December 14th, 2010

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I have an 80GB iPod Classic (6th Gen I think) I don't use (I have a Touch that I use more). How much do you think I could get for it? I never know if I should gauge it by eBay prices or Craigslist prices. I'd probably sell it on Craigslist though.

If you could give two shits: Do you love American Dad? I'm watching last night's episode now.
  • fynoda


There is a mosquito in my room and it's eating me alive D=. I have eight bites already including two on my face. I don't have bug spray, how do I make it stop??

What's the worst insect or arachnid bite you've ever gotten?

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What is something you used to love, but haven't done/had/etc. in FOREVER? Why haven't you?

Inspired by me listening to Led Zeppelin I for the first time in yearrrrs. It reminded me too much of my dad, and also I got swept up in the ~indie scene~.

What are some of your favourite curse words and intimidating phrases to use when your appliance or electronic device stops working properly?

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Are there any works of literature (or any medium) about a demon falling in love with a mortal?

dk/dc: do you find your life exciting? what would you consider an exciting situation to be in?

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Monolingual speaker of modern US English in stuck in a time machine without a translator. How far back would they be able to go in time, to both the present day US, and UK, and still be able to communicate in and understand the spoken language?
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When was the last time you were really pissed? Feel free to rant in this dumb post.

So this week I had 4 essay exams. One professor gave up 20 essay topics to choose from (all were really difficult topics that we never covered in class -- class time was instead spent on stupid presentations that had nothing to do with anything) out of which he would test us on only 3. Then I had a huge fucking final essay exam in another history class. Tomorrow morning I have 3 essays to do for another class as a final. Anyways -- I was feeling really relieved, as I thought the hard work was finally over. Not to be. Just opened my folklore exam -- 4 essay questions, and he wants 6 paragraphs per question. I fucking feel like killing someone right now. They are really stupid questions too. I can't think of a way to answer this Collapse )in 6 paragraphs. fuck this.

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Should I go lie in one of the practice soccer fields and look for meteors?

Things to take into consideration:
I farking love meteor showers
It is 19 degrees outside with 12 MPH winds that suck
The fields are about a quarter of a mile away
I have a final at 3 PM tomorrow; it is 3:17 AM rn
I am bored

Should I?


Do you partake in the viewing of meteor showers?
If this question has been asked a million times, you're free to stone me.
Peggy Blink

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If you wanted to be a trolly asshole this morning because your day is going to suck, how would you respond to someone's Facebook status that says "Hey you! ITS MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT POLITICALLY CORRECT!!!"?

DK/DC: What are your plans today?
Mine include taking a two hour commute to school (and it's snowing), taking an exam, waiting six hours, taking another exam, then going back home. I kinda want to cry about it all. Oh, and I have heartburn this morning wtf.
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Are you clumsy?
I'm so freaking clumsy. I have an accident at least once a week. This week, it was tripping over air and totally scraping my knee and hands like a 3rd grader.

Do you have any daily goals? I try to make someone laugh everyday. I like being funny.

If you've tried both, which do you like better: corn syrup sodas or real sugar sodas? Real sugar is so much better. My gram and I went to this local Mexican chain last night and they had real, honest to god, sugary Coke in their fountain, plus they sell it in these big glass bottles. I don't think I'll be able to drink American Coke again.
Devil Elfman

The Magic of Christmas

Inspired by this article:

Did your parents tell you that the easter bunny and Santa Claus weren't real early on or did they let you believe until you were older?
How did you feel when you found out that these childhood legends weren't real?
What do you plan to teach your kids, assuming you intend to have them?
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My husband's away until early February. I live on the other side of the world to my family and all of my friends. I haven't been here for very long so barging in on some random person's Christmas would probably be weird, especially since I'm not invited!

Basically it's just me and The Spawn (6 months old). The huge family celebration will clearly not be happening.

How should I do Christmas instead?

(It is Spawn's first. Ignoring it altogether seems mean :P)

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All my housemates went out last night and were generally annoying.
Most of them don't usually go out and whinge when one girl comes back and is noisy, yet came back shouting and talking really loudly.
The only boy, who is completely useless was the loudest, and I told him he then couldn't whinge about others coming back and being noisy to which he replied very sarcastically, 'oh yeah, I also complain so much about X and y!', to which I told him to f*** off. He's been annoying me and everyone else for weeks, but they all pretend to like him.
How do I deal with this? A lot of other people were in the room and he's the sort to take it badly.
Jareth +As the world falls down

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What is your favorite part of Christmas?

