December 16th, 2010


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do you have food trucks where you live (or anywhere else you have lived)?
if you do, what are some of your favorites? what are some you want to try out?

in ny i love the dessert truck and eternal summer is a guilty pleasure. i want to try this taiwanese food truck but i forgot the name :(
i've never tried any in dc but i just found out about takorean and i'm like obsessed, i need to find it

eta omg i totally forgot about mud truck because it was always on my way to class

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I want to donate blood but am kind of terrified/woozy when I see needles and blood. Would it be weird if I covered my arm so I can't see it? Any tips on blood giving?

Have you made any New Years resolutions?
I plan to go out more and find a permanent job that I don't hate.

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so i was watching "jingle all the way" and i noticed towards the end at the parade when the kids start attacking booster, they call him a "fag" and idk it makes me laugh for some reason

when's the last time you caught something in a movie that you never noticed before?

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For my biology final exam tomorrow, we can write whatever we want on a 3x5 notecard and use it during the test. The test is comprehensive and covers 25 chapters. It's going to be ~150 questions.

How in the world do I determine what to write on my notecard?

Will you tell me about the hardest exam you've ever had?
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Do you have a disorder or disease of any type? If so, what? (I am bipolar and have an eating disorder)

I recently introduced my cat (year and a half old) to my boyfriend's kitten (10 months old). They're sitting behind me, making growly hissy noises. How long should this continue? (neither of them are attacking, we guesstimate 2 to 3 days.)

What is the scariest thing you've ever done? (Gone into a psych ward)

Am I annoying? (I think yes)

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assuming you haven't lived in the same place your entire life, what do you consider your "hometown"?

where you were born
where you lived the longest
where you lived previous to now
where you currently live
H/D Potterpuffs
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Do you ever stop and wish the world *was* ending in 2012, and you knew it? I don't mean in a "I hate my life" way, but more of a "I've got two years to do whatever the fuck I want and there are absolutely no consequences because the world's over anyways way".

Will you tell me a story that nobody cares about but you? (Cool Story, Bro). Mine is that a couple nights ago I had a dream I was working as an intern for Mythbusters, but I fucked something up and then Jayme started hating me waaaay more than was necessary. Finally, I got fed up and got revenge by trapping him in a giant model of the human digestive system with 60 9-year-olds. And then I got his truck stuck in the mud.

Can you tell I'm a bit drunk? I'm so sorry TQC...

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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh tqc I just saw Black Swan and I am terrified and can't go to sleep.

What's the last movie that terrified you? How did you cope?

I am watching Elf with all the lights in my apartment on and then probably Fantastic Mr. Fox in order to recover. ;_;
Emma Kemppainen

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How good of a risk player are you?

I ask in a friend's house at 3:30am, having completely screwed up a game by looking really strong as I occupied North and South America and fortified their three borders, but then self-destructed by attacking out of each in turn, with only one-third of the attacking force that I could have had. My game needs to be a load less conservative, basically.

Right now my one remaining guy in every north American country is getting beaten one by one.

And right now I have one troop left. Just one. In Venezuela. Good going.
Jareth +As the world falls down

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Two years ago in my psych class some kid brought in a chocolate eclair cake for culture day (I brought in green chili burritos and spanish rice. We made a fantastic culture day). Anyway, I could never figure out what kind of cake it was. Now that I DO know, I want to bake one for Christmas!

Should I bake it for:

- My bf's parents, who have been very welcoming and hospitable despite bf and I breaking their rules twice, and who will no doubt invite me over at some point on Christmas
- My aunt, who once employed me at her store on weekends despite making little to no profit herself when I couldn't find a job and who is holding an open house on Jan 1st for a Silpada catalogue party, or...
- My mom, who is kind of a nutjob but that might be mine and my sister's fault a single parent who raised two daughters, and then one daughter's two sons and loser boyfriends

I can make other desserts for the losers, but the eclair cake would be my favorite and I want it to go to someone who'll really feel the "thank you" in all the calories.
I <3 TLV

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If a hair product says it must be applied to "soaking wet hair" does that mean after applying it, you have to let your hair air dry? Or can you do whatever as long as it's put in there when it's wet? I need to figure out a way to use my Frizzease serum AND dry my hair quickly... I usually wrap it in a towel before applying products but the bottle wont let me =( And I don't blow dry. Solutions?

