December 15th, 2010

Pay Question

 ... I didn't sign a contact for my job ("teacher" at a private daycare/preschool), however my boss did agree on paying me salary instead of hourly... does that mean there is an automatic contract even if I didn't sign a contract?

Are you paid salary or hourly at your job?  Would you prefer the opposite of what you are paid for what you do?

edited for my answer:
I'm paid salary, but still WAY below market rate.  Hourly would work out better for me with all that I do, but I'd be fired for the overtime that I would occur because I always stay a couple of hours past my scheduled time working with the kids.

*** I put teacher in quotes because  I am a certified full time teacher, but the parents don't think of this place as a school yet because it was just a daycare before, so most of my kids show up around 10 or 11 which is after I've taught the main lessons.  The rest of the day the kids are in an activity such as soccer, followed by lunch, and nap for two hours.  Right after nap I leave for the day thus I don't really get to teach most of my students.

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do you think a fruit salad with bananas, kiwis, blood oranges and red pears would be tasty, or are those 4 fruits too out there? i made one over the summer with kiwi, peach and plum, but peaches and plums are harder to find in december. if i make this one, i will probably put cinnamon in it as well.

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do you ever try to be so quiet doing something for whatever reason but end up making the most noise ever?

i just went downstairs to get a bowl of cereal and was trying to be so quiet bc my mom is sleeping, but ended up smashing the bowl on the cupboard, which fell to the ground, waking my mom up.  luckily it didnt break.

way to go, me.
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Have you ever donated plasma? Apparently it takes like four hours the first time. What did you do to keep yourself occupied?

If you haven't, what would you do to keep yourself occupied for four hours?
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white elephant

My family is doing a white elephant exchange thing. Most money one can spend is $10. There will be about 6 kids below 12 years old, and 7 adults. Last year's coveted item was a large bucket of airheads (about 100). But this year - I want MINE to be the most desired gift... a shitload of pocky has already been claimed. What should I get?
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Do you or anyone you know have the Samsung Intercept on Virgin Mobile? We're looking into it, but the plan sounds too good to be true. $25.00 a month for 300 minutes and unlimited data and text? Is the phone good?

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Retail workers - what, if anything, do you do when parents say to their kids "Be good or the man/lady will growl at you."

I remembered today about when I worked in a supermarket and parents who couldn't be bothered disciplining their kids would make me be the bad guy. One day I got sick of it, and started saying to the kids "No I won't, that's Mommy's job."

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My fiance and I live in Missouri while the majority of our family lives elsewhere in the country. We keep in contact with a lot of them through Facebook. This is our first child together. We have the big things like a crib, carseat and some clothes but there are still a few things we could use and I know a lot of them want to get us something...

Do you think I should post something on Facebook about our registry or do you think that would come across too forward, like we expect everyone else to buy things for our child? I'm pretty independent and I don't want to make the impression that I can't take care of my own child and I certainly don't want anyone to feel obligated to buy us something.

(x-posted to pregnant)

Should I post it or not?

Yes, do it.
No. Don't.
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It's 3am, I'm on adderall, and I'm feeling great. I'm feeling super, super lucky.

How are you feeling right now? In what ways are you lucky?

(I'm feeling lucky because I'm moving out of my apartment tomorrow, and I have 5 friends volunteering to help me move, one of which who lives 2 hours away! My dad also lives 2 hours away and he is coming up to help me move and pack as well. I'm so lucky to have such wonderful, generous friends!)

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Hey you guys <3

I have a personal essay to write. It's part of a series of three papers that focus on an important place, person or event that has significantly affected who you've become etc.
I have done the person and event: I spoke about my psychologist, anxiety and depression in the former and the latter placing 2nd internationally for tennis blahblahblah.

Anyway, the only important place I can think of is the psychiatric hospital I spent 10 days in for anorexia/depression etc. Well, that's sort of depressing lol. And I don't want to write about that if I can't be completely honest; I don't want to sacrifice my personal authencity to make it more ~bearable for someone else... because I don't really give a shit. It's either I am honest or I don't write about that place.

Will you share important places in your life to inspire me and jolt my memory? I think you will because you are a very kind, thoughtful person. :D

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Today I was in a lecture and a group of people a couple of rows behind me started having a conversation. They were whispering but the lecturer could hear them. He looked up at them, they stopped for a little while and he went on with the lecture. After that they started up again. He looked up at them, pointed and said, "Excuse me. You, YOU. Yes, you in the middle. Stop that, it's distracting".

