm looking for a new one. I just want something small and reliable. I was looking at a Sony Vaio. Any experiences with those?

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Do you ever get nauseous from being hungry? I've been nauseous all night and I just ate some chips and feel a little better, but idk. I still feel icky.

Unrelated: my boyfriend is now living with me at my parents house. Are any of you in a similar situation? How do you still keep the relationship alive? I haven't had any problems yet but since we're sharing one room of the house (and don't really hang out in the other rooms) I'm afraid it's going to get a bit crowded. :\

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I needed to go to work at 1am (which is where I currently am) and I needed to use my boyfriends car to get there. He went to sleep just before I left and I couldn't get the car out of the driveway. We have about 3-4ft of snow and the driveway is a damn ice rink so I attributed it to that. After fighting and yelling at him to come help me cause I was late for work I come to find out the reason I couldn't move was because he put the parking brake on. Who the fuck uses a parking brake on a FLAT driveway?!

*edited to learn how to spell brake correct*

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Ok why am I unable to turn off this stupid show about hippos?

Its so freaking addicting and I just thought I was free of animal planet after the blue planet marathon that sucked me in ended.

I keep laughing because the huge alpha hippo is being called 'The Boss' and everytime he stomps around, I just imagine him saying 'like a BOSS!'

Wtf ever happened to hippos that made them so grouchy? Stuffed animal companies make them seem so cuddly! Killer whales too, I grew up with Shamu being awesome and friendly and all he does is wave and eat fish... and then I watch blue planet and I'm like SHAMUUUUUU NOOOOOO!

What animal were you thoroughly disappointed in once you saw them act the way they do in nature?

(no subject) tells me I need to drop my books off at a UPS store to ship them out. Can't I just take them up to the post office? IDFK where a UPS store is, nor do I want to make a special trip to one.
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 Are you a procrastinator? I've been meaning to clean my room for two months now. I think I'm pretty close to cleaning mood.

What are you putting off at the moment?

I bought a 20$ gift card at Starbucks last night and the guy was like "Ooh, big spender." and I couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic or if his observation was based on people buying 5$ gift cards and it just came out kinda dry. :/

He was totally being a bitch, wasn't he?

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So last night, I accidentally dumped a glass of water across the keyboard of my (already dying) laptop and it shut off about 2 seconds later. I turned it upside down for ~20 mins while I went to the grocery store and it is now sitting in 20 lbs of rice in an attempt to draw out the water. TQC, how long do you think I should leave it in there?? Do you have any other tips for drying out wettened electronics? it too late? lol

Muh Life.
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Will you post youtube (or the like) music videos for songs that will help get me pumped up?

I can't seem to wake up/get moving this morning and it's really important that I do. Helps!
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I think I don't like anthropologie anymore. It all seems so sudden. Have you ever just stopped loving a store after years of wasting your money in it?

Where do I shop now? Is thrifting actually as fun as it sounds or do the clothes smell and look faded?

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When you find yourself facing something difficult, do you find that if everyone doubts your ability to do said difficult task it becomes that much harder?
If you have people who believe that you can do it, doesn't it seem a little bit easier?

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My portable DVD player died last night. Since I only ever used it in my room, I'm planning to buy a cheap, regular DVD player to replace it.

So, what I want to know is, should I look for a new one now, or should I wait for the after xmas sales?

I'm in the US, in case that makes a difference.
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Do you have a tendency to make these grand plans, and then when it comes time to follow through, you just don't do it?

Has anyone here ever moved to another country, and had to find a place to live on their own? Or has anyone just moved to another country in general? How did it go? What is easy to find a place to live?

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tqc, what animal do you think left these prints? more importantly, how the hell did it get in my gated and fenced backyard??

edited with my size 10 shoe print as a size reference

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i think the general consensus is it's a rabbit and i'm just not very familiar with rabbit prints!!

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Hello TQC.

