December 11th, 2010

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TQC, hear my plea. I really really really need your help!!!

I am terrible with men. Actually, I am really terrible. I have no confidence, I over analyse everything, and I don't know how it's meant to be done. I found one guy, I chased him, I fell madly in love with him, and then I stuck with him as long as I could. I didn't really learn much besides the cold hard facts of when to jump ship. I don't want to waste any more time. I'm 23 but I feel 13. I feel like I'm being left behind. I want to get out there. How do I get out there? Men don't chase me, how do I chase them?

I think I have a potential romantic thing on the horizon, but then how do I know?

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A Fun Idea!

How would y'all feel about some sort of TQC talent show at some point in the future?

We could do things like upload audio of ourselves singing or videos of us doing magic tricks or dancing or reading poems or something.

Does this sound like fun to you?

Would you participate?'

Should we set a date and time for this?

(no subject)

If you celebrate Christmas, do your festivities take place on Christmas day? Christmas eve? Both? Another day?

Ours take place on Christmas eve, none of my friends understand this, I guess it's an eastern European thing?

(no subject)

My boyfriend just got a new desktop computer, basically so he can play the new WoW all the time. I was going to get him a Wii game for Christmas (among other little things) but I know that it would soon fall to the wayside because he's so into this computer game right now.

So my question is, are there any cool desktop computer accessories or computery knickknacks or something that would be fun to play with for someone with a new computer? I am totally blanking on Christmas ideas :(

(no subject)

Dearest TQC,

I've just moved into a new house with some friends and it's amazing and we love it, etc. etc. However we have a few concerns - as nice as the house is, it feels like we're being left to deal with some of the problems from the previous tenants. There's a few lightbulbs that are dead and need replacing, the lawns are unmowed, there's rubbish strewn throughout the front and back yard, and our garage/shed thing is full of rubbish and dirt. Most noticeably there's cigarette butts scattered in various places - I'm not bothered about them being cigarette butts, but that seems like a pretty good indication that only the inside of the house has been cleaned since the previous tenants moved out.

This is the first house I've rented so I'm a little unsure on how to go about this - are our relator or landlords required or obligated to fix all this up for us? Or are we going to have to bite the bullet and buy new bulbs and clean everything ourselves? I'm quite annoyed that we may have to do all this stuff ourselves, but I don't really know if I have a right to be annoyed about it or not. I want to email our realtor about it but since we've just moved in I don't want to immediately put us on bad ground with her. I'm having trouble finding a way to word it that straddles the line between sounding rude and demanding, and sounding like I'm being too polite or overly cautious about being forward, if that makes sense.

Advice? Help?
I <3 TLV

(no subject)

Would only a crazy person name their child after a Star Trek character? Specifically, Jadzia. Because I decided my hypothetical daughter (I don't actually want kids) would be named Jadzia and I was told this makes me crazy, haha.

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I had my toe numbed at 11:00 this morning to remove an ingrown toenail. They gave me two shots, one below my nail and one above.

It's 3:00 a.m. now. My toe has been numb for 16 hours. Is this normal?

I'm a hypochondriac and am not allowed to Google anything regarding a medical condition, so I'm really just looking for validation and stories of this having happened before. Hate to ruin any fun, but srs answers preferred please.

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Its 5:50am. My housemate just came back with 2+ people and went into the kitchen. Usually I hear everything if someone is in the kitchen, but all I can hear is a very high pitched giggling. I'm suspicious. What are they doing down there?

(no subject)

when (about) is your birthday? are you happy about the time of year your birthday is?

if you could pick your birth month, what would you pick?

when's the best time of year to have a baby?
Simon Curtis
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(no subject)

TQC, will you help me out? I've tried Googling this problem and I can't find a single thing.

Why is the album art in my iPod completely messed up? They show up fine in iTunes, but when I view them on my iPod, the pictures of some songs are switched around or gone entirely. And bizarrely, some of them have become weird hybrids of other album art, like this:

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Except I know I've definitely never made this image, much less put it in as one of the songs' album art, so my iPod must have created this out of nowhere.

I've tried to fix it in iTunes a couple of times, but each time I fix one of the songs, another song messes up like some kind of equilibrium, and it never gets completely fixed. I'm getting really frustrated because I'd rather have the normal image than this grotesque combination, even though it's a really minor thing.

So, TQC, have you had this problem? Do you know how to fix it? If not, will you wish me luck in fixing it?

tl;dr/DK/DC: Will you post your favorite album art?

(no subject)

How much caffeine have you had today? In what form?

Do you have certain days for specific chores or just when they come up ?

If you work,do you get dressed on days off or hang around in your pajamas?
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(no subject)

Hypothetically, there's some hypothetical thing that I want to tell another hypothetical person; should I do so by text or instant messaging? Hypothetically, of course.

Does it even matter if I do so by text or IM?

If it does, elaborate. If not, is there a reason why I would post this to TQC anyway?

Does this post make sense?
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Road trip

Has anyone here driven from Dallas to Los Angeles? If so, how long did it take you? Google says 12 hours but my friend in Dallas insists that it will take longer.

PS: What road trips have you done in your life? I've done Indiana to Texas, NYC to North Carolina, and Oklahoma to New Mexico and Arkansas.
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(no subject)

How long ago did you join TQC? Were you shy when you first joined?

(I don't remember when I joined, I think it was in 2006 or 2007, and I rarely ever commented or posted until recently because I felt so awkward)

My boyfriend bought a new car today, a 2009 Honda Civic! What kind of car do you have? (I have a 2000 Hyundai Santa Fe)
dragon lady

(no subject)

Hey, TQC.

I'm staying with my roommate's family for half of winter break, and then the other half with a girl from my dorm [long and unnecessary story on why]. I had been looking forward to the wifi, but it broke a week ago and I've had to use the family laptop on and off, which has all sorts of parental locks on it because of roomie's eleven year old brother. I was finally able to plug my own laptop in tonight to the only cable, and I was almost jumping with joy at being able to use my master password to log in to everything at once. Wow!

TQC, what small, technological thing do you take for granted? How addicted do you think you are to the internet? I need to check things every night or I go crazy.

DK/DC: what's the weather been like? Are you enthused for Christmas, or gritting your teeth and bearing it until it's done with?
companion cube!

Smoking once in awhile?

 I got into a conversation with someone about this.  Those of you who only smoke once in you still crave cigs when you aren't smoking them and something holds you back (a sig other, children, don't have them, etc)?  Or do you honestly not crave them at all aside from certain times?

I am an ex-smoker and I still have cravings when I drink...If I do smoke when I drink, the morning after I sort of crave them but I can go without as long as I don't have any more in the house (I bum them off friends, and trade drinks or money for them if they want it).  If I buy a pack, the next morning it will be so.much.harder. to not smoke.  If I have a cigar, same thing...I'll have a craving but can get over it since there's no more in the house.

I'm curious what others' takes are on this.  Are there really people out there that don't get addicted at all?