December 12th, 2010


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So the way karaoke works at my local dive, they've got a couple of touch-screen monitors set up that let you search for songs based on artist or song title, or browse alphabetically. I was browsing songs that started with numerals, and one of them was 2001 A Space Odyssey Theme Song.

I'm pretty sure there are no words to that, so ... my question is ... what the hell?


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Are there any bright saturated hair dyes that really last? I love the colors of Splat but they fade fast.

Edit: so Special Effects sounds good. Where might I find it? I live in Mall Land, Suburbia, USA.

Lord, have mercy

it's officially the dead of winter. we're in our first "blizzard". how the fuck am i supposed to survive the next three months without biking or sun?

i used to be able to stand this shit as a child, an adolescent and a very young adult, but now i'm lost. i'm single, i'm poor, and i can't ride my bike(i have lupus and it fucks with my circulation so it's out of the question, even when the roads are plowed). what do i do?

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Are any of you ladies packin'?

I am planning on starting to carry a gun with me in a thigh holster. This works because I wear skirts every day of my life.

I don't know of a lot of women who carry a weapon on their body though, just their purse.

Any of you ladies carry a weapon with you? Do you wear it on your body?

I am planning on getting both
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for those who were ariund and/or replied, i did go to the hospital
they wrap it, and gve me a prescription for percocets (which im on now+weed, hence the mistakes lol).
they said it was a 1st+2nd degree burn.
thanks for your help guys!
it took 2 and a half hours in total at the hospital for those who are interested.

how was your night?
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So, a blizzard has been going on for about 12 hours here and the wind is blowing really hard, and I live on a windy corner anyway. All night long, I have heard a scary, reverberating thump from the basement every 20 seconds or so, and occasionally an even louder BAM! from somewhere outside.

What is making these crazy noises? Srs and non-srs answers welcome.
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Dragonfly on book

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Sorry for another boring question, but I've been trying to figure it out for weeks and I've decided I'm not going to find the answer on my own. How the heck do people change that little person icon by their LJ username?
Spart and Hen cuddled

Random comments

Is anyone else getting occasional random comments from total strangers that have nothing to do with what you just posted in your journal?

Here's my most recent one about a post that had nothing at all to do with video or song.

woww, that? was so amazing. awesome video, awesome song!
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Do you ever email professors about hopefully changing your grades if you're right on the cut-off? How close would you have to be to the higher grade? What if it was the difference between a B- and a B or A- and an A? (assuming +/- factors into GPA)
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Have you ever wanted to stab someone in the face? I'm pretty sure I'm overreacting a little bit, but my brother dumped my wet clothes in the floor so he could do his laundry instead of moving it over to the dryer, like I always do for him.

I'm also pretty fucking annoyed that I woke up sweaty and unable to breathe because some moron turned the heater to 'On' instead of 'Auto' so it didn't kick off when it got too hot.

What was the last thing that really irrationally pissed you off?
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Afternoon TQC...

I'm curious, would you date someone with a child? Do we have any step-parent TQCers? What do the kids call you?

I feel like a terrible person, but I'm really not interested in dating people with kids!

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you have just been offered a million dollars, but you must spend every penny of it within 2 minutes or you'll lose it all.
consider the practicality, i.e. if you were to buy a house, it would take more than two minutes.

Can you do it?
What would you buy/ do with it?
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Why would my ex (the one that met some chick in Mexico and is now married to her) call me every damn holiday? I'm polite and ask after his family, but other than that, I just listen to him talk.
It's starting to just get funny.

ETA - he is always the one that calls/emails me. I have never initiated any contact.
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Poll #1656179 TQC Talent Show! Check out entries in the posts here:

So TQC, who's the most talented?!

Please check out the previous posts about the Talent Show to view the entry.  I'll leave this open for 24 hours!  At the end of the 24 hours, I'll contact the winner about prize details!  Good Luck!
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i broke up with my ex-girlfriend in march and she's not over it. she does lots of annoying things because of her broken heart. recently, her sister texted me asking me to ignore all of her attempts to contact me, because it's just causing her more pain or whatever. i said ok, and have not spoken to her in about a month. the calls and texts and emails have subsided, but i JUST remembered she has my harry potter wii game. would it be prickish of me to contact her and ask for it back? is it worth all of the potential dramaz she will bring?

i just bought the donkey kong wii game today and am super excited to play it!!! just sayin!!
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mutant turkey meat

I just got out a package of Turkey Store ground turkey that has been in the fridge for a week. The sell-by date is December 17. What the heck do they put in that ground turkey to make the shelf life so long?

Also: if I use this turkey to make a meatball recipe by Giada, will I magically acquire giant sparkly teeth like hers?
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Oddly, I'm in the mood to watch Family Guy or South Park. Odd in that I've probably not watched more than 10 episodes of either in the course of my life so far. I don't feel like choosing a random episode to watch, so if you like either show, can you please recommend your favorite episode(s)?
stock // pretty perfect

on christmas gifts.