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I have a stuffed toy griffin, that I've had for about twenty years. I just discovered that it's wings, made of two dyed or artificial feathers, have disintegrated.

I'm heading to the craft store in a couple of hours. What should I buy to replace them?

a) New artificial or dyed feathers
b) Natural feathers
c) Felt
d) Other

Or, tell me what your favorite mythological beast is.

ETA: Sorry, I have no way to post pictures. It's more a question about durability than aesthetics.
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What is the worst-timed breakup you've ever had?

I think my long-distance SO is about to end it, and I leave for a cruise tomorrow/it is Christmas next week. I can't stop crying, and I am having a hard time imagining having a good time on this trip.

How can I combat feeling so incredibly depressed? I don't want to bring my family down - the cruise is a graduation celebration for my brother.
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I'm bored, will you play word assocation games with me in the comments? If you will, just go ahead and post any word, I'm not gonna start anyone off with a particular word.

Do not want/Do not care?

Where do you find your favorite wallpapers from (desktop wallpapers, I mean)? I desperately need to get some pictures onto my phone cos Samsung has the MOST ridiculously boring wallpapers ever.

[[shalina nila]]

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so anyone know any good home remidies for a sinus infection? i have no insurance to see the doctor & super tight on money to buy over the counter medicine. Can someone suggest something a little cheaper?

Please help me make life choices.

 Ok so a week ago I got a new job, and the week before that a new boyfriend. So far I love my job, and everyone who works there is awesome. I've also been asked by my boss to be a key holder and train me in banking so I can open/close the shop by myself which entails potential promotion opportunities.

My boyfriend is amazing, I know it has only been a couple of weeks but as soon as I first saw him the chemistry was amazing. He has been away since the weekend and I feel as though I really miss him.

My dilemma is that I'm meant to to going 100 miles away in 8 weeks to live in an apartment and study 9am - 3pm Monday - Friday towards a diploma of production design and sculpting.. Most of my friends are here, I have a secure job, my therapist and doctors are here and my boyfriend will be living here. I work for a clothing chain store so I'm worried as to whether I could transfer to a different store, but it's too early in my employment to ask that. And I am worried about changing doctors. The bf and I decided that we could travel to each other on alternate weekends.. It's only 1.5 hours to drive, do you think this idea is feasible?

I have already found a friend to live with up there and we are meant to be going to look at apartments soon. All my enrolment is complete and all I now have to do is sort out a student loan.
Should I stay in my city to study or move to Auckland?

I need help, because i can't figure out where to look!

a friend of mine used to post a lot on FB...and lately i noticed i haven't seen him around.
i read on his wall last night where a lot of people are looking for him.

the last time he posted anything was October 17th.

so i started wondering if something happened.
he lives in colorado/part time in i googled to see if he was in the news or something.

to my SHOCK...i found a lot of posts on some websites where others are calling him out for being a fraud, scammer, plagarist, etc. And one person left a comment saying that my friend got called "back to federal prison starting in November 2010."

wtf, man?

i can't find any news articles.

So how can a person find out if someone went to prison?
that's gotta be a public record, right?
where is this public record????????

UPDATE: i found him. the Bureau of Prisons website lists him as "in transit" :(
Muh Life.
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Wooo, day off!

After sleeping til 9:30 (which I neeeeeeeeded to do for once), I am now drinking a tea and trying to decide what to do with my day.

Poll #1657541 It's 33 degrees and sunny out:

What should I do today?

Drive to a "shopping" town and buy Christmas presents for people.
Clean the house and do laundry.
Sleep. Until I can't sleep anymore.
Finish watching the "Red Riding" Trilory.
Study for the final I have tomorrow at noon.

oh mr. tea

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On NPR about half an hour ago they mentioned an album of music that's Beatles music but all for strings. It's not Vitamin String Quartet. I thought it was called Imagine but I'm not pulling anything up on their website or Google. Any idea what this was?
Ikuta Toma and puppy

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What would you do...

.... if your family friends have an issue with your SO? Your SO is not religious while your family is. Your family doesn't care, but if you introduce your SO to anyone locally, your parents will be negatively affected. They'll start receiving phone calls from family friends who will lecture them on how sad it is, how it isn't *their* fault as parents, etc. Your mother is sensitive and can't deal with this well.

Do you keep your relationship a secret from your community/family-friends? Do you loudly proclaim it and ignore the negative impact this will have on your parents and their ties to the community?

