December 10th, 2010

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If there was a food you really liked that gave you a lot of gas, would you stop eating it public for the sake of the people around you? Or eat it anyway?

What is your favorite food that doesn't agree with you?

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Opinions on a broken up couple continuing to live together?

DK/DC/Whateva: Do you ever wish you were capable of blocking certain people (but letting others) comment on your entries but let all of them still be able to read it? Like in a community or personal journal.

culinary fail

1. Why did my honey crystallize and turn all gritty?

2. Is there anything I can do to make it normal again? Warming it up doesn't really work.

3. Is there anything I can do to prevent this?

4. What is a good bread machine recipe for whole wheat bread? The ones in my Breadman Pro manual aren't very good.
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My exams are finished, we exchanged Christmas gifts (everyone is going home for the holidays this weekend) and I got a Nook Color from my boyfriend, and I can sleep in tomorrow!

What awesome shit has happened to you today?

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So I was watching Police Women of Whatever County on TLC because I was waiting for king of the hill and here's what happened. This girl was walking down the street in her bra and a pair of jean shorts. The lady cop thought she was a hooker. I was like ok so what if that was a swimsuit because she was SO FREAKING CONCERNED about her choice of top. I can't help but wonder if she would've stopped if it were a swimsuit? She wasn't walking downtown or anything, just down the block to her mom's work (wtf in itself... go to moms job in just your bra?) But does that little element of lycra make THAT much of a difference?

I have bras that look like a swimsuit. Can I wear those outside too?

Dk/dc: post a pic or describe your favorite, most awesome bra ever? Where is it from?

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I have two extremely painful ingrown toenails, on on both sides of the same toe, and I need them gone pronto. I've been soaking them in Epsom salt and trying to gently pull the nail out, but it's not helping. I've been reading about it online, and a lot of sources say to put a tiny piece of a cottonball beneath the ingrown part of the nail. One source, however, said firmly not to do this. I don't want to go by one source if this might actually help. Any advice on this? 

And any general advice on getting rid of this stupid thing? I've had chronic ingrown toenails for years, but this one is coming at a very bad time, as I am going on vacation next week and will be walking a lot.
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Laughter is the best medicine

When was the last time you laughed at something that really wasn't funny? My mom just accused me of being stoned because I cracked up when she said "squirt". I totally don't even know why.

When was the last time you laughed at something inappropriate? I cracked up at a death in a movie without even meaning to and the whole theatre turned to glare at me, including my brother, who called me heartless.

And lastly....My parents are watching the Big Bang Theory and made brownies at 6am. They're totally stoned aren't they?
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You get back from a party when it's legit morning - say, 7AM. Do you try to sleep a few hours, do you try to sleep right through to the afternoon, or do you begin the day on no sleep at all?
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Gmail users: Have you ever had a problem getting into your account?  What fixed it?
Yesterday, I tried to log in when I got home and was told my correct password was incorrect.  When I tried to have a password reminder sent to another email, Gmail did not allow it to be sent where I wanted. I am convinced my GMail, which I have had for 5 years, is dead!

DK/DC/Gmail sucks:
What is the worst gift you ever received for the holidays and who gave it to you?

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Do you know what WWOOF is? Have you ever done a WWOOFing experience? (It's the World Wide Organization of Organic Farming, for those of you who haven't heard of it.)

Have you ever worked on a farm for any length of time? Did you like it?

DK/DC/farms suck: Do you have a netbook? What kind? Mine just bit the dust and I need a new one.
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Did any of you watch Community's stop motion animation episode last night? For those who did, what did you think?

For those who didn't watch it, what's the last thing you did watch on TV?
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Which one of you had a sister who put something called lalalla on her christmas list?  I can't find the post.
Anyway I saw a commercial for something called lalalaloopy and I think that is probably what your sister wants.

What's the last mystery you solved TQC?

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what are some cool places to look at on google earth?

i've already done the pyramids, landmarks in paris, machu picchu, venice, fiji, the north pole (disappointment), the coliseum, great wall of china and a bunch of other places i'm forgetting.
oh mr. tea

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I just bought my husband some of Allie's Extreme Laser Blend coffee for his Christmas stocking. I want to get him the Alot mug from Allie's store as well, but I put that on our joint Christmas list a while back and I know 2 things have been purchased from that list by family...I *could* look to see if it was one of them, but then I'd see what else was purchased, and I'd still like a *little* bit of a surprise on Christmas, yanno?

QUESTION: SHOULD I PEEK? It is not out of self-interest!

Poll #1655410 Should I peek?

Should I look at the "purchased items" on the Christmas wishlist?


I mean really, what's the worst that could happen if I don't peek and he ends up with 2? WE HAVE A LOT OF ALOT MUGS!

