December 13th, 2010

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What to wear to a wedding.

I'm going to my bf's cousin's wedding this Friday, and I have no idea what to wear. Well, I have an idea, but I think it might be too dressy.

The wedding is an early evening Catholic wedding in a church with a plated dinner reception immediately following. There will be a DJ at the reception but no "formal" dances (i.e. first dance, child/parent, bridal party, etc.) and no bouquet/garter toss, and dancing won't be the central event of the night -- kinda just there if you want to. The guest list is fairly small as weddings go, so it will be a bit more of an intimate event. Here's the reception venue's website (which is so crappy, but you can see pictures of all the rooms -- not sure which one we'll be in -- decorated for a wedding) to get an idea of the formality of it. I know the bridesmaids are wearing black, but not floor length, so I don't know what that says about the formality.

Below the cut are pics of what I want to wear -- what do you think TQC? Too dressy, not dressy enough, or just right?

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If "but everyone else is doing it" got you out of trouble for those things which people rationalize by saying "but so and so does it" (ie, double parking, smoking pot (I'm not saying it's bad), whatever) what would you do?

I'm sorry if that's hard to understand. It's late and I'm tired.

edit to add I always say if I could get away with something by saying that it was okay because another person did it previously it would be murder. I'm a bad person.
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I have a few baking recipes that call for almost an entire can of pumpkin. What can I do with the pumpkin that's left? It's little enough to confuse me, but not so little that I'd be ok with throwing it out. Ideas?

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What would you do if your official grade report shows that you got an A in a course, but you know that your grade should really be a B? You can tell that the computer didn't account for an assignment you skipped, because the professor left it blank instead of entering a zero. Would you try to get it corrected?

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whats a good excuse for not doing family stuff this christmas?
right now i have NO desire for any sort of christmas celebration, i kind of just want to be by myself and order chinese and watch movies.
why is this so much to ask?!
right now, im thinking of "being sick" on christmas.
and  me just say i want to be alone for christmas WILL NOT fly at all in my famiy unfortunately.
have you ever had a solitary christmas? tell me about it.
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 Do you give money to charities and organizations?
Have you ever had to stop giving to the above?
Is it ever okay to stop giving?  

I ask because I give money to the Human Rights Campaign, but now my wages are not steady and I have a low income, plus I'm trying to get back into college.
So far, because of my direct deposited donation, I've been getting overdraft fees like crazy.   Making sure I have enough $$ left in my acct for charity is the last thing on my mind when I'm trying to pay bills.  
: )

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What is the best website in your opinion to upload macros/gifs to save and post later to? (Essentially, what will give me the quickest and easiest access to all images I have saved on my computer if I want to be able to post them on the internet, in lj comments, etc.?)
Photobucket? Imgur? Tinypic?

On that note, where do you find most of your macros and .gifs? Post some of your favourites if you want :)
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You're in a public restroom, and you just dropped a huge, steaming, butt cheek staining crap when you realize you don't have any tissue paper. You only have the following things at your disposal:

-A piece of tissue with Marilyn Monroe's lip-print on it.
-A signed nude photograph of Jake Gyllenhaal.
-A handknitted scarf from your favorite relative.
-A hundred dollar bill.
-A thong.

In what order would you use the given items to wipe your butt? Feel free to include any alternate answers.

DK/DC: Can you poop in public places?
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Right. So, I'm going to try explain this without making it sound all twisty.

My friend is married (she is female). We'll call her "Jane" and her husband "Bob." Jane's best friend is a man. We'll call him "Gary". Bob has always been a little jealous of Jane's relationship with Gary. Bob says it isn't that he doesn't trust Jane, but that he doesn't trust Gary's intentions because he's a man and Bob "knows how men think."

Thing is, Jane and I both know that Gary is gay. As in, totally not interested in women, never has been, and the thought of a vagina literally grosses him out. However, outside of a few close friends, Gary is not "out." Understandably, Jane thinks that if her husband Bob knew that Gary was gay, it would definitely ease Bob's suspicion of Gary. But Gary is very resistant to telling Bob because despite Jane's reassurances that Bob would be ok with Gary being gay & has no problem with gay people in general, Gary doesn't trust that Bob won't tell other people in our mutual circle of friends, which he is definitely not ready for.

Jane is torn between respecting Gary's wishes and easing her husband's mind.

What should she do?