Telling your family friends would *not* affect you in the slightest. You live out of town and you won't witness all the ~drama~ it will cause to your folks.
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For those of you who want kids or have kids, what are some random things you hope for them?

I know it's silly, but I hope my kids will have blue eyes. I have blue eyes and my husband has green eyes, so it's impossible to know what theirs will be using a Punnett square. I also hope that they will be smart, but that's not so random.

Two Unrelated Questions

1. The lease on my car will run out in November 2011. I was told that when it runs out, I have the option of buying it for $11,000. When I leased it I put $2800 down. Do they usually have you put more money down when you buy it after a lease, or could I just continue making monthly payments?

2. My laptop's battery icon says, "Fully charged (100%). Consider replacing your battery." WTF? I guess I let it run out of battery too much. I have an Asus K60i. I've found batteries that will work for the Asus K60, but nothing for the K60i. The Asus website isn't much help. Do you think the battery for the K60 will work for my K60i?

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I bought my Sony Vaio laptop in the summer, and have had a weird issue with it. There's a switch on the front of the laptop for wifi, and it can be switched on or off. When it's on, there's a green light that displays. Whenever I'm home and on the internet, this light will randomly turn off, and even though the switch hasn't been touched, I won't be able to get back online. When I try to troubleshoot, it just says that I can't get online because the hardware switch is off, but it's not off! I ran virus scans, and looked through all the help options, and have been on hold for customer service for more than an hour now.

Wtf is going on with my computer? This only happens when I'm home, everywhere else my wireless is perfectly fine! D:

DK/DC: How much do you procrastinate?

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If you fart while standing or sitting in place at the same time that you're eating a plate of food, do you continue to eat even though you can smell your fart or do you move somewhere else?

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What is pissing you off today?

My Marketing prof can't post the fucking final and leave it posted (she deletes is about 10 minutes after she posts it and tells us it's posted). WTF?! WHAT. THE. FUCK?!

Oh, and the snow plow that just came by and burried my car. Thanks. I appreciate that.
Take a Look

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I made apple fritters today. However, there's just the two of us and there is quite a lot of batter that probably won't make it into fritters.

What else can I make with the batter?

Bonus points if it doesn't require any store-bought crusts, since it's snowing!!! and I'm too lazy to go out to the store =P
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When Thesauri Attack

I was ensconced on my derrière, fabricating artificial limbs, that would later be attached to a textile replica of a mythological creature, when I began to muse on the following query*:

How pretentious can you make what you're doing right now sound?

Translations optional.

*I was sitting around, making new wings for a stuffed griffin, when I thought of this.
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To glasses wearers: Where did you buy your glasses? Do most optometrists expect you to buy glasses from them after an eye exam?

I'm getting an eye exam in a few weeks and I want to try buying glasses online if they're cheaper.

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I has two questions

Is there a way I can copy & paste text from an expired version of word? I have my resume in one and need to get the text off it so I can email it and I'm hoping I don't have to type it all out again in notepad.

Edit: I got my answer thanks (=


There's a faded crosswalk near my house that goes across the busiest street in the city. It's faded on the street but you can still see the lines in the middle and most drivers don't notice so they don't stop for me while I'm waiting to cross. If someone was an idiot and started walking across it without looking, and got hit, who would get the blame? The person being an idiot, the car that didn't stop, or the city for letting it be all faded like that so the drivers don't notice the crosswalk?

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have you ever made a dry soup mix as a gift? like where you put all the beans and spices and things in a jar and all the person has to do is add water?
i have looked at a few recipes online, but i'd like some personal recommendations. also, the gift recipient is allergic to nuts and peas.

not related: have you ever pet a chinchilla?
eknock, Ash

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TQC, I'm going to Cuba for a week in March. Super excited! Tell me, has anyone in here ever been to Iberostar, Varadero? Did you like it?

This is also my first time flying, and mother of God am I ever scared. The main question being, well, three:

1. Where have you travelled to?
2. Aside from sunscreen, bathing suits (two bottoms, three tops!), all the basics, what should I pack?
3. Recommend some good beach reads? I'll probably pick them up after Christmas!


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So a while ago on wtf_nature I saw a red fish that had butterfly-like wings. I'm on a phone right now so looking through the posts is difficult, and googling red butterfly fish didn't help. Do you know which fish I am regarding?