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 Dear TQC,

I am having a bit of a dilemma. For Christmas, I want to get my boyfriend's parents and sister gifts, as well as a gift for my boyfriend (duh). However, my boyfriend insists that he doesn't want me to get him anything. He has specifically asked that I don't, because he would feel bad (he doesn't have a job, so he has no money to give a gift in return). Also, his family would not be getting me anything in return. I'm kind of not sure what to do. I want to get him a gift, but not if he really doesn't want one, and I'd feel bad getting his family gifts and not something for him. I also don't want to make his family feel bad or obligated to get me something, because they really don't have much extra money. I, on the other hand, have tons of money saved up for Christmas gifts and I don't want to end up spending it all on myself. ): 

So, TQC, wat do? Should I nix the gift idea all together and just get them a nice card or something? ): Halp.


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i just bought a jar of molasses to use for baking cookies. the label on the jar says:
"delicious in a cup of hot water
better than coffee or tea
try one tablespoon per cup"

have you ever used molasses this way? what are your favorite hot drinks?

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tl;dr ahead!!!!

Hey TQCs, are any of you good at math?
I set up an equation to see what the "worst" I could do on my final exam for a class would be and yet still end up with at LEAST an 80.
My two exams were 84% and 86%, and together are worth 45% of my grade. My group project received a 78%, and is 25% of my final grade. My final exam is worth 30% of the final grade. I would like to do better but to get at least an 80, I set up the follow equation:

0.3x + (84 + 86).45 + (78).25 = 80
and I got x = 53%
how can that be right?! can anyone confirm that for me?

DK/DC: what is stressing you out? do you have exams right now?

ETA: THANK YOU EVERYONE!! aaaand this is why i'm not a math or science major xD
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What's the name of that game where you append a word in front of or after other words? For instance:


And then you would get green apple, green gables, and green bay? or wood, poker, and per all combine with chip to get woodchip, pokerchip, and chipper? I cannot remember what that game is actually called. Or if it has a name.

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Should I go into NYC this afternoon?

Pros: I want to go to the markets at Bryant Park and Grand Central
My friend might buy me dinner
Yay Christmas stuff.

Cons: I had the worst day at work EVAR
It's fucking freezing
I'm exhausted
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Can we play 2 Truths and a Lie? I'll go first.

I've never been married, but my last name is not the one I was born with.
I didn't have a car from the time I was 21 until I was 26, but I had one before and after.
I was born 2 weeks late.

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Help me TQC!

I'm supposed to go out to dinner tonight and about a half hour ago my stomach started to hurt!   It's not too bad at this point and I'm not terribly nauseated, but it's not going away either!   

What should I do?   Cancel or wait it out a bit longer?   I have about 3 and a half hours.  

ETA:  I found a Pepto tablet and I took that so I hope that resolves the problem!  
oz; dorothy blinking


my mom put me in charge of making christmas cookies this year. i'm already making a few dozen austrian linzer tarts, lady locks, peanut butter "kisses", and apricot tea cookies. what am i missing? what are your favorite kinds of cookies or holiday desserts in general?

complexity/difficulty baking is unimportant. i'm starting to get kind of confident with my baking skills. :3
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U.S. citizens visiting Cuba

Hello TQC
Could anybody shed some light on this subject?
Is it still forbidden?
What penalty could be applied?
Could you describe current situation,
and how it was in 1980s?
Thanks in advance.

Upd. This is not a homework.
I am Russian. Lots of Russians have fantastic ideas about the subj. They are sure that the penalty is very strict, prison or sort of.
They project their ideas about KGB and "the iron curtain" to American life.
I try to convince them that it is minor problem for U.S. citizen to visit Cuba, despite the Cuba visiting ban. Am I right?

(sorry, probably my English is not perfect yet)
scruffy alien

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What is a cool trick you learned recently?
I learned how to "smoke" without a cigarette. What you do is puff your cheeks up with air and then make a clicking noise with you tongue. You do that for 20 or so seconds. Then you hold your fist against your lips as you compress the air in your mouth. Your do this until your cheeks feel like they're tearing. Then you open you mouth and let the water vapor that you have created float out. it is important to remember not to blow the air, but let it flow of it's own accord. :)
The kid I sit next to in guitar class was showing our row how to do this. The teacher though we were actually smoking something until we showed him how to do it. It was hilarious. :)

What is your favorite way of cooking a potato?
Boiled/steamed. So tasty. :)

Snail mail or email?
Snailage for deffs.
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My co-worker and I are quitting smoking next Friday. I leave on Saturday for a cruise for a week with a bunch of non-smokers to support me, but she will be at work with just one other employee who doesn't speak English (we are a small company).

She has asked me to leave her sticky notes all over work to encourage her not to smoke. So, what should my notes say?

If it matters, she is quitting mostly for her daughter. She smoked during her pregnancy, and her daughter has severe breathing problems because of it. She is also a broke single mom, so that factors in.