What would have done if you were the lecturer?

If you go to/went to uni: do/did students talk to each other during lectures?

How irritating do you find it when people whisper to try to be less distracting but you can hear the whispering?

I'm pretty sure the group of people talking also talk to each other during one of our seminars (but I'm not sure because I didn't look behind me when he was telling them off, because I figured they were embarrassed enough already.)
It made me realize that I've never had an experience like that at my uni in Australia. People just go on facebook if they've got their laptop with them, or just don't show up at all.
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 I just saw this on my local news: Man Tries to Rob a Gun Shop

What kind of moron goes into a shop full of GUNS to try and rob it? The clerk shot at the guy and chased him off. They haven't caught him yet.

What's the stupidest criminal you've heard of?

What's the longest commute you would willingly suffer through?  I've widened my search to two hours (one way). I could probably put up with that for two or three months until I could pay off my parents and then find an apartment closer to the job.

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Do you use Chrome for your internet browsing?

If so, are you doing Chrome for a Cause?

How many tabs do you have open right now?

I just saw this and started, mostly because Charity:Water is one of the organizations featured and I think it is a fantastic organization. If you decide to use it, it records how many tabs you open (but not what is in the tab or anything like that, just the actual number) and then at the end of the day, lets you choose which charity to donate your tabs to.

The site seems to list 230 tabs as being equivalent to 9 vaccinations, 23 books, 1 person's clean water, 2 square feet of shelter, or 23 trees (all dependent upon which charity you choose) so I'm making sure to open as many tabs as possible today and the next few until the end of the campaign!

dk/dc: What is your favorite charity?

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Is this murder?

link says it all. a 34 year old woman that is 6 weeks away from her due date was hit by a car while crossing the street. the driver did not stop. she had an emergency c-section and the baby did not survive.

a point to consider:
if someone murders a pregnant woman, that person can be charged with double homicide
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My upstairs neighbor seems to think that 7:30am is the optimal time to be hammering (I'm assuming he was hanging pictures or something, since he just moved in). He also likes to listen to his music loudly (which I've spoken to him about), move furniture at 10:30 at night, and be a general pain in the ass about the locks on the front door.

How can I get him evicted? Srs/nonsrs answers welcome.

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Makeup Wearers: Do you prefer drug store makeups (ex: Covergirl, Revlon) or department store brands (Chanel, Clinique, etc.). Something else? 


Do you see a big difference in quality between the more expensive and less expensive brands?

How do you store your makeup?

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Does the French word "apropos" pretty much mean "speaking of which"? Have you noticed a sudden increase in people using this recently, or is it just me? If so, where do you live/what language is being used?

What kind of connotations does the name Thomas have for you? What kind of personality could you imagine a Thomas having?

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TQC, will you help me decide which book I should read next?:

Poll #1657190 Reading time

Which of these books should I read next?

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I'm out of work for the next few weeks...what can I do to pass the time so I'm not wallowing at home being sad and lament-y? Online games, books, recipes, fun stuff, crafts, I'm open to any and all suggestions. Being someone who's used to working all the time, I'm having difficulty coping with being home and doing nothing.
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Let's say you are talking to your boss about a situation at work. It was totally preventable, might end up in the company losing customers (we can't get the products out on time), and is going to end up costing the company money. What do you think an appropriate reaction would be? Is "well sometimes shit happens" an appropriate response?

Do you prefer a decisive boss or a wishy-washy one? If you had to choose, would you rather a boss that was a bit more firm but consistent, or one who was more lenient but rather inconsistent?

Is anything irritating you right now?


I have a final that is due Saturday at 5 PM. Saturday is the day we're doing my family Christmas, so I can't go take it that day. It's supposed to snow tonight into tomorrow (with ice and I live in bumfucknowhere and campus is in even more bumfucknowhere). Roads are fine today, but I haven't studied at all (okay, I have, but not enough).

So, do I cram today and try and make it to campus before 5 PM and take the final?
Study today and tomorrow while it snows and go take it Friday?
Study today, tomorrow, Friday, and risk it snowing again and my family killing me and go take it Saturday?

It's Accounting. My passing is riding on this final. I have to pass to take another stupid Accounting class.