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I'm thinking about volunteering for Planned Parenthood. If anyone here has volunteered with them can you tell me about your experiences (without breaking confidentiality of course), or give me some advice?

If not, TQC, can you tell me some common sexual health assumptions?
just a bill
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Since late this morning, I've felt like I need to pee all day, but whenever I go, only a drop or two comes out. What does this mean? I'm asking TQC before a doctor due to a lack of insurance.
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Do you or have you ever acted in a way that is considered stereotypical for your gender/ethnicity/race/geographical area/some other part of your identity? Do you embrace it or find it embarssing?

Has anyone ever said that you act in some stereotypical way (whether you agreed with their assessment or not)? How did you react or feel?

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not only am i dealing with my stupid fucking break up.
but tonight is the night im supposed to visit my co workers house, the one thats acting a bit strange.
so this afternoon, he asked me what i want to do with my car, if i want to drive all the way to his house or i can drop it off at a car drop off half way.
and then he says something to the effect of we should stop off at a beer store beforehand blah blah.
i asked if his wife will be there and he said yes, probably after she is done work.
and he also complimented on how "nice i look today"

i ain't into that!

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 What should I eat for my late lunch?

1. Chinese food - I've been craving it all week. I can take it back to my dorm and study for my exam tomorrow. Would be a bit of a walk, and it's cold outside. Costs real money. 

2. University dining hall - Prepaid meal plan. The walk isn't as long, but I can't do take out. It's also not very good.

Poll #xxxx

so, what should I eat?

Dining Hall
Cats pawing at mommy's face

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If your work party started at 7pm and dinner would be served at 8pm, and you weren't on the organizing/party committee, what time would you show up?
(I only ask because so many, many people show up at 6:15 or 6:20. I'm a caterer. We're set up by then, but... we don't open the bar until 6:45. People get indignant about it.)

How many books do you read, on average, each month? How many for pleasure? How many because you're required to do so?

My boyfriend says he wants more Christmas ideas for me. (More, I assume, than my sister gave him - I don't know what she told him.) The only things I really want are... someone to do my laundry for me. If he gave me like, ten home made gift certificates for a load of laundry, I'd cry with joy. Is that a weird, lame thing to ask for?

My sister lamented this summer that she always forgets who she's lent books to. I got her a cute little system to keep track of it. Would it be cute or tacky to wrap up the few books of hers that I've borrowed without ever returning along with the library kit?
(Some sisters steal each other's shoes. We steal each other's books.)

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Just got an Amazon Kindle, but I didn't know the book selections sucked on I was wondering, if I bought ebooks on Barns and Noble, like say for a nook, would it work on my kindle? I didn't want to waste the money and have it not work.
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do you believe "once a cheater, always a cheater?"

lets say you were messing around with someone who was in a relationship, albeit a shitty one. and let's say the two of you fell for one another and the other person left their s/o for you. would you be fearful of this person cheating on you in the future, like they did on their s/o with you?
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I woke up with acute GERD-like symptoms (including seriously painful heartburn) and I've never experienced heartburn or any GERD symptoms in my life.

TQC, do I have teh cancer?

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My girlfriend and I are cooking a simple pasta dish tonight: spaghetti in tomato sauce with chicken and garlic bread on the side. I want to do something to make the chicken a bit more fun though. I have access to a relatively large variety of seasonings. What should I do?

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Is tumblr being glitchy for anyone else? It keeps delaying my posts when I post them and then I'll delete them, but it won't actually delete. I have tattoo pictures to post!

For tattooed folks, do you enjoy the process of being tattooed? For me, getting it done is half the fun!
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What is the crappiest gift you've ever received?
What is the best?
What is the best thing you've ever given a person?

When it comes to buying a present for a person, do you have a budget based on their relationship to you/the occasion?


I'm making tuna steaks with herb and garlic rice for dinner. What (if anything) should I use to marinade the fish in? I was considering soy sauce, lime juice and ginger but I'm not sure. I'm going to the store to get the rice and one more (non-veggie) side but I can't decide what would go nicely. Mandarin oranges with crunchy chow-mein noodles? What else should I try?

Also, I'm expected to bake something or bring something to my husband's family Christmas party on Sunday. They freak out if I bring anything too weird but they're also set in their ways with the classics and usually don't eat something that is someone else's specialty if it wasn't made by that person (like my FIL's cannolis and biscotti. They would shit bricks if I brought that and they didn't taste like his) I made blueberry bread pudding for Thanksgiving and that went over well. I usually bring something fruity, which has become my 'specialty'. What should I make this time? Got any recipes to link me to?