Can we try to write a poem together, TQC?

Here's how I would like to do it.  Find a brief comment from any thread in this community.  You can even copy just a fragment from it.  Then leave that fragment as a comment to this post.  I think it will work best if none of us comment on anyone else's comment.  That way, we can just read all the successive comments as a single. miraculously beautiful and incisive poem arising from our collective consciousness.

I'll start with the comment from voodoo_vibe  that inspired this post.


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What's something silly you used to believe when you were a child?
How did you learn that it wasn't real?
Or do you still believe it?

I used to think I was the only person who could hear myself hum.
I learned other people could hear it when my mom yelled at me to stop humming.
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Do you tend to feel like you're bugging people by asking them to hang out ~too often?

Inspired by me asking my neighbor to hang out the last few days, but he's been busy. I'm paranoid he thinks I'm annoying. This is why I never ask people to hang out with me.

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I'm going to a Seven Deadly Sins themed party tomorrow, and need to come up with a costume. It's also an ABC (anything but clothes) party. Will you help me think of something awesome?

Right now my only idea is wrapping myself in strips of candy dots and being gluttony, or possible saran wrap with condoms stuck all over for lust. Those are both lame.

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Which is more awkward?

Accidentally sexting your boss
A coworker accidentally sending you a naked picture

Which is more awkward?

Your best friend's SO walking in on you masturbating
You walking in on your best friend and SO having sex, doggie style

Ladies, which is more embarrassing?

Finding out your new white pants created this massive camel toe. You've been walking around the mall for 3 hours before the discovery
Finding out your new white pants created this totally obvious pantyline. You've been walking around the mall for 3 hours before the discovery, and it's your period and have been wearing big period panties

You're at a party, waiting in line to use the bathroom. Suddenly, the most attractive person you've ever laid eyes on stands behind you.Which will be more embarrassing?

It's your turn to go in and you close the door and notice that the previous occupant left a huge steaming pile of poop in the toilet and someone broke the handle so it won't flush. Cute guy/girl will assume you did it
While in line, he/she makes you laugh really hard and you end up pissing yourself a little. Normally it wouldn't be bad but you're wearing really light pants

Which is more embarrassing on a first date? You're on a date with a really cute person

While in the bathroom, you accidentally get your zipper hopefully stuck in your underwear. You can't make it zip up
You're eating this green soup (split pea or something else green), when someone bumps into the table, sending the entire bowl onto your shirt

Which will be more embarrassing?

Your date asks your opinion on TQC and you start talking about this community and some silly hijinks when your date then says "TQC: Theory of Quantum Computation" as he/she smiles politely
Your date asks your opinion about the problem with turkey and grease, and you start talking about stains and cholesterol before your date says "I meant the countries and their financial problems" and smiles politely

Edit: HOPELESSLY stuck in your zipper
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What software do you use for vector graphics?

On my mac, I've been using inkscape on occasion, but its apparent lack of support for most typefaces that I want to use is frustrating.

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1. I'm going to ask out a cute guy on Sunday. What would your exact words be if you were going to ask out someone? We're not buddies or anything, but his best friend is going out with my friend and we've spoken a few times and he enjoyed my cupcakes :3 (I know what to say, obvs, but want to make sure I'm not going to accidentally be acting like a douche)

2. Should I get Chinese food tonight or make some microwaveable rice with courgettes and mushrooms?

3. Have you ever had Swimmer's Ear? Isn't it so so much more painful than the name suggests? I was in so much pain for a week straight.
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I am having my first four loko ever tonight. (the store around the corner still sells them lol)
will I die?
what ridiculous things will I do?

what are your plans for the evening?
B&W Face

Damn you, christmas tree.

TQC,  I came home from a funeral tonight to find that my christmas tree lights no longer work.  I just tried replacing the bulbs to try to make it work and checked our breaker panel but nothing is working out.  It was a pre-lit tree so the lights are attached and since it was kinda cheap, the wires aren't disguised well. 

So here's my question:  Do I salvage it by just throwing on new strings of lights or go find another inexpensive white christmas tree and redo the whole thing?  Or give me ideas on how I can destroy it in a fit of maniacal frustration? 

Because, seriously, it's not half as pretty unlit as it is lit.  It's way less magical now.  :(  

Collapse )

DK/DC:  What has frustrated you about today? 

Because I'm just about sick and damn tired of my bad christmas tree luck.  (The garage flooded and ruined our first pink tree.  Then the glitter lollipops I made as an "angel" bit the dust.  Now this tree had lights sporadically go out last week and then completely die today.  GRRR.)
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Conspiracy Time : Brainstorm!