The stockings. I love the silly toys they find and all the chocolate and pirouette cookies. After everything my family sits on the couches surrounded by gifts and crumpled wrapping paper and just eat candy while watching a movie until the afternoon

What is your least favorite part?

Clean up and tree maintenance

This has probably been asked already but idc, I'm sick and talking about Christmas makes me feel better

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Good morning TQC!

So, I've been having some issues at work, and I was thinking of going in today (my day off, and I work tomorrow) and talking to my manager about it. This is partly to show that I care about my job and want to make nice with my manager, and partly to figure out if I'm fired or not. Would you do it? Or should I just wait until tomorrow and go in to work, and speak with her then?

DK/DC: Have you ever had kefir? It's really delicious!
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Hey guys :)

Who would you have picked to play Sirius Black in the movies? 

My friend revealed that she didn't like Gary Oldman in the role D: I'm not entirely sure if it's because she's not that enthused about Gary or she had a different vision of who would play him.

Made me realise that I haven't seen the third movie in ages :O

ETA: What about the other characters as well since they've come up?

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I am pretty clueless when it comes to Judaism. My friend mentioned that he can't hang out this weekend because he is going to his grandmother's unveiling. wikipedia tells me that this is a ceremony that takes place 12 months after the person dies, yes? so is it weird to offer condolences when the actual event happened a while ago?

what religions and/or cultures were you most exposed to growing up?
my hometown is very muslim and very catholic. i actually never met any jewish people until coming to college, and i'm still a little shaky on jewish holidays and customs. i know next to nothing about hinduism, and all i really know of buddhism is from all the kids who read siddhartha and decided they were buddhists.
The Dark night

For ten million buckaroos...

Poll #1656879 For $10,000,000, would you... an entire human being? You flip through a catalog of prisoners and you select someone, and for the next couple months, a professional chef will prepare each meal you will eat made from this guy. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for as long as it takes. Each meal will be made as delicious as possible, and you'll eat everything except bone and hair.


...make a porno of yourself sexually pleasing yourself with a garden gnome (its pointy hat, if you're a girl; the hole in the bottom, if you're a guy). After that, you put it online, and then put the link in all your social programs for one day. You can't make it a locked post

86(71.1%) buried alive for 2 days? You're put in a specially built coffin that has 5 days' worth of air, and several flashlights. You can't bring any books, games or any form of entertainment with you. The coffin itself will be standard size. In two days, they dig you up and you get your money

43(34.4%) a game of Russian roulette? The gun in particular is an unusual one that has 10 chambers, so you have a 90% chance of collecting your money in the end


...gain 100lbs and keep it for an entire calendar year? Day 1 starts the day you're officially 100lbs over your starting weight, so the whole process is you gaining the weight UP to 100lbs and then 365 days after that. It's a health risk, but it IS a lot of money


...go to prison for 3 years? It'll be your standard prison (no white collar lockup for you), and you'll share a cell and a toilet with a murderer serving 4 consecutive life sentences. It comes down to over 3 million for each year you're in the slammer

legs motherfucker
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my friend is sad, his favorite show is the office, so i thought i'd send him some youtube clips of funny things from the office. except i can't find any good quality ones. might you know of some? might you want to post some?

or pictures or anything that make you laugh from the office? i don't know.

if you don't like the office, will you post funny clips from other shows?

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So, TQC. My grandmother qualifies for state assistance (having a companion/nurse come in and spend time with her and help her get dressed/get breakfast in the mornings and while my dad and I are at work in the evenings). She also lives in the apartment beneath us. A nurse has been scheduled to come in during the weekday mornings, but she didn't show up last week or this morning. What's going on? My dad's tried to call the agency we're working with, but no one seems to know what the confusion is (or even who the nurse is that's meant to be coming in). Is it just me or is that completely ridiculous? Shouldn't the agency keep tabs on their nurses? Besides haranguing our caseworker (which I feel really bad about doing), what can we do?

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Last time I post about this, promise.

My boyfriend had a stomach bug yesterday, with it starting about 9 am. He slept the majority of yesterday and feels fine today (it's currently noon). He threw up like 7 times yesterday, so I kind of figured it was a gastrointestinal thing.

Before I knew he was sick, I kissed him, etc. We live together so I figure it's only a matter of time before I get it, but so far, I haven't gotten sick. My immune system sucks so this surprises me.

How much longer without being sick until I can assume I'm in the clear?

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whats relatively healthy and does have much prep time (seeng that im at work and dont have a full kitchen to use) that i can buy in the grocery/food section at dear old wal-mart?