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my best friend from high school (whom i rarely talk to now, not because of a falling out, we just grew apart) just asked for my address. i know she got engaged recently. what are the chances she is going to invite me to her wedding?

people who have gotten married, how big was your wedding? what was the best gift you got?
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 So I'm about to go to an interview. It's freezing out right now, so I bought microtights that are black for my grey pinstripe suit. Would this look really weird if I wore this? Or should I just wear my sheer pantyhose? 
I gotta walk about 20 minutes in this 15 degree weather to my interview. And the organization is a very conservative, straight-laced, Washington DC lobby firm. Do you think this is appropriate? 

Make my wardrobe choices for me, TQC! 
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How do you maintain friendships with people you disagree with? Obviously this happens in all friendships, but let's say you disagree on something like politics or religion, and they tend to bring it up a lot and are very self-assured about their opinions.
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this is weird right?
at my work theres there man, who always say i remind him of his daughter (his son and daughter live a 4 hr plane ride away)
hes married, has pictures of his wife/family, wears his wedding ring (although he takes it off randomly throughout the day sometimes), talks about them all too.
hes very nice to me, always asks how i am, how my day is, is generally interested in whats going on with my life (knows i have a bf)
he even makes sure i have lunch (i have issues with eating), and often gives me/brings me/buys me lunch/snacks.
he asked me if i could watch his dog when he and his wife go to visit his kids bc his dog watcher is not available anymore.
he likes music and movies and we often talk about them, and we generally like the same type of both.
yesterday he asked if i could come meet his dog, at his house after work, so the dog knows me when i dog sit.
i agreed.  then he said he was going to make me dinner, and asked if i wanted to see Black Swan (we both really want to see it) and told me to bring "nice music" to his house and he'll "take care of the rest."
am i being weird over nothing?  hes just being nice, right?

Dumb joke is dumb

I saw this interesting video about how to cut your hair into bangs, and I feel I'm ready to give it a try. I just need a volunteer for my bang-giving. Now, I've placed on the kitchen table a dropcloth to catch the falling hair, so we'll have to do the cutting over that table. And, you're going to have to be patient with me, for the only scissors I have in my house are large novelty scissors I got from a county fair. They're a foot long, but they'll do the trick.

So, to recap...

stone eyes

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Do you tend to find that you're hungrier for lunch if you've had breakfast? (Not a super huge one)

Word, Power Point, Access, or Excel? Which do you like? Which do you hate?

What is the closest hospital to where you live?

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I just realised a bottle of spray on deodorant I have is over a year old. Do you think spray on deodorant can go bad? It still smells okay, but now I'm worried. I think I'll just throw it out.

Do you feel bad getting rid of old clothes? I'm clearning out my wardrobe today and usually I can't get rid of any clothes even if I never wear them because it makes me sad, but today I am being BRUTAL. GOODBYE SWEATER I WORE TO A HALLOWEEN PARTY 5 YEARS AGO!
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A friend of mine is wanting to hang out next week when i'm off since i couldn't last night. Problem is, he has a horrible track record of making plans with me and then bailing. Should i even bother telling him what day i'm off knowing he'll probably bail?

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At what age do you consider to be too old to still live with your parents? I ask because I'm 20 and I can't attend college until I'm 25 due to financial restrictions, so even if I get a job working for min. wage, I'll still be stuck living with mom and pop until I can move into a dorm. It makes me feel like a loser. :(
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I neeeeed to study for my final on Friday, but at home I'm finding it very hard to concentrate with my downstairs neighbor blasting Christmas music. And, well, the internet. I have a few options. I could walk down the street to the library, go to a nearby college campus (where I used to attend) and find a quiet place to study there, or go to my own campus which is farther but I might run into people from my class to study with. Or I could just stay home.

Pros and cons!
Pro - Don't need to drive to get there.
Con - Would have to walk a mile in 22° weather to get there. Might be too crowded.

Campus 1
Pro - Around other studious students, not far, surrounded by food places, many places to study.
Cons - Probably a pro in disguise, but I wouldn't have internet access.

Campus 2
Pro - If people from my class are there, and they're interested in studying together, that could be beneficial. But would still be around other studiers even if they're not.
Cons - It's farther away, and I don't like driving long distances after dark when it's this cold, in case I'm out that late.

Pro - All my stuff is here!
Con - All my stuff is here.