I am having my cat put to sleep tonight. She has kidney failure.
My family has a unique relationship with the vet's office, and I know that the following situation is possible:

Because she is my cat, and she is already on IV's (meaning they just shoot the chemical into her intravenous tube and don't have to stick her with another needle), I feel like it would be appropriate and meaningful if I were the one to do it. However, I don't know if, when the time comes, I could get myself to do it. And if I do, I don't know whether or not I would feel guilty, and if I would be able to get over it.

What should I do?

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My area is hardly ever hiring anyone for anything besides medical things like nurses, phlebotomists, technicians, etc. So, I was kind of considering taking a certification class and maybe getting it in phlebotomy. My community college also offers training in medical laboratory assistants and other things as well. I want to go to medical school in 2-3 years as well, so I feel like the experience/certificates would help with that.

I am a full-time student, however, and low on funds. Very low. How do I make the time and money for this? 

Is anyone here trained/certified in any of these areas? How was it? How long did it take, how much was it, etc?
Should I do it?

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If a building, in this case a library, has doors without windows (and no other way to see if incoming/outgoing traffic was comming) would they be at fault if say... you were smashed in the face by someone walking out as you were attempting to walk in?

These are the main doors not like backdoors. There are no windows on either side of the door. It's impossible to know if someone is coming in/out.

The guy who hit me with the door felt REALLY bad, drove me to the hospital, gave me his hoodie to bleed all over (instead of his car). I know my insurance company is going to be all "Wtf, how do you break your nose at a campus library" and then want to sue SOMEONE/ANYONE over it.

I do not have any desire, patience, want, need to sue anyone. The insurance company, however, isn't going to want to pay the portion they are supposed to cover so they will hound me until they find someone to blame and then sue.

DK/DC: Do you think Oprah's "Favorite Things" are a little ridic?

Yes. Yes, I do. Give them something they could actually use... not a cashmere sweater.

Snes and Patrick Swayze

Hya TQC,

Tonight my best friends and I are celebrating our fifth annual Patrick Swayze Xmas!

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As a gift to one of my friends we are giving her a modded xbox with an SNES emulator and a bunch of SNES games on it so she can play some old school nes and snes games while her newborn sleeps and she has some downtime. She's not TOO big on video games but she loves Zelda: a link to the past, Yoshi's Island, Super Mario 3, and Tetris Attack.

In general I think since she likes sudoku, she would like puzzle type games also, like maybe crossword games, jeopardy, wheel of fortune...etc...

Can you recommend me some games for my friend that I may have missed?
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Are you in an interracial relationship?
If not, are you of mixed heritage?
If you answered yes to either, would you let me interview you for my research paper?

DK/DC/NA: What resolution are you going to not do next year?

edit: shoot, I was hoping to use the emails to save your privacy. Seems to be restricted to paid accounts or something since they all bounced. I guess it'll have to be PMs.


I just got a haircut I *HATE*. It's too short, shorter than I anticipated when I asked for "shoulder-length" and the bangs look bad (which I can deal with by sweeping them to the side-ish).

What do you do to make a bad haircut look better? Or rather... what do you do to feel better about a bad haircut? Obviously the only "fix" is to wait for it to grow, which I'm fine with, but UGH I DONT LIKE IT AT ALL.
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My mother is quite new to the internet and doesn't know what to do with it besides look up news about her favorite celebrity and look at perfume, bags, etc. I don't really know what to suggest to her either.

Any suggestions/websites for fun internet activities for a middle aged internet novice? Nothing racy, plz and ty~
ew, zuko D>, not this again

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Do you find it rude to make plans with someone when someone else is present and not invite them?

I have a friend who does this ALL THE TIME and I want to feel validated.

Also, do you think it's rude to speak in another language when someone else is present? Unless it's like, a family member, I think this is pretty rude.
Edited to clarify: Among friends, and when everyone's more than capable of speaking the same language, smack in the middle of conversation.

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How would you feel if you were trying on clothes in a fitting room and you noticed the door had a peep hole so people outside could see in?