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I love coffee, but for medical reasons I'm really not supposed to drink it.
I've always cheated on this diet a little when the urge strikes me, but I had a pretty bad reaction last night that made me realize I can't keep doing this to myself. What new drinks should I try instead?

Are you a coffee drinker? How would you feel if you had to give it up?
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what time do you usually have to wake up in the morning, for work/school/whatever?

would you sleep in later if you didn't have these obligations?

is the time that you would have to get up a factor for you when making decisions about jobs, classes, etc? (poorly worded but hopefully you get my point)
deery lou

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 I'm moving into a big apartment complex for the first time in my life and I'm curious about what life will be like.

Do you live in an apartment complex?
Do you like it?
Do you participate in resident activities (barbecues, ice cream socials, etc.)?
Are you friends with any of your neighbors?

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so, as some of you know, i burned myself on the weekend.
i have second degree burns on my hand.
i dont know if i got a really crappy doctor or he just forgot, but he didnt ask if i had my tetanus shot done.  (and i haven't)
people at work are freaking me out, and of course i googled tetanus (never a good idea) and now i am paranoid as shit. ugh.
should i run off and get a tetanus shot at a walk in clinic asap?
or should i calm the fuck down.
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will you post your favourite quote/dialogue/line/exchange/whatever from a film, so everyone can guess which film the quote comes from? feel free to post as many separate quotes from as many different movies as you like! ALSO, no googling obv.
suits - mike

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Dear TQC,

in your workplace, do you have to deal with auditors? how much do you hate them?

if you are in audit, how do you deal with difficult clients? :|

i'm going insane with my client who doesn't want to provide anything softcopy.
Agents are Go!

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People who ride the train:
This weekend I will be put in charge of my friend's fish for Christmas/New Years, as my friend it travelling internationally. I still need to travel home form the 24-26th for Christmas, and I'm going by train (Amtrak, to be specific). Has anyone transported a fish with them on a train before? Is it allowed? Does it cost extra? (Note: It's a single fish in a small bowl. I think its a betta from what she's told me, but I haven't actually seen it yet)

DK/DC - How fast do you walk?
colours are nice

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when you are in love with someone, if you are quite angry at them for some reason (not anything huge like them cheating on you - just a big disagreement/misunderstanding) and they tell you that they love you, do you find it easy to say it back?

if you found it hard to say it back when you were angry at them, would you feel like it meant you maybe were not actually in love with them? do you think that when you ~really~ love someone you should be able to say it easily, even if you're pissed off?

the future

What do you think the world/society will be like in the year 2080? how about 3000?
*edit* Lets assume people still exist. I meant like what things do you think will exist that dont now?
back corset

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I did something to one of my websites that makes it appear really really small. I can't read any of the print and it's basically trying to make the whole page appear on the screen. It is not like that with any other website, just that one. There's empty space on both the left and right.
How do I make it go back to normal?

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You found out that all of the books in the world are going to be destroyed in two days and all of the people who read/ write will forget everything about literature!
What do you do?

What did you listen to this year?

Your 3 favorite albums of 2010? It could have come out in 2010, or you (re)discovered it in 2010. Either way, it made your year better. Be totally honest, this isn't about what you think was the BESTMUSICEVER ala Pitchfork or NME (I won't think any less of you if it's Katy Perry or Menomena).

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because ilovegaymen mentioned it:

Are you supposed to eat the weird rubbery coating of what I assume is fungus on the outside of brie?

When was the last time or most memorable time that you had a food-related mystery on your hands (or plate)? Did you totally fuck it up and then everybody laughed at you forever?

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You discover a young child alone and crying inconsolably on a street corner. Do you:

Ask the child what's the matter?
Yell for the child's parent?
Keep on walking?
Offer the child a cup of hot chocolate?
Offer the child an opportunity to accept Jesus Christ as his personal savior?
Offer to adopt the child?
OMG IT'S A TARP the child could be wired with explosives BACK AWAY!!!!1!
Other (explain in the comments)
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If you're in class and you look up and someone you are friends with (yes I have a bit of a crush on him) is looking your way, are you supposed to catch their gaze or just look away? What's least awkward?
  • itsme_b

Where was Alec Baldwin last night?

I ask because I'm pretty sure he was in a suburb of PHilly, at Uno's. I saw this because he looked and sounded just like him but, he denied it was him. I made him say "Lesbian Mario Brothers" about 20 times.