So last night, at about 2:30 or 3:00 AM, I heard a very loud city siren that was very low-pitched and lasted about two or three minutes. It was very creepy, but I at least cancelled out the idea that it was a fire truck, ambulance, police car, or building alarm. Coming up with no logical answer for what it was, I posted a status on Facebook that read,

NOT THE QUESTION----->"Did anyone in the Dallas area hear a very, very, very CREEPY alarm just now?"

The only comment I have received is from an aunt who tends to only pop up every four months or so with something critical to say to or about me. Note that she lives in Lake Charles, a city about five or six hours away from me. Obviously, she wouldn't have heard the alarm having been there.

And yet, she answered me (as the only reply, not to mention) with a resounding "NO". No explanation, no sentences, just an all-caps "NO".

THE QUESTION----->So, pushing away the logic and reason of why she might have done this, and assuming a totally crack possibility, QC, what kind of government conspiracy plot do you think she is currently involved in that requires her to convince me I didn't hear a siren?

Be as creative and far-fetched as you like. This is a purely fun question.
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I am going out to a club tonight and it's downtown. We're taking the city metro subway thing there and taking a cab back. as far as I know they don't have a coat check. My original plan was to wear this cute tanktop and a skirt with tights. I should probably wear jeans right? It is like 35 degrees outside right now. my only fear is being waaaay to hot while in the club if I wear jeans.


what is your favorite hangover snack?

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I decided to start playing Neopets again today. Which species should I pic?

Also, for those who play, suggestions on the best games to play for neopoints or...just any info because it's been forever since I played.
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halp pls

Ok, TQC, I have a date coming up next weekend, and here's the deal: I want this boy's knees to buckle when I open the door. I want him to look at me all throughout the night and be like, "Oh my god, I can't believe I am on a date with HER. WOW," and then at the end of the date, I want him to beg me to let him in, and I want him to ravish me.

So, like, what type of dress should I wear to make this happen?

I have $80 to spend (but I'd prefer to keep it under $50), I want to wear it with black patent pumps and the date is to an art show gallery thinger. TQC, PLEASE HELP ME GET SOME ACTION.

Edit: Ok, guys, you are so fucking awesome and helpful. You all had some really nice suggestions, but ngl, I think goop has the winner. The store is by me (kind of), so I will go Monday to try it on (and buy it? omg). If that fails, then I'll hit up Express next, and then Forever21 as a last resort, I think.


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My husband is really excited about the Christmas present he bought me. He keeps complaining that he wants to give it to me right now because it's perfect and I'll love it but I insist we have to wait.

What do you think it is? Srs or non-srs answers
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Hey TQC, I got a job! It's only temporary but it's a job. But my parents don't like where I'm working. They say it's in a bad area and they are worried about the people that are going to be coming in. I have the sneaking suspicion they are going to tell me they would rather I not have a job than work there.

so idk what to do. Should I keep the peace at home and find another job or continue telling them they have no choice in the matter and go to work?

What was the last thing that you thought would solve a problem but only created another one?

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Guys, can you share with me your best Harry Potter gifs/macros/etc?? I MUST prove to my friend that they exist and they're hilarious.

Ooh bonus points for anyone who has that one with three images of Draco and the gang yelling at each other. And at the end, Harry's like "Hermione does NOT fuck horses!".... or something.

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Can you give me your best tips on how to mingle?? My office xmas party/dinner is (finally) tomorrow night and, in light of the recent merger with a MUCH larger company, there is talk assigned seating. (Apparently, we are all 9 years old.) Not very many people from my company are going in the first place, so I'll probably be stuck with a bunch of people I don't know, and I'm already pretty awkward on my own... HALP? SRS answers plz, but mostly non-srs encouraged (I am already planning to go with an empty stomach and drink lots of cocktails)

Are you going to any holiday/new years parties this year? If you're invited to more than 1 party in a night, do you choose one or go to each for a little while?

Alternatively, what is your favorite type of salsa? Mine is Newman's Own pineapple, omnomnom

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Guys, guys, my favorite professor just emailed to tell me I got an A and all the reasons why I'll be great at my chosen field (social work)! I feel so good. What has made you feel awesome lately?
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What time period does the cartoon Batman (from the 90s) take place?

I've seen people working on typewriters and the football players wear like old school uniforms with leather helmets...but Batman has computers and shit.

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have you ever had to search for housing long distance? how did you do it? (i'm mostly looking at rooms available in people's apartments, rather than signing a new lease on a place)

alternatively, do you or anyone you know have a room available in new york city?
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boil in a bag

Have you ever eaten boil-in-a-bag food? If so, what was it? Did you actually boil it, or did you put it in the microwave?

My dad used to eat a lot of these. Especially the shit on a shingle variety. I'm not sure that's why he died young of a stroke, but probably it wasn't just a coincidence.

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For those of you who are watching Top Chef All-Stars..

Who are you rooting for to win? Who do you think should be eliminated next? What did you think of Wednesday night's episode?