There were peep holes on the fitting room doors of a store I was in today and at first I was like "Why would I want to look outside?" but then I tried to look through it and realised it was facing inside the room and I freaked the fuck out and got out of there fast.

Is this even legal?

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Why this white bitch be sweatin my shit yo? I don't even like her pasty pink ass. I mean her tits gotsta look like two big honeydoo melons and shit. Who wants to look at that. Not like them sizzlin sistas wit their choco mondo kanockos son. That's what I'm talkin bout!! How I get her off my case and tell her go play wit your own race paleface?
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I just applied for a job at my university and they're doing a background check. I just looked at my resume after I applied, and I realised I never put in the information for a job that I got fired from after I made the resume.

I only was there two months. If they do a background check, will they find that I worked at another job and got fired? (I don't really know what they do on a background check besides criminal records).

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"The plane is too heavy to land at this runway in this weather."

How can a plane be too heavy for a runway? Bonus points to anyone who can answer it before my plane gets here. :)
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Would it be too brown-noser-ish to e-mail my English teacher and tell her how much I enjoyed her class? I just finished my final and I have absolutely LOVED being in her class. If the college I am going to had accepted my AP scores, I never would have had to take it. It is all material I've done multiple times and had the potential to be mind numbingly awful, but she taught in a way that material I've known for years became like new again. She also invited me to attend a class of hers next semester, and got approval from the Dean for me as I hadn't yet taken the prerequisites. I want to send her an e-mail and thank her for making it awesome, and for getting me excited about school again (I dropped out a few years back), but I don't want to seem like a douche canoe.

Who was the best teacher you've ever had? Worst?
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Ok TQC!  My friend is coming into town and he really wants to go to in and out burger since there aren't any in his area.  Small problem, the nearest one is 535 miles away.  I'm willing to drive, if he pays for gas, but is this place really that good?  How many meals is he going to have to eat at this place for the drive to be worth it?

Have you ever driven a crazy distance for food?  Anything (other than people)?
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If you were working at a job and were on a probation(like a trial, not anything bad) for the first few months of your employment there where being late or taking off days or missing work earns you points of certain amounts and too many gets you fired with the probation period being fewer points than the regular employment, and the following situation happened, how would you react?

Your mother has an accident involving chemical gases and her brain and lungs shut down, putting her into a coma. The doctors don't know if she will live. You still have several months of your probation period before you will be considered a regular employee.

you explained the entire situation and were told that they would do everything they could to accomodate you

You take two days off to spend with your mother, the first day being the day of the accident and the next because you don't know if she's going to die. Two weeks later, she comes out of the coma. You take another day off to see her because it's been two weeks that your mother was in a coma and you didn't know if she'd live or die.  The next day you get two write ups for missing work.

You get fired about a week later for missing work, even though you were told that they would try to accomodate you. When you question them about family emergency situations, you are told that basically, it doesn't apply to them.

How would you react?
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I'm going to a surprise party tonight. I was originally planning on wearing a dress I bought recently because I think it's hot. But then it occurred to me that the party is a surprise and my friend will likely be wearing jeans... so I should probably wear jeans, hey?

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What is something that scares you?

My sleep paralysis... I woke up from an episode 2 hours go and I'm even more tired now. I felt like I was violently throwing myself so I could wake up. I even felt myself grab my cellphone and shine it in my face but I couldn't wake up. Even though when I checked my phone, I realized I had never grabbed it in the first place. I tried shaking my arms and then move my upper body up and down but I couldn't shake it. It was the longest episode yet and my mom was making dinner and I was afraid I wouldn't be able to wake up and she'd be freaked out. I hate sleep paralysis. It's the increased stress and probably the fact I was sleeping face up, too.

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would it be weird if i asked my ex of 5 months to fix my car? do i offer to pay him? i dont want it to get awkward if he wants to say no...

we're on good terms, we talk still, and we hang out every so often in groups... if that even matters. i just dont feel like paying for something i really dont have the money for when i know someone who can easily do what i need done for much cheaper or maybe even for free. hes the only person i know that knows how to fix cars that i actually trust to fix my car. idk.. WHAT WOULD YOU DO TQC?

exhibit A: why I don't talk to (the vast majority of) my high school friends anymore.