What should I do?

Go to the library
Go to campus 1
Go to campus 2
Stay home with my cats and tea

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I quit my job December 4th because I was tired of my manager bullying me and being treated like shit.  I had worked there for four years but only one year under this new management. The straw that broke my back was when another supervisor called me a bitch and other things on the floor in front of other customers. When I asked my manager to make him stop, he said "don't be mad, he just wants you to know that he is better then you" so I quit and the manager stood in front of the door and tried to bully me into staying. I left because it was such a hostile environment.

Its been almost two weeks since my check became available. They have it in the office but they won't give it to me. They said I owe them money, but they have no reason for me owing them money. I refuse to give them money for nothing, especially because its half my paycheck. I really need the money because I have bills.

I've tried talking to them and I emailed the labor board for help.

Is there anything else I can do?

Edit: If you don't care about my check, do you like dubstep?

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if you've had a baby who was there in the delivery room with you?

when you had your first child how hard was it to learn how to take care of the baby?

did you ever take care of other babies before you had yours? (baby sitting, cousins, nieces, nephews etc)

how much weight did you gain while pregnant?

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Any advice on how to beat jet lag as much as possible?

My boyfriend and I are long distance right now, and we're meeting in Paris for New Years. I'll be flying in from New York, and Paris is 6 hours ahead of NYC. I'll only be there for 4 full days, and I don't want to spend the majority of that time feeling like shit because I'm jet lagged.

How do you combat jet lag? And any advice on how to still look good as though you got a full night of beauty rest even when you didn't?

2 Completely Unrelated Questions

1.  Have you ever used one of the travel website's price guarentee features?  Does it work if the price was lower on one leg of a roundtrip flight?  Did the company approve your request?

2.  My cat has a cut on her chin.  Bandaids don't work because she has fur and she gets them off.  Do you know of any options for cat-face bandaging?  I don't know if a cone will work, because how will she eat and drink? 
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I has a sad TQC. The kitten I got with my boyfriend was hit by a car and killed sometime last night. What makes it worse is that we've been on a break so I hadn't really seen Lucy since the beginning of November. :(

Want to post things to cheer people up?
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Has anyone here ever gone to a community college after already earning a Bachelor's? I just started the application process to get into a radiology technology program. It already feels awkward to be going ... backward, as some might perceive it (at the same time I'm excited about the program and getting the hands-on training for a career).

If you did this, was it actually awkward when you started? Did you have fun? Wanna share anything about it?

I'll also be moving away to go to this school. Has anyone ever moved away from home to go to a community college? How was that?

DK/DC: What's your favorite food to snack on these days? Mine's chocolate frosted mini wheats, right out of the box, no milk.
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(no subject)

If you had to name your genitals after a cocktail, what would you choose? What would you name your SO's? (here's a list of cocktail names)

Is there a way to transfer your journal posts to a different account?

/thinly veiled boring question
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(no subject)

Do your palms get sweaty?

On average I think I have sweatier palms than most people, but not enough to bother me, but during my exams the palm of my writing hand gets sooo ridiculous sweaty that I have to wipe it off with a tissue several times!

DK/DC Aside from traditional holiday crap/spending time with family, what kind of relaxing-do nothing all day-type activities do you have planned if you have a break over the holidays?
I'm gonna do a LOTR marathon I think!

Food, glorious food!

So I have just bought a packet mix of Indofood Nasi Goreng. It says to cook up two plates of rice.. How much is two plates of rice?!?! Has anyone tried this and knows?

If you have no idea what I just asked.. What are you having for dinner tonight? Or just had, depending where you are..
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Fruit Bruschetta

I have a potluck on the weekend top go to and was planning to bring Fruit Bruschetta. The recipe calls for cream cheese to be spread on pound cake with fruit on top. I am not a huge fan of cream cheese, but can't think of what else I could use to help hold the fruit in place. My boyfriend wants me to use whipped cream, but I am worried the toasted bread would melt it and make a soggy mess before we even arrive to the party.

You guys are always helpful when cooking/baking questions are asked so I thought I would give it a try. Does anyone have any ideas what I can use instead of cream cheese??

Thanks in advance :)
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I'm thinking about doing a "date night" gift basket for my brother and his wife for Christmas. I was going to add wine, glasses and a gift certificate so they can pick out a movie.

What else should I add to it?