My father's car is 14 years old now and fairly beat up. In the winter the heating just barely works and most of the time leaves the car interior pretty cold. (It'd cost more to repair than the car's worth, so that option is out.) I want to get him an interior car warmer for Christmas, but what my googling shows me so far is that any warmer that could be plugged into the cigarette lighter would be too weak to really do much good. I want something that will actually heat the car interior for him, not just defrost the windshield.

Do any of you have auxiliary car warmers? What brand would you recommend? Cost isn't an issue (up until about $150), so I'll take about any suggestion. However, I know nothing about cars - should I attempt to wire it for him with some help from the handy dandy internet, or get the local repair garage to do it?

My brother's girlfriend just got him a Wii. What game should I get him? I was thinking No More Heroes. Possibly Madworld, though I'm not sure how he'd feel about his kid sister getting him a game known for its ultraviolence. He's 25 and into the Halo/Call of Duty/etc sorts of games, but also things like Dragon Age and KOTOR and the various football games. (I might fall back on Red Dead Redemption if I can't think of anything else/he doesn't already have it/I can't find a Wii game I really like for him.) Any suggestions?

I have no idea what to get my mom. ): I got her flowers last year. TQC, what would you get my mom for Christmas? She likes knitting and yoga and historical fiction, but she'll make a fuss if I spend more than $20 or so. (Of course, the price can be kept a secret. :P)

Some completely unrelated questions:

For those of you who are Buffy fans, who is your favorite Big Bad?

It's between Angel in season 2 or Glory in season 5 for me.
 -or Spike and Dru if we're calling them Big Bads-

What are you reading right now?

Party Monster by James St. James

Do you agree with the opinion that people can be too young to experience love? Like the whole 'teenagers are too young to know what love is', that kind of thing.



Cooking help!

I'm making a bunch of assorted liqueur truffles on request for a Christmas do. One of the variants will be peppermint, and the recipe calls for mint-flavoured Baileys. I can't find that, or Creme de Menthe.

Can I flavour regular Baileys? Or maybe use peppermint essence and something else?

I don't drink, so what are some other flavours I can do? I already have grand Grand Marnier for orange, and Kahlua for coffee.

What holidays foods or beverages are you looking forward to?

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If you have ever read Jane Eyre for a class, did your teacher pronounce the name "St. John" as "Saint John" or "Sinjin?"

If you have ever read Beowulf for a class, did your teacher pronounce the word "Geat" as "Geet" or "Yay-ott?"

ETA: Or some third option?

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So I was taking a test on friday & the girl in front of me fell asleep. Her head was bobbing EVERYWHERE, almost to the point of it falling on my desk. SO FUCKIN DISTRACTING. anyways, i was do people let themselves fall asleep like that? do they not feel/realize that there head is going EVERYWHERE? doesn't it wake them up when they give themselves whip lash?


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Why does one of my cats have blood in their vomit?

They're both in their golden years. One has hyperthyroidism, the other kidney damage. We let them outside sometimes but they're mostly indoor cats.

if one of your animals has vomited blood before, what was the cause(s)?
I'll find a way to get my pets to the vet soon.
You're right, this is a pretty useless question to post here. My line of thinking was that the vets only have so many clues themselves as to whats going on, and that the personal experience of others might give me an idea about what I can do now, while my cats are at home, and what I might have to expect in the near future. But you're right, this particular ailment is kind of vague so it probably won't help so much to ask for experiences.
ad - hello ladies
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Have you ever gotten attacked for a post you made here at TQC?

If so, share..

Y - I think it was a baaaww, TQC is a popularity contest post.. I usually ended up in drama in other people's posts, though.


When you post in TQC do you lock your posts or not? If you lock them, is it because they are ~sensitive~ or just force of habit?
I <3 TLV

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When was the last time a plan horribly backfired?

I decided to stay up all night and take awake meds, because when I go to sleep I usually sleep in till 3pm or later. So I was awake and ready to go at 10am, and fell asleep anyway less than 10 minutes before when I wanted to leave. And woke up at 5pm. Missed everything I wanted to do. FAIL.
Sue Dummy
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So I'm having some firefox problems. I've been trying to get adblock but it wont let me. It keeps telling me: Not available for Firefox 3.0.1. But I don't have Firefox 3.0.1. I have the most recent one. What's going on?

dk;dc What was your favorite movie of 2010?