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i have hypothyroidism due to having part of my thyroid removed. i had the surgery two years ago and my t3/t4 levels have been stable since i started taking medication. my current prescription is running out so i need a new one, but my current dr. won't give it to me unless i come in for a consultation and possibly tests which i can't afford right now and don't need. i do research at a hospital... would it be totally weird to ask the dr. i work for to write me a prescription?

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Hi, I'm new. And my BF has been sick with a cold, low-grade fever thing. He's been complaining about how hot he feels (it's snowing right now, for weather reference) and he always does that when he's sick, he says fevers make him feel hot. Weirdo. Fevers make me feel like I'm freezing to death, like there aren't enough blankets in the world.

Who's the real weirdo here, me or him? Do you feel really hot or really cold when you're sick?

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I have a ~*~Snowday!~*~ today! Did you have snowdays when you were a kid? If so, what did you do?
I am getting my house ready for my christmas party with my family, and making cookies with my mom, boyfriend and sister(:

*edit* Do you have any rituals/traditions you and  your family do to get ready for the holidays? will you tell me about them?
my family always has the "big bake" where we bake all day(:

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Does anyone have any tips on how to reduce baggy ankle syndrome with knee high boots? While my boots fit in the calves, I have smallish ankles which causes the baggy ankles. :(
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I'm trying to go to college and no one can give me a straight answer on how the Pell Grant works. Maybe you guys can help me.

I made the decision to go back to school on Friday and I have to register and pay for classes by this Friday. My friend is fronting me the cash until I get the grant, but I am a little confused as to how it's paid out and the financial aid office didn't really explain it because they were in a hurry. All she said was that if I don't take 12 hours I don't get the whole amount.

But what if I wanted to take one class Spring Semester and 3 classes Fall semester?
Do I only get part of the grant and then I'm screwed for the rest?
Do I have to load up on classes to get the full amount even though I haven't been in school in 9 years and I'll probably die?
Does it get paid out at once, or over time?
How the fuck does this work? I don't want to burn out early because I need the money.
Would it be better to wait until Fall semester to give myself time to prepare for school?

This is super important because the full amount of the grant ($5000) would pay for the whole 2 year degree I want at the community college.

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I desperately need a hair trim. My bangs, in particular, are too long and look ridiculous. But I'm broke and will be for the next month and can't afford to go get my hair done.

Have you ever trimmed your own hair? Should I live for the day and just try doing it myself?
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(no subject)

when you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

now that you are "grown up", what are you actually doing? and if you're still a student, go with what you're planning/hope to be doing when you're finished with school.
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Dreaming of a white Christmas

What tools or actions do you think are associated with 'reindeer games'?

Closing your eyes and counting
Opening your mouth and closing your eyes
A ball
A ball gag
Running and hiding
Breaking out of your restraints
Writing things with chalk
Riding things with c*ck
Someone saying 'ho ho ho'
Someone saying 'bring out the hos'
Rolling dice on a board
Getting spanked with a board
Fap-fap-fap on my lap-lap-lap

i love her dearly but...

my one sister sometimes drives me batty because she is often incredibly impractical & lacks common sense.

I am almost 37 weeks pregnant with my first baby.  I didn't have a baby shower because I don't like the attention and hoopla and one thousand things you don't need and the $$ spent on it.  I sent a list of the last few remaining misc. baby items I was still looking for to my mother in case a close relative asked if they could get me something.  It wasn't specific or anything expensive (think like, baby socks, bottle brushes, etc...) so I hoped it wouldn't be too burdensome on anyone.

My sister asked me to forward her the list last week, which I finally remembered to do yesterday.  However, today she told me had to make "other arrangements" since she didn't have the list.  This makes me nervous.  She didn't say "I had to guess" or "I already got something".  She said "other arrangements".  Gah!  She is such a sweet sweet sweet girl but I am so scared that this is something completely terrifyingly over the top.  *headdesk*

So, TQC, what exactly are these "OTHER ARRANGEMENTS" and how annoying/impractical are they going to be????
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What are your favorite animals to see at the zoo?
If you've been to more than one, what's the best zoo you've ever been to?
Edit: If you ever go to Rome, I highly recommend the zoo there!