How sick are you of Christmas questions?
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(no subject)

How do you deal with price tags on gifts? Do you leave them, remove them, just scribble out the price?

Do you think it's okay to leave prices on gifts?

I just wrapped a bunch of my aunt's presents and I did not remove single price, my dad thinks this is awful. I honestly never even think about it and I really don't want to have to rewrap all of them. What should I do? Most of what I got for her is all stuff she specifically asked for and would have bought for herself if I didn't so it's not like the price is some big mystery.

(no subject)

If you have kids/plan on having kids/can imagine what it would be like to have kids, would you make an effort not to listen to music you really like and consider really good music if it has swearing or other content that's generally viewed as adult when you're around your kids?

(no subject)

If you had the choice between taking a pill to treat a disease or changing your lifestyle, which would you pick?

I picked the pill but now my doctor is all 'you should stop taking it' and I'm like all 'oh shi-'.
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You're at a bar with a friend, sitting at a table in the corner. The widescreen tv is within your line of sight and it's not loud so you can hear it, too. Suddenly, there's a newsflash, as they interrupt the ballgame. They show a sketch artist's drawing that looks a LOT like you, down to the lapel of the jacket you're wearing. The newsman talks about how this person robbed a Starbucks and shot 6 people and still on the loose. The newsman then goes on to warn the public to be on the lookout for this individual, who may have ducked into a restaurant or bar and is considered dangerous, but if you see this person, call 911 and try and stall them before they go out and kill again. What do you do?

Keep on drinking. It's not me and people will realize that, plus, I doubt if anyone was paying attention
Get up and quickly leave before anyone notices me
Put my hair up or put on a hat or something to change my appearance as I slink out the front door
Use my newfound fame and go up to the bar and order a drink, and warn the bartender how you want it extra strong or else 'they'll be REAL sorry'
Stay in the corner and avoid everyone for the rest of the night. Wait until enough time has passed where you feel people have forgotten the news bulletin, and only then leave
Damn, how did they catch up to me so fast? Have one meltdown at Starbucks and now the 'man' is on your ass. Why, if I had a bullet for every yahoo that got in my way...
Have my friend get up and make a distraction while I make it outside

(no subject)

Do you guys have any tips on potting training a 10wk old puppy?
I take her out right after she eats, but she just runs and plays and doesn't go to the bathroom. Then as soon as she comes in, five minutes later, I'll find a little present in the middle of the floor. I need some help!

(no subject)

I have absolutely no idea what I want to bake for Christmas. What are some baked goods you love to eat during the holidays? What cakes/pies/pasties/cookies/goodies would absolutely fill you with the sweetest joy if you saw them on the table at your Christmas feast?
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(no subject)

Come on, TQC, seriously, was Al Pacino playing the devil a fuckin' pimp or what?

If you're a hater, then who gave your favorite portrayal?

Why do you think people actually believed George W. Bush was the Antichrist as if he was even articulate enough to fill the role of savior of the world?
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(no subject)

i am going to meet my daughters first ever bf in jan.
what do i say to this rodent?



(no subject)

I'm getting a sewing machine soon (as in, I will be ordering it within the next couple of days). This will be my first sewing machine, and I don't know how to sew (though when I was a kid, one of my dad's girlfriends kind of taught me, but it's been so long I forgot how).

What are some basic sewing things I'm going to need?

Who taught you to sew? I'm thinking of taking some classes at a local craft store like JoAnn's. Good idea or bad idea?

If you like to sew, what kinds of things do you like to make?

DK/DC: Do you like The Middle?

(no subject)

what do you usually bring to a pot luck/what have you brought to pot luck?

what should i bring to the pot luck i have to go to?

what do you get excited to see at pot lucks?

pot luck.

(no subject)

I'm trying to find a puzzle gift online for my husband, but can't find them for the life of me. When I was younger I remember there being these puzzle sets that were SO hard - they had only 9 pieces, but many of the sides looked the same and had the same pattern. Do these have a name?

ETA: Scramble squares! Thanks! :)
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Here's the situation: I have a friend who lives in a different state, she's 7 months pregnant, is keeping it but she's had a very horrible time with everything (baby daddy issues, no money, no family support, wanted to give it up for adoption originally, admitted to feeling a lot of resentment towards the baby). As of now, she's planning on keeping the baby and seems to made a little a peace about it but it's still a really weird situation at least as an outsider. 