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I haven't been on LJ in a few days, so please disregard/link me if this has been asked recently- What exactly do I need to know about moving out to my own place? What do I need to get? How much should I have saved up? How do I best go about learning how to budget things? What should I be wary of when looking at places? Ohgod I am all grown up.
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What the hell is going on with my MacBook, TQC?
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Does anyone have any idea what's going on or how to fix it? I've been googling but the only things coming up are about freeing up disk space. If it matters, it's a 13" MacBook from June 2008.
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if humans evolved from monkeys and apes, then why do monkeys and apes still exist.. as monkeys and apes?

does eddie murphy get paid more because he plays several different characters in one movie?

ETA: these questions are printed on cards for a game called funversation.

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 I could really use some book suggestions. I'm buying a boxful from Thrift Books, but need a few more to get free expedited shipping. I've read many classics, but feel free to suggest those as well. Help?

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Is there anything like a Pandora for books? 

What are you reading right now? Or just finished. 

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do you like box mac & cheese? you know, the kind with just noodles and powder and you mix in milk and butter?

do you mix the milk and butter and cheese powder separately before you add it to the noodles, like the instructions say to? Or do you just throw it all in there together?

anything else weird you do to it?
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my uncle don just passed away from a heart attack, so my whole family and i are pretty upset. i have not attended a funeral since I was quite young so im not too sure what the appropriate attire is. this might sound stupid, but im just really worried/nervous about it as i loved him a lot. wearing black just seems so depressing and he was a really fun loving guy.

so tqc, what type of clothing would you wear? are skirts okay? idek, i just dont want to offend anyone with my limited wardrobe. its the middle of summer too, if that makes any difference.

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I know you guys hate this questions and i posted in the apple comm but you guys are way faster and i need help!

I have a 3g and a couple of months ago i jailbroke my phone. After i jailbroke my phone, in my messaging my little "picture" button was gone, so i couldn't send pictures through messaging. My phone was going to slow so i decided to restore it to it's original settings.. my picture button is still gone! how do i get it back?
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TQC, my husband wants me to email him a giant list of anything and everything I want for Christmas so he can go pick through it when he goes shopping. I have NO IDEA what is new and exciting or cool out there.

So far my list is as follows:
Pots and pans set
bras - size 38B
Any books from the True Crime section

LOL? Help me out brainstorming here and tell me what you have asked for this holiday season??
so jealous
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Speaking of unboundbebedora and her fab Christmas party, how is your holiday season qoing TQC? Any party stories?

What about work parties? Embarassing stories from years gone by? Best/worst ones you've been to?

Partly insipred by my behaviour at my work Christmas party on Friday, in which I asked my crush if I could put my finger in his mouth. I still don't know why.

dk/dc: Dream place to spend NYE?
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My mom likes to read trashy romance novels. In fact, I've never seen her read anything else. I would like to try to introduce her to some different genres of books. I know for a fact she will not read horror, thrillers, or science fiction. Can you recommend some books for her?

I already have on my list:
Sundays at Tiffany's
The Lovely Bones 
The Girl with the dragon tattoo

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Where my Dexter fans at?!

if you're a loser who doesn't watch Dexter...
how do you make yourself focus when it comes to studying for a big test or exam?

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If a TQC secret santa was arranged, would you participate?
I mean a real physical gift, not some fanfic or etc.

dkdc: For secret santa, a girl asked for something harry potter related... The budget is twenty dollars. What do I get her?
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There's this racetrack thing that has two remote-controlled cars that you race side-by-side, there used to be a place around here specifically for playing with them -- I don't know how else to explain them, do you know what they're called?

Alternatively, what's the coolest gift you can think of for a 3-year-old nephew whose parents have give him nothing but books and wooden blocks and matchbox cars and very little electronic/cool stuff? I got him an easel with a shitload of paint and Spike the Dinosaur last year, think stuff like that.

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I just downloaded a torrent of an album. It downloaded fine, but the mp3 files won't play, either when I click on them or try to import them into iTunes. This is my first time using a torrent, so I don't know if I might have done something wrong. Have you ever had this happen? Any insight into why they won't open?

ETA: I finally found one that will open in iTunes, but it only plays the first few seconds of the track. WTF? Obviously people have this album, because it's been posted on iTunes.

So if I can't get this to work - do any of you know where I can find working downloads of Two Steps from Hell?

ETA 2: I have read the rules, I just had a total brain blank and forgot that this kind of post was against them. Mods, I am so very very sorry. Just skip over this post, please. I'll keep trying to figure it out on my own. But thanks anyway for the help!

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So Christmas/the "Holiday Season" is always portrayed in the US as being a winter wonderland, with snow (real or fake) and snow flakes and icicles and snowmen all being common decorations. What are Christmas/holiday decorations like in the other hemisphere? (Aussies, I'm looking at you!)

Alternatively, will you tell me about something you're looking forward to?
I'm leaving on Thursday to see my mom and little bro for xmas - haven't seen either of them in a year. And I'm taking my mom, bro and grandpa out for my mom's birthday on Sunday.