Keep in mind, I'm allergic to nuts.
MLP - pinkie chicken

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TQC, I have this knot under the skin on my left shoulder. I'm pretty sure it's a tension knot, mostly because idk what else it could be. It's been here for a few days now. How do I make it go away? I sleep on that shoulder. :(
scruffy alien


I know I've asked this before, but I forgot all your helpful advice/directions, so here goes again:
How does one post a picture or a video on here? More specifically in the comments section?

Edit: Also, does the image/video have to be on photobucket or something similar or can I just upload it from my pc?

I am rather embarrassed. I've been on this community for about a year if one includes my lurk time and I still don't know how it works. :(

Thank you guys!
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How long will it take for me to feel comfortable living in a new state, in a new home, with a new job, away from my kids and grandkids. I lived in my former house for 20 years. I'm kinda sad because everything is so different.
MCR Gerard Red Hair

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I'm looking for help finding a really pale foundation.

The lightest shades on the high street are at best 2-3 shades too dark for me. The closest I've found is Mac's NC15 shade but it's still too dark. Does anyone know of anywhere I can find any super pale foundations?

I don't care at this point if they're really really expensive because I'm just really sick of having a face that's much darker than the rest of my skin.

Edit: Not looking to tan.
1) Tanning beds are a big NO NO. I burn easily and have never actually tanned. Just gone red and pealed.
2) Not into the fake orange look or the time or expense of it.
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Target's Archer Farm's line has Egg Nog yogurt. Yum! Does this sound good to you?

What was the last thing you bought?

UPDATE: They also have the sugar cookie flavor that I just tasted. It does taste like sugar cookies... THAT WERE BURNT IN THE OVEN. Fail, Target. FAIL.

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Inspired by the web browser question below.

I've been using Internet Explorer since forever and havn't ever had any problems. I've tried both Google Chrome and Firefox and didn't really find them to be any better.

Why is IE so freaking horrible? Apparently I deserve to be judged and there's no reason to use it. I'm not looking to be validated or anything, I simply don't understand.

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Sorry, lame facebook question:
What's the etiquette as to deleting someone you were seeing for a while as a fb friend?
Do you keep everyone you've ever added or delete indiscriminately?

ETA: To those who don't delete anyone, what do you do about privacy? Do you feel comfortable knowing that a lot of things are set to 'friends of friends'?

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XM radio caused me to overdraw my account. I am supposed to have 3 months free, but they charged me $14.99 (or some crap. It's in a bank account that needs closed since I moved). I've tried calling them about five times today, but everytime I get hungup on. I'm super pissed.

anyone else had this problem?

DK/DC/FU: What was the last thing you cooked (not took from the freezer and put into the microwave)

(no subject)

Which would you appreciate more: if a friend gave you a lot of little homemade gifts that they clearly put a lot of effort and thought into or one purchased gift that they knew you really really wanted? 

Would you opinion change if the friend was poor or wealthy? 
stone eyes

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I have to make a casserole for a dinner party I'm attending tomorrow evening. I work an hour from home, and get off at 4pm. The casserole takes an hour to bake, and my party is 40 mins away, and starts at 7pm. 

TQC, what should I do?

Go to the store tonight, get the ingredients, and bake tonight.
Wait until tomorrow on my way home from work and be rushed.
Finish writing my lesson plan for Saturday, and watch a movie.
Play Portal.

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What bad things seem to repeatedly happen to you? The kind of thing that makes you think "This can NOT keep happening to me."

I swear, I can't count the number of times it has happened that a guy I like is actually crushing on a friend or starts crushing on a friend. If one more guy cozies up to me just so he can eventually ask "So, is you friend so-and-so single?" I'm going to erupt.
I <3 TLV

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Today I heard a song on the radio where a guy sounded like he was singing "Vegan Starcraft today!" over and over. According to google that phrase does not exist anywhere on the internet.

TQC, be my mind readers. What song did I hear?
I <3 TLV

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What silly little thing made you smile today? Or if today sucked, what was the last thing?

I overheard someone saying "She might have something in the drawer over there" as "She might have something Bajoran over there." X3 I don't care what she actually said, that made my day haha.