Now, where in the world was Alec Baldwin last night?
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 What was the last thing that scared you? I heard this low, creepy voice start singing the Alphabet Song and I freaked for half a second before realizing that one of the girls I babysit had started playing with their Sing and Play Along Keyboard and it was low on batteries.

Do you have an overactive imagination?

Will you post a picture of your favourite childhood (or if you're still playing with toys, your current favourite) toy if you have one/can find one? Or just tell us about it.

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problems with LJ

okay! first of all hello....
i have a problem with LJ i'm not a too active member so i don't know soooo very much things here!
but if i have a link into my post and i'd like to add it a titlle, how do i have to do?!

like in order to appear :   to appear a titlle that i chose: ' follow the rules' for example...
what do i have to do?! please light me up.... i really need to know; it's important!

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Macbook Pro users: do you have a 13, 15, or 17 inch screen?

Assuming I'll be doing a good bit of graphic design (but will still have to lug the computer around everywhere I go), would the 15 inch really benefit me that much? I'm upgrading from a 13 inch Macbook.

I've read the specs, but it seems the graphic benefits are more tailored towards gaming and general resolution.

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My best friend and I decided to exchange gift this year. Since neither of us need anything, really, I am focusing on novelty or unique gifts.

What do think of this idea? Is it stupid?

Got any better ideas?

eta: ideas of any kind, not necessarily sciencey, so long as they are "neat" gifts.
I <3 TLV

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At a store, what's the difference between an assistant manager and an assistant shop manager? The website gave these descriptions:

Assistant Manager
This position shares accountability with the Shop Manager and Assistant Shop Manager for achieving shop sales goals. Maintains a leadership role in sales generation within the shop. In the absence of the Shop Manager and Assistant Shop Manager, has all duties, responsibilities, and authority of the Shop Manager. Ensures the shop’s #1 priority is customer service.

Assistant Shop Manager
Shares responsibilities with Shop Manager for the activities of the shop. Maximizes sales within guidelines set forth by the operating manuals. In the Manager’s absence, the Assistant Shop Manager has all duties, responsibilities, and authority of a Shop Manager. Ensures the shop’s #1 priority is customer service.

They sound pretty much the same except for the addition of "leadership role" so idgi. Has anyone worked in a store that has both of these positions and can give some insight?

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What is it about new things in stores that make them so much more appealing then what you have?
What "new thing" do you covet?
If money wasn't an issue what would you buy yourself? (purely material)

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TQC, how do I break the news to my dad that I got fired from one of my jobs? I was thinking of just saying that they cut my hours back so I quit, and he won't really follow up. Besides, he's been on me to find a full time job, and I can also say that I quit to be able to have more time to do that (which is quite true; I do want to find a full time job and it's been hard because I've been so busy). Are these good "reasons"?


You are presented with a basket containing several ingredients that you need to prepare into an appetizer dish. Your ingredients include:
  •  chicken livers
  • mucilage
  • ripe gingko biloba seed pulp, and
  • Kate Gosselin's hair
    You will have full use of our executive kitchen, including all mechanized equipment, pantry, refrigerator, oven, stove and microwave. You will have 40 minutes to complete your dish. You will be judged on your incorporation of the assigned ingredients, balance, presentation and overall creativity. Executive Chef Chris Santos will be judging today in the nude.
    So, TQC, what will you be making us?

    ETA: Doesn't anybody care that the main part of this whole episode is Chris Santos judging IN THE NUDE?

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    Anyone who has ever posted in an anon thing, please please please please!!!!! tell me what the fuck 'ayrt' stands for! It's annoying me so badly it's making me physicaly aggrivated to the point where I want to scream. I googled and all it said was "are you ready to" and that makes absolutely no sense in this context. HELP!

    (yes i know this is pathetic)
    lulu guinness clutch

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    I was going to get this bag from Fossil for someone for Christmas. I waited too long to order it and now it's gone. I cannot find it anywhere else on the internet.

    I've checked the websites of Macy's, Nordstrom, Piperlime, Endless, and Zappos. Tomorrow I'm going to go to Macy's and Fossil, but I don't think I'm going to find it. Are there any other websites/real life stores I should check?

    Edit: Here is a picture since it won't load on Fossil.
    debbie harry

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    My boyfriend is talking about joining the Air Force after the lease for his apartment is up in September.
    Thing is, because he's going to be away from me he's talking about marriage and, he nor i even knows if we'll still be dating by then or if he'll continue with the whole Air Force thing.

    Is this a wait and see sort of thing?