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i worked for this hasidic jewish family from january to october of this year as a nanny/housekeeper. i moved away and when i came back to my parent's house for thanksgiving, i stopped by to visit. right before i left, the parents asked me if i'd be back in town anytime soon and if i'd want to drop by then, too. i said "well, we have a holiday at the end of december, so i'll be back then, but i'm not sure for how long." "oh, what're you coming back for?" "well, uh... my family has a big christmas party the satur--" "DON'T SAY THAT WORD IN FRONT OF MY CHILDREN!1!!!!!" her 3 month old was sleeping in the room at the time and i tried to get around using the word "christmas", but she wasn't catching on, so i sort of had to. was she overreacting, or am i being insensitive? i lovelovelove her 5 children, but the last memory i have of their family is her reacting so strongly to something that i didn't think was a big deal and it's left a really bad taste in my mouth.

the roads are terrible, i have bad cramps and my body is reacting to not having my prescription medicine for two nights. i need to go out and run errands (one of which is picking up my new prescription) but i'm dreading being outside where it's cold and where people drive like crazies. i need to suck it up, right?
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Can you make a paper snowflake without it looking square? Do you have a patter? Will you share it?
How should I decorate my one bedroom apartment for Christmas? Mainly things involving paper would be awesome!
We don't have room for a tree, so we're going to make a posterboard one to hang on the wall, but I want other ideas. I want to make snowflake, but all mine are square. :(

DK;DC; don't do Christmas: What did you eat for brekky?
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So. I am choreographing a Christmas-themed burlesque dance/striptease. At one point in the song, I'd like to sit down, pick up a wrapped box, and unwrap it, revealing a prop for me to use during the rest of the dance.

The problem is...I can't think of an appropriate "present"!! Help! WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!

(no subject)

What are some good $10 gifts for guys? My boyfriend's family is doing a Dirty Santa/White Elephant exchange, and he needs to bring a guy-appropriate gift. He doesn't want to bring any body wash/grooming kits/gift cards because he knows the rest of the men in his family will probably have already thought of doing that.

Thanks for your help in advance. Normally I'm awesome at gift buying but that's only if I know who's getting the gift. :X Also, no joke gifts please, it's not that kind of a Dirty Santa.

Is your family doing a Dirty Santa this year? What gift are you going to buy? What's the worst gift you've ever received from a gift exchange?
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Pay for delete on credit report.

Hi TQC. I am trying to build my credit score so that my bf and I are able to sign our own lease (without another cosigner) come May next year. I just checked all three of my credit reports and I have a very good standing across the board save for two smallish delinquent accounts from debt collectors (which I knew about, so they're not false reports). If I can get these removed from my report then my credit will be fantastic.

I have been reading about something called "pay for delete" where you send them a letter saying that if you pay the amount agreed upon, they will delete the account from any/all credit reports, and if they agree, they are to send a written agreement back to you, and then you pay them and it gets deleted from your account and BAM you have good credit again!

My beef with this is: All of the sample letters I'm seeing are worded in such a way that says the letter is not an acknowledgment that I actually owe the debt. But...I *know* that I owe the debts, I know exactly what they're for, etc. So saying something like that in the letter would be flat out lying.

My question is, would it do anything negative to omit the "I am not acknowledging that I owe this debt" bit? Can they not do pay for deletes if you actually do acknowledge, by omission or blatantly stating, that you do owe the debts? Will doing a pay for delete make me look bad, get me in legal trouble, etc.? Has anyone ever done a pay for delete, and if so, can you give me some pointers?
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How do you deal with parents that don't like your boyfriend/girlfriend? More specifically parents that often talk bad about them when they don't even know them, and are always whispering about him or saying he isn't good enough for you.

(no subject)

Do you live anywhere near a natural attraction?

Do you live anywhere near where a natural disaster happened?

What is the most dangerous weather does the area you live in get?
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I think I might have stolen a photo of my grandpa that I have from one of my uncle's albums when I was little. I'm 50/50 on it.

Should I give it back? He's already asked where I got it because it's a, "rare one". The only reason I'm thinking I might keep it or give it to my dad is that my uncle has tons and tons of photos of my grandpa, but I only have one and my dad only has a couple.

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I just finished my last assignment EVER of my undergrad. All I have to do is walk across a stage on Saturday and get my diploma.


How should I kill my next 5 days of freedom?

What did you last feel AWESOME for?

(no subject)

Ok, so I'm still in college but I'm just about done.  I went the philosophy and constitutional law route, but now all I want to do is open a bar.

Did any of you actually get a job in the field you studied? 

If not, how far of a leap is your job from your studies?

Any bar owner/managers out there?  What advice do you wish someone had given you?