Here's the question: Would it be weird to send her baby related presents? I love her, I love babies, I love sending presents. I want to do something but I can't do much since I live so far and am unable to travel. Should I wait until the baby is born and see if she keeps him to send presents?
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(no subject)

TQC, teach me some physics! Can you explain what's going on with my oil burner? Two very strange things have happened with it in the past year that I can't explain.

I've had this burner for years, and always set it up the same way. It's a metal stand with a glass dish. Same amount of water and oil in the dish, same candles, etc (though different oils). And every time I've used it, it's gone exactly the same - candle burns down, dish heats up, water evaporates, heated oil burns and fills the room with a nice scent. But not these two times.

1. Set it up the same as always, but after the candle had burned out, not a drop of water was missing from the dish.
2. And what happened tonight. The water started *boiling*. I've never seen that happen before!

TQC can you explain to me with science why these things happened? So far all I've come up with is ghosts.

OR if this is supernatural, what is the ghost or whatever trying to tell me with these messages?

(no subject)

I was looking at Wacom tablets on eBay because I was thinking about replacing my dying, 4-year-old Graphire4, and now it's having problems when I click something. Sometimes I have to click a few times before it'll actually do anything, or I have to resort to using my laptop's touch pad. The mouse has never had any problems before, so...

What do you think happened, TQC? (Non-srs answers are okay)

DK/DC: Can you post a fun fact about:
- Your home town?
- Where you live now? (If you've moved)
- Your school/college/workplace?


If someone asks you to grapevine, do you know what to do?

Do you fart when you workout?

You're on a machine at the gym (think treadmill, elliptical, etc.), the person next to you tries to converse with you, how do you respond?

Do you wear your workout clothes more than once before washing? How many times?
eknock, Ash

(no subject)

So I've just learned what Casu Marzu is (oh dear god why did I google that). It's disgusting. (I'll wait here while you google it).

So tell me TQC... what is the most disgusting thing you've ever eaten? Or, what food can you really not stand?

For me it is tomato soup/tomato juice. BLEH. There is something about it that makes me want to throw up!

(no subject)

TQC, my stomach has been bothering me all day; at first I thought it was just from stress but it's hours later and it's still not better. Medium-level pain and nausea. Is there such a thing as a mild stomach flu? Cause I think I have it. What's your favorite thing to eat when you're nauseous-sick?

(no subject)

I just found an old pocket watch. I wear a waistcoat pretty much everyday so this is awesome. Problem is, it apparently stopped working at 10:14 about sixty or so years old. I can only turn the knob one way so I think it's broken rather than in need of a good winding. Does anyone here know anything about old-ass watches? Would it be worth trying to get it fixed or is it so old by now that it wouldn't keep good time?

Will you tell me about some totally bitchin' old stuff you own? Bonus points for pictures.

(no subject)

Help me pweease.

So I cannot find my prescription of prozac - I have severe anxiety, clinical depression and am recovering from anorexia nervosa rn. I NEED PROZAC. I had a panic attack in my HL psychology class the day before yesterday and I had another today in school :( I don't know when I am going to find my prescription.

What can I do to deal with the anxiety until I find it? I mean just right now I feel so anxious and jittery, despite being in the totally nonthreatening position of being in home on my bed doing work.

Edit: Chyeah!!!! It was found. Thank you all for the words of wisdom etc. I truly appreciate it. :))

(no subject)

If a job called me yesterday at 11 AM-ish... is tomorrow to late to return the call? I just realized they called.

Also, I'm out of state right now and won't be back until Monday. Would that be too late to ask for an interview (I mean I'll call ASAP tomorrow)?

It's at Sun Tan City for what it's worth


When I was a kid I played with

cabbage patch kids
my little pony
my child doll
gi joe
water babies
he-man action figures
hot wheels/matchbox cars
stuffed animals
care bears
troll dolls
sticks and rocks and cardboard boxes

grammar question

i am designing our holiday cards on shutterfly and am struggling with the grammar on the message. please ignore the cheese.

which is correct?

'good luck . good times . laughter . love
best wishes for all THESE and more in 2011' or 'best wishes for all THIS and more'

colours are nice

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what is your favourite thing to receive compliments about? (even if you've never actually been complimented on it. in that case, what WOULD be your favourite thing to receieve compliments about?)