    If your married, how long did you date before hand and how did you know they were "the one?"
    Coffee cups

    (no subject)

    This might be easily solved by google but I'm not a very good googler. Is there any sort of desktop weather app/widget that will give me the forecast for wherever I am when I pull it up? I travel a lot and it would be nice to be able to check the weather for the next day or so without having to re-enter the city info every time I go somewhere. My OS is Windows 7 Starter (wooo netbooks!).

    DK/DC/because I never ask serious questions: Where is the worst place to be gassy? My vote: in the shower.

    (no subject)

    I go to this yoga studio where the owner is REALLY pushy about trying to get me to buy stuff. Every time I go in or leave she's telling me about gift certificates or renewing my membership (I only signed up two weeks ago...for sixteen weeks and it was already way more money that I really had) I go almost every day.

    Is there ANY way to deflect this? Anything I can say that might shut her up for at least a few days?

    She tends to block the door when it's time to leave and I'm afraid I might flip my shit one day.
    • kelj99

    Feeling Kind of Upset

    Ok, so I'm hosting Christmas.  We had NO dining table or chairs, so we ordered one before Thanksgiving from a furniture store who said it would take 3 weeks maximum for the furniture to arrive.  They called us today to let us know that the furniture won't even ship until January.

    WHAT DO I DO?!
    • knittas

    (no subject)

    Decide my life for me TQC!

    New Years Eve is coming up!  Do you know of any bars in Seattle or Portland (Or any city in between the two) that are going to have a dj spinning soul or funk on NYE?

    Are you going out anywhere fun for the New Year?

    Also, I need to find something to wear.  Can you suggest an outfit (dress) $100 or less that is longer than the stuff F21 sells? 

    I'm 5'7 and not fat, but too lumpy to wear anything skin tight.

    (no subject)

    If there's something you have to do but don't really want to, do you put it off to the point that it gets much worse than if you'd just got on and done it?

    Scenario: You're locked out of your house late at night, absolutely no way of getting in or getting a key and you don't know anyone in the town and don't have a phone or much money on you. Where do you spend the night?

    (no subject)

    Are you a boy or a girl? Or something else entirely? It's hard to tell sometimes.

    Srs answers please.

    I am a boy.

    Alternative question (but please still answer above it's not hard):

    How neat is your handwriting? I can be proud of mine sometimes but for the most part it isn't that neat.
    • g0omba

    (no subject)

    someone parked in my driveway. there are two spaces in it and one is my roommates car and the other is a mystery car. what should we do about this? I had to park on the street because of this :(

    how good are you at driving in the snow?

    best thing you ate today? worst?
    • jira_rd

    (no subject)

    What is your favorite quiz website, new or old? (like, I loved, emode, quizilla, etc. and I want to find websites to take quizzes because I is drunk and stupid)

    What are you doing tomorrow?

    (no subject)

    I just ran out of this tea tonight and I'm sad. It is my absolute favorite.

    Should I just get some more of the same kind tomorrow, or should I try another kind? Which kind?
    Do you like to try new things?

    • spiffle

    (no subject)

    Has anyone tried to run you off the road?
    What is the weirdest thing you've experienced whilst driving/being a passenger?

    Inspired by my drive home from work and having someone speed up to overtake me, swerve in front of me, then swerve through 3 lanes in the opposite direction.

    (no subject)

    I have a sweet tooth that's kind of out of control, so I put myself on a restriction where I can't buy sweets at all. I can still eat them if they are available to me, I just can't buy them myself. Naturally, after a week or so of this I started craving sweets like crazy and while I was visiting a relative I went through his cupboards in the dead of night until I found two Reese's peanut butter cups left over from Halloween and an expired Oreo Cakester. I ate them and they were delicious...well the Oreo Cakester was kind of vile, but whatever.

    So TQC have any of you done anything similarly desperate whilst fiending (for anything)? Did you regret it?

    (no subject)

    What was the last thing you did that ended up being a huge waste of your time?

    What is your vice when you are upset or depressed?

    If an amnesia pill for the past 24 hours was real,would you take it?
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    cabaret voltaire

    (no subject)

    i was smoking outside and some guy asked me for a cigarette and he addressed me as "dude". when i responed he said "oh, i'm sorry, i thought you were a dude from far away". needless to say he did not get a cigarette from me.

    how do you react when people mistake you for the wrong gender, if that ever happens?

    (no subject)

    If you buy a lottery ticket for someone and they win (a hefty amount, w/e that is to you) do you think you're entitled to a little bit of that money? If you were the lottery winner, would you give that person some of the winnings to be nice?