(no subject)

If you buy Christmas gifts, do you try to spend the same amount on every member of your family or do you just get them each a gift that they will like, even if its less money?  (And no need to misinterpret that *I* or some others would get a gift that someone DIDN'T want just to spend the same...I mean that I would supplement gifts with small things until they were roughly the same)

What about birthdays/other holidays?

Would you rather live in / own a house that had a really good resale value and needed little/no repairs but was not really your style or live in a house that was totally *you* but needed a lot of work and would be more difficult to resell?

Do you drink the daily recomended amount of water?

A friend of mine told me of this fight w/ her ex-BF:  He was doing their laundry and opened the washing machine to find an entire load ruined by an exploded ink pen that she had left in her pants pocket.  He was furious that she didn't clean out her pockets before putting the pants in the laundry pile and she was furious that he didn't check the pockets before putting them in the wash.  Both had clothes ruined by the mistake.  Who is right?


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sooo this may be really dumb but i just got a blackberry today and im trying to figure out how to add someone on bbm. everyone ive looked online says click the drop down menu and click add contact. except when i do that there isn't a contact. i just came here cause i thought i could get an answer rather fast. So does anyone know how to add a contact if that isnt an option in the dropdown menu?

edit: i figured it out im an idiot

Re: Nerd Question

I want to get my boyfriend a netbook/laptop for christmas. I have been looking up some netbooks that are under $300 but still have the capabilities for playing WoW.

Do any of you have a netbook and use it for gaming? What do you think about it? Would it be best to just get a more expensive laptop?

Thank you!
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(no subject)

It's cheesy spinach lasagna night here in our apartment. (lasagna noodles, sauce, baby spinach leaves, cottage cheese & mozzarella cheese). Anybody want any?

What's planned for dinner at your place, TQC?
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(no subject)

I've discovered what seems to be a code for something in the craigslist personals section. But I can't figure out what it means! TQC, what are these people trying to communicate with these phrases? What do the Steelers and snow have to do with sex?

The Steelers Beat The Bengals Yesterday
Its Snowing Today

Nice win Steelers!

the Steelers beat Cincy last night

Pens on a 12 game win streak

Steelers won yesterday

it is snowing and steelers won yesterday.

Etc. I don't follow football so I don't even know if there was a Steelers game yesterday. But it is snowing.
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what is your favourite way to eat potatoes? as in, what is your favourite dish involving potatoes as the main ingredient? FOR EXAMPLE you could say mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, french fries/chips, potato chips/crisps, hash browns, roasted, boiled, au gratin/scalloped, potato pancakes/latkes, gnocchi, potato skins, inside pierogies...EVEN RAW POTATOES IF YOU ARE SOMEHOW INTO THAT. i am sure you guys can come up with EVEN MORE ways of eating potatoes, too. being specific and detailed is a plus!

if you don't like potatoes...i can't think of an alternate question for you. but you should probably start loving potatoes because they are great, and then you'd be able to answer this question.

(no subject)

I want to download/watch something online with my Husband tonight.

Will you recommend...
A great documentary?
An extremely funny movie? (It can be from any year, I don't care)
A great TV series?

Thanks :)

(no subject)

so my SO told me his mother is getting me something for Christmas and that I will love it. then today he says it us for "us". Are we a unit now? like in that one episode of how I met your mother? When did you and your SO become a "we"? (last year she got us each individual gifts)

what is the weather where you are?

if you could pick all the songs in a jukebox what would some of them be?

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Doctor TQC:

My boyfriend started feeling nauseous around 9 am this morning. He threw up shortly after, then had diarrhea. It's 4 pm and he's thrown up ~5 other times so far and has been nauseous for the majority of the day, besides for right after he throws up (he feels fine briefly afterward). His temperature is 99.0F, and he doesn't have any other symptoms besides an occasional cramp and a slight headache/backache.

I'm feeling a little bit icky now. I'm not nauseous, but I don't feel completely right, either.

What do we have, TQC? Sounds like a stomach bug/viral gastroenteritis to me but I'm not sure.
How long does it usually stick around, if it is this? I have exams this week! D:

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If you like Christmas songs, what is your favorite?
If you don't like Christmas songs, what music do you like?

This is a music appreciation post. Youtube embeds earn extra credit.
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Do you know anyone who is a hypochondriac? How do you deal with them? Do you just shrug it off?

My bff is always diagnosing herself with serious things that should be looked into by a doctor. Just last week she said she claimed she was bi-polar and now she thinks she is just mentally insane. I love her, but all of her claims and posting it on fb is annoying and causing unwanted drama.
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(no subject)

If you are an atheist, do you ever wish that you weren't and that you could find faith in some sort of deity?