If someone blows you off, would you rather they make an excusetell you why they have to break your plans, or just totally ignore you?

Brought to you by my asshole friend who, all day long, has been bugging me to do something with her tonight, and when I called her an hour and a half ago to confirm she said she was eating dinner but she'd call me when she was done/on her way to pick me up... just saw on my FB feed that as of 45 mins ago, she's hanging out with another (non-mutual) friend for the night. Thanks.

What are you doing tonight?

I am instead going to be watching a movie at home with my grandpa and brother. Very excite.

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Has anyone heard of that trick where you knock out flies, then glue them to Popsicle sticks so that they have to all fly at the same time in order to get anywhere? Is there a video of this somewhere? Or would it get taken down due to animal cruelty?

Besides, would this even work? Wouldn't each fly try to go in different directions? I mean, I don't think they're smart enough to try and cooperate...
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my brothers are moving into a 2 bed 2 bath apartment soon after christmas. i want to get them a joint present for their apartment they can both use. i was thinking i could get a lamp. what are some other good ideas?

ETA: the gift should ideally be under $50. no couches or things like that.

do you or have you ever lived with a sibling, or siblings, outside of home? how was the experience?

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are you drinking right now ?
if youre not drinking, what are you doing right now?
whats your favorite kind of drink?
what dont you like about drinking ?

im listening to music and drinking... ive been sober for a month and gave in and bough alcohol and couldnt be happier, im jammin out to niccki minaj and lil wayne,
I &lt;3 TLV

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1. If you use hairspray, can you recommend a brand?

2. Is an oil diffuser and orange-scented oil a good gift for a swap for a group of people age 20-60 both male and female?

3. What's the longest amount of time in advance you've had to book an appointment?

I just made an appointment for March 4th. Not happy!
he&#39;s a genius
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I can't seem to word this right to search for it so I'm gonna ask here.

I've been taking childrens complete multi-vitamins for the past 3 days. My iron level will higher right? I want to donate blood tomorrow and my iron levels were just under the acceptable levels the last few times I tried to donate :(
I love you

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There were police cars driving down my street very slowly with the lights on and sirens blaring. My daughter and I assumed they were headed to a neighbors house. But there are about 5 of them. Then, a woman on a bullhorn says "EVERYBODY COME OUT OF YOUR HOUSE! EVERYONE COME OUTSIDE!" and I'm thinking bomb? Nuclear war? Zombie apocalypse? Wouldn't I want to stay inside? What the hell is going on?




Sure enough, Santa was driving down the road.

What was the last thing to scare the crap out of you?
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 Do you make playlists for different things, like cleaning and working out?

What are some good 'get up and clean, you lazy slob' songs?

I've just been put on a daily inhaled steroid for my asthma. They told me to puff once in the morning and once in the evening. I'm assuming they meant like when I wake up and before bed, but that's different every day.

Would it be better to take it twice a day at the same time, like 1pm and 1am everyday? I'd have to set alarms to remind me and to wake me if I happen to be asleep during those times.

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Is anyone here an installer for DirecTV? How consistent is the money?

My husband just got an offer from them, and the figures they tossed out were quite impressive but I'd love to hear from people who are living it.

Don't know/don't care, what's your favorite bagel/topping combo?
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Long story short: My brother doesn't have ears, he was born with treacher collins syndrome, but had no other recognizable features besides the absence of the formed ear on the outside. He recently turned 18 and is becoming depressed over never having had a date, or any sort of positive attention from a girl. I tried explaining we live in a small town, he doesn't go to college and will never meet people this way, but his friends always have nasty townie skanks falling all over them. I'm really worried about him, he's getting pretty depressed.

What can I say to help him?

I always let him know I'm there if he wants to talk, and I always invite him to do things with my friends but most times he doesn't want to go. It's killing me to see him like this.
(he won't go to therapy :( )