I was at the Santa Barbara Mission today taking photographs, and I saw these people in the chapel, serenely praying and they looked so content. And atheists don't have the community and support system that religious people have in their towns. I just wonder what it must be like to be religious.

(no subject)

So I'm applying to a job.

The application consists of a section that asks, "Why do you want work for ___?" It allows for 4000 characters max, so I can write quite a bit. BUT the position also calls for a cover letter.

I'm not sure how to break this down. I want to include some background info about how I became interested in careers in this industry, but do I do that in the cover letter or in my response to the question above?

I don't want to sound redundant.

(no subject)

Have you ever written a nasty complaint letter to a company? How did it go?

I just wrote a nasty letter to Greyhound, complaining of how horrible their associates treated me.  Even though I arrived at the station an hour ahead of time they overbooked the bus and only let one of the stops board, creating a chaotic mess and making me get home hours late. I'm not expecting much because it is the shitty company that is Greyhound, but I'm hoping they offer me a free ticket or something. Heh.

Edit: And I also forgot to include that a guy was sitting shirtless at the back of the bus and stunk the whole ride home up. It was disgusting
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Hey guysss,
I need help, please. What are fun things to do / places to go in Ybor / Tampa? I've already eaten crepes and went into UO so anything else you can think of would be helpful.

ew, zuko D>, not this again

(no subject)

In response to my aspirations of illustratorhood, my uncle said "Well, hopefully you can find a wonderful man to go out and make money while you stay at home and create all day."

Why the fuck would you ever say something like that to a young woman? nonsrs answers please

(no subject)

Have you ever been in a difficult situation you had no real power to change? How did you deal with it?

Brought to you by my dad's anger issues and his refusal to get help for them, and my grandmother's alzheimers.

(no subject)

I exchanged numbers with a boy the other day and I just texted him and now I'm all 'ohgodohgodohgodohgodihopehetextsback'. What do I do instead of staring at the phone like a crazy freak?

What's your favourite cartoon ever? Bonus points for youtube links.

eta: crisi averted. He texted back. Now I feel silly for worrying.
BB What???

Obsessing over the spread.

Am I the only person who is obsessed with the condiment aisle at the supermarket?
Even just a little bit of obsession admission/confession will make me feel better here peoples!

I swear I get hypnotised when I walk in there and could just stand there gawking for hours on end.
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"look monkeys", random, i need a distraction, batman

(no subject)

Can you speak or write in a language besides English (whether its your native tongue or not)? Do you want to share?

Ich spreche ein Bischen Deutsch, aber meine Grammatik ist sehr schlecht. Ich machte meine Hausaufgabe nicht gern.
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(no subject)

Let's say you received a wedding gift from a husband and wife. Just as you're about to send the thank you card out, the husband dies unexpectedly. How do you address the card? Just the wife? Or to them both since the gift was from them both?
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

How many of your childhood memories are of stuff you saw on TV/movie or in a video game, rather than something you did? (Like, the memory is of the show or of the game, but not of you watching/playing it) (None, a lot, few, etc). Also please share if you have any especially interesting or vivid ones.

I think most of my memories from 2nd grade are of MTV music videos...
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(no subject)

For those of you with as significant other, what are you getting them for Christmas?

For those of you without a significant other, pick a random friend or family member, and what are you getting them for Christmas?

(no subject)


I've finally gotten tired of being lazy and having the same icon. Share with us all your favourite icon, or icon community?

Alternatively, what would you like for Christmas?

(no subject)

Is it possible to buy a Kindle in an actual store as opposed to online? I want to get one for my mom, but I'm worried that if I order it now it won't come in time for Christmas.

Have you ever made a major move with an SO? I'm graduating in May, and [hopefully] going to law school in the fall. I'm applying to schools in Oregon, Washington, and Vermont, and my SO plans on leaving New Jersey with me, and just finding a job anywhere we end up. Tell me your stories!

Are you looking forward to the holidays?
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(no subject)

Is Christmas REALLY about being with loved ones? Or is it about buying shit for your loved ones and enduring the awkward moments after unwrapping presents and stuffing your face?

What's Christmas like in your family? Or are you alone on Christmas?

(no subject)

I think I may possibly be coming down with a stomach bug/gastrointestinal thing. My boyfriend has thrown up like 6 times today and I have some stomach cramps now :(

I'm hungry but tbh, I'm scared to eat much. Besides the obvious BRAT diet, what is okay to eat? Is chicken ramen okay? I think I have some chicken rice stuff but it takes a bit to cook and I don't feel like standing around waiting a long time on it.

Is there any tea besides peppermint that is good for your stomach? My peppermint tea is expired.
And a long shot, but is there anything I can do *now* to prevent myself from getting sick and/or getting worse if I do have it?
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(no subject)

Do your parents still censor themselves around you? 

My parents try to stifle their curse words and it just makes me eye roll and giggle a little bit because I think it's ridiculous. 
Though in the past two weeks I've heard my mom say the fuck word more than I ever thought I would.

When sending someone a "kiss" online do you spell it muah, or mwah? 

Related, is it woah, or whoa? 
Spart and Hen cuddled

(no subject)

For the past 15 years I have had the same phone number.  For the past 15 years I have been getting phone calls for Arby's.  In the past year or so they have all been coming around 10pm.  Why is this?

(no subject)

as a whole, do you think that religion currently has a positive, negative, or neutral impact on society?

ETA: a girl i work with told me that homosexual people, if outed, get kicked out of her church. how common is this? dk/dc, how do you feel about this?

(no subject)

1. Gonna get a Wii for the boy. What accessories do we really need to buy with it? Should we get one of the bundles? Are the different colors different from each other, or is it just the color of the case?

2. Do you use spiral to mean helical? Does it bother you that spiral staircases are really helical?

3. Did chat move someplace else? It's always empty when I poke my head in.


(no subject)

If you could be the parent of one famous person, who would you want it to be and why?

What three things you regret not learning to do when you were younger?

What was the last thing you regret buying?
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(no subject)

This is a completely selfish post. I'm moving in 2 days, and I have not been grocery shopping in a month so that I have less food to waste. But there are still a few things I need to eliminate. Today I caved and went out and bought a cup of ramen noodles and 2 cans of garbanzo beans. I already ate the ramen so now I have the following ingredients to cook with:

-Whole wheat pasta
-Lots of frozen broccoli florets
-2 cans of garbanzo beans
-1 onion
-Several eggs
-Many different spices, olive oil, soy sauce, sesame seeds, etc
-Mayonnaise .... and olives. Oh and capers. Idk guys, can I use these up?


or, talk about being creative in the kitchen with random ingredients and the things you made from them. Were they good? Were they nasty? What's the weirdest thing you've ever made?

(no subject)

A while ago, there was a user who had MPD and had a journal for each personality, and I only remember that they were working on integrating all their personalities into themselves, and that one journal was talking about if it would be like dying and what it would be like. Does anyone know who this was or if these journals still exists?

ETA: Shit, I have no clue WHY I posted schizophrenia, when I knew it was MPD. I think it was because I just recently watched a special on schizophrenia which is what made me think of this. Sorry guys.

(no subject)

should i take a course in January that gives me the certification to teach English overseas?  its around $1000. for 3 week course, all day on the weekends.
have you ever taught English overseas?  is it fun/worth it/hard/etc? tell me your stories?  what did you like/dislike about it?

(no subject)

What is your personal rule on wearing black and navy blue together?

If someone wore black sweatpants and a black sweatshirt, how tacky would it be for a navy blue shirt to be showing from underneath the sweatshirt? I hate it, but I want to know if everyone else feels as strongly as me or if I'm just overthinking this, since I'm at a freaking theme park. No one looks good here.

ETA: It's not a sweatsuit. It's black yoga pants and a black hoodie. Not a matching set. That would be gross. I just happen to own too much black clothing. I do care very much about fashion, which is why I'm asking this question in the first place. Best not to commit two evils at once.
eknock, Ash

Buying a Wii

On Friday, I'm going to buy a Wii at Zellers; they are 169.99, and it comes with sports resort, and sports bundled on it. Plus, I'm staff, and get 10% off, PLUS, my associate 10 dollars off when you spend 50 dollars, so super cheap! Anywho!

Tl;dr- what games should I get that aren't super expensive? There is a bin of games for less than twenty bucks... can you recommend any ones in specific? I'm saving up for Glee karaoke. :)

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Oh TQC!  I am 23, single and have no children.  I spent my evening contructing a gingerbread house.  It looks TERRIBLE!  I thought it would be fun, but it was just sticky and messy and looks like a 4 year old put it together.

Can you tell me stories of your craft fails?  Photos of said fails would be nice too!